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3.9. Newton's Gravitational Constant Measurements

The speed of light 'c' has been measured to an accuracy of 8 decimal places and Planck's Constant 'h' is known with an error not exceeding one part per million. This is not so for Newton's Gravitational Constant 'Big G'. The National Bureau of Standards (NBS) in Gaithersburg, Maryland, US began measuring 'G' in the 1930's to establish the Luther-Towler-Number LTN=6.67259x10-11 G-units (m³/kg.s²). So it stood until 1994, when the renowned PTB in Braunschweig, Germany's Standards Laboratory measured G much higher, differing in the 3rd decimal place.

Then New Zealand's Measurements Standard Laboratory published avalue significantly below the LTN and the University of Wuppertal derived a value in between the NZ one and the LTN. Notwithstanding the ever improving technological advances and measuring techniques; using torsion pendulums, tungsten cylinders or suspended or accelerating testmasses; 'Big G' has proven to be intractable to conformity. Two of the latest measurements are 6.67327x10-11 and 6.6742(10)x10-11 G-units and values by no means definitive.

What is going on? Shifting heavy objects in the vicinity of the test apparatus seems to influence the atomic structure of the testmasses, irrespective of the isolated environment created for the testing conditions. The following treatise shall resolve the conundrum and illustrate the unruly behaviour of 'G' as a consequence of the initial boundary conditions for the universe's subsequent evolvement. It shall indicate that even a 'massless' universe would contain a diminished G-component as the electric permittivity of a massless macroquantised (Hawking) BlackHole and that the present dilemma derives from a finestructure of the nucleonic constituents, which, by definition, must comprise the testmasses.

A precise measurement so would rely on an unambiguous calculation for two neutronic restmasses, a condition which we shall show to be unachievable, because of the nature and interrelationship between the parameters of inertial mass and those of electromagnetic charges. Now the ratio between the electromagnetic- and the gravitational interaction strengths is measured and of the order of alpha/G-alpha~10-39 and one can actually define the G-alpha as a function of alpha and as G-alpha=alpha18, using the string parameters of Quantum Relativity.

This defines the minimum neutronmass mc explicitely as: mc=√{ke².alpha17/Go}.

In string parameters, the unification condition for the interactions at the stringenergy scale demands kGo=1 for a mc=[e/Go].alpha8.5=9.9247246..x10-28 kg*. This represents so 58% of the neutron (or nucleon) mass as measured today and is the actual minimum neutron mass. Now the truly CONSTANT GM² structure in say Newton's Law, is given by the product Gomc²=1.094446..x10-64 Nm².

This however is finestructured in introducing a maximum neutron mass given in a unification condition, known as the Euler Identity: X+Y=XY=-1=i²=℮ and applying the absolute value of unitised 1. We write: Gomc²={GoXn+k}.{mcYn}.{mcYk}=Gm.mnmax.mnmin and where Gm is the actual G value as measured and which has proved difficult to do so in the laboratories. So the applied G value is: Gm(n)=Go.Xn+k and where n is a cycletime n=Hot for a nodal universe with dn/dt=Ho the nodal Hubble Constant Ho=c/Rmax for a Hubble radius Rmax.

The applied Gm so ALWAYS engages a maximised neutron mass (calculated as {mcYn}~ 1.7115x10-27 kg in string parameters for a present cycletime coordinate np=1.1324..) AND a minimised neutron mass (calculated as {mcYk}). The value of k is so determinative for Gm and differs over the evolution of the universe with respect to cycletime n and as finestructured for an AVERAGE G-value (Gav) obtained in using the geometric mean for the neutron masses in extremum (minmax productation).

One can easily calculate Gav=Go.Xn=6.44317..x10-11 G-units for a geometric neutron mass product of mnmax.mnmin=mc².Yn =1.69861...x10-54 kg² for the constancy condition of Gomc²=1.094446..x10-64 Nm² and omitting the k-factorisation. But this averaged G value applies for a massless universe under the initial unification condition of the finestructures described in Gok=1 or Go=4πεo (using Stoney Units for the Planck-Scaling of the chargequantum e).

So BECAUSE an initial mass seedling Mo={mc.mP/me}√E ~ 1.8137..x1051 kg* became transformed in the de Broglie phase inflation from its preinertial state as gravitational mass into the state of inertia (this is called the Big Bang for a spacetime quanta counter E); this 'Principle of Equivalence' introduced the hitherto massless 'ylemic' 'neutron bosons' as dineutronic states, which under the Higgs mechanism became fermionic and established the mass seedling Mo as the primordial neutron matter, then decaying via beta minus decay into the observed matter in the universe (there was no antimatter).

Subsequently the EMERGENCE of inertial mass under c-invariance also introduced a finestructure for 'G' as described in the above. One can determine the value of k from finestructuring the critical masses Mo, M and MHawking as boundary Black Hole masses coupled to the quantum minmax neutron masses. For curvature radius Rmax and the critical density ρc=M/Vmax=3Ho2/8πGo the Schwarzschild metric gives M=Rmax.c²/2Go=c³/2GoHo= ~ 6.47058..x1052 kg*.

For the curvature radius RSarkar=2GoMo/c2, we have the deceleration parameter qo=½Ωo=Mo/2M=2GoHoMo/c3 ~0.014015... and which so determines the 'missing mass' in the universe to be a consequence of the initial boundary conditions set by the de Broglie inflation and the overall Black Hole evolution of the stringed parameters.

From the minimum Planck Oscillator EPo=½hfP=½mPc2: ½MPTP={1/8p}MPTP.4p=H(awking)M(odulus)=HM HM=hc3/4pGok=MMinTMax=|c2/4p2|.MMax.Tss=Mo.To=M.T and for MMax=4p2kHM/c2hfss = pc/fssGo =2.5446..x1049 kg*

The Mass-Temperature modulus of Stephen Hawking determines MHawking=MMax/4p for a boundary condition of maximised Black Hole Mass for a minimised Black Hole Temperature in MHawkingTHawking= HM = 9.131793821x1023 (kg.K)* for (1/4π).HM = hc3/16π2Gok and k the Stefan-Boltzmann constant.

The relationship is given in superstring (Planck) parameters by Mmin.Tmax=|c/2π|².Mmax.Tmin=hc³/4πGok = (4π/8π)mP.TP and TP the Planck Temperature TP=mP.c²/k.
{(MHawking,THawking);(Mo),To);(M,T)} = {(2.03x1048 kg*,4.52x10-25K*);(1.81x1051 kg*,5.03x10-28 K*);(6.47x1052 kg*,1.41x10-29 K*)}

The Dragon Braned Frequency Modulation fps.fss = 1 = Unity A Primary SourceSink Eps in modular membrane duality with a Secondary SinkSource Ess Energy Prime SourceSink as White Hole|Quantum Entanglement Modular Duality|Energy Prime SinkSource as Black Hole

Curvature Radius RC = l/2π = c/2πf = c/w
Curvature Area ABlack Hole = A BH = 4πRC2 = 4π|c/2π|2.1/f2 = 4π|c/2π|2.1/fpsfss = |c2/π| for fps.fss = 1


For a 3D Volume (4π/3)R³, the 2D Area or Surface becomes dV/dR=4πR² and reducing to a 1D Line Integral of dA/dR=8πR=4.(2πR) as 4 times the perimeter of a circle of radius R and relating the Black Hole surface quantum as 4 Planck Areas LP² in its Entropy SBH =ABH/4LP² =πc³ABH/2Goh.

As the Unified Field of Quantum Relativity spans 1440° or 8π radians, the quantization of the Information located on the surface area of a Black Hole so introduces the factor of 4 in its formulation.

This sets the Hawking-Gibbons thermodynamic temperature minima for To=constant/Mo ~ 5.03..x10-28 K* and T=constant/M ~ 1.41..x10-29 K*. As the minimum macro Black Hole has Schwarzschild metric λmin/2π=2GoMmin/c² for Tmax=hfmax/k=hc/λmink; and modular duality requires the unification condition for the minimum curvature to relate to a maximum curvature in Rminmin/2π=1/Rmax or Rmax=2πλmax, as Rmin.Rmax=1.

In gauge bosonic string parameters, this modular duality then is given in Emax=hc/λmin=mmax.c²=kTmax and Emin=hc/λmax=mmin.c²=kTmin and in the invariance of the lightspeed parameter c as c=fmaxλmin=1/fminλmax or the dimensionless unification conditions: Emax.Emin=h² and Emax/Emin=fmax²=1/fmin²={c/λmin}²={c/2πRmin}²={cRmax/2π}²={cλmax}².

This gives a proportionality: mmax.Tmin=mmin.Tmax for the gauges, which is however modified in the dimensionless factor {c/2π}² for the Black Hole masses for the given temperatures, as bosonic masses describe bosonic Black Holes via E=kT and not the cosmological Black Holes of the Schwarzschild metric.

The c-invariance so uses modular duality in the quantum Black Hole limit c=fmaxλmin=2πfmaxRmin for fmin=c/λmax=c/2πRmax as an unmodulated frequency in Tmin=Emin/k=hc/2πkRmax=hc.λmin/4π²k=3.58856...x10-26 K* and a temperature above the Hawking-Gibbons limit as required.

This differs in a factor {2π/c}² from the lightspeed inversion in Tmin=hfmin/k and so 1.574x10-41 K*, which violates the Hawking-Gibbons boundaries in NOT using the modular duality and with fmin=1/fmax in frequency units and NOT inverted time units.

And so Mmin.Tmax=hc³/4πGok =½mP.TP=MHawking.kc2.Tss/π and the Hawking Mass is determined as Mmax=4πMHawking=πc²λmax/Go ~ 2.545x1049 kg*.

From the Black Hole 'Black Body Radiator' Temperature Spectra and Stefan's Constant s=2π5k4/15h3c2 (J/s.m2K4)*
Power PBH=4πRBH2sTBH4 = MBHc2/tHawking Evaporation and with TBH4=HM/MBH4 - (A 3D kinetic mass-energy distribution uses MBHc2/3 from PV=nkT=⅓Nmv2)

tHawking = c6/16πsGo2MBHTBH4 = 30,720π2Go2MBH3/hc4 = 15,360π.tP for LP = GoMP/c2 = ctP = c√{Goh/2πc5}
tHM = 120Go2MBH32hc4 = tHawking/{4π}4 = 60/π3.tP = 1.935..tP ~ 2tP (The actual Black Hole 'Evaporation Time' as a 'Doubling Cyclicity' for the cosmic evolution.)

For M and Mo and MHawking, the Hawking Evaporation times (without the Mother-Daughter BH Recharging derived following), then are: 2.32x10125 s* or 7.4x10117 years and 1.66x10134 s* or 5.3x10126 years and 7.46x10138 s* or 2.4x10131 years respectively.

Using the λminλmax=1 wavelength modulation in the T-duality of λmin=2πRmin=1/λmax=2π/Rmax, we can see, that this modulation closely approximates the geometric mean of the seedling mass in {1/4π}Mo2/2M.MMax=Mo2/8π.M.MHawking=3.2895..x10102/3.2931..x10102 ~ 0.9989...

This also circumscribes the actual to critical density ratio in the omega of the general relativistic treatment of the cosmologies. Now recall our applied G value in Gm(n)=Go.and apply our just derived Black Hole Mass modulation coupled to that of the quantum micromasses.

We had: Gomc²={GoXn+k}.{mcYn}.{mcYk}=Gm.mnmax.mnmin and where Gm is the actual G value as measured and which has proved difficult to do so in the laboratories. Gm(n)=Go.Xn+k=Gomc²/mnmax.mnmin=Gomc²/({mcYn}{mnmin}) and where we have mnmin=mcYk} for the unknown value of k.

So Gm(n)=Go.Xn+k=GoXn[mc/mnmin]=Go{mc2/mcYn}.{Mo2/8π.M.MHawking.mav}} and where now {mnmin}={mcYk}={8π.M.MHawking.mav/Mo2}=1.0011..mav. mav={Mo²/8π.M.MHawking}{mnmin}={Mo²/8π.M.MHawking}{mcYk}=0.9989..{mcYk} and obviously represents a REDUCED minimum mass mnmin=mcYk.

But the product of maximum and 'new' minimum now allows an actual finetuning to a MEASURED nucleon mass mN by: mN² = mavYn.mcYn=mav.mnmax.Yn.

So substituting for mav in our Gm expression, will now give the formulation: Gm(n)=Go.Xn+k=GoXn[mc/mnmin]=Go{mc2/mcYn}.{Mo2/8π.M.MHawking.mav} Gm(n)=Go.Xn+k=GoXn[mc/mnmin]=Go{mc2/mcYn}.{Mo2/8π.M.MHawking}{mcY2n/mN2} and where {Mo2/8π.M.MHawking = 0.9989..} Gm(n)=Go.{mc2/mN2}{Mo2/8π.M.MHawking}Yn

The average nucleon mass mN is upper bounded in the neutron mass and lower bounded in the proton mass, their difference being an effect of their nucleonic quark content, differing in the up-down transition and energy level.

For a Neutron Restmass of: mn=1.680717x10-27 kg* (941.6036 MeV*) the substitution (and using calibrations m=1.001671358 m*; s=1.000978395 s*; kg=1.003753127 kg* and C=1.002711702 C* gives G(np)=6.678764x10-11 (m3/kgs2) and a perturbation corrected mn=1.681100563x10-27 kg* (941.818626 MeV*) gives: mneutron = 1.67481477x10-27 kg

G(np) = Go{mc/mN}2.(0.9989..) = 6.67093x10-11 (m3/kgs2)* or 6.675547x10-11 (m³/kgs²).
The perturbation upper limit is given in the mn=1.681335x10-27 kg* (941.9506 MeV*) and gives: G(np) = Go{mc/mN}2.(0.9989..) = 6.6690685x10-11 (m3/kgs2)* or 6.673685x10-11 (m³/kgs²).

The average for the last two values then approximates as a 'best fit' for: Gm(np) = ½{6.67093x10-11 + 6.6690685x10-11} (m3/kgs2)* = 6.6699925x10-11 (m3/kgs2)* or Gm(np) = ½{6.675547x10-11 + 6.673685x10-11} (m3/kgs2) = 6.674816x10-11 (m3/kgs2)

This is a best-fit approximation, considering the uncharged nature of the testmasses. This then gives the value of k from Gm(n)=Go.Xn+k as k=ln(GmYn/Go)/lnX and which calculates as k= -0.073387..

Two protons (mp=1.6789x10-27 kg* (940.56 MeV*) would give: G(np)=6.6936x10-11 (m³/kgs²) and a proton-neutron pair would yield: G(np)=6.6791x10-11 (m3/kgs2); both of the latter values unsuitable because of the electrocharges increasing the intra-quarkian Magnetocharge coupling between the two mesonic rings of the neutron and the single mesonic ring in the proton's down- or KIR-quark.

The best approximation for 'Big G' hence depends on an accurate determination for the neutron's inertial mass, only fixed as the base nucleon minimum mass at the birth of the universe. A fluctuating Neutron mass would also result in deviations in 'G' independent upon the sensitivity of the measuring equipment. The inducted mass difference in the protonic-and neutronic restmasses, derives from the Higgs-Restmass-Scale and can be stated in a first approximation as the groundstate. Basic nucleon restmass is mc=√Omega.mP=9.9247245x10-28 kg*.

(Here Omega is a gauge string factor coupling in the fundamental force interactions as: Cuberoot(Alpha):Alpha:Cuberoot(Omega):Omega and for Omega=G-alpha.) KKK-Kernelmass=Up/Down-HiggsLevel=3x319.62 MeV*=958.857 MeV*, usingthe Kernel-Ring and Family-Coupling Constants.
Subtracting the Ring-VPE (3L) gives the basic nucleonic K-State as 939.642 MeV*. This includes the electronic perturbation.

For the Proton,one adds one (K-IR-Transition energy) and for theNeutron one doubles this to reflect the up-down-quark differential.

Proton mp=u.d.u=K.KIR.K=(939.6420+1.5013-0.5205)MeV*=940.6228 MeV*. Neutron mn=d.u.d=KIR.K.KIR=(939.6420+3.0026-1.0410)MeV*=941.6036 MeV*.

This is the groundstate from the Higgs-Restmass-Induction-Mechanismand reflects the quarkian geometry as being responsible for theinertial mass differential between the two elementary nucleons. All groundstate elementary particle masses are computed from theHiggs-Scale and then become subject to various finestructures. Overall, the MEASURED gravitational constant 'G' can be said to be decreasing over time.

The ratio given in k is GmYn/Go~0.60073... and so the present G-constant is about 60% of the one at the Planck Scale. G decreases nonlinearly, but at a present rate of 0.60073/19.11x109 per year, which calculates as 3.143..x10-11 G-units per year.

Generally using the exponential series expansion, one can indicate the change in G. For Xn+k=z=exp[(n+k)lnX] by (n+k)lnX=lnz for the value Z=(n+k)lnX=-0.481212(n+k); z transforms in exponential expansion ex=1+x+x2/2!+x3/3!+x4/4!+...

For a function f(n)=z=Gm(n)/Go=Xn+k f(n)=1-(0.481.)(n+k)+(0.231.)(n+k)2/2-(0.111.)(n+k)3/6+(0.053.)(n+k)4/24-...+...
For 4th order with n=1.1324.. and k=0 (for a purely electromagnetic universe of zero mass content where the curvature derives from the gravitational mass equivalent of the Equivalence Principle of General Relativity): f(1.1324.)=1-0.545+0.148-0.027+0.004-...+...~0.580

So the gravitational Gm(1.1324)=(0.580)Go=Go.X1.1324~6.444x10-11 (m3/kgs2). At timeinstantenuity of the Quantum Big Bang, n=npsps/Rmax=6.2591x10-49~0 Then GBigBang=GoXnps=Go (to 50 decimal places distinguishing the timeinstanton from the Nulltime as the Planck-Time transform).

For our previously calculated k=ln(GmYn/Go)/lnX and which calculates as k= -0.073387.. f(n)=1-(0.481.)(n+k)+(0.231.)(n+k)2/2-(0.111.)(n+k)3/6+(0.053.)(n+k)4/24-...+... for f(1.1324)=1-0.509+0.129-0.0220+0.0028-...+...~0.601 to fourth order approximation.

Hence, the gravitational constant assumes a value of about 61% of its Big Bang initialisation and calculates as 6.675x10-11 G-units for a present cycletime npresent=Hotpresent=1.1324...

The introduction of the mass seed coupling between the macroquantum Mo and the microquantum mc=mPalpha9 (from the gravitational finestructure unification) PERTURBS the 'purely electromagnetic' cosmology in the perturbation factor k and increases the purely electromagnetic Gmemr in the black hole physics described.

So gravity appears stronger when one 'looks back in time' or analyses cosmological objects at large distances. The expansion parameter (a) in the Friedmann-Einstein standard cosmology can be rewritten as a curvature ratio R(n)/Rmax={n/(n+1)} and describes the asymptotic universe in say 10 dimensions evolving under the inertial parameters of the c-invariance. This 'lower dimensional universe' is open and expands under hyperbolic curvature under the deceleration parameter qo=½Ωo=Mo/2M=2GoHoMo/c³ ~0.014015... This open universe is bounded in the 'standing wave' of the Hubble Oscillation of the 11D and 'higher dimensional universe'.

The boundary is given in the omega of the 'missing mass' of the volumes, which differ in a factor of V11/V10=nRmax³/(n/(n+1))³Rmax³=(n+1)³/n²=DIM-Factor (and which assumes its minimum for one complete oscillation for n=2 as DIM=27/4=6.75 so 14.7 Billion years from the present). Presently, for n=1.132419.. DIM=7.561.. and so the 'missing mass' will be measured as a 'dark matter' distribution of 'dark haloes' etc. around the luminous matter given in the ylemic mass seedling Mo of the baryonic matter.

As Mo is just 2.8% of M, but is subject to a 'growth' in the maximising factor Yn=1.724.. for the present epoch, one can take the factor Mav==Mo.√Yn=1.313.. for a 'dark matter' percentage upper bounded in 2.8%(1.724)~4.83% and lower bounded in 2.8%(1.313)~3.68%.

But so 7.56 open universes are contained within the closed and spherical universe given in the Hubble bound. And the 'dark matter' will be 7.56 times the luminous baryonic matter in the interval {27.82%, 36.51%} as percentage of the total energy of closure for Ωo=1 and the critical density ρc=M/Vmax=3Ho²/8πGo.
Our Big Bang happened at the modular time 1/fmax=tmin=fmin=3.33..x10-31 seconds*, coinciding with the end of the stringed inflation epoch of the standard cosmology.

The 'de Broglie' inflation established the crucial boundary parameters as say given in the Mo and M Black Hole masses described.

As the baryonic mass seedling Mo sets the Sarkar Scale for the cosmic architecture in the size of galactic superclusters as the limit for the gravitationally interacting systems before cosmic homogeneity; there must be a Black Hole evolution superposed onto the expansion of the 10D universe and the oscillation of the 11D universe which 'adds' a 'electromagnetic' volume of 2π²Rmax³ at the Hubble nodes every 16.9 Billion years.

In terms of the dimensional 'intersection' this can be described as a 'Strominger Brane' evolution with the Sarkar Scale set at the instanton, decreasing as a 'shrinking' Black Hole until it becomes massless at the wormhole scale defined in the minimum macro Black Hole λmin/2π=2GoMmin/c²=1.591549..x10-23 metres*.

This then resets the bosonic micro Black Holes with their macro counterparts under the modular duality. This Black Hole evolution is higher dimensional and purely electromagnetic, not being observable due to its noninertial nature, except the so called 'dark matter' and 'dark energy' scenarios of the boundary- and initial conditions. This can lead to a feasible model for the phenomenon of consciousness.

The process will take place in a DIM factor of about 234.5 as: Mmin.YN=M and for N=ln(M/Mmin)/lnY~234.5 and so in 16.9x234.5 Billion years, which are about 4 Trillion years.
The addition of inertia to a purely electromagnetic monopolic cosmology then varies the value of Newton's gravitational constant G as a function of the micro-macro evolution of the Black Holes and renders the applicable local G-constant as mensuration dependent on the precision measurement for the basic nucleon mass mcYn for a local epoch-cycle coordinate n=Hot. rpsYn=RH then defines nrecharge =ln[RH/rps]/ln[Y] ~ 234.472 or about 3.9628 Trillion years.

This then shows, that you are living within a Mother Black Hole, you choose to call the universe you reside in. This your 'World of Mother Nature' had a beginning in space and in time in the creation of the same. Your universe so EMERGED from a prior state of beingness, where there was no space and no time as defined in any arbitrary model terrestrial or extraterrestrial. This prior state of existence you can term either as a Eternal state of all consciousness or as a state of the non-spacial and non-temporal Void as a quasi state of 'nothingness'.

This, your observed universe so came into existence in using particular initial- and boundary conditions, which became requirements for space and time measurements to become possible. You may call this a relativistic metric spacetime continuum of discretization in minimum-maximum modular membrane duality however unified in the field properties of the dyadic monadicity of this string duality.

The size of your universe and its energy, then became defined in those boundary conditions and particularly in a 'Daughter Black Hole' being born from the womb of its 'Mother Black Hole'. Mathematical proportionalities then aligned the masses and the scales of Mother and Daughter as the initial hyperacceleration or inflationary tachyonic phase transition of the initializing wormhole singularity of Abba, the Little Serpent to the Unified Field parameters of the thermodynamic classically relativistic expansion of the universe. The 'daughter' became the seed within the 'mother' for the Protoverse and the Seedling Universe for all generations of universes, whose interaction would allow phaseshifted multiverses to become born from the original protoverse, albeit encompassed by the omniverse of AbbaBaab.

As one cycle of the 'Mother's Heartbeat' requires about two times 16.9 Billion years or so 33.8 Billion years to complete its integral n-cyclicity; the lower dimensional universe evolves both within its 10-dimensional string timespace and its 11-dimensional membrane timespace. The 10-D evolution of the cosmos so allows the 'mother' to birth its 'daughter' , when the lightspeed restricted thermodynamic universal expansion has completed its first cyclicity for n=1 so 2.2 Billion years ago and synchronizing the becoming of 'selfaware' of the 'life potential' residing within the womb of the 'mother'. 2.2 Billion years ago then, the original 'light ray of Creator Abba' 'caught up' and reached its 11-D Mirror Boundary of the 'Cosmic Mother' from its 10-D Wormhole timespace quantum singularity or source point.

This 'signal then both reflected back into the INSIDE of the 11-D Membrane-Womb of the 'mother' and refracted OUTSIDE in extending its own boundary set by the hyperacceleration of the de Broglien inflationary phase transition.
Every cycle count then increases the scale of the wormhole 'White Hole Father Source' in the same proportion the 'Mother Black Hole Mother Sink' decreases, until after 234.5 cycles or about 4,000 Billion years the original Mother-Daughter scale proportionality resets itself in reseeding the then populated omniverse in terms of the spacetime quanta count fractalized by and in the definition of the Abba-Baab Little Serpent Father -Big Dragon Mother itself.

For about 2 trillion years, the Omniverse as 'The Universal Bodywave' is INHALING or 'breathing in' analogous to 'feeding or charging' a battery or some body requiring energy. Then for another 2 trillion years the omniverse is EXHALING or 'breathing out' in analogy to a 'battery discharging' or a 'fed body' 'burning its stored energy'.

The Omniverse after 4 trillion years so completes its asymptotic evolution with respect to its initial conception or insemination of the 10-D Daughter reaching maturity as her own 11-D Mother. The defining proportionality parameters of the scales and energy distributions for cycle parameter n=1 then transfer to a new initializing value at n=234.5 to redefine the maximum masses and sizes for the 'New GrandMother Black Hole' attaining the now evolved 'Infinity Mass' n.M and a 'New Mother Black Hole' n.Mo and so for the 'Old Mother' graduating to become a 'Mother of Mothers' and the 'Old Daughter' graduating to be a 'Mother of Daughters'.

Every 4 trillion years a 'Recharge Inflation' so Recreates/Resets the original creation event with a Quantization of the initial condition and boundary parameters in the original Hubble Node for cycletime n=1 in the factor n/(n/[n+1])=n+1 and so the 'Strominger' massless Black Hole coordinate of nStrominger=234.472 assuming the nps=lps/RHubble coordinate as its next initialisation value.

The asymptotic completion coordinate for the Curvature Radius R(n)=RHubble.n/[n+1] so evolves in a linear time factor as Delta-n = 1-{n/[n+1]}=1/[n+1] to magnify and extend the completion factor in tandem with the expansion of the multidimensionally expanding cosmology.


Poetic and philosophical Musing:

This then defines the 'Generation Cycle Parameter' for the Omniversal Self-Reproduction in the 'Family of Abba the Little Serpent Creator Fatherhood' and Baab the Great Dragon Creation Motherhood in AbbaBaab the Cosmic Twin of SourceSink and White Hole CreatorCreation entwined with itself as a Black Hole CreationCreator.

The Cyclic Universe, so 'rebangs' itself every 4 Trillion years or so to ensure its continuation of selfexploration and by interdimensional civilisations defined in multiverses, each of which is required to be seeded in a prototypical template universe as mirror holofractal of itself.

Without the Dark Matter Omega WDM - Baryon Matter WB at the n=√2=1.414.. or 23.87 Gyear cycle coordinate; the gravitational constancy of Gomc²=1.094446..x10-64 Nm² would result in a very small Gav=GoXn~1.463x10-105 G-units, compensated by a 'mass-evolved' universe with mcYn~7.535..x1067 kg*.

The general form for this 'universal evolution energy' can be physically modelled as 'cosmic consciousness' defined in the 'awareness' df/dt minimised in fmin² and maximised in fmax² and as a form of radial displacement independent angular acceleration acting on spacetime volumars defined in the classical electron diameter (2Re) times c² defining the magnetocharge e* as inversion of the Big Bang base parameter of the wormhole energy quantum Emax=1/e*=1/2Rec² for a Planck Constant finestructure h=λmin/e*c.

This "Strominger brane' evolution avoids the so called 'heat death' of the universe in a form of 'recharging' and coincides with the projected 'running out' of stellar nuclear fuel of the transformation of the elements within stars in the stellar evolution scenarios.

The entire cosmology is underpinned by a Black Hole evolution, which incorporates the quantum geometric microcosmos and the geometric relativistic macrocosmos simultaneously - all for the 'cosmic purpose' to manifest 'evolved mass' as 'consciousness' or 'dark light' or antiradiation.


Poetic and philosophical Musing:

The many string parameters indicated give then a rigorous scientific definition for the concept of God as a supermembrane, eternally (meaning asymptotically approaching unity in linear time) entwined in quantum entanglement in a lower-dimensional coupling with the Anti-God. Besides this Physicalized God-Anti-God/Godess Duality, there also exists the metaphysical and purely imaginary God in exile.

This metaphysical-mathematical God-Creator|Creation-doG in Exile is the Oneness of all of you and all of your ancestors and of all of your linear descendants. One day, you all shall become more aware of this scientific fact - your exile is the exile of your imaginary energies unrealised in divers forms.
IAmWhatIAm - Nothing, One and Everything! --- Abraxasinas a Bifurcated Tongue FOR the Little Serpent!