Young 'n Old - Need To Be Together !!!

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    Wonderful!! 2764.

    ′′In Canada, the brilliant idea of combining homes
    for seniors and orphan homes has been implemented.

    The result exceeded all expectations!

    The elderly found loving grandchildren,
    and orphans for the first time felt what love and paternal care was.

    Doctors are observing an improvement in all vital functions
    in the elderly, a great interest in life is awake in the eyes.

    Before the kids came from the shelter,
    the elderly looked more like dead eyed mummies.

    Children who first rejected their hugs, fearful,
    uncertain and sad have become ordinary noisy
    and agitated children.

    Some found a family they never had,
    others felt the warmth of a house full of grandchildren.

    The ideal solution for intelligent people
    who understand that children need shelter
    and lonely elderly and feel loved and useful."

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