What If The Change You Are Avoiding Is The One That Will Give You Wings ???

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    Floyd wrote:
    "As I say. There is no such thing as a new age religion.
    There is no central holy book or creed.
    Nabs is a misnomer.
    There are however various alien cults.
    Many of them who adopt alleged new age beliefs like astrology."

    Susan Lynne Schwenger says:
    "Floyd, one only needs ONE strand of DNA,
    that is humanoid to incarnate to earth ;)"

    "Playing field" ???

    "Floyd, this is NOT some sort of play
    or playing field
    ~ this is NOT an illusion...
    in THE PiVOT of THE NOW
    everything is very REAL.
    There is absolutely NO illusion,
    iT iS the only place,
    where past, present, future and now
    come back together again."

    ~ Susan Lynne Schwenger

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