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    Paul Craig Roberts, America’s Demise Is Near At Hand

    January 20, 2021 James Fetzerblog
    Paul Craig Roberts

    America R.I.P.

    For years I have been cataloging America’s decline into collapse, not merely economic collapse from economic concentration and the offshoring of jobs and investment, but also the collapse of the belief system that created some unity among a diverse population. Today not only is the economy done for, but so is the belief system that sustained social and political stability.
    America no longer exists. A geographical entity exists of diverse peoples and interests, but not a country, much less a nation. The United States itself has degenerated into an empire. It is no longer simply a country with an empire. The 50 states are themselves the Establishment’s empire, and it can only be held together by force.
    Earlier in my life free speech was used by liberals to legalize pornography, homosexual marriage, and abortion, all of which were opposed by the majority of the population. This did not stop liberals from imposing their agendas on the people.

    Today free speech is impermissible, because it can be used to protest what half of the population sincerely believes was a stolen presidential election. Even attorneys and legal firms that brought legitimate cases of electoral fraud for clients are being punished for doing the ordinary work of attorneys. The same is happening to university professors and to average Americans who exercised their Constitutionally protected right of free speech and association and attended the Trump rally. See for example, “Americans No Longer Live in a Free Society”.

    In America today, free speech can only be exercised in narrow and controlled channels. It can be used to demonize President Trump and his supporters as “enemies of democracy.” It can be used to demonize white people as “systemic racists” and “white supremacists,” and to demonize heterosexual white males as “misogynists.” Its one other use is to demonize countries—Russia, China, and Iran—that stand in the way of Washington’s hegemony. There are no other permissible uses of free speech today in the United States, an inappropriate name of the country as the country has been throughly disunited by Identity Politics and a presidential election widely perceived by voters to have been stolen.
    I have provided for my readers a massive, but only partial, list of evidence of a stolen election. See “Don’t Fall for the Establishment’s Tale Tales: There was no violent assault on the Capitol and there is abundant evidence of electoral fraud.”

    But a simple question suffices: If the election was not stolen, why is it impermissible to raise the question? Explanations that are off limits to investigation and public discussion are unlikely to be true. The reason they are off limits is because they cannot withstand examination. You don’t have to go back far in time to get a long list: Assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK, Waco, Oklahoma City Bombing, 9/11, Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Iranian nukes, Assayd’s use of chemical weapons, Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russiagate, 2020 electoral fraud, January 6 Trump Insurrection. And, yes, I left out some, but the point stands without them. A country in which explanations are controlled is a country in which people live in lies.

    In America and Western civilization generally, the concept of objective truth has essentially been destroyed, especially in educational and communication institutions. Throughout the Western World the basis of truth has been shifted from evidence to emotion. Emotion has become the important evidence. Objective truth is dismissed as a construct that serves white males.

    In America today everything is aligned against the white heterosexual population. The Democrat left, universities, and media are aligned with race and gender victims of alleged white racism and transphobia. Kristen Clarke has been appointed to the Justice (sic) Department to ensure that employment and promotion policies are aligned with race and gender victims.
    Immigration policy is aligned against white Americans. Powerless as a majority, white Americans have no future as a minority. See, for example, “Biden immediately sends Congress bill that would offer citizenship to 11 million illegals” and “Migrant Caravan Biden Policy”.

    Even if white Americans could escape their insouciance and realize that their country is being taken away from them, they are powerless to do anything about it. With the new domestic terrorism bill on the way, even a protest against dispossession is criminalized as sedition.
    There are many interesting aspects of the situation that we could explore. But let’s take only one. The Biden regime seems to be filling up with neoconservative zionists who are agents of Washington and Israel’s hegemony. The pursuit of this hegemony involves conflict with Russia, China, and Iran.
    Washington will be entering these conflicts with a collapsed economy and a sharpely divided population. Will the real backbone of the American armed forces—Trump deplorables—fight for an Establishment that hates its guts? Will an economy drowning in debt and destroyed by corporate offshoring of investment and American middle class jobs and now by lockdowns that are destroying the remaining pieces of the middle class—small businesses—be able to sustain a conflict with nations more unified and free of external debt and unmanageable internal debt? If so, it will be the first time in history.
    How long will Trump deplorables remain docile when they realize that they are being exterminated by being cut off from equal rights, constitutional protection, employment and avenues of success?

    As for the Establishment itself, when will its arrogance and confidence be shaken by the realization that it cannot control the anti-white, anti-American ideologues it has created and is itself facing the situation faced by Kerensky, the Brownshirts, and the Chinese Communist Party when Mao unleashed the cultural revolution? Having empowered hatred and having let it out of the bottle, the Establishment itself will be destroyed by it.
    Who will the Establishment appeal to when the revolution turns on them? What answer will the Establishment have when they are asked the question Bolsheviks put to Kerensky: “Who chose you?”


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    Legal Safety of Covid 'Quasi-Vaccine' by Police Executive Enforcement

    Desbina Dan from Melbourne, Australia

    This is one photo I took of the absurdly huge police presence at the march against compulsory vaccination in Melbourne today,
    The police were choreographed in strange and disturbing ways.
    After some peculiar grouping, dispersing, regrouping, and menacing advances, they pushed us to move in a certain direction and when I did, not fast enough according to a policeman who roughly pushed me, suddenly they surrounded some of us, threw one man to the ground, and arrested the rest of us on some nonsensical charge. So I have been charged and will get a fine - which of course I will not pay.
    At one point they asked us to move the children away. I asked them why? No reply from those robots. Their behaviour was bizarre and menacing.


    Tony Bermanseder

    Freedom of Expression is disallowed in good old Australia in 2021. Yes any 'fine' issued and challenged in court relating to those 'fake regulations and laws' will most likely be dismissed following consideration by actual legal process. How long this will be the case is however an open question for now.

    Desbina Dan

    Legally, they can't do it. But times are changing and laws might be able to be simply ignored if the police state gets bigger and nastier, even more than it has done recently. I remember the demos of the sixties...hardly any police at all!

    Tony Bermanseder

    Yes this is what I meant with my comment of how long actual legal process will prevail in Ozzie land. If the poisonous quasi-vaccine is so safe and harmless, why is the police enforcing its medical legality?
    What if the side effects appear in a month and year based postponement affecting parents and children and grandchildren in perhaps irreversible ways?

    One of thousands of cases of the planned genocide of the elderly
    vaccine death.

    Desbina Dan

    Exactly. Yet they want to push us to take it ASAP, with enthusiasm.
    The police now consist of overseas units. When I was asked to move forwards, I had no choice because there was an aggressive-looking line of these overseas police to my left and local police to my right. I had no choice. But still they arrested me.

    Tony Bermanseder

    Yes, this is part of the overall plan, namely to gradually replace local police forces by UN 'peace keepers'. How normal Australians can still 'trust' the mainstream media, including sky news and the political multiparty cabal must escape any rational logical thinker not brainwashed by wokeness and political correctness - all part of the technocratic-globalist 'great reset' agenda 2030.

    Tony Price
    Dig a little deeper and it becomes obvious as to what's happening in Victoria. Daniel Andrews has also sold out Victoria to the Strong Cities Network (SCN).
    What is Strong Cities Network? The privatisation of a Police Force governed by global NGO's. And Victoria is the only state in Australia to sign on.
    Why do you think the Police at Melbourne's Freedom Day Rally acted like goons, were dressed in black and didn't have the Australian logo on their uniforms?
    SCN is an initiative of London based think tank ISD - whose mission statement is to "Power Solutions to Extremism and Polarisation"
    But it's the link to the Partners and Funders that gives everything away.
    Of course George Soros is involved with his Open Society Foundation. And Big Tech is involved with Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft amongst others.
    Amongst NGO's and Think Tanks, the dubious Brookings Institute sticks out - and I'm sure a deep dive into some of these would connect Bill & Melinda Gates and the Rockerfeller Foundations everywhere.
    What struck me really odd are the connections to Australian Universities such as Curtin and Victoria Universities and various Australian government departments - including our very own asshole, Dicktator Dan.
    So as you find out today that the curfews in Victoria are not based on the Chief Health Officer's advice, and rather Dicktator Dan has put this in place, remember that he has sold us out to the military Police State of the New World Order.
    *EDIT - Dicktator Dan even hosted the Strong Cities Global summit in 1998
    Sibel Kruithof


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    A Medical Science Investigation and Examination

    You do not catch a virus, but you make it when your cells are poisoned by any toxic pathogen, including vaccines!
    So Should you choose to become a covid19+ creator proceed to be 'vaccinated-GMPI-injected-modified'!

    1. PCR Polymerase Chain Reaction Test used as bioengineered nanotechnology for 'Lock Step' Agenda 2010-2020-2030
    2. The mRNA GMPI Genetic Material Program Injection in Anaphylactic shock and AIDS-HIV Induction
      Endogenous natural immune response versus exogenous 'artificial' antigen-poison response from vaccination
    3. Autoimmune Reactions and Death following Covid-19 Vaccination
      Transgenic Technology - A Media Controlled and Propagated Pandemic
      A Course in Gene Therapy to understand the Programming of the Genetic Encoding - from the vaccine makers
    4. The Solution is a Convenient Truth
      The Contagion Myth and Global Population Control as Business Model
    5. Dr. Tom Cowan on 'Virology' Science used for the Implementation of Medical Tyranny
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    The reason of the 'Lock Step' Agenda implemented globally by pretend nationalistic governments and administrations

    It is the worship of the triple A credit rating to the bankster cartel of the globalist cabal/cult disguised as federal reserve banking, paying basically the bills of all governments.
    Ergo Australia is blackmailed by the financiers 'paying' for the lock downs worldwide, holding individual 'governments - lol' to ransom.

    The ransom money was given under condition of global vaccination population control. So the 'mysterious' worldwide plandemic response loses its mysterious status. Recall traitor Scomo's (in Australia) willingness to 'contribute' to the UN scandemic response fund.
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    The greatest Nuremberg of all time is on its way (NB: translated from German)

    By Jean-Michel Grau​

    Right now, a second Nuremberg tribunal that is in preparation, with a class action lawsuit being set up under the aegis of thousands of lawyers worldwide behind the American-German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, who is prosecuting those responsible for the Covid-19 scandal manipulated by the Davos Forum.​

    In this respect, it is worth recalling that Reiner Fuellmich is the lawyer who succeeded in condemning the automobile giant Volkswagen in the case of the tampered catalytic converters. And it is this same lawyer who succeeded in condemning Deutsche Bank as a criminal enterprise.​

    According to Reiner Fuellmich, all the frauds committed by German companies are derisory compared to the damage that the Covid-19 crisis has caused and continues to cause. This Covid-19 crisis should be renamed the "Covid-19 Scandal" and all those responsible should be prosecuted for civil damages due to manipulations and falsified test protocols. Therefore, an international network of business lawyers will plead the biggest tort case of all time, the Covid-19 fraud scandal, which has meanwhile turned into the biggest crime against humanity ever committed.​

    A Covid-19 commission of enquiry has been set up on the initiative of a group of German lawyers with the aim of bringing an international class action lawsuit using Anglo-Saxon law. Here is the summarized translation of the last communication of Dr. Fuellmich of 15/02/2021​

    "The hearings of around 100 internationally renowned scientists, doctors, economists and lawyers, which have been conducted by the Berlin Commission of Inquiry into the Covid-19 affair since 10.07.2020, have in the meantime shown with a probability close to certainty that the Covid- 19 scandal was at no time a health issue. Rather, it was about solidifying the illegitimate power (illegitimate because it was obtained by criminal methods) of the corrupt "Davos clique" by transferring the wealth of the people to the members of the Davos clique, destroying, among other things, small and medium-sized enterprises in particular. Platforms such as Amazon, Google, Uber, etc. could thus appropriate their market share and wealth."​
    Illustration. Nuremberg trials.​
    CourtInternational Military Tribunal
    DecidedSeptember 30 – October 1, 1946

    Status of the Covid-19 Committee investigation

    a. Covid-19 as a diversionary tactic by corporate and political "elites" in order to shift market share and wealth from small and medium enterprises to global platforms such as Amazon, Google, Uber, etc.​

    b. Contribution of the Audiovisual Tax to the reconstruction of a new media landscape that offers truly independent information​

    c. Making regional agricultural structures secure​

    d. Making a secure regional currency to prevent a new currency from coming "from above" to be allocated in the event of good behaviour.​

    e. Psychological considerations of the situation: how did it come about?​
    Actions for annulment of the approval of a vaccination, filed against the European Commission, trial in New York of the status of PCR tests, German trials, Canadian trials, Australian trials, Austrian trials, trials at the International Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights.​

    "We have seen what has been confirmed time and time again: the degree of danger posed by the virus is about the same as that of seasonal flu, regardless of whether it is a new virus (wholly or partially manufactured) or whether we are simply dealing with a flu renamed "Covid-19 pandemic". In the meantime, Drosten's PCR tests cannot even tell us anything about contagious infections. To make matters worse, the health and economic damage caused by anti-covid measures has been so devastating that we have to speak of a level of destruction that is historically unique. »​

    "The fact that health has never been an issue is particularly obvious, except that injections of genetically experimental substances disguised as "vaccinations" are now cauing serious damage, including fatal consequences, on a mass scale. The world population has been used as guinea pigs for these experimental gene injections both gradually and extremely rapidly. In order to plunge the population into panic, dangerous and harmful containment measures (even according to the WHO) of compulsory, unnecessary and dangerous mask-wearing and social distancing, unnecessary and counterproductive, were introduced. The population was thus "ready" for the injections."​

    "In the meantime, more and more people, not just lawyers - and rightly so - are demanding, in addition to an immediate end to these murderous measures, a judicial review by a truly independent international tribunal on the model of the Nuremberg trials. An example of such a demand and a moving excerpt from a speech by the English doctor Dr. Vernon Coleman can be found at the following link:​

    In addition, an interview with a whistleblower at a Berlin nursing home shows that out of 31 people vaccinated there, some of them by force, in the presence of Bundeswehr soldiers, and who tested negative before the vaccination, 8 have now died and 11 are subject to serious side effects."​

    Extraordinary meeting of the Berlin Covid Committee Wednesday 17/02/2021

    "In this context, an extraordinary meeting of the Berlin Covid Committee will take place on Wednesday 17.02.2021, live and with many guests participating via Zoom.​
    From 14:00 onwards, the state of play will be summarised. In addition, it will be discussed how the contributions from the Audiovisual Licence Fee Tax can be kept and used for the reconstruction of a new media landscape that truly serves freedom of expression, and how the contributions already paid for the senseless propaganda of the last 11 months can be recovered through a formal notice.​
    There will be contributions and discussions on how the food supply can be secured, in particular by strengthening regional agriculture; but also by creating regional currencies, if necessary with the return of the EU to the EEC, on how to ensure that the policy of the "Davos clique", based on printing money out of nothing, can be stopped and a return to stable currencies can be achieved.​
    Above all, experts will explain how it could happen that we find ourselves in this blackmail situation unimaginable even a year ago.​

    In the second part of the session, starting at 7 p.m., world-renowned and high-level personalities will comment on the state of current international legal disputes, including the various collective actions, as summarised above. But it will also be discussed how the main perpetrators, in particular political perpetrators, of the crimes against humanity committed here can and must be held accountable under civil and criminal law in the framework of a new International Court of Justice to be established in accordance with the guidelines of the Nuremberg trials with international distribution."​

    The link to the special session of the Covid Committee announced here will be available on 17.02.2021 via the Committee's website (corona-ausschuss.de).​

    Commentary :​

    To fully understand what is at stake with this new Nuremberg tribunal to judge the biggest tort case of all time, it is by pulling the thread of Dr. Drosten's lie for falsifying the PCR testing protocol on behalf of the Davos clique, that everything will come to pass: the sponsors of the financial oligarchy, Klaus Schwab, the great architect of this gigantic hostage-taking, the politicians at the head of the EU, the armed arm of the execution of Drosten's and WHO directives that led all Western governments yesterday to take the devastating decisions of containment, curfews, compulsory mask-wearing and social distancing, and today of lethal vaccines for the oldest among us.​

    "It is these truths that will bring down the masks of those responsible for the crimes committed. To the politicians who have had faith in these corrupt figures," says Dr. Fuellmich, "the facts presented here are the lifeline that will help them to set the record straight and begin the much- needed scientific debate to avoid going down with these criminal charlatans.​

    Secondly, in the light of this latest communication by Dr Fuellmich, two proposals from the extraordinary meeting of the Covid Committee in Berlin are of particular interest:​

    Firstly, the way in which the food supply can be secured, which seems somewhat surreal given the current situation. According to Klaus Schwab's planning for the Davos Forum, this is not the case. He has predicted a break in the food chain from the end of the second half of 2021​

    Secondly, the creation of regional currencies. There, it is clear that the Covid Committee of Berlin already anticipates the world stock market crash which is coming and which the financial oligarchy of the Davos Forum intends to take advantage of to set up the European digital currency in the expectation of a world currency to create a Chinese-style social credit on which the middle class of all the peoples ruined by the closure of their businesses, small and medium-sized industries and enterprises, cultural and tourist industries, sports facilities, etc. will become dependent.​

    These two aspects alone of the hostage-taking 2.0 of which the Western world has been a victim for almost a year should logically be sufficiently motivating to make us understand definitively that we are faced with a "populicide" that only asks to crush us if we remain inert, arms dangling without doing anything.​

    This is why each of us should do everything we can now to ensure that this international legal coalition can become operational as soon as possible. To this end, all those of us who wish to join the collective action of French lawyers to participate in this reconquest of our freedoms should already get in touch with the collective action by 21 February​

    Our survival is at this price as well as the future of our children.​

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    Autoimmune Disease following mRNA-Vaccination and the Criminality of Medical Tyranny Exposed
    Immunology expert Dr. Dolores Cahill and Trial attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich discuss chronic autoimmune disease triggered by injection of the genetically modified and reprogrammed mRNA injection (labeled erroneously as a vaccine utilizing attenuated form of pathogenic agency).
    Criminality of medical practitioners of falsifying death certificates.
    Proof in autopsy of deceased as autoimmune disease manifests in globally applicable organ failure, whilst 'covid death' would only display in localised lung/organ pathology and diagnosis.
    Why are autopsies suppressed in 'covid death' examinations?​
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    Conspiracy realism represents a great intellectual challenge to compliant conformity theorists, worshipping fake bureaucratic authority at the altar of global technocracy!

    Twain. truth. truth0. truth (2). trustgov.
    MUST WATCH: Debunking the Narrative (With Prof. Dolores Cahill) (bitchute.com)

    Jodie Wright
    Professor Delores Cahill is a brilliant lady. Big tech and the elite are trying to censor/silence her

    Tony Bermanseder
    Jodie Wright

    Yes Jodie and another true expert Craig should listen to is Dr. Andrew Kaufman.
    He can clarify this 'what is a virus' for him.

    Many here for and against vaccination remain unaware about the century old scientific debate of Terrain Theory versus Germ Theory aka Natural Immunology versus Artificially Induced Immunology or the Pasteur-Bechamp controversy of the 1860's.
    The mainstream sources addressing diseases caused by microorganism are misleading the public in stating that Bechamp's Terrain theory has been debunked (like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin Craig).

    This is not the case at all and many immunologists know that Pasteur used falsified data to push his model (he toxified the experimental subject matter with diseased agency to then experiment on the diseased tissue etc).
    As this is not taught in medical school under auspices of the big pharma financiers, many medical practitioners only allow germ theory and the validity of vaccinations to enter their professional discussions.

    I feel that Craig and at least some of his 'experts' do not know enough about this science.
    This somewhat technical exposition by Dr. Kaufman explains this in a manner which is scientifically irrefutable and so it would greatly help Craig Kelly and the Australian people to avoid medical tyranny and widespread autoimmune disease.

    Vaccines are compromising the natural immune system as agents to 'force' this natural immune system to respond to toxicity encountered on the cellular level.
    The false belief of vaxxers is to consider the 'virus-exosome-genetic native material' as an external intrusive pathogenic invader, instead of realising that the 'virus' is part of the autoimmune response of the naturally evolved immune system.
    ANY vaccine so is known by the real immunology experts to be a toxic and destructive agent for jeopardising the natural immune responses to such toxicity.
    Testing for viruses, so is actually a testing for toxicity on the cellular level and if vaccinated with virus derivatives, such tests will naturally show 'toxicity infection'.
    The vaccine barons and makers know this of course.

    The exposition below is a little technical, but all those 'vaccine believers' should be able to handle this, as they profess to be interested in real scientific-medical inquiry.


    Here is Dolores Cahill in Ireland in an interview stating more medical details and her professional experience in microbiological research and advisor to many agencies including the German government.


    Bechamp. exosome. exosomes1.
    And who is behind the 'financing' of the 'lock downs' Craig?

    Why do you think the world wide 'lock step' response to ban cheap therapeutic 'vaccine remedies' appears to be so coordinated?
    Perhaps the WEC and global technocracy is black mailing most governments 'to finance the lock down costs' through and by the federal banking cartels under quasi-government international 'treaty' authorities' like the World Bank, IMF, CFR, Club of Rome, Atlantic Council, WTO, IMF etc etc from the 'State within state' independent jurisdictions like the City of London, New York's Wall Street, Vatican and Washington DC.

    You of all people should not be afraid of the 'conspiracy' label any longer. Conspiracy realism represents a great intellectual challenge to compliant conformity theorists, worshipping fake bureaucratic authority at the altar of global technocracy! It is the worship of the triple A credit rating to the bankster cartel of the globalist cabal/cult disguised as federal reserve banking, paying basically the bills of all governments. Ergo Australia is blackmailed by the financiers 'paying' for the lock downs worldwide, holding individual 'governments - lol' to ransom

    The ransom money was given under condition of global vaccination population control. So the 'mysterious' worldwide plandemic response loses its mysterious status. Recall traitor Scomo's (in Australia) willingness to 'contribute' to the UN scamdemic response fund.
    Dolores Cahill and Sherri Tenpenny are the medical experts Craig should interview not just vaccination believers trusting pharmaceutical drugs, which can be effective due to their natural ingredients derivatives biochemically manipulated. Vaccines are toxic on all levels and a business model of the technocrats; (say Rockefellers and co 'buying' medical science some 100 years ago).

    Craig Kelly now has the intellectual freedom to expose the century old 'big pharma' medical tyranny. Craig would become a global political freedom fighter and many people in 'public office positions' would follow his lead. If political heretics like Craig Kelly, Pauline Hanson, Malcom Roberts and Mark Latham fail to leave their relative positions of comfort in addressing the vox populi, it might well be too late to stem the advance of the globalist tyranny beast of population control by intimidation and subjugation.​
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    Individual Freedom Rules, not bureaucratic control - a global revolt against medical tyranny

    Australia's and most national media and press coverage is suppressing the actual worldwide uprising against the medical tyranny planned and controlled by a global technocratic cabal-creed.
    Conspiracy realism represents a great intellectual challenge to compliant conformity theorists, worshipping fake bureaucratic authority at the altar of global technocracy!

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    Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) and Autoimmune Disease


    The Medical Science Facts behind the Covid-Sars 2-Coronavirus 'Immunisation' Agenda

    Dr Sherri Tenpenny Exposes 10 Deadly Dangers of Pfizer/Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 'Fake-Vaccines' Medical Doctor Exposes Mass Eugenics Extermination Called 'Covid-19 Vaccine'

    Polyethylene Glycol 'vaccine ingredients' a major cause of anaphylactic shock and allergic immune response reaction.

    A long known problem with corona virus vaccines has been Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE).

    Macrophage type I (pro-inflammatory Cytokines fighting infection by fever) followed by Macrophage type II (anti-inflammatory Cytokines 'clean up' infection in healing process).

    ADE results in a Hyperinflammatory Cytokine storm, which renders the natural immune system dysfunctional and is triggered by mRNA-vaccine antibody neutralizing Macrophage II Cytokines, so preventing the 'clean-up' of the inflammation.

    Macrophage type II destruction/inactivation often causes autoimmune disease manifesting from 6 weeks to 20 years incubation periods and is the main reason vaccination manufacturers of both, historical and genetically modified vaccines, seek indemnity from vaccination injury caused by their products.

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