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    Dick Smith Electronics and Australian Made


    Sean Grey Ablez
    He isnt a hypocrite... He tried hard to do the buy campaign, as I was part of the SABC buyers group and helped to setup operations in Brisbane. The problem is the ATO, and how multinationals pay no Tax in but get all the perks.. He had to sell out his Dick Smith company, and he doesn't own or run it, anymore..maybe a minor shareholder only. Once ns force Multinationals to pay a 5%, debit tax.. GST could be cut, and most of all the other taxes too, allowing businesses to increase manufacturing. Then you would see, Aussie businesses selling Aussie made again... The problen is Canberra selling out and the corrupted ATO as well. I an many Aussies left over this and set up business overseas mainly due to hypocritical tax policies from the ATO.

    Sean Grey Ablez

    Major shareholders are Anchorage capital and Woolworths now.

    Penny Gamlin

    Thanks. I knew nothing of this.

    Tony Bermanseder

    It is correct Penny.
    Dick Smith Electronics has nothing to do with Dick Smith as its founder. About the grocery lines, I am not sure, but as Sean says, the issue is with all recent Australian governments having sold out Australia basically lock, stock and barrel to globalist investors.
    The issue is far worse, than even the so called 'conservatives' can envisage. Just ask yourself the one question, as to why the government debt does seem not to matter anymore across the western nations of the world. Why is the national debt to the international bankster cartels irrelevant?

    Because the fractional reserve banking scam and Keynesian economicst models are constructed on a debt platform and based on fiat non-existing currency inactive except as digital form and as the medium of exchange for the common consumer base; the latter becoming evermore impoverished by the inflationary mechanics of increasing the digital money supply from the 'World Bank' collaterally 'covered' by fictitious government bonds gambled about in stockmarkets as the casinos of the 'rich'.

    So the spiralling national debt does not matter to the globalists, whose collapse of western economy is designed to replace all national currencies by its already existing digital replacements, planned to become nanotechnologically microchipped by global mandatory vaccination. Your vaccines so are being patented to replace your debit cards and credit cards.

    I should add, that it is the microchip, which replaces your digital ID. The vaccine, being dna engineered then uses the metallic interaction of the vaccine ingredients to interact with the 5G EMR coverage and then allows manipulation of the prevaccine exposed natural genetic structure of the individual by the actual blending of the biology with the electromagnetically induced energy interface using the electropolarity of basic physics, such as the photoelectric effect on metals within the biochemistry and the biology.

    View: https://youtu.be/ozj0X9HDCJw'

    The Mark of the Electroporation Tattoo
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    ETs/UFOs are coming or Dragon Space X 5G Coverage

    Eva asked:

    I just counted 14 lights pass across the sky, not equally distanced or at the same altitude like the Starlink train I saw last week.
    They came towards me and then off to my right, which is also not like the Starlink line travelling left to right across the sky last week.
    I checked the tracker, no fly-bys, so wth did I see?

    You might have seen the counter agenda to project bluebeam Eva

    ETs/UFOs are coming or Dragon Space X 5G Coverage

    Yeah, Those Weren't UFOs Over Cleveland Last Weekend, But It'd Be Cool If They Were

    When a Reddit post takes you to the Drudge Report and Drudge takes you to Sputnik News, you know you're on solid ground.
    Which is how we found firm footing and took in the view of a recent Cleveland night sky with a gentleman who proclaimed, "What the fuck is that though? Ain't nobody seeing this shit?"

    "A peculiar sight was recently spotted and filmed in the sky above at least two major population centers in the United States, leading some social media users to wonder whether they witnessed a whole swarm of UFOs cruising through the night," Sputnik mused.
    The explanation is far simpler, as usual: The lights were satellites that are part of SpaceX, which provides broadband internet service, and were catching reflections visible here on the ground.

    Or, of course, they were UFOs and aliens, like coyotes and other wild animals, are coming out in droves to explore earth and marvel at all the humans sequestered inside their homes during the pandemic.

    View: https://youtu.be/HPNIlpovYaY
    CyberSpaceWar Heats Up With Live Fire Exercises - #NewWorldNextWeek

    Are these really Muskian satellites?

    View: https://youtu.be/A0v0ckt9jIY
    Another mass UFO sighting! Cleveland, Ohio -April 4, 2020

    View: https://youtu.be/roau4k7af9Q
    Project Bluebeam: Alien Invasion!


    Tony Bermanseder
    As you most likely understand, the New World cannot come from political roots or movements, like in the somewhat distant past. Agenda 2030 requires the next 10 years to implement at the Fabian turtle pace, with 2020 the midpoint between 2010 (Lock Step) and 2030.
    Their plan so engages an increasing surveillance-control system culminating in the victory not only over the world political, but the negation of all encoded scriptural patterns and prophecies. This you might have read in a lengthy post I already posted.
    Now the last step of agenda 2030 is something like project bluebeam, holographic fake alien invasion to 'fulfill' say the apocalyptic codes and forestall the true ET-ufo phenomenon in conjunction with AI and nanotechnology.
    Our work, as I see it, is to prepare for a real ET contact (ETs being both our ancestors in mind and descendants in the body and linked to so called dead alive or 'passed over' ones).
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    Helen Waters _ZvGTxrlsmm.
    Go Ron Paul Constitutionalist and Patriot.
    I wish we had an Australian Constitutionalist; but we are 'governed' by traitors to the UN, the WHO and the World Bank.

    Video link:

    View: https://youtu.be/h5Ah9tl2Wsc

    I had posted this here, but it was deleted. Perhaps a friend can advise Andrew Bolt how his name is abused in the abandonment of free speech on a forum using his name to draw in politically conservative Australian citizens.
    The globalist international technocratic administrators on this forum have taken the liberty to withhold the speech given in the Italian parliament by an elected member of that parliament from the readers on this forum.
    What are the globalist betrayers of Andrew Bolt's name afraid of - words!

    Video link

    View: https://youtu.be/U_bnaTTAIMQ

    Barbara Lockwood

    Helen Waters
    it’s confusing why they are on here . Maybe the only place they can chat to a friend ?
    I’ve never contacted Mr Bolt I wonder how to do it ?

    Helen Waters

    Barbara Lockwood
    If you look at this forums history you will find that the name was changed in 2016 from Bolt Report 'Uncensored' to Bolt Report.
    So it stands to reason, that the 'free speech' issue became compromised by political interference and lobbying (Get Up, Soros and likewise) even then.
    Since the globalist plandemic scam, now being exposed internationally, this forum has become a globalist disinformation and psyops agent; even if the so called admins think they are following Australian, instead of technocratic guidelines.

    Created Apr 7, 2011
    Changed name to The Bolt Report "Uncensored" Oct 25, 2016
    Changed name to The Bolt Report Dec 12, 2016


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