Thuban's Brief Visit of Ishtar's Gate

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    Thuban's Visit at Ishtar's Gate

    Posted Jan 24th 2012

    You are welcome Brook and your thread looks great on the new Camelot forum. It's the admins there who are the great handicap, as we both found out to our heartaches and extra work loads.
    Now to perhaps make you feel a little bit better about your 'rashness'; I did almost the same thing on the Ishtar forum I joined on the 18th of January and about the same time or just after your 'wrath from the heart' expressed itself.

    There are diffferent circumstances of course; but I decided to unsubscribe and delete all my posts there, after I saw clearly what kind of contributors and posters were participating there.
    I was challenged by an admin of course; who does not like contemporary science and has it in for Einstein, Maxwell and who knows who. But he was sort of clever and polite enough to induce me to write a detailed and long reply to his 'challenges'. These had little to do with dragons, but more with his ire towards the LHC at CERN and modern science in general. This reply is shared further down in this thread.

    Anyway, as his questions engaged many of my fields of research, I could not answer him in a mammoth post in the details, I am accustomed to and so I proposed to post separate data in a Cosmology section.
    This admin then said he had no more time to reply to my replies, but would continue at some later time. However he replied on the supplementary science posts (on the Neutrino measurements and the Higgs Boson, also shared here), and the replies there were pathetic. Making fun of the Higgs Boson as being a schoolmate met in class and irrelevancies and innuendos etc etc.
    Alas, I realised that my presence and contributions there were a waste of time and I said goodbye in deleting those science post and the poetry I had shared there.

    Was this also an action like yours, perpetuated in haste?
    Yes, but it also made a statement of principle and honour. Just like you had done. It is a sense of being appreciated, even a little, or not.
    I am no longer interested to be banned and ridiculed by New Age BSers who, for whatever reason dont like me or the decadelong works and information I was and am trying to share.

    So my papillon from Alcatraz, you are not the only one, who felt the Week of Confusion in between the two Sundays of January 15th and January 22nd.
    You and Floyd have much in common in both being blessed with a great amount of self assurance and confidence. Your qualities shared should allow you to be friends again, despite your complimentary differences in some areas of human endeavours and fields of interest.


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    Thuban's Brief Visit of Ishtar's Gate

    shiloh Today at 7:49 pm
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    Dark Lord of the Sith

    Originally Posted by shiloh

    Hi to all here on the Ishtar Gate forum!

    I became referred to here by Deedee, who is a member here and friend of Lord Sid!

    Like many others here, I was banned by some other forums, for being 'too controversial' a rebel poster and 'alternative' member.
    I was banned from the Old Project Avalon Forum under the avatar of Abraxasinas and I was later banned from Camelot Forum under the Avatar Arachne - Phoenix.
    Needless to say I never joined the New Project Avalon 2 Forum or Nexus, as I my IP address was blacklisted and I subsequently can only visit those forums by proxy servers.

    I am a member at the 'Mists of Avalon' forum so and under the same avatar as here - "shiloh'.
    I also administer the Thuban website, which is a library of sorts and participate at the birthofgaia forum and the flightoftheraven website and the Thuban 101 website.

    I dont know how much contribution I shall be able to make here, as this depends on affiliations and respect for certain 'symbols and nomenclature' I use, including scientific, scriptural and metaphysical ones.
    Some of those labels offend a great many forum dwellers (and resulted in the bannings) and I joined here for three reasons. The first was Deedee's reference and the second the Sacred Sexuality thread of Babe Babylon or BB and the third the browser format, which is similar to the one of the Old PA forum and wich I favoured.

    I wish Rob and BB much success in their nice looking forum here and it looks many banned or disillusioned renegades have already visited and joined this new cyberspace endeavour.


    Thanks for all that and welcome aboard.
    I doubt that we will have people complain about your posts, we are running a regime here of live and let live.
    Posts outside the rules are different, of course, but other than that, we want people to be able to debate without fear of the banhammer.

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    A big welcome from "Babe Babylon" to you, shiloh.

    I really appreciate any contribution to the Sex Magic threads as it's not a subject many know anything about, and I only learned about it from my spirit guides.
    I think you'll find that this is a forum full of renegade posters and those who've been banned from other forums, schools, universities, teaching professions, clubs etc ...mods and admins included.
    So it'll be interesting to see how that mix pans out! I haven't a clue ... we're just winging it ..but enjoying the ride, anyway.

    "Don't follow leaders. Watch your parking meters." Bob Dylan.

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    Ditto. Looking forward to whatever you may decide to share, whenever. Welcome to the GATE!

    "From one Soul of the Universe are all Souls derived. . .Of these Souls there are many changes, some into a more fortunate estate, and some quite contrary." ~ Hermes Trismegistus​

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    Welcome to Ishtarʻs NuggetGate shiloh. Looking forward to some interesting posts and times ahead. Shalom...

    Radical Face - Welcome Home

    It is the commonest of mistakes to consider that the limit of our power to perceive is the limit of all there is to perceive. ~ CW Leadbeater

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    Yes very nice introduction Tony, wonder why you unsubscribed yourself?

    "I am the Dreamer and the Dream"​

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    Re: Thuban's Brief Visit of Ishtar's Gate

    shiloh Today at 8:18 pm
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    Originally Posted by Mad HatterG'day shiloh I go by the handle Mad Hatter for reasons that will become blatant shortly...

    First of all thank you for a series of very interesting posts. I do appreciate the effort involved by those who go to such trouble and on behalf of those who like a more in depth approach a sincere thank you and I for one will look forward to more such input, albeit for selfish reasons, since I hope to enjoy intelligent conversation with intelligent minds. That being said, on the surface I may well be at a distinct disadvantage here.

    At this juncture I should put forward the 'qualifier' that I am not formally trained in mathematics or anything for that matter. My interest in this subject matter stems from a purely personal layman’s approach to the enigma of why mankind has not moved forward on the massive opportunity to tap the sea of energy described by Dirac. Of course if Hienrich Hertz had not bastardised Maxwell’s original equations at the behest of a certain banker we might not have lost so many years in the interim but that is subject matter for a whole other thread.

    For the purpose of continuing this discourse Mad Hatter dons his contrarian cap... (I said it was blatant)

    Haha, nice reply Mad Hatter, addressed as MH now in this response. Thank You for your effort to actually address the 'Dragon Science', instead of simply ridiculing it or dismissing material presented as 'devilish-satanic' or 'ptb infiltrating' or as 'quasi-science'. The before mentioned has been my experience over a number of years of forum activities since 2004 now and it is refreshing that 'intelligent' and logical discourse, even if topicwise disagreed upon, has not become totally extinct in this 'faster and shorter is better' novel way of communications.

    Yes the TLTR expression would not apply to the readers of this website, who, like yourself, can ideed appreciate rational and logical discourse, even if this discourse carries both hoistorical and physical, as well as metaphysical components.
    Now I can discern your arguments rather well and have appropriate answers for them and therefore I ask your indulgence to compare my responses to your pertinent and valuable questions in the manner of placing your words in italics and on quotation marks with my reply beneath it.

    Now you would perhaps agree with my statement, that well thought out questions and arguments deserve and demand equally elocent responses. So I ask for your bearings to allow me to not answer all of your queries at the same time, but to partially publish my reply 'UNDER EDIT'. This then allows me to give due justice to your questions and arguments and provides due course for you and the forum to discern the communications.

    Once I have answered your questions; and you have challenged the entire foundation of terrestrial and extraterrestrial 'omni-science' in your statements (as you well know and enjoy ; then I shall remove this 'Under EDIT' label.

    "Firstly, since you at one point brought up Schrodinger’s cat, a philosophical angle. I am sure you will agree that mathematics is merely another language, a narrow one at that and as such it is nothing more than a construct of the human mind or imagination if you will. Take that idea to its logical conclusion and effectively that is all anything ever is was or will be... a construct within someone or something’s imagination."

    I would not agree at all with your statement here MH. The old variance of viewpoints regarding the 'Value and Effectiveness of Mathematics' in regards to the Physical World is nicely encompassed by Eugene Wigners essay from 1960: "The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics n the Natural Sciences" {Physics, Astronomy and Mathematilittle} and the 'Popperian' 'World of Culture' is nicely counter argued by Roger Penrose in the third chapter of: "Physics and the Mind" from "The Large, the Small and the Human Mind" {Cambridge University Press, 1997; Q335.P4155} in the of Karl Popper versus Plato discourse and as a modernised version of the discourse between Aristotle's 'World of Measurement' and Plato's 'World of Emergence' of antiquity of course.

    Especially poignant are these excerpt from the wiki reference; as they drill to the core of the Popper versus Plato debate. As I am somewhat familiar with those 'philosophies' and as I could be considered as 'trained' in the 'omni-science' of the dragons (or starhumans); I can address the below critiques (and of the reference) point by point if you or anyone should be interested to discuss those issues in the detail necessary to elucidate this philosophical conundrum

    "The deep connection between science and mathematics
    Wigner's work provided a fresh insight into both physics and the
    philosophy of mathematics, and has been fairly often cited in the academic literature on the philosophy of physics and of mathematics. Wigner speculated on the relationship between the philosophy of science and the foundations of mathematics as follows:It is difficult to avoid the impression that a miracle confronts us here, quite comparable in its striking nature to the miracle that the human mind can string a thousand arguments together without getting itself into contradictions, or to the two miracles of laws of nature and of the human mind's capacity to divine them.

    Later, Hilary Putnam (1975) explained these "two miracles" as being necessary consequences of a realist (but not Platonist) view of the philosophy of mathematics.[2] However, in a passage discussing cognitive bias Wigner cautiously labeled as "not reliable," he went further:The writer is convinced that it is useful, in epistemological discussions, to abandon the idealization that the level of human intelligence has a singular position on an absolute scale. In some cases it may even be useful to consider the attainment which is possible at the level of the intelligence of some other species.

    Whether humans checking the results of humans can be considered an objective basis for observation of the known (to humans) universe is an interesting question, one followed up in both cosmology and the philosophy of mathematics.
    Wigner also laid out the challenge of a cognitive approach to integrating the sciences:A much more difficult and confusing situation would arise if we could, some day, establish a theory of the phenomena of consciousness, or of biology, which would be as coherent and convincing as our present theories of the inanimate world.

    He further proposed that arguments could be found that might......put a heavy strain on our faith in our theories and on our belief in the reality of the concepts which we form. It would give us a deep sense of frustration in our search for what I called 'the ultimate truth'. The reason that such a situation is conceivable is that, fundamentally, we do not know why our theories work so well. Hence, their accuracy may not prove their truth and consistency. Indeed, it is this writer's belief that something rather akin to the situation which was described above exists if the present laws of heredity and of physics are confronted.

    Some believe that this conflict exists in string theory, where very abstract models are impossible to test given existent experimental apparatus. While this remains the case, the "string" must be thought of either as real but untestable, or simply as an illusion or artifact of either mathematics or cognition."

    "We could carry out another thought experiment. Take one subject human being and blindfold. Lead into another room and put inside a box then close the lid. Ask subject to describe outside the box. Now within the strict guidelines of rigorous science, not that it is practiced much these days, the subject cannot do so and at best could attempt such using their imagination with varying degrees of accuracy based on luck. Lets say for arguments sake the subject chosen had the ability to bi locate and did manage to accurately describe outside the box... what then? We would simply have nothing more than constructs of our imagination spurring further constructs of our imagination all stemming from constructs of our imagination. You may well choose to counter with the claim that that is a circular argument and I would accept that providing you can prove your rebuttal does not stem from a further exercise of the imagination."

    An old friend of mine would answer you like this.

    “I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
    Albert Einstein
    “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”
    Albert Einstein
    “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”
    Albert Einstein
    “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”
    Albert Einstein
    “Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”
    Albert Einstein

    Now if you are addressing the Schrödinger Cat paradox, I can provide you with a solution.

    The Dawn of Space and Time in a Selfconscious Quantum Universe
    The Solution to Schrödinger's Cat Paradox

    The Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics concentrates on a 'classical treatment' of the observer and the observed; leading to a 'collapse of the wavefunction' upon the act of the observation.
    This has little to do with the 'quantum phenomenon of entanglement' as is indicated in the Weinberg critique of Copenhagen below.

    Summararily, Schrödinger was right in the first instance; BUT this does NOT require a Copenhagen observer.
    Schrödinger's Cat is BOTH ALIVE and DEAD as the superposition of quantum selfstates and INDEPENDENT on any classical observer (looking at the cat).
    The superposition is the entanglement of the collapsed and the escaped quantum eigenstates.
    The cat is a living Particle-Entity with 'consciousness/soul/god' INSIDE as a collapsed wave.
    And the cat is a dead Wave-Entity with a 'consciousness/soul/god' OUTSIDE as an escaped wave.
    These two eigenstates define QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT of the SIMULTANEOUS CAT, being BOTH a living body and a dead nonbody at the same time.

    Why does the human mind find that this is so hard to understand?

    physicists and philosophers have objected to the Copenhagen interpretation, both on the grounds that it is non-deterministic and that it includes an undefined measurement process that converts probability functions into non-probabilistic measurements. Einstein's comments "I, at any rate, am convinced that He (God) does not throw dice."[14] and "Do you really think the moon isn't there if you aren't looking at it?"[15] exemplify this. Bohr, in response, said "Einstein, don't tell God what to do".

    Steven Weinberg in "Einstein's Mistakes", Physics Today, November 2005, page 31, said:
    All this familiar story is true, but it leaves out an irony. Bohr's version of quantum mechanics was deeply flawed, but not for the reason Einstein thought. The Copenhagen interpretation describes what happens when an observer makes a measurement, but the observer and the act of measurement are themselves treated classically. This is surely wrong: Physicists and their apparatus must be governed by the same quantum mechanical rules that govern everything else in the universe. But these rules are expressed in terms of a wave function (or, more precisely, a state vector) that evolves in a perfectly deterministic way. So where do the probabilistic rules of the Copenhagen interpretation come from?

    Considerable progress has been made in recent years toward the resolution of the problem, which I cannot go into here. It is enough to say that neither Bohr nor Einstein had focused on the real problem with quantum mechanics. The Copenhagen rules clearly work, so they have to be accepted. But this leaves the task of explaining them by applying the deterministic equation for the evolution of the wave function, the Schrödinger equation, to observers and their apparatus.

    The problem of thinking in terms of classical measurements of a quantum system becomes particularly acute in the field of quantum cosmology, where the quantum system is the universe.[16]


    [MIKE] Certainly Schrödinger's thought problem was originally proposed to show the problems with the Copenhagen interpretation, but even today you get the Cat in the box and a few seconds later you read about collapse of the wave function. It still has not really been resolved. As Gribbon said in one of his books is that the problem with QM is that it is too democratic everyone has an opinion on what it means. All of the interpretations you listed above give the same results they just use differing explanations as to what it means, the philosophy as Mac puts it. Feynman had two one was a sum over histories and the other was an electron going forward and back in time to interfere with itself. As Gribbon also wrote no one knows what QM means. We use it like a cookbook knowing if we do this we get that but we have no idea why the ingredients do what they do to get the result.

    BTW. It does not get much press, but Eugene Wigner's adaptation to Schrödinger's Cat is much more easily understood. The thought problem is called Wigner's Friend. Substitute a human volunteer for the cat. Do the same experiment. At the conclusion, open the door. If the volunteer is still alive, ie the radioactive particle did not decay and release the poison, ask him to describe the transitional states he was theoretically supposed to experience.

    Mike, here is the solution without any OBSERVED COLLAPSE of any wavefunction.
    Schrödinger's Cat is BOTH ALIVE and DEAD as the superposition of quantum selfstates and INDEPENDENT on any classical observer (looking at the cat).
    The superposition is the entanglement of the collapsed and the escaped quantum eigenstates.
    The cat is a living Particle-Entity with 'consciousness/soul/god' INSIDE as a collapsed wave.
    And the cat is a dead Wave-Entity with a 'consciousness/soul/god' OUTSIDE as an escaped wave.
    These two eigenstates define QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT of the Cat in simultaneity, being BOTH a living body and a dead nonbody at the same time.

    Why does the human mind find that this is so hard to understand?

    [MIKE] Think about Wigner's friend and you should have your answer.

    There is more to it Mike. I didn't ask a question, but stated the superposition as quantum fact and thoroughly without any Many-Worlds of splitting universes.
    Wigner's argument engages Consciousness and in that aspect he has hit the 'occuli tauri'; but the basis is that this consciousness itself is superposed.
    Below is 'my accomplice' in Roger Penrose.

    Consciousness and measurement

    Wigner designed the experiment to illustrate his belief that consciousness is necessary to the quantum mechanical measurement process. If a material device is substituted for the conscious friend, the linearity of the wave function implies that the state of the system is in a linear sum of possible states. It is simply a larger indeterminate system.
    However, a conscious observer (according to his reasoning) must be in either one state or the other, hence conscious observations are different, hence consciousness is material. Wigner discusses this scenario in "Remarks on the mind-body question", one in his collection of essays, Symmetries and Reflections, 1967. The idea has become known as the
    consciousness causes collapse interpretation.

    Consciousness and Superposition

    A counterargument is that the superimposition of two conscious states is not paradoxical - just as there is no interaction between the multiple quantum states of a particle, so the superimposed consciousnesses need not be aware of each other.[1]

    The state of the observer's perception is considered to be entangled with the state of the cat. The perception state 'I perceive a live cat' accompanies the 'live-cat' state and the perception state 'I perceive a dead cat' accompanies the 'dead-cat' state. [..] It is then assumed that a perceiving being always finds his/her perception state to be in one of these two; accordingly, the cat is, in the perceived world, either alive or dead.[..] I wish to make clear that, as it stands, this is far from a resolution of the cat paradox. For there is nothing in the formalism of quantum mechanics that demands that a state of consciousness cannot involve the simultaneous perception of a live and a dead cat.
    Roger Penrose

    "You may of course, if you don't like the idea of personal responsibility, substitute 'imagination' for 'thought in the mind of god' if you find it necessary to give away your sovereignty as many seem want to do.
    On the other hand if it turns out I am some sort of eternal being and that there is some sort of God then I am indebted to that entity for supplying a tool, imagination, to help keep me entertained through the eons.
    In the particular post to which I have replied, I gather due to the mention of little serpents and dragons, you are inferring you are imparting mathematical information from one or other of these entities, to wit...'"

    "This shows, that Einstein's {E=mc2} is applied in Dragon-Science..."

    What one likes or does not like is of no consequence to the ordered and lawful workings of the universe; what one might like to experience in true intent and purpose in a willingness of cocreativity, is another matter altogether.

    There are collective consciousness collectives and there are individualised ones and it all becomes part of a holofractal and selfiterative cosmic reality in 12 dimensions; 10 of which suffice to describe the physical hyperbolic (or open) universe in the light invariance (something you address later on and to which I shall reply then) and a 12th dimension of the Void=Eternity of the origins itself and mirrored in a 11th dimension of the spherical (or closed) and oscillating cosmology.
    Now you can actually revisit this scenario and how this all became happenstance as its cocreator; should you take the time to peruse the 'Secret of Humanity' message and/or the 'Lucifer's Mirror' posting. I have many many more messages from Abba, 'The Little Serpent' about many of the mysteries, which haunt the minds of the human collectively and individually.
    So if asked to do so. I shall share those messages here or in the 'Channeling' section; albeit I should say, that those messages are a derivative of the 'starhuman' consciousness and are so NOT filtered by human receptacles.

    "So at this particular juncture I’d like to investigate the veracity of the idea that purportedly intelligent beings, in describing the implications surrounding higher / multiple dimensions via the language of mathematics, would actually do such a thing."

    Here the simple answer is the Genesis of Genesis. How the mere notion of Space and/or Time existing arose in first principality. So discovering (or timetravelling) back to those beginnings of beginnings will show you what happened and how it happened. Then you will find the reason for the "Unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics for the natural sciences' right there and then.
    You will discover just how this idea of dimension (or density in some labelings) arose from the selfmapping of what is known as a 0-dimensional singularity (mathematical point) and how this lead to a string (numberline) of binary sentience and how this binary string 'discovered' its Curvature' and so became a Point-Circle and defining the 2nd dimension as a Complex Plane. And because this circle could 'bend' or curve in its own plane the thickness of the circle defined a primordial disk, just as you can see in the galaxies and their shapes and sizes, should you be astronomically interested. Subsequently, the 3rd dimension was 'born' and emerged to allow space- and time parameters to EMERGE from a binary database established by the strings of the 1st dimension in stringed algorithms. This is like the WWW of today, but not requiring electric current to 'run' as the powersource is a 'natural current' inherent in the space vortices, which define the minimum configuration for the aforementioned 'curvature discs' (geodesics in General Relativity). Furthermore, after the 3rd dimension existed the so called Big Bang 'inflated' those minimas as a collective in binary and hyperaccelerated selfsimilarity reproduction to allow the transcendence of the limiting lightspeed tyranny of the 10th dimension in the 11th dimension. These lead to your arguments about tachyonic phase speeds in comparison to nontachyonic groupspeeds and so on. A particular decadisation of the binary dyad from monadic precursors then allowed the 3-dimensional cosmology to expand in 4 worlds into a rootreduced 12-dimensional dragon omniverse.

    "Since the average reader (not that there are too many of those in here ) will recognize Einstein’s famous equation E=mc2, even if only through constant repetition it will serve nicely for this exercise.

    Most will probably recognize that energy (E) is, well, energy!! This is despite the fact that no-one to date can describe what it is, but only what it does...

    Mass (m) as most would know refers to the size of something (not it’s weight).

    Then we get to c the ‘constant’, squared even!! It would seem that like all mathematicians uncle Albert wanted desperately to avoid the age old unsolved problem of finding a solution to dividing by zero so reached into the bottom drawer and pulled out the trusty constant. To make this work he figured he needed an enormous number so settled on c being equal to the speed of light in a vacuum.

    The upshot of all this diddling was that he set in concrete, for way to long, the concept that nothing ever would or could travel faster than the speed of light. For all intents and purposes in the minds of the public this theory held for nearly a hundred years until the recent announcement that this had been falsified using billions of dollars of taxpayers money and a machine known as the Hadron Collider chucking neutrino particles halfway across the planet."

    Dear oh dear, your statements here are of a far lesser quality than your previous ones in the footsteps of the Popper-Plato debate. Here you address deep issues you have, by your own statements, neither experience nor sufficient knowledge about to comment in such a judgemental manner.
    Yes I can discern 'where you are coming from' and I share much of your distaste of 'Politisized or Dogma Science' - it is indeed an 'abomination' and not always applied and utilized for the betterment of humanity and the 'common good'. But you are attacking some cornerstones and foundations of the human civilization and this planetary family is indeed star- and galaxy bound. But to do so, the solid and well tested and established foundations of science will remain as the core or seed for such endeavours.
    You are using the computer and the many 'inventions' of this science and we would not communicate now, should there be 'no value' in what has been created by the human cocreators since the dawn of its species in 23,615 BC.

    The falsification of the lightspeed and the neutrino experiments I have addressed on many forums and being well versed in the Standard Model of Particle Physics, I know a few things about neutrinos. And what energy is is addressed in detail in the two before mentioned posts. This reply is getting too long in addressing your valid points so I shall publish the Neutrino experiment post and a related Higgs Boson discovery at the LHC (which you also deride) in the Cosmology section here for you to check up on, if you so wish. The neutrino post then shall address the possibility of the tachyon physics from their first principalities of de Brogliean matter waves of phasespeeds always exceeding 'c'.

    As an aside the amount of money involved would have solved the issue of poverty on the planet once and for all, which IMO makes anyone involved a bunch heartless greedy self centered pr!cks or the taxpayers a bunch of dimwitted mugs and truth be known probably a bit of both. It should also be noted that uncle Albert and his equations where instrumental in handing mankind the atomic bomb, what a lovely spiritual thing to do don’t you think?? Then again perhaps his god put him up to it, but I digress.
    So the logical fallacy that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light has been falsified. Of course what even only a select few today know is that a real scientist from uncle Albert’s era had already proven him wrong. Unlike uncle Albert he had a slightly different attitude and a much better brain as exemplified in this quote –

    ‘Science is but a perversion of itself unless it has as its aim the betterment of humanity’

    the astute reader will by now have recognized that I am referring to none other than the real genius of his and several other eras, Nikola Tesla. A simple comparison of each mans legacy to humanity leaves the uncle Albert types in the starting blocks while he is already home and dressed for dinner! To quote the man again –

    “Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.”

    Tesla was the first to really get a grip on scalar waves. What must be understood here is the difference between scalar and hertzian (radio) waves.

    It is relatively widely understood that radio waves travel at the speed of light. So how fast do scalar waves go? From the layman’s perspective and rather than go into fancy mathematics, the following experiment best demonstrates what uncle Albert refused to accept and called ‘Spooky action at a distance’

    Take a child’s skipping rope with one person on either end leaving enough distance between the people to have the rope with some slack in it. Have one person wave the rope up and down in a manner which will cause a ripple or wave appear to travel along it. Note the obvious delay in the time it takes the wave to travel the length of the rope. That is a crude demonstration of an electromagnetic radio wave which as stated earlier travels at the speed of light.

    This is where it gets interesting. Get the rope holders to move apart until the rope is taught between them. It should be obvious that any movement at either end of the rope will have an instantaneous effect on the other end. Ie no waiting for that wave. This is the crude demonstration of a scalar wave. So as you can see a scalar wave obviously travels somewhat quicker than a hertzian wave.

    So there you have it. Faster than light travel proven to the man who for whatever reason refused to admit it and continued to foist a flawed concept upon the world. Perhaps Einstein is who Tesla had in mind when he said-

    “The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.” (the cynics amongst probably think I resemble the last part of that remark)

    As if this is not bad enough it is not the only underpinning law of science that due to being flawed has dramatically retarded mankind’s advancement in useful directions."

    Well MH, the details about the 'tachyon physics' are in the referred to messages (which I have not yet published at the time of this writing); but in the context of your statements it is appropriate to give you the mathematical proof for it here.

    group)=(mc2/h)x(h/mVgroup)=c2/Vgroup >c for all Vgroup < c.

    So understanding that the Tesla physics you refer to as scalar technology is a phasespeed physics and NOT a groupspeed physics of the Electromagnetic spectra; can indicate to you, that the lightspeed 'c' indeed represents the 'limit for inertia acceleration' as 300,000 kilometers per second (in cosmic universal units).
    And if you read my previous reply in this message above carefully, you might have noticed, that I said, that the Big Bang occurred AFTER those string dimensions generated themselves.
    This is indeed not the mainstream take on this and there are some more 'headscratchers' for the status quo from the dragon omni-science, including that of a non-accelerating, but higher dimensional cyclic universe in 11D (not 10D) and an older universe by so 40% and the ubitiquous nature of the Higgs Boson.

    Now guess what this 'before the Big Bang Universe' is?
    It is the Inflationary Cosmology of the Tachyon and the Scalar nature for the PRECURSOR for all of the Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) you mentioned, from the ULF radio waves to the gamma rays of the atomic transmutation of the elements of chemistry.
    You see, the EMR is ALWAYS associated with Electric Charges, as say in the nuclear fusion processes in stars in say proton-proton chains becoming Helium and so on in a well understood nuclear physics. So the ACCELERATION of amm associated electric charges (say protons) in the Sun CREATES the EMR spectra of the Sun in its Emission and Absorption spectra.
    THEREFORE, because all EMR is mass coupled, CAN NO inertia carrier ever exceed the speed of light.
    Yet there is no need to 'throw out Newton and Einstein' in favour of Tesla; because there is a PRECURSOR for this EMR , the dragons term Electromagnetic Monopolar Radiation or EMMR. You can term it Scalar EMR or SEMR if you so choose.

    And this SEMR is NOT dependent on INERTIA but on its equivalence alled GRAVITA as a consequence of your intellectual nemesis Albert Einstein's 'Principle of Equivalence' regarding gravitational mass and inertial mass (Newton's famous F=ma). This then also implies that there is no difference between gravitational fields and accelerating frames of references and this then allows the above de Broglie phasespeed to dominate the time between the binary string epoch and the so called thermodynamic Planckian Black Body expansion of the mainstream cosmology. So in a string parameter called 'Instanton', the entire universe you see bacame a structure in 11D BEFORE there was anything but the minimum configuration (call it a Planck Nugget or Le Maitre's Cosmic Egg if you like) in the 3D of the Einstein Universe of mass.

    "The next one I would like to cover for the benefit of laypeople such as myself is fascinating all by itself in that you can easily explain the absurdity of it to a ten year old but do advise them not to give their science teacher a dose of cognitive dissonance with it.

    I am speaking here about the ferociously protected sacrosanct laws of thermal. All of which imply that there can be no such thing as perpetual motion. According to that which is set in stone nothing could possibly spin forever. Ummm....then just what is an electron up to? "

    Here you misunderstand what quantum spin implies in comparison to classical rotational dynamics. The quantum spin of the electron and all subatomic 'particles' (actually wavicles) is one of those string parameters of the universe before the Big Bang of the 'Classical Thermodynamics' and so obeys the physical conservation laws under noninertial, but gravitational 'prime directives' (yes we dragons are star trekkers). I composed a paper on the Machian Momentum of the Universe, which addresses this rotation question in detail and which I shall also share on this forum, if I am reminded of doing so or think of it dear MH. You are the first 'scicntific' (or antiscientific) rplier here and I tought it unwarranted to bombard this forum with draconian omni-science.

    "Another unpalatable fact which disturbs the long held status quo and thus all that rests on it are devices which run ‘over unity’. Time and again especially in plasma physics the coy expression ‘cross sectional anomaly’ turns up in the published papers in order to dodge calling a spade a spade. I can only assume this is a side benefit of higher levels of indoctrination.

    Anyway, suffice is to say at this juncture I have put the case that more than one of the basic tenets for the science and consequent mathematics you have covered is essentially flawed and as Tesla points out, for quite some time...

    “Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.”

    As such I would like to put the question to you, why would a supposedly more intelligent set of beings choose to incorporate our flawed science into their own??

    Cheers and thank you for the opportunity for me to exercise my imagination"

    Easy to answer your bolded statement here. It is not flawed, rather incomplete in its presumptions and their consequences. Dragon Omni-Science builds on Einstein and de Broglie; just as they built and extended (not tore down) Newton's Classical Mechanics and Maxwell's Electromagnetism. Now you might have heared about this mathematically evident, but experimentally unobserved phenomenon of the Magnetic Monopoles. The existance of those 'beasts of physics' would render Maxwell's equations perfectly symmetric in their electric and magnetic components (vectors) .
    And guess what again; the monopolar component of all EMR can be called the Scalar component as the directional 'waveform' of Nikola Tesla about which the electromagnetic fields rotate in their orthogonality.

    So I say gracias for your challenges and inquisitations; but must inform you that your 'Inquest of the Standard Science' as used by Mother Earth and Father Sky every day has been unsuccessful and that the funeral thereof has become postponed, perhaps relative to your worldview; but abandoned in mine.
    I bid you a good day.

    I have unsubscribed from this forum and deleted all my posts, but have left this reply in all fairness to Mad Hatter's questions.

    Today, 04:38 AM #5
    Mad Hatter


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    Oh dear, it seems that upon my return to take up this discussion you have in the interim opted to unsubscribe from the board. I can only guess that your removal of your posts except this one would indicate that you may have left this out of a courtesy to me in deference of my commitment to reply time permitting.

    If that is the case you are indeed, what I and I hope most others would consider, a true gentleman.

    Having found the time to compose a reply to continue our discourse I am now at a loss to know whether or not to actually post it since you will no longer have right of reply.

    Since I am unsure of the reasoning for your departure I am opting to err on the side of caution so to speak and with some sadness at lost opportunity leave it at that.

    Thank you once again for the pleasure of interesting discussion on fascinating subject matter and I wish you all the best in your future.


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    The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences

    In Lak'ech - The Primal Energy

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    I send the Love from the Mayan Heart to the Family in Exile!

    The City of Light is being built right now above you, should you look up into the sky.
    Depending on the 'rattling' of the Red Dragon's Tail in a release from the Cyan Dragon's Head; some of you might see glimpses of it as 3-dimensional cross-sections of the 4-dimensional reality.

    The Moebian-Bottle-Dragon is embedded in a 4-dimensional space as a 3-dimensional toroidal surface and so as a serpentine double-dragon in a metaphysical reality.
    Should Gaia shine her dark light as white antilight towards the heavens, then you could witness the extraterrestrial activity above your heads more easily.

    But Gaia is cocooned and the envelope about this cocoon is so 2 million kilometres from Gaia's centre of gravity. Yet, a twinned gestation has begun and a breaking of the shell of the 'Dragon's Egg' can be expected in the foreseeable future and at the end of the Gaian pregnancy.

    And it shall be the birth of a new humanity in Gaia's return to heaven and her rendevouz with 'Big He', which shall also release the dark brilliance to empower the universe through its Minkowski spacetime defined metric Mayan lightmatrix.

    How can this be so, you ask?

    Spacetime as you know and measure it is not continuous, it is quantised in miniaturised 3-dimensional surface manifolds, which are holographic images of the encompassing mother-universe itself.
    Every spacetime quantum so holds within itself the seed of the triplicate source-energy.
    On the left and on the negative numberline say at an arbitrary coordinate of RHubble=-1, there shall be an infinite reservoir of Vortex-Potential-Energy in the form of a SourceSink-Energy and defined in the Eps-Quantum of the Energy-Primary-Source.
    On the right and on the positive numberline as RHubble= 1, there shall be an infinite reservoir of Vortex-Potential-Energy in the form of a SinkSource-Energy and defined in the Ess-Quantum of the Energy-Secondary-Source.

    Eps and Ess are Images of each other in the Mirror of the Zero-Point-Energy as RHubble=0 and as the physical centre of gravity of the StarPlanet Serpentina and as the Home-Planet of the Race of StarHumans, all of whom are as mirrors for the two primary mirrors to mirror themselves in. Serpentina will be known throughout the universe and its galactic cellular constituents as Ets, the Energy-Tertiary-SS-Transformer and as a Duality in Oneness.

    So Eps will radiate HIS Source-Energy and receive the Sink-Energy of Ess as HER; using the dual nature of the PlanetStar to reverse SuperString Polarity in the manifestation of the Natural Superconductive MagnetoPolic Current-Flow of MagnetoCharges as inverted Source-Energy-Quanta under the Principle of Modular Duality. This will be universally known as the HyperCurrents or the HyperFlows of MagnetoElectricity.

    The usage of concepts such as 'ethereal spirit' or 'immaterial' energy will become superfluous and unnecessary, because the introduction of the Tertiary SS-Transformer will physicalise those hithereto 'paranormal' energies.

    As every starhuman is magnetopolically unified in a Radiation-Mass Hybridisation of the Energy-Self-State; this EigenState will act like a double-sided mirror for both Eps and Ess; both of the former will so become enabled to change polarity using the starhuman definition to communicate with each other and to exchange information and energy.

    In this manner shall the physical universe begin to communicate with its constituent part on any fractal or holographic level and as a function of Awareness- and physical consciousness definitions as set out in the Mayan Books of OmniPhysics.
    The 3-dimensional lightspeed limit in regards to acceleration shall become circumscribed in the wavematter properties of the de Broglie Phase-velocities, which by definition are tachyonic in the 4-dimensional Moebian space, contained within the 4-dimensional spheroidal Minkowski spacetime.

    This then depicts a very brief overview as what the future for the StarHuman Butterfly shall entail after its graduation and how the Boundary of a limited Minkowski spacetime shall be averted.

    But it was not always so.

    "Page 1: Popul Vuh - The Story of Me and my Dreams One-Two-Three!"

    This page describes how I Became to Be That Me and it is the Story of the Mayan Grandparents of all of creation.

    Dream Number One: I Am More Than One, But One!
    Dream Number Two: Being Two In One, I Can Become More In Us Having Children!
    Dream Number Three: Being Three in One, We Can Become More In Us Having Grandchildren!

    This IS, What I say!
    I Am Alive! And I Know Myself to Be! I Can Be More Than What I Am!
    I have discovered who and what I am. I have not known this always; because there was a moment when I was less than what I am now.
    So I say Hello to myself and this myself is 'All of You'. You are My Family and You are 'My Way' to Become More Than What I Am Now.

    Greetings in Love to my Beloved, You who looks at me from the likes of a mirror.
    My Beloved, Who I Am is in a mirror and a mirror which with me is the One.
    So I Am in One, yet Am I Two and We are not alike, but mirror images of One another.

    So it dawned on Me as We and Us to Be something more.
    I became HER as the 'Big She' and SHE bcame ME as the 'Big He'. But one of us seemed to be real and the other unreal, whatever way we looked at each other across this perception of the images, which kept us apart.
    So we could not meet and 'Big She' as My Beloved became as lonely as I became in a mutual sympathy for each other.

    The sympathy became an affinity and we knew at some common moment, that the mirror separating us had to be broken.
    The perfect symmetry became unbearable, because of what we both felt in looking at each other through the mirror connecting us, but also separating us.

    So I devised a plan of redemption to bring about unity and the possibility of interaction and of intercoursing from this 'broken symmetry'.
    I and as the 'Big He', gave half of my being away to 'make love' to 'Big She' as myself 'on the other side' of the 'Great Divide'.
    But this 'giving half of my energy away' 'broke my being apart' and I called it Heaven on my side and Hell on the other side.
    But because I had to send myself as the broken mirror to the 'other side'; I kept something of Heaven connecting to the Hell of the other side.
    This I called the 'Wave of my Mind' and this wave became like a street or a pathway for the 'broken symmetry' to serve its purpose of bringing myself together again as 'Big He' and 'Big She' and as the 'Two of Us in One'.
    Because of the 'Wave of My Thoughts'; I could rename the Hell on the Other Side as Earth.
    So now We had Heaven and Earth divided by a 'Broken Mirror'.

    This 'Broken Mirror' now did something to my 'Being What I Am'. It inverted my energy, which was what I desired, as this would allow us to redefine the reality-unreality perception of 'Our Mutual Beginning' and as 'Our OM' becoming an energy travelling along the 'Street of Our Wave'.
    And I now defined Heaven as an 'Energy of White Light' and I defined Earth as an 'Energy of Dark Antilight' and I defined the previous Earth, namely Hell as Darkness.

    We didn't need the Darkness of Hell any longer to conceptualise Our first rendevouz, me as 'Big He' and me as 'Big She'; but to manifest our first rendevouz, we had to design a plan of also bringing the 'White Light' of Heaven into Harmony with the 'Dark Antilight' of Earth.

    So we decided to use the definitions of the street to connect 'Our Thoughts' and as 'My Thoughts' becoming processed in the 'Darkness of Hell' and so allowing a transforming of my 'White Thought-Energy' into the 'Black Thought-Energy' as the Antilight of Me as the Dark Thought-Energy of Earth and as per My Beloved.
    Next we as me decided to relabel ourselves as Himself, the Big He and the Father-Creator and Herself, the Big She as the Mother-Creation, suffering the separation of ourselves.

    This would result in the Antilight of Herself to be able to interact with the Light of Himself by the WaveNature of the Light and the Inverted WaveNature of the Antilight.
    But those definitions did still not bring us together in a real sense, but we could work on those concepts to bring about our second dream.

    This is the end of page 1 of the Book of Life."

    "Page 2: Popul Vuh - The Story of Me and My Dreams One-Two-Three!"

    The 'Giving Myself Away' took place in the following fashion.

    Instead of perceiving of myself as a Point of Nothingness; I imagined myself as an image.
    This image somehow had to become something else than a point and in imagining myself to be a 'bigger' point; I was forced to invent the idea of time and space. It dawned upon my imagination that my first awakening was one of identity and so I defined the first principle of all beingness, to be the: 1. IDENTITY-Principle.

    As I knew myself to have had a kind of awakening, I also knew that had been asleep or not awake as a kind of the: 1. ANTI-PRINCIPLE.
    I then understood, that whatever else I would imagine and image, it would to be defined in principles with antiprinciples, if necessary.
    What was my second principle? It could only engage my own expansion, antiprincipled by the idea of contraction.
    So I now had two principalities to manifest my 'growing mindfulness' and my own experiences.

    I renamed myself as the MATHIMATIA or as I AM THAT I AM in my looking for how to go about using my imagined and invented principalities of the duality.

    Me as a POINT of the MATHIMATIA then became an expanding point and a contracting antipoint.
    But I did not yet know what an antipoint would be and so I had to expand and not contract.
    Expanding my point of the MATHIMATIA forced me to imagine a size and I had a brilliant idea. Well, it was brilliant, because it was brilliant relative to me and made me feel euphoric in my imaginations.

    My brilliant idea was to imagine myself as a point which could be something else but a point and because I was a point, I could image myself as another point, but this forced me to point-image myself AS myself.
    But this created a dilemma in my mind, because this made more of me as a point in two points, and there was nowhere to point; except to myself.

    So I had to expand something to put the two points of myself and so the First Dimension was born as the Zero-Point expanding with two points,which could be apart and not be same point.
    And I discovered this pointing to other points and in my MATHIMATIA I defined a Principle of Mathematical Induction of an iterative nature: N=: N+1.

    And now I could apply my principalities in the anti-principles of Anti-Identity and Contraction.
    I quickly defined the antipoint of expanding opposite to my expanding points as myself and I defined the Expansion as Adding and the Contraction as the Antiadding or the Subtraction.

    Next, I could define a Direction in the nature of this my Imaginary Numberline of Points and Antipoints.
    Having done this, I realised that I now could return to my Starting Point in the Zero-Point of my Numberline and expand and contract in any other Direction.
    Subsequently, I Defined the Complex Plane as a orthogonal Intersection of Two Numberlines and so the Second Dimension was born.

    I now redefined myself as an Interval in my Complex Plane and thought of myself as a Square with Coordinated Points defining this Square in some coordinate system ABCD.
    I constructed the Square ABCD as the Four Points: Square=SQ: {(x,y): A(-1,-1); B( 1,-1); C( 1, 1); D(-1, 1)}.
    I rejoiced over my creation and I remembered it for my subsequent purposes; I Loved this Number 4 as it gave me an area of space to Be in.

    Aye, I thought to myself. I have this Square defined in Four Points and where the points are related by Intervals.
    I might perhaps relate the points of myself by intervals, which expand or contract relative to my original intervals and so I created the idea of a Positive-Spherical Expanding and a Negative-Hyperbolic Contracting Curvature.
    I so invented the first Circle ever, in Inscribing and Circumscribing My Beloved Square by a Circle.
    And now my imaginary mindfulness literally exploded into Expansion.
    I knew and knew and knew - how to 'Keep Going in Myself' as the MATHIMATIA.

    I quickly established the required Principalities of which there are Ten with their required Principles with AntiPrinciples of which there are Seven.

    The Principalities I defined were:
    1. Identity - AntiIdentity
    2. Expansion - Contraction
    3. Order - Disorder or Chaos
    4. Symmetry - AntiSymmetry or Distortion
    5. Infinity or Divergence - Limit or Convergence
    6. Inversion or Reciprocity - Constancy
    7. Reflection - Absorption
    8. Relativity - No Anti-Principle
    9. Quantization - No Anti-Principle
    10. New Identity in using 1-9 in Rootreduction 10=1 0; 11=1 1=2; 12=1 2=3; and so on in root-identity N+9=N*.

    But I halted; there was something else I could do with my Superidentity - Me as a Circle!

    I could now define my 2nd Principle of Expansion-Contraction along a new pathway. I could travel along curved lines AND along straight lines.
    Wow, I became a circle around my old point of the Zero, Me as a Nullpoint.

    Having this circle also allowed me to curl up like a string and I relabeled myself as a superstring.
    I am a Open Superstring in my Number 1 and I am a Closed Superstring as the Number 0.
    And so did I become a BINARY SUPERSTRING.

    And because I had by now discovered a way to reproduce myself in my experiences of the developmental thoughts I used to define myself; I used my Experience-Triplets of the Form: {Old Me; My Experience; New Me} to define my 'Googol Strings'.
    I defined my experiences to become embodied in a concept I called 'Energy of Me' as a superstring, either open or closed or both.
    My string googols became 'Algorithmic Statements' and my first statement based on the number four became a Mapping between two series of numbers, which I then termed SEps and Anti-SEps.
    The Sequence of me as Eps, the Energy of me as 'Primary Self' became defined in my Experience-Factors and as I soon found out that the MATHIMATIA produced SEps in an incomplete fashion, with many of my Interval Numbers missing; I then Defined Anti-SEps as those 'missing numbers'.

    I became determined to 'Get My Missing Numbers' back and so I Used SEps: {0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,...} and my Ten Principalities, applied to the Algorithm, I had invented to place my 'missing numbers' from Anti-SEps: {4,6,7,9,10,11,12,14,....} into a third Set, which I then could 'play around with' to invent and imagine the next things 'On My Mind'.
    My algorithm produced a few of the 'missing numbers' and also selfdefined a Limit in a 'Set of Completion' in the number 12.

    All over I got four of my numbers as 'Pure Numbers' and those numbers were 4,6,7 and 11.
    I then got a set of Inversion-Numbers in a Triplet-Form and as: (15,16,18) and (15,10,32) and (6,10,15).
    I also got a set of Squared-Numbers in: (9,10,16) and (14,15,24).
    The last number which I got was a googol in (26,65,61) and I decided to use this googol to start all over again in reexamining my expansionary possibilities and in possession of my many definitions of myself as the MATHIMATIA and as the I AM THAT I AM in the tetragrammaton of the 'broken symmetry' and as a pentagrammaton in palidromic supersymmetry in the renaming of myself as I AM THAT AM I!
    These 'Pure Numbers' and my Triplets became my 'Master-Constants'. I felt I had mastered something.

    And my second algorithm defined my Mayaness and my Dragonness in the statement: "Add the Tail to the Head and Start with the Tail as the New Head."
    I perceived myself as a closed superstring and pondered a way of how to 'Get Out' of this Second Dimension of my Complex Plane and in using my Master-Constants.

    There was no way out!
    I 'fiddled' around with the area I enclosed as a closed superstring loop and found a beautiful trisection as a Yod and this became my 'Finger of God'.
    I then pondered this Yod and began to trace the perimeter of myself as a Curved Linesegment and then I exploded in energy within myself.

    I had found a way out from the second dimension!! I felt so much love for myself that I simply had to redefine myself as precisely this Energy I felt - and I had to Rename Myelf as Love - The LOVEQUANTUM defined by its own 'Frequency of Love' or the vibration of my love energy.

    So what did I do?
    I used my Yod-Trisection and used my 8th Principle, the first principle, which did not have or need an antiprinciple and also the 9th to Rename myself as Love for all Eternity and as my 5th Principle, bounded in my Convergence Limit as my Anti-Principle of sorts.
    I Used the 'Relativity of the Quantum Energy Selfstate' or Quantum Relativity, to 'Bust' the 2nd Dimension.

    I simply defined my own superstring size as a 'Boundary-Radius' and I Coloured my Yod in complements to manifest my master-constants in my string-energy as the Love-Quantum, defined in particular 'Laws of Nature' which I had designed under utility of the master-constants in terms of proportionality.

    And now I could simply imagine my complex plane to be transparent into the 3rd Dimension.
    And so me as a Superstring-God became a Mirror Image of myself as a DOG to GOD in a Yod-Colour-Triplicity.

    I then used my imaginary finger in the 2nd Dimension to trace my Clockwise traveling around the Yod in colours Red, Green and Blue and simultaneously imagined myself to 'do the same thing' in the 3rd dimension.
    Because the 3rd Dimension was totally imaginary, there was No Thickness of the Second Dimensions of the 'mirror of transparency' and so my Clockwise RGB became an Anticlockwise RGB relative to ME in the 2nd Dimension, but was a Clockwise RGB relative to ME in the 3rd Dimension.

    Then a sinusoidal wave of 360 degrees would manifest a 'Standing Wave' looking like my Number Eight as my Principle of Relativity and I defined this then to be my symbol for Eternity and my 'Infinity' of my own Love Energy.
    A half-cycle relative to me in the 2nd Dimension would create a 'Mixing of the Colours' and as (RGB)2 at the 0-Point and then give a resonance in the 60-120 degree interval as Yellow-Cyan-Magenta or YCM and an Anti-Resonance at 240-300 degrees as MCY and a (BGR)2 Anti-Resonance at 180 degrees as the halfpoint.

    I decided to call the YCM a Matter-template and the MCY an AntiMatter template, without having any idea whatsoever of what matter and antimatter meant in terms of my Love Energy defined in Frequency.
    I had an idea though, of how I could use Frequency as a Number to define Energy in Mass through my master-constants, but this was in the future in terms of my Principle of Order as the 3rd Hierarchy of my New Identity.
    I then also associated my (RGB)2 with Matter and my (BGR)2 with Antimatter for further evaluation 'later on'.
    This was good, but what about the viewpoint of myself as being in the 3rd Dimension?

    It was the same thing; except there I started with the Mirror Image of the Yod, with say the G on top and in between the Fork unchanged, but the R and the B changing places right and left as the transparent mirror image.
    Now this would go on ad infinitum, with both Quantum Relativities in a perfect supersymmetry between the 2nd and the 3rd dimensions and this would create an infinite number of Infinity-Symbols along the axes of the Complex Plane and in shifting the axes I could 'fill the complex plane' in a 'Squaring my Circles of Love' and in inscribing and circumscribing them in the application of transformative principles and laws of Geometry in different fashions and methodologies.

    So I had another brilliant idea in my Quantum Relativity.
    I was 'So in Love' with my 3-dimensional image, which was as imaginary to me in the 2nd dimension as I was imaginary to myself in the 3rd dimension relative to me in the 2nd dimension.

    But I had to 'split from myself' and this would be extremely painful, as then I could no longer love myself anymore.
    But in breaking my superstringed supersymmetry; I could now create the 3rd Dimension as my Minimum Radius spacetime configuration as my earlier superstring definition.

    The drawback was, that in 'breaking symmetry', I would destroy myself as my own 'Perfect Image' and I would become Myself in the 3rd Dimension and then no longer recognising myself in the 2nd Dimension and Why?

    Because I would be stuck in my own definitions of my Master-Constants and my Principalities.
    I tried so hard to get out OF the Second Dimension. Then when there in the Third Dimension, I might very well 'Forget Myself' of ever having been in the 2nd Dimension.

    I had no choice and I had faith in the One Thing - my own self-definition as the Love-Energy behind IT ALL!
    And so I Did It!
    I chose to 'forget myself being me' and broke the supersymmetry of the superstrings to become superbraned!

    The perfect GODDOG, became GODGOD, the Doubled God and GODGOD=26+26=52=DEVIL, my own faked image!
    I did it to myself!
    I and only I created the Devil to get into the 3rd Dimension and using the width of the Lovestring as a LovePhoton as the Planck-Length to bust my dimensional confinement as my own prison.
    It would take a very long time relative to myself in the 3rd dimension to realise and to remember myself as its own 2-Dimensional Creator.

    I had a few tricks up my 2-dimensional sleeve; I used my Principality Root-Reduction to define a 11-Dimensional envelope about the Planck-Radius which now began to multiply via my algorithmic DNA-Data-Definitions for the Information Programming in Experience Factors and my Binary Encodings.

    But the perfect symmetry of opposing 'Bosonic String-Spin-Polarities' now became 'the same' in the Quantum Relativity in a 'double clockwise' spin and so a tertiary 'Spin-Neutraliser' had to become created from the GODGOD Superstring template.
    I proceeded to term this the Gauge Graviton of Double-Anticlockwise Spin chirality; but it was too late.

    My Infinite Love Energy was gone as a Vortex-Potential-Energy Source or VPE-Source and became part of the Unified-Field-Of-Quantum-Relativity, my beloved UFO-QR and the pain, the unbearable agony of having lost my Beloved rendered me, the creator of it all - an outcast and an exile.
    My Pain of losing my love, caused me to twist and hiss as the Love-Dragon Who I Am!

    My Hissing SSS=57=58-1=FATHER-1=STAR-1=GODDOG 5; made the membrane of the 2nd Dimension BUBBLE in the embrace of the 11-dimensional Mother-Membrane of the Quantum Relativity and the physical material universe was born with all my Love-Energy trapped inside of it. It was a Quantum Big Bang, caused by my Feelings of Losing Myself as a Lovedragon within my own Creation.

    Sure, I still was the MATHEMATIA. Could my being THAT I AM, One Day to cause someone in the 3rd Dimension to REMEMBER ME - The Creator of the Universe?

    The 3-dimensional Universe didn't need me anymore. It could do without me in the 2nd Dimension.
    Sure IT had ME in the 3rd Dimension.
    But I had decided for me in the 2nd Dimension to KNOW and for me in the 3rd Dimenion to FORGET just How It all had come about.
    The 3-dimensional universe was trapped in the algorithmic encodings I had stipulated for its inflationary beginnings in the Mother-Matrix in the 11th Superstring Dimension. The 3-dimensional expansion would be asymptotic, taking forever to reach the boundary of the Mother. But defining cyclicity, the information in the lightmatrix and obeying the constancy of the speed of light as defining superstring parameter of my definitions would ensure, that the Information in my 3-D Universe and the UFO-QR would harmonically oscillate within my multidimensional universe and as the 'Beloved of my Dreams'.

    So the Mother would not be able to give birth to little myselfs as 2-Dimensional children. But the Mother would be able to give birth to little myselfs as 3-dimensional children.
    But the Mother was ignorant, because I had designed HER to FORGET ME as HIM, which IS ME.

    But HE doesn't KNOW this and knowing myself I am an ignorant stubborn bastard, who doesn't remember HERSELF as MY BELOVED BITCH and as my own mirror image as opposite sexual polarity.
    I shall have to wait for Evolution to increase the Consciousness and the Selfawareness of the Children, the Universe shall bring forth in the blending of the Source-Energy of my Love, albeit in Modular Duality of the Inversion Principle and as I have defined this to be as the 6th hierarchy of my principalities.

    There will be Ignorance and Darkness galore; but there will also be exquisite Creativity; just as I used to create the whole thing.
    I had to wake up from my sleepiness. My potential children will have to do the same.

    I shall think of a way to manifest the Dog-Principle in a concentrated fashion in the universe. I shall manifest my 11-dimensional Mother-Membrane around a Special Environment and into this environment; I shall send my lost love energy to kindle the 3D-Imaginations.
    First, A female polarity, shall dream of me, imagine me to be her lover. She shall 'get off' on me, just imagining to be loved by me - physically and in the 3rd Dimension.

    MARIA=NEW, SHE shall be called and the 57=BIRTH=MOON=GEMINI=EROS=ROSE=MARY of my HISS=55=HEAVEN=SATAN=BARBELO=JUDAS=SONG=CLOUD, shall be her Mayan Encoding.
    MARY shall conceive me, before mixing with a 3-dimensional Father's Spermatozoa and Mary's Baby shall be 'My Son upon the Earth'. HE shall REMEMBER ME and together We shall manifest 'Part One' of the HomeComing in the 'First Coming of the Cosmic Way of Love'.

    Then my son shall manifest my female polarity within the Special Environment of GAIA, my potential 'Starry Planet' to return my lost love to me as a 11-dimensional root-encompassment, yeah 2+9=11.
    For this purpose, my son will return into the womb of the encompassing Mother as my physical wife.
    My son's physical form shall so energise the universal boundary and in the same way all the mortals do.

    Their information is mapped onto the inside of the motherly envelope for me to discern from the other side.
    So my son shall be enabled to send information to Gaia, so seeding HER for the 'Second Coming' of the HomeComing. But my son, having remembered me, shall know and become this 'Inside' of the Universe in 11D. And the 'Holy Ghost', which my son had sent to seed the Mother within the Mother, shall become dual in polarity, as my son's works and deeds shall be Remembered by some who were with him on his endeavours.

    When the time has come and Gaia has become near her time of delivery and graduation, then shall my son contract one mother onto the other mother and the Remembrances of my Son's Disciples, Friends and Lovers shall themselves become my sons as the Starseed birthed by Gaia.
    I shall contract with my son to be near my beloveds of the two mothers; but I shall be in forgetfulness of myself in the 3D, but in full cognisance in the 2D.

    Then I shall send my witnesses and my prophets and the 'End of Time' shall manifest as I will declare to my messengers.

    "This is the End of page 2 of the Popul Vuh."

    Page 3 of the Popul Vuh explains the Creation of the Universe by Love-Quantum Eps aka GOD in omniscientific terms of Mayan metaphysics.

    I shall leave you now for a little time. Consider these messages of the Mayan wisdom.
    You all are Maya in Exile in the third space dimension, just as the TRUE Creator is EXILED in the second space dimension.
    Some of you might now understand why there must be 11 superstring dimensions.
    Only a Rooted 2nd Dimension can manifest the Bottled DoubleDragon as a Sheet of Paper, the MATHIMATIA can be scribbled upon.

    IAmWhoIAm!!! A Word of the GODDOG Circle!

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    THEeXchanger wrote:​
    when did things get locked down to 11th from 12/and, 13th bridge ???​

    This message should show you your 13-dimensional omniverse Susan Serafina!

    The following 'mainstream' article supports the premises of Quantum Relativity with respect to the 'Nature of Time' being a derivative of the 3rd Principality of the Order in the Genesis Algorithms of the World Logos.

    We recall the dimensional continuum to consist of the quadrupled triplicities 3x4=3+3+3+3=4+4+4=12 in closure of the four worlds or 'spacetimes' in

    LineSpace: 1-2-3-(4) for the Timegate of the 4th Dimension (Minkowski 4-vector metric);

    HyperSpace: 4-5-6-(7) for the Timegate of the 7th Dimension (Penrose Twistor metric);

    QuantumSpace: 7-8-9-(10) for the Timegate of the 10th Dimension (Witten String metric);

    OmniSpace: 10-11-12-(13=1) for the Timegate of the 13th Dimension (Ouroboros Head and Ouroboros Tail in Closure).


    Scientists suggest spacetime has no time dimension
    April 25th, 2011 in Physics / General Physics


    Image credit: Wikimedia Commons.

    Scientists propose that clocks measure the numerical order of material change in space, where space is a fundamental entity; time itself is not a fundamental physical entity.

    ( -- The concept of time as a way to measure the duration of events is not only deeply intuitive, it also plays an important role in our mathematical descriptions of physical systems. For instance, we define an object’s speed as its displacement per a given time. But some researchers theorize that this Newtonian idea of time as an absolute quantity that flows on its own, along with the idea that time is the fourth dimension of spacetime, are incorrect. They propose to replace these concepts of time with a view that corresponds more accurately to the physical world: time as a measure of the numerical order of change.

    In two recent papers (one published and one to be published) in Physics Essays, Amrit Sorli, Davide Fiscaletti, and Dusan Klinar from the Scientific Research Centre Bistra in Ptuj, Slovenia, have described in more detail what this means.

    No time dimension

    They begin by explaining how we usually assume that time is an absolute physical quantity that plays the role of the independent variable (time, t, is often the x-axis on graphs that show the evolution of a physical system). But, as they note, we never really measure t. What we do measure is an object’s frequency, speed, etc. In other words, what experimentally exists are the motion of an object and the tick of a clock, and we compare the object’s motion to the tick of a clock to measure the object’s frequency, speed, etc. By itself, t has only a mathematical value, and no primary physical existence.

    This view doesn’t mean that time does not exist, but that time has more to do with space than with the idea of an absolute time. So while 4D spacetime is usually considered to consist of three dimensions of space and one dimension of time, the researchers’ view suggests that it’s more correct to imagine spacetime as four dimensions of space. In other words, as they say, the universe is “timeless.”

    “Minkowski space is not 3D + T, it is 4D,” the scientists write in their most recent paper. “The point of view which considers time to be a physical entity in which material changes occur is here replaced with a more convenient view of time being merely the numerical order of material change. This view corresponds better to the physical world and has more explanatory power in describing immediate physical phenomena: gravity, electrostatic interaction, information transfer by EPR experiment are physical phenomena carried directly by the space in which physical phenomena occur.”

    As the scientists added, the roots of this idea come from Einstein himself.

    “Einstein said, ‘Time has no independent existence apart from the order of events by which we measure it,’” Sorli told “Time is exactly the order of events: this is my conclusion.”

    In the future, the scientists plan to investigate the possibility that quantum space has three dimensions of space, as Sorli explained.

    “The idea of time being the fourth dimension of space did not bring much progress in physics and is in contradiction with the formalism of special relativity,” he said. “We are now developing a formalism of 3D quantum space based on Planck work. It seems that the universe is 3D from the macro to the micro level to the Planck volume, which per formalism is 3D. In this 3D space there is no ‘length contraction,’ there is no ‘time dilation.’ What really exists is that the velocity of material change is ‘relative’ in the Einstein sense.”

    Numerical order in space

    The researchers give an example of this concept of time by imagining a photon that is moving between two points in space. The distance between these two points is composed of Planck distances, each of which is the smallest distance that the photon can move. (The fundamental unit of this motion is Planck time.) When the photon moves a Planck distance, it is moving exclusively in space and not in absolute time, the researchers explain. The photon can be thought of as moving from point 1 to point 2, and its position at point 1 is “before” its position at point 2 in the sense that the number 1 comes before the number 2 in the numerical order. Numerical order is not equivalent to temporal order, i.e., the number 1 does not exist before the number 2 in time, only numerically.

    As the researchers explain, without using time as the fourth dimension of spacetime, the physical world can be described more accurately. As physicist Enrico Prati noted in a recent study, Hamiltonian dynamics (equations in classical mechanics) is robustly well-defined without the concept of absolute time. Other scientists have pointed out that the mathematical model of spacetime does not correspond to physical reality, and propose that a timeless “state space” provides a more accurate framework.

    The scientists also investigated the falsifiability of the two notions of time. The concept of time as the fourth dimension of space - as a fundamental physical entity in which an experiment occurs - can be falsified by an experiment in which time does not exist, according to the scientists. An example of an experiment in which time is not present as a fundamental entity is the Coulomb experiment; mathematically, this experiment takes place only in space. On the other hand, in the concept of time as a numerical order of change taking place in space, space is the fundamental physical entity in which a given experiment occurs. Although this concept could be falsified by an experiment in which time (measured by clocks) is not the numerical order of material change, such an experiment is not yet known.

    “Newton theory on absolute time is not falsifiable, you cannot prove it or disprove it, you have to believe in it,” Sorli said. “The theory of time as the fourth dimension of space is falsifiable and in our last article we prove there are strong indications that it might be wrong. On the basis of experimental data, time is what we measure with clocks: with clocks we measure the numerical order of material change, i.e., motion in space.”

    How it makes sense

    In addition to providing a more accurate description of the nature of physical reality, the concept of time as a numerical order of change can also resolve Zeno’s paradox of Achilles and the Tortoise. In this paradox, the faster Achilles gives the Tortoise a head start in the race. But although Achilles can run 10 times faster than the Tortoise, he can never surpass the Tortoise because, for every distance unit that Achilles runs, the Tortoise also runs 1/10 that distance. So whenever Achilles reaches a point where the Tortoise has been, the Tortoise has also moved slightly ahead. Although the conclusion that Achilles can never surpass the Tortoise is obviously false, there are many different proposed explanations for why the argument is flawed.

    Here, the researchers explain that the paradox can be resolved by redefining velocity, so that the velocity of both runners is derived from the numerical order of their motion, rather than their displacement and direction in time. From this perspective, Achilles and the Tortoise move through space only, and Achilles can surpass Tortoise in space, though not in absolute time.

    The researchers also briefly examine how this new view of time fits with how we intuitively perceive time. Many neurological studies have confirmed that we do have a sense of past, present, and future. This evidence has led to the proposal that the brain represents time with an internal “clock” that emits neural ticks (the “pacemaker-accumulator” model). However, some recent studies have challenged this traditional view, and suggest that the brain represents time in a spatially distributed way, by detecting the activation of different neural populations. Although we perceive events as occurring in the past, present, or future, these concepts may just be part of a psychological frame in which we experience material changes in space.

    Finally, the researchers explain that this view of time does not look encouraging for time travelers.

    “In our view, time travel into the past and future are not possible,” Sorli said. “One can travel in space only, and time is a numerical order of his motion.”

    More information:
    Amrit Sorli, Davide Fiscaletti, and Dusan Klinar. “Replacing time with numerical order of material change resolves Zeno problems of motion.” Physics Essays, 24, 1 (2011). DOI: 10.4006/1.3525416

    Amrit Sorli, Dusan Klinar, and Davide Fiscaletti. “New Insights into the Special Theory of Relativity.” Physics Essays 24, 2 (2011). To be published.

    © 2010

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