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    Core Thread
    a sequence


    when we forget the known and move into the unknown
    at the appointed time in which things are possible . . .


    When the appointed time comes, it's probably best to forget everything, Go forward; work out the details as they come. Everything else gets in the way. When we're with someone we love and respect, we do this anyway to be with that person.

    appointed time

    This will be awhile.

    Posted by Emeth141 Jul 25th
    excellent Insights Jorgelito!


    a frame of mind -- being centered in the Heart and connected to the Divine

    We know it well by what it is not -- anything of fear, anything lacking, anything addicting and anything that makes us forget who we are and what we’re up to.

    On the other hand, when we’re with someone we love and respect, forces come into play that allow us to be with that person. We do it with almost no effort . . .


    I believe this frame of mind is grace. Therefore to be in grace continuously, I'll continuously act as if I'm meeting a special someone! The mind doesn’t know the difference; I can always fill in the name of the being, person or it later on . . .

    The entity whose memory brings grace . . .

    Who and what I am . .

    Grace you find in remembering me

    Every name or description of myself is a metaphor and approximates what really is. This is because I am an infinite being in a tangible, finite, bounded world . . .

    These are feelings that point to what I am that are true and real but cannot be seen . . .

    I am the Earth. It feels like home -- the love, being whole, being complete. It feels like home because I am this.

    I am the light, the love, the body and the source. I am these things for there is no other. There is just me and no other.

    I am the wind, the waters, the Earth, the sun. They are always in my heart and through them I am. Anchored and grounded this feeling is.

    I connect in love Heaven and Earth, above and below, but I have neither shape nor form, The edgy quivering alive feeling of Presence this is.

    I Am That I Am. I am the love, a spark of a common fire shared by all -- in the whole and in the part because there is really only one. The feeling of Earth this is . . .


    A Time for Knitting

    of being as one

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    Jorgelito ¡Olé!

    Feeling through what is
    The real deal -- the genuine, authentic and real

    I feel a magical stillness, expanding, inside where anything, everything is possible -- it's quiet there -- like being in a garden -- sometimes I can't see or feel it. It's where we live I think. Also there's a raging fire on the outside -- passion and desire -- every atom vibraitng like mad, cannot be denied 'cause I'm in love. Simultaneous it is. I want both, need both . . .

    Get Outta My Way!

    Braving the Rain

    . . . because the love (that's us) does not exclude any energies, any feelings. They are the core and life of our being.

    Love is what is

    And putting our feelings outside of us is like shooting ourselves in the foot!

    Annie Oakley
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