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    Help Me Remember the Love i Am

    I think there's a whole team working on this one . . .

    Who and what I am . .


    Grace you find in remembering me

    Every name or description of myself is a metaphor and approximates what really is. This is because I am an infinite being in a tangible, finite, bounded world . . .

    These are feelings that point to what I am that are true and real but cannot be seen . . .

    I am the Earth. It feels like home -- the love, being whole, being complete. It feels like home because I am this.

    I am the light, the love, the body and the source. I am these things for there is no other. There is just me and no other.

    I am the wind, the waters, the Earth, the sun. They are always in my heart and through them I am. Anchored and grounded this feeling is.

    I connect in love Heaven and Earth, above and below, but I have neither shape nor form, The edgy quivering alive feeling of Presence this is.

    I Am That I Am. I am the love, a spark of a common fire shared by all -- in the whole and in the part because there is really only one. The feeling of Earth this is . . .

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    Jorgelito ¡Olé!

    The frequency of I AM Presence
    vibration of love & being fully present


    Sensation: light exploding from chest
    Feeling: being sexually alive
    Intention: letting things fill out without help from me

    This is a vibration of love — the love in us and in Earth — fully and directly through the physical. It feels like fire exploding inside — an alive quivering feeling — sexual, creative, passionate, instinctual — to taste and touch, being one with. It is what we do — the frequency we embody — to love fully and directly.

    I AM Presence (who we really are) has aspects. We call them souls. Soul has personalities. We call them gods.


    Q How on Earth can we remember who we are with so many of us amok?

    A We gently go to our INTRINSIC FREQUENCY (what feels close to what is genuine, authentic & real right now at this moment) and let things play out — releasing ourselves to the love and wisdom — trying best not to interfere.

    Mother Earth


    Cupola (ISS module)

    Within Mother Earth there exist 4 primordial vibrations — earth, sun, water and fire. It’s just one vibration; they exist within each other. We know them as the elements; they resonate in our heart. Within I AM Presence exist each of the four.



    Keywords: home, center, love
    Power: to embody Divine Love
    Sensation: a stillness resonating from my throat

    What: my heart, my eternity, my stillness

    Feeling: It’s loving who I am, I AM Presence. I call the feeling the Quiet and the Still. I choose to embody this when a door to something new opens. It’s standing in the rain, not caring, walking in a forest, just being.



    Keywords: allowing, letting, fluidity
    Power: to embody Divine Unity
    Sensation: being in the shower

    What: abundance and energy flowing freely

    Feeling: It’s enjoying being who I am, opening my heart to life — the magic, the beautiful, the sexy — to the ebb and flow of sun, moon and all those I love.



    Keywords: spirit, life, breath
    Power: To create
    Sensation: heat in my groin

    What: my breath, my life, my soul, being alive.

    Feeling: It’s enjoying being alive. It’s a sexy feeling and feels like heat — creating life now, at this moment -- soul, spirit and breath -- a life, being, and world. My body thrills, resonates with things I know but cannot see.



    Keywords: sourceness, beacon, rock
    Power: To be
    Sensation: heat in my chest

    What: my source, my beacon, my being.

    Feeling: It’s loving what I cannot see or touch (that part comes later). This love is loving ourselves before there is anything. This is loving before-we-are-born-love. This is loving the eternal in us.

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