The Wind

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    THE WiND ~ " Love is The End Result " ~ Susan Lynne Schwenger

    "i would like to thank a friend for this Fable,

    it is one that I love, I feel this story may help people,

    ~ to see, that which they need to see.

    Thank you Wind.

    I have changed it slightly from the original story,

    ~that was told to me by Wind,

    though Wind knows me well,

    and anyone who knows me,

    knows I have to add just that little bit more,

    I see just that little bit more,

    that needs to be said or expressed.

    So here you have the fable told to me by the wind.

    This is a fable....

    Anger, Joy, Sadness, Frustration, Despair and more…

    they need to listen to Love...

    and Time comes to Love,

    as a stranger...

    and your emotions...

    will lead you to your destiny.

    There was once an enchanted island,

    and on that island,

    there lived A Tribe of Feelings.

    These Feelings had a leader called Wisdom…

    and he read a sign from The Gods,

    that the island was going to sink beneath the waves…

    so he commanded that everyone make a boat to save themselves.

    So everybody made their own boats…

    except Love…

    she wanted to stay with the island until its final moments.

    Frustration and Despair, said they would stay with her,

    we will help her,

    they both said as they stood next to her,

    doing nothing, but looking at the waves.

    The water began to rise up to her knees…

    and she saw Anger coming on a warship,

    she called out to him…

    “Anger…I have no boat of my own…

    can I get on your ship?"

    And Anger scowled at her and said…

    “go away, you waste of time,

    If you had NOT been so lazy, and,

    If you had of built your own boat,

    The same as the rest of us,

    so, I am going to forget you and I hope you die!”

    and Anger just left her there to die.

    Next she saw Joy coming on a yacht…

    Joy was having so much fun,

    partying loud and hard,

    that he did NOT hear Love calling out to him…

    and so he passed her by.

    Next she saw Sadness coming on a junk…

    and she cried out to him

    (the water was up to her neck now)

    “Sadness please help me,

    I have no boat,

    let me get on your junk”…

    but sadness said “I just want to be alone right now”…

    So the water rose up and the tide came in,

    and Love began to drown…

    Suddenly, there came a stranger on a raft,

    and he reached down to her ,

    and pulled her out of the water,

    when he did, the raft began to fly…

    as the raft began to fly,

    Love spotted that he had not reached out,

    to take Frustration and Despair with him.

    They both shouted, take us with you!

    The stranger looked at both of them,

    and told them to answer a question.

    He asked them…

    “What do you have to offer us where we are going?

    What good will you do all of us if I take you on board?"

    They both looked at each other,

    and saw that they had been of no help to Love,

    with one last look at each other,

    Frustration and Despair disappeared under the waves,

    and so the stranger took Love with others,

    to a new island they called Destiny…

    But Love wondered who it was that had saved her,

    and brought her there,

    so she asked Wisdom,

    And Wisdom said, "That it was Time"…

    And love asked how he knew that, and …

    Wisdom said…

    “Because only Time remembers how important Love truly is.”

    "LOVE iS...
    ~ Susan Lynne Schwenger
    7lk - Day of The Wind
    27th December 1958
    The First of The Last Dead Days on a Gregorian Calendar
    The First Day of a 360 Day Ancient Year

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