The Will Of The Elements Series

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    Poem: the_will_of_the_elements_i_by_raxnae-d37irxv.

    The Will Of The Elements I

    The Will of Fire
    my first The Wild Fire Ettin

    First there was Darkness and Cold
    Second there was Light and Warmth
    First the Universe of Nothing and Order
    Second the Universe of Life and Chaos

    As Ra in the Sol
    The Sun in the Sky
    The Beacon of Existence
    The Burning Fire of Creation

    Immolate the Unholy
    Burn away Corruption
    Ignite the Spark
    Shine Bright

    Guardian and Extinguisher of Dark!
    Rooting out the Truth from the Unknown!
    The Eternal Flame is the Guide!
    Where Order betrays Combust in Chaos!

    The Terrestrial Nature as Lava in the Core
    The Blood in our Veins
    Where the Fiery Passion hides
    The Earth and the Inferno become One

    The Astral Nature as Holy Flame
    The Spirit within the Heart
    The Conviction in the Dream
    Burning Wild and Free

    The Will of Fire
    To Fight for what we Believe
    To Live Wild and Free
    Enforce Order to Balance our Chaos

    The Will of Fire
    To Combat Cold Nothingness
    To keep the Dream Alive
    We are the Enemy of the Void Ones

    The Will of Fire
    To Never Give Up
    To Never Give In
    Marching forward until the End

    The Will of Fire
    To Light the Way
    To Blaze a Trail
    Serenity Forged in Flames

    The Will of Fire
    To become a Star
    To Live the Dream
    The Dragon Burning Eternal

    Author's Notes: Fire nuff said hehe.

    Poem: the_will_of_the_elements_ii_by_raxnae-d39f0sr.

    The Will Of The Elements II

    The Will of Lightning the Wild Fire Ettin

    The raw Power of Thought
    A Spark in Discord
    The flowing Current of Existence
    An Understanding in Chaos

    As a Lightning Storm
    The Thunderous Approach
    The Impact of the Strike
    The Life of Machines

    Electrocute the Frozen
    Paralyze the Dim
    Shock the Senses
    Conduct True

    Source of Power and Energy!
    Giving Life in Nothing!
    The Storm of Consciousness!
    Light the Darkness with the Wonder of Imagination!

    The Terrestrial Nature are the Properties of Electricity
    A Scientific Miracle
    Forcing Creative Invention
    The Thinking Mind

    The Astral Nature any Child knows
    Tracing our Existence
    Imaginative Ingenuity
    I Think therefore I am

    The Will of Lightning
    To Embody Nature's Fury
    To be Difficult to Tame
    Show us your Elemental Might

    The Will of Lightning
    To Drive all Forward
    To Spark Creation
    It is the Enemy of Stagnation

    The Will of Lightning
    To Embody Thought
    To Maintain the Current
    Look in the House of the Mind

    The Will of Lightning
    To Bring the Wind and Rain
    To Shape the Skies
    Keep the Gears Turning

    The Will of Lightning
    To Give Life as you Take it
    To Never Turn Off
    This is the Essence of Will itself

    Author's Notes: Some Droid power right thar.

    Poem: the_will_of_the_elements_iii_by_raxnae-d3fguoc.

    The Will Of The Elements III

    The Will of Water the Wild Fire Ettin

    Essence of Being
    A Neutral Balance
    Symbol of Enlightenment
    Symbol of the Mad Abyss

    A Vast Ocean
    Salty and Deep
    Source of Wisdom
    Fountain of Truth

    Rain over the World
    Showering Life
    Wash our Corruption Away
    Or Poisonous Death

    Without you there is No Life!
    Quench our Eternal Thirst!
    Slip and Flow the Matter!
    A Wellspring of Hope!

    The Terrestrial Nature of Balance
    Measure of our Purity
    Dirty or Clean
    We are the Stream

    The Astral Nature is the Sum of our Worth
    Collective Thoughts
    What we Choose
    Poisoned or Not

    The Will of Water
    To Amplify our Constitution
    To Negate the Decay
    Give us Healing

    The Will of Water
    To Destroy with Tidal Waves
    To Change the Face of the Rock
    Show us the Way

    The Will of Water
    To Float Downriver
    To Fight Upstream
    Give us a Challenge

    The Will of Water
    To See Storms Coming
    To Freeze into Crystal
    Seeking the Future while Preserving the Past

    The Will of Water
    To be our Addiction
    To be our Cure
    Flood the Universe

    Author's Notes: Ah Water the Element of Life.

    Poem: the_will_of_the_elements_iv_by_raxnae-d3fskyj.

    The Will Of The Elements IV

    The Will of Earth the Wild Fire Ettin

    The Firmament upon the Water
    A Stage for our Drama
    From Beginning to End
    Dust to Dust

    Watcher of Time
    Observer of Life
    Stable Foundation
    From you we Arise and Return

    Shaped by the Other Forces
    Mountains of Insight
    Crumbling Away
    Disintegrating before our Eyes

    Humanity is your Enemy!
    They Pollute and Rape your Grace!
    A Parasite on your Skin!
    A Virus Within!

    The Terrestrial Nature of the Physical Reality
    Misunderstood as an Excuse to be Ignorant
    While Representing so much More
    This Tragedy of Life and Death

    The Astral Nature of the Journey
    Do you Succeed or do you Fall
    Walking Miles on your Surface
    Wasting their small amount of Time

    The Will of Earth
    To Preserve the Memories
    To House Sleeping Dreamers
    Remember the Unfolding Stories

    The Will of Earth
    To Shape as you are Shaped
    To neither be Created nor Destroyed
    For you can only Change

    The Will of Earth
    To Ascend or Descend
    To Live or to Die
    The Choice is Ours

    The Will of Earth
    To remain Neutral to the End
    To Embody the Wall we all must Overcome
    The Challenge Awaits

    The Will of Earth
    To Remember the Highest Point
    To Remember the Lowest Point
    Paradise Corrupted

    Author's Notes: paradise corrupted indeed, but perhaps to be redeemed.
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    Poem: download (1).

    The Will of the Elements V

    The Will of Air the Wild Fire Ettin

    The Howling Gale
    Microcosmic Vortex we Breathe
    Inhale Exhale
    Both Plants and Animals

    Drifting Wanderer
    Breezing Through
    Lightly or Fiercely
    From You Comes the Ebb and Flow

    Fuel for Fire
    Shaper of the Rock
    Interwoven with the Water
    The Source of Lightning's Strike

    Vicious Tornado
    Destroying All in its Wake
    Gentle Breath
    Kissing the Lips

    Terrestrial Nature of the Prana
    Giving Life
    Until Last Breath
    Choking on the Smoke

    Astral Nature of the Whimsical
    Will o' Wisps Dancing Through the Wind
    Intermingling with the Light
    Air Tight

    The Will of Air
    To Breath In
    To Breath Out
    Let it Flow

    The Will of Air
    To be Consumed by the Flames
    To Mix with Hunger
    Burn it Up

    The Will of Air
    To Erode the Mineral
    To Blow the Sand
    Craft Away

    The Will of Air
    To Collect Charge
    To Discharge
    Lightning Strikes

    The Will of Air
    To Cool us Down
    To Swallow us Whole
    Blow Onward

    Author's Notes: Finally got the four base elements down.
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    And the fifth?
    Plasma Ship.
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  4. Jorgelito

    Jorgelito ¡Olé!

    The Elements

    The Elements seem to reside in the center of my being -- I feel their power -- an unbounded variety -- not limited to humankind. The words may have to be exactly right to evoke a clear memory in me of what this is.

    This came to me when I felt not alive, not dead, not liking it -- that I had lost the love in my heart -- and not remembering stuff but not knowing what. A doctor from a space I don't know where gave me this prescription . . .

    Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 8.29.37 PM.
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  5. Jorgelito

    Jorgelito ¡Olé!

    I'm getting close with this one . . .

    Earth - My heart, my strength, my center

    Waters - My ebb and flow that respond to Sun., Moon and all I love

    Sun - My sourcenes, my beacon, my rock

    Wind - My thread to vastness of Light and Love that I am

    I Am That I Am

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    The fifth one was my second poem in the series, lightning which I felt deserved its own place, I skipped over air til number five.
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    Yes you are right. I was thinking of plasma actually but lightining is a form of plasma. Anyhow I really liked the poems Rax.

    And good stuff Jorgelito, love your Dr :)

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