The Universe As A Protoversal Seed For Multiverses Within An Omniverse

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    Our Expanding Universe

    I thought an expanding universe meant galaxies and stars were moving away from each other. This presents the view that the space-time itself is expanding. Nothing in fact is moving. How interesting! It reminds me of the principles involved in Warp Drive.

    There is an underpinning flawed assumption in this video Jorgelito. And this is the idea that the universe's expansion 'stretches' the metric, which is simply a 'ruler' or measuring stick used to measure distances.
    The universe does have a boundary, just as your body has a boundary in the encompassment of your skin or some extended notion of an 'aura' or atmosphere. This boundary is however itself growing and is indeed creating 'extra' spacetime as this video describes. But this agenda is manyfold or multidimensional and not as linear as this video tries to convey. It took the Big Banged Universe so 16.9 billion years to 'catch up' in a lightspeed reduced deceleration to the primordial lightspeed one in a dimension higher by one. The 11D cosmology implies the closed and bounded universe, whilst the 10D universe is asymptotic and open and so in a manner 'infinite' relative to the higher D one.
    So in a nutshell, new spacetime only became created from the prior inflationary hypercreation from the 16.9 billion time marker. It might interest you, that it was at this 'supercosmic time' of 2.2 billion years ago, that the lifeforms began to manifest in morphogentic variance on the planet Earth as a result of the oxygenation of the atmosphere changing from toxidity into a life supporting biochemistry. Iow, the aquaous prokaryotic unicellular and bacterial lifeforms could begin to colonise the terrestrial environments and so allow a land dwelling eukaryotic multicellular biosphere to evolve.
    And now you can see, why the 'experts' say that the universe is just 13.8 billion years old. Because 16.9-2.2=14.7 and doubling this lightpath of the 11D expansion dynamics to 4.4 billion years in an 'overlap' will give you the actual higher D age of the universe as 14.7+4.4=19.1 billion years.
    The recent revision of the Hubble Constant 'adjusts' the cosmic lower D age to 14.7 billion years as the inverse of the published 'Hubble Constant' of 67.15 Hubble Units in km/Mpc.s, which defines a frequency of about 2.176 billionth billionth of a Hertz or 460 million billion seconds as 14.6 billion 'civil' years.
    The statements in this video about 'we will never be able to observe and blah blah' are erroneous, as the expanding spacetime depends on the oscillation of the cosmic parameters.
    This scenario I attempted to elucidate in this essay, anyone interested might have a look at.

    Emeth, April 23rd, 2013

    April in Wonderland aka Alice in Mirrorland aka Cosmology 101

    {The 5D-Universe and its Acceleration aka Panentheism-101 aka Gnosis-101}
    Forwarded-(under edit) message is at:


    About 100 years ago Albert Einstein conducted certain 'thought experiments' like 'riding on a lightbeam'. Those 'thought experiments' changed the perception of the 'natural philosophers' aka the scientists with respect to the nature of space and time. Those 'imaginations' changed the paradigm of a then mechanistic Descartian- and Newtonian universe into a relativistic one.

    100 years ago, unimaginative and puerile minds said: "Huh? You can't ride on a lightbeam"; whilst more receptive and imaginative minds said: "Wow, I can get this, I think!".
    Thus the paradigm of the old cosmology became the paradigm of a new cosmology.

    April and Brooke and 'accomplices' and all the readers here; ALL are Albert Einstein 'riding the lightbeam' and 'being the total mass of the universe' and so forth in this story.


    "May the children of the universe come and find the entrance into the kingdom of wonderland.
    They are the children, who are young and pure and innocent in mind and old and wise of heart."

    (22) Jesus saw infants being suckled. He said to his disciples, "These infants being suckled are like those who enter the kingdom."
    They said to him, "Shall we then, as children, enter the kingdom?"

    Jesus said to them, "When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female; and when you fashion eyes in the place of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand, and a foot in place of a foot, and a likeness in place of a likeness; then will you enter the kingdom."
    (39) Jesus said, "The pharisees and the scribes have taken the keys of knowledge (gnosis) and hidden them. They themselves have not entered, nor have they allowed to enter those who wish to. You, however, be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves."

    [John Shadow aka shiloh by Matthew.18-4 (KJV) and GOT(Lambdin)]


    Little April was born one day as a baby daughter to her parents.
    As little April left the womb of her mother's placenta as her previous place of abode, she became independent from her previous residence in the severing of her umbilical cord and in the taking of her first breath.

    Big April was born one day as a goddess to her eternity.
    As big April left the place of her unboundedness, she became forgetful of whence she had come in her stepping into the Mirror of Eternity dividing the unboundedness from the boundedness.

    This was because the outside of the Mirror of the Eternity of the unboundedness became a Mirror of the Limits - the Mirror of Infinity on the outside was also a Mirror of the Finity on the inside. It was the twosidedness of the Mirror which allowed this distinction between the infinite and the finite to be made. Without April choosing to explore this twosidedness of the mirror, the mirror would have remained a Onesided Mirror of the Unborn April.

    As April entered the Mirror of Oneness; she found herself in a room, which was the size of a cube and which had mirrors all around as faces or walls and which could and seemed to also accomodate a curving away. Wherever April looked, she saw her own reflection in the mirror. This mirror must be a spherical mirror of some sort, April thought.
    Then April noticed another strange thing. This room, she was in, was getting bigger.
    The room was getting bigger but also seemed to slow down in the rate of expanding.
    Then April saw another thing; whenever she looked closer into the mirror in front and all around herself; she saw that there semed to be a partially obscured window in the mirror. It was like the spherical mirror was semitransparent.
    In the far distance, there was another mirror and there was space between the expanding room, April was in and that far away mirror. April's room seemed to get bigger in trying to reach the mirror far away, yet visible.
    This visible mirror in the far distance seemed to be stationary relative to April's expanding room.

    April then realised, that should her room be measured by some ruler or meterstick; then the ruler in her room would be different from a ruler which would measure the distance from her to the far away mirror.
    Her room was expanding and so she would need an expanding ruler; but it was perfectly ok to use a fixed ruler to measure the distance from her to the far away mirror, which remained at rest relative to herself.
    In particular, should April measure her room to be say 10 meters across; then a 1 unit meter stick applied for the far away mirror would continue to shrink as applied to April's room as the 10 meters would become the distance to the far away mirror upon reaching it. There would be many more 1 meter sticks in this distance than April counted at the beginning of measuring her room.

    'Just how did this state of affairs come about', April wondered.
    'I find myself in mirrorland and don't know what is going on here; but I shall try to find out.
    Perhaps, if I succeed to find out what is going on here in mirrorland; I shall be able to remember where I have come from - this place called wonderland'.

    1. April's Growing Room and her Gravity
    2. April throws her weight around, builds a house and finds her Cat called Brooke
    3. April's 'Arachne de Gaea' and her Eagle 'Mac the Knife'
    4. April visits her Galaxy with Cindy her Dolphin from the Stars
    5. April meets Grandpa and peeks into the far future in the age of the universe
    6. April learns about the Land of the Dragons between the two mirrors
    7. April's Beloveds
    10. April's Mum and Dad
    11. April has a Baby

    Introduction and References (basic wiki):

    The accelerating universe is the observation that the universe appears to be expanding at an increasing rate. In 1998 observations of Type Ia supernovae suggested that the expansion of the universe is accelerating[1][2] since around redshift of z~0.5[3].

    The Supernova Cosmology Project is one of two research teams that determined the likelihood of an accelerating universe and therefore a positive Cosmological constant. This discovery was named "Breakthrough of the Year for 1998" by Science Magazine[1] and, along with the High-z Supernova Search Team, the project team won the Gruber Prize in Cosmology in 2007.[2]

    The project uses data from the redshift of Type Ia supernovae.

    The project is mainly based at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The international team with 31 members from Australia, Chile, France, Spain, Sweden, UK and USA is headed by Saul Perlmutter

    The High-z Supernova Search Team was an international cosmology collaboration which used Type Ia Supernovae to chart the expansion of the Universe. The team was formed in 1994 by Brian P. Schmidt, then a post-doctoral research associate at Harvard University, and Nicholas B. Suntzeff, a staff astronomer at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile. The team expanded to roughly 20 astronomers located in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Chile. They used the Victor M. Blanco Telescope of CTIO to discover Type Ia supernovae out to redshifts of z=0.9. The discoveries were verified with spectra taken mostly from the telescopes of the Keck Observatory, and the European Southern Observatory.

    In a 1998 study led by Adam Riess, the High-z Team became the first to publish evidence that the expansion of the Universe is accelerating (Riess et al. 1998, AJ, 116, 1009, submitted March 13, 1998, accepted May 1998). The team was managed by Brian P. Schmidt of the Mount Stromlo Observatory, which is part of the Australian National University. The team later spawned Project ESSENCE led by Christopher Stubbs of Harvard University and the Higher-z Team led by Adam Riess of Johns Hopkins University and Space Telescope Science Institute.


    In the past few years, these observations have been corroborated by several independent sources: the cosmic microwave backgroundand large scale structure[4], age of the universe[5] , as well as improved measurements of the supernova, [6][7] and X-ray properties of galaxy clusters.

    Density drops
    An expanding universe means that density drops due to continual space being added between all matter. If acceleration continues, eventually all galaxies beyond our own Local superclusterwill redshiftso far that it will become hard to detect them, and the distant universe will turn dark.

    Explanatory models

    Models attempting to explain accelerating expansion include some form of dark energy: cosmological constant, quintessence, or phantom energy, with the latest WMAP data favouring the cosmological constant. The most important property of dark energy is that it has negative pressure which is distributed relatively homogeneously in space.

    Divergent expansion

    Phantom energy in a scenario known as the Big Rip causes an exponentially increasing divergent expansion, which overcomes the gravitation of the local group and tears apart our Virgo supercluster, it then tears apart the milky way galaxy, our solar system, and finally even atoms. Measurements of acceleration are thought crucial to determining the ultimate fate of the universe, however we should expect the implications of such a major discovery to develop slowly over many years in the same way the big bang model has continued to develop.

    Dark energy dominates

    As the Universe expands, the density of dark matter declines more quickly than the density of dark energy (see equation of state) and, eventually, the dark energy dominates. Specifically, when the volume of the universe doubles, the density of dark matter is halved but the density of dark energy is nearly unchanged (it is exactly constant for a cosmological constant).

    Foreword by John Shadow:

    The above references will lead the interested reader into a bewildering kaleidoscope of models and ideas, attempting to 'make sense' of the scientific measurements of the supernovae data collected by the stated research teams.

    The final conclusion found in the references and the websearches are however all based on fundamentally flawed physical assumptions.
    Whilst the measurements are all validated; the text book and standard expositions of the modern cosmology community are not.
    Ultimately all of these valid measurements measured just one thing, namely the light emitted from some object in the universe, separated from the receiver apparatus by a finite distance and a finite time interval to get to the receiver from the emitter and its clocks and rulers measuring time and space respectively.

    There are a number of cosmologists, who have realised those "flawed assumptions" and have proposed alternative hypothesises, mainly engaging higher dimensional spacetimes in connection with bubble-universes; ekpyrotic brane collisions and other multiverse scenarios.

    What are these "flawed" assumptions? The underpinning "flaw" is the concept of a comoving reference frame (April's expanding room and ruler) creating the space it occupies. Iow, there is no space between the far away mirror and April's room or more fundamentally, this far away mirror does not exist.

    April defines the fixed ruler in the constancy of lightspeed c=lightpath X/time t and sets the distance from herself to the far away mirror as lightpath X=Rmax=RHubble=RH=ctAgeofUniverse.

    As this distance becomes "fixed" in the lightpath and the constancy of the speed of light; the Age of the Light-Invariant or Electromagnetic Universe also becomes fixed in the time it would take light to travel from the Mirror of Eternity to the Mirror of the Limits.

    1. April's Growing Room and her Gravity

    April then realises something.
    'Hold on, my room is expanding as a kind of subuniverse or nested or fractal selfsimilar universe.
    So if my room would travel and expand at lightspeed, then it would take a finite time interval, namely the Age of the Universe, to reach the far away mirror.
    But what then? Will my room then bounce back and skrink again or will my room shatter this far away mirror and continue expanding at this lightspeed'?

    But then April has an eureka moment. She realises that her expansion is slowing down and so her room, in getting more and more the size of the "greater universe" in the approach of the mirrors, could very well never reach this far away mirror yet approaching it ever more closely in an asymptotic approach.
    April, knowing a little mathematics, envisages an expanding series of the form: 0/1+1/2+2/3+3/4+...+n/(n+1)+...99999/1000000+...always getting bigger as a fraction or a decimal but never actually reaching the limit of 1/1=1.

    This was April's own beginning as the Mirror of the Infinity in 0/0=∞/∞=1, because 0=0 and ∞=∞ to define the inversion of 1/1=1 in the undefinability of 1/0≡∞ ↔ ∞.0≡1 and limited in the mathematical symbolisation in the physicalisations of limits in 1/∞→0 and 1/0→∞ as the reciprocities of each other by 0/1≡0 and ∞/1≡∞.

    April then allows for both possibilities of the lightpath in accomodating two kinds of expansion and as reflected in her observation of the two rulers appropriate for the measurement of distances - the expanding comoving metric of the ruler in her room and the static ruler as defined by the speed of light.
    April imagines the lightspeed to not only outrun the asymptotic approach, but also for this lightpath to become reflected back into the path of her expanding room, as well as "breaking through" the far away mirror in a refractive manner of continuation.

    'But hold on, there would then have to be a fundamental difference between the reflected lightpath and the refracted lightpath due to the intersection of the returning lightpath with the path of my room's expansionary journey.
    Why is my room's expansion slowing down in deceleration relative to the constancy of the lightpath', April thought?

    'It must be because of me. If I wouldn't be here, then this room would be as big as the "outer space" and the spherical mirror would be identical to the far away mirror and this slow-down would not be necessary.
    What is it about me, that slows the speed of this room down'?
    April decides to call this tendency her inertia, related to some measurement of her weight and her mass and she terms the "outside space" the gravity acting on her room concentrated in her mass.

    Then April remembered something more about her previous existence in the mirror wonderland of the Mirror of Infinity.
    This thing called gravity was actually a "force of attraction" between the mirrors.
    There was this self-gravity confined to April's room which was attracted to the self-gravity of the far away mirror.
    'If now I could express this self-gravity of my room as being information mapped onto the far away mirror and vice versa having the self-gravity of the far away mirror mapped as information onto this spherical mirror; then in this gravitational interaction, I could find out what this asymptotic approach is in terms of universal gravitation.
    Perhaps the self-gravity could then be used in a form of a dimensional intersection of the lightpath and in a gravitational physics of self- and mutual interaction of Black Holes as two-dimensional surfaces or manifolds in view of the surface properties of the approaching- and receding mirrors and the information transfers between them'.

    2. April throws her weight around, builds a house and finds her Cat called Brooke

    April decided to label her own weight as Big-M-Zero or Mo to allow her to use shortcuts in the description of her discoveries about the cosmos at a later stage and when so appropriate.
    'Ok', April thought; 'as I am to only thing here in this empty spherical room; I might as well say that my Mo is the weight of this little universe, which has nothing else within it'.

    April looked into her reflection before her eyes and became irritated. 'I am the goddess of this local universe and I am all alone in here. Here I am like a little baby, being born naked from the womb. Look at my hair; it is such a mess!'
    Then, as April shook her head, she saw a single hair falling towards the floor of the spherical mirror.
    April caught the strand of hair and decided to place it some distance away from her, someplace in her room.
    'This strand of hair is a part of me and I might as well begin to talk and think to myself, she uttered'.

    Just as April retreated something strange happened to the strand of hair. It began to glow in some self-irradiant essence and then became transparent and disappeared to reappear as a pair of scissors.
    'What a magnificent magical transformation', April thought. 'This part of me became another part of me, but rather more useful'.
    April resculpted her hair in the style of an Egyptian queen from the Nile and an imaginary scenario which seemed to flash from nowhere into her mind.
    April cut a number of strands of hair and then distributed the strands all around her room.
    'Perhaps the magic in this room will give some more useful tools and surprises', so she thought.

    The magic started with walls, stairways, doors and windows and some strands of hair turned into furniture, ornaments, utilities and computers.

    'Wow, all this is part of me and seems to be a redistribution and transformation of part of my total weight Mo.
    I shall honour this room of mine, where I did begin my magic tricks as my "Special Room", my sanctuary, where I shall treasure the little circular window through which I can see the far away mirror. This shall become my "Special Place" where I shall try to figure out what is going on in this spherical universe of mine; both qualitatively in the telling of "My Story" and quantitatively in a formal language of science and of mathematics'.

    April explored, arranged and defined "her room", which had become "her house" in her "throwing her weight around".
    'I'll have to figure this gravity thing out', April pondered; 'but now I know that whatever I am gravitationally, can be partitioned and made into many smaller and interrelated parts'.

    April cut another single strand of her hair and looked at it.
    'If you just could talk to me; I now have discovered the magic of the universe, but have noone to talk to'.
    With these words, the strand of hair became luminous, transparent and then metamorphosed into a ginger cat.
    'Meow Omm meow', said Brooke, the cat as she looked at April.
    'Part of me has become a cat', April shouted exuberantly; 'now I have another living thing in my universe and now I can gravitationally interact with myself to solve the mysteries'!

    'It's better than that April', said Brooke - 'I am a talking cat from wonderland'.

    'And I am a goddess too', continued Brooke; 'just like you and just like you I have entered the Mirrorland of the Limits from the outside of the Mirrorland of the Infinity.
    I am your cat in this room and simultaneously you are my cat in my room. Yet there is only the one room or should I say this house, which is a town and a city and a continent and a planet and a solar system and a galaxy and a galaxy group and a supercluster all nested in selfsimilarity in the universe, limited however in the little circular window.

    There are strands in your hair, which are many many things April. I have learned this from some of my broken fingernails; some turned into things and others changed into crystals, plants, animals and intelligences of all sorts.
    Some of those sentiences know about philosophy and science and what the expanding room signifies in the greater order of things.
    I have learned some things, but not everything. There is much to explore and to discover and as four eyes see more than two; the selfrelativity between us has engaged this communication.
    I have become one brick in your house and you have become one brick in my individuated house'.

    'How wonderful', said April. 'I understand you are like a biological somatic cell or a neuron in my body and so am I in yours'.

    'Indeed', replied Brooke 'and allow me to inform you about this gravity thing, as far as I myself understand it from the information given by the natural philosophers.
    You Big-M-Zero April is the key. As you have seen, you can easily take part of you and transform its energy into other forms. It doesn't matter if you term this the magic of evolution or the magic of technological inventiveness.
    The strand of hair of you, which you experience as your cat Brooke is mapped or mirrored in a strand of my hair with the result, that I have a cat called April in my selfrelative universe.

    You know the little circular loop in our special rooms; the one which shows us the far away mirror?
    Your Mo being here is mapped as my Mo being there and vice versa. We are total reflections of each other on the grandest scale possible; namely the scale between the Inside Mirror here and the Outside Mirror far away.
    So only in the partiality of ourselves are we each other's cat. I have found out, that this partiality of distributing our weight around in this spherical universe defines two sorts of gravity.
    The one here in our houses is a local gravity, which acts differently to the overall gravity where the weights are not distributed in the planets, stars, galaxies, superclusters and so on.
    So in here the laws of physics become locally applied as in the formulations of General Relativity, where the matter curves space and space interacts with the matter in a dynamical way of those things termed the metrics.
    But "out there", the spacetime curvature acts nonlocally in treating the mirrors as the only occupants of the "collectrively and holistically integrated" extra-dimensional spacetime.
    Our Mo's are so mapped as overall gravities and obey mathematical and physical laws of nature, which are much simpler than the laws of gravity of the local universe. This is because the local gravity is of a lower dimension, than the encompassing gravity.

    You and I are explicitely defined in being made up of minimum masses. These minimum masses mmin are however not the same in the two dimensions , say the spherical inside and the extraspherical or toroidal outside, namely the spacetime from outside the loopey window to the far away mirror.

    Ok, April, I'll try to recall something one of the natural philosphers has said and written.

    is the formula for the Gravitational Potential Energy between our two Mo's and where N counts how many of those 'smallest possible' weight bits are in the 'higher dimension' of the 'higher dimensional' gravity. I recall the cosmologist saying, that the Rmin is a particular location within this room and which is symmetrically coupled to the Minfinity=M , which is the Big M-Infinity allowing the far away mirror to become gravitational from the higher dimension.
    So it is like this in the greater picture. The Mo is a form of energy, which can be expressed in the gravitational potential energy (GPE) as a gravitational self-interaction. This is the idea that things can collapse 'under their own weight'.
    Then the GPE expressed in Einstein's mass-energy equation E=mc2 becomes reformulated as 'holes in spacetime' and are called 'Black Holes' with a characteristic size RSchwarzschild=RS=2GoM/c2. This describes a 'curvature of spacetime' and related as to why this house seems to be a spherical enclosure.

    The GPE between the Mo's, namely you and I is so different from the GPE between the M and the Mmin, the latter being the particular Big-M, which is smaller than our totality Mo's, and so can be the coupling Big-M to the Big-M-Infinity'.

    'Yes, I see the difference', April replied. 'Both of our Mo's are within the smaller spherical universe and being the same, can be mapped onto the far away mirror respectively. But the Minfinity must be coupled to something in this smaller spherical universe, as the Big-M-Infinity is not in the smaller universe. And because the Mo's are taken, the particular Big-M must be smaller than our totals and also therefore this partitioning of Mo becomes possible'.

    'Yes, April and now the GPE looks just a little different and relates to something the scientists call the Zero-Point-Energy or ZPE.
    You see the mmin's are not mass at all, but become so in the redistribution of the total mass of the spherical universe in our houses.
    The mmin's are actually massless superstrings and so both you and I are physically speaking just a collection of superstrings or supermembranes.
    The smallest possible supermembrane has this minimum mass equivalent, which can become inertial from a previous noninertial state, namely that of a massless bosonic supermembrane.

    This is defined by the physicists as a minimum ZPE-Oscillator:

    So now the GPE for the mass partition inside the smaller universe of our houses couples to the Infinity-Mass like:


    Putting the GPE's for the gravitational self-coupling and the mutual dimensional coupling together,
    then shows that 2MMmin=Mo2.
    What this Mmin is and how it helps to solve the gravitational mysteries I don't know as yet. Perhaps we can work on this together. This is one of the reasons I decided to become your talking cat, to allow our two houses as the one Mo to interact across the dimensions'.
    'It seems, that gravity is a leaking interaction from those higher dimensions', April replied.

    3. April's 'Arachne de Gaea' and her Eagle 'Mac the Knife'

    One day, April was in her "special room", which she had named Arachne de Gaea or the "Spider of Gaia". Brooke had run off into another room in April's house to do her own thing; conversing with some of the old philosphers, she had met and for the purpose to find out more about the purposes of the duality between the wonderland and the mirrorland.

    April had manifested many more "creatures" as part of herself, including Billy the Terrier, who loved to catch and chase little white balls in one of April's rooms, which had manifested as a big park.
    Then one day in her "special room" some part of April magically transformed into a big hairy spider, who then wove a big web in a corner of the "special room" and as it expanded so did this intricately woven spider's web.
    April then knew that this was a symbol for her sanctuary, a protector of sorts as Grandma Spider-Woman.
    April did not know what her house needed protection from; but she thought it possible that some parts of herself, being alive as themselves, could possibly forget where they had come from, namely from April and could then begin not to like her any more in their forgetfulness.
    So Arachne de Gaea was April's own remembrance not to forget, that the parts of herself, which might begin to attack her in some fashion, were truly parts of herself, which had forgotten their origins.

    So one day, April peered through the loopey window to see herself in the far away mirror.
    'I wonder if Arachne de Gaea is also a remembrance for myself as the goddess', April thought.
    'It must be', April realised. 'I entered mirrorland from the opposite direction and the image of the far away mirror is here within this my own sanctuary.
    If Brooke is right and the expansion of this place of the spider can never reach the far away mirror because of its asymptotic deceleration, then it would be ultimately futile to engage in whatever journey within mirrorland to reenter wonderland.

    As manifested goddess in 3-dimensional mirrorland I can then never hope to rediscover myself as a 4-dimensional goddess in wonderland again'.

    'But you can go backwards and where you entered right in this room', said Grandma Spiderwoman.

    'Wow', exclaimed April; 'this is the first time this spider talked; but if Brooke the Cat can talk, maybe all living things in my house are enabled to talk in some way.
    Yes, Grandma is right', thought April; 'I can never get to my final destination of the far away mirror of this, my expanding house, in going forwards; but in retracing my steps backwards I don't have to go far at all'.

    So April walked backwards towards the image of the far away mirror on the wall in her special room - and got stuck.
    Try as she might, she could not pass through the wall of the spherical mirror from which she had entered mirrorland from wonderland.

    'I am well and truly trapped in my house', April thought. 'Why was it so easy to be born into this place and yet it seems impossible to leave this place'.

    'You are required to realise your image in the far away mirror my dear', Grandma Spiderwoman spoke again.
    'You are stuck in the 3rd space-dimension for the reason to manifest the boundlessness of wonderland in the limitations of mirrorland.
    Though you cannot reach the far away mirror in using the tools of the 3rd dimension, you can do so using the tools of the 4th dimension of space.
    Turn around and look into the image of the image of yourself. The goddess April in the inaccessible far away mirror is reflected in the goddess April you can touch on the mirror on the wall.
    "Who is the prettiest goddess of them all" - you are, because all goddesses are you as the image in the far away place and yet individuated in the special rooms in the one house'.

    'Ah', said April, 'I got it. I am in my special room and Brooke and Billy are in their special rooms; and all of us are looking at our individiuated images within those rooms, but become the "prettiest and most splendid unified image" in the far away mirror.
    Then I am stuck in mirrorland, because I am an individuated goddess'.

    'You got it my darling daughter', said Grandma Spiderwoman.
    'Allow me to introduce to yourself yet another part of you. It is a natural philosopher like the ones Brooke has mentioned to you. Have a look at your right side April'.

    April looked to her right and saw a majestic looking eagle appear, sitting on a branch of an old oaken tree, which had materialised simultaneously with the eagle.

    April saw sharp talons on the eagle, with whom he clawed the oaken branch.
    'How are you eagle', April said. 'You are some fearsome creature of mine and I shall call you Mac the Knife due to your ferocious looking demeanour'.

    'Hello my dear', said Mac the Knife; 'yes I have come to share with you some of the wisdom of the natural philosophers. I am an old warrior April. I have been around this house for a long time; even before you entered mirrorland and even before you did discover the magic in this place.

    But as soon as Grandma Spiderwoman had woven her web of the protegees; I was enabled to manifest to help you and your familiars on your journeys towards wonderland.
    Some of the things I shall share with you might be a little hard to understand at first, but with help of all of your friends, the stories should get clearer and clearer in time.

    Being one of the 'Old Wisdom keepers'; I shall give you information in a more technical manner; such as the equations which your cat Brooke has remembered from her philosophy courses.

    So this room of yours is a mirrorland room and this room expands towards the far away mirror.
    If you now try to measure distances in this room, your rulers will expand in the same way as the room to remain consistent. A displacement of 10 metersticks can only remain 10 metersticks, if the meterstick changes into a 2 meterstick, when the room as expanded to double its size of the time of the 1 meterstick. So using the 1 meterstick as a "metric" will cause you trouble to accurately measure the distance to the far away mirror.

    In technical language of the natural philosophers using a 3D perspective then; the metric expansion is thought to "stretch" the metric, causing all sorts of difficulties to determine the distances to cosmological objects in the varying distance scales and its relationship to the postulates of Special Relativity and its lightspeed invariance as the constancy of the speed of light.

    For an example: If in 1 billion years the metric stretches to double the size it was when say a star emitted a lighpulse; then the time of the emission of the light 1 billion years later would not infer a distance of 1 billion lightyears but a distance of 2 billion lightyears relative to the observer, measuring the lightpulse after 1 billion years.
    This scenario would disallow utility of the Special Relativity formalism, especially the Relativistic Doppler Effect, because the stretching of space could exceed lightspeed.
    In your case however; the application of Special Relativity is both sufficient and appropriate, as long as the "light emitters" are measured in the fixed metric of the far away mirror space.
    Applying Occam's Razor of the parsimony, crystallizes a preferred cosmological model immediately.

    A major understanding for you so is the realisation that you should use a "fixed" meterstick of the lightspeed invariance in measuring the distance between the two mirrors as a reference standard; the one you entered from and the far away one. But you see, you cannot measure anything, because you do not know how distant the far away mirror is'.

    'So what do I do', asked April and wondering if Mac the Knife knew the answer to his own disposition'?

    'Hehe', Mac the Knife giggled to himself. He knew what April was thinking, being an enlightened part of her; 'I do know the answer my dear. The answer is found in knowing how the far away mirror got there in the first place.

    Whilst the universe expands, this expansion in 4-dimensional Euclidean-Minkowski-spacetime does not require to be an expansion into some hitherto undefined realm, then becoming defined as a metric spacetime by that. The assumption here is the physical universe to be a selfcontained entity without any boundary separating the selfcontained universe as observed from within from the necessity of such observation from a without.
    The beginning of this expansion is colloquially termed the Quantum Big Bang, followed by an Inflationary Epoch, lasting a minute fraction of a second of about 10-32 seconds and smaller than a defined Planck-Time: tP=h/2πmPc2=√(hGo/2πc5)~6x10-44 seconds by a factor of about a trillion.

    The quantum universe is a selfcontained entity without boundary as measurable from within, but the emergence of this entity from its boundless selfstate manifested the entity as a particular boundary as measurable from without by a postulated mirror symmetry.

    The Quantum Big Bang did not occur at the Planck-Time, but at the Inflaton-Time tinflaton=fmin.
    Then the Inflationary Epoch of the standard model preceded the Quantum Big Bang, instead of following it.
    If this presumption is valid, then the inflaton manifests a boundary for the universe from within and as observed from the without.
    The without observer is located at the boundless coordinate of the 'NullTime, which is 0 as a "Singularity" and not physically finitizable like the Planck-Time.
    The "Singularity" manifests the Planck-Time as the observer from within however and so the metricication of the universal entity becomes defined in physicality initially.

    The Null-Time observer can then be defined as a Mirror without the physicality.
    This is like the simple analogy of someone trying to enter mirrorland as an Alice in Wonderland.
    Iow the boundless observer without the physical universe is Alice who has entered the mirror and is then in mirrorland and becomes renamed as April.
    But Alice could then step back into wonderland with April remaining in mirrorland as Alice's Shadow to become a doubled observer within and without the physical universe and in doing so, Alice would be able to look at the mirror she has just come out from on the other side of the universe and which might be just the size of a room at that stage.

    The boundary of the universe is a spherical mirror and defines the inside observer aka Inside-April as being also Outside-Alice depending on her choosing to experience the spacetime of the physical universe within as April or the boundlessness outside as Alice.

    It is the inflation, which created the inside spacetime of the doublesided mirror.
    The minimum spacetime can be associated with the Planck-Spacetime and the maximum with some multiple of this Planck-spacetime.
    It is this maximum, which is referenced as the Hubble-Radius RHubble=RH of the observable universe and it is this minimum which is generally assumed to be the Planck-Radius RPlanck=LP=√(hGo/2πc3).
    The inflation then manifests the maximum from the minimum in selfsimilarity and the labellings of a holofractal and holographic universe reflected in the quantisation of the minimum spacetime configuration of the Planck-Scale or its string-membrane magnification, say in different string classes obeying particular symmetries.

    A particular modification of Membrane-Theory has established the inflation parameters as follows:

    De Broglie matterwave speed: =RHc/λinflaton~4.793..x1056 m/s
    De Broglie matterwave acceleration: RHubble.finflaton2=RH.fi2 ~1.438x1087 m/s2

    The inflation parameters relate to the Planck parameters in the c-invariance c=fiλi=2πLPfP
    The inflaton parameters are precisely linked to the gravitational string parameters in coupling to the quantization of mass as indicated in your discourse with your cat Brooke.
    But I shall leave a more detailed exposition just what this is for another time'.

    'Thank you Mac', said April. 'These descriptions of yours require some processing. I have understood only your outline, but my recording device here has copied your description in the form of alphanumerical symbolisms and my friends and I shall add your information to our collective data base for further and continuing examination.
    But having friends like you, shall surely allow us all to figure out this thing called gravity and the distribution of my weight as the Big-M-Zero'.

    'Yes April; you will find that the gravity relating the wonderland to the mirrorland is the Quantum Gravity connecting the large macro universe of the General Relativity to the micro universe of the Special Relativity', answered Mac the Knife.

    4. April visits her Galaxy with Cindy her Dolphin from the Stars

    One day after awakening from a peaceful slumber, April wished to ask Grandma Spiderwoman a question about Grandpa.
    As April went to the corner of her room, where Grandma had woven her web, the web was there, but Grandma was not.

    'Where are you Grandma Spiderwoman', April shouted?

    'Turn around, I am right behind you in the far left corner of your room', Grandma replied.

    As April turned about, she saw another big and magnificently woven web-tapestry taking form in the corner of her room adjacent to the older web already spun.

    'What are you doing Grandma', asked April?

    'I am preparing your room for its transformation April', Grandma replied.
    'You already know that everything in this room is part of you and including myself as your Grandma. But as you are creating more and more things and lifeforms in your room; all of these attain a life of their own as individuated consciousness of yourself. I am spinning and weaving webs in all of the corners to eventually encompass your entire room and everything within it. As you are here in your favourite place; the other rooms in your house can become mirrored in this one and I do not weave in every room, just the one which you occupy.

    The weaving of the web of life so unifies all the things of you, you have given away to create your environment to live in.
    In some way, all the things which are trying to run away from you to be separated from you as their life-giving goddess; cannot do so and become trapped in my encompassing web.
    But this serves a deeper purpose too. Your entire room will become a cocoon for your graduation from April, the goddess in mirrorland to April, the goddess in mirrorland and in wonderland simultaneously'.

    'But I can never get into wonderland, except going backwards and in trying that I hit my head against the glassy wall of the mirror', April protested.

    'I have a surprise for you April', replied Grandma Spiderwoman.
    'You know the web I have spun over there in the other corner; go there and look what is there dear one'.

    April went to the other older web and peeked through the webby texture.
    There from an egglike construct emerged a snout, followed by a fishlike creature.
    'Wow', said April; 'I have discovered a dolphin in a segregated place in my own room.
    Hi there dolphin; I shall name you Cinderella, Cindy for short; because you have given me new joy after awakening like snowhite from a peaceful slumber'.

    'My pleasure to meet you April'; said Cindy the Dolphin. 'Yep, I am indeed another goddess, who has chosen to play with you in your universe. Do you know what my coming out of this cocoon signifies in the magic of things'?

    'No, Cindy', said April; 'but Grandma has said, that this entire room will become such a cocoon. But why do you call my room the universe; there are many other rooms in my house as the original room? This is just my special room as part of my house. I know that my house is the universe, Mac the Knife has said so and so has Brooke my Cat'.

    'Ah yes April', said Cindy 'and your Grandma is very wise indeed. She really knows what is going on and she is that old wisdom part of yourself, which you have allowed to externalise relative to yourself from deep within, your inner knowings.
    You see, the spinning of the web partitions your special room as an inside and an outside. Without the web, your special room is a holographic image of the universe as part of your house. So subdividing your special room partitions your local universe once more, say into the hologram of your special room becoming a planetary environment as within the web and an extraplanetary or galactic environment outside of the web'.

    'Ah, I get it', said April; 'and because you have come from behind the web, you have also now come from the extraplanetary environment of the galaxy this planet is a part of'.

    'Yes my sister and now you might understand the wisdom of the elders. They know of the galaxies and the partitionings of the holography. April do you wish to visit your own galaxy'?

    'Of course Cindy; are you suggesting we can travel to the place in the galaxy from where you came from as a goddess now incarnate in my room'?

    'Indeed April, this is what this web implies if spun comprehensively.
    As the corner of this room is covered in the form of a triangular prism of four faces and as your room is a spherical mirror containing your room in the geometry of a cube; you can topologically transform the geometries any way you like for a given volume of the space defined by this room.
    Then spinning the web more and more and in letting the four corners converge, will define your holographic universe with you being its center, no matter how you have partitioned yourself to create your own environments'.

    'What is the geometrical shape of the web before you dear', the sound of Mac the Eagle interrupted? He had suddenly materialized at the left side of April talking to Cindy.

    'Ah, wait let me see. It's an equilateral triangle Mac the Knife', April replied.

    'Indeed, and the vertices meet at one of the corners of the cubical room to form a triangular pyramid as a trirightangular tetrahedron', Mac the Eagle continued. 'This rightangled tetrahedron, constructed from three rightangled isoceles triangles and one equilateral triangle is closely related to the tetrahedron as a regular tetrahedron of four such equilateral triangles in the minimum spacial configuration to create a 3-dimensional space in the intersection of 4 equidistant points. This is known as the Tetractys of Pythagoras.
    Furthermore this tetrahedron is dual to itself in that its mirror projection through its center creates a Stellar Octahedron whose combined 8 vertices become the corners of a Cube. Then the inside of your cube contains a central Octahedron, another Platonic Solid of which there are precisely five as convex regular polyhedra; namely the Tetrahedron, the Cube, the Octahedron, the Dodecahedron and the Icosahedron. Mother Nature favours the symmetries of those Platonic Solids over all else, due too the mathematical fact that there exists a special geometry based on fivefoldedness, which minimises the expenditure of energy in compressing information as a form of physical consciousness residing in the geometry of space. You can term this the "packing efficiency" of Mother Nature's data. Do you understand this April'?

    'Not really Mac', replied April; 'you are using some words I'll have to talk with my friends Brooke the Cat, Billy the Terrier and Cindy the Dolphin about. But yes I see the equilateral form of this web of Grandma Spiderwoman and as Cindy said; configuring the spherical volumes with the cubical volumes will allow to generate such a harmony in the outside communicating with the inside'.

    'Yes April and so the entire volume of your universe can be said to be quantized and made up of either vertex-oriented Platonic Tetrahedra in a computational manner or as some sphericity associated with the minimum mass counter N which Brooke has mentioned before as information from her sources - my brothers in the natural philosophers. But I shall exposit on this at a latter time; may I take my leave now dear, I have some business to attend to in regards to another goddess student and her beau, both friends of mine in my universe. You will find them as part of your universe as Caroline the Ibis and Herbert the Yeti'.

    'Sure Mac the Knife', said April. 'And I do hope to meet your friends in my universe very soon. This sounds interesting, the concubine of the Yeti as a mythological creature, also known as the abominable snowman is the bird of wisdom of the nile'.

    And as he had appeared, Mac the Eagle disappeared and April looked at Cinderella.

    'So all we have to do is move behind the spun web in this corner and we will change the planetary environment into a galactic environment', asked April.

    'Yes April, so all you need to do is step in and off we go', nodded Cindy.

    As April touched the spider's web, there was no resistance. It was like the entry from wonderland of April's birth into mirrorland - effortless.

    'How do we choose to travel', asked Cindy? 'We can watch this computer screen here in a kind of simulation or we can use some contraption like a spacecraft to travel in the hologram to my "special room" as the goddess Cinderella on a planet called Akashia orbiting a star named Sirius aka Isis-Sothis'.

    5. April meets Grandpa and peeks into the far future in the age of the universe

    One morning April decided to ask Grandma about Grandpa. April had wondered about Grandma Spiderwoman's partner, but the last time April wished to ask Grandma, Grandma had begun to weave the second web in another corner of April's room and leading to the meeting with Cinderella, the Dolphin.

    'Grandma, where is Grandpa', asked April, musing over the ever increasing complexity appearing in Grandma Spiderwoman's second spun tapestry?

    'Oh, April, your Grandpa is rather engaged at the present time. He is preparing your house for transformation from the outside, just as I am preparing the renovations from the inside.
    I am afraid, you will not be able to see Grandpa for a while; but you might be able to converse with him over the conduit to the outside, the little window in your special room through which you can see the far away mirror'.

    'Wow', said April. 'I thought the entire universe is mirrored in my house, just as I represent all the matter within it. So in sharing my weight, this my house became redesigned in a distribution of my material beingness. This has to do with those galactic seeds, Brooke my cat has spoken about.
    How then can Grandpa be outside of my house? You as my Grandma are part of me, as you yourself have said'.

    'Well my dear, this is part of the greatest mysteries of them all and you will receive the answers in due time. But knowing Grandpa, as I do, he would, should you be able to talk to him, be able to perhaps give you some hints in a way you can understand now on the path of your life into a deeper comprehension of the partnership between wonderland outside and mirrorland inside.
    But I can tell you, that Grandpa is as much a part of you as I am; we are your grandparents after all and so in some way we gave life to you, but you also gave life to us. One day you will understand this in a unique kind of wisdom, which can only be found in mirrorland'.

    'Hmm, so my reason and purpose for being in mirrorland is to connect mirrorland to wonderland.
    This would account for your separation from Grandpa on the inside with me here in mirrorland and his being on the outside in wonderland'.

    'Yes April, this is true, but Grandpa himself, whilst being outside of mirrorland is not in wonderland. He also is in mirrorland, but not like we and your friends are. But he should explain this to you, as he has a different perspective on the situation from where he is. Should you try to discern yourself in the far away mirror, Grandpa might show up. He requires concentration on the selfperception to be able to communicate to the inside from the outside'.

    'This is very intriguing Grandma and I shall try to talk to Grandpa about it'. April took her leave and proceeded to the little loopey window in her sanctuary to again discern the far away mirror and her image reflected there.

    The more she attempted to discern her image in the distant mirror, the more mentally tired April became. 'I am getting a headache', April thought, 'and Grandpa must be busy. He doesn't seem to notice my concentration and intent'.

    April decided to give it a break and have some Italian coffee to wake herself back up.
    April had learned to manipulate her environment and to engage with herself and her many friends in some experiential manner.
    To keep herself occupied, April had developed interactions with things and living beings; engaged in talking to herself and to the things and friends in whatever way seemed appropriate and instilled in April a sense of fun, learning and the gathering of experiences through her imaginative creativities.

    'Hah, I have become my own data collector', April often mused. 'I want to find out what this life of mine is all about as an individuated goddess from wonderland, where all the goddesses are as One'.

    Stimulated by the caffeine of her Italian coffee; April returned to the loopey window as her doorway into another world, the outside world into the greater universe as the space between the far away mirror and the mirror in April's house, the one through which she had entered mirrorland from wonderland.

    'Make yourself comfortable April'; a firm, yet gentle voice suddenly entered April's mind.
    'I have heard you before, my princess, but I would prefer you to talk to me in comfort and not under stress and tension or in suffering duress in just conversing with me.
    You shall not be able to see me, but my nature of being outside of your universe does allow us to speak to each other from a secondary mode of communication, that of the sunbconsciousness'.

    'Oh, I am so happy I can talk to you Grandpa', April laughed. A great weight had fallen from her shoulders, now that contact with Grandpa had been made.
    'So you can talk to me and I can hear you because we are on some subconscious level'?

    'Yes April. The way you talk to Grandma is the tertiary level of the waking consciousness. There is a primary mode of the superconsciousness and it is that mode, which directly connects wonderland to mirrorland'.

    'Grandma said, that you are not in wonderland, but in mirrorland. How can that be, as you are communicating in the secondary mode', asked April?

    'The far away mirror is the doorway or portal into wonderland April', replied Grandpa.
    'I am literally located in between those two mirrors, yet in the same dimension of that in which you are experiencing within your house. Then the entire universe as your house is mirrored relative to itself as from within, but also relative to itself as from without.
    Remember that your friend Mac the Eagle has hinted as to the importance of the creation of this far away mirror to discover the measurement of distances in the expansion of your universe.
    I know, that Mac the Knife has the detailed information for you to understand the size and age of the universe and the scale relationships of those metersticks, the metrics.

    But I can tell you, that this far away mirror limits your 3-dimensional universe just like an acorn or a mustard seed does.
    A little seed is planted and then breaks open to disperse the, say genetic information, contained within. This genetic information, say of the acorn, then builds the shoot of an oaken tree and which then evolves over a suitable period of time into a majestic oaken tree on whom then wise owls my ponder the stars and upon whose branches nightingales may then sing their songs to the moon.

    The oaken tree is your house April. But is there not a sky above the oaken tree and a ground beneath, even its far reaching roots?
    Now my dear, can you imagine the oaken tree all unto itself; there is no sky above and no soil below?
    You cannot do so because you know of the sky and the earth; but if you return to the seed before it sprouted; you can envison the whole tree in its acorn'.

    'Oh, I see Grandpa', said April. 'The existence of the oaken tree is a kind of time travel. It is born from a preprogrammed genetic information; which knows how to build the tree.
    So the oak is born from the preprogrammed information to gather the experience of the being, the environmental interaction and then after some time; the oak gets too old to support its preprogrammed structure and it withers and falls, recycling its material essence'.

    'Well realised Apri'l, said Grandpa. 'Then the collected life-experience becomes a new seed, for a new acorn, despite the earlier material of the body of the oaken tree dispersing.

    Well, dear I shall allow you a little peek into the far far away future. You will have to gather much more background information to understand what I shall outline to you. Mac the Eagle will give you more information about the cosmology, the lightpath and the distances and the timescales of the universe. Your other friends of the natural philosophy will also share ideas and data with you and you with them; and then you might remember some of the things I told you and then this somewhat hard to process information might crystallize in your understandings.

    The 3-dimensional universe you live in is not only multidimensional, but extra 3-dimensional. This means that the 3rd dimension is both limited and unlimited. It is limited as a seed for higher dimensions and unlimited in intersecting the 3rd dimension in multidimensionality.
    The energy for the birth of your universe is similarly limited and unlimited in the seeds and the seeds of the seeds.
    This is called the Arrow of Entropy and the Arrow of Time by the natural philosophers. Some of the 3-dimensional scientist think that those arrows are onedirectional, but they are only in the individual seeds. As soon as a seed's energy has dispersed to a certain degree in a time period of about 4,000 billion years, the old seed sprouts a new seed, which builds upon the dispersed seed as a new seed.
    The far away mirror is just the limiting parameter for the first and initial seed to begin its dispersion. This limiting parameter is about 17 billion years and so it takes about 236 "heartbeats" or "breathing cycles" for the 3-dimensional universe of your house to sprout its newness from its oldness.
    This does not mean, that this, your house will disperse into nothingness. This your universe will remain as the seed of the 3rd spacial dimension for the seed of the 4th spacial dimension.
    Whatever is seeded beyond this far away mirror is also reflected back into the primordial seedling, this your house.
    In this way the limitation becomes delimited and the boundedness becomes unbounded in another greater or higher dimensional boundedness and so on.

    But in 4 trillion years, the energy in your universe will have dispersed to require a recharging from wonderland. You April, will have given so much of your weight away and you will have gained so many friends; that you simply have to build a bigger house to experience it all.

    The energy of the mirrorland derives from wonderland and the cosmological terms describe this in the duality between the Oneness of the Universal Goddess and the Manyness of the Individuated Goddesses.
    The technical term is temperature and where this temperature is not the parameter of the kinematics and the inertia, but a temperature of noninertia, also labelled as the gravita of monadic superstrings.
    For energy to exist in whatever form, say that of the thermodynamic universe of expansion and of entropy as the dispersion of energy; the antistate for this energy must also exist.
    In due course you will understand, that the antienergy resides in wonderland as Alice, the Shadow April and mirrors the energy of April, the Shadow Alice in mirrorland.
    The antienergy in wonderland is precisely equal to the energy in mirrorland, but only from wonderland can the energy in mirroland become supplemented. Many natural philosphers know this as the closed system of your house and attempt to reduce everything in your closed system to some elementary beginning or starting point. They have encountered a lot of problems in doing so and some have invented ever more elaborate models to explain mathematical singularities of the beginnings, the Big Bangs and brane collisions and so on.
    The simple solution is not to forget wonderland, as with wonderland, the "many worlds" and the multiverses are naturally contained within the greater universe. There are many mansions in mirrorland, April, as you surely will find out for yourself one day, if you have not already done so.

    You may meet another friend of yours one day on your journeys. This friend is a part of your weight and he is Johnny Lately the Mathematician; who knows about the special Gaussian Wavefunction descriptive of your house. This wavefunction descibes the connection between the finiteness in mirrorland and the infiniteness in wonderland, finitely reflected in the Riemann-Zeta Bound of the "frozen spacetimes".

    The loopey window you are looking through is the metric of the gravita and it also is the metric of the far away mirror.
    When your house had reached halfway the distance to the far away mirror in the expansion of its metersticks so 2.2 billion years ago; then the limiting parameter of the 3-dimensional seed was activated.
    When your universe was born, it was the monadic noninertial temperature, which created your house as the boundary for you to later throw your weight around in the distribution of inertia.

    You may ask certain questions, like "How old am I as the Universe" and this is a very good question at the core of all cosmology.
    You will find, that your house has four different metrics and so there are four ages and four sizes for your universe and depending on your viewoint of observation.
    Your house as measured from within has the volume of a sphere, but measured from my location, this volume transforms into a special toroidal shape, like a doughnut without as hole.
    This then gives the volume V10+=2π2Rmax3[n/(n+1)]3 for an inertial doughnut age of 8.96 billion years or a 15.03 billion year spherical age. These are the Actual Inertial Ages for your universe as envelopes or upper bounds and these are not the ages as measured by your natural philosophers.
    The transformation factor between the "doughnut without a hole" and the sphere is the upper bounded Chaos Constant known as the Feigenbaum-Delta: σFmax=3π/2.

    Should you measure your universe from the position of wonderland however, the volume increases due to the 4-dimensional seed activated by the 3-dimensional seed.
    Technically the surface on which the far away mirror exists becomes a 3-dimensional mirror just as the location of your loopey window is located on the inside of a spherical 2-dimensional mirror.
    Then the outside of your loopey-window surface changes from a spherical surface to a doughnut surface, remaining however 2-dimensional, albeit in transition to 3D, obtained at the far away mirror, not asymptotically, but gravitationally through the monadic gravita.

    Outside the far away mirror then the surface topology is 4-dimensional as the orthogonal vector nRmax in the expression dV11+=S.dR=2π2Rmax3dR from V4=½π2R4 and dV4/dR=2π2R3

    The extra-3D-volume so becomes: V11+=n32Rmax3 and is measured relative to your inside as an age of 32.04 billion years, but relative to my outside as 19.11 billion years. These are the Actual Electromagnetic Ages for your universe.

    The Measured Ages for your universe are however lower, than the Actual Ages, because of the intersection of the 3rd dimension with the 4th dimension.

    If the critical volume is defined as Vcritical=2π2Rmax3, then the extra 3D volume expanding as a 4D volume seed will be V11-=n.Vcritical and as reduced from V11+=n3.Vcritical
    The Measured Electromagnetic Age for your universe then is 17.62 billion doughnut years and 29.53 billion sphere years.

    The following expressions must hold and define the multivolumes in labels, which can then become reinterpreted in the form of 'missing energy' and 'missing mass'. Many cosmologists in your universe term this the search for 'dark energy' and 'dark matter' respectively.

    Multidimension Factor: DIM = V11+/V10+ = V11-/V10-
    Dark Matter Factor: DIMDM = V11- /V10+=(n+1)3/n2~7.561
    Dark Energy Factor: DIMDE = V11+/V10-=(n+1)3.n2~12.434

    You so must have a reduced 3-dimensional inertial volume V10-, which is given by
    V10-=(n/[n+1]3)2π2Rmax3 and provides a doughnut age of 8.26 billion years and the age measured by the astrophysicist in your house, namely 13.85 billion years as the Measured Inertial Ages for your universe.

    Comprehensively then, April, your present universe is undergoing an ongoing transformation. You might term it the seeds are sprouting for the harvest and the harvest are the seeds from the seeds and the harvester is you in Oneness and in Manyness'.

    'So this is why Grandma is weaving those webs', interjected April. 'She mentioned this preparing of some cocoon'.

    'Do you think you are a beautiful goddess, April', asked Grandpa?

    'Well, yes, Grandma also said that the far away mirror shows the most beautiful as the oneness of all the individuations', replied April.

    'This transformation of the blossoming new seed from the old seed will render you even more beautiful, than you are now', giggled Grandpa.
    'Compare yourself to your companion and friend Scott the Caterpillar, April. Like you he will become cocooned in his house and the one you share and like you, he will one day remember wonderland and in an appropriate utilization of the far away mirror; both of you shall metamorphose into the Butterflies of Dragonia as theButterflies of Serpentina of the extra 3-dimensional reality and much closer to wonderland than mirrorland, yet still part of it.

    I say, this is enough information for one day and I shall leave you to your comforts now, concluded Grandpa'.

    'Thanks for this information Grandpa', said April. 'Yes, I certainly have something to think about and to discuss with my friends. So Scott the Caterpillar and his house is also in transmutation and his house is my house through our partnership with each other; I'll get this.
    But Grandpa; I know that Grandma is engaged in my special room of the planet Gaia and that Grandma is like an ambassadora for my sanctuary Arachne de Gaea' Do you have a name and a "special place" too'?

    'Yes, my dear granddaughter, I do have a name and my abode is the outside of the inside of Arachne de Gaea.
    It is called Draco de Uraeus and my name is Grandpa Serpent-Man.
    I am a fiery dragon from Plato's Land, flying about just outside your Cave of the Shadows.


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    Jorgelito - Posted Apr 23rd 2013

    April in Wonderland was a most interesting read. April seems to be fully conscious in at least two dimensions (finite and infinite) -- looking about and checking things out. What an adventure! She must be a scientist because she observes everything with a critical eye and is very curious!

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    I actually understood that. Thank you
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    Jenetta wrote:

    This is a long article however well worth the read...presently these strangelet bombs are being created at RHIC Brookhaven National Laboratory New York and at the Hadron Collider facility in Switzerland. The dangers are only too real as the Hadron Collider revs up to its full potential in the years spring/2015 to 2020.
    In New York atoms the hyperon, a baryon (an atom with 3 quarks) and the dibaryon, a combination of 2 hyperons are already being produced and have been produced for some time.

    The end scenario is not something that is wished (anyone with a sane mind) for Planet Earth and mankind. If complete accretion occurred Earth would become a dense mass crunched into a frozen star.
    These projects must be stopped.


    In the fall of 2015 CERN will begin colliding groups of 70 million lead hadrons at 287 Tev, unpacking millions of quarks in each collision. Those quarks will be first accelerated at light speed, acquiring relativistic mass, becoming heavier strange quarks, the substance of a strange quark-gluon soup called a ‘strangelet‘. The strange liquid has the potential to become stable and start an ‘ice-9′ big-bang reaction. If that happens that effectively transforms the Earth into a pulsar.

    While CERN adamantly denies to the public and the press that production of Strangelets is possible, it runs a program called CASTOR for Centauro And Strangelets Object Research, whose researchers affirm in their inner reports to the company the ‘likely’ probability of creating them. This is in accordance to the most advanced literature on the subject, but of course, it must be hidden to the public and the naive press…

    Now RHIC, the refurbished American accelerator has created them.

    Now, the problem of the news received by the press, but never interpreted by clueless journalists, is that RHIC is producing ‘killer strangelets’, negatively charged strangelets because it is producing them by the method of distillation. And this requires further analysis.

    There are 3 ways to produce a strangelet, a thermal, coalescent and distillation method. Distillation happens as follows, quoting LHC safety report:

    ‘A distillation mechanism was proposed as a specific model for strangelet production. According to this last mechanism, a hot quark-gluon plasma with large net baryon number is produced in heavy-ion collisions, and is enriched in strangeness as it cools down by emitting predominantly particles containing strange antiquarks.”

    That is, a quark gluon plasma is created (RHIC has created it); where an excess of Strange quarks is produced (RHIC has produced them), which cools down the Mass of quarks (RHIC has announced strange quarks are cooling down the mass), and the final result is the creation of a strangelet.

    This creation of strangelets is the end result omitted in the news, taken from RHIC:

    UPTON, NY-New supercomputing calculations provide the first evidence that particles predicted by the theory of quark-gluon interactions but never before observed are being produced in heavy-ion collisions at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC), a facility that is dedicated to studying nuclear physics.

    These heavy strange baryons, containing at least one strange quark, still cannot be observed directly, but instead make their presence known by lowering the temperature at which other strange baryons “freeze out” from the quark-gluon plasma (QGP) discovered and created at RHIC, a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science user facility located at DOE’s Brookhaven National Laboratory.

    In RHIC safety report, (outdated by more than a decade) they explain :

    The strangeness distillation mechanism is considerably more speculative. It assumes that a quark gluon plasma (QGP) is produced in the collision and that the QGP is baryon rich. It further assumes that the dominant cooling mechanism for the QGP is evaporation from its surface. Since it is baryon rich, there is a greater chance for an s ̄ quark to find a u or d quark to form a kaon with positive strangeness than for an s quark to find a u ̄ or d ̄ quark to form a kaon with negative strangeness. The QGP thus cools to a system containing excess s quarks, which ultimately becomes a strangelet. This mechanism requires a collision energy sufficient to form a QGP.

    Why now is a cautionary tale to what we can expect when CERN goes on line:

    The luminosity (measure of the density of the beam and the number of collisions to be expected) has increased enormously to the point that the 14 run which caused those results has produced more collisions on target that all the previous runs on 2000 combined.

    As they are ‘dark matter’, invisible to the eye, the proofs are indirect, but published officially by the RHIC magazine. It is a scary matter. The proofs are simple:

    Those hyperons and dibaryons are ‘cooling down’ the whole fireball of quark-gluon plasma (glasma), produced on the gold to gold collisions; since they are eating up the gamma rays of the collision. So they are suppressing the hot radiation of the fireball.

    Have they started to eat up also some of our atoms? Are they falling to the center of the Earth? Has the ice-9 reaction started, becoming irreversible?

    This will depend on the quantity of hyperons and dibaryons being produced, of them being negatively charged to start the attraction of our atoms and start the ice-9 reaction.

    And now the bad news is that by the method of distillation, RHIC is producing negative strangelets. Indeed, what all the reports (outdated by a decade) deny is happening. Because strange quarks are heavier and negative, RHIC has easily calculated its proportion in the soup by weighting them. The ratio of strange negative quarks to ‘our light’ up and down quarks is 27. This means there are 27 times more mass of negatively strange quarks in the soup than our lighter quarks. And this excess of negative strange quarks in the soup is what defines negative strangelets, which are produced with a 100% purity.

    Why then we are here? The reason is that accretion is slow, before the critical mass is reached in the center of the Earth. And for that to happen the strangelets RHIC is producing have to avoid being trapped by an electronic cover. So the process of ice-9 is very slow at the beginning till a strangelet with enough mass breaks all electromagnetic barriers and starts direct gravitational attraction. Then the speed will be catastrophic. The result will be the ‘second size’ of strange matter, the strangelet proper, which will devour all other matter on earth, till reaching the 3rd size, as a strange/neutron star.

    Fact is finally it is happening – even if the news do not report it; even if RHIC uses a cryptic language not to reveal what they are doing. RHIC is distillating strangelet. So the countdown for extinction has started. It is now a question of producing enough strangelets to accumulate them in the center of the Earth and start the ice-9 reaction.

    Indeed since strange baryons are negative, by distillation RHIC creates negative killer strangelets.

    And this process must be taken place since April.


    How much strange liquid has been produced since April? Are we STILL ON TIME TO STOP THE FACILITIES BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE?

    The Earthquake Scenario

    How will we know the Earth is being killed?

    Those 2 events have different speeds: black holes, observed in the cosmos, cause a fast big-bang explosion, which we will hardly notice before becoming part of it. Strangelets should be slower. They should fall to the center of the Earth eating it from inside out. In that case, the process will be signaled by an increase in Earthquakes and volcano activity. The final proof will be the existence of a series of +8 earthquakes in the Richter scale.

    Yet even before the Earth is crunched by strangelets or black holes that do not evaporate, the LHC might already be causing earthquakes, as we anticipated years ago, given the fact that it causes a gravitomagnetic field, the only one on Earth today.

    Gravito-magnetic fields are caused by c-speed mass cycles, as the LHC is and they provoke disturbance on (Earth’s) magnetic fields… which is the known-known recognized cause of earthquakes.

    2012 year is in fact was the second year on number of big >7 Richter scale earthquakes on record, after the carpet bombing of II World War, during the Pacific campaign that bombed the ‘ring of fire’ – also a man-made year of earthquakes.

    Then after the machine ended its ion run and the gravitomagnetic c-speed mass cycle it was creating, earthquakes quickly diminished. The pattern thus is obvious: earthquakes have peaked during the period the LHC created a gravito-magnetic ring on Earth, to the level seen when carpet bombing destroyed during the II World War the islands of the ‘Pacific Ring Of Fire’.

    Then also earthquakes diminished when World War ended.

    So the cause-effect pattern is self-evident. LHC’s run create gravitomagnetic waves that disturb the magnetic field of Earth, causing earthquakes.

    Yet the ‘Press’ which considers a taboo any criticism of nuclear research ignores those facts and gives as only explanation, when it gives any… ‘Fracking’. But Fracking takes place only in oil fields mostly in North-America, where none of those big earthquakes have happened. And Fracking keeps growing, while those earthquakes have diminished. And Fracking only causes small range earthquakes.

    Conclusion. According to the Totalitarian Principle, the laws of entropy, the laws of quarks, the laws of Einstein and Relativity, of the 4th and 5th dimension, the risks to the Earth are real and CERN should be the cause of our demise as a species in planet Earth.

    The mass’ c-speed gravitomagnetic ring: Earthquakes and volcanic activity.

    The first hints that the LHC is seriously damaging life on Earth which we predicted in 2007 – an increase on earthquake and volcano activity – are now facts.

    This is due to the fact that the LHC is creating a powerful gravito-magnetic field, a ‘ring’ of charged, massive particles that can interact with the magnetic fields of the magma and Earth’s center.

    Disturbances on the Earth’s magnetic field by the magnets of the LHC and specially the charged positive c-speed flow of protons come through 3 different processes:

    -The 27 kilometers continuous ring of charged protons can interact with self-similar charged flows in the magma or earth’s center, creating a powerful electro-magnetic effect, displacing magma and causing earthquakes and volcano activity. It is a fact that the first day that the charged, proton ring was created in 2008 it caused 4 significant Earthquakes, the first one in Iran, seconds after it was powered up.

    The charged proton ring thus acts as a secondary pole to that of the magnetic, inner field of the Earth.

    -The creation of different types of strange liquid, some of them already produced in the first experiments, (Kaons at the LHC, hyperons at RHIC) would also provoke explosions in the magma. If stable, those strange forms of matter will leak to the center of the Earth. Some of it will remain in the center, forming the seed of a strangelet. Some will accrete and/or explode in the mantle, in highly energetic, tiny bombs. This tendency as all risks should increase in 2015 when the machine doubles its energy.

    The creation of gravitational waves

    The LHC is a 27 Kilometer ring of positive charged massive particles, turning at c -speed. This is essentially equivalent to the ‘singularity’ of a Kerr black hole - a rotating c-speed charged ring of mass. Since a Kerr singularity can produce transversal gravitational waves; the LHC might produce perpendicular gravitational waves that will sink straight towards the center of the Earth (in a similar process a rotating, charged coil is used to produce electromagnetic waves). If so, those Gravitational waves which are undetectable will affect magnetic fields provoking earthquake waves and increased volcano activity.

    Thus, each time the machine increases its speed and ‘luminosity’ (mass), as CERN powers up the LHC, we should observe an increase of earthquakes and collateral deaths, until the 2 possible ‘doomsday events’ happen.

    Find More On The Strangelet Scenario:

    As it is below; so it is above

    Does it feel good to propagate such gross disinformation from deluded quasi scientific thinking people Jenetta?
    Just because Luis Sancho presents a few you tube videos with diagrams and jargon from established science and physics thrown in, does not give his fearmongering and quasi scientific bullshit any more credence than that of the many other disinformers like Nassim Haramein and La Violetta and many more of that genre of perhaps well meaning but rather underinformed authors in matters scientific.
    Like many nabsers, you browse the web to support your own intellectual agenda, but without realising the necessity to critically analyse the information you encounter.
    The issue here is, that you then propagate and support disinformation, which CAN then be taken as valid and factual by many people who like your intellectual style and might be even less discernative than yourself and then you become a 'follower' and propagator of 'propaganda untruth' yourself.

    Whilst I give little credence to FOX News either; this article from 6 years ago might indicate to you as to the ludicrous agenda Luis Sancho pursues on the web.

    Hawaiian Man Files Lawsuit Against the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)
    by Ian O'Neill on March 28, 2008

    The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is set to go online in May of this year. This magnificent machine will accelerate particles and collide them at such high energies that scientists expect to make some of the biggest discoveries ever about the very small (exotic sub-atomic particles) and the very large (the structure of the Universe itself).
    But not everyone is happy. Particle accelerators have always been the source of controversy; at the end of the day, we can only predict the outcome of the LHC experiments. But what if scientists have overlooked something? What if the theories are wrong? A guy living on the other side of the planet to the LHC believes the world may come to an end and he’s begun filing a lawsuit against the completion of the accelerator. The concern? A massive black hole might be created, or vast amounts of antimatter will destroy the Earth. And where’s the scientific basis for all this panic? Hmmm… didn’t think so…

    Through fear that the LHC is going to unleash death and destruction on the world, Walter Wagner from Hawaii has filed a lawsuit against an impressive array of defendants. The U.S. Department of Energy, the Fermilab particle-accelerator near Chicago, CERN and the National Science Foundation (NSF) are all named.
    Wagner and his associate Luis Sancho have a pretty dubious (and quite frankly, weak) argument against the LHC, as they describe in the lawsuit:

    The compression of the two atoms colliding together at nearly light speed will cause an irreversible implosion, forming a miniature version of a giant black hole. [...] Any matter coming into contact with it would fall into it and never be able to escape. Eventually, all of earth would fall into such growing micro-black-hole, converting earth into a medium-sized black hole, around which would continue to orbit the moon, satellites, the ISS, etc.” Walter F. Wagner and Luis Sancho lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Honolulu.

    There is no evidence to suggest that colliding particles will create a black hole that will swallow the planet. I do however like their description that the International Space Station will continue to orbit the Earth-mass black hole – at least we’ll have somewhere to hide as the rampaging black hole eats the ground from under us!
    The credentials of the plaintiffs are also pretty sketchy. Wagner has worked in nuclear medicine and has a minor degree in physics from Berkley, but he has nothing more advanced than that. His colleague Sancho has an even more sketchy physics background.
    Wagner wants the opening of the LHC to be delayed until further safety studies are carried out. Its cases like these that scientists have had to combat for many years. Unfounded predictions of the “end of the world” and fear of the unknown have been published only to be debunked through correct scientific thinking. If the world listened to alarmists such as Wagner and co, we would advance no further.

    I for one hope that the LHC does produce micro-black holes. I hope that this time next year we’ll be looking in awe at images of particle tracks from the sensors at the LHC showing the point of creation and the point of evaporation of micro-black holes. Peering very closely we see particle emission as if from nowhere, the evaporating particles from the tiny event horizon. The image will be entitled
    Hawking Radiation Experiment.

    Even if the accelerator energies are not high enough to create mini-black holes, thereby giving Stephen Hawking some experimental evidence for his radiation, we are pretty sure we’ll find some other exotic and exciting particles to help us understand our universe a little bit better. We might gain a better grasp of other dimensions, detect some exotic particles, and lets not forget the possibility of discovering the Higgs Boson.
    If we give into the fear of the unknown, scientific advancement will be stopped in its tracks and we may be restricted to scratching at the surface of space-time and string theory, rather than physically proving its existence with tools like the LHC.


    About Ian O'Neill
    [Check out my space blog:]
    [Check out my radio show: Astroengine Live!]

    Hello! My name is Ian O'Neill and I've been writing for the Universe Today since December 2007. I am a solar physics doctor, but my space interests are wide-ranging. Since becoming a science writer I have been drawn to the more extreme astrophysics concepts (like black hole dynamics), high energy physics (getting excited about the LHC!) and general space colonization efforts. I am also heavily involved with the Mars Homestead project (run by the Mars Foundation), an international organization to advance our settlement concepts on Mars. I also run my own space physics blog:, be sure to check it out!

    I am looking to debunk this Jenetta nabs
    [3:11:23 PM-Wednesday, September 10th, 2014 +10UCT] Shiloh Za-Rah: It gets up my nose
    [3:11:34 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: The moron is Luis Sancho
    [3:11:39 PM] Sirius 17: i don't blame you, it is beyond ridiculous
    [3:11:45 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: He took Cern to court
    [3:11:53 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: In Hawaii
    [3:11:57 PM] Sirius 17: lol
    [3:12:03 PM] Sirius 17: hilarious
    [3:12:19 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah:
    [3:13:32 PM] Sirius 17: by Ian O'Neill on March 28, 2008
    published 2008
    [3:13:43 PM] Sirius 17: see she is digging up old old crap
    [3:14:08 PM] Sirius 17: Fox news, figures lol
    [3:14:12 PM] Sirius 17: Xeia's channel
    [3:15:01 PM] Sirius 17:
    [3:15:35 PM] Sirius 17: fox news network here is the biggest and most biased conspiracy network in the usa
    [3:15:49 PM] Sirius 17: most major networks laugh at them
    [3:16:22 PM] Sirius 17: because they publish shi20 like this and run stories on pseudo science and other nabs
    [3:17:21 PM] Sirius 17:
    [3:17:45 PM] Sirius 17: A lawsuit against the Large Hadron Collider has been dismissed because, according to the judge, it won't be the Americans' fault if the French and the Swiss suck the world into a black hole.
    [3:17:46 PM] Sirius 17: lol
    [3:19:44 PM] Sirius 17:

    And even if he had established a credible threat of harm, the judge noted that the U.S. has no control over the operation of the LHC, which is owned, managed and controller entirely by CERN. "The U.S. government enjoys only observer status on the CERN council, and has no control over CERN or its operations," the judge wrote. "Accordingly, the alleged injury, destruction of the Earth, is in no way attributable to the U.S. government's failure to draft an environmental impact statement."

    [3:20:27 PM] Sirius 17: he definitly has a sense of humor this judge lol

    [3:27:16 PM] Sirius 17: oh i didn't realise Peggy March was still alive, she is 66 now
    [3:27:20 PM] Sirius 17: hehe cool
    [3:27:36 PM] Sirius 17: Brook has a doppleganger
    [3:31:57 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Nice eh; yes I saw this. Peggy must be 65 by now and if this song was performed in 2013, she looks like a goddess - but I do suspect plastic surgery
    [3:32:21 PM] Sirius 17: she is 66
    [3:32:47 PM] Sirius 17: Birth name Margaret Annemarie Battavio
    Also known as Little Peggy March
    Born March 8, 1948 (age 66)
    Origin Lansdale, Pennsylvania,
    United States
    Genres Pop
    Occupations Singer
    Instruments Vocals
    Years active 1962–present

    [3:32:48 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: 65 in 2013, as she was 15 in 1963
    [3:33:28 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: You misread this article though
    [3:33:39 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah:
    [3:33:54 PM] Sirius 17: no i got this from wiki her birthdate

    [3:33:58 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah:
    Does it feel good to propagate such gross disinformation from delued quasi scientific thinking people Jenetta?
    Just because Luis Sancho presents a few you tube videos with diagrams and jargon from established science and physics thrown in, does not give his fearmongering and quasi scientific bullshit any more credence than that of the many other disinformers like Nassim Haramein and La Violetta and many more of that genre of perhaps well meaning but rather underinformed authors in matters scientific.
    Like many nabsers, you browse the web to support your own intellectual agenda, but without realising the necessity to critically analyse the information you encounter.
    The issue here is, that you then propagate and support disinformation, which CAN then be taken as valid and factual by many people who like your intellectual style and might be even less discernative than yourself and then you become a 'follower' and propagator of 'propaganda untruth' yourself.
    Whilst I give little credence to FOX News either; this article from 6 years ago might indicate to you as to the ludicrous agenda Luis Sancho pursues on the web.

    [3:34:37 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: They gonna ban me now?
    [3:34:49 PM] Sirius 17: do you care?
    [3:34:52 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: No
    [3:34:53 PM] Sirius 17: and i doubt it
    [3:35:07 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I 'attacked' one of the Moa darlings
    [3:35:54 PM] Sirius 17: oh no lol
    [3:36:33 PM] Sirius 17: no i did not read the whole article but was following your statement that he had sued CERN
    [3:37:09 PM] Sirius 17: but i knew it was pseudo science anyhow
    [3:37:27 PM] Sirius 17: how long has Fermilab been doing experiments?
    [3:37:37 PM] Sirius 17: and they have not sucked us into a black hole
    [3:38:48 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Sancho has little clue of what black holes and strangelets are. I read some of his lengthy diatribes against standard physics on his website
    [3:39:39 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: He is like Haramein, good with words but without substance and so very dangerous to mislead the gullible and the sciencephobes
    [3:40:17 PM] Sirius 17:
    In the fall of 2015 CERN will begin colliding groups of 70 million lead hadrons at 287 Tev, unpacking millions of quarks in each collision. Those quarks will be first accelerated at light speed, acquiring relativistic mass, becoming heavier strange quarks, the substance of a strange quark-gluon soup called a ‘strangelet‘. The strange liquid has the potential to become stable and start an ‘ice-9′ big-bang reaction. If that happens that effectively transforms the Earth into a pulsar.
    [3:40:28 PM] Sirius 17: he is saying it is a strange liquid?
    [3:41:11 PM] Sirius 17: this seems hilarious to me
    [3:41:50 PM] Sirius 17: like i am reading an excerpt from Babylon 5 , a sci-fi show
    [3:42:00 PM] Sirius 17: where they just make shi20 up as they go
    [3:42:42 PM] Sirius 17: I didn't think CERN had the capability to reach 287 tev? did he just pluck that number out of the air?
    [3:44:06 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: To create strangelets you require more energy, than say to create antimatter in its basic form and so the temperatures are required to be high enough to manifest quark-gluon plasma
    [3:44:49 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Those are some of the basics and the higher energies require a better operating supercooled collider system
    [3:45:06 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: No the upper limit is 14 TeV
    [3:46:13 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: It actually relates to the Inner Mesonic Neutrino Induction ring and what dragonscience terms the RMP, the 'will be famous' hybrid particle between radiation and matter as the RestMass Photon
    [3:46:45 PM] Sirius 17: yes that is what i thought, they haven't even reached 14 tev yet
    [3:47:28 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I dont know where he gets 287 TeV from it might be some context but the general limit for individuated particle energies in the Standard Model is 1 TeV
    [3:47:46 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Exactly, thay are finetuning to reach maximum capacity

    [3:48:50 PM] Sirius 17: he gets 287 tev from thin air, he must be a writer for the sci-fi channel
    [3:49:39 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: [3:40 PM] Sirius 17:

    <<< colliding groups of 70 million lead hadrons at 287
    Divide 287 TeV by 70 million lol

    [3:50:22 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: 4,100,000 eV = 4.1 MeV
    [3:50:51 PM] Sirius 17: right
    [3:51:21 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: A proton has an energy of about 940 MeV
    [3:51:54 PM] Sirius 17: this guy must have a direct line with Scotty on the space ship Enterprise
    [3:52:33 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: A lead nucleus has 82 proton and so 200-210 nucleons in lead isotopes
    [3:53:13 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: So the mass of a lead nucleus is about 188 GeV
    [3:53:42 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Reads a bit like 287 see?
    [3:54:03 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: But I am not sure what he means; he is off in magnitude and basic parameters
    [3:54:22 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: 1000 GeV = 1 TeV btw
    [3:54:32 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: 1000 MeV = 1 GeV
    [3:54:42 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: 1000 keV = 1 MeV and 1000 eV = 1 MeV
    [3:55:32 PM] Sirius 17: yes i dont know but it seems like bs to me
    [3:55:58 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: He might mean, that the accelerated protons aka lead nuclei will increase in energy to 287 TeV. But this then is a summation and NOT the energy used in the collision
    [3:56:06 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: This shows you that he does not understand the praxis of physics, but only uses figures, just like the other quasies
    [3:56:33 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: This can be exactly calculated with relativistic hadron physics
    [3:56:55 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I think he misreads the location of where the protons collide, their background as the 70 million lead nuclei
    [3:57:19 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Then the energy transfer will be WITH the lead nuclei, but FROM the relativistic protons
    [3:57:20 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: You dont accelerate 70 million lead nuclei, but single protons and perhaps single nuclei
    [4:01:30 PM] Sirius 17:

    [4:04:31 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Well I would expect the 'beaming up' to become physical reality in the dragon cosmos of the RMP hybrid matter radiation physics lol, but yes
    [4:04:56 PM] Sirius 17: hehe yes i was interjecting a bit of humor
    [4:07:07 PM] Sirius 17: and Sept 17 is 179 days from March 25th and the trumpets and seals right?
    [4:07:45 PM] Sirius 17: i was trying to find when it went back to Edict of Cyrus or when
    [4:08:04 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Edict of Cyrus is March 25th, 2014
    [4:08:19 PM] Sirius 17: ok
    [4:08:42 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: There are many timelines both long and short, which retrace the time from 538BC to the present and future
    [4:08:55 PM] Sirius 17: so it is near the birth of Jesus then?
    [4:09:09 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: A week from now the Rainbow Covenant becomes effective
    [4:09:32 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Jesus was born April 17th, 6BC Julian
    [4:09:42 PM] Sirius 17: yes i know it is the rainbow covenant but could not remember how that day mirrors back to the past
    [4:09:53 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: But what is the characteristic of a Rainbow Raven?
    [4:10:23 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Understand that and you understand what the archetype means in 2014
    [4:10:29 PM] Sirius 17: a bow in the sky made of several colors, usually following rain
    [4:10:58 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: A rainbow partitions the optical invisible spectrum into a visible colour spectrum
    [4:11:08 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: The invisible becomes visible
    [4:11:09 PM] Sirius 17: yes
    [4:11:44 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Ergo the ufo shadows from hyperspace can physicalise better and be 'seen' better from September 17th onwards
    [4:11:52 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: 17's everywhere lol
    [4:12:00 PM] Sirius 17: lol
    [4:12:06 PM] Sirius 17: good
    [4:12:33 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: August 12th began a countdown of 70 weeks to December 15th, 2015
    [4:12:39 PM] Sirius 17: yeah that GOT saying is so killer good
    [4:12:53 PM] Sirius 17: what has never occured to the human mind
    [4:13:14 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: The trumpets and seals and plagues do relate to this, but in the shortened image and not as in the objectivity starting July 2nd, 2012
    [4:13:27 PM] Sirius 17: oh ok
    [4:13:41 PM] Sirius 17: so it is mostly the Rainbow Covenent
    [4:14:06 PM] Sirius 17: the physicalization of it anyhow
    [4:14:27 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Jesus year 31AD as the midpoint with the 7 from 28AD to 34AD (Paul) then define the REAL 3rd Temple as hisher own bodyform
    [4:15:12 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: The 3rd temple of Jerusalem is superfluous and will never be built as erroneously encoded in many 'holy books'
    [4:15:22 PM] Sirius 17: right
    [4:15:32 PM] Sirius 17: it is the merkabah
    [4:15:40 PM] Sirius 17: that is being built
    [4:15:52 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: This is the reason WHY 70AD with the complete destruction of the 2nd Temple of Herod mapping 2050AD will not occur
    [4:16:00 PM] Sirius 17: ark of the covenent
    [4:16:35 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: 2050AD would be the real 'end of the world', say as Newton figured, were it not for the merkabah substitution yes
    [4:16:55 PM] Sirius 17: yes heavy stuff
    [4:17:14 PM] Sirius 17: i was reading back over the new world post
    [4:17:39 PM] Sirius 17: where you talk about nibiru is actually the higher d earth approaching, the new jerusalem
    [4:17:48 PM] Sirius 17: silly nabsers
    [4:18:00 PM] Sirius 17: it is their own new body coming
    [4:18:21 PM] Sirius 17: a planet with wings lol
    [4:18:24 PM] Sirius 17: indeed
    [4:19:42 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Yes somewhat ironic indeed. They look for and fear what they already have
    [4:20:48 PM] Sirius 17: yeah

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    admin Well-Known Member Staff Member

    [​IMG] shiloh on September 10th 2014, 5:07 am
    Jenetta wrote:

    Fox News as a Source doesn't "turn my crank" Shiloh. Rather they display Wagner and Luis Sancho's opinions as a "comedy of errors" to have them viewed as crackpots by the public.

    Strangelet bombs are a reality.

    If you think of me as a 'Nabster' that's your problem Shiloh.​

    To continue with an Excerpt from the above article...

    The bottom line is this: it is a quark cannon, it produces quark condensates, the heaviest most dangerous self-sustained, self-feeding explosive on the Universe, and with enough of the energy required to produce a strange quark condensate that can blow up the Earth.

    The rest is ‘irrelevant’ knowledge, ‘irrelevant’ rhetorics, and irrelevant indeed, since an extinct species, mankind, knows nothing. Only a piece of that rhetoric will suffice to show how difficult this question is. Nuclear Physicists ALL perfectly know that cosmic rays are just simple atomic substances, protons, electrons and gamma rays, colliding on the atmosphere. We have NEVER found a deconfined quark in cosmic rays. Cosmic rays are NOT quark bullets, because they are not heavy ‘lead’ ions, which can produce ‘quark condensates’. And yet, whenever any journalist, politician or the public ask about the risks at CERN, ALL nuclear physicists lie, saying cosmic rays have done this experiment one thousand times. This is an ABSOLUTE lie, that any first ‘course’ of physics explains.

    But of course, all is very shrewd. CERN does collide besides heavy lead ions, which can create quark condensates, protons, and so they do experiments similar to cosmic rays… But those are not the dangerous experiments that will create strange matter. CERN does research on fundamental particles, but this is not the reason why XX century military-industrial systems paid for the accelerator industry. And most ‘CERNIES’ are idealist kids who didn’t know the origin of their industry and think their work has no risk. But ‘big boys’ playing with big toys, big weapons are not a excuse for putting us all at risk.

    The cosmic rays half-lie shows what perhaps is the saddest part of this story from a theoretical point of view. As a scientist I always thought there was a ‘realm’ in which truth mattered – science, as opposed to politics, economics or religion. This is no longer truth. Science now is also ‘wishful thinking’. CERN’s statements show THE DEGREE OF intellectual corruption, rhetorics and callousness which Nuclear Physicists, after 60 years of getting away with murder doing nuclear weapons, have achieved.

    They are no longer different from fundamentalist religious people, nationalist war-mongers or fiction actors in their delivery of false speeches to justify their actions. And so once truth is broken for interest what we face is the biggest team of fundamentalist, terrorist, genociders the world has ever seen, and maybe the last. It is destiny? Probably.

    As it is below; so it is above​

    The descriptor following should 'speak for itself', Jenetta; as alternative New Age BS information from some of your 'sources' or as from Old Age BS data and mainly disinformation distributors like the mainstream media (the Murdoch press being one of the most obnoxious examples of that) notwithstanding. The critique was from Ian O'Neill, who seems to be scientifically well read and open minded; addressing 'star trek' topics for example and not from FOX News by the way; the latter simply 'running with a critique' published in a science popular magazine called 'Universe Today'.
    And yes, if you insist on giving credence to Luis Sancho and Wagner and co below; you qualify indeed to be called a New Age BSer and as a disinformant regarding the agenda and manifestation of a 'New World' as well.

    [4:20:48 PM] Sirius 17: yeah [5:12:14 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah:

    [5:12:32 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Uploaded on 26 Jan 2009

    See 45 m. film at Strangelet is the liquid explosive that causes supernovas, made with usd-quarks. LHC will do them with a 70% of probabilities, according to CERN documents leaked at when this 11/9/2010 crashes lead ions at 3.5 Tev. The most advanced papers on strangelets consider they could start an 'ice-9' reaction, exploding earth into a nova, leaving behind a pulsar star. But physicists and politicians are in denial seeking industrial profits and scholar prestige...

    This is a typical example of how to manipulate the human groupmind. Make some 'sensational' statement, such as the 'whole earth will be sucked into its own Black hole centre' and then add more and more drama effects akin to religious indoctrinations (i.e. handclapping of the congregation or protest marchers or mob). And dont forget the musical accompaniment and peripheral film clips of whatever, which has little to do with the scientific context originally addressed. And of course try to present the actual researchers as some elitist group or 'co-conspirateurs' and subject to the ridicule and 'know betterness' of the 'alternative information presenter'

    I found Sancho's description of some researcher on his website and on which this video was presented, rather tasteless

    Excerpt from:


    Look at this young, enthusiastic fella below, the nuclear physicist who announced proudly we have created the strange atoms that will devour us, and his homunculus mind, the space that each sense occupies in his brain… Yes truly a monkey lethaliensis scientificus, which assemblies machines with his hands, spews out a lot of nonsense garbage on the immensity of its discoveries and has no mind at all to fully grasp what he has done. An image in this case is truly worth more than a thousand wor(l)ds…


    ‘When I was a much younger man, I began to collect material for a book to be called The Day the World Ended. The book was to be factual. The book was to be an account of what important Americans had done’
    ‘Ice-nine was the last gift Felix Hoenikker created for mankind before going to his just reward. He did it without anyone’s realizing what he was doing. He did it without leaving records of what he’d done. True, elaborate apparatus was necessary in the act of creation, but it already existed in the Research Laboratory. It was blue-white. The old man had died on Christmas Eve, having told only his children about ice-nine. His children had divided the ice-nine among themselves.’
    There was a sound clear, like that of the gentle closing of a portal as big as the sky. The great door of heaven being closed softly. It was a grand AH-WHOOM. I opened my eyes and all the sea was ice-nine. The moist green earth was a blue-white pearl. The sky darkened. The sun, became a sickly yellow ball, tiny and cruel.

    “Beware of the man who works hard to learn something, learns it, and finds himself no wiser than before’. Bokonon tells us. “He is full of murderous resentment of people who are ignorant without having come by their ignorance the hard way.”
    What hope can there be for mankind when there are men that give such playthings as ice-9 to short-sighted children as most people are?’

    Excerpts. ‘Cat’s cradle’. Kurt Vonnegut

    Unfortunately, when the ice-9 reaction starts, there will not be any place to escape, nor solution to the process, as we cannot arrive to the center of the Earth, where those dibaryons will start eating up the uranium, provoking massive earthquake waves…

    Uploaded on 4 Jun 2009
    The LHC will likely produce black holes in christmas 2015, which happen in proton-proton collisions over 10 Tev (some dates are wrong as the machine broke and has delayed its full power blast over the 10 Tev barrier of dark matter many years). Once formed, according to Einstein those black holes will absorb Earth's matter at light speed blowing the planet within seconds of creation. Only the never proved musings of Mr. Hawking who thinks black holes are machines that travel to the past and hence will not grow but as you would evaporate into your mother's womb, they should evaporate into the past, might save mother earth...

    Ripley's: Believe it or Not; but whatever try to gain some background in whatever subject pr topic you are commenting upon. For example, consider the 'Top Comment' added to the you tube video above:

    3 months ago

    The LHC isn't the first quark factory. Accelerators have been generating quarks in the form of various hadrons since at least the 1950s. Hadrons are quark aggregates. Hadrons are either baryons, which are quark triplets, or mesons, which are quark-antiquark pairs. Quarks are always produced as aggregates because otherwise the total color charge wouldn't be conserved.

    That clip at the end with Earth being destroyed is also misinformed. The LHC can't produce collisions with enough energy to, in principle, produce a black hole with an event horizon even as large as the diameter of a single proton. Think of all the empty space between an atomic nucleus and the electron shells. A black hole so small would have an extremely tiny absorption cross-section. It could fall for very lengthy stretches of time without crossing paths with an electron or a nucleon, meaning that it would tend to swallow those little bits only comparatively rarely. It would take years for a black hole starting out that small to begin to have important effects on Earth's interior.

    It is easy to calculate the diameter of a proton sized Black Hole Jenetta.
    As rotating and 'charged' Black Holes are smaller than the basic 'Static' Schwarzschild Black Hole of the Einstein metrics of curvature spacetime; the 'curvature radius' is simply expressed by this 'solution to the field equation' in Rcurvature=2GM/c2.
    And as a proton has a well known size of say 1 Fermi of about 10-15 meters (Classical Electron Radius and also the interaction scale for the nuclear interactions and the asymptotic gluon-quark colour-magnetic confinements); the required mass M to create a 'Schwarzschild Proton' becomes: M=Rcurvaturec2/2G~7.5x1011 kg or 750 Million metric tons (right!) and where G is the Gravitational constant of so 6x10-11 G-units.

    We are 'talking' one single Black Hole proton here. Just for comparison; you have any idea how many protons are in your body? If you weigh say 60 kg, then this number would be something of the order of 60kg/1.7x10-27~35,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 or 35,000 Trillion Trillion. Multiply this by 750 million metric tons and you have Jenetta 'weighing' no longer 60 kg, but 26.5 Trillion Trillion Trillion kg.
    I would say then, that such a Jenetta would surely have a 'weight problem'.

    Another comparison for you. Taking your true weight (on Earth) to be 60 kg; how small would you have to be or shrink to to manifest yourself AS a Black Hole Jenetta? Again a simple calculation you or your kids can do on a simple calculator. RJenetta=2G(60kg)/(Speed of Light Squared c2)~8x10-26 m ~0.00000000000000000000000008 meters.

    Now the smallest atom of Hydrogen has a size of so 10-10~0.0000000001 meters and the 'shrunk Black Holed Jenetta' would fit into a single Hydrogen atom 10-10/8x10-26~1,250 Trillion times.
    I did not think, that you could be shrunk so much dear one. Do you still insist on giving credence to the silliness of some?

    The many problems 'alternatives' like Luis Sancho and Nassim Haramein encounter in their attempts to formulate new physics for the future relates to their inability to relate their sometimes valuable ideas to the actual way science 'works', both in theory and in praxis.

    Finally, the nature of Black Holes is well understood in terms of their energy content, which eventually reduces to entropy and the thermodynamic relationship between a Black Hole's mass and its temperature.
    Dragon science describes this in a Hawking modulus and an actual mathematics applied to this physicality. What it basically states is that the smaller a Black Hole the hotter it becomes and making it larger will cool it down.
    The CERN Black Holes and the quark-gluon plasma requires temperature reminiscent of the Big Bang, a standard bosonic-fermionic transition Boson having a temperature of so 1.4x1020 Kelvin.
    It are those Quantum Black Holes Sancho ridicules and/or fears on his site and which Hawking addresses in his presentations.
    There exists a precise energy for such Big Bang Hot 'Micro Black Holes' and this energy can be defined as a manifestation of the Black Hole energy within a pre existent spacetime plenum as a kind of limit for how hot a Black Hole can get.
    This is because this characteristic temperature defines the string class which actually did manifest the so called Big Bang from the epoch, when there was no spacetime plenum.

    The question then becomes: Can CERN recreate the energy of this temperature, both applicable to a non- and pre-existing spacetime background?

    The answer is No or not yet; because the boson/fundamental gauge energy required 'per particle accelerated' is so 0.002 Joules or 1.24x1016 eV =1.24x104 TeV.

    There is actually a minimum 'weight' a Black Hole must have to be 'physical' and this 'weight' is defined in the 'size of a wormhole' which from the superstring classes calculates as 10-22 meters as its 'wavelength' or curvature radius times 2p. Then, like before you simply work out what the minimum mass for this Black Hole will be.

    MMinimium Black Hole=Rwormhole branec2/2G~12,000 kg or 12 metric tons and so the 'weight' of a small airplane or the weight of 1-2 elephants (7 tons as the largest pachyderm/animal on land at the present time and there is an actual string-parametric Gravitational Constant, which precisely defines this minimum mass as*).

    And it is just THIS 'wormholed' Micro Black Hole, which has a temperature of (0.002 Joules)/(Boltzmann's Entropy Constant k=1/15x1618)=1.4167...x1020 Kelvin in the post spacetime spacetime matrix, that is after the Big Bang occurred.
    As you might see in the above, the string class energy of 1/500th of a Joule does NOT correspond to the just calculated Black Hole mass on the 'elephant' scale of 7 tons. Using Einstein's famous E=mc2, you get (7000)(9x1016)=6.3x1020 kg; but the 1/500th of a Joule derives from a particle mass of 0.002/9x1016=2.22x10-20 kg.

    This is a consequence of the energy content of the universe at any time of its evolution. First there was no space nor time, but just energy attempting to manifest itself, but requiring both an expanding space and a one directional time arrow to do so. So this 'pre energy', many call rather appropriately Source Energy (you can also call it God or All that Is or the Spirit before matter and such things) transformed parts of this 'spirit primordial energy' into space and time in a epoch of the branes or strings, which basically are just energized geometrical objects.

    But the geometries of crystals and then viruses and microscopic lifeforms came from that as a consequence of the first manifestation of radioactivity, technically known as the weak nuclear gauge interaction as one of four elementary 'forces of nature'.

    So when there was no space the energy could not expand and so became LIKE a 'heating up' of the singularity, you can most easily understand as a wormhole describing just what a minimum space would be from the curvature geometry manifesting the first spacetime units. And this is EXACTLY what the 'elephant mass' of a Black Hole is. The minimum radial size of space 'fixes' the minimum mass of the space not yet created in the lower dimensions, but existing in the higher dimensions AS a Black Hole representation - geometric, but not yet physical due to the nonexistence of expanding spacetime.

    But later after the string era defined what space and time would become; the Quantum Big Bang released the 'bottled up heat energy' in creating the primordial spacetime and it is this process which is rather sufficiently understood by the mainstream sciences, folks like Sancho and Haramein subsequently try so hard to outmanouver with their often grossly underinformed models. They are correct in one sense though; because they have realised that the knowledge about the Big Bang dynamics is not enough to describe reality and that their denial of the 'spirit' as the primodial source Energy cannot and should not be neglected in the models describing the universe in cosmologies.

    And perhaps you can figure now, as a science novice, just what the discrepancies in the Black Hole Masses are.
    Once the spacetime had grown enough and just like the steam of your boiling pot of soup in the kitchen disperses into the surrounding environment; so did the energy trapped in the 'hot hellish oven' of the Big Bang Wormhole itself expand in simply multiplying its own spacetime configuration, say as a minimum Lego block placed adjacent to itself many times can create all sorts of Lego lands.

    The only difference to the 'pot of soup' dispersing in 'evaporating transformed energy' is of course, that there was NO environment about the pot, but that this environment became the lower dimensional context for space and time to revisit its higher dimensional progenitor of 'parent spacetime' created in the string/brane era AS the place the 'boiling pot' could release its 'steam' into. Technically this description is termed Inflation of a tachyonic de Broglien Phase transition of a Higgs Scalar Temperature Potential.

    And it was about 2 nanoseconds AFTER the Big Bang, that the temperature background of the Total Universe was precisely 1.41..x1020 Kelvin in a cosmos much bigger in volume, than this same temperature as a string-particle Self-temperature defined by the Energy laws of Einstein, Planck and Boltzmann indicated.

    In other words the wormhole temperature was the no spacetime bosonic energy state Jenetta and AT the Big Bang when the universe was the size of that same Wormhole. The 'trapped' Kinetic 'Temperature' Energy of the entire universe then was much greater than the bosonic temperature as so 3x1036 Kelvin; but it was unphysical without space and time to be 'kinematic-dynamic' in.
    But as soon as the 'Cosmic Father Abba' climaxed to release the 'Cosmic Mother Baab' as his Conduit-Gate into Space and Time; this temperature began to drop as the famous CMBR (Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation) you can read a lot about. Even on quack websites like those of Sancho and Haramein.

    And the temperature dropped into the timespace and once this drop in temperature exactly matched the brane temperature of the Micro Black Hole of the Wormhole; THEN a great phase transition occurred cosmically and the elementary bosons could separate and the 'Light of the Electromagnetic radiation' was born. How big was the universe at that time Jenetta, compared to the size of a wormhole? At 1.9x10-9 seconds or so 2 nanoseconds, the universe had a curvature radius of Rbosonic unification~0.57 meters.

    If you look at your body Jenetta, the entire cosmos was a big as about the size of your two outstretched arms (think Vitruvius of Leonardo da Vinci and the 'sacred geometry' I fully support), when the universe had a temperature which today, almost 20,000 million years later describes the 'Armageddon Black Holes of CERN'.


    Why did I share this real science with you Jenetta; knowing very well that the Cosmic Dragons and their works, thoughts and endeavours are not greatly appreciated by human minded co-inhabitors of Gaia within this local star system? And knowing very well, that you most likely will not even read this discourse in your feelings of distaste and apprehensions towards a more 'mentally challenging etiquette'?

    Call it Dragon Love and not to be confused with human vanities and pretensiousnesses!
    Be well in your support and your affiliations with the nabsers!

    You can check your science regarding Cosmic Rays and Luis Sancho surely has many (Nabs) things to say about them on his website and find this to address a certain (true) 'Knee' in the energy spectrum of the 'Cosmic Rays'. So you Jenetta a science amateur here; can have an insight as to this 'mysterious knee', many science experts have not. Namely, that this 'cosmic ray knee energy' exists because it describes the actual string energy AS a Cosmic Ray of the Quantum Big Bang as a 'wormhole tunneling'. Well you can say, that the 'dragons' told you so or have said so and stay in the clear of further controversies. The energy quantum of the 'knee' IS in fact the universal wormhole energy as the building block for the cosmos.

    But the LHC energy upper limit is 2 proton beams, each of 7 TeV and so a maximum energy of 14 TeV is 14/12,450~0.0011 or 0.11% required to recreate the actual Bosonic gauge transition to manifest the Primordial Hot Micro Black Holes, Sancho and co associate with all sorts of apocalyptic scenarios and doomsday meanderings.

    There will a number of doomsdays indeed, but they will refer to 'Armageddons of the Human Mind and Thinking' and not the destruction of the planet earth, who many consider to be 'just a planet' in a starsystem, but actually represents a 'celestial mother of sorts' and far older than the 4.8 billion years in its appropriate physicalisation and 'measurements'. Gaia is AS Old as the entire Cosmos in 19.11 Billion years and came into metaphysical reality and beingness at that time of the creation event in enabling a metaphysics to become physical as the universe you now know, observe and ponder about.

    Well a particular Apocalypse of the Nabs infected human mind!
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    admin Well-Known Member Staff Member

    [​IMG] shiloh on September 11th 2014, 7:37 am
    Jenetta wrote:

    (Shiloh)Why did I share this real science with you Jenetta; knowing very well that the Cosmic Dragons and their works, thoughts and endeavours are not greatly appreciated by human minded co-inhabitors of Gaia within this local star system? And knowing very well, that you most likely will not even read this discourse in your feelings of distaste and apprehensions towards a more 'mentally challenging etiquette'?

    Call it Dragon Love and not to be confused with human vanities and pretensiousnesses!

    Be well in your support and your affiliations with the nabsers!


    Well thank you for sharing your science newspeak with me Shiloh...I'm honored that such a lofty mind as yourself bestowed his Draconis wisdom on a humble minded Earthling like myself.
    As for apprehensions and distaste towards 'a more mentally challenging etiquette' we must say "the proof is in the pudding" and personally speaking I don't scare easy.
    Suffice it to say I have read your discourse and thanks for the Dragon Love.

    A ± symbol will decide the fate of the World



    ‘My theory of black holes is the biggest blunder of my life’

    S. Hawkings on his 70th birthday

    ‘In physics, if a particle can happen, it will happen.’

    Totalitarian Principle, Gellmann; discoverer of quarks.

    ‘Heat cannot pass spontaneously from a body of lower temperature to a body of higher temperature.’

    Rudolf Clausius, 1850,first enunciation of the 2nd law of thermodynamics, original wording.

    Heat. ‘Heat is energy that is transferred from one body to another as the result of a difference in temperature. If two bodies at different temperatures are brought together energy is transferred – i.e. heat flows – from the hotter body to the colder. The effect of this transfer of energy is an increase in the temperature of the colder body and a decrease in the temperature of the hotter body’.

    Britannica, 1st paragraph, article on ‘Heat’, Macropaedia; Volume 8, page 701

    We are just a mush in the surface of a rock lost in the corner of the Universe, departing of those facts we can talk about man’ Schopenhauer, father of modern philosophy

    The hard facts of known-known science.

    The fate of humanity, a childish species, who feels entitled to defy the laws of the Universe with wishful thinking, depends on this formula:

    As the formula is filled with Universal Constants, and only two variables we shall write it in a simplified manner as:

    ±ΔMass ≤ Konstant/±ΔTemperature.

    Or easier to Understand moving Temperature to the other side:

    ±ΔMass x ±ΔTemperature = Constant.

    Simple, isn’t? It is the formula that defines the changes in temperature and mass of black holes.

    We know both can change but in which direction? If the black hole mass increases, temperature must diminish for the product to remain constant. If the black hole mass diminishes, then temperature must increase for the product to remain constant.

    Two choices. Why we care? well, as it happens your life depends on it.

    More exactly on the choice of ± signs of that equation.

    If we write:

    -Δ Mass X +Δ Temperature = Constant…

    You live, as the black holes the LHC will make in 2015, when it works at full potency, will increase temperature, getting hotter and diminishing mass, evaporating.

    If we write:

    +Δ Mass x -Δ Temperature = Constant, then you die.

    As black holes will cool down, transferring heat to the surrounding planet, evaporating us into a cosmic explosion, a Nova.

    Never a symbol mattered so much to mankind. So who or what chooses those symbols? That is the conundrum. (2)

    The ‘what’, the Universe and its scientific laws have chosen the Symbol of your death.

    The ‘who’, Mr. Hawking and his laws of ‘imaginary time’, have arbitrarily decided the Universe is wrong and the black hole will evaporate.

    The problem is that the Universe and his fundamental laws, the Laws of entropy always choose the equation of death, our evaporation.

    Indeed, any ultra-hot object as a black hole, born in a cold environment as the Earth is, according to the laws of entropy cools down and transfers heat to the environment, evaporating us. And this is what we see in the Universe happening, always, when a black hole is born. It cools down and evaporates its surroundings into a big explosion, a Nova.

    When you take an iron rod from the oven and put it in cold water, the water evaporates and the iron cools down, ALWAYS. And in the Universe whenever we see the birth of an ultra-hot black hole it evaporates its surrounding electromagnetic world (us) and gets colder, ALWAYS, till it reaches as a mature huge black hole a thrermodynamic balance with the cold vacuum that surrounds it.

    In this principle, that heat moves from the hot source to the cold one, are based all the laws of thermodynamics, all the machines of the planet. If this principle would not exist you could made a machine of eternal motion, the biggest hoax of science. There is NOT a single exception to the laws of Thermodynamics in the Universe. Everything in science is based in this law.

    But then a child of thought, with utter disregard of the known-known laws of the Universe, has chosen the other symbols:

    - Δ Mass X + Δ Temperature = Constant…

    It is Hawking’s formula of evaporation of black holes…that defies all the laws of entropy, all the laws of time, all the laws of Einstein and all the laws of the 5th dimension, the expansion of Einstein’s relativity that I study.

    And that is the problem.

    What the equation means is easy to understand:

    Hawking affirms that black holes do exactly the opposite that all other entities of the Universe:

    They are born very hot, the hottest objects of the Universe (in this we all agree), but then instead of cooling down in our cool Universe, burning us into hell, they will ‘magically’ absorb heat from the cold environment (+Δ), getting even hotter, breaking all the laws of entropy!

    It is like if you throw a flame into water and the flame would get hotter and the water would become ice!

    It is like if you get a cup of hot coffee and the cup keeps getting hotter ‘evaporating’, while it freezes your hand!

    This has never happened and the mere idea was for very long in science a laughing matter. Since the laws of entropy are crystal clear. When a hot system is put by the side of a cold system, temperature moves from the hot system that cools (in this case the black hole) to the cold one that heats and evaporates.

    But Hawking insists. When a black hole is born, hotter than the environment, instead of evaporating the environment as any hot object does, it will become hotter and evaporate!

    How he figures the black hole does that? Well it can’t according to the laws of time and entropy. So alas! He figured out that the black hole travels back into the past instead of traveling to the future. And that is why it evaporates. It is like if a baby will travel back into the past and enter the womb of the mother evaporating. Easy.

    Indeed, he also muses after that astounding discovery that he could enter a black hole and come into the past and kill his grand-father. Seriously.

    How he calls this weird type of time that goes backwards? Hold on to your seat
    ‘Imaginary time’… Seriously...
    This is Hawking in a nutshell. The rest is all ‘celebrity’ noise.

    And that is why we are worried, very worried. Of course it would be easier to believe the fairy tale of time travel, imaginary time, the end of entropy laws, a machine of perpetual motion… I wouldn’t mind to believe all that if my life didn’t depend on it.

    Indeed, on such musings hang the life of mankind. Our destiny depends on an ± symbol. It is worth to repeat it:

    -Δ Mass x +Δ Temperature = Constant

    Defines ‘imaginary black holes’ that break the laws of entropy and will get hotter. Then for all the constants of the Universe to remain constant their mass must diminish and balance the increase of heat. And you will live.

    But the Universe has never done this choice.

    On the contrary the Temperature of a hot mass always diminishes in a cold environment.

    So mass always increases. Let us then respect the laws of the Universe, proved ad nauseam in all systems and write instead the symbols right:

    +Δ Mass x -Δ Temperature= Constant.

    The hot black hole as all the systems of the Universe will decrease its temperature as it is born much hotter than our Universe, and so the heat will be transferred to our electromagnetic world and evaporate it, and the black hole will absorb it as energy in its event horizon collapsing that energy into mass at the speed of light: M=E/c2

    This is what Einstein say, what we observe in the Universe, what every black hole born in that Universe proofs: The black hole is born very hot, evaporates the surroundings and absorbs it, exploding the world into a Nova at the speed of light. So we will die in a few seconds. Simple, straight forwards maths that a kid in high school could understand. So the risks of creating a small black hole on Earth keep mounting. Why then are we doing it? Why we are provoking a potential genocide by denying the laws of science? Obviously it cannot be because of science, but for all the spurious, wrong, unscientific causes of our civilization that now we shall explore.

    The error of Hawking is like the tale of the emperor’s naked clothes. One day an emperor forgot to dress and went into a parade. And none would say anything till a child pointed out that the emperor was naked. His errors are so evident and absurd that nobody dares to contradict him. But the emperor walks naked and black holes will cool down and swallow the Earth if they are born at LHC.

    And yet the entire situation is so absurd that nobody will shout, ‘cover the emperor’s with decent cloths’. The emperor and Mr. Hawking have been invested with too much authority for any one except a child, a madman or a genius, 3 characters often compared, to point out the error without fear of making fools of themselves.

    Update. February 2014. Hawking denies himself.

    A very surprising event: the same emperor has shouted foul, has found hmself naked. Hawking has insisted on the line of his ‘birthday’ declarations that his ‘black hole theory was the biggest blunder of my life’.

    Indeed, Mr. Hawking just published with the new year a paper in which he denies the existence of Black Hole Event Horizons.

    He now considers the closest regions of black holes similar to storm eddies in which time forecast is not easy to make.

    Since ‘gravitational collapse produces apparent horizons but no event horizons behind which information is lost… Thus, like weather forecasting on Earth, information will effectively be lost, although there would be no loss of unitarity.’

    Now, since Hawking’s musings about the evaporation of black holes requires the existence of an event horizon in which, due to the properties of the event horizon a virtual particle produced from the vacuum would escape the black hole resting its mass to it (while the other will fall in), Mr. Hawking finally denies his own theory, leaving CERN naked of alibis to deny the enormous risks of making those black holes at Earth.

    So what the media did? Nothing. The world has ignored the implications for CERN of such statement.

    To understand in depth why we deal in other posts with the ‘secondary corners’ of our collective coffin... ‘Big Brother smiley’, the happy fictions of the media system…

    The astonishing thing about Mr. Hawking’s recent dilettante musings denying the existence of event horizons – hence of black hole evaporation – as ‘the biggest blunder of his life’ (he changes sides in the debate like a magician – now there is event horizon and evaporation; now there is none of both – perhaps thinking himself not only the new Einstein but the new Galileo (e pur si muove, e pur no muove’) is that knowing as physicists know LHC will do black holes, NOBODY on the establishment of science has brought back the ‘theme’ of our extinction by those black holes after Hawking’s denial of Event Horizons, hence of evaporating effects.

    It is like the entire subject has been ‘filed’ as a ‘dirty little secret’ by physicists, its P.R.ess and politicians and they won’t open the Pandora box till it opens ‘accidentally’… Then if there is time to reflect upon this collective genocide they will all deny they knew anything about it.

    Why indeed, Humanity is willing to take this risk to His Existence with so much enthusiasm? We can no longer merely consider this fact from a scientific, rational perspective, as it is not a rational fact, even if nuclear physicists have merely tried to keep it under the umbrella of arid mathematical equations, crunching data numbers and budgets. The matter falls fully into the realm of human emotional, irrational behavior in the face of collective death.

    It is indeed said that, ‘if you murder a person you are a criminal but if you commit genocide you are a hero'; as humans seem to be blocked in front of mass-murder, lacking the courage to confront it in rational terms.

    Indeed, in the same manner mankind at large accepts the infantile lies of Abrahamic religions, in which Bronze Age ass herders and goat keepers affirm that burning bushes have given them the key to immortality, with apparently no difficulty, as this wishful thinking protects them from the fear of death; the enormity of CERN’s future crimes is much easier to accept that a mere Nuclear tragedy of far lesser proportions as those of Hiroshima, Chernobyl and Fukushima.

    A humbling paradox to realize that we belong to a species with so little courage that might likely die because it is unable to stand even the thought of death, and prefers to pump up its ego, look to the other side and consider itself an eternal species, instead of taking rational measures to prevent its dismissal.

    We feel so important at individual and collective level that death is an absolute taboo, as it denies our ego. So the individual, as we will see in the next post, reacts according to psychologists first with anger to the doctor or messenger, then with denial and at best with a depressive mood when harm is not merely done to a small part of its ‘cellular self’, but to the whole in a death risk.

    So mankind as a superorganism in which each of us is a human cell can prevent small tragedies but becomes blocked with the concept of collective death; as it were impossible, given the self-annoited importance it gives to his own species. So we shall see how our ‘collective consciousness’, the audiovisual systems of mass-media has acted in this case as the mind of a dying person, denying and laughing at the prospects of its own death, angered to those messengers who brought the news with the only purpose of finding a cure, and labeling as a ‘thoughtcrime’ the mere mention of it – CERN’s risks to mankind have indeed become a taboo in the world of physics, often dismissed with ex-abrupts.

    Yet, in the order of cosmic things, in the fractal Universe of absolute relativity of scales, the collective death of the ‘superorganism’ of history, is not even an anecdote from the perspective of the infinite cosmos, ruled by black holes, as the collective death of all the cells of an animal body seems irrelevant to us from our relative huge perspective.

    Further on, there is this little secret called ‘money’, ‘industrial wealth’, ‘corporative profits’ and the well-rehearsed propaganda, don’t worry be happy marketing processes so well developed since World War II, which today are able to ‘sell’ anything to the public, or rather ‘sheeple’ in this increasingly Orwellian/Huxlerian world of ‘newspeaks’ where the minister of war is the minister of defense, invasions are peace processes and the most callous, dangerous industry mankind has ever devised, has become the essence of ‘idealist research’.

    In that regard, what nobody seems to understand is that CERN is not only a scientific center but part of the Military-Industrial complex, which means it has besides science, a sociological, industrial and psychological perspective – the four corners that nail our coffin, as we run like lemmings do, with a mixture of angst and enthusiasm towards this ‘cliff of extinction'.

    As it is below; so it is above

    Jenetta's Universe in Two

    Because of my Dragon Love for You, I have prepared a special present from the Den of the Thuban Serpents for you.
    You see, I can't really help you to 'overcome' your preconceived notions regarding science and how science works and how science advances, building on new information and older nous.
    So you might very well continue to seek mental comforts in quasi-science and individual co-creators, of whom there are as many as legions of angels dancing on hairpins; but legions of such, who eschew the mindful adaptations required to contribute to the aforesaid advancement of the sciences in a meaningful and collective manner. Rather those legions search for the needles in a haystack in allegory to the flaws and errors in the established sciences they perceive, considering the needles to be iron bars.
    The statements from cerntruth above can be read as simple diatribes and 'misgivings' towards some forms of academia and higher education with its stalwarts, which then become collectively 'blamed' for all the things perceived to 'be wrong' in the shared environment of the academia or 'social institution' or strata and its dissenters, searching for particular individuated alternatives for such edfices within the shared cultural environment.

    So my delicious and serendipitous Dragon Love for you has induced me to prepare a chart for you and a diagram, which shows you where you are and what your universe really is like in a true natural and scientific way and rather without the 'fantasy science' you have hitherto embraced with so much of your enchanting heart, beating in the Lushness of Solomon's enchanting and mysterious Forest de Lebanon.

    I have added at the end of this chart some mathematical formulations regarding Stephen Hawking's supposed 'mistakes about Black Holes' in context of his Mass-temperature relationship of Black Holes and not some 'misjudgement' he actually made in losing a number of 'bets or wagers' with Kip Thorne and Leonard Susskind regarding the preservation and conservation of information, which would be 'eaten up' by some Black Hole - real Black Holes and not the fantasy Black Holes of cerntruth by the way.
    So Hawking lost those bets, once Bekenstein, Susskind, Maldacena and a few more of the Braners could mathematically prove that the thermodynamic nature of real Black Holes actually conformed to physical realism. It basically shows that the Classical Shannon-Boltzmann entropy of physical systems as a permutation count of 'particle states/information bits' can be 'married' to the 'heat content' of real Black Holes and so this realisation, for the first time ever, allowed the classical physics of Gravitation and including both Newtonian mechanics and Einsteinian relativity, to become blended with the theories of quantum mechanics.
    And of course Hawking is a little cheesed off of losing his Black Hole bets; but he in no way has dismissed his work on Black Hole thermodynamics and his work in Cosmology in general.

    The blabberings of cerntruth about Hawking 'regretting' or denying the validity of his life's work is a misreading of the facts at least and blatant lying and disinformation at the worst.

    ...But Hawking insists. When a black hole is born, hotter than the environment, instead of evaporating the environment as any hot object does, it will become hotter and evaporate!

    How he figures the black hole does that? Well it can’t according to the laws of time and entropy. So alas! He figured out that the black hole travels back into the past instead of traveling to the future. And that is why it evaporates. It is like if a baby will travel back into the past and enter the womb of the mother evaporating. Easy.

    Indeed, he also muses after that astounding discovery that he could enter a black hole and come into the past and kill his grand-father. Seriously....

    statements like those in this quote of yours per cerntruth show immediately, how blatantly disinformative and underinformed the 'cerntruthers' actually are.
    You said, that you had read my 'science discourse' about the temperature differences in the Black Hole Physics. There then you will find confirmation of what Hawking claims, namely that the primordial Black Holes are hotter than their environment. Cerntruthers would fail to understand how this could be so, because they don't understand neither the physics of thermodynamics nor the nature of real Black Holes.

    To revisit;
    the universe with No Spacetime definition can contain energy as a form of kinetic energy, which LATER, after the Big Bang followed a string-brane era - will manifest as the 'cooling down' of the primordial universe as a quasi-singularity. It is precisely this requirement for a nonphysicalized 'heat energy' as a Temperature gradient (within and defining a scalar MASSLESS Higgs Field, which would become matter inhabited in a Quantum Big Bang Mass-Seed); which allows a most ancient form of primordial energy to become dynamic in a matter based cosmology.
    This 'ancient energy' is the same as the often mislabelled and misunderstood 'Spirit', which then becomes the 'breeding ground' or spacetime matrix for the mysterious 'Consciousness' which itself then emerges from its most ancient form as a 'unconscious' or unaware form of spacetime itself and then adds a special form of 'Self-Energy' to the space it occupies and this 'self-energy' is what is called cosmic consciousness by the Dragon cosmologists.
    The Jenettas of the universe might term it the 'Growth of the Soul in Experience' and in similar terminology and nomenclature.

    But what do quacks like cerntruthers put forward as their arguments regarding their perceived or imagined flaws in mainstream science?
    They relate their common sense understandings of heat and the lower dimensional universe to a higher dimensional 'parent cosmology' you might very well describe as a metaphysics being the progenitor of any physics and so able to form its ontological framework and background.
    Their misconstructions regarding the Twin-Paradox and the facts of time dilation and length contraction under the precepts of the relativities further betray their ignorance regarding actual tenable physical and scientific theory.

    Again, should you watch the first 20 minutes of the Susskind video; you will learn how the classical observer perspective differs from that of the 'entangled' observer - the former contends with a hidden 'singularity' whilst the latter is able to observe the 'quantum smeared singularity' and a classical volume of 3 dimensions becomes a collector of information and a data base, which can be represented and reconstructed on a 2-dimensional surface or area as in say the science of the Holographic Universe.

    And so I again advise you to listen to the Susskind lecture at Stanford. It is about what it is like to live inside a real Black Hole (which you do)and how the classical universe of both Newtonian mechanics and its finetuned relativistically curved spacetime geometry of Albert Einstein becomes 'married' to the parameters of the quantum theories.
    And this lecture is directed to a university audience, but an audience which is made up of many non-specialists in the fields of Black Hole physics, quantum mechanics, relativity and cosmology. It includes geologists and biologists and many other such non experts on Black Hole dynamics.

    Around the 35-45 minute marker (you can omit the times of the questions, as they are hard to hear and are more specialized); I have screen printed a particular part of say a 10 minute discourse about the quantum entanglement of Jenetta with Jenetta and you might find some of those details interesting, even if you don't fully understand the arguments.
    You could however, and as your interest in quackery science shows, that you are well able to think about scientific principles and could, if you would - yes you should; form your own understanding about the world you live in and without recourse to questionable sources, who claim to know about those things. You can then begin to propagate and LIKE Jenetta's Cosmology, rather than the cosmologies and philosophies of second hand sources.
    And yes Dragons make many claims about this too, but dragons don't hide about their nous and will answer questions in whatever detail if challenged regarding their serpentine understandings.

    Should you understand your chart a little and apply your science-able mindfulness to it; then you might also discover that the added comments on 'Jenetta's Universe in Two' chart actually adds some 'missing links' and answers to some 'open questions asked' in the discourse of this lecture by Leonard Susskind, one of the leading 'experts' on Black Holes and string theory alive today on planet Earth.
    You will then be able to claim, that 'Jenetta's Cosmology' is actually more encompassing than either the tenable mainstream academic model or the fantasy invalidated fake models of the science pretenders; whose common and generally understandable distaste for the status quo with its questionable and often nebulous and clandestine activities and preferences; is shared by 'alternative seeking' human minded thinkers such as the many Jenettas, whose Worlds of Beingness and Experience in the Universe of the Many in One is destined to become a Uni-Verse or Mono-Song within a Multi-Verse or Melody within a Symphony and Orchestra of Omni-Versal distinctiveness and personal uniqueness.

    Be well sweet Honeybee and a sexy DragonQueenBee and ambassador for the Gaian Baab Gate into the Cosmos you shall become in a due evolvement of your times and spaces!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] Shiloh Za-RaH [​IMG] [​IMG]


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    [​IMG] shiloh on September 12th 2014, 4:52 am
    Jorgelito - Posted September 12th, 2014
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    RE Inside Black Holes | Leonard Susskind
    Shiloh, the part about entanglement between objects on either side of the membrane of a black hole is curious. I wonder how that works. Is it the black hole is not as concrete and definite as we think?
    Or, perhaps, it is Is that objects -- bodies of localized energies -- like us -- people and things -- have a relationship to or exist in a something, an image, a matrix of some sort outside of the realm of energy that most of us accept? Ino ther words, can nuclear particles know love? This I think is most appealing solution to the paradox! I know I am asking the right person.

    This is am excellent question and observation Jorgelito and your cartoon exemplifies and emphasizes the possibility of not only existing at two locations at the same time in this label of the quantum entanglement in holographic association with utilization of Black Hole physics; but also of 'being cosmically together in superspacetime (this is the mythologically archetyped 'heaven-purgatory-hell' where the souls gather) and enabling a separation in a timespace background.
    As you can see, I have elaborated on the 'Jenetta Universe in Two' to further illustrate this point and have attached an earlier message from the Den of the Dragons (or Thuban Snake Pit), addressing this question of a 'perfect match' or a twinsoul on the cosmic level of beingness. And the answer to your question is in the affirmative and is shown to manifest in this Theory of the Holographic Universe, which forms the background of the Susskind lecture at Stanford University. The 'touching of the eyes' across a lower dimensional spacetime is none other than the 'feeling of some spiritual reality' apparently arriving from some timeless realm of the human psyche and dreamscape.

    The 'Cosmic Love Particle' is what is technically defined as the Eps-Gauge Photon as the 'high energy' vibratory part of a EpsEss Supermembrane in the Mirror-Mother-Matrix TimeSpace of the 11th Dimension and is 'quantum entangled or entwined' across all dimensions in a timelessness and spacial eternity with its own image as the 'Devil AntiGod Particle' as the Ess-Gauge Antiphoton as the 'low energy' winded part of the same supermembrane as a Möbian Klein-Bottle Serpent.
    The 'vibratory' or high-frequency part is outside the defined Black Hole at B in 12D and is CONTINUOUS across the 11D Black Hole's Event Horizon into the inside of the Black Hole of the 'winded' or low-frequency part at A in 10D(=12D like the 3D of the inner space and outer space of the Earth) and AS the supermembrane EpsEss (GODDEVIL becomes GODDOG=FATHERMOTHER or ABBABAAB by JCCJ for HeShe=SheHe).

    The 'antiness' state represents a 'broken cosmic symmetry' between two self mirroring/reflecting 'God maleness states' as say GODGOD or (two female self states DOGDOG), until the second 'God' can manifest its 'femaleness' as a DOGGOD in a perfect supersymmetry of Reflection in the 'Sabbath Mirror' of the 7th 'TimeSpace'.

    The aforesaid then refers to cosmic mindfulness and not any kind of physical intercourse-interaction between the sexual gender differences, as the Unification will render the Heness as a Hesheness and the Sheness as a Sheheness, so 'healing' or harmonising the eon old misunderstandings suffered and endured by a planetarily exiled humanity, not realising nor understanding its own 'divine and sacred' cosmically natural sexuality, existing for the purpose to create multiverses from their own cosmic definition as universes from a seedling protoverse and residing as polygamous cosmic families within an encompassing omniverse of the AbbaBaab TwinLogos template at the Core of Existence.


    The Protoverse within the Multiverse within the Omniverse and the Cosmic Generations

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Greetings from the Omniverse, dear ones!

    This message shall address one of the latest discoveries of your cosmologists upon Gaia. I shall give you important details about this phenomenon following this press release, shared generously by Amir Javadi, a cosmic brother sharing with you all the terrestrial exile soon to finalise (say a 7-10 year period from the dating of this report from 2008 to 2015-2017).

    Our known universe is being tugged: Study
    November 07, 2008

    Unknown, unseen "structures" are tugging on our universe like cosmic magnets, the National Geographic Channel reported on its website quoting a controversial new study. It said everything in the known universe is said to be racing toward the massive clumps of matter at more than 3.2 million kilometers an hour -- a movement researchers have dubbed dark flow. According to the study leader Alexander Kashlinsky, an astrophysicist at NASA's [Images] Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, the presence of the extra-universal matter suggests that our universe is part of something bigger -- a multiverse -- and that whatever is out there is very different from the universe we know, the channel said The theory could rewrite the laws of physics. Current models say the known, or visible, universe extends as far as light could have traveled since the big bang. In an attempt to simplify the mind-bending concept, Kashlinsky says to picture yourself floating in the middle of a vast ocean. As far as the eye can see, the ocean is smooth and the same in every direction, just as most astronomers believe the universe is. You would think that beyond the horizon, therefore, nothing is different. "But then you discover a faint but coherent flow in your ocean," Kashlinsky said. "You would deduce that the entire cosmos is not exactly like what you can see within your own horizon." There must be an out-of-sight mountain river or ravine pushing or pulling the water. Or in the cosmological case, Kashlinsky speculates that "this motion is caused by structures well beyond the current cosmological horizon, which is more than 14 billion light-years away.

    " Image: A powerful collision of galaxy clusters captured with NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and Hubble Space Telescope. Like its famous cousin, the so-called Bullet Cluster, this clash of clusters provides striking evidence for dark matter and insight into its properties. Like the Bullet Cluster, this newly studied cluster, officially known as MACSJ0025.4-1222, shows a clear separation between dark and ordinary matter. Photograph courtesy: NASA

    Source: Sincerely Hossein Javadi

    Shalom to you all in these troublesome times; and a period of mental uneasiness and physical insecurity which must continue and intensify until this Old Earth rebirthes itself as a New Earth in an emergence, which will allow all of you to participate in metamorphosing your old geneto-chromosomatic bodyforms in unison with your planetary mother.

    In a nutshell, the phenomenon described above relates to the multidimensionality of your universe, which is actually a Protoverse and a Seed for an encompassing Omniverse.
    The universe can be very big because it can also be very small and those two modalities are intrinsically coupled and related in the concept of a Modular Duality of the Double-String aka the Supermembrane.
    In particular the vastness of the universe relates to one of the modular parts of this modality and this is generally modelled on the classical relativistic dynamics of an expanding universe, behaving like a thermodynamic Planck-Black Body radiator and the associated statistical mechanics and distributions of the quantities and parameters described.

    It is the winded- and low energy superstring in 10 dimensions {Ess}, which then allows description of this cosmic dynamics in terms of a classical geometry of the macroquantum and defined in large wavelengths of de Brogliean matter waves and the postulates and the metric curvilinear coordinates of General Relativity.

    The modular coupling to the macroquantum is the vibratory- and high energy superstring in 10 dimensions {Eps} and which leads to the quantum mechanics of the microquantum and the postulates of Special Relativity coupled to the short wavelengths and the quantum geometries of the quantum systems.
    The 4-dimensional spacetime continuum measured and observed by the Gaian physicists and experimenters is actually a seed or 'inner core' for an encompassing universum and a realm of linearity upon which freedom degrees of rotation and oscillation have become superimposed in a quantization of the microcosm modular dual to the macrocosm.

    An expanded or expanding Line-Space of 3 dimensions allows 3 Hyper-Space dimensions of rotation to manifest in the phenomenon of 'curved space'. It is however not necessary from first principles, that any inertia or mass in the form of matter be present for the primordial universe to 'curve' or close upon itself.
    The universe can be 'empty' of matter and yet display self-closure under its own gravity; should this gravity utilize a form of energy which is 'mass-equivalent' in the form of 'photonic string mass' under the formulations of the quantum according to Max Planck {Energy E=hf=mc2 =kT}.

    This relates to the 'Principle of Equivalence' in General Relativity, which states that an Inertial Mass {Minertial} of Newtonian physics, subject to acceleration and bounded in the invariance of lightspeed 'c' is identical to an Gravitational Mass {MGravitational}.
    This implies, that any 'accelerated frame of reference' is indistinguishable from a localised gravitational field in 'g-acceleration' of an applied force per unitmass {ag=GoM/r2}.

    The 3 Hyper-Space dimensions so manifest on the quantum level of the vibratory superstring modality in allowing a quantised SPIN, either clockwise-up or anticlockwise-down to manifest in integral half-spin for inertial fermions and full-spin for inertial bosons, many of which can also be massless from their string precursors.
    This so manifests a 6-dimensional Hyper-Spaced universe which is colocal with the observed 4-dimensional Minkowski spacetime and where a 'connector' temporal dimension of the 4th dimension also represents the first Hyper-Space dimension.

    The macro-observed rotation of cosmic entities with their angular momenta in Line-Space so carries with itself a nonobserved microcosmic summation or integration of hyperspaced superstrings comprising the macro-systems as microcosmic constituents.

    Quantum-Space is 9-dimensional and is colocal with 6-dimensional Hyper-Space and 3-dimensional Line-Space.
    Quantum-Space is 'time-connected' to Hyper-Space in the 7th dimension, which is also the first Quantum-Space dimension and also the fourth Hyper-Space dimension.
    Quantum-Space describes the 'oscillatory' freedom degrees of 'stretching- and shrinking' or expansion- and contraction along any of the basic axes of Line-Space (say X-Y-Z).

    Quantum-Space so defines the macro-systematic phenomena of expansion-contraction as principle-antiprinciple on the scale of the microcosm of the quantum and is 'time-connected' to Omni-Space in the 10th dimension of the superstring. It is also the 4th dimension of Quantum-Space and the 7th dimension of Hyper-Space.

    Generally then, the observable universe APPEARS to be 3-dimensional, but is 9-dimensional in 'hiding' 6 dimensions of rotational and oscillatory freedom degrees with itself. It is not so much that those 6 dimensions are 'collapsed' onto the parental 'string scale', but that the string scale itself allows MACROQUANTISATION as the observed physical phenomena by the fractalisation and the Holographic Principle underpinning a more descriptive cosmology as is presently understood in the Gaian realms of analysis and experimentation.
    In other words; as everything existing is reducible to the 'quasi-singularity' as a quantum-summation of the 'God-Particle EpsEss' the fractalisation of the universe can be said to be a continual Unfolding of the Enfolding in a Bohmian Holomovement or similar nomenclature.
    Subsequently, all macro-objects are 'made' from micro-objects are made from supermembranes and are representations or holograms of the Hubble-Bubble of M-Space, which 'inflated' at the birth of the universe at Null-Time and BEFORE the Quantum Big Bang manifested the observable universe of measurement.

    The 'de Broglie matter wave' ended a 'string epoch' at precisely 3.33x10-31 seconds to 'ignite' the Quantum Big Bang with a manifesting a 'dark energy', defined in an equation of accelerations and defining Einstein's Cosmological Constant as a Quintessence:

    ΛEinstein = ΩNewton + ΑMilgrom = GoMo/R2(n) -2cHo/(n+1)3.

    The parameters are defined later in this discourse.

    The time dimension is both, more elementary, than the spacial dimensions and non-existant except as a NOW-Time defining the birth of space and time from a Null-Time aka a mathematical singularity.
    As this singularity can become mathematically defined but must remain physically unrealised; it can be shown; that the occurrence of a Quantum Big Bang becomes necessity to extend the mathematical definitions of a 2-dimensional continuum into its 3-dimensional manifesto, that is the physicalisation of the metaphysics of the abstraction of the mathematics in the emergence of space and time and matter.

    The Omniverse possesses perfect spherical symmetry in a selfcontained 12-dimensional F-Space; whilst the Protoverse is a major-axis prolate ellipsoid or Riemannian Hypersphere as its central subset in 10 dimensions.
    The Protoverse does not rotate appreciably as the summation of its 'quantum spin' vectors; but carries a rotational freedom across its major axis but not its minor axes.
    The protoverse is subject to PHASESHIFTS as minor axis rotations and any such phaseshift generates a Multiverse, the latter defined as a minimum configuration of two phaseshifted protoverses.
    To accomodate the Multiverse from the Protoverse, the BOUNDARY of this Protoverse becomes uniquely defined as a 11-dimensional M-Space.
    It is this boundary then, which MIRRORS the expansion and evolution of the 10-dimensional cosmos and everything within it into the perfect spherical symmetry of the encompassing Omniverse.

    This results then in an ASYMPTOTIC Expansion of a 10-dimensional universe described as C-Space towards this 11-dimensional M-Space boundary and where the C-Space carries an open- and hyperbolic topology, whilst the M-Space is closed or ellipsoidal.

    The M-Space is a MIRROR-Space and can be described as a Möbian-Manifold-Connectivity.
    M-Space so connects the 'inside' of the mass-parametric and asymptotically expanding C-Space to its 'mirror image' of a relatively contracting F-Space from the 'outside'.
    This scenario is yet extended in the boundary parameters of C-Space and universally known as the invariance of lightspeed 'c'.

    The 10-dimensional universe expands asymptotically, meaning that it 'slows down' in deceleration. The Gaian cosmologists have measured an accelerating universe following an initial deceleration, say at a particular cosmological redshift region at about 0.1 and using spectra of supernovae type I in this process.
    What the terran scientist have measured is not an accelerating universe, but the 'return of the imaged light' from the M-Space boundary.

    The Gaian scientists should recall, that all cosmological measurements engage the absorption- and emission spectra of electromagnetic radiation travelling at lightspeed c. So it is prudent to interpret the spectroscopic database in terms of the light parameters not superposed onto the inertial variables.

    The C-Space expansion of the Protoverse has reached about 53% of its M-Space boundary at the present timeline of 2008 AD.
    The C-Space expands then at 22% of lightspeed and decelerates at (AMilgrom=-2cHo/(n+1)3) or at about 0.12 nanometers per second squared.
    At the 'birth' of space and time, the maximum deceleration was therefore so 1.1266.. nanometers per second2.

    The formulation for the acceleration above engages a 'nodal' Hubble-Constant Ho, referring to a Hubble-Variable, which oscillates between an even- and an odd node in a dimensional cycletime defining a 'linear' timeflow in n=Hot with a characteristic Hubble-Frequency for the 'heartbeat' of the universe in dn/dt=Ho.
    The Gaian cosmologist have hitherto been unaware of the oscillatory nature of the universe and have presumed an expanding universe covarying with the spacetime coordinates.

    This is not the case. The universe experienced a period of hyperacceleration in a defining 'string epoch' and a linear timespan, which ended precisely 3.33.x10-31 seconds following 'Null- or singularity' time.
    This hyperinflation DEFINED the M-Space boundary and provided the 11-dimensional medium for the mass-parametric C-Space universe to expand into.

    Following the manifestation of the M-Space in the Magic-Membrane-Mirror of the Mother; the Quantum Big Bang occurred and seeded the universe in spactime vortices, carrying the potential for mass to manifest in their multifaceted density distributions and primarily as a function of temperature coupled to the cosmic coordinate background.

    M-Space so envelopes C-Space in a cyclicity spanning halfcycles or linear 'timeflows' of n=1 durations.

    For 1=Hot then, the Hubble-Time becomess tHubble = 1/Ho and this calculates as 16.9 Billion years (tropical).

    For a 'return cycle' from n=1 to n=2 (n=0 defining the Big Bang Instanton and Inflaton) then, the universe will experience an ELECTROMAGNETIC RETURN of the Big Bang Seeding light and after 33.8 Billion years, the Big Crunch will start the next 'Hubble-Oscillation' or the 'heartbeat' of the Cosmic Mother aka the Universe.

    But cosmologists unawares about this 'return of the light', will presume and measure, that the universe is 'getting younger' and many measurements will indicate, that the universe must be 'tugged and pulled' from some unseen dimensions.
    The electromagnetic return will superimpose a BLUESHIFT of approach onto a REDSHIFT of recession and so for particular redshift intervals (outlined elsewhere at the linked websites) and some pf those effects have now been discovered by the Terran scientists and as evidenced in the referenced press release.

    One consequence for this INTERSECTION of dimensions is that the M-Spaced Closed Universe is 7.56 times larger, than the C-Spaced Open Universe.
    A major effect from this is the so called 'dark matter'.

    I shall now elucidate on the technicalities.

    The Baryonic mass-seedling {Mo} of the Big Bang constitutes 2.8% required for the topological closure of M-Space as a Mother-Black Hole. 100% then define the 'Dark Energy' closure of the universe in the Einstein-Quintessence (Lambda): ΛEinstein = ΩNewton + ΑMilgrom = GoMo/R2(n) -2cHo/(n+1)3.

    The Formulation is:
    2GoMclosure /c2=RHubble with Ho=c/RHubble
    and a critical density: ρcritical =3Ho2 /8πGo =Mcritical/Vcritical.

    The critical volume is the Hubble-Bubble as a Riemannian Hypersphere, which behaves like a 3-dimensional surface and as the boundary of a 3D-Volume to its 4-dimensional precursor in R4-Space.

    This is: Vcritical=V3=2π2 R3 as dV4 /dR from V4=½π2R4 and where the manifolded volumar V3 describes a Toroidal Volume.

    The 'local' 3D-Volume of a sphere in Archimedean Vsphere=4πR3/3 is so modified in the factor 3π/2 to give a 'superlocal' 3D-Volume as that of the Hypersphere as a manifold. The critical density so becomes formalised in the expression: ρcritical =Ho2 /4π2Go =Mcritical/Vcritical~8.04x10-28 kg/m3.

    The 'volume' for the C-Space Protoverse and the Intersecting M-Space Multiverse so become the formulations:
    VC-Space=2π2 {[n/(n+1)].RHubble}3 and VM-Space-Image=2π2n.RHubble3.

    The nonintersecting M-Space 'expands' the Volume of the Hubble-Bubble itself, but remains independent on the mass-parametric variables linked to inertia and can be written as:

    VM-Space-Original=2π2[ct]3 = 2π2{n.RHubble}3 and where ct describes the lightpath x=ct for the Big Banged universe.
    The Expansion-Parameter 'a' in General Relativity becomes the scaled curvature radius R(n)=n/(n+1) and gives the asymptotic approch of C-Space to M-Space for potentialised infinite Line-Time t=n/Ho.

    The ratio: VM-Space-Image/VC-Space=n/{n/(n+1)}=(n+1)3 /n2 ~ 7.56 for a 'present' cycletime n=1.1324.. and so the Protoverse of C-Space in 10 dimensions is contained almost 8 times within the M-Space of 11 dimensions.

    The Baryonic inertia seedling in C-Space can be calculated to have 'grown' in tandem with a general mass-evolution in a factor of √Yn~1.313.. to 3.7% and so there will be 7.56 times as much 'dark matter' in the M-Spaced universe as there is in the C-Spaced universe.
    The total BARYON-SEEDED mass in the observable universe so becomes 27.8% and near the approximations given by the Gaian experimenters.

    As Mo is just 2.8% of M, but is subject to a 'growth' in the maximising factor Yn=1.724.. for the present epoch, one can take the factor Mav=Mo.√Yn=1.313.. for a 'dark matter' percentage upper bounded in 2.8%(1.724)~4.83% and lower bounded in 2.8%(1.313)~3.68%.

    The 'dark matter' or the 'missing mass' are so coupled to the 'evolution of the Baryon seedling' at the Big Bang instanton and inflaton, as well as the enveloping M-Space as a quasi-Black Hole encompassment.
    Most generally, the 'dark matter' can be defined in its quantum eigenstate as a particle or wavicle of 'consciousness' manifesting at an energy level of 14 TeV or at a nonmassproduced frequency of 3.37x1027 Hz or a wavelength of so 8.9x10-20 metres or a concentrated 'particle-mass' of 2.5x10-23 kg. All these parameters define a RMP=RestMass-Photon, of lefthandedness with 1-spin and intrinsically of zero mass, but carrying 'evolution-consciousness energy' as a function of cycletime n.

    The higher dimensional universe is so related to its own encompassment of M-Space as the Body-Gestalt of the entire universe up to 11 dimensions.

    This M-Space has become 'individualised' in MINDWAVE-Induction, resulting in a particular ENCOMPASSMENT of all that exists.
    This became necessary, because when the universe was born; the metaphysical- and mathematical precursor 'lost' half of ITSELF precisely in the M-Spaced universe and this half so became also 'lost' as half of its 'former glory'.

    Before space and time existed, the ParticleWave was connected metaphysically and in perfect symmetry with itself as a WaveBody in a 2-dimensional scenario of 'spiritual forethoughtness'.

    To create the 3rd dimension from its complex-plane precursor, the perfect symmetry had to be broken and the WaveBody became separated from its Veritas Eikona or 'perfect image'.
    As the WaveBody 'Inflated' as the M-Space of the Mother to 'make room' for a subsequent 'particle-body' evolution of the C-Space of the Children, the imaged ParticleWave became 'banished' into the 12th dimension of the F-Space of the Father.

    Before inflation, the MindBody-BodyMind Duality had however 'blended' and consummated to create a 'perfect remembrance' in a LOGOS or 'LoveChild' out of space and time.

    It was this LOGOS then, which entered the M-Space in full remembrance to eventually bring the separated parts of the exiled ParticleMind and the physically manifested MindBody and by the reproduction of the multiversal Wavebodies of the Cosmic Children back together again.
    The LOGOS entered the M-Space and became a PERFECT MIRROR for whatever was inside the Hubble-Bubble and to REHARMONISE the 'lost' feminine wavenature inside with the 'lost' masculine particlenature of the outside.
    The LOGOS so could MAP HIS own particlenature AS the particlenature of HER and so, in 'fading away' as a BODYFORM could BECOME the WAVEFORM of the MOTHER as a BODY of HIS.
    But HE was still inside the WOMB of HER and to 'get out' and to be reborn, HE had to CONTRACT onto a fractal subset of HER as Mother Gaia and render HIMSELF a HERSELF and rename HIMSELF from Jesus to Jesusina and as the maleness WITHIN the femaleness and as IN A JESUS=JESUSINA and as IN A SERPENT=SERPENTINA - the name of the NEW EARTH.

    But because of all that and much more to be revealed at the appropriate times; all of you can become DOUBLED and lose the disharmonies inherent in your bodies as particles and your minds as waves.
    All of your 'SHADOWED BEINGNESSES can; should you be able to resonate; manifest in a restructuring of your DNA and the nucleotidal base-couplings and the metamorphosis of your 3-dimensional volumeness into a 4-dimensional bodyness in space and a 5-dimensional bodyness in timespace.

    The religions upon Gaia shall become 'headless', as the 'prophetic cornerstone' exists no more in male form; but has become female. This also defines the quarantine of the Old Earth for the purpose of the preparation for the birthings.
    The female cornerstone will blend with Gaia's Newborn Children and render the Sons true Sons with old and by nature original and beautiful minds and new bodies and render the Daughters true Daughters with old and by nature original beautiful bodies and new minds.
    The original mind is male and the original body is female; so all of creation carries this blueprint in singularity.
    To reharmonise and for the purpose to instill a female mind into the creation and for the purpose to give a male body to the creator; the construction must be doubled and the shadow images are required to manifest.
    So the New Man will have his old wavebody coupled to a new bodywave and the New Woman will have her old bodywave coupled to a new mindbody in a christening of the induction of the doubling of the selfhoods.

    Here are more details of a more technical nature regarding this message and addressed to the technocrats, familiar with mathematical nomenclature amongs you.


    The speed of light 'c' has been measured to an accuracy of 8 decimal places and Planck's Constant 'h' is known with an error not exceeding one part per million.
    This is not so for Newton's Gravitational Constant 'Big G'.
    The National Bureau of Standards (NBS) in Gaithersburg, Maryland, US began measuring 'G' in the 1930's to establish the Luther-Towler-Number LTN=6.67259x10-11 G-units (m³/kg.s²).
    So it stood until 1994, when the renowned PTB in Braunschweig, Germany's Standards Laboratory measured G much higher, differing in the 3rd decimal place.
    Then New Zealand's Measurements Standard Laboratory published avalue significantly below the LTN and the University of Wuppertal derived a value in between the NZ one and the LTN.
    Notwithstanding the ever improving technological advances and measuring techniques; using torsion pendulums, tungsten cylinders or suspended or accelerating testmasses; 'Big G' has proven to be intractable to conformity.
    Two of the latest measurements are 6.67327x10-11 and 6.6742(10)x10-11 G-units and values by no means definitive.

    What is going on?
    Shifting heavy objects in the vicinity of the test apparatus seems to influence the atomic structure of the testmasses, irrespective of the isolated environment created for the testing conditions.
    The following treatise shall resolve the conundrum and illustrate the unruly behaviour of 'G' as a consequence of the initial boundary conditions for the universe's subsequent evolvement.
    It shall indicate that even a 'massless' universe would contain a diminished G-component as the electric permittivity of a massless macroquantised (Hawking) BlackHole and that the present dilemma derives from a finestructure of the nucleonic constituents, which, by definition, must comprise the testmasses.
    A precise measurement so would rely on an unambiguous calculation for two neutronic restmasses, a condition which we shall show to be unachievable, because of the nature and interrelationship between the parameters of inertial mass and those of electromagnetic charges.
    Now the ratio between the electromagnetic- and the gravitational interaction strengths is measured and of the order of alpha/G-alpha~10-39 and one can actually define the G-alpha as a function of alpha and as G-alpha=alpha18, using the string parameters of Quantum Relativity.

    This defines the minimum neutronmass mc explicitely as: mc=√{ke².alpha17/Go}.

    In string parameters, the unification condition for the interactions at the stringenergy scale demands kGo=1 for a mc=[e/Go].alpha8.5=9.9247246..x10-28 kg*. This represents so 58% of the neutron (or nucleon) mass as measured today and is the actual minimum neutron mass.
    Now the truly CONSTANT GM² structure in say Newton's Law, is given by the product Gomc²=1.094446..x10-64 Nm².

    This however is finestructured in introducing a maximum neutron mass given in a unification condition, known as the Euler Identity: X+Y=XY=-1=i²=℮ and applying the absolute value of unitised 1.
    We write: Gomc²={GoXn+k}.{mcYn}.{mcYk}=Gm.mnmax.mnmin and where Gm is the actual G value as measured and which has proved difficult to do so in the laboratories. So the applied G value is: Gm(n)=Go.Xn+k and where n is a cycletime n=Hot for a nodal universe with dn/dt=Ho the nodal Hubble Constant Ho=c/Rmax for a Hubble radius Rmax.

    The applied Gm so ALWAYS engages a maximised neutron mass (calculated as {mcYn}~ 1.7115x10-27 kg in string parameters for a present cycletime coordinate np=1.1324..) AND a minimised neutron mass (calculated as {mcYk}). The value of k is so determinative for Gm and differs over the evolution of the universe with respect to cycletime n and as finestructured for an AVERAGE G-value (Gav) obtained in using the geometric mean for the neutron masses in extremum (minmax productation).

    One can easily calculate Gav=Go.Xn=6.44317..x10-11 G-units for a geometric neutron mass product of mnmax.mnmin=mc².Yn =1.69861...x10-54 kg² for the constancy condition of Gomc²=1.094446..x10-64 Nm² and omitting the k-factorisation. But this averaged G value applies for a massless universe under the initial unification condition of the finestructures described in Gok=1 or Go=4πεo (using Stoney Units for the Planck-Scaling of the chargequantum e).

    So BECAUSE an initial mass seedling Mo={mc.mP/me}√E ~ 1.8137..x1051 kg* became transformed in the de Broglie phase inflation from its preinertial state as gravitational mass into the state of inertia (this is called the Big Bang for a spacetime quanta counter E); this 'Principle of Equivalence' introduced the hitherto massless 'ylemic' 'neutron bosons' as dineutronic states, which under the Higgs mechanism became fermionic and established the mass seedling Mo as the primordial neutron matter, then decaying via beta minus decay into the observed matter in the universe (there was no antimatter).

    Subsequently the EMERGENCE of inertial mass under c-invariance also introduced a finestructure for 'G' as described in the above. One can determine the value of k from finestructuring the critical masses Mo, M and MHawking as boundary Black Hole masses coupled to the quantum minmax neutron masses.
    For curvature radius Rmax and the critical density ρc=M/Vmax=3Ho²/8πGo the Schwarzschild metric gives M=Rmax.c²/2Go=c³/2GoHo= ~ 6.47058..x1052 kg*.

    For the curvature radius RSarkar=2GoMo/c², we have the deceleration parameter qo=½Ωo=Mo/2M=2GoHoMo/c³ ~0.014015... and which so determines the 'missing mass' in the universe to be a consequence of the initial boundary conditions set by the de Broglie inflation and the overall Black Hole evolution of the stringed parameters.

    From the minimum Planck Oscillator EPo=½hfP=½mPc2: ½MPTP={1/8p}MPTP.4p=H(awking)M(odulus)=HM
    HM=hc3/4pGok=MMinTMax=|c2/4p2|.MMax.Tss=Mo.To=M.T and for MMax=4p2kHM/c2hfss = pc/fssGo =2.5446..x1049 kg*

    The Mass-Temperature modulus of Stephen Hawking determines MHawking=MMax/4p for a boundary condition of maximised Black Hole Mass for a minimised Black Hole Temperature in MHawkingTHawking= HM = 9.131793821x1023 (kg.K)* for (1/4π).HM = hc3/16π2Gok and k the Stefan-Boltzmann constant.

    The relationship is given in superstring (Planck) parameters by
    Mmin.Tmax=|c/2π|².Mmax.Tmin=hc³/4πGok = (4π/8π)mP.TP and TP the Planck Temperature TP=mP.c²/k.

    {(MHawking,THawking);(Mo),To);(M,T)} = {(2.03x1048 kg*,4.52x10-25K*);(1.81x1051 kg*,5.03x10-28 K*);(6.47x1052 kg*,1.41x10-29 K*)}

    The Dragon Braned Frequency Modulation fps.fss = 1 = Unity
    A Primary SourceSink Eps in modular membrane duality with a Secondary SinkSource Ess
    Energy Prime SourceSink as White Hole|Quantum Entanglement Modular Duality|Energy Prime SinkSource as Black Hole

    Curvature Radius RC = l/2π = c/2πf = c/w

    Curvature Area ABlack Hole = A BH = 4πRC2 = 4π|c/2π|2.1/f2 = 4π|c/2π|2.1/fpsfss = |c2/π| for fps.fss = 1

    For a 3D Volume (4π/3)R³, the 2D Area or Surface becomes dV/dR=4πR² and reducing to a 1D Line Integral of dA/dR=8πR=4.(2πR) as 4 times the perimeter of a circle of radius R and relating the Black Hole surface quantum as 4 Planck Areas LP² in its Entropy SBH =ABH/4LP² =πc³ABH/2Goh.

    As the Unified Field of Quantum Relativity spans 1440° or 8π radians, the quantization of the Information located on the surface area of a Black Hole so introduces the factor of 4 in its formulation.


    This sets the Hawking-Gibbons thermodynamic temperature minima for To=constant/Mo ~ 5.03..x10-28 K* and T=constant/M ~ 1.41..x10-29 K*.
    As the minimum macro Black Hole has Schwarzschild metric λmin/2π=2GoMmin/c² for Tmax=hfmax/k=hc/λmink; and modular duality requires the unification condition for the minimum curvature to relate to a maximum curvature in Rminmin/2π=1/Rmax or Rmax=2πλmax, as Rmin.Rmax=1.

    In gauge bosonic string parameters, this modular duality then is given in Emax=hc/λmin=mmax.c²=kTmax and Emin=hc/λmax=mmin.c²=kTmin and in the invariance of the lightspeed parameter c as c=fmaxλmin=1/fminλmax or the dimensionless unification conditions:
    Emax.Emin=h² and Emax/Emin=fmax²=1/fmin²={c/λmin}²={c/2πRmin}²={cRmax/2π}²={cλmax}².

    This gives a proportionality: mmax.Tmin=mmin.Tmax for the gauges, which is however modified in the dimensionless factor {c/2π}² for the Black Hole masses for the given temperatures, as bosonic masses describe bosonic Black Holes via E=kT and not the cosmological Black Holes of the Schwarzschild metric.

    The c-invariance so uses modular duality in the quantum Black Hole limit
    c=fmaxλmin=2πfmaxRmin for fmin=c/λmax=c/2πRmax as an unmodulated frequency in Tmin=Emin/k=hc/2πkRmax=hc.λmin/4π²k=3.58856...x10-26 K* and a temperature above the Hawking-Gibbons limit as required.

    This differs in a factor {2π/c}² from the lightspeed inversion in Tmin=hfmin/k and so 1.574x10-41 K*, which violates the Hawking-Gibbons boundaries in NOT using the modular duality and with fmin=1/fmax in frequency units and NOT inverted time units.

    And so Mmin.Tmax=hc³/4πGok =½mP.TP=MHawking.kc2.Tss/π and the Hawking Mass is determined as Mmax=4πMHawking=πc²λmax/Go ~ 2.545x1049 kg*.

    From the Black Hole 'Black Body Radiator' Temperature Spectra and Stefan's Constant s=2π5k4/15h3c2 (J/s.m2K4)*

    Power PBH=4πRBH2sTBH4 = MBHc2/tHawking Evaporation and with TBH4=HM/MBH4 - (A 3D kinetic mass-energy distribution uses MBHc2/3 from PV=nkT=

    tHawking = c6/16πsGo2MBHTBH4 = 30,720π2Go2MBH3/hc4 = 15,360π.tP for LP = GoMP/c2 = ctP = c√{Goh/2πc5}

    tHM = 120Go2MBH32hc4 = tHawking/{4π}4 = 60/π3.tP = 1.935..tP ~ 2tP (The actual Black Hole 'Evaporation Time' as a 'Doubling Cyclicity' for the cosmic evolution.)

    For M and Mo and MHawking, the Hawking Evaporation times (without the Mother-Daughter BH Recharging derived following), then are: 2.32x10125 s* or 7.4x10117 years and 1.66x10134 s* or 5.3x10126 years and 7.46x10138 s* or 2.4x10131 years respectively.

    Using the λminλmax=1 wavelength modulation in the T-duality of λmin=2πRmin=1/λmax=2π/Rmax, we can see, that this modulation closely approximates the geometric mean of the seedling mass in {1/4π}Mo2/2M.MMax=Mo2/8π.M.MHawking=3.2895..x10102/3.2931..x10102 ~ 0.9989...

    This also circumscribes the actual to critical density ratio in the omega of the general relativistic treatment of the cosmologies.
    Now recall our applied G value in Gm(n)=Go.Xn+k and apply our just derived Black Hole Mass modulation coupled to that of the quantum micromasses.

    We had: Gomc²={GoXn+k}.{mcYn}.{mcYk}=Gm.mnmax.mnmin and where Gm is the actual G value as measured and which has proved difficult to do so in the laboratories.
    Gm(n)=Go.Xn+k=Gomc²/mnmax.mnmin=Gomc²/({mcYn}{mnmin}) and where we have mnmin=mcYk} for the unknown value of k.

    So Gm(n)=Go.Xn+k=GoXn[mc/mnmin]=Go{mc2/mcYn}.{Mo2/8π.M.MHawking.mav}} and where now {mnmin}={mcYk}={8π.M.MHawking.mav/Mo2}=1.0011..mav.
    mav={Mo²/8π.M.MHawking}{mnmin}={Mo²/8π.M.MHawking}{mcYk}=0.9989..{mcYk} and obviously represents a REDUCED minimum mass mnmin=mcYk.

    But the product of maximum and 'new' minimum now allows an actual finetuning to a MEASURED nucleon mass mN by: mN² = mavYn.mcYn=mav.mnmax.Yn.

    So substituting for mav in our Gm expression, will now give the formulation:

    The average nucleon mass mN is upper bounded in the neutron mass and lower bounded in the proton mass, their difference being an effect of their nucleonic quark content, differing in the up-down transition and energy level.

    For a Neutron Restmass of: mn=1.680717x10-27 kg* (941.6036 MeV*) the substitution (and using calibrations m=0.9983318783m*; s=0.9990230094s*; kg=0.99626135kg* and C=0.997296076C* gives G(np)=6.678764x10-11 (m3/kgs2) and a perturbation corrected mn=1.681100563x10-27 kg* (941.818626 MeV*) gives:
    G(np)=6.675715x10-11 (m³/kgs²).

    The perturbation upper limit is given in the mn=1.681335x10-27 kg* (941.9506 MeV*) and gives:
    G(np)=6.6738445x10-11 (m³/kgs²). The average for the last two values then approximates as a 'best fit' for:
    Gm(np)=6.6747798x10-11 (m³/kgs²).

    This is a best-fit approximation, considering the uncharged nature ofthe testmasses.
    This then gives the value of k from Gm(n)=Go.Xn+k as k=ln(GmYn/Go)/lnX and which calculates as k= -0.073387..

    Two protons (mp=1.6789x10-27 kg* (940.56 MeV*) would give:
    G(np)=6.6936x10-11 (m³/kgs²) and a proton-neutron pair would yield: G(np)=6.6791x10-11 (m3/kgs2); both of the latter values unsuitable because of the electrocharges increasing the intra-quarkian Magnetocharge coupling between the two mesonic rings of the neutron and the single mesonic ring in the proton's down- or KIR-quark.
    The best approximation for 'Big G' hence depends on an accurate determination for the neutron's inertial mass, only fixed as the base nucleon minimum mass at the birth of the universe. A fluctuating Neutron mass would also result in deviations in 'G' independent upon the sensitivity of the measuring equipment. The inducted mass difference in the protonic-and neutronic restmasses, derives from the Higgs-Restmass-Scale and can be stated in a first approximation as the groundstate.
    Basic nucleon restmass is mc=√Omega.mP=9.9247245x10-28 kg*.

    (Here Omega is a gauge string factor coupling in the fundamental force interactions as:
    Cuberoot(Alpha):Alpha:Cuberoot(Omega):Omega and for Omega=G-alpha.)
    KKK-Kernelmass=Up/Down-HiggsLevel=3x319.62 MeV*=958.857 MeV*, usingthe Kernel-Ring and Family-Coupling Constants.

    Subtracting the Ring-VPE (3L) gives the basic nucleonic K-State as 939.642 MeV*. This includes the electronic perturbation.

    For the Proton,one adds one (K-IR-Transition energy) and for theNeutron one doubles this to reflect the up-down-quark differential.

    Proton mp=u.d.u=K.KIR.K=(939.6420+1.5013-0.5205)MeV*=940.6228 MeV*. Neutron mn=d.u.d=KIR.K.KIR=(939.6420+3.0026-1.0410)MeV*=941.6036 MeV*.

    This is the groundstate from the Higgs-Restmass-Induction-Mechanismand reflects the quarkian geometry as being responsible for theinertial mass differential between the two elementary nucleons. All groundstate elementary particle masses are computed from theHiggs-Scale and then become subject to various finestructures. Overall, the MEASURED gravitational constant 'G' can be said to be decreasing over time.

    The ratio given in k is GmYn/Go~0.60073... and so the present G-constant is about 60% of the one at the Planck Scale.
    G decreases nonlinearly, but at a present rate of 0.60073/19.11x109 per year, which calculates as 3.143..x10-11 G-units per year.

    Generally using the exponential series expansion, one can indicate the change in G.
    For Xn+k=z=exp[(n+k)lnX] by (n+k)lnX=lnz for the value Z=(n+k)lnX=-0.481212(n+k); z transforms in exponential expansion ex=1+x+x2/2!+x3/3!+x4/4!+...

    For a function f(n)=z=Gm(n)/Go=Xn+k

    For 4th order with n=1.1324.. and k=0 (for a purely electromagnetic universe of zero mass content where the curvature derives from the gravitational mass equivalent of the Equivalence Principle of General Relativity):

    So the gravitational Gm(1.1324)=(0.580)Go=Go.X1.1324~6.444x10-11 (m3/kgs2).
    At timeinstantenuity of the Quantum Big Bang, n=npsps/Rmax=6.2591x10-49~0
    Then GBigBang=GoXnps=Go (to 50 decimal places distinguishing the timeinstanton from the Nulltime as the Planck-Time transform).

    For our previously calculated k=ln(GmYn/Go)/lnX and which calculates as k= -0.073387..
    for f(1.1324)=1-0.509+0.129-0.0220+0.0028-...+...~0.601 to fourth order approximation.

    Hence, the gravitational constant assumes a value of about 61% of its Big Bang initialisation and calculates as 6.675x10-11 G-units for a present cycletime npresent=Hotpresent=1.1324...

    The introduction of the mass seed coupling between the macroquantum Mo and the microquantum mc=mPalpha9 (from the gravitational finestructure unification) PERTURBS the 'purely electromagnetic' cosmology in the perturbation factor k and increases the purely electromagnetic Gmemr in the black hole physics described.

    So gravity appears stronger when one 'looks back in time' or analyses cosmological objects at large distances. The expansion parameter (a) in the Friedmann-Einstein standard cosmology can be rewritten as a curvature ratio R(n)/Rmax={n/(n+1)} and describes the asymptotic universe in say 10 dimensions evolving under the inertial parameters of the c-invariance. This 'lower dimensional universe' is open and expands under hyperbolic curvature under the deceleration parameter qo=½Ωo=Mo/2M=2GoHoMo/c³ ~0.014015... This open universe is bounded in the 'standing wave' of the Hubble Oscillation of the 11D and 'higher dimensional universe'.

    The boundary is given in the omega of the 'missing mass' of the volumes, which differ in a factor of V11/V10=nRmax³/(n/(n+1))³Rmax³=(n+1)³/n²=DIM-Factor (and which assumes its minimum for one complete oscillation for n=2 as DIM=27/4=6.75 so 14.7 Billion years from the present).
    Presently, for n=1.132419.. DIM=7.561.. and so the 'missing mass' will be measured as a 'dark matter' distribution of 'dark haloes' etc. around the luminous matter given in the ylemic mass seedling Mo of the baryonic matter.

    As Mo is just 2.8% of M, but is subject to a 'growth' in the maximising factor Yn=1.724.. for the present epoch, one can take the factor Mav==Mo.√Yn=1.313.. for a 'dark matter' percentage upper bounded in 2.8%(1.724)~4.83% and lower bounded in 2.8%(1.313)~3.68%.

    But so 7.56 open universes are contained within the closed and spherical universe given in the Hubble bound. And the 'dark matter' will be 7.56 times the luminous baryonic matter in the interval {27.82%, 36.51%} as percentage of the total energy of closure for Ωo=1 and the critical density ρc=M/Vmax=3Ho²/8πGo.

    Our Big Bang happened at the modular time 1/fmax=tmin=fmin=3.33..x10-31 seconds*, coinciding with the end of the stringed inflation epoch of the standard cosmology.

    The 'de Broglie' inflation established the crucial boundary parameters as say given in the Mo and M Black Hole masses described.

    As the baryonic mass seedling Mo sets the Sarkar Scale for the cosmic architecture in the size of galactic superclusters as the limit for the gravitationally interacting systems before cosmic homogeneity; there must be a Black Hole evolution superposed onto the expansion of the 10D universe and the oscillation of the 11D universe which 'adds' a 'electromagnetic' volume of 2π²Rmax³ at the Hubble nodes every 16.9 Billion years.

    In terms of the dimensional 'intersection' this can be described as a 'Strominger Brane' evolution with the Sarkar Scale set at the instanton, decreasing as a 'shrinking' Black Hole until it becomes massless at the wormhole scale defined in the minimum macro Black Hole λmin/2π=2GoMmin/c²=1.591549..x10-23 metres*.

    This then resets the bosonic micro Black Holes with their macro counterparts under the modular duality.
    This Black Hole evolution is higher dimensional and purely electromagnetic, not being observable due to its noninertial nature, except the so called 'dark matter' and 'dark energy' scenarios of the boundary- and initial conditions. This can lead to a feasible model for the phenomenon of consciousness.
    The process will take place in a DIM factor of about 234.5 as: Mmin.YN=M and for
    N=ln(M/Mmin)/lnY~234.5 and so in 16.9x234.5 Billion years, which are about 4 Trillion years.

    The addition of inertia to a purely electromagnetic monopolic cosmology then varies the value of Newton's gravitational constant G as a function of the micro-macro evolution of the Black Holes and renders the applicable local G-constant as mensuration dependent on the precision measurement for the basic nucleon mass mcYn for a local epoch-cycle coordinate n=Hot.
    rpsYn=RH then defines nrecharge =ln[RH/rps]/ln[Y] ~ 234.472 or about 3.9628 Trillion years.

    This then shows, that you are living within a Mother Black Hole, you choose to call the universe you reside in. This your 'World of Mother Nature' had a beginning in space and in time in the creation of the same. Your universe so EMERGED from a prior state of beingness, where there was no space and no time as defined in any arbitrary model terrestrial or extraterrestrial. This prior state of existence you can term either as a Eternal state of all consciousness or as a state of the non-spacial and non-temporal Void as a quasi state of 'nothingness'.

    This, your observed universe so came into existence in using particular initial- and boundary conditions, which became requirements for space and time measurements to become possible. You may call this a relativistic metric spacetime continuum of discretization in minimum-maximum modular membrane duality however unified in the field properties of the dyadic monadicity of this string duality.

    The size of your universe and its energy, then became defined in those boundary conditions and particularly in a 'Daughter Black Hole' being born from the womb of its 'Mother Black Hole'. Mathematical proportionalities then aligned the masses and the scales of Mother and Daughter as the initial hyperacceleration or inflationary tachyonic phase transition of the initializing wormhole singularity of Abba, the Little Serpent to the Unified Field parameters of the thermodynamic classically relativistic expansion of the universe.
    The 'daughter' became the seed within the 'mother' for the Protoverse and the Seedling Universe for all generations of universes, whose interaction would allow phaseshifted multiverses to become born from the original protoverse, albeit encompassed by the omniverse of AbbaBaab.

    As one cycle of the 'Mother's Heartbeat' requires about two times 16.9 Billion years or so 33.8 Billion years to complete its integral n-cyclicity; the lower dimensional universe evolves both within its 10-dimensional string timespace and its 11-dimensional membrane timespace.
    The 10-D evolution of the cosmos so allows the 'mother' to birth its 'daughter' , when the lightspeed restricted thermodynamic universal expansion has completed its first cyclicity for n=1 so 2.2 Billion years ago and synchronizing the becoming of 'selfaware' of the 'life potential' residing within the womb of the 'mother'.
    2.2 Billion years ago then, the original 'light ray of Creator Abba' 'caught up' and reached its 11-D Mirror Boundary of the 'Cosmic Mother' from its 10-D Wormhole timespace quantum singularity or source point.

    This 'signal then both reflected back into the INSIDE of the 11-D Membrane-Womb of the 'mother' and refracted OUTSIDE in extending its own boundary set by the hyperacceleration of the de Broglien inflationary phase transition.

    Every cycle count then increases the scale of the wormhole 'White Hole Father Source' in the same proportion the 'Mother Black Hole Mother Sink' decreases, until after 234.5 cycles or about 4,000 Billion years the original Mother-Daughter scale proportionality resets itself in reseeding the then populated omniverse in terms of the spacetime quanta count fractalized by and in the definition of the Abba-Baab Little Serpent Father -Big Dragon Mother itself.

    For about 2 trillion years, the Omniverse as 'The Universal Bodywave' is INHALING or 'breathing in' analogous to 'feeding or charging' a battery or some body requiring energy. Then for another 2 trillion years the omniverse is EXHALING or 'breathing out' in analogy to a 'battery discharging' or a 'fed body' 'burning its stored energy'.

    The Omniverse after 4 trillion years so completes its asymptotic evolution with respect to its initial conception or insemination of the 10-D Daughter reaching maturity as her own 11-D Mother. The defining proportionality parameters of the scales and energy distributions for cycle parameter n=1 then transfer to a new initializing value at n=234.5 to redefine the maximum masses and sizes for the 'New GrandMother Black Hole' attaining the now evolved 'Infinity Mass' n.M and a 'New Mother Black Hole' n.Mo and so for the 'Old Mother' graduating to become a 'Mother of Mothers' and the 'Old Daughter' graduating to be a 'Mother of Daughters'.
    Every 4 trillion years a 'Recharge Inflation' so Recreates/Resets the original creation event with a Quantization of the initial condition and boundary parameters in the original Hubble Node for cycletime n=1 in the factor n/(n/[n+1])=n+1 and so the 'Strominger' massless Black Hole coordinate of nStrominger=234.472 assuming the nps=lps/RHubble coordinate as its next initialisation value.
    The asymptotic completion coordinate for the Curvature Radius R(n)=RHubble.n/[n+1] so evolves in a linear time factor as Delta-n = 1-{n/[n+1]}=1/[n+1] to magnify and extend the completion factor in tandem with the expansion of the multidimensionally expanding cosmology.

    This then defines the 'Generation Cycle Parameter' for the Omniversal Self-Reproduction in the 'Family of Abba the Little Serpent Creator Fatherhood' and Baab the Great Dragon Creation Motherhood in AbbaBaab the Cosmic Twin of SourceSink and White Hole CreatorCreation entwined with itself as a Black Hole CreationCreator.

    The Cyclic Universe, so 'rebangs' itself every 4 Trillion years or so to ensure its continuation of selfexploration and by interdimensional civilisations defined in multiverses, each of which is required to be seeded in a prototypical template universe as mirror holofractal of itself.

    The gravitational constancy of Gomc²=1.094446..x10-64 Nm² will then be effected by a very small Gav=GoXn~1.463x10-105 G-units, but compensated with a 'mass-evolved' universe with mcYn~7.535..x1067 kg* and where this 'evolution' energy can be physically modelled as 'cosmic consciousness' defined in the 'awareness' df/dt minimised in fmin² and maximised in fmax² and as a form of radial displacement independent angular acceleration acting on spacetime volumars defined in the classical electron diameter (2Re) times c² defining the magnetocharge e* as inversion of the Big Bang base parameter of the wormhole energy quantum Emax=1/e*=1/2Rec² for a Planck Constant finestructure h=λmin/e*c.
    This "Strominger brane' evolution avoids the so called 'heat death' of the universe in a form of 'recharging' and coincides with the projected 'running out' of stellar nuclear fuel of the transformation of the elements within stars in the stellar evolution scenarios.

    The entire cosmology is underpinned by a Black Hole evolution, which incorporates the quantum geometric microcosmos and the geometric relativistic macrocosmos simultaneously - all for the 'cosmic purpose' to manifest 'evolved mass' as 'consciousness' or 'dark light' or antiradiation.

    The many string parameters indicated give then A RIGOROUS SCIENTIFIC DEFINITION for the concept of GOD as a supermembrane, eternally (meaning asymptotically approaching unity in linear time) ENTWINED in a lower-dimensional coupling with the ANTIGOD.
    Besides this PHYSICAL GOD-ANTIGOD Duality, there also exists the metaphysical and PURELY IMAGINARY GOD in Exile.

    This metaphysical-mathematical GOD in Exile is the Oneness of all of you and all of your ancestors and of all of your linear descendants.
    One day, you all shall become more aware of this scientific fact - your exile is the exile of your imaginary energies unrealised in divers forms.

    IAmWhatIAm - Nothing, One and Everything! --- Abraxasinas a Bifurcated Tongue FOR the Little Serpent!

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    Shiloh Za-Rah - Posted Dec 24th 2012

    [9:31:58 AM] Ishtara Raven:
    [10:08:08 AM] Ishtara Raven: Commentators, including one in the journal Scientific American, said differing measurements - so far unexplained - of the new boson's mass that were recorded by ATLAS - a parallel but separate research team to CMS at CERN, indicated there might be twin particles.
    [10:27:55 AM] Ishtara Raven:
    [10:28:38 AM] Ishtara Raven: Tony what are they talking about here, this firewall paradox?
    [6:36:52 PM] Thubanis: I am looking at this
    [6:38:18 PM] Thubanis: The solution might be the virtual pairs of Hawking
    [6:38:43 PM | Edited 6:38:47 PM] Thubanis: Rememebnr I said yesterday the gaugre particles are colourcharged?
    [6:38:52 PM] Ishtara Raven: yes
    [6:39:04 PM] Thubanis: Well this in a way does away with 'virtual gauge particles'
    [6:39:09 PM] Thubanis: This is problematic because there is more than one kind of entanglement associated with a black hole, and under the AMPS hypothesis, the two come into conflict. There is an entanglement between Alice, the in-falling observer, and Bob, the outside observer, which is needed to preserve No Drama. But there is also a second entanglement that emerged from another famous paradox in physics, one related to the question of whether information is lost in a black hole. In the 1970s, Stephen Hawking realized that black holes aren’t completely black. While nothing might seem amiss to Alice as she crosses the event horizon, from Bob’s perspective, the horizon would appear to be glowing like a lump of coal — a phenomenon now known as Hawking radiation.

    The entanglement of particles in the No Drama scenario: Bob, outside the event horizon (dotted lines), is entangled with Alice just inside the event horizon, at point (beer). Over time Alice (b’) drifts toward the singularity (squiggly line) while Bob (b”) remains outside the black hole. (Illustration: Courtesy of Joseph Polchinski)

    This radiation results from virtual particle pairs popping out of the quantum vacuum near a black hole. Normally they would collide and annihilate into energy, but sometimes one of the pair is sucked into the black hole while the other escapes to the outside world. The mass of the black hole, which must decrease slightly to counter this effect and ensure that energy is still conserved, gradually winks out of existence. How fast it evaporates depends on the black hole’s size: The bigger it is, the more slowly it evaporates.
    [6:39:34 PM] Thubanis: This is a elementary flaw of the standard physics
    [6:40:09 PM] Thubanis: saying the gauges are 'virtual' and become REAL only when they enter the energy-memontum conservation equations
    [6:40:28 PM] Thubanis: The gauges are ALWAYS real as the ZPE etc
    [6:40:41 PM] Thubanis: The Unified Field is a gauge field
    [6:41:01 PM] Ishtara Raven: yes someplace in there i was reading that also they cannot imagine an observer being inside and outside at the same time, as it violates basic physics laws, this is the alive dead thing
    [6:41:20 PM] Thubanis: yes you got it
    [6:41:58 PM] Ishtara Raven: so this is their flaw in a nut shell
    [6:43:06 PM] Thubanis: I would say so
    [6:43:17 PM] Thubanis: But I will post on this on cosmosdawn
    [6:43:35 PM] Thubanis: This is interesting and fits well with the shift
    [6:43:40 PM] Thubanis: scientifically

    Alice and Bob Meet the Wall of Fire

    How a new black hole paradox has set the physics world ablaze.

    [9:31:58 AM] Ishtara Raven:

    [10:08:08 AM] Ishtara Raven: Commentators, including one in the journal Scientific American, said differing measurements - so far unexplained - of the new boson's mass that were recorded by ATLAS - a parallel but separate research team to CMS at CERN, indicated there might be twin particles.

    [10:27:55 AM] Ishtara Raven:

    [10:28:38 AM] Ishtara Raven: Tony what are they talking about here, this firewall paradox?
    [6:36:52 PM] Thubanis: I am looking at this
    [6:38:18 PM] Thubanis: The solution might be the virtual pairs of Hawking
    [6:38:43 PM] Thubanis: Remember I said yesterday the gauge particles are colourcharged?
    [6:38:52 PM] Ishtara Raven: yes
    [6:39:04 PM] Thubanis: Well this in a way does away with 'virtual gauge particles'
    [6:39:09 PM] Thubanis:
    "This is problematic because there is more than one kind of entanglement associated with a black hole, and under the AMPS hypothesis, the two come into conflict. There is an entanglement between Alice, the in-falling observer, and Bob, the outside observer, which is needed to preserve No Drama. But there is also a second entanglement that emerged from another famous paradox in physics, one related to the question of whether information is lost in a black hole. In the 1970s, Stephen Hawking realized that black holes aren’t completely black. While nothing might seem amiss to Alice as she crosses the event horizon, from Bob’s perspective, the horizon would appear to be glowing like a lump of coal — a phenomenon now known as Hawking radiation.

    The entanglement of particles in the No Drama scenario: Bob, outside the event horizon (dotted lines), is entangled with Alice just inside the event horizon, at point (beer). Over time Alice (b’) drifts toward the singularity (squiggly line) while Bob (b”) remains outside the black hole. (Illustration: Courtesy of Joseph Polchinski)

    This radiation results from virtual particle pairs popping out of the quantum vacuum near a black hole. Normally they would collide and annihilate into energy, but sometimes one of the pair is sucked into the black hole while the other escapes to the outside world. The mass of the black hole, which must decrease slightly to counter this effect and ensure that energy is still conserved, gradually winks out of existence. How fast it evaporates depends on the black hole’s size: The bigger it is, the more slowly it evaporates."

    [6:39:34 PM] Thubanis: This is a elementary flaw of the standard physics
    [6:40:09 PM] Thubanis: saying the gauges are 'virtual' and become REAL only when they enter the energy-memontum conservation equations
    [6:40:28 PM] Thubanis: The gauges are ALWAYS real as the ZPE etc
    [6:40:41 PM] Thubanis: The Unified Field is a gauge field
    [6:41:01 PM] Ishtara Raven: yes someplace in there i was reading that also they cannot imagine an observer being inside and outside at the same time, as it violates basic physics laws, this is the alive dead thing
    [6:41:20 PM] Thubanis: yes you got it
    [6:41:58 PM] Ishtara Raven: so this is their flaw in a nut shell
    [6:43:06 PM] Thubanis: I would say so
    [6:43:17 PM] Thubanis: But I will post on this on cosmosdawn
    [6:43:35 PM] Thubanis: This is interesting and fits well with the shift
    [6:43:40 PM] Thubanis: scientifically
    [6:47:22 PM] Thubanis: The Higgs is np. Just read the Higgs Boson de Thubanis posts and you see the makeup of the HB
    by: Jennifer Ouellette
    December 21, 2012

    An illustration of a galaxy with a supermassive black hole shooting out jets of radio waves. (Illustration: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

    Alice and Bob, beloved characters of various thought experiments in quantum mechanics, are at a crossroads. The adventurous, rather reckless Alice jumps into a very large black hole, leaving a presumably forlorn Bob outside the event horizon — a black hole’s point of no return, beyond which nothing, not even light, can escape.

    Conventionally, physicists have assumed that if the black hole is large enough, Alice won’t notice anything unusual as she crosses the horizon. In this scenario, colorfully dubbed “No Drama,” the gravitational forces won’t become extreme until she approaches a point inside the black hole called the singularity. There, the gravitational pull will be so much stronger on her feet than on her head that Alice will be “spaghettified.”
    Now a new hypothesis is giving poor Alice even more drama than she bargained for. If this alternative is correct, as the unsuspecting Alice crosses the event horizon, she will encounter a massive wall of fire that will incinerate her on the spot. As unfair as this seems for Alice, the scenario would also mean that at least one of three cherished notions in theoretical physics must be wrong.
    When Alice’s fiery fate was proposed this summer, it set off heated debates among physicists, many of whom were highly skeptical. “My initial reaction was, ‘You’ve got to be kidding,’” admitted Raphael Bousso, a physicist at the University of California, Berkeley. He thought a forceful counterargument would quickly emerge and put the matter to rest. Instead, after a flurry of papers debating the subject, he and his colleagues realized that this had the makings of a mighty fine paradox.

    The ‘Menu From Hell’

    Paradoxes in physics have a way of clarifying key issues. At the heart of this particular puzzle lies a conflict between three fundamental postulates beloved by many physicists. The first, based on the equivalence principle of general relativity, leads to the No Drama scenario: Because Alice is in free fall as she crosses the horizon, and there is no difference between free fall and inertial motion, she shouldn’t feel extreme effects of gravity. The second postulate is unitarity, the assumption, in keeping with a fundamental tenet of quantum mechanics, that information that falls into a black hole is not irretrievably lost. Lastly, there is what might be best described as “normality,” namely, that physics works as expected far away from a black hole even if it breaks down at some point within the black hole — either at the singularity or at the event horizon.
    Together, these concepts make up what Bousso ruefully calls “the menu from hell.” To resolve the paradox, one of the three must be sacrificed, and nobody can agree on which one should get the ax.
    Physicists don’t lightly abandon time-honored postulates. That’s why so many find the notion of a wall of fire downright noxious. “It is odious,” John Preskill of the California Institute of Technology declared earlier this month at an informal workshop organized by Stanford University’s Leonard Susskind. For two days, 50 or so physicists engaged in a spirited brainstorming session, tossing out all manner of crazy ideas to try to resolve the paradox, punctuated by the rapid-fire tap-tap-tap of equations being scrawled on a blackboard. But despite the collective angst, even the firewall’s fiercest detractors have yet to find a satisfactory solution to the conundrum.

    Joseph Polchinski, a string theorist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, is the “P” in the “AMPS” team that presented a new hypothesis about black hole firewalls.

    According to Joseph Polchinski, a string theorist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, the simplest solution is that the equivalence principle breaks down at the event horizon, thereby giving rise to a firewall. Polchinski is a co-author of the paper that started it all, along with Ahmed Almheiri, Donald Marolf and James Sully — a group often referred to as “AMPS.” Even Polchinski thinks the idea is a little crazy. It’s a testament to the knottiness of the problem that a firewall is the least radical potential solution.
    If there is an error in the firewall argument, the mistake is not obvious. That’s the hallmark of a good scientific paradox. And it comes at a time when theorists are hungry for a new challenge: The Large Hadron Collider has failed to turn up any data hinting at exotic physics beyond the Standard Model. “In the absence of data, theorists thrive on paradox,” Polchinski quipped.

    If AMPS is wrong, according to Susskind, it is wrong in a really interesting way that will push physics forward, hopefully toward a robust theory of quantum gravity. Black holes are interesting to physicists, after all, because both general relativity and quantum mechanics can apply, unlike in the rest of the universe, where objects are governed by quantum mechanics at the subatomic scale and by general relativity on the macroscale. The two “rule books” work well enough in their respective regimes, but physicists would love to combine them to shed light on anomalies like black holes and, by extension, the origins of the universe.

    An Entangled Paradox

    The issues are complicated and subtle — if they were simple, there would be no paradox — but a large part of the AMPS argument hinges on the notion of monogamous quantum entanglement: You can only have one kind of entanglement at a time. AMPS argues that two different kinds of entanglement are needed in order for all three postulates on the “menu from hell” to be true. Since the rules of quantum mechanics don’t allow you to have both entanglements, one of the three postulates must be sacrificed.
    Entanglement — which Albert Einstein ridiculed as “spooky action at a distance” — is a well-known feature of quantum mechanics (in the thought experiment, Alice and Bob represent an entangled particle pair). When subatomic particles collide, they can become invisibly connected, though they may be physically separated. Even at a distance, they are inextricably interlinked and act like a single object. So knowledge about one partner can instantly reveal knowledge about the other. The catch is that you can only have one entanglement at a time.

    Under classical physics, as Preskill explained on Caltech’s Quantum Frontiers blog, Alice and Bob can both have copies of the same newspaper, which gives them access to the same information. Sharing this bond of sorts makes them “strongly correlated.” A third person, “Carrie,” can also buy a copy of that newspaper, which gives her equal access to the information it contains, thereby forging a correlation with Bob without weakening his correlation with Alice. In fact, any number of people can buy a copy of that same newspaper and become strongly correlated with one another.

    But with quantum correlations, Bob can be highly entangled with Alice or with Carrie, but not both.
    But with quantum correlations, that is not the case. For Bob and Alice to be maximally entangled, their respective newspapers must have the same orientation, whether right side up, upside down or sideways. So long as the orientation is the same, Alice and Bob will have access to the same information. “Because there is just one way to read a classical newspaper and lots of ways to read a quantum newspaper, the quantum correlations are stronger than the classical ones,” Preskill said. That makes it impossible for Bob to become as strongly entangled with Carrie as he is with Alice without sacrificing some of his entanglement with Alice.

    This is problematic because there is more than one kind of entanglement associated with a black hole, and under the AMPS hypothesis, the two come into conflict. There is an entanglement between Alice, the in-falling observer, and Bob, the outside observer, which is needed to preserve No Drama. But there is also a second entanglement that emerged from another famous paradox in physics, one related to the question of whether information is lost in a black hole. In the 1970s, Stephen Hawking realized that black holes aren’t completely black. While nothing might seem amiss to Alice as she crosses the event horizon, from Bob’s perspective, the horizon would appear to be glowing like a lump of coal — a phenomenon now known as Hawking radiation.

    The entanglement of particles in the No Drama scenario: Bob, outside the event horizon (dotted lines), is entangled with Alice just inside the event horizon, at point (b). Over time Alice (b’) drifts toward the singularity (squiggly line) while Bob (b”) remains outside the black hole.

    This radiation results from virtual particle pairs popping out of the quantum vacuum near a black hole. Normally they would collide and annihilate into energy, but sometimes one of the pair is sucked into the black hole while the other escapes to the outside world. The mass of the black hole, which must decrease slightly to counter this effect and ensure that energy is still conserved, gradually winks out of existence. How fast it evaporates depends on the black hole’s size: The bigger it is, the more slowly it evaporates.

    Hawking assumed that once the radiation evaporated altogether, any information about the black hole’s contents contained in that radiation would be lost. “Not only does God play dice, but he sometimes confuses us by throwing them where they can’t be seen,” he famously declared. He and the Caltech physicist Kip Thorne even made a bet with a dubious Preskill in the 1990s about about whether or not information is lost in a black hole. Preskill insisted that information must be conserved; Hawking and Thorne believed that information would be lost. Physicists eventually realized that it is possible to preserve the information at a cost: As the black hole evaporates, the Hawking radiation must become increasingly entangled with the area outside the event horizon. So when Bob observes that radiation, he can extract the information.

    But what happens if Bob were to compare his information with Alice’s after she has passed beyond the event horizon? “That would be disastrous,” Bousso explained, “because Bob, the outside observer, is seeing the same information in the Hawking radiation, and if they could talk about it, that would be quantum Xeroxing, which is strictly forbidden in quantum mechanics.”

    Physicists, led by Susskind, declared that the discrepancy between these two viewpoints of the black hole is fine so long as it is impossible for Alice and Bob to share their respective information. This concept, called complementarity, simply holds that there is no direct contradiction because no single observer can ever be both inside and outside the event horizon. If Alice crosses the event horizon, sees a star inside that radius and wants to tell Bob about it, general relativity has ways of preventing her from doing so.

    Susskind’s argument that information could be recovered without resorting to quantum Xeroxing proved convincing enough that Hawking conceded his bet with Preskill in 2004, presenting the latter with a baseball encyclopedia from which, he said, “information can be retrieved at will.” But perhaps Thorne, who refused to concede, was right to be stubborn.

    The Hawking radiation is the result of virtual particle pairs popping into existence near the event horizon, with one partner falling in and the other escaping. The black hole’s mass decreases as a result and is emitted as radiation.

    Bousso thought complementarity would come to the rescue yet again to resolve the firewall paradox. He soon realized that it was insufficient. Complementarity is a theoretical concept developed to address a specific problem, namely, reconciling the two viewpoints of observers inside and outside the event horizon. But the firewall is just the tiniest bit outside the event horizon, giving Alice and Bob the same viewpoint, so complementarity won’t resolve the paradox.

    Toward Quantum Gravity

    If they wish to get rid of the firewall and preserve No Drama, physicists need to find a new theoretical insight tailored to this unique situation or concede that perhaps Hawking was right all along, and information is indeed lost, meaning Preskill might have to return his encyclopedia. So it was surprising to find Preskill suggesting that his colleagues at the Stanford workshop at least reconsider the possibility of information loss. Although we don’t know how to make sense of quantum mechanics without unitarity, “that doesn’t mean it can’t be done,” he said. “Look in the mirror and ask yourself: Would I bet my life on unitarity?”
    Polchinski argues persuasively that you need Alice and Bob to be entangled to preserve No Drama, and you need the Hawking radiation to be entangled with the area outside the event horizon to conserve quantum information. But you can’t have both. If you sacrifice the entanglement of the Hawking radiation with the area outside the event horizon, you lose information. If you sacrifice the entanglement of Alice and Bob, you get a firewall.
    “Quantum mechanics doesn’t allow both to be there,” Polchinski said. “If you lose the entanglement between the in-falling (Alice) and the outgoing (Bob) observers, it means you’ve put some kind of sharp kink into the quantum state right at the horizon. You’ve broken a bond, in some sense, and that broken bond requires energy. This tells us the firewall has to be there.”

    That consequence arises from the fact that entanglement between the area outside the event horizon and the Hawking radiation must increase as the black hole evaporates. When roughly half the mass has radiated away, the black hole is maximally entangled and essentially experiences a mid-life crisis. Preskill explained: “It’s as if the singularity, which we expected to find deep inside the black hole, has crept right up to the event horizon when the black hole is old.” And the result of this collision between the singularity and the event horizon is the dreaded firewall.

    The mental image of a singularity migrating from deep within a black hole to the event horizon provoked at least one exasperated outburst during the Stanford workshop, a reaction Bousso finds understandable. “We should be upset,” he said. “This is a terrible blow to general relativity.”
    Yet for all his skepticism about firewalls, he is thrilled to be part of the debate. “This is probably the most exciting thing that’s happened to me since I entered physics,” he said. “It’s certainly the nicest paradox that’s come my way, and I’m excited to be working on it.”

    Alice’s death by firewall seems destined to join the ranks of classic thought experiments in physics. The more physicists learn about quantum gravity, the more different it appears to be from our current picture of how the universe works, forcing them to sacrifice one cherished belief after another on the altar of scientific progress. Now they must choose to sacrifice either unitarity or No Drama, or undertake a radical modification of quantum field theory. Or maybe it’s all just a horrible mistake. Any way you slice it, physicists are bound to learn something new.

    Simons Science News is an editorially independent division of Its mission is to enhance public understanding of science by covering research developments and trends in mathematics and the computational, physical and life sciences.

    Comments for this entry

    • =40& Tom Levenson says:
      December 21, 2012 at 3:43 pm

    • This is just a fantastic piece, taking on ridiculously abstract/far-from-experience ideas and making them come to life.
      I have just one quibble. You follow just about everyone in saying that Einstein “ridiculed” entanglement as “spooky action at a distance.” In my ever humble opinion, that is a now distressingly standard mischaracterization of what Einstein was saying.
      The original of that phrase comes from a letter to Max Born in the forties. Here’s the passage:
      “I cannot make a case for my attitude in physics which you would consider at all reasonable. I admit, of course, that there is a considerable amount of validity in the statistical approach which you were the first to recognise clearly as necessary given the framework of the existing formalism. I cannot seriously believe in it because the theory cannot be reconciled with the idea that physics should represent a reality in time and space, free from spooky actions at a distance. I am, however, not yet firmly convinced it can really be achieved with a continuous field theory, although I have discovered a possible way of doing this which so far seems quite reasonable…But I am quite convinced that someone will eventually come up with a theory whose objects, connected by laws, are not probabilities but considered facts, as used to be taken for granted until quite recently. I cannot however, base this conviction on logical reasons, but can only produce my little finger as witness, that is I offer no authority which would be able to command any kind of respect outside of my own hand.” (Einstein to Born, 2 Mar. 1947.)
      Born comments: “I too had considered this postulate [that physics should represent a reality in time and space] to be one which could claim absolute validity. But the realities of physical experience had taught me that this postulate is not an a priori principle but a time-dependent rule which must be, and can be, replaced by a more general one.”
      Born’s remark could be a motto for this entire piece. But while Einstein was a master of the pungent phrase, he’s not ridiculing anything here, except, perhaps, his own mulishness in the face of all the power of the new formulation. One thing to remember is that he used the spooky thing in the context of an informal letter to one of his oldest friends and someone who had been over the years as sympatico a physical thinker as any in Einstein’s circle. It’s easy, I think — and lord knows lots of folks have done so — to pick on this phrase and God’s dice and some others and paint Einstein as reflexively dismissive of quantum mechanics. But he wasn’t — and he even (perhaps ruefully, though I don’t really think so) knew just how much he’d contributed both to the specific underpinnings of quantum theory and to interpretations he came to dislike. (For example, in a much earlier letter to Born he wrote “That business about causality causes me a lot of trouble too” as he came to realize that there seeme to be a “statistical residue” in any account of “the quantum absorption and emission of light…” — this in 1920, years before quantum mechanics reared its head.)
      I do feel like I’m becoming the guy who keeps shouting “but “data” is plural!” — but still, I don’t think it’s accurate to characterize Einstein’s reaction to QM in general or entanglement in particular as scornful or ridiculing. It perplexed him, worried at him, and troubled him precisely because he took it so seriously. I do know that we’re probably stuck with the image of the old Einstein as this almost comically shouting against the indignities of QM — but it don’t seem right to me.
      [Exhales] There, I feel better.
      • [​IMG]V H Satheeshkumar says:
        December 21, 2012 at 10:32 pm

      • By far the best popular account of the topic. Nevertheless I have the following two simple comments.
        1) In the second paragraph from the beginning – credit for the phrase “No Drama” should go to Joe Polchinski.
        2) Last line of the third paragraph,”… at least one of three cherished notions in theoretical physics must be wrong”- to improve the readability, mention what are those three principles of physics. I know you have done a good job of explaining them in the next section/paragraph.
      • [​IMG]James T. Dwyer says:
        December 22, 2012 at 10:27 am

      • Yes, very interesting and, to my mind as merely a retired information systems analyst, very curious, indeed. I have great difficulty grasping physicists’ conception of information as it’s purported to apply to the universe. So, let me ask: is information maintained by particle collider experiments? It seems to me that no information pertaining to the configuration of the disintegrated matter can persist…
        Conceptually, it seems to me that the physical conditions approaching the event horizon of a black hole become nearly identical to those produced by particle accelerators. Poor Alice would be accelerated to nearly the speed of light. Since this conflicts with the rules governing mass and velocity, as I understand, I suggest that poor Mary’s atoms begin to heat up and vibrate to the point that they disintegrate into more fundamental particles. They in turn would eventually forcibly collide, disintegrating completely, similarly to particle collider experiments.
        What happens to the mass-energy of particles collided at the energies of, for example, the LHC? It seems to me that, within the conditions of the LHC, the tiny amounts of liberated mass-energy must dissipate into space along with the particle residue that it once bound together in a persistent configuration within locally halted spacetime.
        Considering the matter disintegrated as it approaches the event horizon of a black hole, its much larger quantities of now liberated mass-energy is not free to dissipate into space: it must be drawn into the event horizon, retained there, redirected to the focal point of its gravitational energy, the dimensionless singularity. Meanwhile, extremely hot, high velocity residual particle energy may be captured (perhaps in a ‘firewall’) in a magnetic field of its own creation, directed to the black hole’s polar jets, where is is expelled as high energy fundamental particles.
        In this process, there is no dimensional matter retained within any dimensional singularity, but the gravitational energy retained within the event horizon – directed to a singular focal point, or abstract singularity. This scenario avoids the problem of retaining dimensional material within a dimensionless singularity, while conceptually accounting for the hot accretion disk and relativistic polar jets of active black holes. I can’t account for any information, since material energy is physically separated from its binding mass-energy, never again to be reunited, at least within this universe…
        BTW, I came up with this idea based on a quip I heard from, I think it was Kip Thorne, that black holes don’t contain any matter…

    Post last edited Dec 24th 2012
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    Shiloh Za-Rah - Posted Apr 3rd 2013

    Hunab Ku at 1.6 Billion AU versus G.1.9 at 60 AU

    To preempt Nabs a la a form of quasi science-conspiracy kind and as depicted in this youtube disinfo video and masquerading as alternative science, the following Chandra photographs are shared in this message. This diagram of scales from the Nabs site quoted at the end of this post is appropriate and relates to a post of wyzard reprinted here as a correlation between the actual astrophysics, as say emphasized in the ubiquitous 'climate changes' related to the solar cycles and the 5-dimensional metaphysics now underpinning all cosmological models.

    The 'Brown Dwarf' is however near the Center of the Galaxy (the Mayan Hunab Ku) and only appears to be located 60 AUs as in the Nabs diagram below. The Nibiru-Planet X and related Nabs meanderings are similarly distorted facts of real ET-science. All so called terran science so becomes by implication Extra-Terrestrial and is in no requirement of 'alien supremacies' regarding the natural order of cosmic law and jurisprudence.
    According to the Thuban Chronos, the precise timing of this 'Brown Dwarf Supernova Remnant' can be said to be indeed the 'Wormwood - Comet' of Nostradamus and Mother Shipton and many other ancient seers and modern 'remote viewers' as encoded in Revelation as a precise 65=13x5 Baktun count of 65x144,000 'Kin-Days' for 9,360,000 day and night cycles corresponding to 25,626.809...=9,360,000/365.2425 Gregorian or 'Civil Years' as per the contemporary reckoning of time as measured by clocks. This then signifies the true meaning of the December 21st, 2012 solstice in its yearly alignment with the galactic center of Hunab Ku.

    Furthermore, Thuban cosmology then stipulates, that the actual distance between the metaphysical location of Hunab Ku and the Centre of the Earth as metaphysical Gaia Serpentina can be ascertained in the fractal nature of the core algorithm of creation, known as the 'Golden Ratio' or Phi in:
    Φ=1.618033...=½[√5+1]=(Distance between Hunab Ku in G.1.9 and the Sun Rahsol)/(Distance between the local star Rahsol and Gaia Serpentina)=1.6 Billion AU/1 AU
    as the fractal of Phi in 1 part per billion for 3600x24x365.2425x25,626.809...cosmic seconds times 300,000,000 cosmic meters per cosmic second for 242.611...billion billion cosmic meters for 242.611...x1018/1.499x1011 as 1.618 cosmic meters fractalised.

    Because 1 AU in SI is 149,598,000 kilometres for a SI-meter (m) being 0.9983318783 cosmic metres (m*) in lightspeed {c/c*=299792458(m/s)/300000000(m*/s*)=0.999308193 (ms*/m*s)} for a SI-second (s) becoming 0.99902301 cosmic seconds (s*); the scale difference between the cosmic and SI AU measurements as fractals of 1.49942 and 1.49598 respectively and as the ratio 0.9979.. =1/1.0021=m/m* can be taken as the scale separation between the actual galactic centre of the Milky Way and the G.1.9 supernova source in a mensuration calibration between the physics and the metaphysics. This calculates as 0.00344 AU or 516 million metres approximately or as 1.72 light seconds.

    Nabs Extraordinaire - Broadcast on so called 'alternative media', failing and misappropriating deeply encoded logistics in the scrolls of antiquity!
    The 'real planet X' discoveries are addressed here:

    The IRAS Incident

    Many people, including Mr. Hazlewood, claim that NASA actually sighted Planet X in 1983, and it was reported in the Washington Post! The article claims that two scientists named Neugebauer and Houck used the Infrared Astronomy Satellite (called IRAS) and found a Jupiter-sized object a few billion kilometers out from the Sun.
    This turns out not to be the case. Rather than rely on the accuracy of a newspaper article (and you can find out how accurate those are
    elsewhere on this site) I did something that never occurred to the doomsayers: I sent an email to the two astronomers asking what happened back in '83. Gerry Neugebauer replied, and told me the real poop.
    IRAS was designed to look in the far-infrared, well past what our eyes see. At the time, no one was really sure what it would find. To everyone's surprise, several bright point sources were found that did not correspond to anything seen on optical images taken of the same areas. In the press conference, the two scientists said that these objects could be almost anything, from a tenth planet in our solar system to distant galaxies.
    Guess which it turned out to be? Sure enough, much deeper images were taken, and some of the objects were found to be dense gas clouds in our own Galaxy, while others turned out to be very distant galaxies. In fact, these observations heralded the discovery of a new type of object: Ultra-luminous Infrared Galaxies (ULIRGs). These are galaxies in which there is a burst of stars being born. The cocoons of dust in which the stars are enshrouded generates copious infrared, which is what was detected by IRAS. They published these results in the prestigious Astrophysical Journal, and you can even read it yourself.
    So IRAS did not see Nibiru, Planet X, or anything of the sort, despite the claims of the doomcriers. Of course, they now claim that NASA is clamping down on the press for Planet X. The original Post article, they say, was hastily retracted due to pressure from the NASA thugs. Of course, the doomcriers have absolutely no evidence of this (because, of course, this claim is wrong), but they continue to state it as if it is fact. It is nothing of the sort. They like to make claims like this for many reasons: it generates an "us vs. them" mentality, which is great for conspiracies, and it helps sell books and/or videos. But it's wrong at best and a lie at worst.
    A good page with a lot of detail about the IRAS observations is written by Tom Chester, an astronomer on the original IRAS team that found the mystery sources. Straight from the horse's mouth, if you will.
    You can also read more about IRAS and Planet X at the Planet X and the Pole Shift website, which also has a copy of the original Washington Post article.

    Brown Dwarfs

    [Note added January 19, 2003: in this section, I originally mistakenly gave the brown dwarf a visual magnitude of 17, when in fact it's more like 25. This is a factor of about 1600 in brightness. I have made the correction in this section and fixed the math involved. While a factor of 1600 seems like a lot, it doesn't change my argument that if Planet X were a brown dwarf, it would be easily visible to the naked eye.]
    Mr. Hazlewood and many others on the web claim that Planet X is a brown dwarf. As strongly as I can make this claim, this is impossible.
    Why? Because of what a brown dwarf is. We are familiar with stars,
    which are luminous balls of gas that fuse elements in their core. Stars are massive enough that the pressure and temperature in their cores are enough to maintain fusion. Planets are smaller, cooler objects which are, in general, not self-luminous. Planets are bright because they reflect sunlight. Their mass is too small to have fusion in the core.
    A brown dwarf is an object that is somewhere in the netherworld between stars and planets. By definition, a brown dwarf is an object that has a mass less than is needed to sustain fusion, and at the lower mass end they blend into planets. For more detail, you can read my pages about brown dwarfs here and here.
    Brown dwarfs are born hot, since they are formed, like stars, from a collapsing cloud of gas and dust. This process makes a lot of heat, sometimes enough that even a brown dwarf can have fusion in its core, at least for a while. But they cannot maintain that fusion, and eventually cool off.
    A mature brown dwarf glows in infrared. It has a temperature of something like 1000 to 2500 degrees Celsius. An object that hot puts out very little visible light, but gives off more infrared. Not that they're all that bright: they are so faint that the first brown dwarf discovered, named Gliese 229b, eluded detection until 1995! It glows feebly at about magnitude 25 in visible light. That makes it roughly 1/40,000,000th the brightness of the faintest star visible to the unaided eye, and takes a fair sized telescope to see at all.
    However (and this is a big however), Gliese 229b is a long way off: about 18 light years away, or roughly 200 trillion kilometers! If we go with Mr. Hazlewood's claim that Planet X is a brown dwarf, we can assume it is much like Gliese 229b. At a distance of even Pluto's orbit, Planet X would be a billion times brighter, glowing visibly at magnitude 2, making it a relatively bright star! Mind you, as I write this (July 2002) it must be significantly closer to us than Pluto, and proportionally brighter. It would be the third brightest object in the sky (only the Moon and Sun would be brighter). We don't see it, which leads me to the conclusion that it doesn't exist.
    Even if we assume that, somehow, magically, Planet X does not glow in the visible (even though Mr. Hazlewood claims many times in his book that it does indeed glow), it would still reflect sunlight. A brown dwarf has about the same size as Jupiter (due to the way planets behave, piling more mass onto Jupiter won't make it bigger, it'll make it denser). Jupiter is actually the fourth brightest object in the sky, so a reflecting brown dwarf would be similarly bright. However, again, we don't see it.
    Finally, a brown dwarf may be puny compared to a star, but can be very massive compared to a planet. Ms. Lieder claims that Planet X has a mass something like 5 times the Earth's mass, which is more like a normal planet than a brown dwarf. Either way, something this massive plowing through the solar system would be greatly affecting the orbits of the outer planets. However, the planets appear to be just where they should assuming Planet X does not exist.
    Conclusion: Doomsayers claim Planet X is a brown dwarf (or even a massive planet). However, it's not hard to see that there can be no such brown dwarf anywhere near the Earth. Therefore, the claims are wrong.

    Orbits and Gravity

    Planet X is claimed to be on an orbit that brings it close to the Sun every 3600 years. Now, if we assume that this orbit obeys the laws of gravity, then we can calculate its distance at any given time. This depends on the math of gravity, which is pretty well understood.
    However, the equations used to figure distance based on orbital velocity are not simple, but I used the method as described by
    Dr. Joseph Gallant, Assistant Professor of Physics at Kent State University, which allows for plug-and-chug solutions. I find that in one year, Planet X must be about 900 million kilometers away from the Earth, give or take a hundred million. This is much closer to Earth than Saturn, and just a bit farther than Jupiter!
    [Note (added July 27, 2002): A small Oops here; when I did this calculation originally, I did it incorrectly, and got a distance too small by about a factor of two (I originally said 550 million kilometers). I have been more careful and got this new number.]
    I have written up detailed notes on how I arrived at this figure: what assumptions I made and how I calculated it. They are on the "Planet X and Orbit Math page. There is a fair bit of math there, but hopefully I have made it clear what I did and why I did it.
    So, Planet X was roughly the same distance to us a Saturn in May 2002, it should have been at least as bright as Saturn and getting brighter by the minute. Saturn is one of the brightest objects in the sky. We see nothing like this, so again I conclude Planet X does not exist.
    Of course, Mr. Hazlewood claims that we do not understand gravity, but that's completely incorrect. We understand gravity well enough to calculate orbits for comets and asteroids and send probes to other planets. If Planet X doesn't obey the laws of gravity as we know them, then it's magic, and then he's wrong anyway.


    Sometimes the science abused by the doomsayers is pretty garbled. Take, for example, this passage from Mr. Hazlewood's book "Blindsided", where on page 11 he quotes a source (anonymous, of course), who says:
    A whole team was contacting every observatory in France -- just sent a message. The Neuchatel observatory got it. They are very excited, wondering if it is a comet or a brown dwarf, through the latest coordinates given. The daughter of the astronomer reports that they suspect a comet or a brown dwarf on the process to becoming a pulsar since it emits "waves."
    To be perfectly blunt, this quotation is just plain silly. First, a comet is easily distinguishable from a brown dwarf using an optical telescope: the brown dwarf appears as a star, while a comet has a distinctly fuzzy appearance. Second, a brown dwarf cannot become a pulsar. A pulsar is formed when a massive star (100 or more times the mass of even the largest brown dwarf) explodes as a supernova. The core collapses, forming a neutron star. This rapidly rotating ultradense object can emit two beams of light like a lighthouse does. We see these beams as rapid pulses, hence the term "pulsar". But a brown dwarf cannot form a pulsar. Third, everything emits waves. A star does, a pulsar does, a comet and brown dwarf do, you do. Anything above absolute zero emits electromagnetic waves, so that statement by Mr. Hazlewood's anonymous mole is particularly weird, and non-informative. In other words, it's meaningless. Even if this informant meant pulses from a pulsar, it's still wrong, since a brown dwarf cannot become a pulsar.
    Incidentally, the Neuchatel Observatory is in Switzerland, not France. Mr. Hazlewood's informant didn't even get that part right.

    1. Deuteronomy 29:18
      Lest there should be among you man, or woman, or family, or tribe, whose heart turneth away this day from the Lord our God, to go and serve the gods of these nations; lest there should be among you a root that beareth gall and wormwood;
    2. Proverbs 5:4
      But her end is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword.
    3. Jeremiah 9:15
      Therefore thus saith the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel; Behold, I will feed them, even this people, with wormwood, and give them water of gall to drink.
    4. Jeremiah 23:15
      Therefore thus saith the Lord of hosts concerning the prophets; Behold, I will feed them with wormwood, and make them drink the water of gall: for from the prophets of Jerusalem is profaneness gone forth into all the land.
    5. Lamentations 3:15
      He hath filled me with bitterness, he hath made me drunken with wormwood.
    6. Lamentations 3:19
      Remembering mine affliction and my misery, the wormwood and the gall.
    7. Amos 5:7
      Ye who turn judgment to wormwood, and leave off righteousness in the earth,
    8. Revelation 8:11
      And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.

    Update on Starplanet Gaia Serpentina's 5-dimensional timespace matrix and the occurrence of 'cometary visitations'
    Updated chart to show the significance of the Oort Cloud and the frequency of related 'cometary visitations relative to the anniversary of the December 21st, 2012 solstice with the solar sunspot cyclicity and a Calendar Calibration of the Maya of 5-Tzolkin in 260x5=1300 Kin or 'civil days' from
    May 26th-27th, 2010 = 13Zip 13Ahau & 14Zip 1Imix to December 16th-17th, 2013 = 18Mac 13Ahau & 19Mac 1Imix
    The 5-dimensional 'New Earth' de Gaia Serpentina timespace matrix (or bubble) will have reached the 63,000 Astronomical Unit marker as a lightyear anniversary of the metamorphosis of the old planet into a starplanet

    Details are in the thread above and in the Constitution thread on this forum

    emeth, April 12th, 2013
    Update on Starplanet Gaia Serpentina's 5-dimensional timespace matrix and the occurrence of 'cometary visitations'

    As the message preceding this update indicates; the above picture (said to be shrouded in an amount of secrecy according to the mentioned Nasa sources) relates to observed and implied changes in the magnetic fields throughout the solar systems of the local starsystem of Rahsol (or Sol as the local Sun, so 8 light minutes or 1 Astronomical Unit (1 AU) of so 150 million kilometres distant from the Earth). As 1 AU is the distance between the Sun Rahsol and the Earth, it takes approximately 150,000,000/300,000=500 seconds or 8⅓ minutes for a light signal travelling at lightspeed 'c'=300,000 km per second to travel the distance between the Sun and the Earth.

    Thuban dragons know, that the multidimensional poleshift of December 21st, 2012 at the centre of the earth allowed a Möbian brane twist of the 4D inertia-mass equivalent 'Black Holed Gaia' to change the operational mode of the old earth into a modus operandi of 'White Holed Inversion' or Reciprocity.
    This in effect changed the previous cosmic identity of Gaia Earth as a cosmic data receiver into that of a cosmic data emitter.

    This update addresses the present status of this data emission in relation to an overall starsystem based mode of information sharing in the extended 4-dimensional space matrix now available for this purpose.

    The 'secrecy' regarding the picture above (presumably from Russian researcher Alexey Dmitriev) is not a big cover up, but certain factions of the 'initiated' know that the changes in the solar system relate to the extended starsystem of Rahsol as a bridging medium to reach the neighbouring starsystem of Proxima-Beta-Alpha Centauri, commonly known as the constellation of the Southern Cross and with Proxima Centauri the nearest star to the local Sun at 4.25 light years or so 268,000 AU's away.

    This can be seen on the pic above as a region between 100,000 and 1,000,000 AUs.
    The so called Kuiper Belt of the 'planetesimals' extends so 100 AU and encompasses all planets in the local solar system, with Pluto at about 40 AU and other trans Neptunian planets and objects referred to as Kuiper Belt objects, then extending to a few hundred AUs.

    The Oort Cloud, from where the comets are said to originate from, then extends the Kuiper region of the local starsystem towards the neighbouring starsystems in a scale from say 10,000 to 20,000 AU.
    The 'secret science of the dragons or starhuman ETs' now knows, that the 4-dimensional expansion of the new starplanetary timespace matrix propagates at lightspeed from the starplanet's centre outwards to share and transmit its data collected in its physical 4.6 billion year history with the greater universe.

    Since December 21st, 2012 then to February 15th, 2013, 56 days measured at the local chronos, have elapsed. This time period signifies a 'New Rainbow Dragon Covenant' between the Starhuman ETs and a small remnant or genomatic stock of the 'Old Earth', meaning the human civilisation in the old data receiving mode of its engulfing 4-dimensional spacetime matrix.

    56 lightdays so calculate the maximum extent of the extended 'bubble atmosphere' of Gaia Serpentina and this number calculates as 56x24x3600=4,838,400 light seconds or 4,838,400/500=9,676.8 AUs.
    Looking at the 'secret chart' , this signifies the 104=10,000 marker and so the 'edge' of the localised Oort Cloud.
    This means, that at lightspeed, the Data history of Gaia Serpentina has now reached the Oort Cloud and the history of the earth in parameters of consciousness evolution and information is now being openly shared and 'processed' by the encompassing 4-dimensional volume defined by this nexus marker of the Rainbow Covenant between Starman and the Creator-Creation monadic dyad exposited elsewhere.
    In terms of the general celestial history of the extended starsystem environment, such as the periodic intersection of comets and meteorites; those occurrences continue as observed and often predicted to great accuracy; all such 'visitations' are however reconfigured in the new Gaian 5-dimensional timespace bubble, whenever this 'new spacial realm' is encountered by the periodic or transiting celestial phenomena.

    The recent 'comets' and meteorites therefore are 'different in energy' (or so called Nabs vibrations), than they would be, if not intersecting the Gaian 'Bubble Volume' of the Starplanet.
    The recent encounters of such comets and meteorites, as well as particular political-socioeconomic and otherwise developments in the 'trickle down' effect into the old perceived 4D spacetime realism of this still quarantined planetary civilisation, should therefore be assessed and analysed with the knowledge of the Thuban dragons herewith shared and disseminated.

    More details about how Old Earth became a New Earth is found here and on related messages.


    The Habanera Song by Maria Callas of 'Carmen' is nice though!

    There is a speculative 'Nemesis Theory', which is scientifically sound, but which describes a 26 million cyclicity, supported by some geophysical evidence like the extinction events upon planet earth (most notoriously the dinosaur extinction 65 million years ago), changing the mesozoic (250 Million - 65 million years) or middle era into the present cenozoic era. Like so many other ideas and proposals, the basic core of this theory has been hijacked by the Nabs wannabes, lacking both basic scientific understanding and rudimentary common discernment.
    For a basic astrophysics information; I highly recommend anyone interested to watch the video shared below.


    Jacob Bryant's Orphic Egg (1774)
    Aristophanes states that Aether was the son of Erebus. However, Damascius says that Aether, Erebus and Chaos were siblings, and the offspring of Chronos (Father Time). According to Epiphanius, the world began as a cosmic egg, encircled by Time and Inevitability (most likely Chronos and Ananke) in serpent fashion. Together they constricted the egg, squeezing its matter with great force, until the world divided into two hemispheres. After that, the atoms sorted themselves out. The lighter and finer ones floated above and became the Bright Air (Aether and/or Uranus) and the rarefied Wind (Chaos), while the heavier and dirtier atoms sank and became the Earth (Gaia) and the Ocean (Pontos and/or Oceanus).[3] See also Plato's Myth of Er.
    The fifth Orphic hymn to Aether describes the substance as "the high-reigning, ever indestructible power of Zeus," "the best element," and "the life-spark of all creatures."[6] Though attributed to the mythological poet Orpheus who lived before the time of Homer, the likely composition of the hymns in the 6th-4th centuries BCE make them contemporary with natural philosophers, such as Empedocles, who theorized the material forces of nature as identical with the gods and superior to the anthropomorphic divinities of Homeric religion.

    Tyche (hypothetical planet)

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    Not to be confused with the hypothetical star Nemesis.
    For the asteroid, see 258 Tyche.
    An artist's rendering of the Oort cloud and the Kuiper belt (inset)
    Tyche (/ˈtaɪki/) is the nickname given to a hypothetical gas giant located in the Solar System's Oort cloud, first proposed in 1999 by astrophysicists John Matese, Patrick Whitman and Daniel Whitmire of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.[1][2] They argue that evidence of Tyche's existence can be seen in a supposed bias in the points of origin for long-period comets. More recently Matese[3] and Whitmire[4] re-evaluated the comet data and noted that Tyche, if it exists, should be detectable in the archive of data that was collected by NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) telescope.[5][6] However, several astronomers have voiced skepticism of this object's existence.[2][7] Analysis over the next couple of years will be needed to determine if WISE has actually detected such a world or not.[8]


    Matese, Whitmire and their colleague Patrick Whitman first proposed the existence of this planet in 1999,[9] based on observations of the orbits of long-period comets. Most astronomers agree that long-period comets (those with orbits of thousands to millions of years) have a roughly isotropic distribution; that is, they arrive at random from every point in the sky.[10] Because comets are volatile and dissipate over time, astronomers suspect that they must be held in a spherical cloud tens of thousands of AU distant (known as the Oort cloud) for most of their existence.[10] However, Matese and Whitmire claimed that rather than arriving from random points across the sky as is commonly thought, comet orbits were in fact clustered in a band inclined to the orbital plane of the planets. Such clustering could be explained if they were disturbed by an unseen object at least as large as Jupiter, possibly a brown dwarf, located in the outer part of the Oort cloud.[11][12] They also suggested that such an object might explain the trans-Neptunian object Sedna's peculiar orbit.[13] However, the sample size of Oort comets was small and the results were inconclusive.[7]

    Whitmire and Matese speculate that Tyche's orbit would lie at approximately 500 times Neptune's distance; equivalent to 15,000 AU (2.2×1012 km) from the Sun, a little less than one quarter of a light year. This is still well within the Oort cloud, whose boundary is estimated to be beyond 50,000 AU. It would have an orbital period of roughly 1.8 million years.[14] A failed search of older IRAS data suggests that an object of 5 MJ would need to have a distance greater than 10,000 AU.[5] Such a planet would orbit in a different plane in orientation to our current planet orbits,[15] and probably formed in a wide-binary orbit.[5] Wide binaries may form through capture during the dissolution of a star's birth cluster.[5]
    General size comparison between the Sun, a low-mass star, a brown dwarf, and the planets Jupiter and Earth.
    In 2011, Whitmire and Matese speculated that the hypothesized planet could be up to four times the mass of Jupiter and have a relatively high temperature of approximately 200 K[5] (−73°C), due to residual heat from its formation and Kelvin–Helmholtz heating.[16] It would be insufficiently massive to undergo nuclear fusion reactions in its interior, a process which occurs in objects above roughly 13 Jupiter masses. Although more massive than Jupiter, Tyche would be about Jupiter's size since degenerate pressure causes massive gas giants to increase only in density, not in size, relative to their mass.[a] If Tyche is found, it is expected to be found by the end of 2013 and only be 1–2 Jupiter masses.[19]

    Origin of name

    Tyche (Τύχη, meaning "fortune" or "luck" in Greek) was the Greek goddess of fortune and prosperity. The name was chosen to avoid confusion with an earlier similar hypothesis that the Sun has a dim companion named Nemesis, whose gravity triggers influxes of comets into the inner Solar System, leading to mass-extinctions on Earth. Tyche was the name of the "good sister" of Nemesis.[5] This name was first used for an outer Oort cloud object by Davy Kirpatrick at the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center of the California Institute of Technology.[20]
    Ongoing research

    The Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) space telescope has completed an all-sky infrared survey that includes areas where Whitmire and Matese anticipate that Tyche may be found.[5] On March 14, 2012, the first-pass allsky survey catalog of the WISE mission was released.[21] The co-added (AllWISE) post-cryo second survey of the sky should be released by the end of 2013.[22] This latter second survey may be required to identify proper motion candidates for further follow-up observations. If Tyche was detected by WISE it should be identified soon after the final post-cryo data is released.
    See also


    1. ^ A cold hydrogen-rich gas giant slightly more massive than Jupiter (below about 1.6 MJ) would be larger in volume than Jupiter,[17] but for higher masses, degenerate pressure will cause the planet to shrink,[17] and added mass is compensated for by increasing degeneracy pressure in the planetary core. For example, HD 17156 b is 3 MJ with a radius of 96% of Jupiter and HD 80606 b is 4 MJ with a radius of 92% of Jupiter. Even the brown dwarf COROT-3b (22 MJ) is estimated to be about the volume of Jupiter. After 10 billion years of cooling, large gas giants are all very nearly Jupiter's radius, but more massive objects are slightly smaller.[18]

    More proper Images of G1.9+0.3
    Two Panel
    Jpeg, Tif, PS

    proxy.php? proxy.php?
    X-ray only-Left
    Jpeg, Tif, , Tif, PS

    Comparison of Chandra X-ray and VLA Radio Images​
    The most recent supernova in our Galaxy has been discovered by determining the age of the supernova remnant known as G1.9+0.3. To determine the age, astronomers tracked how quickly it is expanding, by comparing a radio image from 1985 to a Chandra image taken in 2007. The expansion rate was confirmed with another radio observation with the VLA in 2008. The difference in size between these images gives clear evidence for expansion, allowing the age of the remnant and the time since the original supernova explosion (about 140 years) to be estimated.
    (Credit: X-ray (NASA/CXC/NCSU/S.Reynolds et al.); Radio (NSF/NRAO/VLA/Cambridge/D.Green et al.))


    Two Panel
    Jpeg, Tif, PS


    Radio 1985
    Jpeg, Tif, PS

    Radio 2008
    Jpeg, Tif, PS

    VLA Radio Image of G1.9+0.3​
    This is a radio image, from the NRAO's Very Large Array (VLA), of G1.9+0.3, a supernova remnant left behind after a supernova. Clear expansion between this VLA image, obtained in 1985 and a Chandra image obtained in 2007 allowed the time since the explosion to be estimated. This was confirmed with a new VLA image obtained in 2008.
    (Credit: NSF/NRAO/VLA/Cambridge/D.Green et al.)

    Jpeg, Tif, PS
    Jpeg, Tif, PS
    Location in Milky Way of Other Historic Supernovas​
    This artist's impression shows a view looking down on the Milky Way galaxy. The position of the Sun is shown, as are the approximate positions and names (shown in orange) of historical supernovas. These are stellar explosions that are thought to have occurred in the last 2,000 years and may have been seen by early astronomers. The estimated position of the recently discovered G1.9+0.3 is shown in black. Although the distance to this remnant is uncertain, the angle is accurately known. Note that G1.9+0.3 is the only object that is found in the bulge of the galaxy.
    (Credit: NASA/CXC/M.Weiss)
    Interactive: Historical supernova remnants in the Milky Way (flash)

    SN Explosion
    Jpeg, Tif, PS
    Illustration of a Supernova near the Galactic Center​
    This artist's impression shows what the supernova explosion that resulted in the formation of the supernova remnant G1.9+0.3 might have looked like. The expanding debris from the supernova explosion is shown in white, including some interaction with the surrounding gas (green). The crowded environment near the center is shown by diffuse gas (red) and dust (brown) as well as large numbers of stars with different masses and colors.
    (Credit: NASA/CXC/M.Weiss)​

    Optical Labeled
    Jpeg, Tif, PS

    Optical Unlabeled
    Jpeg, Tif, PS
    Optical Image of Milky Way Galaxy​
    This is a beautiful optical image of the Milky Way galaxy, with the center of the Galaxy in the middle and the position of G1.9+0.3 labeled. This is a mosaic of 51 images that were taken and stitched together by Axel Mellinger, an amateur astronomer and astrophotographer. (Used with permission)
    (Credit: Axel Mellinger, University of Potsdam, Germany)​

    Jpeg, Tif, PS
    Jpeg, Tif, PS
    Infrared Panoramic image of the Galactic center​
    This panoramic image from the Two Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS), covering about 3 degrees by about 2 degrees, shows the central region of the Milky Way galaxy. The Galactic center is the bright red spot in the upper right side of the image. The Chandra and VLA composite image of G1.9+0.3 is shown in the lower left. The plane of the galaxy runs from the Galactic center to approximately the lower left corner of the image.
    (Credit: 2MASS/UMass/IPAC-Caltech/NASA/NSF/CfA/E.Bressert)​

    , Tif, PS
    Chandra, VLA & 2MASS Composite image of G1.9+0.3​
    A composite image of X-ray (orange) and radio (blue) data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and the Very Large Array shows the remains of the supernova remnant G1.9+0.3. The original supernova explosion, the most recent in the Milky Way, was not detected in optical light because it is near the center of the Galaxy and obscured by gas and dust. The yellow and white stars are from a 2MASS infrared image.
    (Credit: X-ray (NASA/CXC/NCSU/S.Reynolds et al.); Radio (NSF/NRAO/VLA/Cambridge/D.Green et al.))​

    , Tif, PS
    Chandra X-ray & VLA Radio Composite image of G1.9+0.3​
    This composite image of the supernova remnant G1.9+0.3 combines the Chandra X-ray Observatory image taken in 2007 (orange) with the Very Large Array radio image taken in 1985 (blue) and 2008 (yellow). The difference in size between the images gives clear evidence for expansion, allowing the age of the remnant and the time since the original supernova explosion (about 140 years) to be estimated.
    (Credit: X-ray (NASA/CXC/NCSU/S.Reynolds et al.); Radio (NSF/NRAO/VLA/Cambridge/D.Green et al.))​

    Jpeg, Tif, PS
    G1.9+0.3 with Scale Bar

    Return to G1.9+0.3 (May 14, 2008)​

    Remains of 140-Year-Old Supernova Discovered
    First of many young supernova remnants?
    By JR Minkel
    G1.9+0.3 is the new youngest remnant (debris cloud) of a supernova in the Milky Way. This composite view combines a 1985 radio image (blue) with a 2007 x-ray image (red), showing the 16 percent spread of the remnant during the interval. Image: X-ray (NASA/CXC/NCSU/S.Reynolds et al.); Radio (NSF/NRAO/VLA/Cambridge/D.Green et al.)
    Astronomers have discovered traces of a star that went supernova about 140 years ago as viewed from Earth*,

    *Clarification (5/15/08): The supernova marked by G1.9+0.3 would have occurred 25,000 years ago, but because of its distance from Earth, the supernova's light would have first become visible 140 years ago.

    around the time of the U.S. Civil War and the publication of Charles Darwin's The Origin of Species. The expanding debris cloud, or remnant, known as G1.9+0.3, lies near the center of the Milky Way, about 25,000 light-years from Earth.
    Besides making G1.9+0.3 the youngest supernova remnant known in our galaxy, the finding begins to fill a peculiar astronomical gap. Based on studies of other galaxies, researchers estimate that about three supernovae should pop off per century in the Milky Way. They knew of one recent remnant, Cassiopeia A, which went supernova around 1680 by Earth's watch.

    Researchers first identified G1.9+0.3 as a supernova remnant in 1985, using the National Science Foundation's Very Large Array (VLA), a sprawling network of radio telescopes in Soccoro, N.M. They estimated its age at 400 to 1,000 years old, Earth-time.
    More than 20 years later, in 2007, a team observing the remnant via NASA's orbiting Chandra X-Ray Observatory found that it had grown by a surprising 16 percent, implying that the object was younger than they thought. When researchers checked double-checked using VLA, they got the same result, published in twin papers in The Astrophysical Journal Letters and Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.
    Despite the supernova's timing, contemporaries of Lincoln and Darwin would have missed it, because dust and gas surrounding the dying star would have blocked the flash of visible light. The expanding gas cloud shines brightly, however, in radio and x-ray frequencies.
    G1.9+0.3 may be the tip of the iceberg. "If the supernova rate estimates are correct, there should be the remnants of about 10 supernova explosions in the Milky Way that are younger than Cassiopeia A," said David Green of the University of Cambridge in England, leader of the VLA study, in a statement. "It's great to finally track one of them down."
    *Clarification (5/15/08): The supernova marked by G1.9+0.3 would have occurred 25,000 years ago, but because of its distance from Earth, the supernova's light would have first become visible 140 years ago.

    The following 'alternative science' is misrepresenting the conventional and tested astrophysical evaluation of G.1.9. As the 'Scientific American' article emphasizes; the G.1.9 remnant did not occur 140 years ago, but rather 25,000 years ago and so indicative of a distance of no less than 25,000 light years or so 1.6 billion AUs

    Is G1.9 our Second Sun?
    G1.9 near Pluto at the Galactic center

    Something is disturbing Pluto and the outer planets at the edge of our solar system and is also affecting our Earth. That object may be G1.9, classified by NASA's Dave Green as a supernova remnant(SNR) which exploded 25,000 years ago but whose signal began reaching us 140 years ago, but suspected by other astronomers to be a red dwarf sun almost twice(1.9) the size of Jupiter now at its perihelion(closest approach) to our own Sun(about 60 AU).
    Why is Nasa so quiet about this object, or so little information on it available? They admit it is an "exceptional object" which they have been hunting for over 50 years but give little other information. It took a team of Spanish astronomers(supposedly) to blow the lid open on what this object may really be, and Russian astronomers to confirm it. Russian space agency head, Anatoly Perminov, is alarmed by the object which he says is dislodging Kuiper Belt objects some of which hit Jupiter in 1994(Shoemaker-Levy) and more currently in July 2009. Contrary to the American story, they believe it is either a brown dwarf sun or a new planet entering our solar system. The Spanish team of astrophysicists add that G1.9 may have planets encircling it.
    G1.9+03 was known as far back as 1984, and 2007 Chandra X-ray observations have shown it to have increased in size by at least 15% between 1985 and 2008 or 0.65% per year, indicating it is either expanding or getting closer to us.
    Wikipedia lists its 2008 coordinates at right ascension 17h 48m 45.4s and declination -27° 10m 06s which equates to a tropical 27°29'33"Sagittarius. G1.9's rate of motion is still unclear, although it no doubt varies significantly from its perihelion to aphelion.
    I used the World Space Telescope to try and locate it but the only really notable star there is 3Sagitarri;HR661, a bright orange star at right ascension 17h 27m 46s and declination -27° 50'. To observe G1.9 I had to click on the imagery section to make it appear. It appears to have been removed/blacked out or pasted. What are those red flames on its side!? Is this a real picture or an artistic rendering? Below are two images of G1.9...

    g19a-.28937. g19b-.28938.
    It's difficult at this point to tell what G.19 is exactly. There are too many rumours and not enough scientific data on it yet to determine whether it is our Sun's red dwarf binary, or the information is being witheld for some reason. There does seem to be an information void on it -at least here in the West. Hopefully, this situation will change soon, for if G1.9 is our second sun the implications are enormous.

    artist's rendering of G1.9 orbit
    If G1.9 has planets orbiting it, for example, such can slice through our solar system at perihelion, causing tremendous damage. The furthest orbiting body around G1.9(Nibiru?) would be especially disastrous to us as it would probably have enough distance to cross into the inner planet zone where our Earth is.
    Untill, however, more solid informatrion on this mysterious object becomes available, we will just have to hold our breath and wait for more clarification.
    Note: G1.9+03 should not be confused with Gliese 581 which is also a red dwarf but located at RA 15h19m26.8s and declination -07°43'20" or tropical 19°31'20"Sco.

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    Shiloh Za-Rah - Posted Apr 4th 2013

    Scientists home in on mysterious dark matter

    By Robert Evans Posted 2013/04/03 at 5:46 pm EDT

    GENEVA, Apr. 3, 2013 (Reuters) — Scientists said on Wednesday they may be close to tracking down the mysterious "dark matter" which makes up more than a quarter of the universe but has never been seen.

    A final identification of what makes up the enigmatic material would solve one of the biggest mysteries in physics and open up new investigations into the possibility of multiple universes and other areas, said researchers.
    Members of an international team had picked up what might be the first physical trace left by dark matter while studying cosmic rays recorded on the International Space Station, said the head of the Europe- and U.S.-based research project Samuel Ting.

    He told a packed seminar at the CERN research center, near Geneva, the team had found a surge of positron particles that might have come from dark matter.
    In the coming months, he said, the CERN-built AMS particle detector on the space station "will be able to tell us conclusively whether these positrons are a signal for dark matter or if they have some other origin".
    Dark matter, once the stuff of science fiction, "is one of the most important mysteries of physics today," Ting, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and 1976 Nobel physics prize winner, has written.
    Sometimes called the sculptor of the universe's millions of galaxies because of the way its gravity shapes their formation, its existence has long been recognized because of the way it pushes visible stars and planets around.
    But efforts in laboratories on earth and in deep underground caverns to find concrete evidence that it is there, and to establish what it is, have so far proven fruitless.
    Ting said it was also possible the surges came from pulsars - rotating neutron stars that emit a pulsing radiation.
    But CERN physicist Pauline Gagnon told Reuters after hearing Ting that the precision of the AMS could make it possible "to get a first hold on dark matter really soon".
    "That would be terrific, like discovering a completely new continent. It would really open the door to a whole new world," said Gagnon, a Canadian physicist on ATLAS, one of the two CERN teams that believe they found evidence of the elusive Higgs particle in the centre's Large Hadron Collider.


    John Conway, a physics professor from the University of California, Davis, working at CERN, said a confirmed discovery would push scientists into uncharted realms of research.
    He said fresh insights could be gained into super-symmetry, a theory that says the current known 17 elementary particles have heavier but invisible counterparts, and dimensions beyond the currently known length, breadth and height, and time.
    Other scientists, especially cosmologists now trying to peer back beyond the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago, suggest identification of dark matter could give new clues to whether the universe itself is alone or one of many.
    New research could start at CERN's Large Hadron Collider when the vast machine resumes operations in early 2015.
    The huge subterranean complex running under the Franco-Swiss border at the foot of the Jura mountains was shut down in February to double its power and multiply the millions of "mini-Big Bang" particle collisions it can stage daily.
    Until last week, dark matter was thought to make up around 24 percent of the universe, with normal matter - galaxies, stars and planets - accounting for about 4.5 percent.
    But then the European Space Agency's Planck satellite team reported that mapping of echoes of the early cosmos showed dark matter made up 26.8 percent and ordinary matter 4.9 percent - together the total of the material of the universe.
    The dominant constituent is the non-material "dark energy", as mysterious as dark matter and believed to be the driver of cosmic expansion.
    (Editing by Andrew Heavens)

    Dark matter as elusive as ever – despite space station results

    New observations from experiment on space station confirm a strange antimatter signal but take us no closer to an explanation

    The AMS experiment is situated on the International Space Station. Photograph: Nasa

    The first data from the $2bn Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) experiment on the International Space Station has confirmed a strange antimatter signal coming from space. However, the experiment has not yet collected enough data to allow scientists to determine the source of this antimatter.
    It could be coming from dark matter particles, making this a major breakthrough. Or it could be coming from fast-spinning stellar corpses known as pulsars, making it merely interesting.
    AMS cannot detect dark matter directly but it can detect antimatter, which some theories say will be produced when dark matter particles collide.

    The antimatter signal that AMS has confirmed was first announced in 2008 by researchers using another space-based detector. The PAMELA satellite (Payload for Antimatter Matter Exploration and Light-nuclei Astrophysics) was a multinational collaboration between Russia, Italy, Germany and Sweden. It was launched in 2006 and is still collecting data.
    PAMELA discovered more positrons, the antimatter counterpart of the electron, than researchers were expecting. It spotted one positron for every 100 electrons but astronomers were expecting around one positron for every 10,000 electrons.

    AMS has confirmed this excess to an unprecedented level of precision but its results can hardly be called the first hint of dark matter.
    The experiment's principal investigator, Nobel laureate Samuel Ting, says the evidence collected so far "supports the existence of dark matter but cannot rule out pulsars". He could quite easily have said that sentence round the other way.
    The results so far have nothing new to say about the source of the antimatter.
    AMS, like PAMELA before it, works by detecting naturally occurring particles in space called cosmic rays. The spacecraft's detectors identify the particles according to their energy and electrical charge.
    Since launch in 2011, AMS has registered some 30bn particle detections. The total number of positrons identified by AMS is more than 400,000, making it the largest number of positrons directly measured from space. Although there are hints of new information in the data, the scientists would not be drawn on their possible meaning until they have more.

    The experiment will continue to collect some 16bn cosmic rays per year for as long as the International Space Station remains operational. So, really the message is that this work is just the beginning.
    And dark matter remains as elusive as ever.
    Stuart Clark is the author of The Day Without Yesterday (Polygon)
    • This article was amended on 4 April 2013 to make it clearer that antimatter particles are a possible signature of dark matter

    Scientists home in on mysterious dark matter

    Updated Thu Apr 4, 2013 7:39pm AEDT
    Photo: An image from Hubble Space Telescope shows ring of dark matter in a galaxy cluster. (NASA: Reuters)

    Related Story: Satellite maps oldest light in the universe
    Related Story: Scientists uncover mystery of ball lightning
    Related Story: Humble Higgs surprised by 'incredible' find
    Related Story: Higgs-like particle found in 'milestone' for mankind

    Map: Switzerland
    An international team of scientists may be close to tracking down the mysterious dark matter which makes up more than a quarter of the universe but has never been seen.
    Experts at the CERN research centre in Switzerland say a final identification of what makes up the enigmatic material would solve one of the biggest mysteries in physics and open up new research into the possibility of multiple universes and other areas.
    Samuel Ting, who headed the research team, says they picked up what might be the first physical trace left by dark matter while studying cosmic rays recorded on the International Space Station.
    He has told a packed seminar at CERN, near Geneva, that the team found a surge of positron particles that might have come from dark matter.
    He says in the coming months, the CERN-built AMS particle detector on the space station "will be able to tell us conclusively whether these positrons are a signal for dark matter or if they have some other origin".
    Professor Ting, a Nobel physics prize winner from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, says dark matter "is one of the most important mysteries of physics today".

    'Whole new world'

    Sometimes called the sculptor of the universe's millions of galaxies because of the way its gravity shapes their formation, dark matter's existence has long been recognised because of the way it pushes visible stars and planets around.
    But efforts in laboratories on earth and in deep underground caverns to find concrete evidence that it is there, and to establish what it is, have so far proven fruitless.
    It would really open the door to a whole new world.
    Physicist Pauline Gagnon

    Professor Ting says it is also possible the surges came from pulsars - rotating neutron stars that emit a pulsing radiation.
    But CERN physicist Pauline Gagnon says the precision of the AMS could make it possible "to get a first hold on dark matter really soon".
    "That would be terrific, like discovering a completely new continent," she said.
    "It would really open the door to a whole new world."
    Dr Gagnon was on one of the two CERN teams that believe they found evidence of the elusive Higgs particle in the centre's Large Hadron Collider last year.

    'Dark energy'

    Physics professor John Conway, who works at CERN, says a confirmed dark matter discovery would push scientists into uncharted realms of research.
    He says fresh insights could be gained into super-symmetry, a theory that says the current known 17 elementary particles have heavier but invisible counterparts, and dimensions beyond the currently known length, breadth and height, and time.
    Other scientists, especially cosmologists now trying to peer back beyond the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago, suggest the identification of dark matter could give new clues to whether the universe itself is alone or one of many.

    New research could start at CERN's Large Hadron Collider when the vast machine resumes operations in early 2015.
    The huge subterranean complex running under the Franco-Swiss border at the foot of the Jura mountains was shut down in February to double its power and multiply the millions of "mini-Big Bang" particle collisions it can stage daily.
    Until last week, dark matter was thought to make up around 24 per cent of the universe, with normal matter - galaxies, stars and planets - accounting for about 4.5 per cent.
    But then the European Space Agency's Planck satellite team reported that mapping of echoes of the early cosmos showed dark matter made up 26.8 per cent and ordinary matter 4.9 per cent - together the total of the material of the universe.
    The dominant constituent is the non-material "dark energy", as mysterious as dark matter and believed to be the driver of cosmic expansion.

    Commentary by emeth:

    The terran astrophysicists have now moved away from their particle accelerator tunnels and machinery to search for the 'elusive particle of cosmic consciousness' in the 'outer space', where of course the absence of an atmosphere negates the 'particle pollutions' found closer to the surface of the earth. Anyone reading the news releases will see, that this absence of 'earthbound interference' by other elementary particle energies was the signature of positrons as decay products of cosmic rays and which are the antimatter form of the fundamental electron.

    As the following repostings from the Thuban libraries show, the 'interference' in the extra-terrestrial space derives just from those 'Cosmic Rays' which are themselves considered rather mysterious cosmic constituents. So the elusive 'dark matter' particles are derivatives of the likewise mysterious gamma rays and so should also be related to the even more mysterious 'dark energy'.
    The dragons know however, that all this 'mysteriousness' relative to the summation of energies seen, measured and observed by the pundits relates to the ubiquituous presence of cosmic consciousness, embedded in the existence of space just by itself.

    So it is not the Higgs Boson, for which the Rest-Mass-Photon or RMP as the gauge 'Particle of Consciousness' and so AS the 'Dark Matter gauge' is its 'parent' or progenitor; which is at the core of the universal energy structure; but it is this space inherent 'light-energy' often misnamed as 'spirituality' and which should be better understood as a 'Space Awareness'.
    The Nabs misnomer of 'spiritual vibrations' so can be relabeled in proper omni-scientific nomenclature as 'Electromagnetic Monopolar Radiation' or EMMR to distinguish it from the mass produced ElectroMagnetic Radiation or EMR of common utility.

    As time is a quasi dimensionality of multi-dimensional space, the spacetime matrices all must be inherently coupled and related to this 'dark matter' and the 'dark energy' in their elementary forms of what this 'space consciousness' is in terms of its fundamental physics. This same elementary physics then will show the way into its ontological origins in what is commonly understood as metaphysics or the hyperscience of the multidimensional cosmology.
    The increasing technical nous of the scientific apparatus of terran science is pushing the elementary displacement scale of measurement ever closer to the actual 'size' of the origin of the universe and which as Dragons know, is the LovePhoton of Creation aka the supersymmetric electromagnetic monopolar gauge of the colour- or magnetocharges of the 12-D cosmos manifesting and experiencing itself in its root-reduced 3-D universe of spacial measurements.

    This elementary cosmic parameter can also be described and 'nabs - and mainstream hijacked' as the elementary wormhole physics which undrpinned the 'creation ex nihilo'; the appearance of the universe from the void 19.1 billion years ago, but at a timeframe which is lightpath measured as 13.8 billion years in the lower dimensional setup of the observations and in their inferred and evaluated measurements for the model building and the construction of the theoretical models and hypotheses.
    The 'Dark Matter' particle of Thuban is the RMP or RestMassPhoton and it is necessitated from first principles in the gauge physics of the wormhole itself. The 'experts' already know that the Standard Model (of which the Higgs Boson as derivative of the RMP) requires a 'fifth gauge' - reminiscent of the 5 elements of the Chinese astrology and similar metaphysically related exloration and explanation systems (also exemplified in the gematria and the Kabbalah).

    The Standard Model so stipulates a 'Unifier for the nuclear interactions' and the ground based 'dark matter' searches are centred on finding so called WIMPS or Weakly Interacting Massive Particles as supersymmetric partners of the weak nuclear interaction, responsible for the physics of radioactivity.
    So the weak and strong nuclear forces are complemented by a 'mediator' to preserve elementary symmetries and this 'mediator' is well known to dragons as the RMP as the 'Dark Matter' of the Origins and the Cosmogenesis.
    The three nuclear interactions or 'forces' are short range and are restricted by the waveform extent in particularisation of the base constituent of the gauges and which are partial to the size of the common electron and its mirror antipartner of the positron, measured by the AMS particle detector.
    The long range or 'infinite' forces are of course gravitation and the electromagnetism of the mass-induced or lower dimensional kind.

    The long range symmetry so harmonises itself, but with a remnant quantum spin asymmetry, which MUST be harmonised (or neutralised) by the short range interaction (gauges).
    In particular the gravitation gauge is double and opposite the spin of the EMR and as in the nuclear forces, the strong gauge (called gluon) is parallel the EMR gauge, the weak gauge cannot be neutralised without the RMP.
    This is a well known, but underpublished fact of the Standard Model.
    The RMP has a chirality polarisation which is always aligned to the doublespin of ther gravitation gauge (called graviton).

    This is why the nabsers relate their antigravity ideas to alien technology in parallel worlds and other such gobbledegook.
    But because the RMP is polarised just as the electron in ordinary beta decay of the neutron is polarised; the weak interaction becomes 'harmonised' not in the 'seen and measured physics' of the mass parametric universe; but becomes supersymmetric in the coupling of a 'suppressed' weak interaction gauge, which was responsible and causative for the creation of the physical cosmos in a prior 'breaking of symmetry'. It is this 'suppression' of the 'weak gauge' in physical manifestation, which is the core reason for the absence of cosmic antimatter and the mainstream idea of the 'Virtual Particle Matrix' as the background stage for the so called 'Dark Energy' and the Zero-Point-Energy or ZPE and similar labelings.

    This prior 'disharmonisation' is what many metahysical accounts describe as the 'fall of the sefirots' or the 'fall of man' or the 'casting out of Lucifer' or similar; but which can be more encompassingly understood as 'The Birth of Gravity', from a hitherto dull and massless and superharmonised Uni-Verse.
    The details to this Genesis of Genesis have been made public at various places on this forum and elsewhere; but some introductory mainstream information in regards to Cosmic Rays and its extension by the Dragon omni-science are republished in this message and follow this commentary.

    Emeth, April 5th, 2013

    The following commentary relates to a partially Nabs, but partially sound: 'LIVE KRYON CHANNELLING ~ "The Relationship to Gaia"

    This live channelling was Given in Mt. Shasta, California Saturday, April 24, 2010'
    hwhich can be found here:​

    Things You Don't Expect – Gamma Energy

    There is another thing that is related that is yet to be understood by science. There are other sets of instructions to Gaia, which come from a place you don't expect.

    There's a lot of energy hitting the earth, a tremendous amount in the form of gamma energy. Science wonders where it's coming from, but it remains elusive. They realize that it's cosmic and coming from space. The truth is that it's coming from the center of the galaxy, but it appears to be coming from everywhere. That's because the main attribute of this kind of energy is that it is not 3D.

    Therefore, it has quantum [multidimensional] attributes that do not carry a "location" or place of origin with it. This is difficult to explain, but things in a true quantum state are everywhere, entangled in a universal soup of being "one" with everything. Therefore, you can't say "it comes from there." There is precedent in science for this, so it is not all that strange to a physicist reading this.

    This is powerfully derived in the Thuban brane physics; which shows that the 'Cosmic Rays; are indeed the hierarchies of the superbrane classes.

    The Elementary Cosmic Ray Spectrum

    The elementary Cosmic Ray Spectrum derives from the transformation of the Planck-String-Boson at the birth of the universe.

    The following tabulation relates those transformation in energy and the modular duality between the distance parameters of the macrocosm of classical spacetime geometry and the microcosm of the quantum realm.

    String-Boson.............Wavelength(λ)............Energy (hc/λ)................Modular Wavelength....Significance

    1. Planck-Boson...........1.2x10-34 m.........1.6 GJ or 9.9x1027 eV........8.0x1033 m...Outside Hubble Horizon Limit
    2. Monopole-Boson.....4.6x10-32 m.........4.3 MJ or 2.7x1025 eV.......2.2x1031 m...Outside Hubble Horizon Limit
    3. XL-Boson.................6.6x10-31 m.........303 kJ or 1.9x1024 eV........1.5x1030 m....Outside Hubble Horizon Limit

    4. X-K-Boson transit....8.8x10-28 m..........227 J or 1.6x1021 eV..........1.1x1027 m....2πRHubble11D
    5 .X-K-Boson transit....1.0x10-27 m..........201 J or 1.2x1021 eV...........1.0x1027 m....2πRHubbleHorizonLimit
    6. CosmicRayToe........1.9x10-27 m...........106 J or 6.6x1020 eV..........5.3x1026 m......2πRHubble10D

    7. CosmicRayAnkle.....2.0x10-25 m............1.0 J or 6.2x1018 eV..........5.0x1024 m......Galactic Supercluster Scale
    8. CosmicRayKnee(+)..1.0x10-22 m............0.002 J or 1.24x1016 eV.....1.0x1022 m.....Galactic Halo(Group) Scale
    9. CosmicRayKnee(-)...6.3x10-22 m............0.3 mJ or 2.0x1015 eV........1.6x1021 m......Galactic Disc(Halo) Scale
    10.CosmicRay..............1.4x10-20 m.............0.002 mJ or 1.4x1013 eV...7.1x1019 m....Galactic Core Scale

    Lower Cosmic Ray energies then become defined in standard physics, such as supernovae, neutron stars and related phenomena, engaging electron accelerations and synchrotron radiation.

    7. represents the ECosmic-Boson aka superstring class IIA as a D-brane attached open string dual to the (selfdual) monopole string class IIB and where the D-Brane or Dirichlet-Coupling in both cases becomes the 'intermediary' heterotic (closed loop) superstring HO(32).
    It is the HO(32) superstring, which as a bosonic full-quantum spin superstring bifurcates into the subsequently emerging quark-lepton families as the K-L-Boson split into Proto-DiNeutronic Ylemic NeutronMatter.
    The Ylem then manifests the massless Higgs Bosonic precursor as a scalar 'Neutron-Boson' (10), which then becomes massinductive under utility of the Equivalence Principle of General Relativity, relating gravitational mass to inertial mass.

    It are supersymmetric double neutrons which bifurcate into the observed mass content in the universe and not a decoupling matter-antimatter symmetry.
    The primordial neutron beta-decay so manifests the nucleon-lepton distinction in the decoupling of the strongweak nuclear interaction, mediated by the electromagnetic alpha-interaction hitherto unified with the omega-gravitational interaction. This primordial ylem radioactivity manifests the bosonic string class IIB as a monopolic masscurrent as a D-brane interaction in modular duality to the transformation of the selfdual magnetic monopole to the bi-dual electromagnetic cosmic rays at the ECosmic energy level.
    The monopole class is chiral (selfdual) and the Ecosmic class is nonchiral (bi-dual); from this derives the nonparity of the spacial symmetry aka the CP-Violation of the weak nuclear interaction, related to neutrino flux as monopolic superconductive currentflows.

    As the heterotic classes are all 'closed looped', the elementary particles of the standard models emerge from the HE(64) class coupled to the HO(32) class in the inflationary string epoch.

    8. depicts the Weyl-Boson of the Big Bang Planck-singularity of the Weyl-Geodesic of relativistic spacetime as the final 'octonionised' string class HE(8x8).
    9. modulates the experimentally well measured 'knee' energy for Cosmic Rays as the distribution flux of high-energy protons as the primary particle in the 2π-factor. The wormhole radius is 10-22 m/2π for a Halo-(DarkMatter)-Radius of 2πx1022 metres.
    10. is the massless ancestor of the Higgs-template and defined through the Weyl-String-Eigenenergy E*=kT*=hf*=m*c2 =1/e*=1/2Re c2.
    The scale of (10) emerges from the holographic principle as 2π2R*3.f*2=e* for R*=h/(2πm'c)=1.41188..x10-20 m for a Compton Energy of E'=m'c2=2.2545..x10-6 J or 14.03 TeV, which serendipitously is the maxium energy regime for which the LHC is designed.

    The SciAm article below from 1998 links to the above in clarification of the questions raised. Cosmic Rays at the Energy Frontier
    These particles carry more energy than any others in the universe. Their origin is unknown but may be relatively nearby

    by James W. Cronin, Thomas K. Gaisser and Simon P. Swordy
    Tony B.

    The Experimental Evidence for the Superstrings is observed indeed every day in the laboratories of the astrophysics around the globe.


    The Life of a Cosmic Ray

    Cosmic Rays
    at the Energy Frontier

    These particles carry more energy
    than any others in the universe.
    Their origin is unknown but may be
    relatively nearby

    by James W. Cronin, Thomas K. Gaisser and Simon P. Swordy
    Roughly once a second, a subatomic particle enters the earth's atmosphere carrying as much energy as a well-thrown rock. Somewhere in the universe, that fact implies, there are forces that can impart to a single proton 100 million times the energy achievable by the most powerful earthbound accelerators. Where and how?
    Those questions have occupied physicists since cosmic rays were first discovered in 1912 (although the entities in question are now known to be particles, the name "ray" persists). The interstellar medium contains atomic nuclei of every element in the periodic table, all moving under the influence of electrical and magnetic fields. Without the screening effect of the earth's atmosphere, cosmic rays would pose a significant health threat; indeed, people living in mountainous regions or making frequent airplane trips pick up a measurable extra radiation dose.

    Perhaps the most remarkable feature of this radiation is that investigators have not yet found a natural end to the cosmic-ray spectrum. Most well-known sources of charged particles--such as the sun, with its solar wind--have a characteristic energy limit; they simply do not produce particles with energies above this limit. In contrast, cosmic rays appear, albeit in decreasing numbers, at energies as high as astrophysicists can measure. The data run out at levels around 300 billion times the rest-mass energy of a proton because there is at present no detector large enough to sample the very low number of incoming particles predicted.
    Nevertheless, evidence of ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays has been seen at intervals of several years as particles hitting the atmosphere create myriad secondary particles (which are easier to detect). On October 15, 1991, for example, a cosmic-ray observatory in the Utah desert registered a shower of secondary particles from a 50-joule (3 x 1020 electron volts) cosmic ray. Although the cosmic-ray flux decreases with higher energy, this decline levels off somewhat above about 1016 eV, suggesting that the mechanisms responsible for ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays are different from those for rays of more moderate energy.
    In 1960 Bernard Peters of the Tata Institute in Bombay suggested that lower-energy cosmic rays are produced predominantly inside our own galaxy, whereas those of higher energy come from more distant sources. One reason to think so is that a cosmic-ray proton carrying more than 1019 eV, for example, would not be deflected significantly by any of the magnetic fields typically generated by a galaxy, so it would travel more or less straight. If such particles came from inside our galaxy, we might expect to see different numbers coming from various directions because the galaxy is not arranged symmetrically around us. Instead the distribution is essentially isotropic, as is that of the lower-energy rays, whose directions are scattered.

    Supernova Pumps
    Such tenuous inferences reveal how little is known for certain about the origin of cosmic rays. Astrophysicists have plausible models for how they might be produced but no definitive answers. This state of affairs may be the result of the almost unimaginable difference between conditions on the earth and in the regions where cosmic rays are born. The space between the stars contains only about one atom per cubic centimeter, a far lower density than the best artificial vacuums we can create. Furthermore, these volumes are filled with vast electrical and magnetic fields, intimately connected to a diffuse population of charged particles even less numerous than the neutral atoms.
    This environment is far from the peaceful place one might expect: the low densities allow electrical and magnetic forces to operate over large distances and timescales in a manner that would be quickly damped out in material of terrestrial densities. Galactic space is therefore filled with an energetic and turbulent plasma of partially ionized gas in a state of violent activity. The motion is often hard to observe on human timescales because astronomical distances are so large; nevertheless, those same distances allow even moderate forces to achieve impressive results. A particle might zip through a terrestrial accelerator in a few microseconds, but it could spend years or even millennia in the accelerator's cosmic counterpart. (The timescales are further complicated by the strange, relativity-distorted framework that ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays inhabit. If we could observe such a particle for 10,000 years, that period would correspond to only a single second as far as the particle is concerned.)
    Astronomers have long speculated that the bulk of galactic cosmic rays--those with energies below about 1016 eV--originate with supernovae. A compelling reason for this theory is that the power required to maintain the observed supply of cosmic-ray nuclei in our Milky Way galaxy is only slightly less than the average kinetic energy delivered to the galactic medium by the three supernova explosions that occur every century. There are few, if any, other sources of this amount of power in our galaxy.
    When a massive star collapses, the outer parts of the star explode at speeds of up to 10,000 kilometers per second and more. A similar amount of energy is released when a white dwarf star undergoes complete disintegration in a thermonuclear detonation. In both types of supernovae the ejected matter expands at supersonic velocities, driving a strong shock into the surrounding medium. Such shocks are expected to accelerate nuclei from the material they pass through, turning them into cosmic rays. Because cosmic rays are charged, they follow complicated paths through interstellar magnetic fields. As a result, their directions as observed from the earth yield no information about the location of their original source.
    By looking at the synchrotron radiation sometimes associated with supernova remnants, researchers have found more direct evidence that supernovae can act as accelerators. Synchrotron radiation is characteristic of high-energy electrons moving in an intense magnetic field of the kind that might act as a cosmic-ray accelerator, and the presence of synchrotron x-rays in some supernova remnants suggests particularly high energies. (In earthbound devices, synchrotron emission limits a particle's energy because the emission rate increases as a particle goes faster; at some point, the radiation bleeds energy out of an accelerating particle as fast as it can be pumped in.) Recently the Japanese x-ray satellite Asca made images of the shell of Supernova 1006, which exploded 990 years ago. Unlike the radiation from the interior of the remnant, the x-radiation from the shell has the features characteristic of synchrotron radiation. Astrophysicists have deduced that electrons are being accelerated there at up to 1014 eV (100 TeV).
    The EGRET detector on the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory has also been used to study point sources of gamma rays identified with supernova remnants. The observed intensities and spectra (up to a billion electron volts) are consistent with an origin from the decay of particles called neutral pions, which could be produced by cosmic rays from the exploding star's remnants colliding with nearby interstellar gas. Interestingly, however, searches made by the ground-based Whipple Observatory for gamma rays of much higher energies from some of the same remnants have not seen signals at the levels that would be expected if the supernovae were accelerating particles to 1014 eV or more.
    A complementary method for testing the association of high-energy cosmic rays with supernovae involves the elemental composition of cosmic-ray nuclei. The size of the orbit of a charged particle in a magnetic field is proportional to its total momentum per unit charge, so heavier nuclei have greater total energy for a given orbit size. Any process that limits the particle acceleration on the basis of orbit size (such as an accelerating region of limited extent) will thus lead to an excess of heavier nuclei at high energies.
    Eventually we would like to be able to go further and look for elemental signatures of acceleration in specific types of supernovae. For example, the supernova of a white dwarf detonation would accelerate whatever nuclei populate the local interstellar medium. A supernova that followed the collapse of a massive star, in contrast, would accelerate the surrounding stellar wind, which is characteristic of the outer layers of the progenitor star at earlier stages of its evolution. In some cases, the wind could include an increased fraction of helium, carbon or even heavier nuclei.
    The identity of high-energy cosmic rays is all but lost when they interact with atoms in the earth's atmosphere and form a shower of secondary particles. Hence, to be absolutely sure of the nuclear composition, measurements must be made before the cosmic rays reach dense atmosphere. Unfortunately, to collect 100 cosmic rays of energies near 1014 eV, a 10-square-meter detector would have to be in orbit for three years. Typical exposures at present are more like the equivalent of one square meter for three days.
    Researchers are attacking this problem with some ingenious experiments. For example, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has developed techniques to loft large payloads (about three tons) with high-altitude balloons for many days. These experiments cost a tiny fraction of what an equivalent satellite detector would. The most successful flights of this type have taken place in Antarctica, where the upper atmosphere winds blow in an almost constant circle around the South Pole.
    A payload launched at McMurdo Sound on the coast of Antarctica will travel at a nearly constant radius from the Pole and return eventually to near the launch site. Some balloons have circled the continent for 10 days. One of us (Swordy) is collaborating with Dietrich Müller and Peter Meyer of the University of Chicago on a 10-square-meter detector that could measure heavy cosmic rays of up to 1015 eV on such a flight. There are efforts to extend the exposure times to roughly 100 days with similar flights nearer the equator.

    Across Intergalactic Space
    Studying even higher-energy cosmic rays--those produced by sources as yet unknown--requires large ground-based detectors, which overcome the problem of low flux by watching enormous effective areas for months or years. The information, however, must be extracted from cascades of secondary particles--electrons, muons and gamma rays--initiated high in the atmosphere by an incoming cosmic-ray nucleus. Such indirect methods can only suggest general features of the composition of a cosmic ray on a statistical basis, rather than identifying the atomic number of each incoming nucleus.
    At ground level, the millions of secondary particles unleashed by one cosmic ray are spread over a radius of hundreds of meters. Because it is impractical to blanket such a large area with detectors, the detectors typically sample these air showers at a few hundred or so discrete locations.
    Technical improvements have enabled such devices to collect increasingly sophisticated data sets, thus refining the conclusions we can draw from each shower. For example, the CASA-MIA-DICE experiment in Utah, in which two of us (Cronin and Swordy) are involved, measures the distributions of electrons and muons at ground level. It also detects Cerenkov light (a type of optical shock wave produced by particles moving faster than the speed of light in their surrounding medium) generated by the shower particles at various levels in the atmosphere. These data enable us to reconstruct the shape of the shower more reliably and thus take a better guess at the energy and identity of the cosmic ray that initiated it.
    The third one of us (Gaisser) is working with an array that measures showers reaching the surface at the South Pole. This experiment works in conjunction with AMANDA, which detects energetic muons produced in the same showers by observing Cerenkov radiation produced deep in the ice cap. The primary goal of AMANDA is to catch traces of neutrinos produced in cosmic accelerators, which may generate upward-streaming showers after passing through the earth.
    In addition to gathering better data, researchers are also improving detailed computer simulations that model how air showers develop. These simulations help us to understand both the capabilities and the limitations of ground-based measurements. The extension to higher energies of direct cosmic-ray detection experiments, which allows both ground-based and airborne detectors to observe the same kinds of cosmic rays, will also help calibrate our ground-based data.

    Rare Giants
    Cosmic rays with energies above 1020 eV strike the earth's atmosphere at a rate of only about one per square kilometer a year. As a result, studying them requires an air-shower detector of truly gigantic proportions. In addition to the 1991 event in Utah, particles with energies above 1020 eV have been seen by groups elsewhere in the U.S., in Akeno, Japan, in Haverah Park, U.K., and in Yakutsk, Siberia.
    Particles of such high energy pose a conundrum. On the one hand, they are likely to come from outside our galaxy because no known acceleration mechanism could produce them and because they approach from all directions even though a galactic magnetic field is insufficient to bend their path. On the other hand, their source cannot be more than about 30 million light-years away, because the particles would otherwise lose energy by interaction with the universal microwave background--radiation left over from the birth of the cosmos in the big bang. In the relativistic universe that the highest-energy cosmic rays inhabit, even a single radio-frequency photon packs enough punch to rob a particle of much of its energy.
    If the sources of such high-energy particles were distributed uniformly throughout the cosmos, interaction with the microwave background would cause a sharp cutoff in the number of particles with energy above 5 x 1019 eV, but that is not the case. There are as yet too few events above this nominal threshold for us to know for certain what is going on, but even the few we have seen provide us with a unique opportunity for theorizing. Because these rays are essentially undeflected by the weak intergalactic magnetic fields, measuring the direction of travel of a large enough sample should yield unambiguous clues to the locations of their sources.
    It is interesting to speculate what the sources might be. Three recent hypotheses suggest the range of possibilities: galactic black-hole accretion disks, gamma-ray bursts and topological defects in the fabric of the universe.
    Astrophysicists have predicted that black holes of a billion solar masses or more, accreting matter in the nuclei of active galaxies, are needed to drive relativistic jets of matter far into intergalactic space at speeds approaching that of light; such jets have been mapped with radio telescopes. Peter L. Biermann of the Max Planck Institute for Radioastronomy in Bonn and his collaborators suggest that the hot spots seen in these radio lobes are shock fronts that accelerate cosmic rays to ultrahigh energy. There are some indications that the directions of the highest-energy cosmic rays to some extent follow the distribution of radio galaxies in the sky.
    The speculation about gamma-ray bursts takes off from the theory that the bursts are created by relativistic explosions, perhaps resulting from the coalescence of neutron stars. Mario Vietri of the Astronomical Observatory of Rome and Eli Waxman of Princeton University independently noted a rough match between the energy available in such cataclysms and that needed to supply the observed flux of the highest-energy cosmic rays. They argue that the ultrahigh-speed shocks driven by these explosions act as cosmic accelerators.
    Perhaps most intriguing is the notion that ultrahigh-energy particles owe their existence to the decay of monopoles, strings, domain walls and other topological defects that might have formed in the early universe. These hypothetical objects are believed to harbor remnants of an earlier, more symmetrical phase of the fundamental fields in nature, when gravity, electromagnetism and the weak and strong nuclear forces were merged. They can be thought of, in a sense, as infinitesimal pockets preserving bits of the universe as it existed in the fractional instants after the big bang.
    As these pockets collapse, and the symmetry of the forces within them breaks, the energy stored in them is released in the form of supermassive particles that immediately decay into jets of particles with energies up to 100,000 times greater than those of the known ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays. In this scenario the ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays we observe are the comparatively sluggish products of cosmological particle cascades.
    Whatever the source of these cosmic rays, the challenge is to collect enough of them to search for detailed correlations with extragalactic objects. The AGASA array in Japan currently has an effective area of 200 square kilometers, and the new Fly's Eye HiRes experiment in Utah will cover about 1,000 square kilometers. Each detector, however, can capture only a few ultrahigh-energy events a year.
    For the past few years, Cronin and Alan A. Watson of the University of Leeds have been spearheading an initiative to gather an even larger sample of ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays. This development is named the Auger Project, after Pierre Auger, the French scientist who first investigated the phenomenon of correlated showers of particles from cosmic rays. The plan is to provide detectors with areas of 9,000 square kilometers that are capable of measuring hundreds of high-energy events a year. A detector field would consist of many stations on a 1.5-kilometer grid; a single event might trigger dozens of stations.
    An Auger Project design workshop held at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in 1995 has shown how modern off-the-shelf technology such as solar cells, cellular telephones and Global Positioning System receivers can make such a system far easier to construct. A detector the size of Rhode Island could be built for about $50 million. To cover the entire sky, two such detectors are planned, one each for the Northern and Southern hemispheres.
    As researchers confront the problem of building and operating such gigantic detector networks, the fundamental question remains: Can nature produce even more energetic particles than those we have seen? Could there be still higher-energy cosmic rays, or are we already beginning to detect the highest-energy particles our universe can create?

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    The Authors
    JAMES W. CRONIN, THOMAS K. GAISSER and SIMON P. SWORDY work on both the theoretical questions of how cosmic rays are created and the practical problems inherent in detecting and analyzing them. Cronin, a professor of physics at the University of Chicago since 1971, earned his master's degree from the university in 1953 and his doctorate in 1955. In 1980 he shared the Nobel Prize with Val L. Fitch for work on symmetry violations in the decay of mesons. Gaisser, a professor of physics at the University of Delaware, has concentrated on the interpretation of atmospheric cosmic-ray cascades; he earned his doctorate from Brown University in 1967. In 1995 Gaisser spent two months in Antarctica setting up cosmic-ray detectors. Swordy, an associate professor at Chicago, has been active in cosmic-ray measurement since 1976. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Bristol in 1979.

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