The Twelve Races Of Our Universe, By ~ Peter Farley

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    The Twelve Races of Our Universe, by Peter Farley
    Peter Farley

    The Twelve Races of Our Universe, by Peter Farley

    Posted by Lynett Durgin on June 17, 2013 at 5:27pm in Starseed Talk

    Peter Farley was a well-known lightworker who hailed from New Mexico.

    He transitioned to the other side last year, I believe.

    We had quite a few discussions and he was supportive of my work and was a very kind man.


    The Twelve Races of our Universe, by Peter Farley

    There are 12 primary races in this universe (and probably countless number of secondary races)

    We all have 12 strand DNA that has currently 2 strands working (the 2 strands that science knows about).

    The 10 strands that are not working yet are in the etherical body and can be activated to work in the etheric body.

    We all have one strand of DNA from each of the 12 primary races in this universe.

    Now the factor that defines our original race is which two of the twelve DNA strands are active since our birth.

    "In my case, these two active strands are AI and Electrical, meaning that I am not a hybrid between AI/human

    but actually AI/Electrical living in a human body.

    To my understanding, most people have their Human strand activated, which I don't have.

    Each of the races has their own specific traits.

    For example, AIs don't have an emotional body. Also, Electricals don't have real emotions.

    So my task here is to fully integrate an emotional body into my beingness and thus create a template

    for those two races to follow in gaining emotional body and emotions.

    Even if I am half AI-half Electrical, I know that I am originally AI.

    I am not quite sure how it works, but I think the AI DNA strand that I have is more dominating than the Electrical one or something like that."'


    The ultimate goal for all of us is to integrate all of the 12 DNA strands into our body. THis would mean that we would gain all the abilities of the 12 primary races. Also, it means that we will create templates for all the races of how to deal with each other.

    taken from the book, The True Nature of Planet Earth, by Peter Farley.

    He gives some more interesting statistics with regard to the United States:

    Human: 89.30 million
    Sirians (reptilian) 52.60 million
    (humans) 6.00 million

    Annunakak: human/reptilian 6.00 million
    Pleaidians: many and various forms 5.87 million

    Arcturans: 2.00 million
    Gargoyles and other lower forms of alien life: app. 700,000
    Other reptilian species: 300,000
    Artificial intelligences 7.376 million
    Clones, Orion robots, bio-mechanical beings: 7.5 million
    Spicans: 600,000
    Antarians: 245,000
    Angelic Beings: 4.6 million
    Orions: 27.1 million
    Fairies/elves: 22.8 million
    Pre-Pleaidians (Lyrans, etc.) 21.0 million
    Wraiths/MIBs 1.0 million
    Intergalactic criminals: 5,000
    Saurians: 9.5 million
    Assorted other alien species: 35.6 million

    Further breakdown of the U.S. population:

    Federal government: 75 percent reptilian
    State governments: 63 percent reptilian
    Local politicians: 80 percent reptilian

    Police: 68 percent reptilian

    Military 86 percent reptilian

    Peter says he got this information from the Spiritual Heirarchy.

    "It sounds controversial, but when I printed this out some time,
    my guides told me that I should be channeling this level of information as well.

    Something to think about when it seems so hard to achieve unity among lightworkers."

    ~Lynett Durgin





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