The Trecena of Light - Ajpu ~ Sun ~ Ahau October 12th to 24th, 2014

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    The Trecena of Light - Ajpu ~ Sun ~ Ahau
    October 12th to 24th, 2014

    12 OCT 2014 to 24 OCT 2014

    Enlightenment, Remembrance, Honor of Ancestors, Ascension,
    Awareness of Co-Creation, Awareness of new possibilities and new beginnings,
    Awakening to Miracles.

    Ajpu or Light energy represents source energy that compels us to seek our spiritual path.

    The dreamer or visionary in each of us who follows his heart while remaining grounded
    (by earthly ancestral wisdom) will complete the spiritual journey.

    Ajpu energy gives us the power to co-create whatever we put our attention to.

    This energy of light resonates with new concepts.

    The Maya also called this day sign the Day of the Ancestors or Lords,
    which was considered to be the most sacred of all days. Carlos Barrios in Book of Destiny
    states that this day sign has the power to overcome negative energy.

    It “governs lunar and solar eclipses…brings material and spiritual certainty.

    It is the realization of the solar body. It is transformation, mutation, and acuity.

    It is the warrior, the companion, the traveler, the dancer, and the artist,
    maker of wonders. It is the soothsayer
    – the diviner and vanquisher of spells
    – the lord of flowers, master and heir to the power of light.”

    According to Kenneth Johnson in Jaguar Wisdom: “This is the day sign of all things lordly and complete, including the world of the Ancestors, that lies behind our present moment, linking us with times past in an endless revolution of days…it is clear that it represents
    that ecstatic process that connects us to the collective mind and to the cyclic flow of time itself.”

    The energies of the Tzolkin are helping us to move out of Chronos time
    (mechanized time of the Gregorian calendar and the 12:60 clock) and into Karios time – natural time, 13:20, the cyclic flow of time itself.

    Another representation of the Trecena is that of a creative wave beginning at 1
    and ending at 13, with the numbers 6, 7 and 8 representing the crest of the wave.

    The crest could be interpreted as a strong influential energy, although the underlying influence on the Trecena would still rest in the beginning.

    Light energy underlies (or influences) the days of 6 Kan ~ Serpent, or Kundalini energy rising up the spine connecting us with earthly and heavenly energies; 7 Kame ~ Death, Transformational energy, death, rebirth and ancestral wisdom; and 8 Kej ~ Deer, representing the grounding of the 4-legged animals and the rituals which connect us to earth.

    This pattern of light energy is available now and offers each of us the opportunity to heal our spirit and heal Mother Earth.

    As we journey through each day of this Trecena
    • Utilize the energy of Ajpu to look at your personal patterns and determine what is important to your spiritual path in this moment. Pray and give thanks to the Ancestors for guidance as we are in need of miracles right now.

    Collectively, we can send this love and light energy wherever it is needed on Mother Earth.

    Erroll J. Reykjalin

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