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    Mayan Calendar Portal says:

    November 27 is 8 Cimi/Kame.

    The sacred, mystical cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

    Each night we sleep, we die; each day we wake, we are reborn.

    So does Uaxac’s cord of time twist along the path of eternity that Cimi embodies;

    use it as a guide, a lifeline as you work through life transitions or transformations.

    Never forget that deep, strong connection with your bloodline, your family karma,

    your elders, who guide, support and protect you at every turn...

    they’re there, always, no matter how alone you feel.

    As the tides ebb and flow over sand, so the currents of our lives move

    with the rhythms of the vast ocean of collective consciousness.

    Track these energies with the MCP Mayan Tzolkin mobile app:

    Cauac rules this current Trecena (13 days starting Nov 20).

    For details on this trecena, see

    or p. 184 of the book --
    The Serpent and the Jaguar:

    Living in Sacred Time

    Order here:"

    For a translation of the day signs and numbers visit our Mayan Rosetta Stone page here:

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