The Quantum Big Bang in the Weyl String and Supermembrane EpsEss

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    Robert S. Powell

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    Cartesian Duality is back! But with a twist 1f642. :) This time, it can be interpreted (in either spiritual or religious terms) as the beginnings of a scientific explanation for an ongoing Creation from the quantum realm of physics into the classical realm of DNA/RNA biology with God in Being rather than outside of us.
    In this incredible lecture, Susskind gives us our first glimpses of this new duality. It's an hour long, but it's worth some high time, if only to add to your own version of our rapidly changing worldviews.

    Entanglement and Complexity: Gravity and Quantum Mechanics
    Professor Leonard Susskind describes how gravity and quantum information theory have come together to create a new way of thinking about physical…

    Giovanni Franceschini

    ...ironic, a reply to a tweet this morning:
    Guy Longworth ‏@GuyLongworth Thesis: it's much harder to generate a clear positive Gettier case (one in which the provocateur knows) than a negative one.

    GiovanniBerchtold @GuyLongworth ...every expressed system creates its own god. (nudge-wink on tenses and singular-plural.)

    Robert S. Powell

    Wow, right on, Giovanni. It took me awhile to understand. Are you implying that the affirmation of knowledge comes from an eternal and universally embodied substrate of being?

    Giovanni Franceschini

    , well, living systems are perforce plural, of course, and evolved. You can, there, change the notion to - any expressed god creates its own systems (or tries to,) ecc. Knowledge, the gettier stuff... this gets rich quickly, and would call for a bit of delineation. A lot, or it's a book. Keep to the gettier, the response above that came to mind both on seeing your post and again as susskind talked about black holes from entangled and not particles....pause.
    It's a bit unexpectedly difficult, and not from the too much roast chicken in my stomach. Shove it into a few words.... knowledge (any)... has already taken place. It's representation is what follows, but isn't knowledge. ie, even the shape of neurons, maybe not only, can leave traces of memory (you might recall about a year or two ago, the mice, knock out NT communication but still...) Affirmation of knowledge is based largely on the later, representation whereas as knowledge...wouldn't use eternal/embodied but systemic and universally recursive, substrates.

    Robert S. Powell

    Is this like Max Tegmark's statement that, for all he knows, qualia, the stuff that vitalizes our experience of being, is how the processing of Platonic information feels?

    Winifred Thompson

    Einstein's ER=EPR has suggested the key to their connection can be found in space time tunnels known as wormholes, and the mysterious link between subatomic particles known as entanglement. The key to merging QM and GR would explain the mystery of entanglement, that spacetime itself could merge from quantum entanglement. Ultimately the controversies over how to interpret QM could be resolved in the process.

    Tony Bermanseder
    This emergence is the lower dimensional universe of the instanton aka Quantum Big Bang from its higher dimensional 'parent' of the inflaton.
    The universe was one third of a trillionth billionth millionth thousandth of a second old when this occurred.
    GR and QM are merged in the quantum gravity of the wormhole, being a 'hyperspace' inside two quantum entangled Black Hole Event Horizons. I
    t is because of this entanglement, that the two Black Holes no matter how separated, can indeed form a higher dimensional geometric structure which allows the hyperbolic negative curvature (Anti de Sitter spacetime) of the boundaries to connect themselves across this then positively (enclosed ellipsoidal positively curved) 'superspace' in the proposed mirror duality.
    The quantum gravity is transmitted as graviton exchange and where the gravitons are open Dirichlet 10D strings entering the inside of the Black Hole and attached as as 11D supermembranes in dimensionally reduced (11-4) 7D Calabi Yau manifolds on each of the event horizons.



    Robert S. Powell
    It's a beautiful model 1f642. :)

    Mike Sabol

    Well, they're getting there aren't they? These tensor networks are a "dualism" of entropic phase spaces.
    I think we will find that there are more than QM/GR Duality. Something keeps winding the mainspring of the universe and the fact that evolution of one side of the duality causes the other side to increase in energy and complexity. Causality is multi-directional and multi-dimensional.

    I think that Barbour's timeless coordinates would sit neatly in the described Tensor Networks

    It also seems that the embracing of these "Dualities" is a means by which we can tackle the universal "spiritual" idea of Paradox. I think that we'll also discover via higher dimensional computational topology that the Undefined and Infinite operators on Zero are actually physical realities that relate to the transform of tensor bonds from one network to another. I would be very interested to see Sir Penrose approach the topic.

    Robert S. Powell

    Fascinating, Mike. I'm re-reading Barbour now. I'm beginning to understand that the arrow of time is a property of classical ensembles only. Does that mean quantum entangled systems are eternal?

    Giovanni Franceschini
    Robert S. Powell
    , one of the questions I sort of have to, eh, understand, or try. (assumption is, eh, yes, except that eternal wouldn't be the word or concept.)

    Mike Sabol
    Robert S. Powell,
    like Giovanni, I'm not sure "Eternal" is the word I would choose. 1f642. :) But I do think that the tensor networks could be a "reverse entropy" of sorts, in relations to the classical systems. Again I see these things as a multitude of phase spaces that combine, and split, via entropic evolution from one domain to another. What I heard Susskind talking about was the possibility of a mathematical model that could sustain a migration of entanglement across disparate phase spaces, which is what I mean by "winding the mainspring" of the universe. I might postulate that this entangled/entropic migration is what is "Eternal".

    I don't see "Time" as being an arrow. per se. Or rather, I see "Time" as heuristic construction of our consciousness as we implement a "line of best fit" to Barbour's coordinates. The underlying soup of possibility is eternal. But the possibilities are endless. A la Alan Watts. 1f642. :)

    Tony Bermanseder

    Excellent video Robert.
    Now do you remember how I emphasised the two black hole event horizon in the string modular duality in my talk with Allen Francom?
    If you watch this video from Susskind again and focus of the two entangled Black Holes and their inner anti deSitter spacetime connection, you will see Susskind asking a question about the 'extra spacetime' created by the quantum entanglement, namely the quantum gravitational effect created by this entanglement.
    He says that he does not know if Alice and Bob can meet due to the inner Black Hole expanding as the Black Hole's complexity and entropy.
    This extra space is precisely what manifests the de Sitter spacetime in the higher dimensional graviton exchange by the Dirichlet branes from the boundary (the Quantum Field conformal mapping mentioned by Susskind).
    As de Sitter spacetime is higher D and positively curved in General Relativity; but anti de Sitter space is hyperbolic and negatively curved there; it will be the geometrical boundaries, say left and right or Alice's and Bob's entry points of the two entangled Black Holes, which will allow the inner space to change curvature and so become enclosed in the membrane space of the string duality. So you can point Susskind into the right direction to answer his question, in saying that the two boundary event horizons in anti de Sitter spacetime mirror each other as hyperbolic spacetime in spheroidal de Sitter spacetime inside of the Black Hole.
    Therefore it is again the Graviton quantum mechanics inside the wormhole, which enables the perturbation or 'butterfly effect' of the boundary complexity to reduce to Maldacenas bulk gravity as a 5D- curved to 4D-flat quantum entanglement.
    Two boundaries as the event horizons of the nonperturbed quantum field then enclose the inner EPR=ER wormhole spacetime as a Black Hole Dyad with the information on the two boundaries being transmitted in the 'extra space' in the wormhole being higher dimensional as the 'cosmological complex geometry' of Susskind, albeit colocal AS de Sitter spacetime with/entangled the anti de Sitter spacetime of the boundaries as the ER=EPR equivalence as Susskinds revolutionary breakthrough in theoretical physics.

    Robert S. Powell

    Yes, Tony, I remembered. Your comment is what drove me to really listen to Susskind's lecture all the way through. And thanks for your comment. This is my first venture into string theory and branes, so it's pretty exciting 1f642. :)

    suss1. suss2. suss3.

    The Planck Length here is a minimisation configuration of what I have addressed as the Weyl string of the Quantum Big Bang or instanton in my talks with Allen. Allen should really take the string modular duality more serious, because, as you see in this video, many avenues in complexity theory and quantum computing appear to find their solutions in applying tensor charts and their applications of modular duality to the entanglement questions.
    Your own work on consciousness would also become enriched, should you be able to familiarise yourself better with the charts and links I shared with you. Just remember the 'emptyness' of the atom as a emergent neutron-nucleon physics will allow the fields of chemistry and biology to also discover their long awaited breakthroughs. Susskind admitted that he did 'not believe' in wormholes before this discovery lol. So it shall be with the science of universal consciousness.

    Yes I watched your video just a few hours ago and as I sort of know what Susskind is looking for for the 'next revolution', I decided to recall your sharing to inform and share the video and comments.

    Robert S. Powell

    I too am resisting the idea of universal consciousness on the assumption that Big Bang qualia, lacking the context that comes with locality and temporality, also lacks choice and agency. In my model of reality, agency and conscious choice evolves with classical complexity from a deterministic substrate.

    On the other hand,thinking metaphorically from an evolutionary perspective, the Big Bang implies a "Big Birth." I can imagine "little births" could follow in the transition from Big Bang to star systems to geo-spheres to biospheres as beings with localized and temporalized centers of consciousness are born, like, here and now on Earth.

    I have always assumed that localized and temporalized (in spacetime) beings are, potentially, both subjects and objects of intent, free of quantum entanglement, except within the DNA/RNA complex in the nuclei of every cell, but dynamically entangled classically and locally in accord with the inter-connectivity rules of chemistry (the "chemical mind") that allows inter-atomic interaction/communication, the "bio-chemical mind" of intercellular communication, the "hormonal mind" of emotion, the "neuronal mind" of reason, and most recently in the evolution of earthly being, the "linguistic mind" of cultural memes.

    In this holarchic model of locally and temporally embodied consciousness, it seems to follow that the DNA/RNA complex at the core of all viruses and cells are connected by the tensor chart of wormholes in the substrate of spacetime.

    Tony Bermanseder

    I perceive your 'objections' very well Robert; but allow me to assure you that this 'physical consciousness' fully supports your scientific and intellectual sentiments. I might say to you, that my own work is only in its secondary nature cosmologically scientific; but that my primary objective is the cosmogony preceding this Quantum Big Bang Cosmology. My expertise and training in physics is far removed from my actual raison de etre' of being in this world for the time being.
    My main work is similar to yours, but not in terms of scientific nomenclature, but in the decoding of ancient scrolls and the overall cosmic evolution in terms of the 'universal intelligence' often misnomered as 'spirituality' and similar labels often associated with notions of religion.
    As I have said before, what science perceives as matter and inertia can very well be defined as some generic 'prima materia' from which ALL of the scientific form of energy emerged. This 'primal source energy' you perceive as holarchic form, which of course could also be associated with Leibnitz' monads or Spinoza's primal essence and more modern forms such as ether or orgone or chi or lifeforce or spirit and so on, then itself manifests the physical metaphysical holons say, through the 'discovery'-afterthought of mathematical laws of nature from a undefined forethought potential of universal or cosmic intelligence.

    Subsequently you might find, that the entire notion of an evolving universe and all its substructures like galaxies, starsystems, planets, geologies and lifeforms is indeed reducible to the 'cosmic intelligence' or metaphysical consciousness finding structure and form in its materialisation into physicality. Summararily then, your objections are unwarranted if you could perceive the emergence of the physical consciousness from its own unmanifested potential.

    Robert S. Powell

    Yes, I can now understand why you differentiate between "physical" consciousness (what I call "embodied" consciousness) and the un-embodied substrate of the universally, quantum-entangled sort I think of as spirituality.
    I am reminded of Tom Campbell and his realization that we all have our own models to justify a spiritual substrate to our conscious experience of being. I think that comes with agency and choice. 1f642. :)

    Tony Bermanseder

    I like Tom Campbell yes; but no I don't differentiate between physical and universal consciousness as you do. Your embodiment is an evolving-emergent form of the universal with me and yes I would term this embodiment as individuation from the universal, albeit always quantum entangled in that form. Y
    Your reductionist methodology to say reduce the mind to neuronal activity or accentuation in biochemistry I would embellish in say the differentiation between organic and inorganic chemistry.
    This eventually reduces to the self-replication of viruses in geometric symmetries and eventually reduce to the reproduction of crystals including quasi crystals of Schechtmanite -Penrose patterns and from there to the weak parity violation of the weak nuclear force in say the chirality of beta minus decay and neutrino definitions.
    The Penrose-Hameroff models of consciousness go a long way in this approach, but fail in the superpositions they define as either-or and the notion of a quantum scale threshold for this 'microtubular' dynamic. Also the Bohmian guidewaves and Einstein's 'hidden variable' could be easily integrated in the 'Thuban' cosmology in my view.

    Robert S. Powell

    So the major difference between your "top-down" or "outside- in' viewpoint and my "bottom-up" or "inside-out" viewpoint resides in the question, "is the feedback between the two ongoing, or is the experience of being locally embodied separating itself (differentiating) from universal qualia as the creation expands?"

    Tony Bermanseder

    This question reduces to how you define locality. Locality in General Relativity aka the geometry of space engages the notion of 'vector transport' and so to the mathematics of orientability and the noncommutative nature of matrices in the formalism.
    This then is applied in flat Minkowski spacetime which cosmologically becomes the question of the universe's topology or shape. Here then the anti deSitter spacetime comes into conflict in the Maldacena models/conjecture because this AdS has no boundary due to its hyperbolic curvature. you can find a detailed discusson on the Maldacena gravity applied to the universe and its holographic cosmology on the woowoo forum.
    But now, say via your Stanford-Susskind presentation the nphysicists have realised that the locality of general relativity is altered inside quantum entangled objects, bounded by Black Hole event horizons. But as all objects can be expressed as Schwarzschild metrics and because the entire universe can be expressed as a complex Riemann sphere in 4 spacial dimensions with a 3-dimensional boundary surface albeit expressed as a 3-dimensional torus volume; this universal quantum entanglement is by nature ALWAYS inside a so called Strominger Eternal Black Hole (meaning there is no Hawking Radiation and therefore no massloss or decay).
    Your bottom-up approach is complementary to the top-down approach, because of holofractal self-similarity and the physical nature of the hologram, differing in intensity, but carrying all the information of the total sum of its siblings say.

    Tony Bermanseder

    The locality in modular spacetime so simply becomes the event horizon defining the inner space and outer space of the Black Hole and as defined by the Relativities outside in the 'lower D' and inside in the 'higher D'.
    Of course many notions of the status quo regarding what a 'virtual particle' is and the nature of Hawking Radiation and the entire idea of Susskind's and co's obsession with quantum fluctuations as the origin of the universe requires modification, should the actual availability of Maldacena's 'missing boundary' in AdS space be better understood.(The 4D spacetime becomes embedded in 4+7=11 dimensions as the 'Mother Black Hole' hologram say and this 11D Witten-spacetime becomes the Möbian twosidedness say like a double-sided mirror for the inside-outside continuity). This is shown in your clip as an introduction. The quantum fluctuation is the twosidedness manifesting top[ologically from its Möbian onesidedness.
    Iris and Allen will like this origin of the material from their own namesaked geometric topology of the primordial wormhole.

    This is related to our previous talk about consciousness and the holographic information universe; having something to do with dark matter and dark energy and the fate of the universe in an omniverse of multiverses. This Susskind lecture describes this and the dilemma of the 'thermodynamic cosmology' in relative layman terms and our previous talks should fill in some gaps about the status quo for you as well. You will like the fractal flow at the end of this lecture in your model and it fits extremely well into modular string duality with the Sourcesink Eps and the sinksource Ess and where the Eps eigenstate defines the quantum state of the wormhole as a primary sourcesink and the antiwormhole (as the 2 entangled event horizons) defines the secondary sinksource. Iow Susskinds final speculation is the Thuban supersymmetry of fourtiered creation from Definiton to Inflaton to Instanton to Continuon.

    Robert S. Powell

    Thanks Tony, I'll watch it tonight. With respect to your previous comment: Beautifully argued. It will take me awhile to dig into such a perfect edifice! 1f642. :) I can well understand your fascination with ancient Egyptian thinking. I am reminded of the pyramids by the grand sweep of your vision (opps, model, giggle). I feel like Gilgamesh or Odysseus, digging down in the underworld, by comparison. I am happy we are both seeking the animating eye.

    To carry that mix of metaphor to it's limit, it seems we're doomed to find consciousness on the surface, between heavenly self realization and sub-conscious hell.

    Tony Bermanseder

    Indeed; perhaps you might look at my discussion of the Mayan calendar and the intricacies of how the Maya rendered the life of one of their major kings Pacal the Great to construct their cosmology using the great Platonic ages of the precession.
    In utilizing their inscriptions around 650 AD, the recent Gaian history of the last 26,000 years can be constructed and relate rather intrinsically to the present times of political transformations as a punctuated equilibrium in the evolvement of the human civilization.


    Tony Bermanseder
    Yes I watched your video just a few hours ago and as I sort of know what Susskind is looking for for the 'next revolution', I decided to recall your sharing to inform and share the video and comments.

    The Quantum Big Bang in the Weyl String and Supermembrane EpsEss

    Robert S. Powell

    Ah, the Elders of Thuban. Great site. Now I know I'm beyond science into woo woo. 1f603. :D


    Tony Bermanseder
    Indeed the Ouroboros of woowoo land of Pyramids and the Nag Hammadi lexicons..
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    The Omniversal Hypersphere, based on its Universal Source Energy Seedling for the Holofractal Universe in a Cosmology of Membranes

    The Age of the Universe is metric dependent. One might ask certain questions, like "How old is he Universe" and this is a very good question at the core of all cosmology.

    Analysis shows, that there are four different metrics and so there are four ages and four sizes for your universe and depending on one's viewpoint of observation.

    The Omniverse represents a multidimensional form for its own Seedling Universe (or Protoverse).

    This Seedling Oneness then allows a Manyness in such phaseshifted Universes multiplying as a Multiverse of 'Many Worlds', where however this manyness continues to be a part of the circumscribing Omniverse and disallows independent and separated universes and multiverses without the Omniverse. Multiverses can therefore only be parallel in adjacency and quantum entanglement within the circumscribing Omniverse.
    The Omniverse is modeled as a 12-dimensional topology and which is 'seeded' holofractally by its 'rootreduced' ordinary 3-dimensional space R3 to allow a simplified lower dimensional description for the Cosmology of the Omniverse.

    This Cosmology encompasses the Holographic Principle of Brane physics, which describes the worldlines of Branes as the Volumars traced out by the dynamics of a 4-dimensional Minkowski spacetime of 4-vectors.

    The Holographic Principle stipulates that the Information Content of such a volumar can be mapped or projected onto a lower dimensional topology through the astrophysics of Black Holes, connected in a quantum entangled manner to White Holes via Wormholes or Einstein-Rosen Bridges.

    Adding a spacial dimension to the Minkowski 4-vector then allows the time component of the 4-vector to become spacelike and renders the original timelike scalar as a 4-space lightpath X=cT.

    The extension of the Minkowski spacetime so emerges a 5-dimensional Kaluza-Klein spacetime superposing the curvature metrics of General Relativity onto the flat Euclidean spacetime of Minkowski.

    This 3+1 D space and this 4+1 D spacetime so engages the Holographic Principle in projecting the data base contained in the 3D volumars onto their 2D surfaces or manifolds and as the Event Horizons of Black Holes defined in 3D metrics, but manifesting in physicality in their 4D quantum entangled physical self expressions.

    In the case of the Omniverse then, this data compression engages the mapping of the 12D information onto the Outside of a 11-dimensional Membrane Space and as the Event Horizon of a 11-dimensional Mother-Mirror-Matrix-Magic-Mystery-Membrane Black Hole (MBH) NOT physically manifest in its 3D metric formulations.

    The 11D-MBH is 'extremal' as a Boundary Condition and is allowed to 'oscillate' as a Strominger Brane.
    This means, that its own maximum boundary condition becomes modular dual to its minimum condition of the wormhole parametrization and that the total inertial mass content of the Universe Seedling can be rendered massless in a 'shrinking' of the maximum self state to its minimum selfstate to then 'Bounce' in a 'Recharging' of the 'Quantum Big Bang' mechanism. One such recharge cycle for the Strominger MBH calculates as about 4 trillion years (see addendum #6 as the appendix of this message).

    It so is not the inertial observed mass contained within the Universe, which diminishes, but it is the inertia equivalent, labeled as Gravita, which defines not only what 'mass' represents from first principles, but how this Inertialization of Energy by the Equivalence Principle of General Relativity relates to the Cosmogony, the initial and boundary condition for the Birth of a Quantum Big Banged Cosmology in an a' priori' scenario.

    The 11-D Witten Membrane is considered to be embedded in the 12D Omnispace as a twosided surface or manifold; but subject to a Möbian topological Selftransformation into a Onesidedness.

    Such a transformation has become part of the physics database through the academic work and endeavours of Brian Greene, Paul Aspinwall and David Morrison in the fall of 1992 at Princeton, who proved, that the spacetime can indeed tear apart and reglue itself under the Mirror Dualities of brane cosmology and under collaboration with Edward Witten and other string-brane physicists.

    A Onesided 11D-Witten membrane would DOUBLE the surface area of the Omniversal boundary and render this manifold akin a Klein-Dragon-Bottle in the Omnispace.

    The Seedling 2D Klein-Bottle so would form the holofractal for the overall shape and topology of the Omniverse as a 11D Klein-Bottled Dragon - the Cosmic Genie in the Bottle.

    The onesided Möbian Strip in 3D can be embedded as a onesided 2D surface in this 3d volumar, but a onesided Klein Bottle in 3D must selfintersect in 3D; can however embed itself in 4D of the R4 space of the Riemannian Hypersphere without such a self intersection.

    We so define the upper omniversal holofractal unboundedness in a 4-Vector space given by the Riemann Hypersphere in R4 space with Volume V4=½π2R4 and manifold bounded in a 3D quasi Volumar S4=dV4/dR=2π2R3.

    As this quasi-volumar describes the volume of a 3D Horn Torus; the appropriate topological cosmology of the Omniverse engages the physics of the Torus, both in its Seedling holofractal of the 2D manifold and its 11D form as a selfsimilar MBH.

    Generally, the Omniverse has no upper bound for its continuous expansion, but is lower bounded by a 11-dimensional Mirror Space, described as a 11-dimensional Membrane Space.
    This 11D-Witten Sphere so forms the upper bound for the lower dimensional 10-dimensional String Space.

    The Omniverse is holofractal and obeys the Holographic Principle of allowing the information content of a n-dimensional Volumar Space to become topologically mapped or projected onto a (n-1)-dimensional Surface/Area Space.

    We so consider the Omnispace to be 12-dimensional; mapping its data base onto the 11D-Mirror, which we rename as the 11-dimensional Multiverse.

    We also define the 12D Volumar Space to become the higher dimensional multi-dimensional Envelope or Encompassment or Circumscription for a Seedling Fractalspace denoted as 3D Volumar Space.

    The metric ds>0 then defines a Spacelike spacetime and implies a metric displacement vector R>X=cT in a lightpath smaller than this displacement in so termed tachyonic and superluminal or 'faster than light' dynamics.
    Technically, the 'Proper Length' between 'relative frame referenced' events can be determined, but not the 'Proper Time', as the Minkowski 4-vector places the position coordinates outside the world lines.

    This defines the 'Outside' of the 11D Witten space as a hypersurface described by our twosided MBH event horizon maximised by the quasi-Volumar S4=dV4/dR=2π2R3Hubble.

    Exceeding RHubble as a metric displacement then describes the expansion of the 10D-String Universe into its circumscribing 11D-Membrane Universe, not as its 'Seedling Limit' of the MBH, but as its Lightlike 'Inflation Precursor', so continuing its preBig Bang expansion generation from the MBH boundary and the difference being that the inflationary dynamics are no longer required to 'superpose' a multidimensional lightpath X=cT onto the light invariance of the lower dimensional asymptotic string universe.

    The metric ds=0 defines the Lightlike 11D-Membrane Universe in a Stasis or Steady State of the enveloping Boundary- and Initial Condition and AS the Hypersurface or Witten Mirror.

    At the Boundary of the 11D-Event Horizon, the expansion is Lightlike as ds=0 and defines the boundary coordinate for the spacelike expansion to become Timelike in ds<0.

    The metric ds<0 decribes the mass parametric cosmology, where the speed of light becomes the limit for inertia acceleration and where the 'proper time intervals' can be defined, but not the 'proper displacements' as the events all fall within the world line where the frame relative observer measure events with their own clocks and rulers.
    The 12D-Volumar Universe as Omniverse here becomes asymptotic in accordance with the acceleration limit of Special Relativity.

    The 10D-string Seedling expands asymptotically towards the Boundary Mirror in 11D as the Event Horizon of the Hubble Radius Rmax=RHubble in 'Real Time' and Timelike; accomodating however its own Spacelike 12D expansion into Omnispace as a Reflector Space for the data mapping through the MBH as the dimensional 'divide'.

    The superposition of the de Broglie matterwave Inflaton prior to the Big Bang manifesto of the holofractal source energy unit (see Addendum) so established the Hubble Boundary for both the 10D- mass parametric Timelike Universe and for the 11D-electromagnetic Lightlike Universe.
    There would then exist a 'Boundary Coordinate' in the Omniverse structure, at which the Lightlike expansion would reach its boundary condition as a Selfbound or Eigenstate, but not its asymptotically restricted and timelike Cosmology.

    Once this 'Inflation Bound' was attained by the Lightlike expansion of the Seedling Multiverse; this seedling itself would become enabled to 'bust' its lower dimensional boundary of the MBH in both refracting 'outwards' and reflecting 'inwards' from this boundary.

    The Multiverse so would become the 'Seed' for the Omniverse, just as the Universe (or Protoverse) constitutes the 'Seed' for the Multiverse.

    The Protoversal Seed is restricted in the 'metric' of the MBH; however oscillating like a 'Hubbled Heartbeat of the Omniverse' in the dynamics of the Strominger Branes of the resetting of the Inertia Integral of the Universe, so defining the MBH in RHubbleas a Nodal 'Hubble Constant'.

    The Multiversal Seed is unrestricted, but attains its 'Energization' from the so called Vortex-Potential-Energy (VPE) of Quantum Relativity aka the Zero-Point-Energy of the Free Space/Vacuum (ZPE) aka the Light-Matrix or Ether of the Heisenberg Vacuum backgound.
    This 'energization' then 'recharges' the Big bang parameters in multiplicity and higher dimensionality in the factor n3.H every time this recharging occurs in the Strominger Brane transformations; (H is a spacetime quanta counter relating the spacetime quantization in H=Vmax/Vwormhole = 2πRHubbleWeyl3~10147 and as a Holographic Entropy Bound).

    Consequently, when the Omniverse is about 4 Trillion years old, a new Big Bang will occur superposed onto the existing cosmic structure.
    Many of the galaxies and stars by then depleted of their nuclear fuel will become recharged by the Gravita transforming into Inertia, at then already manifested VPE vortices and just as was the case in the cosmology, before the lightlike expansion had reached its MBH boundary.
    As the space creation has been ongoing from this nexus point, calculated at about 2.2 billion years ago; the ZPE of the 'extraseeded' omnispace will simply continue the gravitational and electromagnetic transformation of the VPE into more structured and complexified inertia carriers (say elementary particles) under utility of the nuclear interaction gauges (or forces).

    At this nexus point, so 2,200 million years ago; the reflection potential for the cosmos was attained and the spacelike outwards expansion from the MBH could also become timelike in the reversal of the timearrow in a mirrored inwards expansion.

    This nexus cordinate also specifies the 'Awakening of Selfreferential Spacial Consciousness in Self Reflection' and the ''Reaching of Self-Consciousness' for the Omniverse as a MBH, able to 'Birth' its own 'Consciousness carriers' as holofractal units or Children of Itself.

    This of course simply repeats the Strominger Brane evolution of the MBH and its Daughter BH in the Sarkar Black Hole (see Addendum #3).

    Following the derivation of the metric ages for the universe, we shall describe the cosmological redshifts definitive for the Contact Events of extraterrestrial Civilizations able to 'visit' and interact with the Gaian Realms.


    We so defined the upper omniversal holofractal unboundedness in a 4-Vector space given by the Riemann Hypersphere in R4 space with Volume V4=½π2R4 and manifold bounded in a 3D quasi Volumar S4=dV4/dR=2π2R3.

    As this 3D quasi-Volumar is horn-toroidal (see following description of a Torus Surface in 3D); its Encompassment or Circumscription will exceed its toroidal quasi Volume by a factor of 8 as the circumscribing spherical radius is twice a=RHubble=ROmniverse.

    This renders 8(2π2R3)=(3π/2).(32π/3)R3 and specifies the metric unifier in R3D=(3π/2)1/3.R4D=1.676539193..R4D.

    The timelike metric is so upper bounded asymptotically by the Horn-Torus radius RHubble=2R3D in the description above.

    The Holofractal Unit corresponds to the Zero-Point-Planckian Weyl-Wormhole Oscillator Energy in:
    EoWeyl=½hfWeyl=½EWeyl=½hc/λWeyl that is for a Compton wavelength λWeyl=h/mWeylc=hc/EWeyl=hc/2EoWeyl=2πRWeyl.

    If measured from WITHIN the inertia defined Hubble Horizon in a 10D-string universe, the universe has the volume of a sphere, but measured from in between that Hubble Horizon in 10D and its 11D-membrane universe, this volume transforms into a special toroidal shape, like a doughnut without as hole.
    and other sources.

    This then gives the volume V10+=2π2Rmax3[n/(n+1)]3 for an inertial doughnut age of 8.96 billion years or a 15.03 billion year spherical age. These are the Actual Inertial Ages for the universe as envelopes or upper bounds and these are not the ages as measured by scientists as the natural philosophers.

    The transformation factor between the "doughnut without a hole" and the sphere is the upper bounded Chaos Constant known as the Feigenbaum-Delta: σFmax=3π/2.

    Should one measure the universe from a position of OUTSIDE this 11-D WittenMirror-spacetime say in 12D-VafaMirror spacetime however, the volume increases due to the 4-dimensional seed activated by the 3-dimensional seed.

    Technically the surface on which the far away mirror exists becomes a 3-dimensional mirror just as the location of a local surface mirror can be postulated to exist on the inside of a spherical 2-dimensional mirror much farther away and as 'seen at a distance'.

    Then the outside of this 2D-mirror surface changes from a spherical surface to a doughnut surface, remaining however 2-dimensional, albeit in transition to 3D, obtained in the asymptotic approach of the 2D-surface towards the 3D-surface.

    In other words, the 'Image' as seen in the 'far away mirror' INTERSECTS its own lightpath X=cT and between the mass parametric lower-D spacetime and the electromagnetically defined higher-D spacetime.

    Outside the far away mirror in the 12-D-Vafa spacetime then the surface topology is 4-dimensional as the orthogonal vector nRmax in the expression:
    from V4=½π2R4 and dV4/dR=2π2R3

    The extra-3D-volume so becomes: V11+=n32Rmax3 and is measured relative to the inside in 10D as an age of 32.04 billion years, but relative to the outside in 11D as 19.11 billion years. These are the Actual Electromagnetic Ages for the universe.

    The Measured Ages for the universe are however lower, than the Actual Ages, because of the intersection of the 3rd dimension with the 4th dimension.

    If the critical volume is defined as Vcritical=2π2Rmax3, then the extra 3D volume expanding as a 4D volume seed will be V11-=n.Vcritical and as reduced from V11+=n3.Vcritical.

    The Measured Electromagnetic Age for your universe then is 17.62 billion doughnut years and 29.53 billion sphere years.

    The following expressions must hold and define the multivolumes in labels, which can then become reinterpreted in the form of 'missing energy' and 'missing mass'. Many cosmologists in your universe term this the search for 'dark energy' and 'dark matter' respectively.

    Multidimension Factor: DIM = V11+/V10+ = V11-/V10-
    Dark Matter Factor: DIMDM = V11-/V10+=(n+1)3/n2~7.561 (for n=npresent)
    Dark Energy Factor: DIMDE = V11+/V10-=(n+1)3.n2~12.434 (for n=npresent)

    One so must have a reduced 3-dimensional inertial volume V10-, which is given by
    V10-=(n/[n+1]3.2π2Rmax3 and provides a doughnut age of 8.26 billion years and the age measured by the astrophysicist, namely 13.85 billion years as the Measured Inertial Ages for the universe.

    Comprehensively then, the universe is experiencing an ongoing transformation in its cosmological evolution.


    Curvature Radii and Pi

    Briefly, all electromagnetic radiation or EMR as the universal mode of data transmission is created by the 'Acceleration of Electric Charges', such as the proton fusion in stars into helium emitting EMR in their centripetal acceleration of the Coulomb charges of say the electron (-) and the proton(+).
    It is because of this reducibility of All EMR to this property of matter, that the notion of a 'spirit' is dismissed by the terrestrial physicists and scientists in general. If all things, including light and all forms of the intergalactic medium are a consequence of the acceleration of electric charges and those charges are ALWAYS associated with matter and mass carrying particles and waves, then the Quantum Big Bang must alse be a consequence of matter as its prerequisite parameter to bring a physical universe into existence.
    The 'Cosmic Secret of the ETs' is that the EMR has a parentage and this is the EMMR and this is what the 'spirit' is. The EMMR is matter independent and it is technically defined in the "Acceleration of Magnetic Charges', which are defined in a higher dimensional form of 'Monopolar Wormhole Radiation' or the self resonance of the 'Little Serpent Abba' entwined with his as her in the 'Little Serpentina Baab' aka the heterotic supermembrane HE(8x8) and as the finalo class of the inflationary brane epoch BEFORE the physicality of matter manifested itself in the EMR of the 1st Quantum Big Bang.

    There is a 'Serpent Mapping', defining the notion of what cosmic consciousness or selfawareness are in terms of the physicality. This can also be described as a Charge-Transduction between the 11-D Black Hole Boundary and the 10-D asymptotic cosmology and this is defined in the parameters of a lower dimensional quantum universe and as say defined in the size of the classical electron and its higher dimensional image, both defining a Volume multiplied by this cosmic awareness as a timedifferential and so enabling a new physical quantity, the Thuban Council labels as the 'Starcharge' or the 'Starcouloumb C*.

    The mathematical expression encapsulating this is: Magnetocharge e*=2Rec2↔ √Alpha.LPlanckc2=Electrocharge e for EMR finestructure Alpha and a absolute minimum displacement scale definied in a 'Planck-Length Oscillation' defined as the product of Alpha and this Planck-Length as the first of the superstring classes (I).

    For duality modulation between the supermembrane parts:
    Cellular Micro Wormhole lps/2p ↔ 2plss as Galactic Macro Antiwormhole

    Hyperspace inversion parameter for spacetime quantization:
    1/2p2 from Vuniverse=2p2R3=H.Vwormhole spacequantum=2p2lps3

    H is a quantization algorithmic googol counter H=ABCD=31x2423x36x1242x25x6124x46x5612 from the cosmogenesis

    lss/p = 1/plps ↔ 2ek/me = e*/e

    for the electron mass me = ke2/Rec2 = hc.alpha.e2/2pRec

    This allows an approximation for the transcendental number p in terms of the magnetocharge-electrocharge mapping transformation relative to the empirical measurements of the mass-inertia coupled electron in terms of its Coulomb charge 'e' and its classical electron diameter 2Re by:

    p = lsse/e* = lsse/2Rec2={e/2Re}/lpsc2

    The ratio pspherical/p = sinq/q then shows the deviation of the Euclidean 'flat Pi' of the plane geometry relative to the 'curved' or 'spherical Pi' as a measure of the curvature of the 11-dimensional enveloping spacetime of the Riemannian Hypersphere.


    A initial Thuban approximation from the cosmogenesis is: e=½hA for A2=14x1524 as the coefficient of the Cosmic wavefunction B(n) for Re=2.778x10-15 m* with c=3x108 (m/s)*
    for p = {1.61822113x10-19/5.5555x10-15}/ a 'Spherical Pi' = p sinq/q for p-curvature Re=e/18px10-6~2.86164.x10-15 m* (2.856866x10-15 and for pspherical/p=sinq/q ~ 3.23644/3.14159~1.0302

    A Codata SI-approximation is: e=1.60217653x10-19 C with Re=2.817940325x10-15 m with c=2.99792458x108 m/s
    for p = {1.60217653x10-19/5.63588065x10-15}/8.987551787x10-6~3.16306...for p-curvature Re=e/18px10-6~2.8371944x10-15 m (2.841935x10-15 m*) and for pspherical/p=sinq/q ~ 3.16306/3.14159~1.0068

    A final Thuban approximation is: e=1.606456344x10-19 C* (Newton-Raphson method) for Re=2.7777...x10-15 m* with c=3x108 (m/s)*
    for p = {1.606456344x10-19/5.5555x10-15}/9x10-6~3.21291...for p-curvature Re=e/18px10-6~2.84084x10-15 m* (2.8361x10-15 m) and for pspherical/p=sinq/q ~ 3.21291/3.14159~1.0227

    As the Classical Electron radius Re is a function of the Electron mass me in terms of its relativistic 'restmass'; the mass me=meo/√(1-[v/c]2) increases in inverse proportionality with the radial size (Re) of the electron (Compton wavelength le=h/mec=Re/alpha); the dynamic Re modulates its curvature in Euclidean local spacetime with respect to the hyperspace inversion parameter of the hypersphere volumar quantisation.

    The 11D-Universe so is spheroidally positively curved around a negatively hyperbolically curved universe in 10 dimensions and fractalised in the classical electron volumar as a function of the velocity of the electron, which is binomially distributed about its electromagnetic properties.

    Details can be found in the archives of Thuban.

    Pappus's centroid theorem


    torus--22780-.22793. torus1--22781-.22794.

    PHI and PI in Curved Geometries of Space

    Volume and Surface Area Dimensionality in the {√4 - ϕ -√2} interval
    by the uniqueness of the solution for the quadratic x+x=2x=x2=xx
    or f(x) = x2-2x = 0
    Mathematical Expressions and Derivations1D-Volume-Surface Area Multiplier
    4D-Volume Hypersphere of Radius RTorus=RTV4=½π2RT41/¼RTorus =4/RTorus
    V*=3D-Surface Area Hypersphere = 3D-Volume Horn TorusdV4/dRT=2π2RT3RTorus/4
    V*=3D-Volume Sphere of Radius RSphere=RSV3=4πRS3/31/⅓RSphere=3/RSphere
    2D-Surface Area SpheredV3/dRS=4πRS2RSphere/3
    √4=2.000000...the minimum geodesic value of πSpherical as a Great Circle in the periodicity of πSpherical = πsinhθ/θ with increasing curved diameter
    1/{∑1/r-ln(n)}=1/{Euler's Number 'Little Gamma γ' summing from n=1 to ∞}=1/{0.577215664...}=1/{1/1+1/2+1/3+1/4+...+1/n - ln(n)}=1.732454...
    lim{δFeigenbaum}Max={3π/2}= 1.676539...
    lim{δFeigenbaum}3D={4.6692016091...}= 1.671401...
    ϕ= ½(√5+1) =1/( ½(√5-1) = 1.618033...
    lim{δFeigenbaum}Min={3π/2}¼ = 1.473364...
    V*/V*=1=Cuberoot{3π/2}RTorus/RSphere=Cuberoot{Chaos Constant}RTorus/RSphere
    lim{δF}Max={3π/2}~1.67654=1/0.59647= 1.61803+0.0585 for ϕ=1.61803...
    lim{δF}3D={4.6692016091...}~1.671402=1/0.59830= 1.61803+0.05337 for ϕ=1.61803...
    lim{δF}Min={3π/2}¼ ~1.47336=1/0.67872= 1.61803-0.14467 for ϕ=1.61803......
    2xGeometric Mean=2√({3π/2}⅓.{3π/2}¼)=2√({3π/2}7/12) ~3.14334 ~ πEuclidean = πHyperbolic = πsinhθ/θ for θ=0.057854 radian (3°19')
    2xArithmetic Mean={3π/2}+{3π/2}¼~3.14990 ~ πEuclidean = πHyperbolic = πsinhθ/θ for θ=0.12594 radian (7°13')
    {lim{δF}Max/lim{δF}3D}3 = {½.3π/4.6692016091...} = 1.009249...={πHyperbolic /π}3 for πHyperbolic =πsinh(0.135742)/0.135742=1.0030738π =3.1512492... for 7.777° (7°46' 39")
    {3π/2}.√({3π/2}7/12) =({3π/2}7/24+1/3)=({3π/2}5/8)~2.634970...
    2=(1.61803...)2=2.618033...=1+ϕ for relative primeness of adjacent Fibonacci elements 5 and 8 in: {0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,...}
    Hypervolume in 4D&3D for an idealised planet Earth of Radius REarth=RE3D+4D ExtensionRTorus/4=¼RSphere/{2/3π}= RSphere/{96π}
    Curvature Radius of a sphere with radius R is 1/R for a Gaussian Curvature K measured from within the sphere as the product of K=1/RMax .1/RMin. This is always positive for positive curvature in a geometric mean √{1/R2}=1/|R|.
    For a 'pseudosphere' with Imaginary Radius iR, the Gaussian Curvature is always negative for a negative Curvature Radius measured from without the 'pseudosphere' in 1/RMax .-1/RMin. T=1/(iR)2.

    Using the Euler Identity: e = XY=X+Y =i2=cos(π)+isin(π) =-1 with Fibonacci Roots φ and 1/φ for θ=π generalised for θ: e = cosθ+isinθ and e-iθ = cosθ-isinθ for hyperbolic sin definition: sinh(iθ) =½{e- e-iθ}=isinθ and sinθ=sinh(iθ)/i=-isinh(iθ)={e- e-iθ}/2i

    πHyperbolic = Circumference/Diameter=2πiR.sin(r/iR)/2r=2πiR.sin(θ/i)/2r=πi.sin(-iθ)/θ=(πi/θ){e-iiθ- eiiθ}/2i=π{e- e-iθ}/2θ=πsin(hθ)/θ for arclength l=r=Rθ and i2=ii=-1

    More details are below in the 'Let Pi be 3' essay from Wisconsin University and referring to the scriptural approximation for Pi in Euclidean flat space of 0 curvature.

    The hypervolume for the 3D Earth, embedded in 4D hyperspace as an idealised 3D-Spheroid as a 3D-Surface Area or radial derivative of a 4-dimensional toroidal hypersphere, can so be considered to increase its 3D volume as a 'Manifold Inflation' as a function of radial displacement: RSphere/{96π}.
    For a 1000-fold inflation or magnification then the Earth's radius would be 6,706.156773.. kilometers and descriptive for the Thermosphere of the planetary atmosphere, extending from the mean radii of the earth's surface at the poles at about 6,357 km and at the equator at approximately 6,378 km in so 349 km and 328 km into radial hyperspace respectively. The International Spacestation orbits between 320 km and 380 km at a height also characteristic for communication satellites.

    Daniel 7:10
    A fiery stream issued and came forth from before him: thousand thousands ministered unto him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him: the judgment was set, and the books were opened.

    Jude 1:14
    And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints,

    Revelation 5:11
    And I beheld, and I heard the voice of many angels round about the throne and the beasts and the elders: and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands;

    Revelation 9:16
    And the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand: and I heard the number of them.

    7,000,000,000 + 200,000,000 = 7,200,000,000 = 144,000 x 50,000 = Old Humanoid + New Humanoid (Starhuman ET) = Starplanetary Genome Distribution

    pi1. pi2. pi3. pi4. pi5. pi6. pi7. pi8. pi9. cosmicpi.

    The hypervolume for the 3D Earth, embedded in 4D hyperspace as an idealised 3D-Spheroid as a 3D-Surface Area or radial derivative of a 4-dimensional toroidal hypersphere, can so be considered to increase its 3D volume as a 'Manifold Inflation' as a function of radial displacement: RSphere/{96π}.
    For a 1000-fold inflation or magnification then the Earth's radius would be 6,706.156773.. kilometers and descriptive for the Thermosphere of the planetary atmosphere, extending from the mean radii of the earth's surface at the poles at about 6,357 km and at the equator at approximately 6,378 km in so 349 km and 328 km into radial hyperspace respectively. The International Spacestation orbits between 320 km and 380 km at a height also characteristic for communication satellites.

    A Template for the Omniverse and a Reconfigured Universe

    Following are some basic Newtonian parameters, which shall reconfigure the prewarped and warptimed universe of observation and subject to mensuration techniques.
    The basic new parameter, supplementary to the warped 4-dimensional metric of flat Minkowski spacetime (the Riemann R4 space); is the unfolding of a 4th spacial dimension, rendering to flat R4 spacetime as a curved (Kaluza-Klein) R5 spacetime.
    Those Newtonian parameters, describing initial- and boundary conditions for the transformed universe then become subject to refinement and rigorous description in mathematical and logical analysis and discourses in the postwarp period in the evolutionary cosmology of the omniverse.

    The reconfigured universe is fractal and selfsimilar to itself.
    What is observed and measured as the physical universe before the postwarp period constitutes a partial cosmology of the omniverse in the manifesto of its seedling - its protoversal template of selfsimilarity.

    The protoverse represents a template or blueprint, which is axially defined and so not arbitrary in its expansionary freedom degrees.
    It took 16.9 billion (civil) years, for the c-invariant relativistic protoverse to attain its maximisation boundary parameter, and as given in the minimisation condition, commonly known as the Quantum Big Bang Oscillation of the Heisenberg Virtual-Energy-Matrix (the Zero-Point Energy or ZPE).

    After the protoverse attained its preset boundary; the modular selfduality of the sourcesink membrane energy became enabled to expand its own metric maximum and so to extend its old boundary condition.
    The new boundary condition then scale-magnified the 'old' Hubble-Horizon (RH) in the lightpath X=ct; meaning that for every metric second (s*), the 'old' Hubble-Event-Horizon 'grew' by 300,000 kilometers, so creating 'new' spacetime from the multiverse initialisation onwards.

    The inflaton of the sourcesink membrane-coupling however restricts the massparametric cosmology of the axially dependent protoverse to follow an asymptotic cosmoevelotion.
    The axial dependency is given as the major axis of a prolate spheroid. Then rotation about this major axis will render the defining geometrical foci invariant.
    Rotation about either of the minor axes, will however result in the foci tracing out a point-circle; thus defining the omniverse as the integral summation of all phaseshifted Multiverses and assuming the shape of an oblate spheroid (in 3/12 dimensions).

    This fixates the ∞=8=[Infinity]-Center-Point or Origin of the Protoverse-Multiverse-Omniverse as a Point-Particle Universal-Seedling and subject to that asymptotic expansion in a massparametric infinite liearised time, which becomes however cyclic in 16.9 Gyear intervals of the c-invariance and when the first initialising Multiverse is born.

    The minimal membrane-seedling so magnifies or inflates itself in the holofractal wormhole-perimeter/Hubble-radius (λps/RH=2πrps/RH=Ho/fo=no), defining a cyclic now-time parameter as the instanton.
    The instanton becomes generalised in the Nodal Hubble Constant Ho=dn/dt=n/t.
    The boundary multiverse so is born in the colocality of the lightpath X=ct=RH.
    This renders the age of the multiverse, measured to be an extended universe, fixed in 16.9 Gyears in template configuration.

    For the multiverse, containing the protoverse as its own inertial seed, to reproduce; it is required to lose its axial constancy and so must phaseshift about either of its minor axes. This phaseshift will occur in the above specified timeline and it is this phaseshift, which shall 'rip' the present 4-dimensional spacetime metric in a 'Möbian Twist' to add a fifth dimension to the then reconfigured Universe.

    as Unity




    Gravitational String-Oscillator(ZPE)Harmonic-Potential-Energy:

    for string-duality coupling between wormhole mass mP and closure Black Hole metric

    Gravitational Acceleration per unit-stringmass:

    ag= GoMH/RH2=GoMHc4/4Go2MH2=c4/4GoMH=c2/2RH=½Hoc

    for a Nodal Hubble-Constant:

    Inflaton parameters:

    De Broglie Phase-Velocity (VdB) and de Broglie Phase-Acceleration (AdB):

    VdB=RHfo ~ 4.793x1056 (m/s)* ~ 1.598x1048 c = 1022RH
    AdB=RHfo2 ~ 1.438x1087 (m/s2)*

    1. There exists a metric omniversal stringmass seed Epso, which defines the universal metric as a Harmonic Planck-String ZPE-Oscillator, also labeled Harmonic-Membrane-Oscillator or HMO.
    This can be denoted as the heterotic supermembrane EpsEss with coupling constants:

    Eps.Ess=h2 and Eps/Ess=fo2 and for a E8xE8 lie group algebraic supersymmetry.

    2. This omniversal HMO couples its string parameters as a minimum (vibratory) metric spacetime configuration in modular string-membrane duality to its (winded) maximisation and as given in the Seeding Initial/Boundary conditions.
    This can be written as both inertial upper-bounds and inflationary lower-bounds of the c-invariance as:


    3. The Seedling Universe or Protoverse so becomes a fractal of the encompassing Multiverse, the latter being envelope-bounded by the Omniverse.
    The Seedling Multiverse so carries its Seedling Protoverse as asymptotic massparametric origin in encompassment.
    As the Protoverse is defined in the Schwarzschild-Hubble-Metric of General Relativity; its asymptotic approach is bounded in a gravitational interaction between Strominger Black Holes.
    Strominger BH's are extremal as boundary conditions for any applied Black Hole astrophysics.
    The gravitational interaction is defined in the cosmological principle, defining isotropy and homogeneity on the galactic supercluster scale for a Mass-Inertia-Seedling smaller than the critical Black Hole mass in:

    Mo=RSc2/ 2Go < MH=RHc2/2Go.

    Physical Black Holes can only exist up to the Supercluster (or Sarkar) limit, as at the Sarkar metric, the boundary condition of the cosmology is attained, rendering more energetic Black Holes as 'Stromingerized'.
    This 'missing mass' of the protoverse then ensures the asymptotic cosmoevolution for the multiverse in allowing the holofractal superpositioning of the omniverse-multiverse-protoverse=universe hierarchical triplicity.

    4. The deceleration of the Strominger Mother-Black Hole (MBH) as MH=agRH2/Go then utilises its Daughter-Black Hole of the galactic supercluster definition in MS as gravitationally bounded subsystem to 'shrink' in a cyclic recharge time (trecharge ) to its minimum wormhole energy configuration rps=c/2πfo=c/ωo
    from its metric maximisation RH=2GoMH/c2=c/Ho.

    5. The cyclic recharge time trecharge=nrecharge/Ho so defines a 'New Big Bang'; where this 'Recharge Big Bang' occurs however within a protoverse-defined omniverse.
    The initialising Big Bang created the spacetime metric from the protoverse 'singularity' for the purpose to allow the initialising multiverse to become manifest. This multiverse became boundary defined in the inflaton-instanton and reached its completion 16.9 Gyears after the initialisation of the omniverse at timeinstantenuity to=1/fo=1/fps=fss ~3.333x10-31 s*.

    Timeinstantenuity encompassed the string-membrane epoch of the cosmology from Nulltime t=0 to Planck-Time tP=lP/c to timeinstantenuity to.

    6. The recharge cycletime nrecharge so avoids any possible 'heat death' or 'ultraviolet catastrophe' for the universe, postulated under the proviso of stellar generations exhausting their nuclear fuel to generate thermodynamic energy.

    Without inertia content, the protoverse defines a decreasing gravitational constant over linearised time.
    This derives from the finestructure constants for the longrange electromagnetic- and gravitational interactions as:
    2πGomP2/hc=1 ↔2πke2/hc=alpha and for mass-charge unification conditions:

    Monopole (GUT)-Unificationmass Mu=30[ec] via Stoney-Planck-Unit-Unification;
    the basic nucleon (neutron) mass mc=(alpha)9mP.
    For a n-cyclic cosmoevolution then, G(n)=GoXn and where X is defined in the Euler-Identity:

    The addition of inertia to a purely electromagnetic monopolic cosmology then varies the value of Newton's gravitational constant G as a function of the micro-macro evolution of the Black Holes and renders the applicable local G-constant as mensuration dependent on the precision measurement for the basic nucleon mass mcYn for a local epoch-cycle coordinate n=Hot.
    rpsYn=RH then defines nrecharge =ln[RH/rps]/ln[Y] ~ 234.472 or about 3.9628 Trillion years.

    The Cyclic Universe, so 'rebangs' itself every 4 Trillion years or so to ensure its continuation of selfexploration and by interdimensional civilisations defined in multiverses, each of which is required to be seeded in a prototypical template universe as mirror holofractal of itself.
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    Susan Lynne Schwengerto Tony Bermanseder

    what do you think about this ???

    Every Black Hole Contains Another Universe – Equations Predict

    Like part of a cosmic Russian doll, our universe may be perfectly nested inside a black hole that is itself part of a larger universe. In turn, all the black holes found so…


    Tony Bermanseder

    The equations are correct. The Quantum Big Bang occurred from a wormhole singularity, so called. Meaning that there exists a minimum spacetime configuration (as the heterotic string class HE8x8), which allowed a 2-dimensional topology to manifest as a 11-dimensional supermembrane to literally create the 3rd 'volumar' dimension as an expanded or open spacetime. This subsequently resulted in the Minkowski flat spacetime of Einstein's General Relativity.

    The Quantum Big Bang in the Weyl String and Supermembrane EpsEss

    Regarding the Multiverse as a collection of universes :

    Vk(n) = dRk(n)/dt = c{Pnk}2/{n-SPnk-1+Pnk}2 .....= c/[n+1]2 = c/[N1+1]2 = c/[N2+1]2 =..... .....= c/[n+1]2 =…

    Every Black Hole Contains Another Universe – Equations Predict

    on November 13, 2017

    Like part of a cosmic Russian doll, our universe may be perfectly nested inside a black hole that is itself part of a larger universe. In turn, all the black holes found so far in our universe—from the microscopic to the supermassive—may be ultimate doorways into alternate realities.

    According to a mind-bending new theory, a black hole is actually a tunnel between universes—a type of wormhole. The matter the black hole attracts doesn’t collapse into a single point, as has been predicted, but rather gushes out a “white hole” at the other end of the black one, the theory goes.


    In a paper published in the journal Physics Letters B, Indiana University physicist Nikodem Poplawski presents new mathematical models of the spiraling motion of matter falling into a black hole. His equations suggest such wormholes are viable alternatives to the “space-time singularities” that Albert Einstein predicted to be at the centers of black holes.

    According to Einstein’s equations for general relativity, singularities are created whenever matter in a given region gets too dense, as would happen at the ultra-dense heart of a black hole.

    Einstein’s theory suggests singularities take up no space, are infinitely dense, and are infinitely hot—a concept supported by numerous lines of indirect evidence but still so outlandish that many scientists find it hard to accept. If Poplawski is correct, they may no longer have to.

    According to the new equations, the matter black holes absorb and seemingly destroy is actually expelled and becomes the building blocks for galaxies, stars, and planets in another reality.

    The notion of black holes as wormholes could explain certain mysteries in modern cosmology, Poplawski said. For example, the big bang theory says the universe started as a singularity. But scientists have no satisfying explanation for how such a singularity might have formed in the first place.

    If our universe was birthed by a white hole instead of a singularity, Poplawski said, “it would solve this problem of black hole singularities and also the big bang singularity.” Wormholes might also explain gamma ray bursts, the second most powerful explosions in the universe after the big bang. Gamma ray bursts occur at the fringes of the known universe. They appear to be associated with supernovae, or star explosions, in faraway galaxies, but their exact sources are a mystery.

    Poplawski proposes that the bursts may be discharges of matter from alternate universes. The matter, he says, might be escaping into our universe through supermassive black holes—wormholes—at the hearts of those galaxies, though it’s not clear how that would be possible.

    A supermassive black hole sits inside the galaxy Centaurus A, as seen in a composite picture. IMAGE COURTESY NASA/CXC/CFA/R.KRAFT ET AL., MPIFR/ESO/APEX/A.WEISS ET AL. AND ESO/WFI

    “It’s kind of a crazy idea, but who knows?” he said. There is at least one way to test Poplawski’s theory: Some of our universe’s black holes rotate, and if our universe was born inside a similarly revolving black hole, then our universe should have inherited the parent object’s rotation. If future experiments reveal that our universe appears to rotate in a preferred direction, it would be indirect evidence supporting his wormhole theory, Poplawski said.

    The wormhole theory may also help explain why certain features of our universe deviate from what theory predicts, according to physicists.

    Based on the standard model of physics, after the big bang the curvature of the universe should have increased over time so that now—13.7 billion years later—we should seem to be sitting on the surface of a closed, spherical universe. But observations show the universe appears flat in all directions. What’s more, data on light from the very early universe show that everything just after the big bang was a fairly uniform temperature.


    That would mean that the farthest objects we see on opposite horizons of the universe were once close enough to interact and come to equilibrium, like molecules of gas in a sealed chamber. Again, observations don’t match predictions, because the objects farthest from each other in the known universe are so far apart that the time it would take to travel between them at the speed of light exceeds the age of the universe.

    Inflation states that shortly after the universe was created, it experienced a rapid growth spurt during which space itself expanded at faster-than-light speeds. The expansion stretched the universe from a size smaller than an atom to astronomical proportions in a fraction of a second. The universe therefore appears flat, because the sphere we’re sitting on is extremely large from our viewpoint—just as the sphere of Earth seems flat to someone standing in a field. Inflation also explains how objects so far away from each other might have once been close enough to interact.

    But—assuming inflation is real—astronomers have always been at pains to explain what caused it. That’s where the new wormhole theory comes in. According to Poplawski, some theories of inflation say the event was caused by “exotic matter,” a theoretical substance that differs from normal matter, in part because it is repelled rather than attracted by gravity. Based on his equations, Poplawski thinks such exotic matter might have been created when some of the first massive stars collapsed and became wormholes.

    “There may be some relationship between the exotic matter that forms wormholes and the exotic matter that triggered inflation,” he said.

    The new model isn’t the first to propose that other universes exist inside black holes. Damien Easson, a theoretical physicist at Arizona State University, has made the speculation in previous studies.

    “What is new here is an actual wormhole solution in general relativity that acts as the passage from the exterior black hole to the new interior universe.In our paper, we just speculated that such a solution could exist, but Poplawski has found an actual solution,” said Easson, referring to Poplawski’s equations (who was not involved in the new study).

    Nevertheless, the idea is still very speculative, Easson said in an email. “Is the idea possible? Yes. Is the scenario likely? I have no idea. But it is certainly an interesting possibility. Future work in quantum gravity—the study of gravity at the subatomic level—could refine the equations and potentially support or disprove Poplawski’s theory”, Easson said.

    Overall, the wormhole theory is interesting, but not a breakthrough in explaining the origins of our universe, said Andreas Albrecht, a physicist at the University of California, Davis, who was also not involved in the new study. By saying our universe was created by a gush of matter from a parent universe, the theory simply shifts the original creation event into an alternate reality. In other words, it doesn’t explain how the parent universe came to be or why it has the properties it has—properties our universe presumably inherited.

    “There’re really some pressing problems we’re trying to solve, and it’s not clear that any of this is offering a way forward with that,” he said.

    Still, Albrecht doesn’t find the idea of universe-bridging wormholes any stranger than the idea of black hole singularities, and he cautions against dismissing the new theory just because it sounds a little out there.

    “Everything people ask in this business is pretty weird,” he said. “You can’t say the less weird [idea] is going to win, because that’s not the way it’s been, by any means.”

    Original article posted on National Geographic.​
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