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    Advanced Souls

    aka Ascended Masters

    Angels of:

    The Healing Rays

    from zeropoint to Ray 1-12

    144,000 Angels of The Light


    Michael - Warrior
    Raphael - Healing
    Gabriel - Messenger
    Jophiel - Beauty
    Ariel - Animals and Nature
    Azrael - Angel of Death & Rebirth
    Chamuel - Balance & Relationships
    Ascended Masters

    Cosmic Masters




    Fairy or Faere or Fey Realms

    Afra - The Patron of Africa

    Akshobhya – Dhyani Buddha

    Aloha – Divine Female, The Spark of The Elohim of The 6th Ray
    – her twin flame is Peace

    Alpha – The divine male god energy in the Central Sun,
    his twin is Omega

    Amaryllis – The Goddess of The Spring

    Amaterasu – The Japanese Goddess of The Sun

    Amazonia – The divine feamle of The Elohim of The First Ray

    Amen Bey – The Master of The 4th Ray,
    closely knit with Archangel Michael and Ptah
    He is a divine protector

    Amerissis – Divine Goddess of The Light

    Amethyst –aka Holy Amethyst is The Archeia of The 7th Ray

    Amitabha - Divine Dhyani Buddha

    Amoghasigghi - Divine Dhyani Buddha

    Amora – The Divine Female of The Elohim of The 3rd Ray

    Anubis - The Egyptian God of The Underworld

    Apollo – The Divine Male of The Elohim
    of The 2nd Ray and twin flame of Lumina,
    Guardians of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness

    Arcturus – The Divine Male of The Elohim
    of The 7th ray and twin flame of Victoria

    Ares - The 2nd ray Cosmic Warrior and Cosmic Master

    Ariel – feminine Archangel


    Astrea – feminine Elohim of the 5th Ray

    Aurora – archeia of the 6th Ray with her Twin flame Archangel Uriel

    Babaji –

    Bethel - The 2nd ray Master - his heart radiates with love for all humanity

    Brahma – The Hindu trinity, of Brahman, Vishnu and Shiva.

    Casimir Poiseidon – old soul, and, Ascended Master - South America

    Cassiopea – Elohim of the Central Sun

    Celeste – a Devic Angel of the Ascended Hosts

    Cha Ara – The 5th Ray Master

    Chamuel – the Archangel of the third ray, the manifestation of Divine Love

    Chananda – Chief of the Indian council of the Great White Brotherhood.
    A 1st ray Master

    Charity – a female Archangel of the 1st ray

    Christine – female Archangel of the 2nd ray

    Confucius – a 2nd ray Master

    Cuzco – Emissary of the god Surya.

    Cyclopea – male divine energies of The Elohim of the 5th ray
    truth, healing and knowledge

    Deva of Light – A Cosmic Being

    Deva of the Central Sun – a Cosmic Being

    Deva of the 7th Ray - A Cosmic Being

    Elijah – the prophet, as mentioned in the Bible.
    He returned to earth as John, the Baptist
    though he was already an Ascended Master

    El Morya – Chohan of The 1st ray, Elohim of the 8th Ray.

    Enoch - priest of the Sacred fire

    Eriel – a Chinese Ascended Master

    Ernon – an Atlantean ruler, the Rai of Suern

    Eros – also known as The God of Love

    Faith – Archeia of The 3rd ray

    Fortuna – The Goddess of 'energetic' Supply

    Freya - Norse goddess of Love, Beauty, War, Magic and Wisdom

    Gabriel – Archangel of The 4th ray

    Ganesh - The 5th ray Cosmic Master and Hindu god

    Gautama Buddha – The Lord of The World

    Harmony – Cosmic Master

    Hathor – Egyptian Great Mother goddess. A 6th ray Master

    Helios – The god of The Central Sun

    Hera - The 2nd ray Master

    Hercules – Elohim of The 1st ray

    Heros – The Elohim of The 3rd ray

    Hilarion – The Chohan of The 5th Ray

    Hine-nui-te-po - Maori goddess of The Underworld

    Hope – The Archaeia of The 3rd ray, PINK AURA

    Horus -

    Inanna - Sumerian goddess of love and war, a 4th ray Master



    Isis – an Egyptian goddess. A 6th ray Master


    Jesus *** - The 2nd ray Master
    *** this soul had another name, no 'j' in hebrew

    John, the Beloved

    Jophiel – Archangel of the 2nd Ray

    Kali - Black

    Krishna – a Cosmic Master.

    Kristine - a new Lady Master

    Kuthumi – the World Teacher and a master of the 2nd Ray

    Kuan Yin – The Goddess of Mercy
    3rd ray Master


    Lady Nada - helps children, and, inner child healing
    6th ray Master

    Lakshmi – goddess of Prosperity
    3rd ray Cosmic Master
    Deep Rose / Gold Aura

    Lao Tze – a Chinese Master 2nd Ray

    Lord Lanto – Lord Lanto is Chohan 2nd Ray

    Lord Ling (Moses)
    – Chinese Ascended Master

    Lumina – the Feminine Elohim of the 2nd Ray
    twin flame Apollo.

    MAAT aka Ma’at – Egyptian goddess of balance. A 3rd ray Master.

    Maha Chohan – Chohan8th ray

    Mahakala – a Buddhist protector deity

    Maitreya – the Cosmic Christ and planetary Buddha

    Manjushri – Boddhisattva of Wisdom

    Mary Magdalene – 3rd ray Ascended Master

    Melchizedek – an Ascended Master of the 1st Ray

    Mercury - greek god - aka the Roman god Hermes

    Metatron -1st ray

    Mother Mary –3rd ray Master

    Michael – Archangel Michael of The 1st Ray

    Milarepa – a Tibetan Ascended Master

    Mother Mary - a Master of love and compassion

    Moses aka Lord Ling

    Ninguerre - one of 3 Tibetan creator goddesses

    Omega - the highest manifestation
    of the divine female goddess energy, Grand Central Sun,
    twin of Alpha

    Omri-Tas – Violet Flame, 7th ray

    Osiris – the Egyptian god of the afterlife, 1st ray

    Pallas Athena – the 6th ray goddess of Truth.

    Paul, the Venetian – Chohan of the 3rd Ray.


    Peace – masculine Elohim of the 6th ray.

    Peace – goddess of Peace


    Portia – Lady
    Ascended Master 6th Ray - Justice


    Ptah - 5th ray - warrior

    Purity – masculine Elohim, 4th Ray

    Purity – goddess of Purity

    Quetzacoatl - a 6th ray Master


    Ra-Mu – Chohan of 7th Ray

    Ra-Mun – Chohan of 7th Ray

    Raphael – Archangel 5th Ray

    Ratnasambhava – Dhyani Buddha

    Sanam Kumara

    Sanat Kumara – Lord of the World, Master of The Ancient of Timelines


    Serapis Bey – Chohan of the 4th Ray


    Sitataptatra - a goddess of the 1st ray (red aspect)
    The Ascended Master Teacher of Gautama Buddha

    St Anthony of Padua

    St Germain – Chohan of the 7th ray

    St John the Baptist - 1st ray Master

    Susan'oo - Japanese god of summer storms, 5th ray Master

    Tatiana - goddess of The Elven, Fairy, Faire, Fey Kingdoms

    Tsukuyomi - 2nd ray Master, God of Japan, Japanese god

    Uriel – Archangel of the 6th Ray

    Uzziel – Archangel of the 1st Ray

    Vairochana – a Dyani Buddha.

    Vajrakilaya – a Buddhist deity of graduated diamond consciousness

    Vesta – goddess of the home. A 3rd ray Master.

    Victoria - Divine Female Elohim of the 7th Ray

    Virginia – Divine Female Elohim, 5th ray for truth, healing and knowledge.


    Vwymus- a 5th ray Master

    White Tara

    Yemayah - 4th ray Master, a representative of the Divine Mother

    Yogananda - Paramahansa Yogananda

    The White Tara – goddess of Compassion, 8th ray Master

    Zadkiel – Archangel of the 8th Ray

    Zaruthustra -8th ray Master



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