The Nothing

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    The Nothing

    The Nothing raxnae

    The Nothing, just to Mention It Brings Terror,
    The Fear of Non-Existence, a Loss of Memory,
    We Cling to Our Identities, to the Point of Ego Inflation,
    Some of Us just Grow Cold, Not Letting in Any Real Feelings.

    So Many Have Died, Entropy and Times Wayward Arrow,
    Into the Void, but Our Subconscious is Connected There,
    If Only We Could See Past The Darkness, Past The Sleeping Dreamers,
    To Find the Light at Its Core, If Only We Could Wake Up Soon and Scream.

    Are We Infinitely Destined for Samsara, Or Will We Wake Up and See?
    Moonchild Where are Our Infinite Wishes, Will We Survive?
    Sometimes the Dreamworld Seems More Real Than This Hell, Even as the Clockwork Grinds Us,
    Suffer Slowly, Please Set Us Free!

    Maybe Fading to Nothing Isn't So Bad, No Pain No Remorse No Agony,
    But My Spirit Cries Out Against That, I'll Smite Heaven's Golden Pride,
    We Dream of Forever, Can We Defeat the Curse of Gods?
    Til My Dying Breath, I Fight The Odds.

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