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    The Nine Karmic Sequences

    1. Teacher
    2. Healer
    3. Enlightenment
    4. Creativity
    5. Disseminator
    6. Guardian
    7. Integrator
    8. Responsibility / Relationship
    9. Leadership
    Karmic Sequences are nine types of universal stories that your
    essence likes to play out, so that no matter what your own Role,
    you can experience the flavor of any of the other Roles.

    If you're an Artisan, you can do a Guardian Sequence by becoming a pro football player.

    Sequences create intensity and drama like any good story, but
    remember that you're the one who chooses to embark on a Sequence in the first place.

    A Sequence feels karmic because you feel like you have no control over your desires
    while you're going through one.

    Remember that you volunteer for all Sequences.

    A Karmic Sequence usually lasts anywhere from 5-10 lifetimes.

    You can work through a Sequence in one lifetime, or spend much of your whole cycle of lifetimes working it out.

    It's voluntary and flexible, and when you're done you just "know" you're done.

    Then you can move on to another Sequence.

    You are working on all Nine Sequences at all times, but you'll pick three favorites on which to focus.

    The other six will be there in the background while you work on your primary three.

    Simple beings at might choose to work on just one or two;
    great beings work typically on four, five, six, or more Sequences at once.

    Support during a Sequence can come in the form of competition as much as helpfulness or similarity of goals.

    For a good reality check on any of your Sequences, pull in somebody who's not working on that same Sequence.

    They'll have more of an objective viewpoint since they're not caught up in those same issues.

    And you can give them a reality check on their Sequences, if different from yours.

    How do you know your Karmic Sequences?

    Look at what you do for a living, and look at your hobbies.

    Look at your desires and intentions, look at what interests you.

    Chances are these point to your primary Karmic Sequences.

    The Seven Stages of a Sequence:

    Stage 1 of your sequence seems to be the opposite of what the
    Sequence is all about.

    At Stage 2 you create karma around the theme of that sequence.

    Stage 3 brings paralysis and re-evaluation of the decision to undertake that sequence.

    At Stage 4 you're a party liner working within the system.

    Stage 5 brings experimentation and new methodologies.

    Stage 6 brings mastery, universal appeal, fame and power.
    Others in Stages 1-5 challenge your power at this Stage.

    Finally at Stage 7 you reach the goal, feel fulfilled around that theme,
    and you pass the baton to others.

    You become a mentor, advisor or teacher, and you reach total neutrality about that sequence.

    The Nine Karmic Sequences

    Teacher (+ Guru / - Student)

    At the beginning stages of the Teacher Sequence, you start out as a student.
    You go through various stages of education and servitude to teachers further along the pipeline,
    until eventually you become a master teacher, university professor, minister, lecturer, or guru.

    Teacher Sequence resonates with the energy of the Priest Role, and gives the soul a good idea
    of what it's like to be a Priest, no matter what the Role is.

    Famous people at various stages in their Teacher Sequence: Werner Erhard, Gangaji, Ram Dass,
    John Roger, most Transcendental Souls.

    Healer: (+ Health / - Illness)

    You start out your Healer Sequence by creating a lot of health karma with others or with your own body.
    Then you move through lifetimes of health problems, eventually mastering the art of healing.
    Healer Sequence resonates with the Server Role.

    Famous Healers: Mother Teresa (also doing Enlightenment and Responsibility Sequences);
    Dean Ornish (also doing Disseminator); Deepak Chopra.

    Enlightenment: (+ Self-Knowledge / - Endarkenment)

    Here you find cave yogis, mystics, monks and nuns, sadhus on the Ganges and perennial Re-evaluators.
    You start out as an atheistic Cynic who "hates God."

    At the end you realize Who You Are, whether or not you choose to do anything with your knowledge.

    This is a neutral Sequence, as everybody is seeking enlightenment whether they know it or not.

    Famous people: Baba Hari Das, John DeRuiter, Ramana Maharshi (also doing Teacher),
    Dalai Lama (also doing Teacher, Leadership, and Responsibility / Relationship).

    Creativity: (+ Emanation / -Despair)

    Creativity is all about learning to emanate things that nobody has ever seen before.
    It slides into despair when it is prevented from creating. In the early stages
    it will Self-Deprecate around its talent; in the later stages it will be a master musician,
    artist, poet, inventor, writer, or dancer. Famous Creators: Mozart, Picasso, Bill Gates.

    Disseminator: (+ Communication / - Hoarding)

    Disseminators love to collect ideas and things, then distribute them all around.
    They make good journalists, singers, actors, studio musicians,
    TV announcers and talk show hosts: Jenny Craig, Jerry Springer, Rupert Murdoch.

    Guardian: (+ Protector / - Destroyer)

    This Sequence begins with destruction and violence; ends with
    protection. Sierra Club, Julia Butterfly, Marc Klaas, The Godfather movies, PETA.

    Integrator: (+ Equality / - Bigotry)

    Begins by feeling split apart in different directions, or feels like a maverick.
    Ends by connecting everything to every-thing, like a diplomatic bridge between cultures or people.
    Oprah Winfrey, Stewart Brand, Jane Goodall, Larry King, Ry Cooder,
    Buena Vista Social Club musicians, Elian Gonzalez.

    Responsibility / Relationship: (+ Bodhisattva / - Sociopath)

    Relationship is responsibility. It means showing up for other people like a bodhisattva,
    a being who has taken a vow to keep returning to earth until all beings are free.

    In the beginning stages this Sequence doesn't care about any-body. In the later stages
    it cares about and feels responsible for everybody.
    Abigail Van Buren, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Bill Clinton, polygamists, Alcoholics Anonymous members.

    Leadership: (+ Master / - Slave)

    Leadership Sequence starts out as a slave or low paid worker barely scraping by.
    Eventually it rebels against authority, becomes a small-time leader, and works its way up to world leader.
    At the end it's tired of power. Donald Trump, John McCain, George W. Bush, Jr., Al Gore,
    Bill Bradley, Fidel Castro, Jesse Ventura, most CEOs.

    The Seven Stages of a Karmic Sequence

    Stage 1: At Stage 1 you're fresh off the boat from another
    Sequence. You feel a sense of innocence or even ignorance about the new Sequence,
    and you're wide open to creating or receiving karma.

    You're starting this new Sequence because you've completed another Sequence
    through Stage 7, or you've decided to put that other Sequence on the shelf for awhile.

    Stage 1 seems to be the opposite of what the Sequence is all
    about. If you're doing a Teacher Sequence, you'll start out not
    knowing anything.

    You'll feel like a freshman in college. You'll feel confused, perhaps with a learning disability.

    If you're doing a Healer Sequence you'll do Stage 1 by neglecting your body.
    You won't have any interest in good nutrition. You'll orchestrate an illness that can find no cure.
    Stage 1 of an Enlightenment Sequence is called endarkenment, a Cynic Attitude-style delusional stage
    where you don't even know you're deluded.

    Stage 2: At this Stage you get busy creating karma around the theme of your Sequence.
    If you're doing a Creativity Sequence, Stage 2 will show up as an ego-driven insistence
    on doing creative projects your way; you'll be resistant to anyone's helpful suggestions
    as to what will sell in the marketplace. You might be an art critic or restaurant critic who destroys
    someone else's creativity with a nasty comment. If you're doing a Disseminator Sequence,
    this Stage brings Greed karmas: overeating, stealing money, stealing ideas, hoarding.

    Stage 3: The @#$% hits the fan, and you go into paralysis and Reevaluation. You're stopped in your tracks.
    If you're doing a Guardianship Sequence you'll stop being violent. You'll project out a big Shadow,
    blaming someone else for "being violent." You see this suppressed violence in police stations all the time.
    If you're doing an Integrator Sequence, you're the victim of someone else's bigotry, and you learn that it hurts.

    Stage 4: In reaction to the punishment and suppression of Stage 3, now you enter the safety zone of Party Liner
    who works within the system. If you're doing a Responsibility / Relationship Sequence, this is the stage
    where you'll move forward and face relationship issues directly, probably by becoming a licensed,
    degreed therapist yourself to learn about the balance of power in personal human dynamics.
    If you're doing a Leadership Sequence, Stage 4 will motivate you to run for mayor of a small town,
    or to become vice president of a company or country.
    You might choose the Goals of Dominance or Submission to support you in doing your work in the world.

    Stage 5: After a few lifetimes of playing by the rules and
    satisfying your need for success, you start to get experimental,
    making up your own rules. Perhaps you'll choose Chief Feature of
    Arrogance to support you in rebelling against the status quo.
    If you're doing a Teacher Sequence, you'll question everything you've learned so far.
    You'll be busy trying out new ways to teach, and you'll be a guru in training or an assistant professor.
    If you're doing a Healer Sequence, Stage 5 will lead you into trying out new, alternative, unproven
    and experimental healing methods. Many acupuncturists and color healers in America
    are at Stage 5 of a Healer Sequence.

    Stage 6: You move into mastery of your Sequence, having gone
    through all the prior stages. You have universal appeal because you resonate with the masses.
    This brings you fame and power. Then others in Stages 1-5 challenge your power,
    like new young outlaws challenging the old gunslinger. In Stage 6 of an Enlightenment Sequence
    you'll be a worldwide guru with thousands of followers and much power.

    People will challenge your claims of enlightenment, and they'll do whatever they can to embarrass you.

    You'll leave the administration of your organization to your followers who are in the midst of a Leadership Sequence,
    which frees you up to emanate enlightenment. If you're doing a Creativity Sequence,
    on the other hand, Stage 6 makes you big and famous.

    Your universal appeal stems from your ability to tap into universal principles and resonate with everyone.
    Mozart, Beethoven, Salvador Dali and Picasso were at this Stage.

    Stage 7: At Stage 7 you have gone through all the previous Stages,
    and now you're preparing to leave that Sequence behind.

    You become an advisor or mentor for others still coming through the pipeline of that Sequence.
    You're busy tying off loose ends and you reach your goal.
    You're happy to pass the baton to others by giving them support as they pursue their dreams,
    because you start feeling really neutral about that Sequence.

    In other words, you can take it or leave it.

    If you're doing a Disseminator Sequence, Stage 7 is all about being a mentor
    to others in previous Stages of their own Disseminator Sequence.

    You might be an occasional lecturer or professor emeritus at a broad-casting journalism school or acting academy.
    You might be an independent consultant to a large magazine or book publisher.

    If you're doing a Guardian-ship Sequence, you'll pass the baton of Guardianship on to others,
    letting them do the work of protecting the planet. If you've done your Guardianship by working your way
    through the prison system (and learning about rules and protection), when you're released from prison
    and finishing up your Sequence you might go on to be a teacher or counselor for troubled teens
    or ex-cons still in the pipeline of their own Guardianship Sequence.

    By the time you're ready to cycle off at 7th level Old,
    all Sequences are completed. Nothing pulls you back into incarnation\
    or starting any new Sequences. You're simply done, happy at last to be complete and truly neutral.

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