The Muse and the Loner

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    The Muse and the Loner

    The Muse and the Loner raxnae

    Though I Travel in Circles, I Wander both Near and Far,
    Naked and at the Whim of the Elements of my Various Instincts and Addictions, I Walk Alone,
    Through Freezing Cold Reality, Through Burning Hot Fantasy,
    But Sometimes this Nobody Pacing Back and Forth, Finds a Cheerful Companion.

    My Muse, She prepares a Hearth for Me,
    Clothes me in Freshly Spun Clothing, Tucking me into a Rocking Chair with a Warm Blanket,
    She Sings to Me, Dances for Me,
    Performs Great Plays for Me, or sometimes simply gives Milk and Cookies.

    Ethereal Her Touch, Yet it fills my Heart with Joy,
    When I can be Inspired by her Grace, to Write my Silly Poems,
    Theorize on my Philosophies, Her's is the Guiding Hand to Sophia's Temple,
    Why She would choose Me, I'll Never Know.

    Some Lock Their Muses Away, Wrenching them for all they are Worth,
    Til they Wither Away, and the True Heart in the Work is Lost,
    Mine Wanders Wild and Free, She Need Not Be Chained or Called Upon,
    She is Always there when I Need Her, Guiding my Mental Pen.

    So if you ask me, dear stranger,
    Why I Wander Alone, Pacing Back and Forth,
    I can only Say, with the Wildest of Grins,
    I'm Married to My Muse!

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