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    Serpentinus Universalis!

    (38) Jesus said, "Many times have you desired to hear these words which I am saying to you, and you have no one else to hear them from. There will be days when you will look for me and will not find me."
    (39) Jesus said, "The pharisees and the scribes have taken the keys of knowledge (gnosis) and hidden them. They themselves have not entered, nor have they allowed to enter those who wish to. You, however, be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves."
    Gospel of Thomas - Lambdin

    beegoddess_plaque. phoeni10.
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    The Ides of July 2017




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    Apollo 11; July 20th, 1969

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    History of Occultism and Unity of Dualism of Darkness and Lightness

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    Draco of Angkor Wat ---------------- Göbekli Tepe ------------------ Sphinx of Giza

    wat3-.34087. wat1-.34088. sphinxhancock-.34089.
    wat2-.34090. wat4-.34091.

    The Human Civilization Precessional Timecycle upon Gaia Terra

    Thuban Elder Dragon Date: Day#0 = Saturday, March 1st, 23,615 BC as Dragon Time Initiated
    Day#1 = Sunday, March 2nd, 23,615 BC = 1st Day of the 1st Year of Cosmic Day Time
    Day#360 = Tuesday, February 24th, 23,614 BC = 360th Day of the 1st Year of the 1st Circle 360-Year of Cosmic Day Time
    Day#4,680,000 = Tuesday, July 27th, 10,802 BC = 360th Day of the 13,000th Year and End of Cosmic Day Time after 13,000 Dragon Years

    {2012-(-10,801)=12,813 Years ago from 2012}

    Day#4,680,001 = Wednesday, July 28th,10,802 BC = 1st Day of the 1st Year and Beginning of Cosmic Night Time
    Day#9,360,000 = Friday, December 21st, 2012 = 360th Day of the 13,000th Year and End of the Cosmic Night Time after 13,000 Dragon Years
    Day#9,360,001 = Saturday, December 22nd, 2012 = 1st Day of the 1st Year and Beginning of New Cosmic Day Time after 13,000 Dragon Years
    Day#9,360,360 = Monday, December 16th, 2013 = 360th Day of the 1st Year of the 1st Circle 360-Year of New Cosmic Day Time

    Dragon Almanac:

    The 'Plumed Serpent' ABC...XYZA* = 27||72 = WORLD = LAWWAL = 2x{1+2+3+...+34+35+36}=666+666=1332

    Quetzacoatl = 72x12=864=32x27 = 153 = 9 = 666

    '12 Hourtime of Day'=72x6=432=16x27='12 Hourtime of Night'


    72=864/12=360x26/130=65x144/130 = {60x60x24}/{60x20}={86,400 Seconds in 24 Hours}/{⅓ Hour} = Precessional Dragon Years per Sign 12 in 13
    65x144,000 (Mayan Baktuns) = 9,360,000 Days (Mayan Kin) = 360x26,000 Dragon Days = 390x24,000 Moon Days

    25,626.81 'Civil Years' = {9,360,000 Dragon Days/365.2425 Civil Days} = {9,360,000 Dragon Days/390 Moon Days}
    26,000 Dragon Sun Years = 25,626.81 'Civil Gregorian' Years = {12/13}26,000 = 24,000 Dragon Moon Years

    The Dark Moon Lilith Circle of 9x40°=360° in 9=¾{12} Circle Years {40°40' per 'civil year' in 8.85 'civil years' 9 months per sign}





    wat6-.34096. wat7-.34097.
    Evidence Found for Planet-Cooling Asteroid 12,900 Years Ago

    A clue to an impact in Quebec fuels an ongoing debate about the cause of one of Earth's big freezes, called the Younger Dryas
    Sep 3, 2013 |By Nicola Jones and Nature magazine


    Ron Blakey, NAU
    The dust refuses to settle on a debate about whether asteroid impacts caused one of Earth’s most famous cold snaps 12,900 years ago.

    The latest evidence in the contentious discussion comes in the form of pieces of bedrock from Quebec, Canada, that seem to have been blasted out as far as Pennsylvania. “I’d say there’s evidence of an impact happening, for sure,” says Mukul Sharma, an isotope geochemist at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, and co-author of a study published this week in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

    Between 11,600 and 12,900 years ago, the planet’s climate changed rapidly: in northern climes such as Greenland, temperatures dropped by several degrees in less than a century. No one knows what caused the deep freeze, known as the Younger Dryas.

    The leading theory is that shifting North American glaciers allowed freshwater melt to pour into the Atlantic or Arctic oceans, slowing ocean circulation and cooling the Northern Hemisphere. This idea has spawned worries that fresh water from today’s melting ice might also spur rapid climate change.

    Big blast
    An alternative theory is that meteorites or comets smacked into or exploded above North America, sparking fires, kicking up a haze of dust and soot and prompting glacial collapse. In 2007, researchers reported evidence for such an event in the remains of human settlements that existed across the continent at the time.

    Critics of the impact theory have been unable to repeat many of those studies, and have questioned whether the particles found were really from an impact blast. And no one has found evidence for raging fires across North America. “It doesn’t seem to me that they have constructed a very good case,” says sedimentary geologist Bruce Simonson of Oberlin College in Ohio. “If this is the best boat they can build, it’s just not sailing yet.”

    But the idea keeps gathering pace; it is now backed by about 55 authors, who have published 11 research papers between them, says James Kennett, a paleoceanographer at the University of California, Santa Barbara, who has been one of the theory’s leading proponents. “It continues to grow,” he says. In July, a different group of researchers looking at ice cores from Greenland reported finding meteoric platinum from a large impact at the time of the Younger Dryas.

    Lucky strike
    Sharma and his colleagues are now entering the fray. Sharma says that the minerals he found in deep Pennsylvanian soil were created at temperatures higher than 2,000 ºC, and formed glassy droplets that fused together in mid-air. These can be explained only by an impact, he says; an industrial blast furnace could make them, but any potential source is too recent and too far away. “We lucked out,” says Sharma.

    The minerals were identified after Yvonne Malinowski, a Pennsylvania resident, saw a television documentary about the Younger Dryas and sent Kennett a box of rocks she found on her land. Kennett then passed the information on to Sharma.

    The isotopic composition of the minerals indicates that the rock came from a several-thousand-square-kilometer patch of land in Quebec, hinting that an asteroid blasted through North America’s ice to melt and eject rock from the ground, says Sharma. “This is unequivocal evidence for an impact with Earth,” says Kennett.

    Paleoclimatologist Anders Carlson at the University of Wisconsin–Madison is not convinced that these glassy droplets are as unique or as meaningful as Sharma thinks. “You see the same evidence from periods when there wasn’t a Younger Dryas,” he notes.

    Sharma says that the key will be to find the crater. Although he has no experience in crater-hunting, he is now putting together a proposal. But Mark Boslough, an impact physicist from Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico, thinks that a find is unlikely. If there had been an impact, “there’d be a great big obvious crater”, he says. “We wouldn’t have to argue about it.”

    Steven Stanley, a paleobiologist from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Honolulu, has acted as a ‘personal editor’ on several of the PNAS papers on this topic, including the new work by Sharma and the original 2007 paper proposing the idea. “It has been very controversial,” he admits. “It’s my view that I should help to get this stuff published. It needs to be aired; it’s not outlandish.” PNAS typically uses a 'personal editor' option for papers considered too controversial to receive a fair hearing from the standard review process.

    Stanley says he is increasingly convinced by the impact theory as a mechanism for what prompted the freshwater floods. “I’m not sure how people can be so negative at this point. The case just builds.”

    This article is reproduced with permission from the magazine Nature. The article was first published on September 2, 2013.

    The Pyramid Builders


    Posted by Halo

    Who are the Pyramid Builders?


    I would like to research this topic more to see if any of us can "remember"? We are here as the Pyramid Builders.. What do you feel when you hear the term "Pyramid Builders"? Is there a part of you that vibrates inside.. A part of you that remembers, in a dream? A far off distant ancient memory? What does it mean to be a "Pyramid Builder"? Why are these Pyramids all over the cosmos? Do we not come from the stars and what is it about this beautiful planet Earth that we come here? Now? Ponder... Ponder... Remember in your ponderances...

    Posted by Thubanis


    The Time Travellers are well integrated in the Cosmic Matrix of spacetime and timespace. The most ancient ones and the ancestors of all are named by the rememberers and one of their labels is the name of the Archaeons.
    There are not only 'timelords' of the Mayan Looms, but also such 'guardians' of the timespace for the worldwide cultural edifices and monuments for the remembrance of the original constructeurs of the spacetime realms; you might choose to call those time travellers as the 'Elders from the Stars' and a time in the cosmic chronos, when planetary lifeforms were not yet able to evolve from the biophysical ingredients of the primordial elements.

    One might determine a linear timeframe of about 2,200 million years for this cosmic nexus, when the Elders of the Ancient Ones began to awaken from their supergalactic enslumberments.

    It was then, when it was the physicality of space itself, that became selfaware as a form of cosmic essence or 'time stuff' - the effervescence of time embedded in an ubiquitous consciousness and seeking to expand its information basis of and about itself.
    Like the Sphinx of Giza or the Temple of Angkor Wat; the Moai or 'Easter Island Statues' serve the timetravellers from the stars to recall their own beingness and cosmic awareness regarding their own history from a time, when the Cosmic Mother Planet Gaea of Earth began to transform the toxidity of the aquaeous realeased Oxygen in the air to form a new environment and medium for oxygen breathing lifeforms to evolve with.

    The adjustments were many and timeconsuming and the new lifeforms adapted to allow the Elders from the Stars to participate in infusing their own beingness and consciousness in a new morphology and a kaleidoscope of forms in structure and geometry.
    But prokaryotic lifeforms emerged from the oldest ones, the Archaeons and the 'Ancient Ones' then could use those new geometries to enhance their own remembrances and data bases to finetune and enhance their newly created bodyforms. Cellular endosymbiosis then assured accelerated integration of the information from the 'higher dimensional' or 'astral etheric' worlds of the 'Old Creating Ones' as part and parcel of the body shapes and forms of the multicellular worlds being born and becoming from the vast information base of the Archaeons.

    And then, when the multicellulars as the lifeforms of Gaea Earth had evolved into suitable superorgasmic lifeforms, which could utilize their 'stored memories' in a sufficient recall function, namely to allow 'old time travellers' to incarnate and inhabit those 'suitable biophysical' lifeforms; then the Archaeons would awaken from their cosmic sleepiness a second time.
    The first self remembrance was when the planetary home planet could begin to create the bodyforms in a 'computerizable and memory storing' density of form and the second self remembrance would be when the biophysical lifeforms could remember and tap their own multidimensionality in the most dense and necessary environment created for this very purpose by the Cosmic Mother planet herself.

    And so it is that particular crystalline and geophysical monuments display certain characteristics, like the Moai of Easter Island mainly facing inwards to the 'villages' of the ''Heirs to the Stars', but face outwards towards the Sea and the Galactic Worlds of the origins inland at the site of Ahu Akivi. They also point to the 'Land of Baiame' the Rainbow Dragon of the Cosmic Dreamtime, also known as Uluru!




    7) Also another strange clue. All the Ahu Moai watch the sky but they do so facing inland, all but one Ahu, the Ahu Akivi also with 7 Moai. These watch the western ocean horizon and are also crowned with heavy head stones called Pukao.

    In the image below the pictoglyph nature of the Rapanui text called “Ronga Ronga” is almost the same as the Naxi Dongba texts. Both seem to be using the star patterns themselves and bird head people as actual spoken word. Note the Naxi dongba text has three crosses as stars perhaps next to a cluster of six markings. The Easter Island text of Ronga Ronga also has two very common characters in texts speaking of their celestial deities using a group of seven dots and a group of three dots in a row and a group of three crescents in a row that resemble the mask worn by the Rapanui people in ceremony (see mask in depiction in purple lower down).

    There is one very interesting association of text to something Wayne researched in the Christ star map story: three star entities together mean three wise kings. The Magi he proposed represent the three that follow from the east associated with finding the location of the Christ ‘Bethlehem’ star... the stars of Orion's Belt as a sacred cosmic pointer... the 'forgotten' cross of the churches.

    Is this just a coincidence or are we seeing evidence of a global teacher passing through ancient civilisations.

    Ahu Akivi is an especially sacred place.
    Ahu Akivi is a sanctuary and celestial observatory built about 1500 AD which was the subject of the first serious restoration accomplished on Easter Island by archaeologists William Mulloy and Gonzalo Figueroa, with excellent results. As in the case of many religious structures on Easter Island, it has been situated with astronomical precision: it's seven statues look towards the point where the sun sets during the equinox.

    It is also aligned to the moon.​

    Ahu Akivi is an unusual site in several respects. A low ahu supports 7 statues all very similar in height and style. The site is odd in that it is located far inland and the statues were erected to face the ocean. The only site where this was done. Like other Easter Island sites the statues were found knocked off the ahu, lying face down in the ground. In 1960, Archeologist William Mulloy's team spent several months raising the statues to their original positions.

    The Freedom for Humanity is its Metamorphosis from its Cocoon!

    All Humans are ETs, born in 3D incarnation from a cosmic and intergalactic perspective, nous and origin.

    All Humans know on the soul-level, who they are and why they are here.
    Namely to break their Cocoon of their own Metamorphosis from the Inside-Out.
    All Humans are like little Reptilian Serpents, Dinosaurs or Chickens, who to be born as Starhumans, are required to peck at their encompassing eggshells from the inside to get out.
    If they fail to break their prison walls, they will die as unborn starhumans within their 3D prisons and so recycle their own beingness until they can self create their 4D merkabahs.


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