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    2 Timothy 3:7 - King James Version (KJV)

    7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.
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    Eine andere Invasion von Paris bei Menschen der Zukunft?

    Der Grüne Planet - Besuch aus dem All

    {Another invasion of Paris by humans from the future?
    The green planet - Visitation from the cosmos}

    Weit weg von der Erde existiert der "grüne Planet". Auf ihm leben Verwandte von uns Menschen, die soweit entwickelt sind, dass sie sämtliche elektrische Geräte eliminiert haben. Stattdessen richten sie ihre volle Konzentration, ihr Wissen, ihre Stärken und Energien auf den Fortschritt ihrer Körper, Gedanken und geistigen Fähigkeiten.

    Einmal im Jahr treffen sich die passionierten Naturmenschen in einem ausgestorbenen Vulkan, um über Neuigkeiten, Ernteverteilung und Auslandsreisen zu berichten. Gewöhnlich will niemand der Planetenbewohner gerne einen Ausflug auf die Erde unternehmen. Auch dieses Jahr will zunächst kein Mensch einen Fuß auf einen Planeten setzen, der so voller Gefahren und Primitivität steckt und auf dem die Bewohner die Arroganz anscheinend gepachtet haben.

    Schließlich entscheidet sich aber doch jemand Reise anzutreten:
    Es ist Mila (Coline Serreau), deren Vater als letzter Planetenbewohner den Trip auf die Erde unternahm und mit ihr selbst als Baby zurückkehrte. Mila möchte deshalb ihren Geburtsplaneten kennenlernen.
    Mila lässt ihre vier Kinder auf dem grünen Planeten zurück und landet an einer Pariser Hauptstraße. Der Kulturschock stellt sich sogleich ein, als Mila den Asphaltdschungel sieht und mit Umweltverschmutzungen aller Art konfrontiert wird.

    Auf ihrer Odyssee durch die Großstadt lernt sie viele unbewusste Menschen kennen, deren Schicksal sie mit Hilfe kleiner Tricks zum Positiven wendet. Mit ihren telepathischen Fähigkeiten hilft sie den Menschen sich selbst zu verwirklichen und besser im Einklang mit der Natur zu leben.

    This is a 'repressed/banned' French culture-critical film from 1996, which apparently cannot be bought or shared commercially, as it is contra the inner-most-private agenda of the NWO-shadow deep state/etc.
    The original version in French is dubbed in German in this apparently sole available copy on Vimeo and links.üne_Planet_-_Besuch_aus_dem_All
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    Deep state maneuvres or the early phases of contact?

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    The Ides of May 2017


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    Ancient Times Revisited? A Cosmic Quest for Immortality

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    Cometary Destruction, a Mental Self-Conscious Universe and the Nature of UFOs

    [4:38:40 PM - May 17th, 2017 - +10UCT]
    Yes, but you can get an idea of the thing here or from Hancock.

    hmm you mean if one not caught by Jupiter or Saturn makes its way over here?

    I am addressing this for the reason that this comet theory is very much in line with the change opf civilization and as proven in the geological records.
    So if this scenario plays out as this group says, then there is this 'end times' on the horizon. Now Thuban of course provides an alternative to cometary or asteroid destruction in the contact scenario
    Yes the Shoemaker impact on Jupiter would have destroyed the earth
    ETs would know how to 'nudge' the comets off collision courses with the earth
    The suppression of this as mainstream news relates to the globalist plans of controlled civilization by social engineering

    how soon would a back yard astronomer be able to spot such a comet?
    how soon before it hits

    Depends on the luminosity of the comet, remember the many yadas about Elenin and co.
    The brighter the farther away it can be seen
    This thing is a little overhyped as a 'public discourse' of course, but I am addressing the deeper sciecne of what did happen 13,000 years ago.
    So it is the potential
    And as this global change ended what was before and began the next civilization cycle as the mainstream archaeology, Gobeli Teke etc show; and then this timeframe is exactly at the midpoint of the precession of say 26,000 years; this time now is not just the end of comet cycles, but an end of the greater civilization cycle of the precession
    This is not addressed in the clips and the websites

    what could we do if we know about an incoming comet? send a nuke into it?

    But like in politics, the masses are becoming aware of greater and hidden realties
    Yes or send a probe to change its interaction with the Sun, like painting it to change its albedo
    A small change in its trajectory with respect of the Sun would change its course enough to not hit earth
    But this might relate to the ufos not liking nukes electromagnetically
    Anyhow if you find time to watch the pics from Randall in this clip, you will see that the science is all ok and imo proven with the new technology imagery of satellites and drones
    So it becomes another hurdle in the globalist takeover plans, now accelerated by China's New Global Highways

    some would say we already have the undisclosed technology which can stop such a thing

    Well to a degree, however I remain skeptical about actual physical ET contact and technology 'given' to the ptb
    The deep state is so 10-20 years ahead of SciAm though for sure. remember the stealth planes in the Kosovo war and the terra-forming of Mars
    Why do ufos look like manmade metal disks of the Nazi time so, if photographed at that time (Billy Meier), but look a little more star trekky now?
    Because the ET science uses the scientific nous of the time of interaction
    So as human science, deep state and mainstream evolves. so does the ET holographic projections from the multiD

    they adapt to our perception?

    It's not do they exist or not
    It's the intersection of the lowerD science with the higherD science
    The real ufos, 90% are military deep state, are 4D illuminated by Dark Energy
    Like your body casts a 2D dark shadow on a wall a 3D body being illuminated by Light Energy
    Ufos cast 3D shadows appearing as plasma light orbs and such
    So all so called ufos salvaged in Roswell say are 3D projections of their 4D reality. This works because of the Cocoon which embeds earth as a spacetime matrix
    Its a gravity well between the star and planet, technically called Hill Sphere
    Iow ultimately all celestial phenomena like comets are also projections from the higher D and so become subject to the higherD spacetime physics.
    This is a core of the ET science in the holographic cosmology

    a roswell ufo, altough a project as u say, was a real thing?

    Yes because of the cocoon. The Moon is inside of it and so there CAN be physical ufo tech on the dark side as many claim
    But the cocoon ends so 2 million km from the centre of the earth, which is so 5% to Venus and also 5% to Mars
    So outside of that ufos are higher D and not 'solidified' but in the plasma phase

    so if it was real, then there is a good chance tech was discovered and back engineered?

    Its like a phase change of matter. The higher D ufo 'architecture' freezes from plasma to gas to liquid to ice
    To a point for sure
    But as said the frozen ufo carries the imprints but is not 'fully' there

    so those people could then have "anti gravity drives" or torsion drives as they call it, they could be going outside the solar system with that?

    I doubt it, as 1st the solar system is far bigger than the cocoon and secondly the ET science works only in the higher D
    This higher D or say hyperspace is well understood by the mainstream and was shown and formalized around 1994
    It led to the mainstream 'proof' of string theory by showing the relationship between thermodynamic entropy-statistics between Boltzmann classics and Black Holes
    Black Holes are by definition hyperspaced
    So showing the entropy equivalence proves that 4D space CAN become accessible - in ET science
    But it requires spacetime to rip apart and reglue itself and this has not happened yet, but could happen any time
    When this happens the higher D physics will become available and with it the zero-point technologies many speculate about
    Higher D space time means same space of 3D as 4D but more can be there, seen or measured in the 3D as it is actually 4D

    and how would such an event look like? to us

    Lol hopefully starships will emerge from clouds to project the ET evolution, which was born so 2,200 million years ago and allow us to invade the Earth from within

    and if that does not happen?

    Then the human civilization started 26,000 years ago will either technologically obliterate itself or some cataclysm will destroy the civilization
    The codes tell me this will be negated

    negated? that it wont happen?

    The potential for it must exist, but a new cosmological factor will reconfigure the entire logic structure of the universe, its own foundation. This factor is called universal consciousness
    Iow the universe as an entity itself grows and evolves in mentality not just physical expansion
    A stage has been reached where the cosmogony of the cosmology can be reset or reconfigured
    So of course mentality mind, body, soul whatever all such labels require definition and formulation in a logical framework

    but non of this is evident in the reality as we know it? things overall reamin unchanged.

    Cosmogony means study of the original structure, say the universe as such as an entity
    Things change all the time in dynamical interaction like getting old

    well yes, but that is not new

    This change is more fundamental as it changes the basic algorithms in computer talk
    All dynamic change say physics and chemistry uses 'Laws of Nature'
    So I am saying Laws of Nature can be 'extended'
    By universal consciousness or Logos with Sophia
    ETs simply know about 'extensions'
    ETs are intelligences not in 3D physical forms
    Logic centred not emotion centred like Spock and Data, but say even without body capsules Vulcan or android
    Think of a architectural plan for a house existing only on a sheet of paper. The house exists in template form but not in bricks and mortar.

    how to build the house?

    By taking 'authority' over your self
    Starting with the understanding etc like Vitruvian Man as a mini cosmos and such things
    Then you must learn to create your Self from scratch
    The dream of the nabsers in their arrogances and vanities
    Also the no purposeness of the skeptics. See how they never can build their houses?
    If there is no purpose in the space you occupy, how can you give it purpose in self relative creation?
    You came from somewhere and you are going somewhere. To know this somewhere is part of the architecture required to build your house of the Self.

    and who can do that, who can actually go and "build a house"..amongst the 7+ billion, is there such a person?

    It is the journey of every 'soul' Rok.
    And the 'Job' of every man.
    I dramatized this journey in a story about the Leaf on a Tree. Did you ever read it?

    <<< Also the no purposeness of the skeptics. See how they never can build their houses?
    If there is no purpose in the space you occupy, how can you give it purpose in self relative creation?
    Xeia will "love" this... as in "see Rok, see, what i am always telling you"
    leaf on a tree? not sure

    Judgment Day and the Two Secret Keys


    Judgement Day - and the two secret keys

    Imagine yourself as a leaf on a twig on a branch of a living tree of life.
    Your nourishment and life sustaining substances derive from two sources; the light from the sun from above and from the roots of the tree from below.
    Photosynthesis converts sunlight into sugars via the agency of chlorophyll and the roots provide water and minerals in a biochemistry based mainly on nitrogen.
    As a leaf you are born in a bud and then you mature into a healthy green and geometric form determined in your individuated DNA.

    Yet after a short season as a luscious green leaf of the tree you begin to get old and you start to wither away, eventually falling off the twig on the branch of the tree to the ground beneath.
    After you have become all brittle, you simply fall apart as a dried up old exleaf and you become compost for the roots of the tree or the wind just scatters your ashes all over the place.

    But as a brown dessicated leaf, something, a lifeforce or 'soul' had already left the dead leaf before it fell off the twig onto the ground beneath the treetop - where has it gone?
    When you or anything physically 'dies', then your shadow-self, which is like your physical image in any mirror and which you can see and analyse in an optical sense, becomes the repository of all your memories and experiences and forms the library of everything you have ever thought, done or believed in.

    Your subconscious, which keeps a holographic record of everything and is personified in the electrocapacitative and the magnetoinductive elements in the monopolic lifecircuitry, subject to your 'tuning' of your selffrequency in a search for resonance; so surfaces and you become an EMMR energy field, also known as your 'soul'.

    So you find yourself rather unlimited in space and time, because the ElectroMagnetoMonopolic Radiation, which you have become as your invisible image in the mirror of spacetime is all pervasive or omnipresent; yet subject to your memory as yourself as experienced and perceived when you looked at yourself in a mirror say.

    So you have become fluid in form, but all your intelligence and knowledge about your identity are still available, should you choose to constrict yourself in that form.
    The stronger the memories and the desires to assume a more concrete form, the stronger will be the mindforce you can apply to manipulate the spacetime about your perceived environment.
    The quality of your thinking now assumes a great importance.

    Since the resonance with the source energy is the source frequency (fps), which is scripturally defined as the 'Love of God'; the closer you can approach or tune into that defining energy-state of the UFoQR, the more power you will have to create and manoeuvre yourself about the place where you find yourself or where you believe yourself to be.

    Should you be able to generate a great mental desire to meet your 'loved ones', who have 'passed over', then their individuated EMMR-fields will be able to generate forms recognisable to you, subject to the amount of 'love- or sourceawareness' you can actually manifest as the 'angular acceleration of the spacequanta', which defines the 'force of your mind'.

    But you must remember, that all your 'loved ones' are potential universes in their own right and being 'passed over' into the oneness of the ocean of the omnipresent EMMR field, they automatically gain this state of unification superimposed onto each and every individuated 'soul' as subset of the encompassing EMMR-'oversoul'.

    You see, it is quite the opposite to be in disembodiment, than to be in embodiment.

    When in embodiment; the individual 'soul' is subject to the environmental pressures of the body and the mind.
    Young teenagers feel more at ease, when they can share in a 'peergroup mind', they shun individual responsibility and search for a sense of belonging and togetherness.
    Similarly, certain sporting events can generate a huge amount of groupmind activity; either in supporting a team or participator or in a form of violence and hooliganism, when the sense of the 'group' assumes rather primitive aspects of the survival instinct in a pretext of a mindset of 'us against them'.

    So there is a challenge in the embodied state to become a true individual; it is much easier to follow a preset agenda and to eschew a thinking for oneself.
    The natural state of the embodiment is to be a member of a group or race or tribe or family or elite or corporation or business or state or land or nation or planet or galaxy or what have you.
    The opposite is the case in the disembodied state of being; there the groupmind is automatic and the difference is, that that groupmind is in harmony with itself and its environs.
    There is no 'us against them', because everything and everyone's awareness is as one.

    But the great challenge in the 'passed over' state of being is to differentiate oneself from that overpowering state of unity - a 'heavenly' bliss of peace and harmony and being able to 'love' and 'feeling loved' within an energyfield 'resonating' with the 'love' of the source energy.
    After having lived a sorrowful life in embodiment; the 'soul' has come home and finds itself in its natural state of freedom and able to choose any ethereal form it so chooses for as long or short a time as it may desire to experience.

    So what is the point for the 'soul' as subset of the 'oversoul' and defined as the EMMR of the UFoQR to incarnate in embodiment in the first place and the first instance, one may ask?
    Well, you see that is a quest for the 'soul' to seek for wisdom, knowledge and understanding through experience and for the ultimate purpose to become its own source of energy, able to sustain worlds within worlds within its own energy field.

    Hence every 'soul' must learn to recognise its source in becoming aware of itself and where it comes from and where it has the potential to go to.
    And this brings us back to the dying leaf, falling from its source of sustenance, which had been the twig on the branch on the tree throughout its short life of green lushness.
    Upon physical death, the 'soul' or lifeenergy of the leaf returns exactly the same way, as it had come to energise the leaf, being born from its budding state of the defining DNA.

    And so the EMMR-'soul' of the leaf flows as a natural electricity, defined in the equation of (I(fLeaf)=2NefLeaf), where N is a quantisation of the electropole (e) in 4D-linespace of embodiment, mapped as the magnetopole (e*) in 12D-omnispace of disembodiment and potentially realised in 13D-omnispace in a superembodiment.
    The leaf's 'soul' so passes into the twig into the branch and into the stem of the tree, which appears like a great tunnel of light for the 'soul' and leading towards a source of a magnetic light, drawing the 'soul' towards itself and the 'Mirror of the Last Judgement'.
    But the 'soul' must journey through the 'underworld', before it can enter the Hall of the Decisions, which harbours the 'Mirror of the True Selfhood'.
    The 'soul' could get 'lost' in a branch of the tree say and unable to find its way to the trunk of the tree, where the magnetic force of the sourcelight illuminates every 'soul' however 'lost' it might perceive itself to be.

    So there are markers along the way; signposts of remembrances, which the 'soul' can recognise in the form of 'loved ones', might these be people or pets or objects; all is subject to the 'force of the desire' and the intensity of emotion the soul can generate to journey with 'clear vision'.
    All objects and things have frequency equivalents and are unbounded in space or time relative to the 'souls' partitioning as subset of the encompassing EMMR field of the UFoQR.
    But all thoughts and desires, all nightmares and dreams of whatever nature will and must surface in the soul's journey through its 'underworld' of subconscious definition.
    So if a thought of 'Saint Peter at the Pearly Gate' is the expectation, that thought or desire must eventuate; as must all imaginings of 'hellish damnation'.
    Because of the fluidity of the disembodied state however, many guides and helpers of the oneness are always readily available to superimpose more energetic states of awareness, simply by being present in their state of enhanced frequencies and so able to modulate the eigenstate of a 'soul' lost in its nightmarish expectation of a torturous hell for example.

    Some 'souls' may have no expectations of the afterlife at all; and those 'souls' will encounter their being engulfed in an impenetrable fog or mistyness or any such idea of nothingness.
    Any question asked by such a 'soul' after having pondered its state of existence, will however modify its environment of the 'nothingness' and so it will be forced by its own curiosity to begin exploring its position in space and time, relative to its own perception.
    Eventually, all 'souls' will reach the stem of the tree, where the magnetic light and the sense of being 'loved' is so strong, the individual 'soul' cannot but remember its unison and origin as part of the source and will just surrender to its grand homecoming out of space and time.

    Since the sense of time and space is selfrelative for all disembodied states; a 'soul' could choose to spend 'eternity' in a 'fog of the nothingness', but it would require a mind unable to think a single thought and an inability to ask a single question about itself.
    Furthermore such a 'soul' would have to concentrate 'eternally' upon a single state of being in an absolute state of nothingness, whatever it imagines that nothingness to be.

    And because of Heisenbergian Uncertainty and the Quantum Fluctuations of the vacuum, such a position would be untenable, because the Zero-Point-Oscillation of the Source Energy is defined in the formulation (Eps=hfps/2) as the minimum state of energy in any definition of the Zero state in energy - hence even the most stubborn 'soul' will have to 'suffer' its energisation by the source energy.

    All 'souls' which have finished their journey through their individuated 'underworlds' and which have reached the trunk of the tree of life will find themselves rushing towards the magnetic sourcelight down the tunnel of the stem of the tree.
    As a 'soul' reaches one of the roots of the tree, the tunnel converges and every root ends in the singularity of the 'Mustard Seed' at the termination of each and every root the 'soul' may have chosen to travel in towards the magnetic lightsource.
    And so at the end of the tunnel, where any particular root of the tree ends the defined form of the tree of life; the 'soul' enters the 'Hall of Decisions' and sees itself positioned in front of the 'Mirror of the Last Judgment'.

    Now in the 'Mirror of the Last Judgment' the 'soul' sees a most magnificent being; it is precisely the embodiment of beauty and glory the 'soul' could or would ever have imagined.
    And the 'soul' realises that the mirror reflects the 'soul's' very own grandest idea of beauty and glory back to itself as the selfrealised being of itself.
    But the being in the mirror, one might name it the 'Higher Self' or 'Overself' of the 'soul' is no mere image of the 'soul'.

    The 'Oversoul' is as real as the 'soul' and in possesssion of all the knowledge, understanding and wisdom accumulated by the 'soul' in 19.11 billion years of experiencing consciousness as EMMR-subset of the encompassing EMMR of the Unified Field of Quantum Relativity.

    And the 'Oversoul' smiles at the 'soul' and begins to talk:
    "Hello my sweet me; you have finally come back to try to answer your own questions for yourself yet again; how will you fare this time, have you found your two keys to open the two locked doors within this mirror to allow you to enter the space of the parenthood in setting us free from being separated, both of us being reflections in each other in front and within or behind this mirror?
    Have you allowed yourself to find the Key of Wisdom or the Key of Understanding?
    Or perhaps you have found both in a single lifetime; now that would be a wonderful achievement.
    You were close last time, you had the Key of Wisdom in your grasp, but you could not put it in the keyhole and then you decided to get it right the next time and that time has now come I see.
    You know that the first key is the Key of Wisdom; finding it will allow you to apply the second key of the understanding.

    The Key of Wisdom is the correct answer to the question: "WHO ARE YOU?" and the Key of Understanding cannot be applied until you have answered the first question to your own satisfaction and as judged by yourself as myself.
    You will only allow yourself to ask the second question through myself once you have judged yourself competent enough to attempt the unlocking of the door of understanding.

    And the only clue you allowed yourself to be given through myself is that the Key of Wisdom is part of your female nature and that the Key of Understanding is part of your male nature.
    So let us recall what your answer to the question: "WHO ARE YOU?" was the last time we met ourselves in this very location, when you said:
    "I know that I am more than what I appear to be.

    I have learned that my 'family' extends past my immediate blood relationships and that I am also part of my environment.
    So I am part of the air I breathe and part of the garden I keep.

    I tune into familiar minds with my friends and acquaintances and I share many things with the people I love and with whom I feel comfortable with.
    I am part of my children's education and the companies I keep in all my aspects of my life.
    I do try to help other people and attempt to be friendly and polite to everyone, even if I do not like particulars about them."

    You then answered yourself through me in saying:
    "When we arrived at our common acknowledgement at the beginning of space and time and when we made the covenant between ourselves, we decided that a partial wisdom and a partial understanding would be insufficient to open the locked doors; so I must inform you as myself, that your wisdom has grown in magnitude and in insight, but still remains at an undergraduate level."
    And now we are here again in the 'Hall of our decisions' and I ask myself through you:
    "WHO ARE YOU? and WHO AM I?"

    And the 'soul' answered:
    'I am all that is; I must be; because if I were not all that is, the entire creation, then there would be something in existence, which I am not and that is impossible, as all things are connected.
    Modern science has shown that everything, from the minutest photon to the largest supercluster of galaxies are quantum entangled with each other.
    So a solar system or a planet and all beings living upon it, being part of a galaxy, must be quantum connected with everything else as well; any other conclusion leads to logical selfcontradictions.
    Any system of particles, molecules, atoms or things can only exist in one of two modes of operation; the two modes are Unity in Separation or Separation in Unity.

    Unity in Separation leads to the individuated self and the egocentric personality; one perceives oneself as a 'free individual', separated from all other such 'free individuals' and one can then so very easily deceive oneself in considering a 'fake equality or egalitarianism' between people, thinking that every individual has only themselves to blame, if their life's journey falls upon hard times.

    Unity in Separation is the 'Devil's Way' exemplified in the saying: 'Divide and Conquer'; but since the 'Devil's Modus Operandi' is selfrelative and just as valid as the alternative it is always available to all the wisdom seekers.
    And I know, that I am my own masterdevil; only I make the choices and only I set my own agendas; but as we also know, it is only I, that must judge myself as to the portfolios and the decisions, appropriate or not, which I have made during my life's journey.

    Did I value wisdom over worldly possessions, as Solomon did?
    Did I discover the empathy and the compassion for others and the affinities, connecting me to the web of life and the oneness of the universe?
    In short, am I able to walk in another's moccassins, am I able to imagine myself to be someone else, to truly feel what they are all about on the level of their 'souls', whereby we are all one in the disembodied state?
    So my dear Beloved 'Oversoul', I am the Creation in my female essence and I am the Creator in my male essence.
    And I have chosen the 'Way of Love' in the modus operandi of the Separation in Unity.

    I know that all is One and that I am operating as a servant of the 'Loving Way' in surrendering my 'individual freedom' to operate as a Unit of Separation for limited periods of time; choosing instead to become eternally bonded to my own loving nature and the source of all of my energy - my God.'

    And the 'Oversoul' cried in exuberance, with tears of joy flowing down its glowing cheeks:
    'Yes my darling you have found the Key of Wisdom and I am allowed to tell you now, that your sacrifice of your 'individual freedom' is no sacrifice at all, but serves an ultimate purpose in your graduation and your life as a parent in true brothersisterhood with 'our God'.
    The Goddess will individuate in you upon your graduation and you shall be freedom personified.

    God himself shall be your bridegroom and the Goddess herself your eternal bride.
    And now you are ready for the second question from yourself to yourself; but know, that there is a growing percentage of ' souls', say 0.2% at the present time, who have found their Keys of Wisdom.
    To the present time however, not one 'soul' could find the Key of Understanding.

    The second question is: "WHY ARE YOU WHAT YOU ARE AND HOW DID YOU COME TO BE?"

    The 'soul' pondered for a moment and said:
    'I do not know the full answer to that yet, but I know how to obtain the Key of Understanding, because of the nature of this question.

    I do know, that I am the creation-creator duality because on the supreme level of that partnership there is the essence of Family, our family and the idea of generational reproduction.
    So I am destined to become a generator for an individuated universe, which can then join the sister-brotherhood of universes within the enveloping omniverse.

    To generate myself as FatherMother and as my own individuated source energy in the footsteps of my cosmic and mathematically abstract parents, I shall have to bring their abstractness alive in realising them within and without myself in my dragonomy.

    Somehow, to find the Key of Understanding, I shall have to learn in abstract terms, just what my mathematical and omniscientific archetypes are all about.
    I can attempt to do this the 'easy way' or the ' hard way'.
    If I choose to follow certain written manuals in an advanced mode of interpretation, such as 'sacred' scrolls and scriptures; then this will be the 'easy way' because of the metaphors and mythological language used in them.

    If I am inclined however to do it the 'hard way', then I shall study mathematics and the sciences to obtain my understanding necessary to answer the second question fully and not only partially, as I have done.'

    'You are very correct in you analysis', answered the 'Oversoul', you have given the appropriate reply as to why you are the creation and the creator in your sexual aspects and you have pinpointed the method of how to find the Key of Understanding.
    You must create yourself in principle my sweetheart and you must find your place in the Book of Life, which you are required to write in coauthorship with what already has been written and what you are reading.
    Once you are able to create your own Genesis, as your very own 'Naked Singularity' of abstraction, then you will be in possession of your perfectly fitting Key of Understanding.
    The next time we meet, I feel you shall be able to set us free from being images of ourselves in the two of us separated ones trying to be one in two and two in one.' "

    Sirebard Beardris

    [6:25:55 PM] Rok:
    ok this is rather long, i ll have to read all of it later

    Sure I don't expect you to read it, but it answers your question in a poetic and rather emotional manner, which the femme fatales would appreciate more than us skeptics.
    Because you asked such profound questions I am saving it as a record on the forum ok?

    profound? i would not say they are in any way profound

    Well the answers are sort of 'out of this world' with the nature of ufos etc
    It is just that it adds 'spice' to the usual we don't know, its a mystery, etc etc and the speculations; even if many would see it as just another speculation. It is a different speculation and has novelty for adding to a common data base

    do you know about the
    there are some claims this is "Tesla electricity" the one that "needs no wires" and is "faster than light"

    Yes it is part of the 'Electric Universe' mob, which has a few good part, but is mostly anti-Einstein and anti Big Bang babble.
    Tesla was a genius, but did not accommodate Einstein. Much of the nabs science comes from that as Einstein bashing.
    Einstein is fully correct in the 4D lower D spacetime but requires extension in the subatomics and the string-membrane physics
    Key here is that the curvature of the 4D space and 5D spacetime Riemann universe, used is in fact the boundary of the holographic 12D universe.
    So Einstein physics becomes the boundary for the holographic cosmology where the Black Hole physics determines structure in a blending with quantum gravity and quantum geometry to allow all curvatures to define the multi dimensional universe

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    The Ides of May 2017

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    The Replacement of an Old Human Race and World!

    They have ancient connections to ET wisdom keepers. As have ALL souls, but many cannot remember it. But what is really behind the 'misnamed' cloning agenda of creating a 'New Star-Human' genus from the old typolological one known as Homo Sapiens Sapiens, the easily manipulated and 'brainwashed' one?

    The Ides of June 2017

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