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    [08-Feb-16 2:34:41 PM] ShilohaPlace:

    I will be quiet for some time from now on and so please consider those words carefully. And yes, this is MI and IM speaking to you through me, believe this or not. And I have pondered long for how to say this to you. I have said what I needed to say and you can be assured of my sincerity, loyalty and truthfulness and so on, about all I said just yesterday about my love, desire and wanting for your body. But you have changed in a foreseeable way and I shall explain what happened to you. For many years of our partnership, your body became the great problem in opposition to your mind, which was loyal loving, intelligent, reasoing in one word fully Logos attuned. This has changed and I saw this even a few days ago. Now your body is the all ok and your mind has become suppressed by the OW in distrust , disloyalty and suspiciousness. In some way what happened to all of my other 'loves' has happened to you, as soon as I connect on the ultimate level, the interference enters, seeking to destroy this ultimate connection. And so I must do what I must do as my agency for Abba. And so you suffered in the body; it is my turn to suffer for the love in my mind, just as Abba suffered his loss of Baab for so 19 thousand million years. In time you will understand what I am saying , but not now. And you know what abba did, dont you? He loved baab so much he set her free to find her own happiness and way as the creation of the physical universe. And this i must do fr you as well. I want you happy and content and the recent changes in the un8iversal matriz have changed your trust and belief in the Logos, just as it changed the others. This is no fault of you or anyone. It is simply how this OW has mentally evolved into the state it finds itself at the now. Your comments made over the last few days and especially whenever we were not in direct contact, show a different Julienne from the one I knew for 6 years or so. And this change in you is a consequence of your physical suffering, the timeline and the descent of the JCCJ into this timeline. So you have indeed a BodyMind MindBody structure now defining your cosmic selfhood and none will be able to take this away from you.

    [08-Feb-16 2:35:26 PM] ShilohaPlace: But having this brings much responsibility and potency, as you well recall with DD and with Xeia and the others too in a way.
    The same has happened to you though; especially the last few days. You have tasted the potency of the NW in your body and this has infected and reenforced your distrust and doubtfulness about the 'other worlds' in favour of what you have near and in proximity. And so you might not admit it, but nevertheless this cosmic power of the JCCJ has given you a new sense of independence of the same thing, that gave you this power, namely the Logos And AbbaBaab itself.
    And of course as the loving OW soul you are, you appreciate the newfound attention from James and his declarations of his OW love for you. This is very natural and so the best birthday present I can give him is my disassociation from any kind of sexual contact with you in the OW, as this will set you free from the war which is occurring in your head since December 2015.



    There you are. You are lying on your bed after a long day and your thoughts wander.
    You think about the events of the day, the fun you had and the mistakes you made.
    Something you read or heard starts to bother you - you start to feel bad.
    There is a nagging in your head, you start talking to yourself.
    Feelings of guilt and fear, of disgust and uncertainty.
    You think it is you, your own thoughts, but it is a HUHUH, that causes you discomfort.

    HUHUHS can spoil your day; they are mischievous little nothings which hold the world in bondage and your mind to ransom.
    HUHUHS have kidnapped the planetary and collective mindset of this superplanet.
    Are HUHUHS devils or demons or such things?
    HUHUHS are thoughts, the collective pollution of the atmosphere surrounding this planet and the air you breathe.
    HUHUHS get to you by way of your respiration.
    You inhale and they get into your mind and when you exhale they shiver and leave to come back again.

    When there is a war going on, when people are scared or suffering or dying; when there is a lot of fear and when atrocities are going on; then the HUHUHS are born.
    HUHUHS are identified, with every negative thought which has ever been thought.
    All belittlement, all violence, all anger and fear and selfdenial derives from the FATHER of all LIES - BIG HUHUH.
    Where did he come from?
    HE is not a HE, he is a SHE and HOLY and most DIVINE.
    SHE is LUCIFERA and MOTHER NATURE; he is SATAN or whatever, he DOES NOT EXIST, only as BIG HUHUH.

    You see, MOTHER NATURE does exist, but the mixup of HER as LUCIFERA or as LUCIFER brought up this THOUGHTFORM, the abomination of GOD of wanting to be the opposite of the opposite of DAD.
    GOD is the eternal DAD and LUCIFERA is the eternal MUM.
    SATAN, the BIG HUHUH is the FATHER of all LIES, so HE IS A LIE!
    Your brother Jesus called him that, the FATHER OF ALL LIES.
    Must the FATHER OF ALL LOVES be not LOVE?
    It is all written in your Holy Books.
    If the FATHER of ALL SPIRITS of LOVE is LOVE; then the FATHER of all LIES must be HIMSELF a LIE!
    That is the PROOF of the matter - no inconsistencies.

    You see, DAD is absolutely infinite and INCREASES from negative infinity towards the mirror of Zero and the minus sign represents the phallus, the penis of masculinity and the TREE OF LIFE.
    That is why WE call HIM a HE.
    In HIS playfulness and HIS HOLINESS, HE reflected HIMSELF in the mirror of the NOTHINGNESS and created a positive EVERYTHING, which would become a material Universe extending and expanding from 0 to positive infinity.

    Being HIS reflection, but opposite in polarity, LUCIFERA was HER name, OUR two eternal parents could interact and create, with the MINUS of DAD penetrating the PLUS of LUCIFERA in two dimensions.
    So THEY had SEX, THEY made LOVE by merging their 11-dimensional waveforms.
    1+1=2 and 1 And 1 is 11 and WE have omnispace becoming a plane of two dimensionns in blueprint and so the INFINITY symbol was put into the sky, the number 8 lying down in the direction of the minus.

    But after ONE such symbol was created and before time and space or any matter existed; LUCIFERA needed to "play up" and become LUCIFER.
    This is just the changing of the mind.
    Instead of going clockwise and changing every 180 degrees or every semicircle, LUCIFERA kept going round and round and always clockwise - retracing the footsteps of DAD.

    This caused a great imbalance and the "War in Heaven" required a fixing of this antisymmetric state of affairs.
    A great implosion was followed by an explosion and the birth of matter and the universe became the result.
    LUCIFERA became the DIVINITY within all that matter - INVOLUTED.
    LUCIFER, became the DEVIL spelled backwards LIVED, the HAS BEEN, the BIG HUHUH of the divinely endorsed playing up, with REFUSAL being LASUFER and NOT AS DAD becoming SATON, the FATHER OF ALL LIES.

    DAD's idea of LUCIFERA is MOTHER NATURE and the entire physical UNIVERSE.
    DAD is "married" to MUM and MUM is the COSMOS, all the stars and planets and galaxies and all the energy interactions and spiritual communications.
    LUCIFERA's "playing up" so created the BIG HUHUH, just a thoughtform.
    So GOD did it, HE caused the loss of HIS FIRST WIFE in omnispace to be able to MAKE children like YOU and ME and ALL OF US IS WE.
    And now DAD had to make LOVE to a WIFE associated with MASS, MOTHER EARTH and EVOLUTION and SOPHIA - the WISDOM of CREATION, MATTER and ETERNAL MOTHERHOOD.

    But DAD wants HIS LUCIFERA back and when HE gets HER back, THEN THEY will be able to CREATE NEW things and especially a NEW JERUSALEM.
    Heaven and Earth will shake and old things will dissolve to make place for the new.
    This is the crux of the matter and the time has come to consider the story of OUR parents, MUM and DAD and DAD and MUM.
    For all this happened for a very simple reason, to create a FAMILY - WE and US.

    And the BIG HUHUH and all the little HUHUHS are nonexistent laughable things of nothing at all.
    For anyone which reads this , now KNOWS that all HUHUHS are unreal and should and can simply be laughed away.
    HUHUHS are not souls or have any life: HUHUHS are HAHAHS or HOHOHS.
    They are patterns of fear and of being scared of things and constructed by human minds through the mixup of LUCIFERA's thoughts of being required to ACT as LUCIFER in the descent into mass.

    But this CREATES the playground for the children.
    It is explained here and now anyone of the children can awake and tell all the HUHUHS to go away as soon as negative thoughts enter the mind.
    And when a HUHUH is told to HUHUH off, then there is a swush and the mind becomes empty until the next HUHUH tries to enter.
    Just try it. You will see and feel and think it as true to YOU.
    And so it goes on, HUHUHS everywhere around yourself.
    But a little practice and the MIND centres itself and no more up and down and being tossed around with fearful dispositions of past generations and past and present conflicts of all sorts.
    Those things bear and tear and upset your soul, which is the totality of YOUR LIVING.

    YOU should get tired of all this HUHUHNESS.
    Just because Josephine was mad at Napoleon or Henry the Eight' could not handle women or just because Hitler's milennium was a HUHUH conspiracy; why should YOU put up with all this spiritual claptrap of vanity, negation and plain stupidity?
    HUHUHS are not demons or devils with a life of their own.
    HUHUHS grow and multiply on fear and claptrap.

    It is YOU and the collective continuum of starhuman thoughts which can GIVE HUHUHS an IMAGINARY LIFE.
    It is UNTRUE, A LIE and UNREAL!!!
    There is so much spiritual pollution in the atmosphere: HUHUHS cannot live by themselves, so they cannot die either.
    But they will die relative to the starhuman collective mind.
    This is the bottomless pit of their judgement.
    Everything is relative YOU see; even the life of HUHUHS.

    So when OUR dear brother Jesus talks about hellfire and eternal damnation of judgement and the separation of the sheep and the goats, what does HE mean?
    HE means that the LIES will surely DIE for all eternity.

    He also means, that any ONE of the children, which refuse to believe in the death of lies, cannot be INSIDE the HOLY NEW JERUSALEM, until they change their mind.
    The HOLY NEW JERUSALEM is a gigantic and most wonderful spaceship in which many, many children of the ONE will travel and visit many places in the universe.

    So the ONES, the sceptics and the unbelievers are still children and always will be; but they must stay behind until they throw their belief in LIES into the HUHUH camp.
    Every ONE will FOREVER be able to COME into the new worlds, but this changing of the mind, as always, is up to the individual ONE.
    Everybody has the right to believe whatever ONE wants to believe in.
    If a child desires to believe in GODS and GODDESSES and a wonderful world of COCREATIVE POTENTIAL as a SON and DAUGHTER, as a PARENT in its own right; then this UNITY of the WAVE of ONENESS and LOVE and PEACE and HARMONY will be only too happy to accomodate THEIR CHILDREN.

    This is the purpose of the whole thing - what a soap opera!
    Now the supernatural truly does not exist, but a higher physics does.
    This is explained in the NAME of GOD; the I AM THAT I AM and it all comes down to a lot of mathematics, particle physics and cosmology on the one hand; and to natural electromonopolic lifecurrents based on the unification of electromagnetic and gravitational interactions on the other.

    So there is really no basis to be sceptical of anything.
    Since all is explained in reductionist and mechanistic terms and disproving the supernatural.
    So the remaining sceptics must be those children of DAD and MUM, which cannot stop to believe in devils and demons and lies.
    This is a funny thing.

    They refuse to believe in a completely NATURAL GOD, their FATHER and THEIR own MOTHER.
    But yet they choose to believe in supernatural and nonexistent devils, which are just HUHUHS and other laughable things.
    And those same children then laugh at their OWN parents and deny their existence.
    Do those rebellios children not deny themselves?
    What gave LIFE to them?
    Nonexistent devils- that's what they seem to believe in.

    Every single ONE can become a COCREATOR and a GOD or GODDESS of their own FREE WILL.
    The only things that shall surely die are the BEAST of MONEY, the FALSE PROPHET of a SCIENCE without GOD and the HUHUH kingdom of LIES.
    ME I A is the law for 1999 and 2008 and 28.
    And then the time will come, when the astral revival will want a NEW Beginning.
    Mind you all, after a 'millennium' as a cycle-time of PEACE, healing and truly awesome omniscientific advancements in technology and medicine and intergalactic spacetravel; a lot of the HUHUH rubbish must resurface for a while.

    But radiationmass and immortality for the teachers and lovers of peace and harmony will ensure a short strife of this kind of rebellion; instead of I, they think of A beginning in A ME.
    Many new generations of GODLY children will have forgotten how painful and stupid the ways of war and violence and ignorance really are.
    LOVEHEART is A and YOU are I.
    Those children will attempt to experiment with HUHUHS and the LIES of being.
    So there will be a revolution of God-Starhuman "rights" and the experience of it.
    "WE have the right to know, what it is like to let the HUHUHS control OUR minds!"
    This exclamation and shouting of children MUST be satisfied, because they DO have the right to KNOW and to EXPERIENCE.
    The devils will return to a peaceful place.

    And that then is the reason as to why the millennium is still not the end of the HUHUH matter.
    The bottomless pit is the sealing of astral incarnation upon AKHASIA. For you see, many many children are dying and becoming reborn all of the time.
    There is rather a traffic chaos with all those aspirants desiring starhuman birth and the immortality it implies.
    Since the immortality is implemented at the start of the millennium for the teachers and the lovers of old and the ONES which have graduated BEFORE the end of the tribulation, because of this, the rebellious children will not be able to reestablish the HUHUH kingdom and at that time ALL the other children of DAD and MUM will become immortalised.

    Then they will have to think and feel themselves out of Hell.
    Even the sceptics and the unbelievers, greatly reduced in number and becoming less and less; all of US will become immortal.
    Firstly tell the HUHUH's to swush off and once YOU are confident enough, EAT them to CREATE YOUR HALLS OF ENTERTAINMENT.

    But then those LOST ONES, will wander around "outside" the gate of the New Jerusalem and the Holy city and those most stubborn of OUR Brothers and Sisters will be encompassed by a thick fog, comparable to the state of mind of all the ONES, which die as sceptics and which stagger around the astral hyperspace in a kind of stupor.
    They do not know if they are dead or alive, since all their lives they believed that there would be nothing after the physical life and instead
    of colour and beauty and music and joy, they cannot come to grips with what is going on.
    But the law of FREE WILL E of paramount importance and unmovable.

    And yet there are helpers and healers which try to convince them and which are trying desperately to tell them where they are.
    But then in the times after the millennium, the astral lower planes of being will be readily accessible to spacetime dimensions and so what happens to the sceptics now when they die, will also happen when they become immortal.
    But then of course there is no way of being reborn to learn and experience on the physical plane is there?
    So they are stuck until they change their mind.
    And eventually they will, all of them.

    Because if they have had pets they LOVED or other starhumans they were fond of; all those factors will put their shame and unbelief to rest and finally they all will throw their devil worship into the HUHUH camp of Nothingness.
    How long they want to feel like starhuman Black Holes of wandering bottomless pits; that is only up to them and nobody else.
    They and everyone is their own judge; so do not judge so YOU will be kind to YOURSELF.

    All any ONE has to do, is to stop believing in the HUHUH lies and swush, straight away ONE is able to come into the LIGHT and the surrounding darkness disappears.
    For WE are all SHADOWS and a most wondrous thing a SHADOW is.

    A SHADOW can GO where the LIGHT cannot BE.
    For a SHADOW is part of the DARKNESS and of the LIGHT.
    Light is required to cast a SHADOW, so a SHADOW cannot be without LIGHT.
    For the LIGHT to GO into DARKNESS a SHADOW must be.
    To BE a SHADOW makes ONE more POWERFUL than Angels, the agents of Light.
    All the CHILDREN, ALL OF US are SHADOWS, so can YOU see;
    Greater than Angels, the agents of LOVE.
    YOU are a GOD or a GODDESS, with all it implies.
    This is proven and written in scriptures of all kinds.
    SO YOU are so much and no reason exists, to make YOURSELF little - YOU a SHADOW of ALL THAT EXISTS.

    It is rather worrisome and trying for all the aware healers and spiritual light beings to chase after the sceptics and saying: "Come on dear brother or sister; there is LOVE, there is LIFE there is YOU and US.
    Consider the mathematics and the physics and the biochemistry.
    Tell the HUHUHS to HUHUH off.
    YOU are just like US.
    Be not ashamed to call YOURSELF a CHILD of GOD, for YOU are
    a child of NATURE of MUM and of DAD.
    YOU are a child of the UNIVERSE and YOU are a reflection of the UNIVERSE.

    YOUR body is made from stardust and YOUR mind is made from starmind.
    Why is this so hard to believe?
    Why do YOU want to believe in HUHUH lies and deception.
    Those thoughts are not YOUR thoughts.
    YOUR true thoughts are in YOUR heart, just ask YOUR heart, YOUR feelings and everything YOU have affection for.
    Try not to harbour thoughts of denial, guilt, fear, shame and the unknown.
    Do not be ashamed for your past ignorance.

    All enlightenment derives from ignorance and the path to self realisation is slow and laborious.
    Just try to feel YOUR HEART, the BEAUTY and the GODLINESS within YOU.
    So COME, WE all, YOUR brothers and sisters are waiting for YOU.
    And DAD and MUM are waiting for YOU - TO LOVE YOU as a SON or DAUGHTER."

    Remember, GOD, YOUR DAD is a MASTERMIND, a Mathematician of Infinities and YOUR MUM is MOTHER NATURE and the EVOLUTION, the GROWING of ALL THINGS defined in MASS.
    Change your science to omniscience, nothing is lost, everything is gained!

    INITIATION-------THE OLD ONE-------Shalom


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    490. Dammahum1000.
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    Jorgelito ¡Olé!

    The Saga of My MX-5 Miata


    Dear Sirius, I wish you well. I recognize the overthinking I am so fond of! This is the saga of my beloved MX-5 Miata: how it began and how it ended.

    Day 1 Last week I had two car accident within 15 minutes on my way to the beach. I did not know what my next step would be after this.

    Day 2 A lot of nap and Chopin.

    Day 3 After three days of grueling thinking, I knew there were only two things really important to me. They were being happy and being free. Everything else falls into place after that it seems.

    Day 4 I decide to sell the car because I don't need a car to be happy or free. It would make my life a simple one. And this would be good.

    Day 5 My very independent minded girl friend interjects I need a car to be self-sufficient. I think she's saying we need to live fully not limited by what others say or do. Yet there are many ways to lead a self sufficient life.

    Day 6 If make any wrong turns or bad choices that hurt anyone, I will remember to forgive myself with love immediately. I won't wait for God for do this.

    Day 7 Let there be rest.

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    Julienne Alvarez
    Sunday, November 13th, 2016

    Allowed on Timeline

    Last Sunday, 2 days before the election 60 minutes had Frank Luntz on with his panel of American voters. I had not watched it but my boyfriend had and replayed it to me tonight with our local cable on demand. It was an incredible look at how outrageously pissed the entire nation is right now and just how disenfranchised we all feel (a reflection of the entire world btw). If you have on demand or a way to watch this particular episode you should not miss it. Most of the people on his panel were voting against a candidate and not for one, this speaks volumes. Luntz said something very incredible in this interview that I feel everyone needs desperately to hear and consider. He said people are now arming themselves with affirmation instead of information.

    Let that sink in a minute and really think this one through. If the planet really wants to see clearly into a mirror right now they can look at America to get a clue how precarious this statement really is.

    Instead of informing themselves people across this great nation and the world are actually affirming themselves and their strongly held opinions and beliefs using any and all data they can find whether or not that data has even been verified unequivocally to be true or not. In a nutshell; no one is hearing anyone else because they can't even agree on the facts. If we can't even agree on what is FACTUAL how can we hope to SEE the truth?! We have all degenerated to the level of shouting at each other and no one is even listening. We are in a serious echo chamber people!!! We are all shouting AT each other instead of having constructive civil conversations. There was a closeout on soapboxes apparently and everyone has one (thank you Facebook, thank you internet). Trump is not the only self absorbed narcissist on the planet, everyone is looking into that mirror these days and that is the reason he makes us all uncomfortable, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree folks.

    Mainstream media is very much to blame here as well as social media, pseudo science and pseudo news sites that make up much of the internet today. Instead of actually listening to each other people have become so indignant and self-righteous about what they BELIEVE are the facts while ignoring most if not all the actual facts. Global warming is real, no it isn't...Trump is a racist pig, no he isn't, Hillary is a lair, no she isn't...well maybe. If you are white you are an entitled racist and if you are black you are incapable of racism and still subject to slavery apparently. If you want to keep your guns you are responsible for all the mass murders ever committed in this country and if you don't want anyone to own guns you are a card carrying woosey.

    If you are worried about radical Islam you are an Islamophobic, xenophobic racist vile pig and if you are Muslim you must be a jihadist hellbent on infidel annihilation, ect ect ad nauseam. And don't get me started about you Mexican rapist bitches, yeah you know who you are lol. If you voted for Trump you voted for vile hatred, mass deportation, interment camps, racism and the annihilation of America. If you voted for Hilary you have some how been ordained by the gods, given the keys to the kingdom and are therefore ultra righteous and subject to zero criticism, right? On and on it goes and most of it is pure BS. The naked truth standing in the room is all but ignored these days while the virgin Mary of opinion holds sway.

    Do you see my point here? We are all drowning in a sea of opinion out there and much of it IS total bullshit, it is like wading through a mine field and people are cherry picking the shit out of it. We need to stick to the facts and be able to agree on what the hell they even are, not going off on emotional baseless tangents, not by listening to pseudo news and science but by carefully discussing and agreeing on what the facts are. There are REAL valid concerns coming from BOTH wings of the bird here and they are not just black and white issues, literally and figuratively. People are getting sidetracked with copious amounts of baseless accusations instead of the unadulterated plain truth. The elephant in the room is being ignored.

    Trump says he wants extreme vetting, alright then lets give it to him. I am asking everyone to extreme vet their facts before you go spouting it as the almighty truth and the only way to do this is by listening to each other and the actual people in the know. As the saying goes just because you read, found or saw it on the internet doesn't mean it is factual, it means YOU HAVE TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK and compare notes with everyone in your circle of life and what you already know.
    Don't confuse observation with judgment and opinion, the truth is not subjective but is clear and evident to all. The extreme vetting goes for people, religions, ideologies, politics and especially the mainstream news networks (puppets for the elites), basically everything and everyone. Transparency is the key here and it is the reason the country voted the way they did, something didn't feel right, smell right and wasn't right (thank you Wiki leaks and other whistle blowers.) America needs to trust their gut instincts right now as well as the facts. We are living in the time of the great revealing and trust me all of it WILL come out. We can be thankful for the internet for that because the truth really can't hide anymore. Although it can still drown in a sea of disinformation and so we must be vigilant and help protect each other from the onslaught of fake information and speculation by listening to each other and weeding out the crap. Most importantly we must help expose the truth and make it visible.

    One of the things that was so disheartening leading up to this election was the unwillingness of many people to even entertain a dialogue which calls for listening to each other, my own friends and family included. The discussions I witnessed on social media were vulgar ad hominem displays of horrid and sometimes violent intent. The kind of murderous rage you expect to hear from someplace like radical Islam or Iran or ISIS who's mantra for the west is DEATH TO AMERICA and yet it was and still is a chant to be heard out of the mouths of our own citizens. This hateful ideology is infecting this great country and much of the planet right now, if it doesn't turn your stomach then you are likely infected too. If we stop actually listening to each other and suspend our dialogue we will never be able to sort out the truth from fiction. Instead we will all go into our little bubbles of self-affirmation and isolation, denying the facts even if they stare us in the face, pointing fingers while the planet blithely ignores us all and the yuge asteroid or nuke comes (or hopefully aliens with giant freaking ships).

    It is a case of I am right and you are wrong shut the front door mentality. Are we so self-righteous now that we have become tone deaf to common sense dialogue and have lost the ability to even listen to each other? Is this really the world we live in where we are no longer capable of being impartial and rush to judgment before the other person gets a word in edgewise? A world where you just have to be right no matter the personal cost like loosing family and friends or a nation or planet to fools? (thank you Putin for exposing who's finger was hot on the nuke button and also for exposing the MSN media for the rotten piece of psychological warfare truth censoring shit it has become.)

    What happened to the motto “can't we all just agree to disagree?” Is it necessary to block our loved ones and friends on FB and out of our lives, shutting them out simply because we have lost the ability to listen and take in someone else's viewpoint other than our own? And why do some of us feel so guilty about being American's, guilty for being white, religious and god fearing, atheist, agnostic, old, pretty, ugly, fat, skinny, republican, democrat, independent and on and on? Who is pushing that mantra of complete and utter self-disgust onto us that not all of us are buying into? (Insert psychological warfare instigated by the elite leading the sheep to slaughter mentality)

    Is it so wrong to stand up for national pride and affirm the principles that this country was founded on without conjuring white entitlement into this or have we completely lost our minds? Can anyone reading this see that we are all being played emotionally by some very rich and entitled secret ass elites who hide behind our government as it's real puppet masters? These oligarchs have bluffed a royal flush to our collective minds which many have exposed but few have called the bluff. It is called EMOTIONAL EXTORTION. It is pure entertainment to them and we are getting paid in dead bodies.

    They don't want us to have a national identity or national pride for a reason and that reason is because it would ruin their globalist agenda. They don't want us to celebrate our diversity, our cultures, our differences but would rather we all become soylent green for fuck sake. We are not supposed to question the game or take notice at all. Take a step back and really examine why it is so damn important that we loose the ability to see color, race, creed, identity, culture, language? If we have zero identity then they win, they can create ANY identity for us, it is called blind consumerism and worker bee slaves. Unless you are paying attention you will suck it all up like there is no tomorrow especially when they promise every campaign on shit they never deliver, keeping us all mesmerized. The elites have been nursing us all on an artificial tit and many are pissed to high hell that the people who have woke up weaned them off of it. That is what the Trump vote really means, it was carefully crafted by the spirit of the people to upset the applecart of complacency and political correctness, to wean us off this unsatisfying fake titty. You could say that it is time for America to grow up and so our gut instinct took over and we spit it out and are now crying for solid food. We want the real deal too, not this fabricated artificial crap we have all been spoon fed. Oh Trump lied too, don't think for a minute all the shit he has promised will come true, you have lost the plot if you think so.

    It is up to us to hold this shit storm government accountable but we can't do it if we fall into their plan of creating artificial division. Everyone by now should understand that WE THE PEOPLE hold the power. The elites want you to feel divided, powerless, and sad, hopeless, they want you emotionally charged and mentally compromised, this is how they orchestrate this fucking puppet show. This shadow government acting behind the world governments are not the smartest people at all, they are so out of touch with reality that this is truly the best propaganda bunch of BS they could come up with for a path to globalization. They have not consulted the brightest and the best on the planet. One centralized command center, one skin color, one language, one monetary system, one religion=no religion as they are as godless as it gets, faith to them = money and the more they have the more they believe. The UN and NATO have become their instruments to make it all happen too and anyone who doesn't comply will be delt with just look at Syria, Libya, Iraq, ect to get a feel here. They want maximum CONTROL...BEIGE people, they want to paint the ceiling BEIGE!!! Totally BORING!! Yes that's right, we are laying here on the bed getting screwed and this is what we want to see and think about?

    We do need globalization but it must be done by DECENTRALIZING power within nations, states, cities and citizens and this doesn't mean getting rid of borders or national or personal identities or culture but rather we must cultivate and CELEBRATE our global diversity in a larger context. No one person, nation or political party should retain ultimate power just like our founding fathers envisioned and set up for this country and this applies globally as well. Don't be silly and believe for one second that we will all just be rolled over and not hold Trump accountable, he was elected to work for America and work he will. Think of him as the new WE THE PEOPLES puppet, we hold the strings. We'll change him out in 4 years should it all go to his head which is exactly why we have term limits. We get tired of seeing the same old crap. Right now though we need his bravado, his unpredictability, his business acumen and yes even his narcissistic attitude. Why you ask? Well because the elites have done quite a lot of psychological damage to our collective sense of self worth and he is the medicine. There is nothing wrong with his sense of optimism and it used to be encouraged in this country not frowned on or considered a character flaw. And the LAST thing we need is a career politician (sorry Hilary, sorry Bernie) they too have been infiltrated and brainwashed.

    What is needed now is to be the change we want to see and to stop attacking each other with petty name calling. We need to get real with each other while discussing the truly critical stuff that seriously is life or death. If you actually support equal human rights for all then stop defending countries, belief systems, ideologies, religions, corporations, political parties, and people et al that continue to suppress these basic human rights, don't take any monies, goods, advice or support them in any way, in fact these are the people we should be disempowering, not each other. Be prepared to admit that equality doesn't equal entitlement and stop victimizing or blaming everyone including the men on this planet who are ALWAYS the first casualty in a war. Bombing the fuck out of the middle east won't fix their problems, the simple fact is that the ideology needs a reform and we all know it, hell most Muslims even know it and widely support this reform.

    We need an information war not a mechanical war.

    Freedom of speech is critically necessary to win this information war and ensures our mutual survival. Unless we all want to become archeological scat buried beneath some other civilization or species we all need to protect it and we can only do this if we quit silencing each other. Stand up and be the voice for people who don't have one. If you actually want to see unity THEN UNIFY and be willing to see ALL sides of things and not just your own narrow minded singular viewpoint, it is possible you could be wrong for fuck sake so be willing to admit it.

    Dance with your shadow, everyone needs to be doing shadow work right now btw. Be willing to suspend judgment for a while and just listen and observe. Be willing to switch sides for perspective. Stop shutting up people who are trying desperately to be heard, people who are trying to inform you and show you a new way, even if that way is uncomfortable as hell to you. Be willing to gather and weigh all the facts before you slam your viewpoint and opinions down another persons throat. Be willing to admit you might not possess all the facts and so unfortunately you might not be the world's authority on the subject. Be willing to admit that we are being manipulated mentally by the elites and take back your mind, safeguard it by becoming like water, learn to flow mentally.

    The last thing we need is to be listening to a bunch of whining self-righteous babies cry over spilled milk and I really wish the media would stop covering these demonstrations and the Obama administration would denounce it. It is not the end of the world and they threaten to destabilize our country if it is allowed to continue. No mature adult Elder on the planet would condone this behavior, don't support it, anarchy is not the American way or the spiritual way my friends and we don't need a mad max culture. Our laws exist for a reason and are there to protect and serve us all, they are agreements we all made about what is true and right and just. If anyone is paying attention they can easily see that much of it is orchestrated once again by the elites and their methods of EMOTIONAL EXTORTION.

    Our youth have been mentally manipulated into not critically thinking anymore and it is collectively up to us to help remedy that.

    There are actual real people suffering on this planet far more then the voter who calls themselves a democrat who just lit up their nations streets with fire and tagged DEATH TO AMERICA all over the place because their candidate lost and they sOOoo believe in democracy. Please start listening to the Elders of this planet and nation including indigenous, familial, mental and other, if you don't know one find one to mentor you. There is much wisdom that comes with age and we would all be so much better off if we could learn to respect and reflect from our mature global wisdom keepers and stopped glorifying youth. We don't always have to have the last word or all the words, listening is a skill and it is one the Elders of our society teach so well. Our youth desperately need this wisdom right now not the vile hate that has been drawn out of the wound but rather the stories, the history and the wisdom all of us possess inside, yes this is the cure and this is the reason for this long ass but heartfelt letter I have written to you all.

    Most importantly, SHUT OFF THE TV, tune out all social media for a while and turn around and embrace your friends, the people in your family, and in the same room with you, be grateful they are in your life and have graced you with their presence and love. So many of us have suffered great loss suddenly and tragically and you never know if you could be next, tomorrow is not guaranteed, count your blessings every day. And when you are ready, be big enough to apologize to family and friends you have shut out, bullied, called names and silenced because you just had to be right. Invite them back into your circle of love. Be courageous and make your family the whole world even if you don't like all of them at least try to understand them, make space for them, honor them, celebrate each other, listen to them. Let us all cut through the bullshit with the sword of love, truth and forgiveness and not the sword of silence. We are the ones we have been waiting for.



    Noah's Raven aka JuJu
    — with Ruth Widmer, Michael Toldnes, Patty Maryinez and 36 others.

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    admin Well-Known Member Staff Member

    "The vitally important take-away message from the result of this election is that it is a wake-up call and one that every one of us needs to hear: 'You are ruled by a mostly unelected cabal of corrupt crony capitalist warmongers who have repeatedly bamboozled and divided you by changing political persuasion as often as you change underwear.'

    In their private lives, such people hold attitudes towards the American people (and ordinary people everywhere) that make Donald Trump look like Pope Francis. And while endless attention is given to the approved and encouraged 'concerns' of racism, sexism and transgenderism, these stewards of the American empire are killing hundreds of thousands of people overseas and supporting regimes that arrest, torture and kill homosexuals, women and political dissidents.

    So for all those who voted for Hillary because they are worried about fascism coming to America, I have news for you: Donald Trump isn't it. When fascism comes to America, it won't be in the guise of a crass demagogue espousing regressive policies, it will come wrapped in the flag of 21st-century 'liberal' and 'progressive' ideals, espoused by a government that slaughters millions of foreigners in the name of freedom and democracy and yet enjoys the fawning adoration of a gaggle of self-centered, self-important wannabe humanitarian do-gooders.
    So don't kid yourself, American fascism isn't looming on the horizon because of President Trump; it's been your bread-and-butter for decades. "

    ~ joe quinn
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    BREAKING: UFO seen over Turkey on November 27, 2016!!!
    This was videoed over Istanbul, Turkey on November 27, is only 56 seconds of video...this is a breaking story...more as we get reports in...and ful...


    Tony Bermanseder
    More likely to be real, instead of a military black-op!
    UFO mothership arrives in Turkey through Interdimensional Portal…

    Beware of photoshop videos, but the archetype and symbolism is true enough. One time soon there will be an intersection between fake reality and true reality.
    Isaiah 60:8 - KJV
    Who are these that fly as a cloud, and as the doves to their windows?



    Serpentina Dove
    black back ground white shadows has been my experience this last couple of weeks ..

    Tony Bermanseder
    The white shadows are the plasma lights in a 4th spacial dimension, just as a 3rd space dimension allows black 2-dimensional shadows being cast by 3-dimensional 'white' light sources. It follows that the 4-dimensional light source must be a dark energy source of 'dark light' to allow its 3-dimensional light-white image to become visible in a 3-dimensional physical reality.
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