The Greatest Nuremberg Of All Time Is On Its Way 17/02/2021 By Jean-michel Grau

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    The greatest Nuremberg of all time is on its way

    (NB: translated from German)

    By Jean-Michel Grau

    Right now, a second Nuremberg tribunal that is in preparation,
    with a class action lawsuit being set up under the aegis of thousands
    of lawyers worldwide behind the American-German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich,
    who is prosecuting those responsible for the Covid-19 scandal
    manipulated by the Davos Forum.

    In this respect, it is worth recalling that Reiner Fuellmich
    is the lawyer who succeeded in condemning the automobile giant Volkswagen
    in the case of the tampered catalytic converters.

    And it is this same lawyer who succeeded in condemning
    Deutsche Bank as a criminal enterprise.

    According to Reiner Fuellmich, all the frauds committed
    by German companies are derisory compared to the damage
    that the Covid-19 crisis has caused and continues to cause.

    This Covid-19 crisis should be renamed the "Covid-19 Scandal"
    and all those responsible should be prosecuted for civil damages
    due to manipulations and falsified test protocols.

    Therefore, an international network of business lawyers
    will plead the biggest tort case of all time, the Covid-19 fraud scandal,
    which has meanwhile turned into the biggest crime
    against humanity ever committed.

    A Covid-19 commission of enquiry has been set up on the initiative
    of a group of German lawyers with the aim of bringing
    an international class action lawsuit using Anglo-Saxon law.

    Here is the summarized translation of the last communication
    of Dr. Fuellmich of 15/02/2021

    "The hearings of around 100 internationally renowned scientists,
    doctors, economists and lawyers, which have been conducted
    by the Berlin Commission of Inquiry into the Covid-19 affair
    since 10.07.2020, have in the meantime shown with a probability
    close to certainty that the Covid- 19 scandal was at no time a health issue.

    Rather, it was about solidifying the illegitimate power
    (illegitimate because it was obtained by criminal methods)
    of the corrupt "Davos clique" by transferring the wealth
    of the people to the members of the Davos clique,
    destroying, among other things,
    small and medium-sized enterprises in particular.

    Platforms such as Amazon, Google, Uber, etc.
    could thus appropriate their market share and wealth."


    Illustration. Nuremberg trials.

    Court International Military Tribunal
    Decided September 30 – October 1, 1946
    Status of the Covid-19 Committee investigation
    a. Covid-19 as a diversionary tactic by corporate and political "elites"
    in order to shift market share and wealth from small
    and medium enterprises to global platforms such as Amazon, Google, Uber, etc.

    b. Contribution of the Audiovisual Tax to the reconstruction of a new media landscape that offers truly independent information

    c. Making regional agricultural structures secure

    d. Making a secure regional currency to prevent a new currency
    from coming "from above" to be allocated in the event of good behaviour.

    e. Psychological considerations of the situation: how did it come about?

    Actions for annulment of the approval of a vaccination,
    filed against the European Commission, trial in New York
    of the status of PCR tests, German trials, Canadian trials, Australian trials,
    Austrian trials, trials at the International Court of Justice
    and the European Court of Human Rights.

    "We have seen what has been confirmed time and time again:

    the degree of danger posed by the virus is about the same as that of seasonal flu, regardless of whether it is a new virus (wholly or partially manufactured)
    or whether we are simply dealing with a flu renamed "Covid-19 pandemic".

    In the meantime, Drosten's PCR tests cannot even tell us anything
    about contagious infections.

    To make matters worse, the health and economic damage
    caused by anti-covid measures has been so devastating
    that we have to speak of a level of destruction that is historically unique. »

    "The fact that health has never been an issue is particularly obvious, except that injections of genetically experimental substances disguised as "vaccinations"
    are now cauing serious damage, including fatal consequences, on a mass scale.

    The world population has been used as guinea pigs for these experimental gene injections both gradually and extremely rapidly. In order to plunge the population into panic, dangerous and harmful containment measures
    (even according to the WHO) of compulsory, unnecessary
    and dangerous mask-wearing and social distancing, unnecessary
    and counterproductive, were introduced.

    The population was thus "ready" for the injections."

    "In the meantime, more and more people, not just lawyers - and rightly so
    - are demanding, in addition to an immediate end to these murderous measures, a judicial review by a truly independent international tribunal on the model of the Nuremberg trials. An example of such a demand and a moving excerpt from a speech by the English doctor Dr. Vernon Coleman can be found at the following link:
    Dr. Vernon Coleman - Genocide in Disease Control (

    In addition, an interview with a whistleblower at a Berlin nursing home shows that out of 31 people vaccinated there, some of them by force, in the presence of Bundeswehr soldiers, and who tested negative before the vaccination, 8 have now died and 11 are subject to serious side effects."


    Extraordinary meeting of the Berlin Covid Committee Wednesday 17/02/2021

    "In this context, an extraordinary meeting of the Berlin Covid Committee will take place on Wednesday 17.02.2021, live and with many guests participating via Zoom.
    From 14:00 onwards, the state of play will be summarised.

    In addition, it will be discussed how the contributions from the Audiovisual Licence Fee Tax can be kept and used for the reconstruction of a new media landscape that truly serves freedom of expression, and how the contributions already paid for the senseless propaganda of the last 11 months can be recovered through a formal notice.

    There will be contributions and discussions on how the food supply can be secured, in particular by strengthening regional agriculture; but also by creating regional currencies, if necessary with the return of the EU to the EEC, on how to ensure that the policy of the "Davos clique", based on printing money out of nothing, can be stopped and a return to stable currencies can be achieved.

    Above all, experts will explain how it could happen that we find ourselves in this blackmail situation unimaginable even a year ago.

    In the second part of the session, starting at 7 p.m., world-renowned
    and high-level personalities will comment on the state of current international legal disputes, including the various collective actions, as summarised above.

    But it will also be discussed how the main perpetrators, in particular political perpetrators, of the crimes against humanity committed here can
    and must be held accountable under civil and criminal law in the framework
    of a new International Court of Justice to be established in accordance
    with the guidelines of the Nuremberg trials with international distribution."

    The link to the special session of the Covid Committee announced here will be available on 17.02.2021 via the Committee's website (
    Commentary :
    To fully understand what is at stake with this new Nuremberg tribunal
    to judge the biggest tort case of all time, it is by pulling the thread of Dr. Drosten's lie
    for falsifying the PCR testing protocol on behalf of the Davos clique,
    that everything will come to pass: the sponsors of the financial oligarchy,
    Klaus Schwab, the great architect of this gigantic hostage-taking, the politicians
    at the head of the EU, the armed arm of the execution of Drosten's
    and WHO directives that led all Western governments yesterday
    to take the devastating decisions of containment, curfews,
    compulsory mask-wearing and social distancing,
    and today of lethal vaccines for the oldest among us.

    "It is these truths that will bring down the masks of those responsible
    for the crimes committed.

    To the politicians who have had faith in these corrupt figures,"
    says Dr. Fuellmich, "the facts presented here are the lifeline
    that will help them to set the record straight
    and begin the much- needed scientific debate
    to avoid going down with these criminal charlatans.

    Secondly, in the light of this latest communication by Dr Fuellmich,
    two proposals from the extraordinary meeting of the Covid Committee
    in Berlin are of particular interest:

    Firstly, the way in which the food supply can be secured,
    which seems somewhat surreal given the current situation.

    According to Klaus Schwab's planning for the Davos Forum,

    this is not the case. He has predicted a break in the food chain

    from the end of the second half of 2021


    Secondly, the creation of regional currencies.

    There, it is clear that the Covid Committee of Berlin
    already anticipates the world stock market crash
    which is coming and which the financial oligarchy
    of the Davos Forum intends to take advantage
    of to set up the European digital currency in the expectation
    of a world currency to create a Chinese-style social credit
    on which the middle class of all the peoples ruined
    by the closure of their businesses, small and medium-sized industries
    and enterprises, cultural and tourist industries, sports facilities, etc.
    will become dependent.

    These two aspects alone of the hostage-taking 2.0
    of which the Western world has been a victim
    for almost a year should logically be sufficiently motivating
    to make us understand definitively that we are faced
    with a "populicide" that only asks to crush us
    if we remain inert, arms dangling without doing anything.

    This is why each of us should do everything we can now
    to ensure that this international legal coalition
    can become operational as soon as possible.

    To this end, all those of us who wish to join the collective action
    of French lawyers to participate in this reconquest of our freedoms
    should already get in touch with the collective action by 21 February de- paris).
    Our survival is at this price as well as the future of our children.



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    Whistleblower aus Berliner Altenheim: Das schreckliche Sterben nach der Impfung - 2020 NEWS



    FEB 24/2021

    For the first time, there is an eyewitness report from a Berlin nursing home on the situation after vaccination. He comes from the retirement home AGAPLESION Bethanien Havelgarten in Berlin-Spandau. Within four weeks of the first vaccination with the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine Comirnaty, eight out of 31 seniors who suffered from dementia but were in a good physical condition according to their age died there. The first death occurred after only six days, and five other seniors died about 14 days after vaccination. The first symptoms of the disease had already been shown shortly after vaccination. According to the information available to date, the mandatory adequate education of the risks of this vaccine was insufficient – in part because they were not sufficiently informed of the novelty of this mRNA vaccine, which is only partially authorised in the EU.
    In a video interview with the whistleblower, lawyer Viviane Fischer and lawyer Dr. Reiner Füllmich of the Corona Committee spoke about the specific circumstances of the vaccination, the symptoms that occurred and the difference in death in connection with the vaccination.
    On 3 January 2021, 31 residents of the dementia ward "ground floor/protected area" had been vaccinated with Comirnaty. Another three seniors had objected to the vaccination, and two residents were in terminal care, so they were not vaccinated.
    The inhabitants of this station are very active, "defensive" dementias who are physically in good condition. You can move around the station without restrictions all day long. The day before the vaccination, the 31 people vaccinated were all in good health. A few days earlier, according to the whistleblower report, everyone had tested negative for Corona.
    According to the whistleblower, the first vaccination with Comirnaty on January 3, 2021 was such that all residents were gathered in the common room of the ground floor area. A vaccination team consisting of an elderly immunization doctor, three auxiliary staff and two Bundeswehr soldiers in Flecktarn uniform carried out the vaccinations. The home staff and the doctor supported the process. The role of the Bundeswehr soldiers, who at no time moved away from the vaccine, has not been finally clarified.
    What the whistleblower found, however, was that the presence of the uniformed men greatly intimidated the seniors. The group, which normally exhibits "strong defensive behaviour" in unfamiliar treatments, was hardly to be seen, so predominantly "lammfromm" it had undergone the vaccination with Comirnaty. The whistleblower suspects that this could also be related to the fact that the elderly senior women who had witnessed the war could not properly assess the role of the soldiers and may have felt reminded of war trauma.
    During the first vaccination, a resisting senior woman was detained by a nurse under the watchful eyes of the Bundeswehr soldiers, the eyewitness reports. There was no judicial order for detention, which as such constitutes coercion and therefore requires, in principle, a judicial assessment in individual cases.
    According to the whistleblower, the second dose of vaccination was administered without warning wherever the person to be vaccinated was found. For example.B, an unsuspecting old lady lying in bed, who began to resist the second dose, was detained by two nurses to overcome her resistance – again without the necessary court order. According to the whistleblower, the scrapping of the PCR test, which some seniors tried to resist, is also carried out regularly using physical force against the seniors who resist the unwanted withdrawal.
    According to the whistleblower, the vaccination education of the caregivers and relatives – the seniors are not able to give effective vaccination consent due to their demential restriction – was carried out on the basis of outdated information sheets of the RKI/Green Point. In particular, it lacks the references required by Regulation (EC) No 507/2006 to the conditional marketing authorisation (EU) approval granted to the Comirnaty vaccine to a limited extent and to the important reasons which have led to the conditionality of the authorisation (in particular the data situation, which the authorisation authority EMA sees as being improved in relation to various aspects of.B the comirnaty relationship with other medicines), for example.
    Already on the day of vaccination, four of the vaccinated seniors began to show unusual symptoms. On the evening of that day they were beaten off and extremely tired, sometimes they fell asleep at the table at dinner. A severely abated oxygen saturation was detected in the blood. In the further course, the leaden fatigue continued, the oxygen saturation in the blood remained insufficient, in some cases schnappatmung occurred and fever, edema, rash, a yellowish-grey discoloration of the skin and the (characteristic) muscle tremor on the upper body and arms.
    The seniors also showed a change of character, were sometimes unresponsive and refused to eat and drink. A vaccinated senior woman who was previously "fit" by age and did not suffer from any serious pre-existing conditions died on 9 January 2021, just six days after being vaccinated. The deaths of vaccinated seniors occurred on January 15, January 16, January 19 (2 deaths), January 20, February 2 and February 8, 2021. The last deceased senior was a former opera singer who had played the piano the day before the vaccination. The whistleblower reports on the state of health that the old gentleman regularly went jogging, dancing, playing music and was otherwise very dynamic and active.
    Of the seniors who tested negative before vaccination, several had a positive test result after vaccination. However, all these seniors did not show any of the known COVID-19 symptoms, i.e. symptoms of a cold disease such as coughing, sniffing, loss of sense of smell and taste, etc.
    On January 24, 2021, the second dose of Comirnaty was applied to 21 seniors. After this vaccination, according to the whistleblower, eleven seniors now show persistent extreme fatigue, partly schnappatmung, partial edema formation, rash and the yellowish-grayish skin discoloration. As of February 10, 2021, the seniors who received the second dose of Comirnaty have died, but the health of some of the seniors in this group is steadily deteriorating.
    The whistleblower impressively describes the different nature of the dying process of the vaccinated. Normally, the dying would eventually accept their imminent death and, perhaps after seeing a loved one last time, go to peace. However, the death as after vaccination was different. It was "inhumane." The old people had breathed heavily, trembled strongly, and had stepped away both internally and away. It had acted on him like a lonely, futile struggle against death, as if "people knew that their time had not actually come, and therefore they could not have let go."
    The retirement home AGAPLESION Bethanien Havelgarten was asked to comment on the events on 3 February 2021 by lawyer Viviane Fischer, on behalf of and under the authority of two journalists investigating the subject, but has not yet received a reply.
    On 3 February 2021, 12:04 a.m., lawyer Viviane Fischer filed a criminal complaint with the Public Prosecutor's Office and informed the police, as well as Prof. Klaus Cichutek, the head of the Paul Ehrlich Institute responsible for recording side effects of vaccination, and Dilek Kalayci, the health senator from Berlin . The health department was also informed, as well as the department responsible for care of the Senate administration.
    Lawyer Fischer has called on the public prosecutor to secure the body of the last deceased old gentleman, as well as to the imminent death of the then looming eighth victim, who has since succumbed to his illness.
    In response to a telephone question on 8 February 2021, the case could not be found in the registry at the Public Prosecutor's Office. Such a survey, it was reported, could also take up to six weeks in Corona times.
    On 8 February 2021, lawyer Fischer also filed a criminal complaint via the police internet watchdog.
    On the evening of 9 February 2021, the police responded to a press inquiry with a view to the investigation, the seizure of the bodies and possible similar incidents in the past investigated by the authorities, which lawyer Fischer had again made on behalf of the two journalists on 8 February 2021: "So far, the Berlin Police have not conducted any investigations in connection with the deaths you described. Such investigations shall be initiated whenever a doctor certifies a non-natural cause of death when issuing the death certificate. The two deaths you mentioned are also unknown to the Berlin police. In this respect, no investigations were carried out or the body of the deceased was recovered. The criminal charges you have filed have been submitted to the Berlin Police And are currently being examined by a specialist commissioner of the Criminal Police or the Berlin Public Prosecutor's Office. For further information, please contact the press office of the Berlin Public Prosecutor's Office."
    The police investigation, which currently appears to be uncommitted, is contrary to the principle of legality and the coercion of criminal offences to which the police and prosecutorares are subject, according to lawyer Dr. Fuellmich. An infringement of this could justify the accusation of criminal evasion in office in accordance with Paragraph 258 a of the StGB. Paragraph 160(I) of the StPO provides: "As soon as the Public Prosecutor's Office becomes aware of the suspicion of a criminal offence by means of a complaint or by other means, it shall, in its resolution on whether the public action should be brought to investigate the facts of the case. to prevent the matter from being darkened."
    It would therefore be contrary to current law that the police should not act until the family doctor or emergency doctor filling out the death certificate, even the vaccination doctor himself, confirms an unnatural cause of death. It is already questionable whether an external doctor, who cannot know the medical history in detail in case of doubt, is even able to assess the situation and the events of death correctly. According to dr. Fuellmich, according to lawyer Dr. Fuellmich, there is no doubt that there is a considerable initial suspicion that the extraordinary increase in deaths – in the department usually only one or two seniors die a month – is not due to natural causes.
    In addition, the eleven senior citizens whose health deteriorated after the second dose of Comirnaty were given were at risk.
    The police, the health boards and the Senate administration would have a guarantor position for the security of the population. If the persons appointed to provide security fail to fulfil their obligation, criminalliability for active aid or aid by failure to cause bodily injury (possibly resulting in death) – in office – could be considered, according to lawyer Fischer. A negligent involvement in the offence must also be examined if necessary. The police are therefore also obliged to initiate professional investigations immediately for reasons of security for potential future victims. Obductions must be carried out. A retreat to a possible theoretical assessment of police experts, as indicated to lawyer Fischer by the responsible department LKA 115 (human offences), could not be accepted. There could be no expertise at present on the question of which symptoms may arise after vaccination and possibly lead to death, simply because there are currently no reliable study results, e.B. with regard to the danger of the vaccine to the elderly and in particular no interaction studies with regard to other drugs. After deaths in Norway following the Corona vaccination, vaccination of elderly, fragile people in Norway is no longer recommended.
    Just because of the causal links between vaccination and the accumulation of deaths, especially in the elderly, state measures are now urgently needed to protect the health and life of all persons prepared for vaccination and those who have already received a dose of Comirnaty. This may include the temporary restraining order of the use of this vaccine for the duration of a full and transparent examination of the possible role which it may have played in connection with the death of the elderly, whose fates are the subject of this Article.
    These government measures should also be taken in particular for the benefit of those who wish to visit vaccination centres, are residents of old-age or nursing homes or have a health service with contact with patients.
    Comirnaty does not seem as certain as one might be believed, given the government's vaccination campaign and the many public statements of politicians and experts who support the government's lockdown course.
    Comirnaty is a so-called mRNA vaccine (mRNA = messenger ribonucleic acid). The mRNA contains the "construction plan" for a protein on the surface of SARS-CoV-2. By vaccination, this blueprint enters the body cells of the vaccinated person via tiny fat particles (fat nanobodies). These are then supposed to produce a protein found on the surface of the virus. This in turn is intended to encourage the immune system to respond to a reaction that is intended to ensure that an appropriate immune response can be provided in a later infection with SARS-CoV-2.
    Due to the unusually short duration of clinical testing in humans, it is clear from's point of view that not all possible negative effects of this vaccine could be investigated. Experts say there is a particular risk of antibody dependent enhancement (ADE). Thus, antibodies are referred to that bind to the surface of viruses, but do not neutralize them, but lead to an improved absorption of the virus into a cell and thus promote the spread and propagation of the virus. Infection-enhancing antibodies promote immunopathogenesis and constitute a long-known potential danger of certain vaccines.
    The occurrence of this risk is well documented for previous unsuccessful development attempts of vaccines against coronaviruses (e.g. SARS-CoV). In some preclinical animal experiments, the experimental animals have become seriously ill or even died after encountering the wild virus due to the occurrence of infection-enhancing antibodies.
    Experts also fear that the onset of autoimmune diseases and an impairment or endangerment of fertility, pregnancy, unborn life, breastfeeding with breast milk and children whose mothers were vaccinated during pregnancy cannot be ruled out – in particular because the likelihood of these negative consequences due to the design of clinical trials in humans, which BioNTech/Pfizer did not adequately investigate before the conditional approval of Comirnaty, could not be adequately investigated.
    According to the Paul Ehrlich Institute, the polyethylene glycol (PEG) containing lipid nanoparticles contained therein may also be considered as a possible trigger for observed serious reactions associated with comirnaty vaccination. This is also worrying because in numerous preclinical studies PEG liposomes have proven to be suitable for transporting substances across the blood-brain barrier. Certain liposomes have also been linked to the death of specific cells in the liver and lungs in animal experiments. For more information, see the minutes of meeting No 37 of the Corona Committee (from 03:55:00).
    According to the EMA dashboard, 54,828 adverse vaccination reactions have already been reported as of 12 February 2021. As of January 31, 2021, there were 26,849.
    Due to the many concerns about vaccination, a withdrawal application against the authorisation has already been submitted to the EMA. According to Fischer, lawyer Dr. Renate Holzeisen will file an action against this authorisation with in time for clients resident in Italy, together with urgent proceedings, together with urgent proceedings. Such an action and such an application are possible within two months of Cominarty's conditional authorisation granted. These proceedings would now also be accompanied by an international network of lawyers and scientists, including the members of the Corona Committee. The judgment in the main proceedings and the decision in the urgent procedure will have an impact in all EU Member States for which the conditional authorisation of Comirnaty has an effect.
    On 12 February 2021, the Public Prosecutor informed lawyer Viviane Fischer in writing: "Your criminal complaint is already known here, but not yet included in our system, so I am unable to provide you with any further information at this time. However, in the context of the admissible investigations, all necessary measures shall be carried out with the necessary acceleration.'
    2020News will report on the further development.

    Whistleblower aus Berliner Altenheim: Das schreckliche Sterben nach der Impfung - 2020 NEWS

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    La quatrième phase de Schwab – Nouveau Monde (


    The fourth phase of Schwab
    2/14/2021 0
    [Source in Italian: Blondet and friends]
    « We all know, but we do not always pay enough attention to it, the frightening scenario of a global cyberattack
    that would lead to a complete shutdown of power, transportation, hospital services and our society as a whole.

    The covid-19 crisis is, by comparison, a small disturbance compared to a serious cyberattack.

    We must ask ourselves, in such a situation, how we could allow this to happen despite all the information about the possibility and seriousness of an attack involving such risks. Cybercrime and global cooperation should be at the forefront of the global agenda. »
    Mainstream media, what is Klaus Schwab saying? #TheGreatReset
    — Oh boy what a shot (@ohboywhatashot) February 3, 2021
    In this short video from July 2020, Klaus Schwab, founder of the Davos Forum, announces and describes the "fourth phase"
    of the Grand Reset, the one that will bring Western humanity as a whole to universal basic income and the abolition of small private property.

    Does the hacker attack appear to be the excuse that will be used to justify what is described in this "roadmap" exfiltrated by Canada?
    • Expected supply chain disruptions, stock shortages, great economic instability. Scheduled for the end of the second quarter of 2021.
    • Use of military personnel in major metropolitan areas and on all major roads to establish travel checkpoints. Limit travel and travel. Provide logistical support to the region. Expected for the third quarter of 2021.
    The "appalling cyberattack" by all-powerful hackers has already been "feared" (i.e. predicted) by Ygal Unna, the head of Israel's National Directorate of CyberDirection. He warned last year that a "cyber-winter" of attacks on the net "is coming and coming faster than I thought."

    Perhaps it is not necessary to clarify, as journalists Jhonny Wedmore and Withney Webb do, that "in the IT department,
    Unna works closely with Israeli intelligence, including Unit 8200, which has a long history of electronic espionage against the United States
    and other countries and has been responsible for several devastating attacks, including the Stuxnet virus that has damaged Iran's nuclear program."

    With rampant mass vaccination at the cost of Jewish lives, the deep state of Israel is among the biggest beneficiaries
    of the Great Reset given the strength of the nation's high-tech industry.
    A simulation of the attack has already taken place

    We remember theEvent 201 held in New York under the aegis of the World Economic Forum in October 2019 with the Rockefeller Foundation, Bill Gates and Johns Hopkins University, simulating a new coronavirus pandemic that is spreading
    around the world and causing serious disruptions to the global economy.

    And a few weeks later, the first case of COVID-19 appeared.

    These gentlemen were ready for the thing that the simulation was intended to "prevent."

    Will you be surprised to learn that on 3 February the World Economic Forum announced that next July will simulate a global cyberattack
    that would hit supply networks and cause the "closure" of the Internet or allow the theft of private data held by the banking system?

    This exercise is called Cyber Polygon 2021. On the website of the recently updated event,it is estimated that,
    given the massive digitization of each economic activity, itself necessitized by the "pandemic" and containment,
    "a single vulnerable link is sufficient to bring down the entire system, with domino effect,"
    adding that "a secure approach to digital development today will determine the future of humanity for decades to come."

    Does the fact that Cyber Polygon 2021 is scheduled for July mean that the alleged hacker attack will occur after that date?

    Nothing is less certain.
    A similar WEF-sponsored simulation that took place in July 2020, Cyber Polygon 2020, was officially described as "an international online training to increase global cyber resilience"; On this occasion, major media outlets such as the New Yorker stated that the cyber-pandemic
    "is already underway." Speakers designed the "imminent deadly pandemic" of cyberattacks that would mainly affect two economic sectors:
    health and finance. A war game involving mega-companies in the technology sector, such as IBM, Huawei and Amazon,
    virtually all mega-banks (Bank of America, Credit Suisse, Equifax (the rating agency), JP Morgan Chase, Mastercard, PayPal,
    SWIFT (the former international transaction clearing network), PayPal, and of course Blackrock (deep state finance central)...
    and international entities such as INTERPOL.

    But among the participants, the most surprising — which will also participate in the 2021 polygon scenario in July
    — is Sberbank, a Bank controlled by the Russian government, which participates under the acronym of its cybersecurity subsidiary BI. Area.

    In fact, further detail: the person chosen to open the Cyber Polygon 2020 event was the Prime Minister in office since January 2020 of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Mishustin — a computer engineer, already appointed (in 2010) by Putin as director of the federation's tax department, a digital genius and big data fanatic who, they say, used "techno-authoritarian" systems of government surveillance of economic activity to eradicate unjustified tax refunds.
    Mikhail Vladimirovich Mishustin,
    Prime Minister.
    Is the invitation to the WEF, and with all the honours, of the Russian Prime Minister the prelude
    to the suppression of the narrative blaming the phantom and omnipotent "Russian hackers" for any cybercrime,
    the most serious of which would have determined the election of Donald Trump? Both authors of the article hope so.

    We hope so, too.

    Only time will tell whether, on the contrary, Mishustin is not invited to simulate the great crime
    prophesied in a form similar to that for which an Italian treasury leader was invited to Britain at the time.

    Meanwhile, I'll leave you another prophet of the dreaded general outage,
    which will probably also serve to make our repositories disappear, and alternative blogs under the guise of web outages:
    "I think there will be another crisis. It's going to be more meaningful and you know we really need to get ready now. When we see this next crisis, it will be faster than with the covid. The exponential growth rate will be much steeper, the impact will be greater and, therefore, the economic and social implications will be even greater... »
    Jeremy Jurgens, Director-General of the World Economic Forum, 8 July 2020​

    La quatrième phase de Schwab – Nouveau Monde (

    CULCULCAN The Final Synthesis - isbn 978-0-9939480-0-8 Staff Member


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