The City Of Lord Krishna ~ The City Of Dwarka Had Existed From 32,000 To 9,000 Bc??

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    The city of Lord KRISHNA
    The City of Dwarka

    had existed from 32,000 to 9,000 BC??

    Remains of the submerged city of Dwarka have been found off the coast of India. Authorities are keeping the area off limits to photographers and I suspect based on previous finds that anything valuable is disappearing. Nevertheless the Stone ruins had to have been more than 10,000 years old to be submerged at that depth.
    Krishna who was considered to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, One of the triune deities of Hinduism, made this city his central location. To Hindus he is a savior and God king and they consider him to be embued with Christ consciousness or Christna.
    It is written that Krishna had blue skin. Most authorities struggle with that believing that they must have meant dark black or symbolically blue. However ,my father (who was in charge of cryptography for the North African front during World war II) traveled extensively there. He described people with blue skin in Morocco and Algeria.
    I have since tracked families with blue skin in the Ozarks of America. Pictures are available online. It is also possible that the consumption of colloidal silver in the water system, or for antibacterial purposes, can turn the skin blue.
    But most importantly Krishna was for his time a spiritual leader and enlightened being. He was considered to be a demigod at least. He also battles giant humans ...who are incarnated demons... in order to restore law and Justice.
    Some ancient writers equated him with Hercules ,but the jury is still out on that.
    An evil king ( said to be from an island of Atlantis) decided to attack India and had an epic battle with Krishna. This part of the story coincides exactly with Plato's description of the downfall of Atlantis. Except with Plato he relates it mostly to the Mediterranean basin where the battles were occurring. It was during this battle that the city of Dwarka was destroyed.
    Until recently such things were considered to be mythology only ;but like The Discovery of Troy, we now know that they were true history.Certainly in India they consider their sacred texts to be historically accurate,and not symbolic or psychological treatises.
    Many spiritual lessons are learned by King Arjuna during his discussions with Krishna. In order to deal with his belief that it is wrong to kill, Krishna explains to him that under the circumstances, it is necessary and merciful . Both for the innocent population... Who is being aggressed upon... and for the perpetrator; who would have eons of time of negative karma, if he were allowed to continue.
    In the Mahabharata and the Vedas, vivid descriptions of these battles.... and the weapons used... were not understood until modern times. They describe the use of nuclear weapons, photon beams, lasers, and flying saucers. They even give instructions on how to build some of them. Skeletal remains of the occupants in the nearby city of mohenjo-daro have proven to be radioactive, with isotopes only coming from nuclear weapons.
    The grandfather of the atomic bomb.. Oppenheimer studied the Vedic writings.... in order to recreate those inventions. When the first bomb went off he quoted the Vedas saying "I have become Death the destroyer of worlds!
    Decades ago when I worked in government and anti-terrorism, I introduced the descriptions of these weapons to someone very high in the intelligence community. He was unaware of those things, but later confirmed that we already had technology beyond Star Wars.
    Today our President has rightfully restored the Space Force to control of the benevolent leaders. Since the 1950s Star Wars type weaponry had fallen into the hands of the shadow government (and military industrial complex) even though it was paid for with our tax money. This way they were able to maintain control through blackmail threats and power.
    That is why President Eisenhower, JFK, Reagan, and Senator Inouye all warned of this development. Let us pray for the restoration of righteous and honest leadership with transparency in all aspects of human society.

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