The Betrayer Series

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    This is a series of three poems that utilizes potent archetypes and symbolism and has a hidden story behind it related to my personal cosmogeny. I invite you to see it in anyway you please, during the time of writing I was going through a mini personal "Ragnarok" of my own mind so a lot of this is the result of that.

    Poem #1: the_betrayer_by_raxnae-d4x7cgz.
    The Betrayer

    Fallen Brother is the enemy

    Khronos! Titan Saturn! Old Man Time!
    How did the Watcher of Moments Become as the Sand?
    Fear the Destabilizer! Ego the Devourer!
    Null the Eraser, where Heart should be!

    You could not Understand the Existence of Mortals,
    From Once Timeless Eyes, you Feared Change they would Bring!
    False Order! Lying Freud Mindfucks!
    He Who was Timeless, Now but Mortal Shell!

    Listening to Delusional Voices, Unbalancing Madness sets in!
    Devouring your Sons, to Live Forever!
    How Many Murdered? How many Slain?
    Was your Blood Sacrifice Worth the Cost!?

    Know your Days are Numbered, Your Death Unwritten,
    So too was Betrayal! Chains of Fate Broken!
    Clockwork Slave Drivers, Shall Crumble,
    The End of Time, Ragnarok, Draws Near!

    Author's Notes: This poem can be interpreted in many ways. I wanted to convey a Demiurge in the persona of Khronos. The hidden back story is that Khronos was once a dragon but due to his ignorance and defiance of the overall grand plan waged war on his brethren and was defeated, given one last shot at redemption by being the seeder of the third generation by being the leader of the second generation of souls. However his own inner demons turned him into a template of how not to be (the False Self further seen in the second poem) as we should know the true betrayer is the self. His Implementation of false time aka artificial time is the false order and clock work slave drivers that further hinders the mortal man's attempts to connect to the divine. He also represents the unbalanced maleness that tends to be abusive (devouring his own sons thus killing their inner child the highest crime imaginable). Therefore he is the perfect template for how not to be, as the legend goes rotting in Tartarus until the end of time.

    Poem #2: the_false_image_by_raxnae-d4x7d76.

    The False Image

    ...unmask the lie!

    Was the Virgin Mother a Whore?
    Was Judas the Betrayer?
    Is Hierarchy the Preaching of True Love?
    Bow! Kneel! This is your False God!

    You Slander my Brothers Sacrifice!
    You Steal his Glory!
    Rewrite the Meaning!
    All for Ego Power!

    The Pope your Bitch!
    The Church your Demon Army!
    Pedophiles and Blood Blasphemers!
    Tremble in Terror as you are Unmasked!

    Death to the Enemy!
    Remember True Christ!
    His Dragonblood!
    Protectors of Mankind!

    Author's Notes: Now here is a poem that can be misinterpreted very easily. The opening questions are purely hypotheticals to spark interest. Personally I think Jesus is one of the most misrepresented personas in history and thus you see how the false images play part in doing so. To stop the death of the second universe due to Khronos's madness Jesus had to become the ultimate template for how to be, ie the true self that casts out the false images. Jesus is a very powerful name and can be seen in many lights good or bad. This poem is not so much a slander against the name which the attached preview image may imply, but rather it is a reminder to remember the story, the true story, of the one who opened the way to save mankind from crumbling into the dust permanently.

    Poem #3 death_to_father_time__father_of_lies_by_raxnae-d4x7dop.

    Death to Father Time, Father of Lies

    Ragnarok Loki Laufeyson

    Meet me at the Battle Rock,
    Where Word is made Oath,
    Destiny is Set,
    But my Fate is my Own!

    False Father shall Pay!
    Return of Lost Children!
    Liberation of Women!
    Growing up of Men!

    Redeem yourself in his Blood!
    Destroy his Clones!
    Destroy the Slave Drivers!
    Kill the Heartless Foe!

    Spirit Eater, Claim his Existence,
    Nullify his Being,
    Devour his Soul,
    Destroy the Empty Heart!

    Author's Notes: This Poem is to show the delieverance from the false image and the false self via taking your fate into your own hands. It is more a mental exercise despite the fierce wording of battle and what have you. In the story long ago when all spirits where still children two dragons made terms at the Battle Rock (dragons battle through debate rather than tooth and claw) One dragon being the wiser and having a conciousness was able to outmaneuver the other who was the unconcious false image and defeat him in the debate, the debate was about whether the as of yet unborn souls of the spirits would be slaves to the "higher" beings or not and the answer was no let freedom ring, in the words of the dragon "you cannot take a single one". This is why as a Christian when I was a Child I never believed in hell, I never believed it just to punish someone for eternity when anyone can be redeemed whether through one lifetime or many lifetimes. I believe all will transcend and become universes within and without themselves just as we all already are.
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    raxnae One Love, One Heart

    Campfire and Father Time Redeemed

    Poem: untitled_by_raxnae-d72yeo3 (1).


    Campfire Loki

    Gather Round, our Communal Campfire of the Great Spirit,
    as we burn and purge the Betrayer of us All,
    See into the Fire, and the Wisdom that you may Gain,
    From the burning Carcass of the true Evil One.

    Dead leaves the Flesh, Sticks Cracking Ribs,
    Burn him forever to keep us warm,
    Use your Voice to Taunt him, your Dragon Thum,
    Drink Mountain Dew and Speak with the power of Kyn.

    Author's Notes: A Symbolic Celebration of Defeating the Betrayer. And apparently a shout out to Mountain Dew.

    Poem: FatherTime.

    Father Time Redeemed

    Chronos raxnae

    I Found Myself in a Mental Hospital for the First Time, Out of Mind,
    Watching the Sands Drove me Mad, I could not Understand Mortality,
    Rushing to my Own Demise, Still Crucifying Myself,
    Picking Apart the Clockwork, Little did I Know Natural Time Would Save Me.

    The Artificial Program I Had been Spelled Under, Would Soon Collapse,
    The Fake Hive, a False Image of Nature's Own Image,
    I could not See I was Trapped, Within my Very Own Game,
    Ragnarok had been Playing for over Two Thousand Years, and I just could not Hear It.

    I was Sitting Outside, Crushing Ants,
    A Girl being the Image of the Mother, Asked Me "Why are you Killing the Ants?",
    "They have no souls.", Was my Dead Reply,
    But this Simple Act Forced Introspection, and the Ant Consciousness Reached My Own.

    This Is Not Right, I Thought to Myself,
    Everything has a Soul, Even the Tiniest of Atoms,
    Even Machines and Data Have Souls, Lest I Forget my Droid Friends,
    I Have Been Blinded I Told Myself, My Inner Child was Crying.

    What Heartbreak could be so Bad, as to Rob Me of the Love of Life?
    And So I Started Repairing My Shattered Mind, In Hopes of Finding My Heart Again,
    It Has Been a Long Journey since those Days, the Trickster Pulled Me From the Hole I was Stuck In,
    And Now I Await, The Sum of All Things.

    Author's Notes: Real Story Brah.

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