The Astrology Of December 2012: Disaster, Ascension Or Both?

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    Shiloh Za-Rah - Posted Nov 8th 2011

    by Roeland de Looff ©

    According to many prophecies something important is about to happen in 2012.

    In 2012 the galactic equator cuts the ecliptic at 0 degree of the Western zodiacal sign Capricorn. 0 degree Capricorn is the point of the zodiac where the Sun is during the December solstice.

    At December 21, 11.12 GMT during the December solstice the Sun touches the Dark Rift, which is located near the Galactic Center. According to the Mayas the Dark Rift is the cosmic womb: the place of dead, transformation, regeneration and rebirth. This moment shows the end of their calendar.

    To the left you see a picture on how the Milky Way appears in a part of the world that has no problems with light pollution.

    Below you see a picture of the center of the Galaxy. The picture shows a light cluster of stars. Underneath these light stars (a bit to the right) you see a circle of stars that surrounds a dark part of the sky. This dark part is a gigantic black hole which is the center of the Galaxy. This dark hole is a region of immense spiritual power.

    Milky way.
    Milky Way Center.


    To know more about what this means it is interesting to make an astrological chart of the December solstice of 2012.

    Below you see a chart for 21 December 12.12 Middle European Time (11.12 GMT), Amsterdam, Netherlands. The planetary pattern will be the same for all locations only the ascendant and house division will be different.


    The Sun is at 0 degrees Capricorn, the point of the December solstice. It makes a sextile to Neptune, right at the beginning of Pisces. This is an almost exact sextile. The orb is less then half a degree. This aspect can point towards a spiritual experience, a loss or both.

    The most important configuration is a yod which we find in the chart. This is also called the Finger of God. It looks like an arrow in the chart and it indicates change and transformations. .

    The yod consists of:

    1. A quincunx (150 degree aspect) between Jupiter and Pluto.
    2. A quincunx between Jupiter and Saturn.
    3. A central opposition (180 degree aspect) made between Jupiter and the Mercury/Venus conjunction.

    The two quincunxes are almost exact, they have an orb of less then half a degree. In fact the quincunx between Jupiter and Pluto is exact at December 21 2012.

    Pluto is the planet of radical transformation, death and rebirth.
    Saturn is the planet of the earthly realm and of learning experiences, especially those of a more painful nature.
    Jupiter is the planet of expansion. It is the focus of the yod, the planet which receives the strong energy of the other planets involved. It also expands the energy of the other planets involved (especially Saturn and Pluto).

    This yod indicates transformational processes which can be painful for many.

    Jupiter has a central place in this because it is the focal point of the energy. This indicates changes in our religious systems, beliefs, philosophical systems. These fall under Jupiter.


    Another notable configuration is the T-square with Neptune as focal point:

    • Jupiter makes a square (90 degree aspect) to Neptune.
    • Neptune makes a square to Venus.
    • Venus opposes Jupiter, this is the central opposition that activates the yod.

    Therefore Neptune, the planet of spirituality, ascension, confusion and floods is a crucial planet in this chart.

    Is it possible to find out more details about the picture given above? Maybe we can use another astrological method to find out more about what the above chart indicates?


    I have made a Chinese Four Pillar Chart. This type of chart contains of four pillars that are dependend upon the hour, day, month and year. Because the hourly pillar depends upon the location I have confined myself to the pillars of the day, month and year. These are the same for the entire world.

    In the roots of the chart (the lower part of the pillars) we find a rat that is surrounded by two dragons. The dragons almost seems to be making plans to eat the rat.

    The dragon represents the Ourobouros, the mythological dragon or snake that bites its own tail. According to Mayan cosmology this Ourobouros symbolizes the Milky Way.
    The dragon is an earthly sign, the rat is a water sign. Therefore this chart contains water and earth.

    In the stems (the top of the chart) we find yang fire. This is the strong fire of the Sun or a natural fire.
    In this chart water is the strongest element. It can be found in the rat and in the two Yang Waters.

    A meteorite falling in the ocean would be one expression of this chart. Or a vulcan (fire and earth) exploding and causing a tsunami (water). It could also indicate floods. Water and Earth the strongest elements of this charts are enemies to one another. Since Water is more powerful in the chart, this may indicate large-scale floods. Therefore of all the events possible large-scale floods are the most likely.

    This is confirmed by the Western chart in which Neptune plays a crucial role.

    In my opinion what this chart indicates is that the polluted energy of the collective unconsciousness will turn against humanity. Whatever happens, it will be an expression of the energy that is radiated by a humanity that is unable to live in peace and to make the right choices (for peace, welfare, health and inner spirituality).



    .......YANG FIRE.......................YANG WATER....................YANG WATER.....

    It is interesting that in the Maya Dresden Codex, one of the few remaining Mayan texts, the end an era is symbolized as a dragon that pours water on a dark figure. Here we see the two themes of dragon and water which are prominent in the Chinese chart.


    Despite the prophecies of the Mayas, Hopis, many other cultures and the charts above I am not convinced that something will happen.

    There are many examples of powerful astrological moments that had a subtle effect only. I am reminded for example on the Nostradamus eclipse of 1999. In the years before that eclipse the eclipse was hyped. However, no event that had a shocking nature worldwide happened after it.

    All things considered I see three possible scenarios:

    1. An important and shocking event happens which will be the cause that many people will be forced to leave their physical bodies. This event will most likely have to do with water. For people who are in touch with themselves and are evolved spiritually this can mean that they enter into a heavenly realm. That can be called ascension. I feel the likelihood for such an event is 25%. if you like to see in which areas such an event is the most likely to happen you can click here.
    According to many there was a big flood around 13.000 years ago, which may have destroyed several civilizations. This coincided with the conjunction of the Summer solstice (seen from the point of view of the Northern Hemisphere) to the Dark Rift near the Galactic Center. Now we have a conjunction of the Winter solstice to the Dark Rift near to the Galactic Center.

    2. The pressure of Saturn and Pluto will change the belief system of the world in a way that people finally realize that we have been on the wrong track for the last thousands of years. People and especially governments will finally realize that bringing peace and welfare to the world is a better thing to do then fighting wars, polluting the environment and creating misery. The likelihood of this to happen is I believe 10%. Looking at the current situation of the world makes is impossible for me to come up with a higher percentage.

    3. Therefore there is a chance of 65% that nothing shocking will happen and that humankind will simply muddle through.

    The question is how to prepare for the first scenario?

    What we should not do is building shelters and moving to so called safe areas. It something happens it will probably affect all people everywhere. It makes no difference where you are and hiding for it is simply not possible.

    The only method to prepare for this is to focus on our spiritual development so that if we are forced to leave our bodies we are well prepared.
    And even if nothing happens focusing on your spiritual development is always a good idea.
    The only thing that stays with us forever is not our money, material wealth and material insurance's, but our inner wealth.

    The charts of December 2012 are another incentive for not wasting our energy on pursuing material wealth but for enriching ourselves by finding inner peace. Whatever may or may not happen on December 2012 finding inner peace, happiness and evolving in a spiritual sense is certainly the best and the only way to protect ourselves.
    Luckily there are more tools available today for this then in any other recorded time in history.

    Comment on the validity of astrology by John Shadow aka Tonyblue:

    As in many avenues of life; there is a true/valid and a false/bogus part to the topic of astrology.
    Astrology is the oldest of all the observational and mensurative sciences as the forerunner for astronomy.
    When the 'ancient ones' observed the starry skies, they soon worked out certain cyclicities of the 'shining orbs' and gave names to stars and the constellations.

    The regularities of the dynamical/static interactions of the 'stationary stars' and the 'wandering stars' (the planets shining by reflecting the light from the sun) then allowed the 'ancient stargazers' to relate 'mentally and emotionally' to their observations.

    Constellations and the 'stars' were given names and associated with the mythologies and heroic tales of the stargazer's culture.
    The false/bogus part of 'modern practiced astrology' is the superficial alignment of partial aspects of the astrologer's vocabulary with the 'personality' or the characterisation of an individual's 'natal chart'.

    Iow, the sunsign astrology of the popular media is highly insufficient to derive any significant analysis of the particular 'zodiacal configuration', depicted in an appropriately constructed 'natal chart' (requiring birth data, such as time and place to correctly align the sidereal (startime) to the cyclicity of the zodiacal components).
    There are very little gravitational- or electromagnetic forces acting on a 'newborn baby' acting from the celestial orbs.

    BUT when the baby takes its first breath, independent from the hitherto supported energy supply from the mother's placenta and womb; THEN ALL of the zodiacal components (characterised by the ancient stargazers as 12 houses, each of 30 degrees in the completion of the Milky Way circle or Ourobos-The serpent swallowing its own tail) DEFINE indeed a particular and unique configuration.
    All individuals are so unique, as no two individuals are born at the same time at the same place; each individual has unique Minkowskian spacetime coordinates as hisher birth-event.

    This unique geometrical configuration of 12 'planets' in 12 sectors of the circle so becomes a particular Quantum Geometry, acting MAGNETICALLY on the individual's DNA, the latter also being unique in its biochemical nature of the parental sexchromosomatic gene expression.

    But while the biochemistry acts to construct the physical body of the individual; the magnetic induction (of the DNA through the central region of the 'staircase' formed by the double-helix) of the quantum geometry interacts with the emotional and mental development of the newborn baby.

    The 'natal chart' then becomes a PHOTOGRAPH of the newborn, FROZEN IN TIME, and magnetically blueprinted as a HOLOGRAM of the magnetic induction energization.
    This magnetic blueprint then requires detailed analysis.

    Just like a photograph can be analysed many different ways and requiring experience and knowledge on behalf of the analyser; so should a 'natal chart' be constructed and made subject to comprehensive, yet detailed interpretation.

    So I share the below description with all; with the caveat however, that I have not scrutinized the analysis by the Dutch astrologer Roeland de Looff in detail with my own astrological expertise.


    --- In, "singingthesea" <singingthesea@...> wrote:

    I dont mind if you call me cinderella lol or anything else most people call me 'still', my real name is Julieanne.
    I didnt read the whole article and yes i am biased. I find this whole 2012 thing annoying because it hijacks people's imaginations and gets them imagining the worst.
    They more we imagine the worst happening the more we work to create that outcome.
    So i pose the question to anybody who wants to answer it:
    why do people need prophecies of doom i want prophecies that give me hope.
    I am reading a ( science) book at the moment called mothers and others, about why humanity is the only ape species to be able to tolerate each other the way we do.
    This gives me hope about humanity rather than fear.

    There is a very pertinent reason for the prophecies Cindy=Stilly.

    The mental imagery people then assign to those prophecies become subject to individual interpretations and most often turn out rather different, than expected.

    So the 2012 is NOT a doomsday prediction in terms of physical destruction (but can be interpreted as such, reference the 2012 disaster movie which will be released in the next month or so); but actually is a
    particular ARCHETYPE or SYMBOL which has 'infiltrated' or 'infected' the human group consciousness (say as a Dawkin's Memeplex).

    What I am trying to do is to embrace the archetype, which is absolutely potent, and transform it into a win-win situation.
    This is much easier said than done; because how can 'one (or a few) mind(s)' 'seeking harmony' 'override' millions of minds who are in 'fear' and in 'dire expectations' (This movie will accentuate the fear million fold).

    Why is prophecy so important as an archetype?

    It is so because a lot of emotional, mental and physical energy has become invested in composing, in editing, sharing and broadcasting the 'prophecy' or whatever it is.

    The classical example is the 'Book of Revelation' (Armageddon) describing the 'End of the Old World' (then replaced by a New World) in the Christian bible.

    The human civilisation will REMAIN STUCK in the 'holy books' UNTIL the prophecies (read symbols and archetypes) are FULFILLED.
    But this 'fulfilling' is open to translation and refiormulation by the 'ones' (say the shamans) who can actually manipulate archetypes on the most fundamental level.

    The Bonobo's are the closes relative to the homo sapiens sapiens genus on the primate-ape tree and actually share many 'human exclusive' characteristics such as 'social bondings, bisexuality, food sharing on 'compassionate' grounds and so on.


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