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    Susan Lynne Schwenger The Final Synthesis - isbn 978-0-9939480-0-8 Staff Member

    The next Ice Age will occur in sync
    with The Start Time of The Grand Cycle of Pacha iNTi
    -17 DEC 2013

    "THE next ICE AGE will OCCUR in sync with 16th December 2013,
    end time of The Grand Cycle of Pacha & Macha
    and, 17th December 2013 -The Start Time of The Grand Cycle of Pacha iNTi,
    they occur, once every 104,000 years, which is 4 cycles of 26,000 ancient years"

    Susan Lynne Schwenger
    Predicted 30-MAY-2010
  2. Susan Lynne Schwenger

    Susan Lynne Schwenger The Final Synthesis - isbn 978-0-9939480-0-8 Staff Member

    some of our information harvested
    (he is using our original pic)
    BUT, as he says...

    "In The Spirit of sharing and caring,
    I'd like to expand on some earlier teachings of sacred numbers,
    geometry, calendars, spirit, human beings and Great Mystery.... 2764. <3

    13 is a sacred number in our Anishinabek ways,
    it represents the sacred 13 Grandmother Full Moons
    and 13 Grandfather New Moons that are in our year.

    Our Elder and Ancestral Teachers and Teachings help us live
    in tune and in harmony with Creator and Creation.

    The Turtle has 13 segments in its shell governed by 28 segments
    and the female has her menstrual cycles moving every 28 days 13 times a years,
    which is our Anishinabek Calendar of the moon moving every 28 days, 13 Times a Year= 364 Days!

    The 13 Male New Moons Protect the Female Full Moons
    • Both Renewing and Recharging The Cycles of Life- The Children. +++++++++++++
    The Anishinabek (The Good Human Being From Heaven on Earth) Living Calendar

    13 Feminine Moons for 4 Days of Moon Time Power = 52 Day/Weeks of Moon Time

    13 Masculine New Moons- 7 Teachings/Directions x 4 Rounds= 28 Grandfathers

    7 Teachings x 52 Moon Time Day/Weeks = 364 Days

    4 Corners/Seasons x 7 Grandfathers/Directions= 28 Days

    13 (Female/Full Moon and Male/New Moon) Cycles x 28 Days= 364 Days

    Water of Man + Fire of Woman= Children:
    Women are The Waterkeepers and Men The Firekeepers in Ceremony..
    Children Love, Live and Learn
    Divine Water + Divine Spark + Universal Elements = Creator/Creation/Children

    13 Main Governing skeletal joints of human body...
    - Wrist joints 2
    - Elbow joints 2
    - Shoulder joints 2
    - Hip joints 2
    - Knee joints 2
    - Ankle joints 2
    - Universal Neck Joint 1
    Totaling= 13

    28 Power Extentions of Human Body
    -10 Toes
    -10 Fingers
    (8 Directions)
    - 1 Sky
    - 1 Earth
    - 1 East
    - 1 South
    - 1 West
    - 1 North
    - 1 Inner Star- Fire
    - 1 Infinite Relations- Water
    Total= 28

    13 x 28 = 364 Days of Anishinabek Living, Talking, Walking Yearly Cycle
    Energy Trinity:
    Positive +
    Negative -
    Neutral =

    Material Trinity:

    Three Energies x Three Materials = Nine

    0 - Divine Self
    1 - Ego Self
    2 - Decisions/Duality
    3 - Trinity- Past, Present and Future..
    4 - Seasons, Corners, Elements
    5 - Human Being- Head, Arms and Legs(5)
    6 - Sacred Star/ 6th Sense/Turtle(head, flippers, tail)
    7 - Grandfathers/ Directions
    8 - Infinity(Heaven, Earth- Dream Creation)
    9 - Holy Trinity of The Trinity- Divine Self 0 and Creation/Ego Self 1 (Circle and Path into Great Mystery)
    10 - Binary Code
    11 - River of Life
    12 - 1 Self and 2 Decisions/Duality
    13 - 1 Self and Trinity Relations

    Mind + Body + Spirit + Energy in Motion = Anishinabe/The Good Human Being

    The Sacred Teachings of Our Male masculine 13 New Moons- Grandfather Teachings and the Sacredness of Our Female Feminine 13 Full Moons- Grandmother Teachings For Great Mystery/Our Children- Father, Mother and Child Trinity- The Power of Creator, Creation, Mother Earth and Father Sky and All Our Relations.. As Above So Below...We are Learning and Re Awakening The Sacred Beings and Powers... No One is Greater or Less Than in This Circle of Life.

    The Hidden Secrets of The Bible and Other Controlling Organizations(Freemasons, Illuminati, etc..) have Used Sacred Knowledge Against Us and Themselves..
    The Last Supper Picture of Jesus and The 12 Apostles...
    There's a Women in There... She Represents the Divine Feminine The Hidden Sacred Secret.. Which The Church Suppresses and Oppresses!!

    The Witch Hunts- The Slaughter and Genocide of The European Women which knew medicine and sacred powers....
    So when you think of these dark ignorant days... know that there is equal illuminating light days as well.... Infinite Powers are coming together to do what has never been done before in Creation...
    Witness and Partake... You've come here for a reason!! Unconditional Love and No Fear!!
    There is No Death Only A Changing of Worlds!!
    Times of Celebration, Revelations and Prophecy! There is No Duality in Spirituality.. The Dark Teaches Light and Light Teaches Dark...There is Energy From Both Our Days and Nights...Moving In All Directions..Oneness..
    Just to share a little bit of a little bit..
    We never stop learning the Greatest Mysteries and Riddles in The River of Life
    One Mind.. 1f607. O:)
    One Heart.. 2764. <3
    Neutralize The Dualities
    2764. <3 Mino Bimaadziwin - The Good Life 2764. <3
    2764. <3 Mitakuye Oyasin ~ All My Relations 2764. <3
    Gitchi Miigwetch Greatest Thanks
    Kevin Nadjiwon (Chigiishik/Heaven)
    Anishinabe- Three Fires(Potawatami/Ojibway/Odawa)
    Turtle Clan

    (i'll find a link to our original work)
  3. Susan Lynne Schwenger

    Susan Lynne Schwenger The Final Synthesis - isbn 978-0-9939480-0-8 Staff Member


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