The Alpha Draconians And The Creation Of The Starhuman

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    Wes Penre and the New Age Philosophy

    William Tony Kavanagh
    March 17th, 2021

    “In the Global Elite controlled New Age Movement, the spiritual seeker is often told to only embrace what is ‘good’, and ignore what is ‘evil’, or to put it in another way: you embrace love and light and ignore darkness. The theory behind this is that if you concentrate only on what is positive, the negative will diminish and the person can ascend to a higher dimension or density. I beg to differ.”
    – Wes Penre.

    Jerrica Struthers

    I was just talking about this in a spiritual group.. About how you cannot do shadow work when you're all wrapped up in toxic positivity and spiritual bypassing.

    Tony Bermanseder

    I know Wes from his papers discussing the Thuban Reptilian cult and the Q and A of a Thuban called Abraxasinas on the now quarantined Project Avalon forum from 2010. You know about this WTK?

    Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here) - Old Project Avalon Forum (ARCHIVE)
    Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here) - Old Project Avalon Forum (ARCHIVE)

    William Tony Kavanagh
    Tony Bermanseder
    no I can't say I have yet.. 1f642.

    Tony Bermanseder
    I have a big surprise for you. Go to the Wes Penre papers linked above on Susan's forum site and then ask her about this Thuban alien Abraxasinas. Susan was on the forum and she knows who Abraxasinas is. Ask her.

    Tony Bermanseder

    The Alpha Draconians And The Creation Of The Starhuman
    The Alpha Draconians And The Creation Of The Starhuman

    William Tony Kavanagh
    Tony Bermanseder
    unless it's about interdimensional aliens...I just can't see a physical solar system with other physical planets... 1f614.

    Tony Bermanseder

    You are close there, the ETs are where your 'passed away' ancestors are. Are you getting a hint? There are many star systems with planets in the Minkowski spacetime, but those are all embedded in what you correctly perceive as interdimensional spacetime. The question is how can a ET-dead alive consciousness form use the multidimensional space to physicalize their higher dimensional bodyforms? Might the present technocratic transhumanism have a beautiful parallel, which will destroy their nefarious agendas?

    Tony Bermanseder
    Btw I addressed your familiarity with Wes Penre. Susan's forum has an entire thread on this topic linked above. Why I asked you to ask her about the Thuban controversy. I am sure Wes would like to know.

    Btw I addressed your familiarity with Wes Penre. Suan's forum has an entire thread on this topic linked above. Why I asked you to ask her about the Thuban controversy. I am sure Wes would like to know.

    Oh I apologize, she is not on your friends list. I mixed you with KTK.

    Susan I am engaged in a discussion about Wes Penre and the New Age with one William Tony Kavanagh and mistook him for Keith T K.
    So your knowledge regarding the old Q&A from Avalon came up and I said that you were on the forum and engaged.
    I asked WTK to ask you about Thuban but he is not on your friends list.
    To keep you informed I put the discussion here:
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    Thuban Dreamtime - 40 Years Later - November 15-16th, 2015​

    3. The Snowstorm of the Awakening! (November 1975)

    It had been a long party. I laid in the arms of my fiancee somewhere in the countryside in Bavaria and not far from the Alps and the border between Austria and Germany.

    We had returned to the typical but very old farm estate and relaxed in front of the ancient woodburning combustion stove.
    Thinking of nothing in particular, I looked up to the ceiling and became aware of a wooden chandelier, just a wooden construction really with four corners and four handcarved figurines depicting the four directions of the sky.
    I thought something funny in regards to those figurines. To an representative teen, and not particularly interested in any otherworldly things; those things nevertheless exuded something sinister, some strange force of hatefulness.
    I shook my head and tried to dispel this emotion. I tried to think of making love and to turn my thoughts onto the young woman in my arms.

    I said: "Rosy, what do you make of those figurines up there?"
    She answered that they gave her the creeps and that she had never liked them all her 22 years of living in that place, her mother's farm since her father had died. I felt a little better. At least it wasn't completely in my imagination. Nevertheless I tried to forget about the thing and looked away from the figurines towards another part of the ceiling - concentrating to forgo this emotion of hate coming from the chandelier.
    Then it happened.

    Just looking at the ceiling, the ceiling began to move, not physically, but the astral "muck" vanished and this sort of opened the twilight zone, again in the beta state and so fully awake.
    Concentric pulsations of light streamed into my brain with a frequency just over one vibration every second. It would not stop and continued for about half an hour. I just laid there and mentioning to Rosy that some kind of energy was flowing into my head and I asked her to remain still and just see what would happen. After some time - though time seemed to be different and not linear during that experience - the sensations stopped to start allover again. The feelings of this energy were pleasant, but very penetrating and very strong.
    A kind of prickling sensation flowing from your top of your head right through your entire body.
    It was a kind of LOVE, but not a LOVE looking for something. It was a LOVE which KNEW and a LOVE which had immense power, but I did not understand any of it. I was only 18.
    The energy diminished and I suddenly saw myself within a different scenario.
    Campfires were burning in the night and in the distances all around this hill, this elevation. I saw figures couching around those fires, trying to keep warm. I was next to some wooden construction and as a turned my head to the left I saw those EYES - the most LOVING yet sad eyes imaginable.

    Those eyes of the purest LOVE spoke to me: "Why do they not understand? They just do not understand what LOVE is."
    That was all the eyes said, but I sensed another and subdued message: "Tell them about me and about my LOVE for them. Tell them what It Is!"

    But this LOVE was such that it did not command or tell anybody to do anything; it was even "afraid" to ask since it did not like to impose on anybody. It was just LOVE and LOVE and LOVE.
    Then the scenario of emotional intensity subsided and I returned to "normality".
    I was rather shaken and my body trembled because of my spiritual experience.
    My thoughts then turned to the figurines and I stood up and broke them off the chandelier and threw them into the fire in the stove. A symbolic act of faith! They were made of oak and my hands bled after I broke them in my act of "irrationality". Rosy said that she understood that something had been going on, but that she did not share in my visions of the LOVING EYES.
    She didn't mind me burning those figures, but she worried what her mother would say in the morning.
    We went upstairs to go to bed and the heater, a small two-tiered reflector was switched on to keep the room warm. The nights were getting colder as winter was approaching in Southern Germany.
    An incredible wave of hate radiated from this object, but our physical tiredness overcame us and we fell asleep even forgetting to make love.

    I woke up very early and a snowstorm was howling outside. Rosy was already up and milking the cows; she and her mother ran the little farm all by themselves; with Rosy's sister and brother helping out.
    It was very cold and the snow outside was more than a metre, covering the landscape. I went down into the stables and said to Rosy: " I must do something. I must go up this mountain to this little chapel up there and then I do not know what." Rosy just looked and collapsed unconsciously into my arms. I took off my heavy overcoat, wrapped it around her and proceeded to stomp my way through the snow and the snowstorm up to the little chapel.
    It seemed endless and progress was slow; but my impatience drove me on and I finally got there to find the chapel locked with a wire.

    I broke the wire and went inside, there was a statue of Mary and a few angels or whatever. I did not know what to do. I did not pray or follow any religious dogma or ceremonies. Sure I had been an altarboy like all the rest of the boys in the little village in Bavaria, Iffeldorf, where I grew up in this Catholic setting.
    So I just poured my heart out to whatever there might be and cried and went back outside and looked up to the sky. The snowstorm had finally subsided and the sun was trying to break through as morning sun.
    Then I decided to make my way down to this little village of Taching near Rosy's farm to visit the local church and tell the people that they were missing the point - for it was Sunday and all the villagers would go to church and follow their religious customs.
    Little did I know with my 18 years behind my ears; I did not expect the labels of hallucinations and mental illness and drug dependent freakishness.


    40 Years Later - November 15-16th, 2015

    I was dreaming and a starship appeared. It appeared real enough, something alike the Strartrekker starship like an advanced version of the 'Enterprise', but I straight away knew it was not as it seemed.
    It was rather closely associated with the 'powers that be', the echeloners who controlled the occurrences and happenings upon planet Earth.
    Soon enough, I was to experience a close encounter with those echeloners in circumstances blended with the fortunes of the past and the misfortunes of the present.

    But in the dream, the starship began to metamorphose in a number of scenarios, symbolizing the journeying of a shared past and the remembrance of it with the potentialised future manifesting in the present.
    The nature of the starship was partially physical and partially metaphysical, meaning that it was guided under parameters of dimensions pf physical densities blended with and into each other.

    In the dream the starship transformed into an ocean liner and I could walk along the cabins from the outside to see the captain's bridge and the crew inside of the guiding system for the ocean liner.
    But then this ocean cruiser veered away from its native element and became a sort of terra cruiser, able to transverse the land in an elevated fashion, say in hovering over the trees and forests with ease in a quasi starship fashion of interelemental adaptation capacity.

    From that dreamscape, the story changed into a script descriptive of the encounter with the echeloners as the adaptation of the captain's crew of the ocean liner.

    Now I had an accomplice, a young man known as Johan or Johnny or Jim, but also Julian. The two of us somehow became detected by the echeloner crew and they adviced us in authoritative terms, bordering on arrested, that we had to justify our actions of being where we were. Two of those agents then brought us to their headquarters for interrogations or examinations.

    The place the human appearing agents took us to, was like an underground establishment or a building complex hidden in caves or mountains. underground. There were many rooms and chambers, but no activity of personages or beings moving about.
    But both J and myself felt an atmosphere of oppression and foreboding in that place. We wanted to escape our confinements and as there were only two of them, we took our chances and as we walked across some bridge outside the building complex, we pushed both confiscators off the bridge into the enclave below and ran away from the headquarters of the captain's guiding crew.

    We knew, we were being followed and we found ourselves in the wilderness and J said he knew of a secret entrance place in the woods, where our pursuers would not find us. We reached this place, just a sort of native rock, which obscured the entrance into a new natural world as a counterpart of the constructed world of the echeloners, likewise hidden from the normal occurrences upon the planet Earth.

    But then the dreamscape changed and J remained in the natural world; whilst I had to resurface to face our persecuters. I found myself in the woods again and the sun was shining, when I saw a guy in a jeep driving towards me. He felt different than the echeloners, yet he was searching for me. At first I tried to avoid him, running from one place to another in the forest, but he adjusted his jeep, steering it wherever I moved to and I could not escape.
    As I somehow knew, that this guy was trustworthy, I stopped running away from him and approached him directly to ask him what all this persecution was about. As I approached him, he affirmed my identity in asking: "You are Tony Bermanseder, aren't you?!"

    I answered in the affirmative and so we talked and he said, that he was ordered to find and catch me and to bring me back to headquarters; but that he was not one of them.
    And it was about the times. Somehow the echeloners had discovered that I posed a threat to their establishment and now that they knew about it, I had to become neutralized to protect their status quo.
    The echeloners had found the records about my identity and reason for being on this planet in their surveillances and data bases and so the directive for my arrest and imprisonment has been given from the highest central authority.

    This guy did not mention J and so I thought it best to leave J out of whatever would follow in development from this situation.

    And so I decided to simply go to headquarters to face my persecutors.

    Then, at headquarters, I found myself surrounded by a number of agents and I saw straight away, that they were not human. They were so excited to see me and in their excitement, they could barely hide their natural appearance as reptilian humans from me.
    Their human masqueraded skin almost melted and their tongues were slithering when they talked and their eyes were yellow and obelisk shaped, like that of any native reptile found on Earth.

    I then felt rather jeopardized. The projected and openly displayed excitement of those 'aliens' made it clear to me, that they found me attractive and that this attraction was not one of benevolent desires to share commonly enjoyable experiences; but rather one for individual gratification.
    Did they want to eat or consume me or parts of me? It did feel that way and I wondered if it had been a good idea to accept their 'invitation' to meet them at their headquarters.

    So I was brought into a room or hall where interrogations could take place.
    Some chief guy there said: "We know all about you Tony Bermanseder!".
    I replied asking: "How did you find me?"

    He said: "We analysed our records and all is taken care of. Your human identity has been rubbed out and you can consider yourself as 'gone missing' on earth. Your disappearance has been formalized ."

    I thought to myself: "But what about the kids?"

    Again I realized that I would perhaps not be able to leave this place and that my life was in great danger of ending right in the headquarters of the echeloners, who seemed to be reptoid aliens.

    There were a number of echeloner agents standing around in that hall, where I was being interrogated by this chief administrator or inspector.

    I decided to offer my cooperation to the the chief, saying: "Now that I am here., we could work together. I could learn of your culture and I could share the culture of this planet with you."

    I soon realized, that the echeloners knew everything they wanted to know about the planet Earth and that they did not require anything I knew about it and that I was stuck here and perhaps would see the end of my human existence in the foreseeable future in this place.

    I did not know what to do next and so I simply said to the chief: 'You know that I am from Alpha Draconis, don't you?!"

    The chief lost his composure and jumped out of his chair or whatever he was sitting upon.


    'Yes, I am from Thuban!", I said and the entire mental atmosphere in the hall seemed to change from oppression to amazement and a feeling of utter astonishment.

    The chief then asked: "If I say: 'Begruui Reptia!', what say you?"

    From the top of my head and without contemplating the question, I said: 'Brigita!'

    I began to become aware of the whisperings between the echeloners; about a lost history and their ancestors and the rembrances hidden in a secret code. About the great conjuction of 2,200 million years ago, when the higher dimensional sentiences began to form to manifest in their divers form of physicality in the galaxies and starsystems and worlds of the universe.
    I then knew, that my life was no longer in danger, but that a form of jubilation and discovery had infested the echeloners from their very own and rather unhuman perspective and selfconscious cosmic awareness and universal beingness.

    I then also knew of Jen and Kira and Kira-Jen and Jen-Kira of the ancient pasts of all the extraterrestrial intelligences.

    86+66=152, the Broken Net of the Diadem of Darkness!
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    There are many aspects to this code in the dream Suzy.
    The main 'hint' is the 'Dark Crystal' movie addressing the 'evil' skeksis versus the 'good' mystics.
    The two 'heroes' are Jen, the male elfling and Kira his female counterpart.

    The 'evil' reptilians in my dream then 'test' me as to my origins in the code word Begruui Reptia as alphanumeric gematria 83+69=152.
    The counter code is Brigita as 66=69-3.
    As 86=83+3, the 'alphanumeric encoding is broken, just as the 'dark crystal' is broken, missing the shard of the 'great conjunction', the elflings are destined to use to repair the 'dark crystal'.

    So transposing the reptoid-skeksis 83+69=152 into 86+66=152 'repairs' the broken power source of the worlds.

    Now 66 = Brigita of the elflings/star humans but also 66=THUBAN=FREEDOM=WOMAN=ABRAXAS=THE NAME=THE AMEN etc.

    The 153-1=152 can also be integrated into this storyline of course as the vesica pisces of the 'unbroken net' of the Sea of Tiberias in John.21.

    The following two charts integrate this 5-month code into the Thuban timelines. Remember that any 5 consecutive months not including February always add up to 153, due to the structuring of the Civil Gregorian and Julian calendars.
    The 153 fishes so also link to the 1st woe of the apocalypse and the flood of Noah as 150=153-3 days as 5 months of 30 days each in a 'prophetic' cycle-degree year of 360 days.

    And as you know, a Mayan Tun is 360 Kin-Days.


    ABmirror1. ABmirror2. ABmirror3. tribulation490.
    March 20th – 24th – 27th - April 3rd - 17th, 2021
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    Draco of Angkor Wat ------------- Göbekli Tepe --------------- Sphinx of Giza

    wat3. wat1. wat2. wat4. wat5.

    The Human Civilization Precessional Timecycle upon Gaia Terra

    Thuban Elder Dragon Date:
    Day#0 = Saturday, March 1st, 23,615 BC as Dragon Time Initiated
    Day#1 = Sunday, March 2nd, 23,615 BC = 1st Day of the 1st Year of Cosmic Day Time
    Day#360 = Tuesday, February 24th, 23,614 BC = 360th Day of the 1st Year of the 1st Circle 360-Year of Cosmic Day Time
    Day#4,680,000 = Tuesday, July 27th, 10,802 BC = 360th Day of the 13,000th Year and End of Cosmic Day Time after 13,000 Dragon Years

    {2012-(-10,801)=12,813 Years ago from 2012}

    Day#4,680,001 = Wednesday, July 28th,10,802 BC = 1st Day of the 1st Year and Beginning of Cosmic Night Time
    Day#9,360,000 = Friday, December 21st, 2012 = 360th Day of the 13,000th Year and End of the Cosmic Night Time after 13,000 Dragon Years
    Day#9,360,001 = Saturday, December 22nd, 2012 = 1st Day of the 1st Year and Beginning of New Cosmic Day Time after 13,000 Dragon Years

    Day#9,360,360 = Monday, December 16th, 2013 = 360th Day of the 1st Year of the 1st Circle 360-Year of New Cosmic Day Time

    Dragon Almanac:

    The 'Plumed Serpent' ABC...XYZA* = 27||72 = WORLD = LAWWAL = 2x{1+2+3+...+34+35+36}=666+666=1332

    Quetzacoatl = 72x12=864=32x27 = 153 = 9 = 666

    '12 Hourtime of Day'=72x6=432=16x27='12 Hourtime of Night'



    72=864/12=360x26/130=65x144/130 = {60x60x24}/{60x20}={86,400 Seconds in 24 Hours}/{⅓ Hour} = Precessional Dragon Years per Sign 12 in 13

    65x144,000 (Mayan Baktuns) = 9,360,000 Days (Mayan Kin) = 360x26,000 Dragon Days = 390x24,000 Moon Days

    25,626.81 'Civil Years' = {9,360,000 Dragon Days/365.2425 Civil Days} = {9,360,000 Dragon Days/390 Moon Days}

    26,000 Dragon Sun Years = 25,626.81 'Civil Gregorian' Years = {12/13}26,000 = 24,000 Dragon Moon Years

    The Dark Moon Lilith Circle of 9x40°=360° in 9=¾{12} Circle Years {40°40' per 'civil year' in 8.85 'civil years' 9 months per sign}

    han1. han2. han3. han4. han5.

    han6. han7.
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    Evidence Found for Planet-Cooling Asteroid 12,900 Years Ago

    A clue to an impact in Quebec fuels an ongoing debate about the cause of one of Earth's big freezes, called the Younger Dryas

    Sep 3, 2013 |By Nicola Jones and Nature magazine

    Ron Blakey, NAU

    The dust refuses to settle on a debate about whether asteroid impacts caused one of Earth’s most famous cold snaps 12,900 years ago.

    The latest evidence in the contentious discussion comes in the form of pieces of bedrock from Quebec, Canada, that seem to have been blasted out as far as Pennsylvania. “I’d say there’s evidence of an impact happening, for sure,” says Mukul Sharma, an isotope geochemist at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, and co-author of a study published this week in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

    Between 11,600 and 12,900 years ago, the planet’s climate changed rapidly: in northern climes such as Greenland, temperatures dropped by several degrees in less than a century. No one knows what caused the deep freeze, known as the Younger Dryas.

    The leading theory is that shifting North American glaciers allowed freshwater melt to pour into the Atlantic or Arctic oceans, slowing ocean circulation and cooling the Northern Hemisphere. This idea has spawned worries that fresh water from today’s melting ice might also spur rapid climate change.

    Big blast

    An alternative theory is that meteorites or comets smacked into or exploded above North America, sparking fires, kicking up a haze of dust and soot and prompting glacial collapse. In 2007, researchers reported evidence for such an event in the remains of human settlements that existed across the continent at the time.

    Critics of the impact theory have been unable to repeat many of those studies, and have questioned whether the particles found were really from an impact blast. And no one has found evidence for raging fires across North America. “It doesn’t seem to me that they have constructed a very good case,” says sedimentary geologist Bruce Simonson of Oberlin College in Ohio. “If this is the best boat they can build, it’s just not sailing yet.”

    But the idea keeps gathering pace; it is now backed by about 55 authors, who have published 11 research papers between them, says James Kennett, a paleoceanographer at the University of California, Santa Barbara, who has been one of the theory’s leading proponents. “It continues to grow,” he says. In July, a different group of researchers looking at ice cores from Greenland reported finding meteoric platinum from a large impact at the time of the Younger Dryas.

    Lucky strike

    Sharma and his colleagues are now entering the fray. Sharma says that the minerals he found in deep Pennsylvanian soil were created at temperatures higher than 2,000 ºC, and formed glassy droplets that fused together in mid-air. These can be explained only by an impact, he says; an industrial blast furnace could make them, but any potential source is too recent and too far away. “We lucked out,” says Sharma.

    The minerals were identified after Yvonne Malinowski, a Pennsylvania resident, saw a television documentary about the Younger Dryas and sent Kennett a box of rocks she found on her land. Kennett then passed the information on to Sharma.

    The isotopic composition of the minerals indicates that the rock came from a several-thousand-square-kilometer patch of land in Quebec, hinting that an asteroid blasted through North America’s ice to melt and eject rock from the ground, says Sharma. “This is unequivocal evidence for an impact with Earth,” says Kennett.

    Paleoclimatologist Anders Carlson at the University of Wisconsin–Madison is not convinced that these glassy droplets are as unique or as meaningful as Sharma thinks. “You see the same evidence from periods when there wasn’t a Younger Dryas,” he notes.

    Sharma says that the key will be to find the crater. Although he has no experience in crater-hunting, he is now putting together a proposal. But Mark Boslough, an impact physicist from Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico, thinks that a find is unlikely. If there had been an impact, “there’d be a great big obvious crater”, he says. “We wouldn’t have to argue about it.”

    Steven Stanley, a paleobiologist from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Honolulu, has acted as a ‘personal editor’ on several of the PNAS papers on this topic, including the new work by Sharma and the original 2007 paper proposing the idea. “It has been very controversial,” he admits. “It’s my view that I should help to get this stuff published. It needs to be aired; it’s not outlandish.” PNAS typically uses a 'personal editor' option for papers considered too controversial to receive a fair hearing from the standard review process.

    Stanley says he is increasingly convinced by the impact theory as a mechanism for what prompted the freshwater floods. “I’m not sure how people can be so negative at this point. The case just builds.”

    This article is reproduced with permission from the magazine Nature. The article was first published on September 2, 2013.

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    The World Pyramid Builders


    Posted by Halo

    Who are the Pyramid Builders?


    I would like to research this topic more to see if any of us can "remember"? We are here as the Pyramid Builders.. What do you feel when you hear the term "Pyramid Builders"? Is there a part of you that vibrates inside.. A part of you that remembers, in a dream? A far off distant ancient memory? What does it mean to be a "Pyramid Builder"? Why are these Pyramids all over the cosmos? Do we not come from the stars and what is it about this beautiful planet Earth that we come here? Now? Ponder... Ponder... Remember in your ponderances...

    Posted by Thubanis

    The Time Travellers are well integrated in the Cosmic Matrix of spacetime and timespace. The most ancient ones and the ancestors of all are named by the rememberers and one of their labels is the name of the Archaeons.
    There are not only 'timelords' of the Mayan Looms, but also such 'guardians' of the timespace for the worldwide cultural edifices and monuments for the remembrance of the original constructeurs of the spacetime realms; you might choose to call those time travellers as the 'Elders from the Stars' and a time in the cosmic chronos, when planetary lifeforms were not yet able to evolve from the biophysical ingredients of the primordial elements.

    One might determine a linear timeframe of about 2,200 million years for this cosmic nexus, when the Elders of the Ancient Ones began to awaken from their supergalactic enslumberments.

    It was then, when it was the physicality of space itself, that became selfaware as a form of cosmic essence or 'time stuff' - the effervescence of time embedded in an ubiquitous consciousness and seeking to expand its information basis of and about itself.

    Like the Sphinx of Giza or the Temple of Angkor Wat; the Moai or 'Easter Island Statues' serve the timetravellers from the stars to recall their own beingness and cosmic awareness regarding their own history from a time, when the Cosmic Mother Planet Gaea of Earth began to transform the toxidity of the aquaeous realeased Oxygen in the air to form a new environment and medium for oxygen breathing lifeforms to evolve with.

    The adjustments were many and timeconsuming and the new lifeforms adapted to allow the Elders from the Stars to participate in infusing their own beingness and consciousness in a new morphology and a kaleidoscope of forms in structure and geometry.
    But prokaryotic lifeforms emerged from the oldest ones, the Archaeons and the 'Ancient Ones' then could use those new geometries to enhance their own remembrances and data bases to finetune and enhance their newly created bodyforms. Cellular endosymbiosis then assured accelerated integration of the information from the 'higher dimensional' or 'astral etheric' worlds of the 'Old Creating Ones' as part and parcel of the body shapes and forms of the multicellular worlds being born and becoming from the vast information base of the Archaeons.

    And then, when the multicellulars as the lifeforms of Gaea Earth had evolved into suitable superorgasmic lifeforms, which could utilize their 'stored memories' in a sufficient recall function, namely to allow 'old time travellers' to incarnate and inhabit those 'suitable biophysical' lifeforms; then the Archaeons would awaken from their cosmic sleepiness a second time.

    The first self remembrance was when the planetary home planet could begin to create the bodyforms in a 'computerizable and memory storing' density of form and the second self remembrance would be when the biophysical lifeforms could remember and tap their own multidimensionality in the most dense and necessary environment created for this very purpose by the Cosmic Mother planet herself.

    And so it is that particular crystalline and geophysical monuments display certain characteristics, like the Moai of Easter Island mainly facing inwards to the 'villages' of the ''Heirs to the Stars', but face outwards towards the Sea and the Galactic Worlds of the origins inland at the site of Ahu Akivi. They also point to the 'Land of Baiame' the Rainbow Dragon of the Cosmic Dreamtime, also known as Uluru!




    7) Also another strange clue. All the Ahu Moai watch the sky but they do so facing inland, all but one Ahu, the Ahu Akivi also with 7 Moai. These watch the western ocean horizon and are also crowned with heavy head stones called Pukao.


    In the image below the pictoglyph nature of the Rapanui text called “Ronga Ronga” is almost the same as the Naxi Dongba texts. Both seem to be using the star patterns themselves and bird head people as actual spoken word. Note the Naxi dongba text has three crosses as stars perhaps next to a cluster of six markings. The Easter Island text of Ronga Ronga also has two very common characters in texts speaking of their celestial deities using a group of seven dots and a group of three dots in a row and a group of three crescents in a row that resemble the mask worn by the Rapanui people in ceremony (see mask in depiction in purple lower down).

    There is one very interesting association of text to something Wayne researched in the Christ star map story: three star entities together mean three wise kings. The Magi he proposed represent the three that follow from the east associated with finding the location of the Christ ‘Bethlehem’ star... the stars of Orion's Belt as a sacred cosmic pointer... the 'forgotten' cross of the churches.

    Is this just a coincidence or are we seeing evidence of a global teacher passing through ancient civilisations.


    Ahu Akivi is an especially sacred place.
    Ahu Akivi is a sanctuary and celestial observatory built about 1500 AD which was the subject of the first serious restoration accomplished on Easter Island by archaeologists William Mulloy and Gonzalo Figueroa, with excellent results. As in the case of many religious structures on Easter Island, it has been situated with astronomical precision: it's seven statues look towards the point where the sun sets during the equinox.

    It is also aligned to the moon.​

    Ahu Akivi is an unusual site in several respects. A low ahu supports 7 statues all very similar in height and style. The site is odd in that it is located far inland and the statues were erected to face the ocean. The only site where this was done. Like other Easter Island sites the statues were found knocked off the ahu, lying face down in the ground. In 1960, Archeologist William Mulloy's team spent several months raising the statues to their original positions.

    The Freedom for Humanity is its Metamorphosis from its Cocoon!

    All Humans are ETs, born in 3D incarnation from a cosmic and intergalactic perspective, nous and origin.

    All Humans know on the soul-level, who they are and why they are here.
    Namely to break their Cocoon of their own Metamorphosis from the Inside-Out.
    All Humans are like little Reptilian Serpents, Dinosaurs or Chickens, who to be born as Starhumans, are required to peck at their encompassing eggshells from the inside to get out.
    If they fail to break their prison walls, they will die as unborn starhumans within their 3D prisons and so recycle their own beingness until they can self create their 4D merkabahs.


    One also finds Ice Circles and Crop Circles across many places on the Mother planet and the 7+1+7=15 Moai encode a variety of things, left as legacy by the Archaeons for themselves.

    Dolores Cannon on Crop Circles

    The Crop Circles as subconscious memory and remembrance triggers​

    baiame1. hanchalo11. hanchalo12. hanchalo13.

    hanchalo14. hanchalo15.
    Baiame - Rainbow Serpent of Creation of Uluru - Ayer's Rock - Australia-Lemuria!


    Olga Bernuy GalaxyMotherSister with Xeia Andromeda Cassiopeia StarDaughterMother Logos Dreaming:

    I was walking on a beautiful prairie; the grass was a deep green full of pretty wild flowers. My 3 kids were with me. My daughter was alongside me walking in a serene pace while my two boys were further ahead playing with each other not paying too much attention to their surroundings. The sky was blue and the sun was shining and the air felt nice and warm.
    We were walking alongside a river until I heard what sounded like a waterfall, but was not able to see any. All of a sudden I realized my youngest son had fallen backwards into the river, he simply disappeared from my view and when I ran to the edge to see where he had fallen, I witnessed something horrendous.

    By the side of the river there was a funnel of angry water made by a formation of rocks with a sort of brownish or yellowish foam on top made by the force of the water's fierce movement and the realization that my 4 yr old had fallen right into it made my heart and my entire body frozen in sheer panic. I yelled in terror and got as close as I could in hopes that perhaps I was able to grab him if he was not too deep but I wasn't able to see him.
    The sky turned grey now and the water was splashing on my face and arms and it felt freezing cold. My oldest son immediately ran to get help and at that instant I see my daughter jumping and diving right into the middle of the spiral.

    I thought: Oh no! Now I've lost 2 of my children!
    She did not ask me, she did not tell me what she was planning on doing otherwise I would've told her not to, but she was too fast for me. Not too long afterwards I see her head emerging out of the water. She took a big gasp for air and was able to see she was holding her little brother with one arm while moving slowly trying to get out of "the devil's hole".

    At that point my other son had returned and we both helped them out of the wate. I felt completely drenched and freezing. My son was motionless, lifeless; I held him close to me, trying to get him to open his eyes.
    At that point I noticed something falling out of the sky. It was very strange to me. I've never seen anything like it. It looked like little dots of sparkly golden dust falling first here and there but later it started to fall everywhere, much like golden snow! It was absolutely beautiful but my current state of shock prevented me to fully acknowledge such scene consciously.

    I asked out loud: "what is this?" and my daughter answered: "It's Hunab Ku mom!"

    I knew it was out of the ordinary, but all I wanted at that moment was for God to revive my son, so I started to ask God to please give me back my son. Pretty soon we were all covered in this golden dust and when it completely covered my son's body he glowed and opened his eyes.

    Then I asked: "What is this glow?" and my daughter answered: "It's God mom".

    I was so relieved he came back to life and at that point I told my daughter and my oldest son to take him inside the house to get him warm and out of his wet clothes but deep inside I also wanted to get my kids indoors because I knew something big was happening but I didn't know what.
    The house was not far away and all the way I kept looking at the Sky and thinking how beautiful this "pouring of God" was.
    When we finally got inside, my two older kids helped me comfort their little brother and when we were all nice and warm and finally calmed, we realized the Sun was shining again, but this time it was a much brighter sun than we've ever seen.
    The light rays came through the windows at such intensity that we held one hand up as what you do to safeguard your eyes from something very bright and we all moved closer to the window to witness what was going on outside.

    I saw something flying in the sky approaching us gradually. I ran outside the house to try to distinguish what it was. At first I couldn't really figure out what it was. It looked like a bird, then like a serpent, but as it was getting closer and closer I realized it was a dragon!
    At that moment I felt my daughter was again next to me, she was smiling and was calmed and seemed not to be afraid of these happenings. The dragon had a very strange flying motion. It was as if he was a serpent slithering in the air and looked very small, but as it was getting closer, we were able to determine its true size.

    It was a huge and absolutely beautiful sparkly multicolored dragon. His paws were a deep color purple and fuchsia, his back was red, his belly was green, his wings were blue, his eyes were golden yellow, his tail was white and it glowed and had a shine to it that was just gorgeous!
    I've never seen such beauty until I realized what I was actually witnessing in the sky.

    I thought: "What am I looking at? Why a dragon?"

    Then all of a sudden I saw the entire Sky filled with dragons!! All different colors and sizes. There was not a single "empty" spot in the sky that was not filled with them.
    It was truly a sight to behold!! I asked myself: "What is this? Why is the sky filled with dragons?" and my daughter answered:

    "They're here mom". Our ancestors are here!

    Olga Bernuy with Sui Generis of the Rainbow Serpent Sisterhood

    hanchalo17. hanchalo18. hanchalo19. hanchalo20.

    Now you know who memeplexed and inaugurated the construction of many pyramids all around the global environment and beginning the initiation for a particular cosmic family on Saturday, March 1st, 23,615 BC.

    shiloh za-rah

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