Spirit Animal Series

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    So this series is pretty self explanatory and won't require much in the way of Author's Notes. It is about describing different aspects of myself with animals, the ones I feel closest to. The imagery speaks for itself.

    Poem: spirit_animal_i_by_raxnae-d39pjyr.

    Spirit Animal I

    Dragon Spirit
    ...by Draxiss

    My Primal Beginning, a Reptile King,
    Greatest Animal Creation, Highest in the Kingdom,
    With Will unequaled, Mind unparalleled,
    Neither walking the High or Low Path, Blazing a Trail through Destiny.

    The Wild Fire Ettin made Flesh, Burning Blood deep inside,
    Origin of the Dream, Crusader of Imagination,
    The Humblest became the Greatest, Ego never inflated,
    An ID so strong, to right every wrong.

    Memory second only to the Tree, Warden of Nature,
    Manifested of Chaos, Balancing with Holy Order,
    Born of Darkness into the Light, never Blinding my Eyes,
    Epitome Male Duality, Abstract Rationality.

    Center of my Being, as our Bones are drawn to Earth's Core,
    Both Man and Beast, walking on four legs before two,
    Mercy so Gentle, Wrath so Destructive,
    The First, the Last.

    On Mighty Wings I Soar, Bellowing a Tremendous Roar.
    Spirit of Sol, Soul of Sun,
    Breath of Fire, Bearer of Water,
    Embodiment of Life and Death, Bound and Unbound.

    Master of Stories, Adventure shall be Free,
    Enemy of the Enemy, Champion of the Good,
    Never ending Battle, Destroyer of Evil,
    An Equalizer of Infinity, Measuring the Scales.

    A Heart so Glorious, Hiding my Face for the Cause,
    Fighting Alone, for an Impossible Hope,
    Searching for Shining Souls, to help Craft our Eternity,
    How can I Know, Will I ever find Paradise?

    Author's Notes: This describes my most primal self state, both sub-cosmic and super-cosmic, both material and immaterial, the great dreaming dragon searching for paradise in the grand dream of us all.

    Poem: spirit_animal_ii_by_raxnae-d39tgvm.

    Spirit Animal II

    Wolf Spirit
    ...by Loki Laufeyson

    Escape the Human Prison, Howl into the Night,
    Freedom Entrapped, must Explode,
    Creeping Madness, Moonlit Insanity,
    A Man becomes Beast, a Lone Wolf Fights back.

    This is not Chemistry, but a Point in Life,
    Never Forget Nature Roots, Rise above the Blind Kings,
    Just a Trickster playing Games, Sowing Seeds,
    Throw em over the shoulder, Planting Fiery Hope.

    Cut off from the Song, Singing of Heartbreak,
    Pain Unending, Sorrow Everlasting,
    Seeking Home, Looking into Luna's Light,
    The Pack of the Self, Hunting for Love.

    Awaken at Midnight, Full Moon,
    Escape False Sanity, Break the Binding Chains,
    Imagine Salvation, Take the Trail to the Unknown,
    Cover your Tracks, we're Never coming back.

    This is the Face, Manifest Loneliness,
    Trickle Down Despair, the Heart never Dies,
    Lycanthropic Lupine, Walking under Dragon,
    Riding a Raven, True Nature of the Man.

    Stalking that Elusive Scent, Further Descend,
    Down the Rabbit Hole, Balance on the Line,
    Sane Insanity, Disproportionate Perception,
    Creative Imperfection, Noble Savage.

    Follow my Blood, from an Open Wound,
    Ever Flowing, Sad Embrace,
    Save me from Myself, Wash away these Lies,
    Running Wild, Freedom Sings.

    Author's Notes: The Wolf is my Heart. It connects me to nature from the core, it is the howling insanity of the Dark Passion Play, the breaking free from the prison, my connection to my Native Roots.

    Poem: spirit_animal_iii_by_raxnae-d3b0b50.

    Spirit Animal III

    Spirit Man
    ...by raxnae

    Going from the Top to the Bottom, Seeking Love,
    Clawing and Fighting my way back, Eternally Dreaming,
    This Human Shell, but One Identity of Infinite Zero,
    Sorrow the Nobody, Brandon the Spirit Man.

    Many Names, many Masks,
    Unknown Hero, Sojourner of Truth,
    Lady Jane the Guide, Formulating the Vision,
    Logical Madness, Imagination of the Wild.

    Throw Sunflower Seeds over my shoulder, Tattoo of the Pack,
    Inner Child Revered, Old Man Dying,
    Take a Smoke Break, this is my Fate,
    Forging my own Destiny, the Story Unfolds.

    Memory of Death, Heart of Life,
    The Mind is the Key, my Burning Spirit's Voice,
    Soul Deeper than any Ocean, Deep Blue,
    Shining Stars, as Sand in the Wind.

    Blood and Thunder, Fire and Lightning,
    Dragon Master, Beast Man,
    Wild and Free, is all I want to Be,
    Thinking away, awaiting the Day.

    Freeing my Thoughts, Singing Night,
    Luna's Light, Guide me Home Tonight,
    Great Mother, Dread Father,
    All I give is Love, all I take is Just.

    I am Justice, I am Kira,
    Reaper Man, Poet Man,
    Brandon the Philosopher, Raxnae the Poet,
    Spirit of Adventure, Author of the Glorious Script.

    Author's Notes: Ah the Human Animal. This Describes my somehwat Shamanic Journey of the Self and Self Discovery and Realization. It also describes the Hero of my Own Story as well as being the Story's Author.

    Poem: 969698_10151439353986574_1112401512_n.

    Spirit Animal IV

    Raven Spirit
    ...by raxnae

    Morpheus Lord of Dreams, Sandman of Slumbering Mind,
    Black Feathers Stretch Far and Wide, Beyond Heaven and Hell,
    In Flight I Chase the Light, of the Elusive Mystery Hidden in the Dark,
    Red Eyed, Wizened Bird.

    Traveler Between Worlds, I Perceive Through the Veil,
    The Void has no Power Over Me, Wrapping it in my Cloak of Many Stars,
    My Mind is Keen, My Message is Clear,
    Thought and Memory, Huginn and Muninn.

    I Guide the Wolf, Through His Trials of the Heart,
    I Comfort the Boy, Longing for the Grand Dream,
    I Stare at the Dragon, Unafraid to Die,
    I am Legion, I am Shadow.

    Seek Me when You are Lost, I'll Show the Path,
    Long and Winding, We Draw to the End,
    When All is Whole, and the New Puzzle Begins,
    Games of the Heart, Dark Passion Play.

    I'll Hold on to Your Secret Name, Until you Remember,
    I'll be Your Sanity when you Overload, Loki's Remedy,
    I'll Fly Beside You, Ever Constant,
    Watching the World go By, I Won't Cry.

    Third Eye Wide, Imagination of Exploration,
    Amassing the Army, of One Love and One Heart,
    Devouring the Heartless, Singing to the Hollow,
    In Tune with Nature, Our Greatest Feature.

    To Show You What Lies Behind the Mirror, Self Reflection to Discover True Connection,
    Carrying Your Messages from the Two Hearts in One Spirit, Never Lead You Astray,
    Discovering Your Love was Inside All Along, Helping Her Precious Flame,
    Raven, This I Pray.

    Author's Notes: The Raven is my Mind as well as my Guide. It is the very Real Imaginary Companion of the Wolf as in Nature the Wolf and Raven have a Bond. It is the Traveler Between Worlds, able to carry messages from myself to myself to all.
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    raxnae One Love, One Heart

    Poem: trickster2.

    Spirit Animal V

    Trickster Coyote Twins
    ...by raxnae

    Brothers, Before we Entered this World,
    Bound by Genetics, our Bond is Even Deeper,
    We Mirror Each Other, and Serve as Example,
    Of How to Walk in Another's Shoes, with One Love and One Heart.

    We are Masters of Duality, and Can Reflect the Effects,
    Laughing in Shadows, Smiling in the Light,
    We Know the Grand Drama is but a Game, and not to Take it So Seriously,
    Bodies are but Clothes for the Soul, a Second Skin.

    Our Spirits are Faithful and True, When One Experiences the Physical Death we Relay the Message to the One Yet Living,
    Brother to the Wolf Pack, we Honor our Sacred Laws,
    Tricksters Planting Wisdom, for All to See,
    In Plain Sight, is the Secret Hidden.

    We Alter the Universe at a Whim, Our Power is Deeper than a Dragon's,
    We Are the Shapeshifters, Mirror Images,
    Projecting the True Oneness to be Found Within Duality, just Look at our Lives,
    We can Become Blood Brother to All, and Initiate them into the Coyote Den.

    In Honor of my Brother Roy, Whom I Initiated into the Grand Dreams Plan,
    Remember Simple Days in the Woods Getting High, Remember Nights of Untold Kinship,
    You are my Right Hand, in the Land of Spirits,
    Bring us Back Home, To the Earth we Loved and Lost.

    Author's Notes: In honor of my first cousin.

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