Sorrow My Love, Dear Sorrow

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    Sorrow My Love, Dear Sorrow

    Sorrow My Love, Dear Sorrow raxnae

    Dear Sorrow,
    You have been my Constant Companion,
    All these years,
    After all the Heartbreak,
    All the Mind Fucks,
    You were there,
    The only Emotion that Fills my Empty Void of a Heart,
    I will don the Robe Once More,
    Take up Scythe Once Again,
    I will be the Old Man at the End of this Age,
    Though I can only offer them place in the Forest as Trees of Sorrow,
    Anything is better than having to endure the Torment and Shame of this Life,
    If only you'd let me go back and correct the Minor Errors,
    But Dear Sorrow you push me forward,
    And the only thing I Love is the Pain when the Wound is Reopened,
    I Shed all my Tears long ago,
    Now all I have left is my Alter Ego,
    Reaper Rise,
    Dear Sorrow,
    Be my Wife.

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