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    MOON with halo aka MOON DOG

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    Photographer: Susan Lynne Schwenger

    Taken at exactly the same time Robin Williams
    transitioned to the other side
    11 AUG 2014

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    Last night i feel asleep early; had a dream about this movie - One of my favorite Robin Williams films, "What Dreams May Come" - and, was guided outside to take that moon picture with the 'purple halo' - or; purple moon dog

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    (CNN) -- Oscar-winning actor and comedian Robin Williams apparently took his own life at his Northern California home Monday, law enforcement officials said. Williams was 63.

    "He has been battling severe depression of late," his media representative Mara Buxbaum told CNN. "This is a tragic and sudden loss. The family respectfully asks for their privacy as they grieve during this very difficult time."

    Coroner investigators suspect "the death to be a suicide due to asphyxia," according to a statement from the Marin County, California, Sheriff's office.

    Williams married graphic designer Susan Schneider in Napa Valley, Ca

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    "I suffer from depression. I know it well.

    It’s been with me my entire life.

    Sometimes it’s worse, sometimes it’s better, and if you don’t know it, pray that you never do.

    It usually hits me about twice a year and for the past few weeks I worked through a pretty bad one.

    I tell you this because there’s nothing wrong with it.

    Yes, it can feel like a curse in this society, but I see it for what it is...a blessing.

    It slows me down, it reminds to be patient, it teaches me compassion.

    It has become one of my greatest sources of strength.

    Mainly because I have stepped aside from society and mostly live in a world and reality of my choosing.

    I’ve discovered how to work through it and come out the other side.

    I’ve learned to create as much as I can in the times in between, to get as many jobs done as possible.

    If you looked at my schedule when I’m in full flight you would not believe it.

    But not everyone is as lucky. Not everyone has discovered how to get by and make it through.

    And this is why:

    To make it through, you must figure out WHAT YOUR PURPOSE IS!

    I’m not driven by fear, and I’m not driven by reward.

    I’m driven by the sheer joy of creating something.

    Of the prospect of making the world a better place.

    We live in a world of grids and boxes. Look around.

    Practically everything falls into a grid or box.

    Our roads, fields, schedules, calendars, classrooms, and on and on

    .If you want to kill the creative soul of someone, that place that gives motivation

    and purpose beyond reason, then you couldn’t have designed a better system

    than the one we’ve got. It kills creativity like an abattoir.

    And it feeds, misunderstands and exacerbates mental illness through it’s linear indifference.

    Try it. Exert control over others.

    Motivate them with pain or reward and see what happens.

    You get people who begin to give up. They just do what they are told.

    However...if you give someone freedom.

    If you give them a place to play, a place to dream, a place to try things out and develop their skills..

    .you get people who are alive and tuned into their own growth.

    In other words you get engagement.

    And when you are engaged with your own life, you are finding your purpose.

    The reason I tell you this is because we are confined by limiting beliefs.

    We’re trapped by expectations and rules for the sake of rules.

    We are imprisoned in a system that tells you that you can’t make a difference,
    that you can’t actually change things and worst of all:

    that your life is small and unimportant.

    That’s a lie.

    You are insanely amazing.

    Yes, you.

    You might as well own that.

    Own your flaws and your mistakes and your errors.
    Own your beauty, your triumphs and your good heart. Own it all.

    This is your journey, don’t you know that? We all have tough times.

    We all have intolerable circumstances, and we all can do something about it.

    I get many messages a day from people who are hurting.

    They describe their life in excruciating detail, focused on all the things that are wrong.

    They will send me paragraphs about how wrong their lives are.

    I can’t help them. Neither can you.

    They don't ask for help, they demand you fix their problems,
    and that's a very important distinction.

    Until they start seeing the things that are right with their lives,
    and understanding that the difference for them will come when they allow it,
    they won’t even accept help.

    It won’t be exactly how they want it.

    So don’t focus on dragging the unwilling up.

    Instead turn your energy to yourself.

    Yes, that’s right. Be selfish.

    What I mean is, give yourself the gift and time to become awesome at something.

    Work at it. Be uncomfortable in your lack of skill, knowledge and ability and get better and better.

    And then do it all over again with something else. You’ll feel accomplished.

    You’ll feel competent.

    You’ll start to realize that there are very few obstacles in this life except
    those we place unwittingly upon ourselves.

    Very few people can be awesome without accomplishment.

    Well, except in their own minds. So if you don’t feel awesome,
    then you have to find out what you have mastery in.

    For example, I am trying to learn the guitar. I’m working on singing. I write whenever I can.
    And I paint. Some people think I have achieved mastery in my painting.
    I tell you I have very far to go. In fact, the longer I work at it, the more I see I will never reach the end.

    I wish this type of realization for you.

    I wish that you become a servant of humanity, of dedicating your gifts to to bettering the condition
    of your fellow person. I wish that you become a servant of the world,
    that it’s a little cleaner, a little more diverse, a little more vital because you were here.

    And you get there by being a servant to yourself.

    Serve your needs for fun, for play, for challenge and for accomplishment.

    If you are not actively engaged in accomplishing something great you will not experience long term,
    soul satisfying happiness.

    There’s no way around that. Fill your life with so much meaning that you have no room to live vicariously through someone else’s life.

    Be your own person.

    Make a difference in this world. Give! Forgive And be kind.

    The fastest route to a genuine smile is through the one you give another person.

    You are amazing. And you’ll know it when you decide that this is the day you’re going to start showing it.

    And you’ll have your ups and your downs.

    If you’re like me you’ll walk through the grey mists from time to time.

    As long as you are engaged in your own life and that engagement inspires you to serve this planet,
    you will always make it through.

    So please, live not just your life, but your best life.

    Don’t just shine, shine like a supernova star.

    And don’t just give, give it all you’ve got and never give up.

    Be that person.

    Be that person who changes this world.

    Even if that means you just change things a little for yourself, for the better.

    And start right now." Hiy hiy, -Aaron Paquette

    "In light of recent events I thought I'd share this post again. I know it's hard sometimes.
    Everyone else can seem so happy and fulfilled while you are not. They can look so safe and carefree
    and in love. On the other side, they can look so empty and sad, so cold and hopeless.
    Sad news, chaos, etc awakens a pretty deep sensitivity for a lot of people and they suffer from it.
    To those who suffer, please find the strength to reach out.
    No one important will judge you. And to those who see the suffering, be gentle, kind and giving.
    Be inviting and patient. In our world of quick fixes depression can be frustrating.
    There is no quick fix, but there is always the ability to give love and understanding.
    Such simple acts of compassion can change, or even save, a life." hiy hiy -Aaron Paquette

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    i am astounded at people, I am reading how upset or angry you are because Robin may have killed himself. You feel cheated and hurt, angry like he did this personally you. Well think how he felt, how he was driven to do this, how there was no light at the end of the tunnel, how hopeless it may have all seemed, of the nights he cried, of the days he longed to find a way to just stop the never ending pain! Damn it people its NOT about you believe it or not, its about HIM and how he felt. I wonder how many others feel this way and we blindly go on with our life not reaching out not acknowledging their pain. Some say he was a coward and couldnt go on, coward??? Have you ever thought or tried to kill yourself, it is not a cowardly act it takes a lot of courage to know that this will be the very last act you ever do in this world but the pain is so much you have or see no other options and so you do what you think will be best. There is no one there to speak with and for some there is even shame admitting they are feeling this way. Again people this is NOT about you and what was done to you, how he cheated you. Its about him and his pain and how we need to reach out to everyone and let them speak their fears and their hopes and dreams without being ignored or looked down on. We MUST CARE for one another. Depression is real and Robin needed help.

    Who else in your life needs help?"

    Lady Wolfen Mists

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    "The last time I contemplated suicide was about 4 years ago, and it involved self betrayal or extreme disappointment in myself and a failure to uphold my values, as well as a disconnected impersonal relationship
    with my higher power. Now, today, I am 63 years old and have made my peace with death
    through re-connection with the universal one and having a purpose thru prayer and grounding that prayer
    with yoga and native ceremony, so I can send it without smoke as the universal walks with me
    and knows me better than I know myself.

    I am truly grateful and honored to be in the presence of the unseen one and feel his warmth and compassion.

    I know that death is but a moment into eternity of life.

    I am grateful, although undeserving, yet grateful to accept it to me, so I may extend it to you...............
    thank you Robin for your gifts. Thank you Grandfather, for life among relatives."

    BWB - Viet Nam Vet

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    so, is depression a form of anger that is internalized ?

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    empty. Re: RIP - ROBIN WILLIAMS

    empty. mudra on Tue Aug 12, 2014 1:51 pm

    Fare well and have a safe flight Robin Williams.
    Your quest goes on.
    May you inner peace .

    Love from me

    Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.
    ~~ Buddha ~~


    In the deep listening and quiet stillness of the soul- all ways will be made clear to you in time.

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    "here's Robin's natal chart for you.
    What jumped out at me was his natal Chiron retrograde
    -the mark of a healer
    -exactly conjunct the Galactic Centre at 27 degrees Sagittarius.
    This is an access point, a portal,to huge transpersonal gifts and transmissions."
    Hare in Moon Astrology

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    SO MANY Comedic geniuses who left us too soon
    ~ So many Robin Williams, Mitch Hedberg, Bernie Mac, John Ritter,
    John Belushi, Chris Farley, Sam Kinison, Andy Kaufman ...

    Robin Williams

    Robin Williams was, without a doubt, an entertainment marvel.

    From television to film, and from comedy to drama, Williams set a standard that only he could reach.

    Versatile, boisterous and surprising, his comedic style cracked up and comforted generations.

    Now, those generations are mourning the loss of a comedic genius who changed the way we interpret,
    think about and enjoy comedy, much like these talents that follow:

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    "The water element permeating his chart indicates his fluid and intuitive nature.
    But a real key into his reach is Chiron at the same degree as the Galactic Core,
    the center of our Milky Way galaxy that functions as a "cosmic homing signal."

    "That conjunction, in combination with some other placements, connected Williams with what Eric has described
    as a “life-or-death struggle with faith” -- something driving him at the soul level.

    He was in touch with another world, and seems to have had difficulty reconciling it with the confines of this one.

    It may be that embodying that schism and bringing it to the public through his performances was the core of his purpose
    in being here.

    Williams’ personal vulnerability touched a chord in audiences worldwide, as viewers couldn't help but open up to his awkward and hyper wit, a thin veneer over the depth of sensitivity he grappled with."
    -- Elizabeth Michaud on the Planet Waves blog today

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