Revan's Story And Meditations Series

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    Let us get right to it.

    Poem: revan__s_story_i_by_raxnae-d3f7oi9.

    Revan's Story I

    Into The Unknown Darth Revan

    As the Subject of many Plot Twists, the Great Journey Begins,
    Leaving behind Loyal Cerberus, and the Love of Another,
    Propelling beyond the Veil, Hurling my Soul through the Wall,
    Stepping into the Unknown, into Darkness once more.

    I seek an Answer to a Question, what is the Sum of All Things,
    Without this Foundation, a Vision cannot Be,
    My Grand Dream, to Balance the Force,
    To maintain our Nature, for our Serenity.

    This Logical Insanity, my Will's Final Effort,
    Innumerable Paths, Connecting the Middle Road,
    Understanding the Spirit, with Scientific Mythology,
    For what can be Truth, that cannot overcome Death?

    Little did I know, these Past and Future Secrets,
    Timeless Void, Hallucinations of my Mind,
    Piercing Infinity, Staring into Blank Nothing,
    Piecing together the Facts, opening my Third Eye.

    Life and Adventure, an Image of Beauty,
    Yet how to Preserve, my Empty Being,
    Stabilize and Hollowfy, Nobody behind a Mask,
    Self Suicide, Living Vacuum.

    Sift through Primal Instinct, Ancient Entries,
    Where have I been, where will I go,
    Traveler of a Thousand Lifetimes, Losing Count,
    What is Real, and what is Fake?

    Infinite Possibilities, Numberless Variables,
    Mind Cracking, Pressuring Abyss,
    Thinking of Home, Lost without Stars,
    Observe and Remember, the True Lights.

    Author's Notes: Much is coded in this poem, Revan's journey to the void.

    Poem: revan__s_story_ii_by_raxnae-d3f9qar.

    Revan's Story II

    Doctrine of Loyalty
    ...for my friend

    Heed my words Old Friend, before your New Identity Begins,
    Let us think back to the Simple Days, of our Youth as Trainees,
    We were both Outcasts, treated with Disregard and Suspicion,
    I for my Raw Talent, and you for your Origin.

    In a Micro World of Fools, both Young and Old,
    We became Brothers, we sought the Truth,
    Our Journeys to Secret Places, opened our Eyes,
    These False Builders, and their Evil Ways.

    You said our Revolution should be made Public, I stayed your hand,
    We must Speak only to those, with Open Eyes and Hearing Ears,
    Such Wisdom is neither of Light nor Dark, but the Essence of Both,
    We may Fall, and should this come to pass Stop one another.

    Remember us and our Kindred, Fighting to Save our Home,
    How many Fell, how many Died,
    Though only the Two of us, knew the True Mission,
    To Prevent the Resurrection of the Heartless, the True Sith.

    And we knew we would have to Walk the Dark Side, to find the Balance,
    Yet we grew Distant, and the Whispers of the Heartless reached your Thoughts,
    You Betray Me, Forgetting I cannot Die,
    But my Loyalty Never Fades, and so I end your Life.

    Remember our Oath of Brotherhood, Remember our Dream,
    I grant to you a New Beginning, Destroying the Old Identity,
    Only you have the Power, to Remember the Truth,
    Reborn in Spirit, Remember your Friend.

    Author's Notes: For Revan's friend Malak.

    Poem: revan__s_story_iii_by_raxnae-d3fdsnv.

    Revan's Story III

    The True Enemy
    ...from the last few logs in HK-47's received transmissions after revan began his journey Note: Commentary: Cannot tell if Master has Lost his Mind in the "Void" from here to the final transmission.

    There was once Balance, where Evil was Controlled,
    Slowly it Evolved, Unnoticed til it Broke its Chains,
    Little did I know, a New Foe was Born,
    The Heartless Behind it All, so Begins the Game.

    What Happens when we Die, Do we Learn to Fly,
    High into the Sky, or are we Washed Away by the Rain,
    Become one with the Grain, so Hard to Explain,
    When so many Spirits, Utterly Fear it.

    These Creatures Within, like a Nightmare of Terror,
    Or a Poisonous Tainted Image, is it Me or Not Me,
    These Parasites Underneath, Draining us Away,
    Amplifying our Inner Empty, from Hollow to Heartless.

    Its like a Twin You, wanting to Steal your Face,
    Nothing is New under the Sun, save That which is Forgotten,
    Do you know Who you Are, a Shining Star,
    Or are you the Hive, of Evil Domain?

    We are the Enemy, the Enemy of Ourselves,
    Yet we are of One Love, and One Heart,
    So even if you Win, that was just a Game,
    The Final End to this Charade, is Truth Versus Truth.

    Are you Good, are you Evil,
    Or Caught in the Middle, Apathy is their Tool,
    So if you do not Choose, an Enemy you Remain,
    A Battle Lost to the Self, yet the Nobodies still Fight On.

    Cut off the Head, to Kill the Roots,
    Digging Needles Injecting you with Lies, do not Compromise,
    Your Burning Spirit, or Lose the Identity,
    Without an Aura, Broken Armor.

    Author's Notes: Again much is coded in this poem.

    Poem: revan__s_meditations_i_by_raxnae-d36835q.

    Revan's Meditations I

    Light Side Focus
    the first of Darth Revan

    Let go of your Anger
    Let go of your Hate
    Let go of your Fear
    These things are the Plague of Self Doubt!

    Embrace your Zeal
    Embrace your Truth
    Embrace your Conviction
    Through these you blaze your Trail!

    Unmask the evil Bastards
    Shed Light where the Dark harbors True Evil
    Throw an aura of Courage
    Overcome Death

    Through Calm I find my Focus
    Through Patience I make my Plan
    Through Love I find Serenity
    With these I fight for my Dream!

    The Eye of Ra
    None can deny
    This I say
    For I am Justice!

    Author's Notes: Focus on the "Light" Side.

    Poem: revan__s_meditations_ii_by_raxnae-d36dp09.

    Revan's Meditations II

    The Dark Will
    two of three Darth Revan

    I will master the Force
    It is my Will
    I am the Change
    It is my Passion

    Through Desire I find my Goal
    Through Fury my Power shapes Truth
    Through Victory my Chains are broken
    Through Freedom is my only Virtue

    Never Fall for the False Light
    Never Succumb to Evil's Embrace
    To Darken the Blinding Glow
    To Devour and Corrupt

    Where some are bound by Fool's Law
    I shall follow my Heart
    Where some give Life for Power
    I shall give Power for Life

    I am Loki
    Wild and Free!
    I am Man and Beast
    Chaotic Fire!

    Author's Notes: Dark Side Focus.

    Poem: revan__s_meditations_iii_by_raxnae-d36ityq.

    Revan's Meditations III

    The Equalizer
    last of Darth Revan

    I am the Balance
    I am the Force
    I measure the Scales
    I am the Sand

    The Beginning and the End
    The First and the Last
    Life and Death
    Good and Bad

    Stray far from the Center
    And be Maintained
    Abstract and Concrete
    A matter of Fact I walk with my Feet

    Walking the Middle Road
    Carrying one Open Palm and one Closed Fist
    High and Low
    This is my Show

    Dual Natured Reality
    Is not a Fantasy
    It is what you Make it
    The substance of my Dreams

    What you give will bounce back
    What you take will be taken back
    Reap what you Sow
    Sow what you Reap

    To walk into the End
    May only be a Beginning
    Who is to say
    When you are the best of both?

    The Dragon journeys
    This Lone Sojourn
    Writing his Epic
    And singing his Song

    Author's Notes: And finally the balance.

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