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    raxnae One Love, One Heart


    Reflection raxnae

    I'm just too busy, Waiting for Nothing and Wasting Away,
    I Stare into the Mirror, Seeing those Eyes that Remind me the Ghost of Pride is Clear to See,
    Looking into a Dead Reflection, of a Reanimated Version of Myself,
    I Wish He were Unfamiliar, but I Know Reaper all too well.

    Then it Passes, as I'm Much too Busy Dealing with Fate,
    I Said Fuck Fate, I Won't Accept the Prison you Built for Me,
    Yet Ever Faster does it Pull Me In, I Recognize the Man in the Mirror,
    The One Left Bleeding in the Void, as the Void Consumed his Heart.

    Devour Process Assimilate Destroy, Syntax Functionality,
    The Reflection Laughs, Moving on its Own,
    Then I Reground Myself in Reality, Seeing the Outer World as a Reflection of my Inner Turmoil,
    All Connected by Strings of Destiny, Bound by One Fate.

    Then I Am Reminded the Man in the Mirror is but an Image, a False One,
    Who Am I Really, is Buried Deep in My Guts,
    Will it Possess Me Again, Just as I Attempt to Break Free,
    I Just Don't Know, if the Sky is a Prison and the Earth is a Grave.

    So Much of the Universe Depends Upon this Precious Blue Pearl, Yet it Bleeds Everyday,
    Empathy a Curse, to Consume All the Pain Around Me,
    Clinging to the Little Hope I Have Left, in the Logos of the Word,
    But Not Any Word a Human Mind Could Understand, Yet I Can't Lose My Humanity.

    Reflection, This Godforsaken Path I Walk,
    A Curse in Itself, An Inescapable Crime,
    A Curse I Will Live With, A Curse I Will Die With,
    Mirrors the Chains that Bind Me, Will this Lifetime be Different?

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