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    Living the Dream

    Being in the Game of Being


    The object of The Blaming Game, on the other hand, is to teach us the value of The Game of Being by taking us out of it -- that is, being who we are and knowing who we are. With blaming it's just energy -- both the giving of it and the receiving of it -- with justification only a distraction.

    Participation in the energy of blaming -- How dare you! or I'm so stupid! -- is deadly to the soul (unless this is what you want). It closes up the light and clams up the love.

    When we drop out of the game being an infinite being on Earth we drop into oblivion -- forgetting who we are and what we're up to.

    The idea is to stay in the game and be conscious and awake at all times -- to be in the dream in which all this is a dream is -- being alive without conditions or permissions is -- called I'itoi by the Navaho.

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