Reality Shaping 6 - A Shared Dream

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    A Shared Dream


    This is about a dream where hearts are shared -- a dream to give life to a sacred space in our heart -- a space where all of humanity lives that includes every energy, frequency and pattern of life -- a space we share together. Here we are one and here we are whole. This is a dream about making it so . . .

    With the help of friends and energies within us, we are making fully present and manifest That Which Is in our bodies of dimensions one through nine . . .

    Creating The Dream


    Each of us brings our own unique energies to the weave. What we create exists already in each of us.

    What we bring


    We know it by different names -- IAM, Spirit, Our Higher Power, Light. In the end it is We that we bring.

    How we Bring it


    It is by consciously connecting to all those things we love -- people, frogs, the smell and sounds of early morning, roses, stars and our neat stamp collection.


    When we connect to these things consciously, we resonate with them and experience those energies as part of us. Thus the energies become manifest.



    It is being who we are, master of ourselves, in spite of any distractions.


    Like being a defensive driver . . .


    What will it be like?

    Something like every flower in the universe blooming at the same time!!


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