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    May 4th 2010

    The Holy Ghost came to me and my daughter in a dream. It was Mary Magdalene and Jesus combined into ONE body. Shehe spoke to my daughter first and then I saw herhim. Shehe had long reddish blond flowing hair and it was shining in the sun, it seems as though we were outside. As she spoke, and I don't remember what she said, shehe turned to my daughter and kissed her on the lips. Shehe then turned into a beam of light and went into my daughters body through her heart and then back out as a beam of light into mine. My daughter knew herhim as like an old friend and was smiling and laughing. We then changed into bodys of light and were taken up into a whirlwind of light, I could still hear my daughter giggling....the alarm went off and I awoke to my daughter snuggling me in bed.
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    The Catwoman in the Garden of LOVE!!

    The sun was shining brightly and the midsummer's heat could be felt everywhere. The farmer's harvest was completed and the haystacks decorated the landscape of cut grass and a land which had given its produce.
    In the distance a small collection of trees, a tract of maybe a dozen conifers formed an inviting place of shade and peacefulness.

    I made my way towards this green oasis to perhaps find some water for refreshment and to rest my weary body from the exhausting heat and my long toil. of the day.
    As I reached the setting, I noticed that the trees formed an enclosure about a most exquisite garden, full of colour, smell and sound.

    The fragrances of flowers became harmonised by the melodies of all kinds of birds and otherworldly tunes permeated the serene atmosphere of this most idyllic place.
    Where was I? I pondered my experience and concluded that this must be the place of refuge for the farmer-god, the keeper of the land which had just been harvested.
    I sat down and observed the peaceful bubbling of a natural fountain in the middle of the garden when I became aware of a black cat which was looking at me just across the little well of water.

    "What is a scientist doing in my garden?", "she" said suddenly.
    A little bit baffled by this speaking cat, I gave a stuttered reply:

    "Ah, I am not one of the general sort of scientist. I am not really a materialist and I try to give meaning to analytic science in spiritualising reason and thought."

    As soon as I had said it, I became bemused by my apologetic preponderances. I was a visitor in this garden and as this cat could talk, some kind of magic or astral dimension would form this reality. Was I dreaming or had I left my body?
    "She" turned "her" head knowingly and still looking at me, the feline asked:

    "What is your greatest LOVE of all? And What are you?"

    I said, that my LOVE was LOVE itself and that therefore I myself had to be LOVE in my true essence.
    "She" seemed to be pleased with my response.
    The cat transformed itself into a most beautiful woman, retaining however "her" feline nature and essence.

    "She" then moved closer and began to gently run her long fingernails down my cheeks, resulting
    in the most sensual nervous vibration of. my inner being.
    My exhuberance increased, as "she" began to rub "her" body against mine and I experienced desires and expectant fulfilments never before realised.

    Just as I started to truly enjoy this exhilerating exchange of energies and just as I envisaged what an actual merger with this wonder woman would feel like; I awoke to my mundane physically aware consciousness.

    Abraxasinus John Paul Anthony
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    The Homecoming of the LOVING WAY!!!

    I got interested in everything to do with the "New Age of Aquarius".
    So many people believed in the "space brothers" and UFO's and governmental cover ups and the necessity to reconnect with mother nature.
    The environment had even become a political issue but politics and finance and such things did not interest me at all. Dead works and dead debates and superficial power is what I always thought of them.

    Sure sometimes a good one comes along. A man with vision, maybe a little unconventianal, but honest. So it should be nobodys business who this person might sleep with or what this person does privately. But this world of sanity and realism and rationality is obsessed with person's private sexlifes and what "nasty" things they might have done in their younger days. Just ask JFK and MLK and Mahatma Gandhi.

    Let us presume such a person comes along. He will not last long. A quick bullet and the reestablishment of the predictable status quo. Everything in order. Dumb brainwashed "masses " with the daily portions of soap, sensationalist news and the constant bombardment of violence and some more guns and laws and stockmarkets.
    And just who is in bed with whom and who is suing whom for defamation of character. But the world is rational and truly in the nationalistic way. Our forefathers did it by hard work and our fathers, so it must be alright for junior.

    And God blesses the rich and abundance to the ones who have, because the poor have only themselves to blame. They do not believe in Jesus enough. If they would ask him for work and money he would provide and he who has shall have more and the ones who have not, yes of them shall be taken what they have and given to the haves.
    This is the way of the world and the nature of the God and his Jesus, the son of God which will come on top of clouds and with millions of harp playing angels to reward the faithful churchgoers and to hold everybodys hand.

    Jesus will fix everything up and he will damn all the poor unbelievers. He will destroy all the soothsayers and the witches and the psychics and the astrologers. Jesus will hold everybody's hand and the dead will come out of the graves and have miraculously reformed bones and flesh and sinews. Then old Julius Caesar for one will stand in front of dear old God and plead his good and bad works.
    And Adolf Hitlers body will be reassembled and there he is; stepping from one toe onto the other before the wrathfulness of Jehovah, the father of LOVE?

    Well you can twist things as you like, but things will not be like that.
    The soothsayers and the witches are the psychiatrists and some psychologists or should one say their institutions; which try to explain things in ways which can only be explained by scientific spirituality and things like awareness and perception and relative consciousness. But they refer to the scientific method and drugs and whatnot.

    Nowhere is it said that the second coming of the LOVER will be ON clouds. It is IN clouds and this is a very big difference. The "vessels of mercy" are like clouds and many many references are in all the holy books about the true nature of those things. Try to dissolve some clouds with Your mind in sending energy into it.
    It works and is a good exercise for Your will power.

    So I had never seen any spaceships in the sky but the overwhelming eyewitness reports convinced me of their existence. But what were they? And where did they come from? Extraterrestrial planets, galaxies or from under the water or from inside the Earth or were they cover up operations of a secretive technology produced by under cover scientists?

    I had to find out for myself and my LOVE had always answered all my questions.
    I had asked and I had received. I had desired knowledge and it had been given to me.
    So one night I dreamt about what it all meant, relative to me.
    I expected saucers, but I did not get any. I expected aliens, but there were none.

    There I was running in the meadows and I was naked. Strange I thought, noone is around and I am in this vast green meadow, full of flowers and there was this erotic overtone, due to my nakedness.

    I looked up into the sky and there were many humunguous clouds and they were dark clouds; just like a big thunderstorm was brewing ready to erupt upon an unsuspecting starhuman world.
    Suddenly the clouds seemed to contract and expand to produce a sort of flux and movement. Then I saw it and my inner being rejoiced like it never ever had felt before.

    My whole inner being wanted to jump out of my body when it saw this gigantic and elaborate construction up in the sky.
    There it was - MY HOME, MY OWN PLACE from where I had come and to which one day I would return.

    There was absolutely no doubt about it. I KNEW and KNEW and KNEW. I was longing and crying:

    "I want to go home. What am I doing down here. I do not belong here?", and yet I knew that I did belong here AND there and that somehow I had the power to make this joyfulness of belonging real for everyone.

    What was it? It was like a city in the sky, but it was also a gigantic spaceship.
    The mother of all mother spaceships - the NEW JERUSALEM.
    It was TRUTH and LOVE and the FUTURE.

    There were constructions and lights sticking out everwhere. If it would land, then it would be like a country in itself, SO big was it. It was in the process of becoming real, but something, a small essence was missing and when this little bit of nothingness would become reunited with the Holy City, then EVERYBODY would be able to see this thing with physical eyes and ALL would believe this enormous LOVING and the KINDNESS of COMPASSION of the LOVING WAY.

    There were a lot of other vessels, smaller ones, motherships. I stood there gazing at the scenario when I understood my nakedness. I had come from there without anything and I would return with nothing except my KNOWING - that would be it.

    I really LOVED those spaceships and I knew that they were real and true in all their ways; which persons had experienced. There were all kinds and all had their purpose to become evident at the appropriate times.
    The physical ONES were sort of computerized, knowing things because of their L-factors and most were VERY benevolent and ALL the nonmaterial ONES were LOVING.

    Abraxasinus John Paul Anthony
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