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    In the Thuban 101 thread, I've seen the words "core" and "extension" (and "core extension") used and I am curious as to what you are referring to.
    Could you please also explain the meanings of: MM, TLTR, and MI?

    Cores are The new 1-1 partnerships between Old Adams and Old Eves say. The Logos codes say, that there will be no more 'customary marriages' in the New World, but that this will become a 'Freedom Relationship', where the maleness in the female and the femaleness in the male become both expressed. In a very deep sense, you are 'marrying' yourself in ending your own inbred dualities as a New Dyadic monad of cosmic template definition.
    This we term HeShe and SheHe and any such 'heavenly wedding' will be a "Dragonomy Core". This is mainly decoded from the scriptures indicated and is NOT my idea or those of the people giving feedback on this.
    The 'Extension' of the Cores so become like a Family of Starhumans and rather like a 'New Race' and the 'extension' are like Multiverses phaseshifting as New Universes (as the Cores) from the reconfigured matrix strata (or plenum).
    MM=Mary Magdalene symbol as a 'female Shadow' within every old Adam allowing the 'metamorphosis'. This MM is personalised or Individualised in the Unique Stories of the starhumans wishing to become part of this 'new race' from the stars. The authority of all this resides however with the JCCJ template, again a scripture based symbol with MM=CJ=Christ Jesus as the female bodymind or BodyWave power and JC=Jesus Christ as the male mindbody power or the WaveBody.
    I know this sounds religious, but it is not; it is actually quantum mechanics in hyperspace.
    MI=Maria Infinity as a 42+106=148 Code, described in many many messages.
    TLTR=Too Long To Read describing a choice made by participators.
    Hope you are well!

    Blake - 9 Hours Ago

    Thank you for taking the time to explain those terms.
    And, yes, I'm doing well, thanks.
    Really, I have all the conceptual tools to be "doing well" from here on out. In every quantum moment is perfection, Logos, hope, open possibility, individuality, bridged to all that is so in no-time. Increasing joy & bliss is essentially the order of the day, while old unreal programming flakes away. The responsibility of keeping pace with potential and effectually entering into a role of positive creatorship is a bit daunting. so every day has a new sort of pressure or challenge to it. But I'm basically in my element and so will learn to adapt to acceleration and believe I have what it takes to successfully work through it all.
    I'm still reading/re-reading the Thuban material. Now I've accumulated 6-thick binders worth of printouts. Still enjoying the many insights. As I perhaps mentioned before, I don't have a Math or Physics background but my logical/topological intuitive-exploration faculty is developed enough for me to at least feel the relative trueness of many of your propositions. And, essentially, the Logos clarifies &/or bears witness. Which is not to say I take in all you have written as an unquestionable "package deal." But so much of it "rings true" that it is a joy to work with. Also, it seems that so much of my exploration and studying, over the last decade (or two) could almost be seen as laying a broad matrix to receive the Thuban material. Without the Christian background, the references to Jesus might have been problematic; without the disagreements I had with much of Christendom and conventional doctrines I would have had trouble with your unconventional tack. Without my exposure to NABS, conspiracy theories and arcane, somewhat true philosophies (such as Wingmakers, etc.), I wouldn't have been able to follow the references to these in the Thuban threads. And the list goes on. So I'm only able to metabolize this material to the degree I am because of many years of working through so many other propositions and systems. Even now, I don't look exclusively at your material, but amend, qualify or add to it - as light from (some few) others and my individual connectivity feels appropriate.

    Thanks again for all your work. Really, reading through that Project Avalon Thuban thread, I find myself in awe, again & again.

    Hi there Blake!
    There is much material on this site, which is basically a library and testimony for the World Logos.
    Thank you for your supportive comments, which I have posted and shared on some forums:

    Thuban 101 and BirthofGaia and ThubanintheMists.

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    a question:

    What does this mean for our future?
    Those of us that don't want to participate in this insanity will be prisoners in our homes forever?

    Kenan / Son of Enos responds:


    Nope, it means exactly the opposite.

    The vaccinated will have to live within a bubble out of necessity for their very lives

    The unvaccinated get to go on living without fear because we are not Genetically Modified Organisms,
    and we have a fully functioning immune system.

    Just wait until they start filing patents on human beings,
    because they now legally can.

    Just like Monsanto has filed a patent on all GMO abominations they've created.

    Nurse warns to stay away from the VAXXED!

    The nurse says that the vaccinated are shedding spike proteins and that she's been seeing people who are suffering a variety of symptoms after coming in contact with someone who's received the frankenvax.

    Avoid the vaccinated like the plague, because they are becoming a plague

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