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    A LITTLE MORE PROOF on 16 DEC 2013 & 17 DEC 2013

    The last 1300 ancient days
    has 20 days X 65 cycles = 1300 days

    28 OCT 2011 is The Calleman Date
    The 26th Ahua (in the last 1300 days of the cycle)
    26 x 20 = 520 days of 1300
    (40% of actual cycle)

    21 DEC 2012 is The John Major- Jenkins - Terrance Mekenna Date
    The 47th Ahua (in the last 1300 days of the cycle)
    47 x 20 = 940 days of 1300
    (72.307692% of actual cycle)

    22 DEC 2012 to 16 DEC 2013 is:
    The Evo Morale PACHA era which lasts 360 DAYS
    - a 'real' round
    and, it leads into the next grand cycle called
    The Pacha iNTi Grand Cycle, which is The 13th Grand Cycle

    16 DEC 2013 is The Tony Bermanseder - Susan Lynne schwenger Date
    - The 65th Ahua (in the last 1300 days of the cycle)
    65 x 20 = 1300 days of 1300 = 5 cycles x 260 days
    260 days=13 cycles x 20days
    20 day = 4 weeks x 5 days
    (100.0% of actual cycle)

    (*an aztec or mayan week is NOT 7 DAY, but is based on 5 days per week)

    Day cycle ends at sunset
    Day cycle begins at sunrise
    (anything after sunset is classified as the following day)

    The grand cycle ends at sunset on the 16 DEC 2013

    • begins after the sun sets on 16 December 2013
    • 17 DEC 2013 is celebrated in sunrise ceremonies and, welcomes in
    • EVERY GRAND CYCLE will begin on a FULL MOON - 17 December is a full moon
    • EVERY NEW YEAR will begin on the last Full Moon that falls in the month of December
    • EVERY CALENDER aligns to this date, without any exceptions

    ~let us look at The Aztec Calendar

    More proof of 16 DEC 2013 , as end date of the current grand cycle
    and, 17 dec 2013 - The start date of the next grand cycle called Pacha iNTi
    ~which was discovered by Susan Lynne Schwenger (back in 1984)
    & Tony Bermanseder

    THE AZTEC "Tonalpohualli" CALENDAR also confirms our date:

    The significance of this day
    Day Cipactli (Crocodile) is governed by Tonacatecuhtli, Lord of Nurturance,
    as its provider of tonalli (Shadow Soul) life energy.


    Cipactli is an auspicious day, signifying advancement and honor.
    It depicts energy and work, rewards and recognition.

    A good day for beginnings.

    1-Cipactli is the first day of new tonalpohualli, or 260-day religious calendar.

    It is an excellent day for beginnings or celebrations like a singing feast (cuicuicaliztli).

    The thirteen day period (trecena) that starts with day 1-Cipactli (Crocodile)
    is ruled by Tonacatecuhtli, Lord of Nurturance, munity; bad days for solitude. 16 DEC 2013

    Aztec and Maya Calendar

    Did you know?
    In the years after the conquest of Mexico, the xiuhpohualli (solar calendar)
    became tied to the Julian calendar as used by the Spaniards.


    This effectively introduced a leap year to the Aztec calendar every four years
    (this site provides the pre-conquest calendar).
    In the tonalpohualli, the sacred Aztec calendar,
    this day (Monday, December 16, 2013) is:

    13- Xochitl - Flower is last day of a tonalpohualli of 260 days.

    Tochtli is the last trecena of the sacred year.

    It signifies the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one.

    This just further proves,
    the dates of 16 DEC 2013 and, 17 DEC 2013 are correct
    for the end of the current grand cycle,
    and, the beginning of the next grand cycle.

    28 OCT 2011 - THE 26th ahua - The Calleman Date (In the last 1300 days)
    21 DEC 2012 - The 47th ahua - The John Major - Jenkins DATE (n the last 1300 days)
    21 DEC 2012 - The End of The Macha Cycle - 9,360,000 kin (in the last 1300 days)
    22 DEC 2012 - The Start of The Pacha Cycle - 360 Days aka Kin (in the last 1300 days)
    16 DEC 2013 - The 65th ahua - The Bermanseder - Schwenger DATE (in the last 1300 days)
    (9,360,000 = 5 major cycles x 13 minor cycles of 144,000 ancient days

    'THEREFORE, the old ancient time for discovering the change in the grand cycle,
    was simply off by eXactly 360 days, NOT out by 360 days, all days can be accounted for"
    ~ Susan Lynne Schwenger

    "A MAJOR GRAND CYCLE must begin on the day of a full moon -
    and, a major grand cycle must end on the day before the full moonk,
    only 16 Dec 2013, (the day before The Day of The Full Moon)
    and, 17 Dec 2013, (The Day of The Full Moon)
    can satisfy this requirement"
    ~ Susan Lynne Schwenger

    "An ancient year is eXactly 360 days ...
    and, within 9,360,360 days is one cycle of 5 major cycles x 13 minor cycles
    of 144,000 ancient days = 9,360,000 ancient days
    and, within 360 ancient days is one cycle of 360 ancient days,
    which is the length of the ancient year."
    ~ Susan Lynne Schwenger

    16th dec 2013
    - The end of the grand cycle of macha + pacha (9,360,000 ancient days)

    17 DEC 2013
    - The Aztec Crocodile Date starts a new 260 day cycle

    The Mayan or Maya IMIX Date starts a new 260 day cycle

    The Start of The 13th Grand Cycle of Pacha iNTi -17 DEC 2013
    and, will run for eXactly:
    Five (5) Major Cycles x Thirteen (13) minor cycles of
    One Hundred and Fourty Four Thousand (144,000) ancient days,
    for eXactly Nine Million Three Hundred and Sixity Thousand (9,360,000) ancient days...
    which was discovered by Susan Lynne Schwenger (back in 1984)
    when she stated, The Grand Cycle would change in the year of 2013,
    on the last full moon of December.

    Susan Lynne Schwenger & Tony Bermanseder joined forces in 2008,
    and, together they released the actual cosmology and mathematics,
    which proved these dates were correct.

    Tony Bermanseder has also aligned The Bible Code Dates, to these findings
    on (formerly known as

    posted Dec 11th 2012

    People may also find this of interest:

    "The actual Schwarzschild proton in hyperspace uses the mc =mPlanck.Alpha9~10-28 kg
    in the Schwarzschild stasis (nonrotating and uncharged Black Holes) metric
    to give the supersmall (and physically unrealistic) sub-Planck-Length of:

    Rproton=2Gmc/c2 ~ 2.5x10-55 meters.

    Then as the smallest physically meaningful 'quantum displacement'
    is The Planck-Length-Oscillation as √(Alpha).LPlanck ~ 2x10-36 meters;
    no Schwarzschild Proton can physically exist,
    neither in 3D nor in string-membrane space of 12 dimensions."

    December 27, 2008

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    CULCULCAN The Final Synthesis - isbn 978-0-9939480-0-8 Staff Member

    Extraterrestrial Physics of the Citizen's Disclosure Project


    [2:39:32 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: This is also interesting about contact and the ETs- Richard Dolan and the book quotes of this Hellyer bloke

    [2:39:51 PM] Sirius 17:…/…/23/us/feat-ceres-pyramid/index.html
    did you see this?

    [2:39:52 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: It refers to the disclosure of Thuban-Logos
    [2:40:10 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I mean they don’t know but we do what this scenario is
    [2:41:36 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: could be some chemical deposit
    [2:43:17 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: 3 miles is about 5 km Mt Everest is 8 km
    [2:44:47 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Anyway listen to this foot doctor Leir and Dolan mainly
    [2:45:06 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: there is some good stuff from Leir at the end
    [2:45:20 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Hellyer is ok when reading from the ET telepathy
    [2:45:38 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: most other stuff you can skip and Greer you know
    [2:45:59 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: The science bloke just describes our 'Cosmic magnetism' paper
    [2:46:06 PM] Sirius 17: ok
    [2:46:30 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: he is wrong calling Einstein's Equivalence Principle wrong,
    but I know what he means

    [2:46:48 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: He means the prior magnetic monopole physics of rotating masses/inertia

    [2:47:04 PM] Sirius 17: yes i will watch it

    [2:47:06 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: You will understand this well enough
    The Inertial Newtonian Mass equation F=ma, applied to the Lorentz Force F=qvxB
    and applied as a magnetic force law is not quite correct,
    but is rather an approximation to the actual ET omniphysics.

    Just as the electromagnetic wave propagation consists of both electric
    and magnetic field components; so does this connection of forces unify characteristic accelerations
    in a dimensional bridge, transformation or intersection.

    The derivation engages the higher dimensional membrane physics and is based
    on the definition of physical consciousness as inverse source energy of the Zero-Point Energy
    or Vacuum Potential Energy characterising both the 'dark matter' and the 'dark energy'
    and as Tom Valone appropriately infers from the UFO science in his testimony
    given in the video presentation above.

    The universal spacetime matrix defines the inverse source energy
    as a high energy microcosmic part of the 11D supermembrane unified
    with its low energy macrocosmic partner and as E(p)rimary(s)ource=hfps=1/e*
    and with e* being the higher dimensional originator for the link
    between universal gravitation and magnetism in the form of a magnetic monopole.

    This form of primordial higherD magnetism then forms a dimensional gradient
    or intersection with a lower electric pole, known as the familiar electric charge
    carrying inertial mass associated elementary particles,
    like electrons and protons and subatomic constituents of matter.

    In the origins of the universe, the quantum form of the Big Bang manifested space
    from a quantum fluctuation, which can be described as the 'bounce of a minimum length'
    or a 'Planck-Length-Oscillation', which can be formally expressed
    as the ratio of 'MassCharge'/Energy = e/c2 in the Planck Oscillator Eo=½hfo=hw/4p as precursor
    for the 'Uncertainty Principle' of the Heisenberg Field matrix of spacetime.

    The mensuration- or measurement units for the 'Planck-Length-Oscillator'
    so identify the origin of displacement as a Electropole Charge 'e'/c2 ratio
    and which has 'Stoney Charge Units' for a 'dimensionless' 'speed of light squared'.

    for Unity 1 in Go=4peo.

    This unity boundary condition or 'Action=Charge Squared' Universal Law of MultiD
    crystallizes naturally from the Identification of the dimensionless finestructures
    for the higher dimensional membrane unification between the gravitational
    and electromagnetic finestructures.

    Omega = Gravitational Finestructure = 2pGoM2/hc = 2pke2/hc = Alpha = Electromagnetic Finestructure
    and for k=1/4peo.

    Then GoM2 = ke2 and for Gok=1 for Go=1/k=4peo.

    The 'Universal Mass' M can then be expressed as M2 = k2e2 and M=e/4peo

    The Maxwell Theory of Electromagnetism however defines the invariance
    of the Mass/Energy ratio for the inverse of the square of the speed of light
    as the product of magnetic permeability mo and electric permittivity eo
    in the coupling of the magnetic field with the electric field in that electromagnetic wave.

    This can be written as moeo=(120p/c)(1/120pc)= 1/c2 with M=e/4eo=[30ec]monopolar

    The magnetopole charge e* from the 'higher' 12th dimension so 'maps'
    or dimensionally intersects the 'lower' 3rd dimensional electropole charge e
    across a 11-dimensional mirror,
    which can be formally identified as the higher dimensional boundary
    for the lower dimensional universe and also as its 'holographic' de Sitter Black Hole
    'Hubble Event' Horizon.

    The 12 dimensional 'displacement bounce' manifests as a 3 dimensional elementary distance scale,
    known as the classical radius of the electron and defined in the electropotential energy
    of the electron in E=melectronc2=ke2/Relectron and so for Relectron=ke2/melectronc2.

    Setting the Inverse Source Energy quantum at the foundational VPE wormhole scale,
    defined in the magnetopole charge e*=1/Eps=2Relectronc2
    then defines this inversion membrane-string quantum energy as the product
    of ordinary 3D volume multiplied by angular acceleration,
    expressed as the time differential for frequency f or df/dt=awareness aw,
    say as the alphaomega quantum of creation.

    The Linear Acceleration in Newton's Force Law F=ma transforms
    into an Angular Acceleration in the Lorentz Law formulations
    of Haisch-Puthoff utilized by Thomas Valone.

    The Biot-Savart Law for a magnetic field is given by B=moev/4pr2
    measured in Tesla with a linear velocity v relating to an angular velocity
    w via radius r as v=wr=2pf.r and reducing to v=wr=pf.r for the minimum Planck Oscillator Eo=½hfo
    B=(120p/c).ewr/8pr2=30ecw/2rc2 = Mw/2c2r

    A reformulation of the Biot-Savart Law inclusive of the higher dimensional acceleration coupling,
    then equates to the Lorentz Force manifesting as the UFO propulsion-antigravitational dynamics
    observed and analysed.

    F=evxB = ewr.Mw/2c2r = e w2angularMgravitational=inertial higherD/2c2
    = Minertial lowerDalinear in the elementary ET Force Ratio:

    F12D/F3D = Mgravitationalw2angular/Minertialalinear = 2c2/e = 2c2Relectron/eRelectron=
    e*/eRelectron = 1/EpseRelectron = 1/hfpseRelectron

    In higher D it is the electropole charge e of the lower dimension,
    which manifests the magnetopole charge e* as universal 'spacetime awareness'
    or physical consciousness.

    The 'Magnetic Lorentz Force' of Haisch-Puthoff-Valone then superimposes
    the intrinsic (selfcontained) angular 'higher D' acceleration of the UFO spacecraft
    as dimensional gradient between the space -separated charges e and e*
    onto its linear 4D spacetime matrix to manifest the 'spacetime jumps'
    and rapid acceleration phenomena observed in UFO manouvers.

    This part of their formulation is correct; however the Equivalence Principle
    of General Relativity remains valid in that the inertial mass acceleration
    measured in Minkowski spacetime is gravitationally indistinguishable
    from the acceleration experienced in a gravitational field.

    It is not a difference in the formulations for the mass-inertia parameter,
    which enables the force interactions to intersect dimensionally
    without the spacetime dependency as stipulated by lightspeed invariance;
    but the origins of the mass itself,
    either expressed linearly inertially or spinning gravitationally.

    The origins of mass as fundamental parameter to formulate a law of gravitation,
    so derives not from some 'Big Banged' matter-antimatter distribution,
    but from a massless 'wormholed' supermembraned universe,
    whose curvature was caused by the unification boundary condition
    of the equivalence of the electromagnetic- and gravitational finestructures,
    known as Alpha and Omega respectively.

    Those finestructures then determined the quantum properties of displacement,
    time, mass and charge as a function of the 'wormhole oscillation';
    defining properties such as the mass, charge and size of the electron
    as the fundamental spacetime path of the minimum 12D spacetime configuration
    of the wormhole and given by the Planck-Length-Oscillation as a direct manifestation
    or image in the Classical 3D Radius of the Electron,
    the latter also defining the subatomic magnetic asymptotic confinement
    of the nuclear interactions and the size of the Higgs- and Weakon bosons.

    The Alpha-Omega Unification underpinning all physics terrestrial
    and omniphysics extraterrestrial then enables the physical cosmology and universe
    to emerge in an evolving spacetime continuum, however wormhole based;
    from its metaphysical precursor, whose elementary building block
    becomes the Quantum of Consciousness defined in the inversed source energy
    aka the magnetopole charge e*.

    The metaphysical connector to the physics can be shown to unify
    in a pure abstract mathematical series known as the Fibonacci Numbers
    and a 'Golden Ratio' to relate in one-to-one correspondence to the electromagnetic finestructure
    constant Alpha defined in a manifested physical universe as the size
    and scale of an electropolar charged electron.

    The Zero-Point-Energy of the wormhole matrix permeating all spacetimes then provides
    a energy reservoir of potential manifestation and utility,
    depending however on the ability of spacetime inhabitors and observers to 'tap' this energy
    via resonating with the native definitions of the 'cosmic awareness' defining the constituents
    of the universe and including such notions of 'Dark Energy' and the 'Dark Matter'
    and as a function of the 'Consciousness Supercosmic Energy'.

    Now some not so moronic, naive and gullible nabsers swarming the 'alternative science' forums
    might understand the real ET physics and could share this information
    with the Citizen's Disclosure Project's congress folk and say Steven Greer
    and Thomas Valone and Roger Leir and associates and similars.

    Would this not allow the ETs to move a step closer of real science disclosure being made possible?

    The true ET Councils know their own science of course, but the fake ET councils do not.

    Then any 'incomplete and underinformed' 'ptb secret technology' and 'dark operation projects'
    will lose their relevance and no longer would be necessity for ET contact
    with their cosmic agendas and as stipulated by the real ET councils.

    ~ Tony Bermanseder

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    CULCULCAN The Final Synthesis - isbn 978-0-9939480-0-8 Staff Member

    26024025_1968714073139590_4870867083051480525_o[1]. 26024025_1968714073139590_4870867083051480525_o[1].

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    CULCULCAN The Final Synthesis - isbn 978-0-9939480-0-8 Staff Member


    CULCULCAN The Final Synthesis - isbn 978-0-9939480-0-8 Staff Member

    Tony Bermanseder [23-Apr-16 1:15:59 PM] ShilohaPlace: Well hopefully you feel the beneficial energy from it
    [23-Apr-16 1:29:33 PM] Sirius 17: we are back, yes today is earth day as well and so the ultimate truth cannot be conveyed in words but can be felt as energy
    ShilohaPlace: This is a non sequitur. Of course feeling is potent but proper explanations can certainly lead to understandings
    Sirius 17: yes i guess what i was trying to convey is that the energy can't lie; it either is or it isn't - you can't twist its words
    ShilohaPlace: True what I am trying to show you with my desires for your bodyform. This is being FELT and has biochemical brain-mind effects etc
    Sirius 17: yes i understood something just now
    ShilohaPlace: Phew. Namely?
    Sirius 17: call it a wordless knowing, i felt the truth
    ShilohaPlace: Which is?
    Sirius 17: the Logos
    ShilohaPlace: Yes and how do we feel the Logos?
    Sirius 17: well through love and the desire for more of it and the desire to merge with it
    ShilohaPlace: Yes cosmic seduction is a word for some high sexual vibration energy permeating our bodies or such. Kundalini as just another word for it, but known for millennia to exist
    Sirius 17: yes but it is beyond kundalini
    ShilohaPlace: In our case yes, as it is the JCCJ. But the kundalini idea is the sexual expression of the two as one etc say as a triple serpent not just a twin
    Sirius 17: anyone can induce kundalini, this is much deeper and more intense
    ShilohaPlace: As said the white serpent from above is new adding to the left black and right gold. So it is actually two-way-communication across dimensions

    [23-Apr-16 2:37:38 PM] Sirius 17: but how does this relate to the color triplicities
    [23-Apr-16 2:38:10 PM] ShilohaPlace: A little technical, but there are 2 basic triplets
    Sirius 17:
    ShilohaPlace: A third becomes the blend of the first 2. No Red is primary start and Yellow is secondary start. Now tell me the tertiary start as a colour
    Sirius 17: green?
    Shilohalacee: No, Green is the 2nd of the 1st triplet
    Sirius 17: blue
    ShilohaPlace: RGB and YCM remember. Blue is the 3rd of the 1st. How was the 2nd tripled made? RGB is the beginning. Mix Red and Green = ?
    Sirius 17: by mixing rgb with ycm?
    ShilohaPlace: Yes; Red+Green=Yellow. Look at this 'secret' for UFO propulsion with respect to what Valone and company term the 'shielding of inertia'. You are here seeing the primary causes of why the ufos display the colours they do in their manouvers. Of course he got 'Einstein's Equivalence mistake' mistaken lol, as what he terms gravitational mass as distinct from inertial mass relates to mass spacetime quantization in the 11D membrane field, where inertial mass becomes a frequency equivalence. But the observation of rotating ufos creating the magneto monopolic electricity as gravitation is correct as shown in this post and elsewhere. The second pic relates to the intrinsic supersymmetry of Maxwell's equation in the introduction of the magnetic (Dirac) monopole as parallel energy manifesto for the higher D - lower D intersection


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    [23-Apr-16 2:41:06 PM] ShilohaPlace: So what is the new potential to make the 3rd? As you said mix 1st and 2nd triplets. Red+Yellow = ?
    [23-Apr-16 2:41:36 PM] Sirius 17: lol i don't know i am lost; orange
    ShilohaPlace: Indeed. Orange is the start of the third triplet of the radiationmass -resurrection energy etc
    Sirius 17: and orange is what chakra again?
    ShilohaPlace: Red-Green-Blue = Radiation/Antiradiation - Yellow-Cyan-Magenta = Matter/Antimatter triplet
    Orange-Lime-Aquamarine-Turqouise-Indigo-Purple becomes the third. Doubled because Red mixes with Yellow mixes with Green. So there are 2 colours in between R-Y-G. Namely Orange and Lime
    Sirius 17: yes i see
    ShilohaPlace: Its just the rainbow. Ergo the NW covenant of the Noah as a rainbow. Now you see why Orange is often associated with 'spirituality' say in the robes of tibetean monks etc
    Sirius 17: yeah
    ShilohaPlace: And the Mexican Ufos you posted some years ago. Drunvalo stuff
    Sirius 17: we actually came across one at the tulip festival, a tibetian monk, he was wearing the orange toga robe
    ShilohaPlace: So you see I am not making things up. There are contexts
    Sirius 17: i never thought you were making anything up
    ShilohaPlace: I know but many do lol
    Sirius 17: yes i know, they don't read deeply enough
    ShilohaPlace: And you are labelled as a Parrot a truth parrot to me
    Sirius 17: or at all in most cases and yes i am just a mindless parrot on a string lol; don't tell them i am the string itself tony, lol
    ShilohaPlace: sexy bird goddess to me - volupta
    Sirius 17: did i tell you Carolina drew me as a bright red unicorn with a green mane?
    ShilohaPlace: Red+Green from spirit creates the body in mass
    Sirius 17: she is going to surpass me as an artist if she chooses
    ShilohaPlace: Sure kids normally do. She wont surpass you in sexappeal though relative to Abba
    Sirius 17: so what are you doing now


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    An Extraterrestrial Cosmology

    How does a metaphysical Universal Intelligence embedded within a physical universe communicate with its distant parts?
    The physical universe is defined as a self contained entity occupying a realm of multidimensional spacetime, which is by nature unified in energy and its constituent parts.
    This unification in energy encompasses all parts of the universe as information, existing both as potential physical manifestation and as actual phenomena measurable and observable by usage of physical parameters described by mathematical formulae and relationships.

    If the galactic centre of the Milky Way galaxy is about 26,000 lightyears from a local starsystem, called the Solar System, then how is superluminal communication exceeding the lightspeed barrier of 1 lightyear per year or a distance of so 10 trillion kilometres travelled by light in one year possible?
    Can Extraterrestrial Intelligences ever reach Earth from places in the galaxy stellar distances apart?

    Answer: Interstellar and intergalactic travel becomes possible via a universal Black Hole Cosmology and the interdimensional science of a superconscious universe utilizing a hyperphysics of a 4th spacial dimension!

    Before addressing the science of the hyperphysics proper a general and somewhat poetic overview as to regards the cosmic significance of planet Earth is appropriate.

    From the Cosmogony of Tony Blue:

    "The Earth is cocooned in a resonance sphere of pure density, called a Hill sphere, which surrounds the planet and extends out to about 2 million km or so. This distance scale encompasses the Moon so 363,000 km from the Earth and extends so 5% in opposite directions to the neighbouring terrestrial planets of Mars and Venus.
    When the universe was created, the nexus point of this sphere manifested as a Lagrangian gravity point which later became the planet itself as archetype for this inverted light, hence the most extreme and dense place in the universe.
    The ET’s also have a hill sphere but because of their resistance fields being made of light and higher dimensional, its suppressed and thus they cannot completely solidify themselves or their ships, they are lacking the information to do so.
    Gaia is the universal template or source code for manifesting this solidity, but at the moment is dimensionally closed off from the rest of the universe and so cannot share her data yet.
    The 2012-2020 scenario and birth will collapse this hill sphere into a higher dimensional black hole about the size of a golf ball and this will flip inside out and become a white hole, or data emitter, thus ending the Gaian Quarantine Zone.
    She will then ‘shine’ her own dark density light codes out into the universe, providing the ET sentience the necessary information to activate their own suppressed hill spheres.
    Until this occurs the ET’s cannot physically manifest themselves without the data that the Mother Gaia is blueprinted for.
    So they like us have been waiting a very long time and are bound to the same timeline and prophecies as we are."

    Tony Blue


    The technical details with respect to the following discourse can be accessed at:

    Cosmogenesis - A Story of Creation in Membrane Mirror Symmetry or

    The Extraterrestrial Hyperspace Physics

    The Universe can be described as a 'Mother Black Hole' entity; meaning that the oneness of the universe has no physical progenitor and that the notions of space and time and energy defined by spacetime variables such as mass, distance, temperature and time are not applicable in any physicalized meaning.
    This self emergent creation "ex nihilo" as a consequence of the 'Mother Black Hole' as a physical entity from some physically definable void of potentiality; then could associate its physical origin and genesis with a 'Father White Hole' entity defined in non-physicality, say as a form of information potential originating from a form of metaphysical abstraction, such as the self emergence of mathematical logic and form from algorithmic systems of numbers and binary code.
    With the emergence of space, the abstractions of number and potential form could then attain geometric forms in using the emergent spacetime occupied.

    The concept of a Black Hole is based on the notion of its energy existing in a state of physicality, which is in some form separated from its exterior environment.
    This is described as the Schwarzschild solution for curved spacetime and as a basic solution for the field equations of Albert Einstein's theory of General Relativity.

    There the Mass energy of a Black Hole is related to the size of the Black hole by the formula: Radius RBH = 2GoMBH/c2

    and where Go describes Newton's Gravitational Constant as applied to Quantum Gravity in the Unification physics of Planck-Stoney units and the dimensionless identity 1=2pGomPlanck2/hc to define a so termed Planck mass mPlanck = √{hc/2pGo} for Planck's constant 'h' and the speed of light constant 'c'.


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