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    Bell Pepper

    Life moves through us in wondrous ways

    As life moves through us, it takes each of us home, a place of love and freedom from which we come and to which we return.
    Coloured 3D computed tomography (CT) scan of a section through a bell pepper, showing the seeds (centre) inside -- Science Photo Library
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    the adventure lies in not knowing where we'll end up




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    Dear John


    Dear John Bechtel,

    You asked what exactly do I do. I said I write on things that make my heart zing. This is true, but the question is a good one and deserves some thought.

    I think we are patterns. Like the patterns we talked about on our walk. I think we not only communicate and see things in patterns, but that we are essentially patterns ourselves with body and soul.

    So I spend my days coloring in the pattern that I am through writing, thinking, feeling and experiencing life. Because I feel we are already complete and whole at some level with no need to evolve, I just fill in the pattern as it becomes clear to me.

    This is my passion. It drives me morning, noon and night. I do not know where it will lead. I do not know the destination. Half the time I don't even know the words I write before I write them.

    Your friend, Doug

    John Bechtel
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    WHAT IS LIFE? — a man of philosophy asks

    A man on 4th and Vine reminds us if we are to be something, preacher or plumber, we need to KNOW what it is first. So it is if we are to be alive, we need to KNOW what life is.

    Unequivocally he affirms WE (a larger we) are a conscious being undivided, complete and whole. That WE exist in the part and the whole equally, leaf and tree equally. That WE are non-local (no separation between leaf and tree).

    That WE have no boundaries (not even our skin). That there is no space where WE do not exist because WE are unbounded, in every dimension, every space, every time.

    What this means, of course, is that WE are life itself because this defines and describes life precisely. Thus we feel, feel alive when we are in sync with who and what We are.
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    The only sure way I know of not worrying is to be in love. So why can’t we be in love all the time??? WHO SAYS WE CAN"T?

    Is there some LAW that says we can’t? Does being in love always hinge on something “out there”? Are we doomed to be a puppet of an uncertain future? Not even the weatherman knows what tomorrow is going to be like.

    Simply put, how can we unhinge love from what’s out there and put it back inside us. We know it’s there because the knowingness comes back when the noise gets low. So sometimes we see it and sometimes we don’t.

    But we can change our memories. WHO SAYS WE CAN’T?

    The memory we want is very old before there were words. This kind of memory will not get lost in the everyday because it comes from way before anything.

    We're familiar with these memories (feelings really). Maybe not as love, but as life as in sex, survival, passion, creativity, vitality, the tangible, the real thing and the ntty-gritty.

    When we get these memories, we know EXACTLY what to do. To remember these memories we just relax relax relax and forget the words. WHO SAYS WE CAN'T?
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    Arabian NIghts

    We remember a place where love flourishes totally, completely, fully yet quiet and still at center and core, as we step into loving ourselves

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    Looking at ourselves for a moment


    For a moment we’re totally connected to ourselves. Time slows way down. A fraction of a second feels like a minute. We have solid eye contact, but we're not seeing with our eyes. In fact, we’re not really thinking or feeling anything.

    We enter a territory where we see by TOUCH (as seeing with the heart). It feels tactile, nitty-gritty, looks grainy. We're seeing the textures, granularity of the world with our hands. Not our eyes. Ambient noise subsides. Quiet and still

    We feel vulnerable but know we're safe as we're in the hands of the love, our sexuality and our essence.
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    When you feel this . . .




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    My Theory on Life


    My Theory on Life. We're in it for the experience. So each has merit --- the good and the bad -- the first class and the cheap. We experience (remember) things we've forgotten, like going on a forgotten journey. We like to do this. We don't have to evolve 'cause we're perfect already (God made us that way) but we do enjoy being alive.
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