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    2014 as the 7th year of Completions

    Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations

    Crop circles in California: Giant circles appear in Salinas Valley, California, USA

    California Crop Circle Sparks UFO Talk

    Image 111th Aerial Photography & Video
    Copyright 2014​

    An unexplained crop circle in Salinas, Calif., has captured the curiosity of alien enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists across the nation. The patterns were noticed by aerial photographer Julie Belanger, who told ABC News she was shocked to discover them during a flyover on Monday. Adding to the mystery is a video posted on Youtube that shows two friends coming across the patterns after seeing green lights emanate from a field. A representative from local Echelon Security Co. told the San Jose Mercury News he was hired to protect the land from rowdiness, but could not provide the identity of the landowner. A spokesperson for Echelon declined to provide further comment to ABC News.

    Image 111th Aerial Photography & Video
    Copyright 2014
    Source:- ABC NEWS


    Chualar crop circle contains message, braille expert says

    The tiny farm town of Chualar attracted a curious crowd after a giant, mysterious crop circle appear in a remote farm field of barley Monday. The field's landowner hired armed security guards to keep gawkers wondering if aliens landed in the Salinas Valley from climbing over a barbed wire fence. Word of the crop circle on Chualar Canyon Road spread all the way to Fairfield, New Jersey, where braille transcriber Debra Falanga lives. Falanga said her jaw dropped when she saw a photo of the crop circle because in its center there is a braille inscription. "It's fascinating. I don't know what it means, but it's readable," she said. "Those dots are in very specific order. It's so perfect it's almost like a machine did it. They are not off in any way, shape, or form." Braille is a system of dots that enable blind people to read and write through touch. Falanga said the dots form three lines and translate in braille as:

    192 192
    B 192 1
    192 192

    Orchestra conductor Carl Christensen of Monterey said he works with blind music students and agrees that it reads 192. "Now we just need to follow the 192 clue!" Christensen said. The only way to definitively know "192" was meant to convey would be to ask the crop circle's creator. No one, terrestrial or extra-terrestrial, had come forward to claim responsibility as of Tuesday. A YouTube video uploaded by an anonymous videographer Monday claims to document two friends who drove down Chualar Canyon Road just before sunrise. The video shows green bursts of light flashing over the field just before dawn, and the friends run with their camera through the field until they stumble into the circle. Locals are highly skeptical of alien stories swirling around their town. Jim Gillott, of Chualar, said he saw extension ladders and a crew of 30 people in the field last week.
    "Every time I drove by I saw them walking around," Chualar resident Jake Gavin said. "It looked like they had little GPS's or something." No one realized how intricate the crop circles were until professional photographer Julie Belanger flew in a helicopter over the field by coincidence while on her way to Carmel Monday morning and shot aerial photos. "It was beautiful. Quite beautiful," Belanger said. "I believe it's possible that aliens exist, but I don't know if they would bother making a crop circle to give us a message." The field's property owner, farmer Scott Anthony, 58, of King City, was out of town on vacation when the incident happened. Anthony had planted barley between cash crop harvests to add nutrients to the soil, and the circle creator did not damage anything, he told CNN. Anthony ordered a crew to plow the entire field back into the earth Tuesday. By 1:30 p.m., the circle was destroyed -- but not its mystery.

    SOURCE:- www.ksbw.com
    Image 111th Aerial Photography & Video
    Copyright 2014

    Alien or YouTubian? Intricate crop circle appears in California

    We were on a photo flight this morning and came across it," aerial photographer Julie ”
    Onlookers on the ground had to make do with climbing on their trucks on an adjacent street to try and get a better view, NBC affiliate KSBW reported. It looks like aliens to me," Manuel Madrid said from his vantage point. But there were indications that the pranksters or artists were of earthly origin.
    The MontereyHerald.com reported that guards from a South Bay security company were at the field Monday morning on behalf of a client whose identity they could not reveal. Meantime, a YouTube video titled “Salinas Crop Circle Discovery” posted by user “Cannot Say” showed two men driving down the road at sunrise on Monday and then spotting a blinking green light in the field.
    said one of the men after they ran toward the light and allegedly discovered the flattened grass. For her part, Belangershe said.

    SOURCE:- usnews.nbcnews.com
    Image 111th Aerial Photography & Video
    Copyright 2014


    Salinas Crop Circle Discovery - Monday, Dec 30, 2013

    A friend and I were driving on Chualar Canyon Road south of Salinas, California before sunrise, and THIS happened. Needless to say, pretty wild, but we slipped away and it's too good not to share. Created this account since I don't want this tied to me. Still not sure what to make of it.

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    Crop Circle Appears in Salinas, Calif. Field
    Residents of Salinas, Calif. were baffled and amazed by a mysterious crop circle discovered in a field Monday morning.As seen in the photos above, the design is highly detailed, but the locals still have no idea who created the masterpiece, according to a Sky News report. The crop circle was carved into a barley field just east of Salinas, and the Monterey Herald reports the creation spanned nearly an acre of the field. The report also mentioned the owners of the farm hired security guards to monitor the property, but reporters were escorted to see the masterpiece up-close.

    "I don't know what it is supposed to be ... but it is beautiful," said Julie Belanger, who spoke to NBC News after flying over the design to take pictures. Whether created by human or extraterrestrial, weather conditions for the circle-carving were nearly ideal, with clear skies and cool temperatures, according to weather.com senior meteorologist Jon Erdman.

    SOURCE:- www.weather.com

    Salinas crop circle: hoax, or what?
    Perhaps aliens got lost on the way to Area 51. There is an elaborate crop circle in a field about six miles southeast of Salinas - yet where it came from is still a mystery. Security guards from San Jose-based Echelon Security were outside the property Monday morning. They said they could not reveal their client, only that they had been hired to stop the area from "becoming a circus."
    minute YouTube video posted Monday morning, two men appear to drive along Chualar Canyon Road before sunrise and see flashing lights in a field.
    The get out of a compact car, hop a fence and enter a pushed down area of weeds on a cultivated field. "Dude," says one man, "are you seeing this?" The Monterey County Sheriff's Office said they have not heard any reports of a crop circle. Despite some rumors, the California Highway Patrol said there were no road closures in the area. Employees at Salinas Municipal Airport around 11:30 a.m. said they have yet to hear about the crop circle, and Mondays are generally a slow day at the airport.

    Image CLAUDIA MELENDEZ SALINAS/The Herald)) Copyright 2014
    SOURCE:- www.mercurynews.com

    Elaborate crop circle draws crowds in California
    (CNN) -- The intricate design etched into a field of barley two hours south of San Francisco was spotted Monday morning by Julie Belanger, a photographer, as she and her husband were flying over.

    "What is it?" was her first thought, she told CNN affiliate KSBW.

    Whatever it was, "It was beautiful, quite beautiful," she said, adding that they came upon it by chance but that she was skeptical that the crop circle was evidence of something otherworldly.

    "I believe it's possible that aliens exist, but I don't know if they would bother making a crop circle to give us a message," she said.

    Still, the news spread quickly. The field's owner, Scott Anthony, had just returned from vacation to his home when he got a call from one of the employees on his 2,000-acre farm outside the tiny town of Chualar, 10 miles southeast of Salinas.

    "He said, 'Hey, there's a buncha stuff out in the middle of the field,' so when I went up there I go, 'Ohhhh, shoot!'," the 58-year-old farmer told CNN Tuesday in a telephone interview.

    What he saw was an elaborate design sculpted into one to two acres of his barley field: a crop circle -- more precisely, a lot of squares and rectangles within a large circle.

    "To me, it looks like a computer chip, or something like that," said Anthony, who added that he had no idea what may have caused it. "To be that intricate in design, it kind of baffles me as to how that was done," he said about the flattened grassland. "It didn't look burned to me, it just looked like it was pushed over."

    Soon, the news vans showed up, followed by the curious, some of whom stood on fences to get a better view. Anthony called security agents to keep people from crossing onto his farmland, where he also grows broccoli, snap peas and lettuce.

    "It's a food-safety issue," he said.

    That hasn't stopped the roadsides from filling with the curious, many of them self-appointed experts.

    "It looks like aliens to me," Manuel Madrid of nearby Gonzales told KSBW.

    "Definitely pranksters," said Brandon Brooks of Chualar, who added, "This is kind of a strange place to have anything out of the ordinary happen."

    The latter theory got some support from Jim Gillott, who told KSBW that he had seen 20 to 30 people with ladders in the field in the days before the design was discovered.

    And Jake Gain said he too had seen evidence that humans were involved.

    "Every time I drove by, I saw them either parked over there," he said, pointing, "or people in the field just walking around, and it looked like they had little GPSes or something," he said.

    And someone identified solely as "Cannot Say" posted a 2½-minute video on YouTube that shows green flashes of light emanating from what appears to be the field before dawn on Monday. "Dude, this is a crop circle," says one of two men in the video as they clamber from their car into the field.

    The founding publisher of Skeptic magazine was unimpressed.

    "It looks like a couple of kids did this," Michael Shermer told CNN. "Short of having a video of it, it's hard to prove that kids did it. So, in that case, we have to make a choice: what's more likely? That aliens landed in Chualar, California, or that a couple of pranksters made it?

    "We have zero evidence of aliens landing anywhere; we have lots of evidence of pranksters hoaxing."

    Such circles can be made by simply dragging a rope attached to a board over the grass, he said.

    Still, he noted, such stories are attractive to many. "People seem less intrigued by pranksters than they do by aliens, so it's a compelling story for people to think that we're not alone."

    Farmer Anthony said he was out of town during the week before the discovery, so he saw nothing that might have tipped him off that pranksters were at work. But whoever -- or whatever -- caused the circle has caused him no lasting upheaval -- financial or otherwise. The barley was planted between cash crops to add nutrients to the fields; he is planning to plow it -- and the crop circle -- back into the earth on Thursday.​

    SOURCE:- edition.cnn.com

    'Mysterious' intricate crop circles 'discovered' in California by 'friends who saw green flashing lights'

    Source: - www.dailymail.co.uk

    Crop Circles On California Farm In Salinas Valley
    No one, terrestrial or otherwise, has claimed responsibility for the mysterious phenomenon on a California farm.​

    SOURCE:- news.sky.com

    Unexplained Crop Circle Found on Chualar Farm

    The crop circles take up about an acre of the field
    SOURCE:- www.kionrightnow.com
    [2:52:37 AM-Thursday, January 2nd, 2014 +11UCT] Shiloh: Good night Julienne
    [2:52:59 AM] Shiloh: They think the California cc was a prank
    [2:53:02 AM] Allisiam: thank you for talking with me
    [2:53:19 AM] Allisiam: yes, well even so it had interesting timing
    [2:53:45 AM] Allisiam: did you see the video of the flashing green lights?
    [2:54:00 AM] Allisiam: i guess that could of been photo-shopped also
    [2:54:12 AM] Shiloh: I dont know
    [2:54:32 AM] Shiloh: Maybe maybe not youtube is unreliable, as is mainstream
    [2:54:53 AM] Allisiam: yes well the symbolism still counts you know
    [2:54:57 AM] Shiloh: Too many clowns trying to be smart in faking things
    [2:55:07 AM] Shiloh: Of course
    [2:55:14 AM] Shiloh: I am not dismissing it
    [2:55:20 AM] Shiloh: I just dont know
    [2:55:31 AM] Allisiam: yeah i dont know how authentic it is either
    [2:55:51 AM] Allisiam: but i did see the video with the flashing lights and it felt possibly real
    [2:56:20 AM] Allisiam: i don't trust youtube much though either
    [2:56:35 AM] Allisiam: with CGI and photo effects they can do anything these days
    [2:56:51 AM] Allisiam: but the subconscious speaks to me
    [2:56:54 AM] Allisiam: the symbols
    [2:57:01 AM] Allisiam: those are real and can't be faked
    [2:57:43 AM] Allisiam: i see them as 'artifacts'
    [2:57:55 AM] Allisiam: appearing in the fabric of the story
    [2:58:13 AM] Shiloh: Yes I agree
    [2:58:21 AM] Shiloh: I did not see the lights
    [2:58:27 AM] Shiloh: The video did not load
    [2:58:32 AM] Allisiam: oh it was on one of the links
    [2:58:45 AM] Allisiam: there is one on youtube i think
    [2:59:02 AM] Shiloh: CNN did not load, youtube most likely will
    [2:59:25 AM] Allisiam:

    [2:59:31 AM] Allisiam: try that
    [3:00:16 AM] Shiloh: Working
    [3:01:54 AM] Shiloh: Seems genuine
    [3:02:07 AM] Shiloh: Amateur video
    [3:02:13 AM] Allisiam: yeah that is what i thought
    [3:02:29 AM] Shiloh: And Dec 30 is potent
    [3:02:33 AM] Allisiam: yes
    [3:03:45 AM] Shiloh: The green lights could be the 'making mechanics' see that?
    [3:03:55 AM] Allisiam: anyhow that is why i shared it because it seemed to fit the timeline pretty well
    [3:03:59 AM] Allisiam: yes
    [3:04:05 AM] Shiloh: This is the 84+84 Logos timeline
    [3:04:18 AM] Allisiam: and in genuine crop circles they see these lights appear
    [3:04:25 AM] Shiloh: Miniaturising and focusing the 3½
    [3:04:46 AM] Shiloh: The subsequent debukings then could be the obfuscation
    [3:05:11 AM] Shiloh: Why did this farmer destroy it so quickly?
    [3:05:17 AM] Allisiam: the other peoples testimony of seeing people in the field ect could be field workers getting equipment ready to harvest the field, which it was on a very late crop and was harvested after this
    [3:05:26 AM] Allisiam: exactly, why
    [3:05:35 AM] Shiloh: This was was made me suspect it as fake
    [3:05:53 AM] Allisiam: well it is california and they do get late crops like this
    [3:06:00 AM] Allisiam: so that part is possible
    [3:06:10 AM] Shiloh: But looking at it it is too elaborate for pulling ropes along with wooden planks in a short timespan [3:06:23 AM] Allisiam: it seems really precise
    [3:06:30 AM] Allisiam: a lot of precision involved
    [3:06:46 AM] Shiloh: What are those green flashes? [3:07:08 AM] Shiloh: It could be the magnetic higherD way of making those things
    [3:07:38 AM] Shiloh: Recall the ufo is a 4d light shadow from a higherD dark energy object source
    [3:08:04 AM] Allisiam: http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2013/chualar/chualar2013a.html
    [3:08:17 AM] Allisiam: well they finally added it to cropcircleconnector
    [3:08:23 AM] Allisiam: yes
    [3:09:53 AM] Shiloh: 192+192=384=400-16 as the 1260 - gestation in 401-17=384
    [3:10:11 AM] Shiloh: They double the 192 and so the 3½ as the WOC
    [3:10:39 AM] Shiloh: 384+7=391 which is the Euphrates Code
    [3:11:09 AM] Shiloh: 195.66+195.66=391+1/3
    [3:11:20 AM] Allisiam: http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2013/chualar/comments.html
    [3:11:25 AM] Allisiam: did you see this page too?
    [3:11:32 AM] Allisiam: this is the comments
    [3:11:53 AM] Shiloh: Which is just this timeframe from September 10-11-12th, 2013 to December30th, 2013 to March 25th to June 17th, 2014 to October 5-6-7th, 2014 in 195+1+195 with 84+1+84 in 1260/15=84 and the master code of 3½ times for a 'time'=360 days as the circle-cycle-degree-Platonic Great Year
    [3:12:09 AM] Shiloh: So the timing COULD be perfect
    [3:13:22 AM] Allisiam: yes and if done by human hand, do they know the codes? no
    [3:13:36 AM] Allisiam: it just seemed so weird to me
    [3:13:44 AM] Allisiam: a crop circle on dec 30th
    [3:14:22 AM] Shiloh: As said and I edited the chart just because of this 195.66 doubling at the time this was made
    [3:14:29 AM] Shiloh: So perfect synchro
    [3:14:54 AM] Shiloh: And I did not associate any cc with this just the scripture codes
    [3:15:25 AM] Shiloh: You understand this 3½+3½=7 as the middle week dont you?
    [3:15:42 AM] Shiloh: March 22nd-25th-28th, as the Mirror of the Logos
    [3:16:22 AM] Shiloh: 3+1+3
    [3:16:53 AM] Shiloh: 192+3½+3½+192 then becomes this braille signature
    [3:17:01 AM] Shiloh: I know little about braille
    [3:18:02 AM] Allisiam: yes i do since you explained it to me
    [3:18:30 AM] Allisiam: what do you think the B and 1 are?
    [3:18:47 AM] Allisiam: sorry i had to go to the bathroom [3:19:28 AM] Shiloh: B=8=oo=Infinity
    [3:19:37 AM] Shiloh: em=ME=WE
    [3:19:43 AM] Shiloh: 3e=e3=E3=3E=B
    [3:19:48 AM] Allisiam: yes this is what i was thinking too lol
    [3:20:02 AM] Shiloh: 1 Eternity
    [3:20:08 AM] Shiloh: Doubled
    [3:20:17 AM] Allisiam: i see the 5 trees in paradice also
    [3:20:23 AM] Shiloh: But this is guesswork and ad hoc
    [3:20:24 AM] Allisiam: and the two candlesticks
    [3:20:37 AM] Allisiam: sure lol
    [3:20:42 AM] Allisiam: we speculate
    [3:21:20 AM] Allisiam: can it get any more bizarre lol
    [3:23:03 AM] Shiloh: From this date onwards some cosmic energies will be rather intense and focused
    [3:23:20 AM] Shiloh: Something novel and unprecedented
    [3:23:58 AM] Shiloh: We should put this on Operation Scrambleweb
    [3:24:04 AM] Allisiam: yes and also it was reported in the news today that a Finnish drug company has reported some startling research on a cure for AIDS. They think that they have found a vaccine that will erradicate it.
    [3:24:16 AM] Shiloh: Nice
    [3:24:40 AM] Shiloh: As said the human science is to be preserved, but not much else
    [3:25:05 AM] Shiloh: Rational thinking and deductive reasoning is an ET characteristic
    [3:25:35 AM] Shiloh: Well human creativity in the arts is fine of course as well
    [3:25:37 AM] Allisiam: http://yle.fi/uutiset/finnish_hiv_vaccine_testing_to_begin/7006600
    [3:25:53 AM] Allisiam: it was on the local news here
    [3:25:59 AM] Allisiam: i just found this link


    Chualar, Salinas Valley, California USA. Reported 30th December.
    Map Ref:
    This Page has been accessed
    Updated Wednesday 1st January 2014
    My attention has just been drawn to the Chualar Farm CC by a friend viewing your site. In order to get a perspective perhaps your readers may wish to consider the following and I refer to my article on the CGI page of Cropcircleconnector.
    In this article I relate to a 2013 human made and witnessed broad daylight CC event...a relatively small CC as they go which is the point here. You will note this event was timed at nearly 9 hours to construct by x3 experienced workers and occupied an area of approx. 4,900 sq. ft. The new CC at Chualar Farm is evidently estimated to occupy an area of approx. one acre I believe (43,560 sq. ft.) If this is indeed the fact do the simple math...on this basis this CC would take a team of three men in daylight 8.88 days to complete assuming it was of the same simplicity as the one I witnessed, which it is not. To state the obvious I suggest this event would have been noticed in it's making even around Christmas time.
    It is important people are aware of these factors in order to draw their own reasoned conclusions. An appeal for some good ground shots of the site would be very useful obviously.

    Let it be known I have not commented on this event prior to this note to you now so a quote on your site including the word "tricksters" is quite false. This is a word I would not normally use and certainly not in relation to this CC of which at this time of writing I remain quite open as to it's origin.

    Paul Jacobs.

    Report on Eye-Witnessed Event at Salthrop, Wiltshire.

    [I felt compelled to write this article as there doesn’t seem to be much out there on this topic which I find curious. This topic would seem to me to be the bottom line. Anyway, here goes and I hope it will help to clarify and reassure.]
    LOWRES.Salthorpe.HusseyManmade.2013 039.

    I arrived on the scene at around lunchtime the 7/7/13. The three characters had already been hard at it for some 5 hours and were looking pretty fatigued by this time I have to say. The time lapse camera mounted on a pylon was recording their every move supervised by the commissioning professional French film crew, about 6 in number as I recall. This was all in a field near Salthrop just south of Swindon farmed by the same farmer as at Hackpen Hill who I know personally so my information is reliable. The amount the farmer was paid far outweighed the value of the potential lost crop, a relatively small area in fact, so the farmer couldn’t lose and managed to harvest most of the crop anyway as hardly anybody visited it, so in consequence relatively little damage done! This is a point of interest to me as it seems collectively we still actually need indisputable eye witness account of an event being made by humans, as is the case here, to discourage our tendency to visit despite the attempts of the debunkers and the story tellers. After all, there is obviously zero magic with a known human made pattern. So many CCs have some sort of story associated with them commonly designed to discourage, as in the case of Yatesbury 2011 but many people still visited commenting on it’s beauty. It’s almost like in our hearts we instinctively know something mysterious has occurred. No such positive comments did I hear regarding the Salthrop pattern though…it was largely ignored despite being ‘open’.
    LOWRES.Solthrop.Hussey.2 032.

    So, quid’s in, Mr Farmer! Personally I have no problem with farmers taking people’s money that are stupid enough to just come along and hand it over for some lame exercise such as this. Far better price than the going rate for barley which I believe was running at about £200 ton at that time. That laid area was probably worth about £50 max. Farmer laughing all the way to the bank as they say! However, I am under no illusion whatsoever as to what the film maker’s motives were here. Perhaps the farmer’s fee will be under review next season! Interesting thought that. We shall see.
    WLR.Salthorpe.Manmade.2013 018.

    Anyway, the planking stuff was all done by about 4.50pm. having started at around 8am. They all went off looking pretty exhausted (one guy who I think was referred to as ‘John’ just perched on the five bar gate directly in front of me for a while sweating and looked totally knackered!...thought he might actually fall off at one point!) Hard to imagine this bunch (or any ) pulling a stunt like this off in a paddy field in Java or Sumatra (CCs there in 2011 I think) with humidity running at 80% with the risk of indigenous running around with machetes or somesuch! All the dogs would have been going nuts!
    And then…at about 6pm… on came the official ‘Mr. Farmer’ representative. Well, well, well, a chap I recognised from Yatesbury two seasons ago.
    WLR.Solthrop.Hussey.2 006.

    I must tell you that I found this whole business both fascinating and most entertaining…great fun!
    Now, the farmer about to be interviewed was the very same farmer who would have us all believing his Yatesbury CC two seasons ago was made by a bunch of kids from a local youth club. Amazingly due to the misinformation and propaganda exercise going down at that time, he had the most gullible believing him…including, incredibly some well known so called ‘researchers’!!! But that’s another story. (I personally submitted undeniable photographic evidence and field report to the contrary in terms of biophysical anomalies much to his and his cohort’s annoyance I dare say! You can see the photos on CCC ) But from my point of view seeing him here was the perfect opportunity to cross-reference, identifying this guy as one who supports the human-made approach, likes being in the limelight and actively involved in debunking campaigns it would seem. Many farmers as we all know support the human made position but few go the extra mile by getting involved to this extent…they’re too busy for one thing! Anyway, I watched this guy pacing up and down for ages with a bit of paper (all absolutely true) rehearsing his lines in preparation for his staged ‘performance’…the farmer interview slot. The whole thing seemed like a bit of a farce to me but that’s probably because I had the advantage of witnessing it directly. To the gullible, naive and uninformed, when viewing the actual film it will probably all seem quite plausible no doubt. I don’t know how many times it took for him to get it right but it felt like an age…take after laborious retake…quite tedious.
    WLR.Solthrop.Hussey.2 034.

    Finally, the crew put a drone in the air to do some movie ‘takes’ of the work and I’d suggest any tell-tale features/flaws moving at that height would not be clear. However, they seemed to pay particular attention to one area that I believe had been prepared/dressed for the take.

    Anyway, I patiently waited until all was done, time noted 7.30pm. The crew were there the best part of 12 hours in all. Please remember, the planking started at about 8am. and took nearly 9 hours…finished 4.50pm! This is important to remember especially as all was done in broad daylight and in perfect weather conditions. At this time of year there are only around 5 hours of good darkness so it really does beggar the question, and this is the crux… “If it took them, allegedly the most skilled and experienced people in the business nearly 9 hours to do this relatively small, and as it turned out, a relatively simple pattern, how on Earth could a much larger and far more sophisticated one, and one containing biophysical anomalies and positioned in an inaccessible field/location, maybe on uneven ground requiring topographic adjustment and at night, be done and in less than 5 hours?” This would commonly be the case with many CCs. Just use common sense here… please. I watched the painstaking way in which these people paced and measured with a tape and a stick. Attempting to construct a more complicated pattern using this technique at night with time restraints and threat of discovery borders on the absurd…no, IS TOTALLY absurd!
    WLR.Solthrop.Hussey.2 075.

    The location itself was perfect for access as literally right next to the road and there were no worries regarding ‘discovery’ as they worked with the full knowledge of the farmer who they were required to pay a considerable sum of money for the privilege. Well done Mr. Farmer! ( Mr. Farmer is ‘cottoning on’….English term for ‘getting wise’) [I know the precise amount but it would seem indiscreet to reveal it here]. My guess was the ‘doers’ who are recognised I believe as… “The most experienced there are”, were paid for the task by the film company/sponsor who also paid the farmer. If the planker’s vehicle was anything to go by I really don’t think these guys would have toiled away at this job all day long for zero gain…they looked like they needed a few quid and were clearly not getting much work!! Think about this. I thought to myself later after going into the CC…”Well, if these guys are the best in the business and this is the best they can do in these favourable conditions then case closed as far as I’m concerned.”
    WLR.Solthrop.Hussey.2 082.

    Once all were away and gone I went over to the CC and did an appraisal of their work, a rare opportunity to use it as a ‘control’ sample, a comparison from a CC 100% known to be made by human beings (as opposed to people’s ‘claims’ and stories which do not count I’m afraid ) to countless others visited believed to be of mysterious/unknown origin. My first impression was…”Umm, not that bad I suppose.”
    WLR.Solthrop.Hussey.2 083.

    However, to an experienced eye the differences were simply obvious. Then I thought…”Bless them, they have done their best and had been at it for over 8 hours in good daylight”. At this point I remembered something. After the three plankers had finished this other guy came on the scene and spent a considerable length of time going systematically around the pattern adjusting and tidying, or that is all I can think he was doing, stooped down, moving slowly and methodically most likely making it look as smart as he could. What a long winded and time consuming business I thought.

    So to continue, I started to walk around with a more critical eye. The most obvious point to me was lack of finesse …it just didn’t have the ‘feel’. It’s like the auctioneer knowing the difference between the cheap reproduction and the valuable aged antique…you get to know and recognise your craft… the qualities. Evidence of foot tread was just about everywhere as you would expect, something not seen first thing in mysterious CCs obviously.( I am commonly 1st. person into new CCs and indeed have discovered CCs on the ground due to my camping in the landscape during the season so I’m in a position to compare.) No ‘machine-like’ quality, as I call it, about the lay at all. Nothing appeared tight and certainly no features I recognise from many other CCs like, still-standing flower/other species or single stem standing in otherwise laid areas…every plant was pushed down. Certainly nothing like ‘energy leak’ or tracking/pathing, underlayering, multilayering, barley ‘waterflow’ effect/contraflow, or unnecessary/’irrelevant’ design features…I could go on. (They’ll probably read this and think…”Umm, we must remember to include those next time”… Ho! ho!)

    But seriously, it didn’t do it for me at all, in fact to be honest it made me feel a bit depressed. The very thought of the lengths and expense some will go to and for what? Well, the closest I got to an answer was from one of these planking characters that when finished he came over to where I was parked, I felt in a little bit of an attempted intimidatory and arrogant manner (unsuccessful) and taking photos of me and my van. I said to him… “Why do you do this film”? ( literally nothing else). He replied…”It’s for you lot!!” and pointed his finger at me in a rather unnecessary way let’s say. Ok…. We left it at that.

    [As a footnote, you may be interested to know that the so called ‘Engagement’ pattern publicised and confirmed as human made end of last year (2012), and again as I know the farmers personally, I can tell you that it too took about 8 hours to construct and a fee was charged by the farmer for compensation and inconvenience. Farmer told me they started about 9pm and finished at about 5am the following morning…so all without daylight on this occasion. (Why they chose to do it under the cover of darkness is a mystery since it was done with the farmer’s consent.) The farmer told me they said they were not happy with the final result as the… “Edges weren’t good”… for one thing. Interesting. The reality was that the image seen on the internet was nowhere near a true representation of the actual ground work. The image was enhanced and made to look tidy and neat by the use of vector lines, no question. All we could see from the air was the impression of a circumference line once it was harvested. This event was planned to happen and actioned literally just before the crop was due to be harvested. Perhaps they didn’t want to be watched. I believe this was deliberate so there was no chance to inspect the ground lay by other parties! So big point again, not forget, 8 hours to construct only 5 of which good solid darkness.

    The way things are going, it will take a very brave man indeed next season to try anything unauthorised. But of course this won’t happen anyway. However if anyone did get caught by a farmer attempting CCs unauthorised they will be dealt with to the full extent of the law I understand. But I dare say we will still get the usual claims and stories I was telling you about.]
    So, very educational day in all.

    After a very hot and interesting day, I was packing up and the farmer’s wife popped by to say hello and showed me her new clutch of chicks together with proud mother hen she had in the back of her 4x4 vehicle. Brilliant...I loved that.
    Now, that bit made so much sense…very grounding; the other, well, I’ll leave you to fathom all of that out!

    Happy Circling, Paul Jacobs. (CGI)


    Actually, my skepticism relates to testimony from people who had witnessed people on Saturday with boards and tape measures. However, I am still excited about the content, as well as very pleased that the local news tonight revisited the story (with footage of the barley being mowed down). Many onlookers we present. The fields owner was out of town, but apparently had nothing negative to say about it. But the south county folks loved it and were sad to see it go. BTW a friend in the ag business explained that barley is not a crop for sale, its what they call a "feed field" which helps the winter soil while providing cattle feed.
    Now here's the interesting follow through from the local news: A woman in New Jersey somehow responded to the first report, perhaps due to youtube, or word of mouth regarding the apparent Braille in the center of the square. She apparently is one of the few folks out there that can read braille with her eyesight. She says the the image reads like this:

    192 192

    B 192 1

    192 192

    I should mention that the numbers were each preceded by a braille indicator of "a number follows" symbol (looks like an inverted "L" to our eye) and that the letter "B" may indicate "Braille" and that the "1" may orient the position of a clock face or degree of a circle.
    The news reporter mentioned that there might several reasons for 192: an IP address, a pointer to the UK (I don't remember why), or even a reference to the hands on a clock. I noticed that 192 is an abundant number with 14 divisors (2014?) but then it dawned on me that it 192 are the number of circles in August 2001 (if I remember that correctly) the one near Stonehenge!
    The point is that the seriousness of the report was in no way concerned with the "authenticity" of the circle, but rather the message. It is taken seriously by virtue of its novelty, and thankfully, its not a blatant advertisement.
    For those who study the phenomenon, they find this is man made (as are most) but not all! If the message is that others are unexplained, even if this is, then its all good. An openness to the possibility that we don't know what we don't know is very healthy for the status quo.
    In my view, Its especially cool that there is a winter canvas and palate for circle makers of any kind - and also that the local reaction was so outspoken and positive! You never know how that goes until it happens, and for the dead of winter, that was an enthusiastic outpouring of people, especially for south Monterey County (Chualar) which is sparsely populated, involving a commute for the onlookers.
    I should also mention it was the TOP STORY tonight on the 6 pm news, and was an accurate, non condescending story, with a positive tone. It did not criticize or hype aliens or kooks, nor did it belittle circle makers or their admirers or the message. It referenced "experts in the field" (sic) of circularity and spent no time arguing the merit or validity of such a wonderful, creative, and mysterious expression. The skeptics around here do not feel compelled to piss on the parade, so far. Nobody likes a cereal killer (yuk yuk)
    Perhaps it was a slow news day, and the reporters LOVE a local story that PHOTOGRAPHS well !!
    I think everyone can agree its definitely WORTH LOOKING even if it was not made by little green men.... Or was it?
    The crop circle is the thing, the "who?" and "why?" and how really don't matter to the spirit of the event.
    As I type this the San Francisco TV station now shows air footage of the circle, and the plow, and mentions that no one has taken credit for the circle. That's the 3rd day in the news!
    Bob Aronson
    PS: FYI - Gilroy had a small circle years ago (reported on your site), and KORN had a circle appear near bakersfield for a music video several months ago.

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    Shenandoah - Posted Jan 2nd
    SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted 7 Hours Ago

    The recent California Crop Circle of 12-30-13, is ritually coded in a manner that affirms existing coded dates and numbers previously identified and discussed. As such, this video shows how the Chualar Farm Crop Circle, is encoded with a NWO13. This change ordered by the NWO13, that will assist the NWO in their quest for the one time line that assures their future one world govt13 and in doing so, exposes what the NWO currently seeks to use or fix regarding that date. The puzzle unravels, one finding at a time.
    Links to California Chualar Farm Crop Circle Background. http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines...

    FAIR USE NOTICE: This video contains copyrighted material. The use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owners.
    I am making such material available in an effort to educate and advance understanding of the content contained in the film selection & musical accompaniment. This constitutes a "fair use" of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law, in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107. The material in this video is distributed without profit and is for informational, research, and educational purposes only.
    For more information go to: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/..

    This guy Mr. Cati is on the right track, regarding the covert operations of the ptb. There is indeed a 42 code, as can be seen in the 84=42+42=41+43 encoding of the 3½ times of scriptural prophecy. His interpretation of linking this code to American presidents etc so is valid, but peripheral with respect to the deeper cosmic agenda.
    It is true however, that the ptb are attempting to 'undo' something, that has occurred since the December 21st, 2012 date also deeply interwoven with April 24th, 2011 and July 3rd-4th 2012.

    9Nania is attempting to recreate the timeline above and she has discerned the 2014 year correctly.

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    SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Jan 3rd

    December 31st, 2013--Small Asteroid 2014 AA Hits Earth

    Discovered on New Year's Eve by a telescope in Arizona, a small asteroid struck Earth somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean — apparently unnoticed — about 25 hours later.

    A sequence of four images, taken roughly 9 minutes apart, reveals the movement of asteroid 2014 AA when it was discovered in northern Orion early on January 1st (Universal Time). The 19th-magnitude object struck Earth 19 hours later. The field of view is about 5 arcminutes across.Catalina Sky Survey / NASA - See more at: http://www.skyandtelescope.com/astronomy-news/small-asteroid-2014-aa-hitsearth/#sthash.UjvpRln3.dpuf

    It was New Year's Eve, but that didn't stop observer Richard Kowalski from scanning the sky for near-Earth objects (NEOs). He hadn't been using the 60-inch telescope on Arizona's Mount Lemmon for long when he noticed a 19th-magnitude blip skimming through northern Orion in a seven-image series begun at 5:16 p.m. (1:16 Universal Time on January 1st). After confirming that it was a new find, Kowalski dutifully submitted positions and times to the IAU's Minor Planet Center. Then he went back to the night's observing run.


    This plot shows the range of possible locations where the small asteroid 2014 AA struck Earth's atmosphere early on January 2, 2014.
    Bill Gray / Project Pluto​

    Thus did the Mount Lemmon reflector, part of the Catalina Sky Survey, discover 2014 AA, the first asteroid found this year. But at the time neither Kowalski nor anyone else realized that the little intruder was only 300,000 miles (500,000 km) from Earth and closing fast.

    As announced by the MPC earlier today, it's "virtually certain" that 2014 AA hit Earth. According to calculations by dynamicist Stephen Chesley (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), the impact occurred over the Atlantic Ocean somewhere between Central America to East Africa. Chesley's "best-fit" collision is just off the coast of West Africa at roughly 2:30 Universal Time this morning.

    More precision has come from an analysis of infrasound data by Peter Brown (University of Western Ontario). Infrasound is extremely low-frequency acoustic energy (20 hertz or less) created, for example, during energetic explosions. A global network of detectors, maintained by the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization, can pinpoint the location and energy of any powerful detonation — including airbursts from meteoric blasts.

    The overlap of the white curves, from three marginal infrasound detections, shows where the small asteroid 2014 AA likely hit. However, this preliminary plot does not take winds into account, which might shift the true impact point somewhat further east.
    Peter Brown
    According to Brown, 2014 AA triggered very weak detections at three infrasound stations. His triangulation from those records, shown in the graphic at right, indicates that the space rock slammed into the atmosphere near 40° west, 12° north. That location, about 1,900 miles (3,000 km) east of Caracas, Venezuela, is far from any landmass.

    "The energy is very hard to estimate with much accuracy — the signals are all weak and buried in noise," Brown explains. And yet, he adds, we're lucky that the event happened just after local midnight, when winds are calmest. "Had this occurred in
    the middle of the day I doubt we would see any signals at all," he says.

    Brown's rough guess is that the impact energy was equivalent to the explosive power of 500 to 1,000 tons of TNT — which, though powerful in human terms, implies the object was no bigger than a small car. "It was no Chelyabinsk ," he says.

    So 2014 AA was too small to reach the ground intact. But it must have created one heck of a fireball! The skies over the Atlantic were relatively clear last night. Alas, a search of ship- and plane-tracking websites turned up no vessels in that area — it seems that no one was positioned to witness 2014 AA's demise.

    "I'm not aware of any visual sightings," says William Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office in Huntsville, Alabama. "Looks like it was too far away from human eyes."

    The impact occurred a little after 3h UT, Brown says. That's only about 22 hours after Kowalski's initial report to the MPC, and it's giving me déjà vu all over again. It's been just five years since another small asteroid called 2008 TC3 struck Earth over Sudan just 19 hours after its discovery by the same telescope.

    The difference between these events is that astronomers had nearly a day of advance warning regarding the 2008 impact. Telescopes worldwide amassed hundreds of observations before the object slammed into the atmosphere, and eventually many fragments were recovered.

    Based on images taken in the hours before its impact, asteroid 2014 AA averaged 110 million miles (175 million km) from the Sun in a low-inclination orbit that crossed paths with Mars and Earth. It was only a matter of time before it encountered our planet. Click on the image for an interactive version.

    JPL Horizons
    There was no heads-up alert this time. "I'm kicking myself for not having spotted this," admits amateur NEO sleuth Bill Gray (Project Pluto). Most mornings Gray downloads "and yes, for me, it was holiday-related."

    Most mornings, he downloads the circumstances for recent discoveries and computes "what ifs" for potential impactors and near-misses. "However, on New Year's Day, I'd made arrangements to go with my family to visit my sister, go for a walk, stop off for a doughnut, shovel snow, etc., etc." He didn't realize an impact was imminent until last night — only a couple of hours before the impact.

    Let's cut Gray some slack and instead give him, Chesley, and Gareth Williams at the MPC a collective pat on the back. All three were able to conclude — based on just seven images taken within 3 minutes — not only that 2014 AA was going to strike Earth, but also roughly where and when. Mad props for that impressive number-crunching!

    Posted By Kelly Beatty, January 2, 2014

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    miii - Posted Jan 3rd

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    SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Jan 3rd​

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    Small asteroid entered our atmosphere on January 2, 2014

    This is only the second time that astronomers spotted an asteroid
    before it struck Earth’s atmosphere.
    It underscores the need to be watching for these objects.
    Astronomers say that a very small asteroid entered Earth’s atmosphere on January 2, 2014, after being discovered only one day before.
    They’ve labeled the object 2014 AA, because it’s the first asteroid to have been discovered this year.
    The Minor Planet Center announced that the asteroid struck Earth’s atmosphere at around 05:00 UTC on January 2, 2014.
    That’s around midnight, early morning on January 2, 2014 on the U.S. East.

    The asteroid – which is believed to have been from about 1 to 5 meters across – is thought to have burned up over the Atlantic Ocean, probably off the coast of western Africa.​


    Map of the possible impact points of 2014 AA, produced by astronomer Bill Gray. The asteroid could have impacted Earth’s atmosphere anywhere along this line. Most likely landing place is off the west coast of Africa, in the Atlantic Ocean.

    Map of the possible impact points of 2014 AA, produced by astronomer Bill Gray. The asteroid could have impacted Earth’s atmosphere anywhere along this line. Most likely landing place is off the west coast of Africa, in the Atlantic Ocean.
    This is only the second time ever that astronomers were able to spot an asteroid before it struck Earth’s atmosphere. The first time was in 2008, when the object known as 2008 TC3 burned up over Sudan in Africa.
    Like 2014 AA, that object was discovered just a day before it entered Earth’s atmosphere.
    Astronomers with the Mount Lemmon Survey used a 60-inch (150 cm) telescope in Arizona to spot 2014 AA on January 1, 2014 at 6:20 UTC (1:20 a.m. EST).
    Other astronomers quickly confirmed its presence. A calculation of the asteroid’s orbit showed it was very close to Earth, and getting closer.
    According to astronomer Pasquale Tricarico, the asteroid approached the Earth from its night side.
    However, he said, there are large uncertainties over the time and location of the atmospheric entry of this asteroid, because only 7 observations were made while the asteroid was still visible.
    Calculations by astronomer Bill Gray show that it could have entered the atmosphere between Africa and Central America.

    No harm done. But the event underscores the need to watch out for near-Earth asteroids.​

    The view from asteroid 2014 AA on January 2 as it collided with Earth. Animation via Pasquale Tricarico via Ernesto Guido via Wired.

    Bottom line: A small asteroid – probably 1-5 meters across – probably burned up over the Atlantic Ocean around midnight on the morning of January 2, 2014. Astronomers have labeled it 2014 AA.
    Read more from meteor astronomer Carl Hergenrother
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    Shenandoah - Posted Jan 5th


    The end result
    I think this is the end result you speak of . . .

    Crystalsnout Max

    Apollo 11 - July 20th, 1969

    In the 2001 documentary, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon, Sibrel made several claims that he believed the Moon landings were faked.
    Sibrel displayed footage which he claimed was accidentally sent to him from NASA, which, according to Sibrel, was evidence that the Apollo 11 astronauts were staging shots of the Earth to make it appear that the spacecraft was en route to the Moon when Sibrel believes it was still in low Earth orbit.[6][7] The "secret" NASA footage Sibrel uses is actually widely available and merely shows the astronauts practicing for an upcoming live telecast.[8]

    Sibrel believes that the technology of the United States during the era was behind that of the Soviet Union. He points to a supposed "five-to-one superiority" in man-hours in space held by the Soviets over the US as well as highlighting several Soviet space firsts.[7] The veracity of the "five-to-one" figure has been challenged by Jay Windley. His website, Moon Base Clavius, is dedicated to the debunking of the Apollo Moon landing hoax accusations. Windley states that the Americans had a clear lead in man-hours in space by the time Apollo 11 was launched.[9]
    Sibrel has also stated the life-threatening events that occurred during the Apollo 13 mission were actually manufactured by the government to force people to pay attention to the space program.
    Bart Sibrel also participated in the Fox television network special, Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?[10] In it, Sibrel stated, "I'd bet my life on it that we didn't go to the Moon."

    Added by Shenandoah on Sunday, January 05, 2014

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    Allisiam posted January 2nd, 2014

    Crop circles in California: Giant circles appear in Salinas Valley, California, USA

    Could be the origin, inducted by memeplex 'inspiration'.


    SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Jan 6th

    NO, that is NOT the end result we speak about !!!

    Okay, boys and girls, now that we are rid of the NVIDIA nonsense,
    we can see a large mound to the right of the Chaualar croo picture, with two features at 1 and 9 of 12 hours,
    just like for the two largest outer circles of the crop picture itself.
    NVIDIA did not talk about this nearby feature either.
    It immediately suggests a "polar clock", from which we should try to read the first three circles of "month", "day" and "day of the week".
    Just like at Manton Drive which said "August 5 Sunday" in 2012 (Curiosity Rover landing on Mars).
    What does this polar clock say? The "month" is clearly January = 1/12 (largest outside circle).
    A "comet" is apparently heading this way....
    Azamm Azzume

    SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Jan 7th


    View: http://youtu.be/5LJCTnNmT48
    The last weekend of 2013, NVIDIA

    set out to create an iconic piece of art to celebrate the hard work of the engineers who created the Tegra K1 mobile processor

    -- a crop circle in Chualar, Calif., near the city of Salinas.

    Learn about why we did it, where we did it, and how we pulled it off. It certainly got the attention we wanted, and then some.

    Many thanks to the people of Chualar for being a part of it!

    Learn more about Tegra K1 at http://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2014/01/....


    Shenandoah - Posted Jan 10th

    Comment on Chaular Farm CC Event
    to construct the CC. The majority of CCstime event then we are talking a whole different ballgame). However, if this is true, it becomes evident that such an extended time period is indeed required for human beings to make a CC of this size, so, in consequence it would not be possible for them to have made the majority of CCs worldwide. Not forget this. This is just common sense.​
    2. Two weeks is a long time not to be noticed by an awful lot of people...no such activity was reported locally during this time let alone 20-30 people milling around the field, some of which were up telegraph poles according to one guy. Such numbers would be counter productive anyway. An event such as this would normally stand out wildly in any small town such as this.​
    3. If indeed any number of people were actually to be involved in such a practical task as this over a two week period there would be a resultant well worn access path in and out of the CC area. (unless they lived in a tent, had abundant supplies and a good Porta ’in the CC for two weeks.) There was no such path evident on the first aerial shots.​
    My conclusion based on facts available and not just lamely believing the story:​
    The dialogue surrounding NVADIA is both part of a disinformation (John Le Carre type…just an amusing thought) exercise and also a commercial company jumping on an opportunity to promote an new product.. i.e.. if indeed such a product exists...I'm not in the ‘know’ here so can’t say confidently. It would seem the people concerned are just making things up as they go along. The video proves nothing at all...should be obvious the even the most gullible in our midst!​
    I'm sensing most people now realise most of the above and the ones that hang on to the 'storyline' are beginning to stand out and one would naturally question their motives for doing so. Common sense is common sense.​
    Paul Jacobs.​
    Crop Circles On California Farm In Salinas Valley
    No one, terrestrial or otherwise, has claimed responsibility for the mysterious phenomenon on a California farm.

    SOURCE:- news.sky.com
    [5:28:39 PM-Friday, January 10th, 2014 +10UCT] Sirius 17: yeah this nvidia thing is strange
    [5:28:58 PM] Shiloh: It is because if they did make it why not give details how
    [5:29:00 PM] Sirius 17: especially the part where he says its almost like aliens made it
    [5:29:08 PM] Sirius 17: the chip that is
    [5:29:17 PM] Shiloh: The video shows it being plowed under NOT made
    [5:29:39 PM] Shiloh: I saw straight away it looks like a CPU plate
    [5:29:43 PM] Shiloh: But so what?
    [5:33:10 PM] Shiloh: This is VERY unconvincing
    [5:33:14 PM] Shiloh:
    [5:35:55 PM] Shiloh: Look at the end at the actual chip
    [5:36:06 PM] Shiloh: There are no outer circles
    [5:36:16 PM] Shiloh: Weird
    [5:36:27 PM] Shiloh: Why recreate this with circles?
    [5:38:38 PM] Sirius 17: i dont know, i guess to give a crop 'circle' feel
    [5:39:29 PM] Sirius 17: either way even if NVIDA made it or not and they are taking credit, it still has symbolic significance
    [5:39:47 PM] Sirius 17: i even kind of like the fact they hired professional circle makers to do it
    [5:40:00 PM] Shiloh: Yes but it is a disservice and belittles the phenomenon
    [5:40:17 PM] Sirius 17: well i agree with that
    [5:40:20 PM] Shiloh: I remain unconvinced though it seems likely they did it
    [5:40:31 PM] Sirius 17: it does belittle it
    [5:40:46 PM] Shiloh: It is a disinformation campaign
    [5:40:52 PM] Sirius 17: but it merges the known with the unknown
    [5:41:00 PM] Shiloh: Deception of the public
    [5:41:36 PM] Sirius 17: who does a zero budget advertizement?
    [5:41:44 PM] Sirius 17: is my question
    [5:41:50 PM] Sirius 17: these days...no one
    [5:42:00 PM] Sirius 17: that is what seems very odd to me
    [5:42:11 PM] Shiloh: Why not show them making it?
    [5:42:24 PM] Sirius 17: they did it seems but in very fast motion
    [5:42:56 PM] Shiloh: Give me a link to this cropcircle site you linked before, please
    [5:44:16 PM] Sirius 17: http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/index2.html
    [5:45:05 PM] Sirius 17: http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2013/chualar/chualar2013a.html
    [5:48:30 PM] Sirius 17: Then on January 5, 2014, the NVIDIA CEO announced to one million people over the Internet, while speaking in Las Vegas, that his new Tegra 5 chip would be wonderful for everyone, and also that his marketing department had secretly commissioned a spectacular crop picture showing that new Tegraand had flown them in to design and make it.
    [5:48:32 PM] Sirius 17: yes i read that
    [5:48:38 PM] Sirius 17: team satan lol
    [5:48:47 PM] Sirius 17: this is just even more bizarre
    [5:49:02 PM] Shiloh: Talk about muddling the waters if it is indeed a cover up as Jacobs reckons
    [5:49:59 PM] Shiloh: I found the bodytalk of the 'makers' unconvincing
    [5:50:04 PM] Shiloh: Like a lie detector test, showing a spike
    [5:51:32 PM] Shiloh:

    Crop Circles On California Farm In Salinas Valley
    No one, terrestrial or otherwise, has claimed responsibility for the mysterious phenomenon on a California farm.
    SOURCE:- news.sky.com

    [5:51:34 PM] Sirius 17: yes it is bizarre
    [5:51:52 PM] Shiloh: Following this statement nvidea MIGHT have decided to claim responsibility
    [5:52:07 PM] Shiloh: As a marketing ploy
    [5:52:14 PM] Sirius 17: but it could also be they want to keep it 'controversial' because the longer people focus on this it is more advertisement for them
    [5:52:20 PM] Shiloh: As said my CPU socket looks like this too
    [5:52:25 PM] Sirius 17: yeah
    [5:52:43 PM] Shiloh: Very similar anyhow
    [5:53:01 PM] Shiloh: Look at the actual tegra pic and see it is not the same in details
    [5:54:55 PM] Sirius 17: i do find it strange that they hired the security detail for the field and mowed it down early though
    [5:55:10 PM] Sirius 17: that almost makes me think they were trying to hide the fact it was human made
    [5:55:24 PM] Sirius 17: to keep the controversy
    [5:56:01 PM] Sirius 17: of course that could work both ways, but then why hide it if it is alien made
    [5:56:10 PM] Sirius 17: makes no sense
    [5:56:35 PM] Sirius 17: usually in briton anyhow when these things appear, they let the investigators in
    [5:56:54 PM] Sirius 17: to check and get instrument readings ect, soil samples; i hope someone sneaks in and gets a soil sample anyhow
    [5:58:32 PM] Sirius 17: and the owner of the field was out of town
    [5:58:43 PM] Sirius 17: why hire a security detail?
    [5:58:52 PM] Sirius 17: that just is not adding up for me
    [6:01:15 PM] Sirius 17:
    Some questions remain.
    - According to Linda Howe's website, an expert attests that the circle is too big and elaborate to have been made overnight by artists. Nvidia will not disclose who its crop circle contractor was. I would have suspected http://www.circlemakers.org, but they are not saying anything.
    - Jeff Krause got positive magnetometer readings.
    - Shawn Randall found heat-bends in the stalks.
    - Witnesses heard loud explosions.
    - Witnesses saw triangular UFO's a month before.
    [6:01:24 PM] Sirius 17: ok so they did get readings
    [6:01:32 PM] Sirius 17: and heat bends
    [6:02:01 PM] Sirius 17: see this would prove that NVIDA might of hijacked this
    [6:03:28 PM] Shiloh: http://www.thuban.spruz.com/forums/?page=post&fid=&lastp=1&id=141CBFAC-9D11-4895-B0B2-065CCAAC2703
    [6:04:28 PM] Shiloh: Yes it is a distinct possibility. And it serves the ptb in dismissing and ridiculing ufo association with crop circles
    [6:05:28 PM] Sirius 17: but then it was done in the famous Silicon Valley where the microchip got its hayday
    [6:06:06 PM] Shiloh: Ys
    [6:06:59 PM] Shiloh: Those proposed 'makers' simply seem to me to have another agenda
    [6:07:44 PM] Sirius 17: yes, to take credit for the thousands of crop circles over the decades
    [6:07:55 PM] Shiloh: If I had made this and then admitting to it as a 'grand feat' there would be more 'elation' and self pride etc. All this seems to be missing from the 'artist'
    [6:07:59 PM] Sirius 17: granted some of them are human made
    [6:08:08 PM] Shiloh: The first speaker is a producer see?
    [6:08:15 PM] Sirius 17: yeah
    [6:08:30 PM] Sirius 17: well maybe he is trying to play the humble role
    [6:08:37 PM] Sirius 17: they don't want to come off as too cocky
    [6:08:39 PM] Shiloh: He shows elation, the actual 'maker' does not
    :08:56 PM] Shiloh: I shall leave it at that
    [6:09:08 PM] Shiloh: I dont know if nvidia made it or not
    [6:09:24 PM] Sirius 17: I do agree though that if they really want to put it to rest they need to come up with the construction video
    [6:09:39 PM] Shiloh: I feel they wont and cant
    [6:09:50 PM] Shiloh: As they did not film it
    [6:10:14 PM] Shiloh: Locals said they saw people wandering about see?
    [6:10:22 PM] Shiloh: So this means someone was there
    [6:10:25 PM] Sirius 17: yes they did
    [6:10:42 PM] Sirius 17: but then you also have the strange video with the green lights
    [6:10:47 PM] Shiloh: Yes
    [6:11:14 PM] Shiloh: It might be like Apollo 11
    [6:11:24 PM] Shiloh: They were there but not alone lol
    [6:11:29 PM] Sirius 17: and do you think the public will demand more proof out of NVIDIA? Not likely, they will go home and buy more of their hardware and gaming software.
    [6:11:38 PM] Shiloh: No it is a dead flogging now
    [6:11:48 PM] Shiloh: rather mainstream ptb like
    [6:11:59 PM] Sirius 17: yes a real highjacking of the truth
    [6:12:33 PM] Sirius 17: i still feel either way that the Logos used this situation
    [6:12:38 PM] Sirius 17: to show something
    [6:13:17 PM] Sirius 17: computer chip cores vs logos cores
    [6:13:31 PM] Sirius 17: human made and logos made
    [6:14:07 PM] Shiloh: No events occur in isolation in the greater agendas and all events carry some significance for it
    [6:14:19 PM] Sirius 17: yes
    [6:15:04 PM] Shiloh: 'No man is an island' as John Donne said
    Sirius 17

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    miii - Posted Jan 10th

    nvidia- "Invidia"
    Circe Invidiosa ("Circe, abounding in envy") by John William Waterhouse
    In Latin, invidia is the sense of envy or jealousy, a "looking upon" associated with the evil eye, from invidere, "to look against, to look at in a hostile manner."[1] Invidia ("Envy") is one of the Seven Deadly Sins in Christian belief.
    Invidia is also the Roman name for the ancient Greek goddess,
    invidious |inˈvidēəs| adjective (of an action or situation) likely to arouse or incur resentment or anger in others : she'd put herself in an invidious position. • (of a comparison or distinction) unfairly discriminating; unjust : it seems invidious to make special mention of one aspect of his work. DERIVATIVES invidiously adverb invidiousness noun ORIGIN early 17th cent.: from Latin invidiosus, from invidia (see envy ).

    the town of chaular...a place where amaranth grows, indicated by the name
    The word amaranth comes from the Greek word amaranton, meaning "unwilting" (from the verb marainesthai, meaning "wilt").[40] The word was applied to amaranth because it did not soon fade and so symbolized immortality. "Amarant" is a more correct, albeit archaic form, chiefly used in poetry. The current spelling, amaranth, seems to have come from folk etymology that assumed the final syllable derived from the Greek word anthos ("flower"), common in botanical names.
    An early Greek fable counted among Aesop's Fables compares the rose to the amaranth to illustrate the difference in fleeting and everlasting beauty:
    An amaranth planted in a garden near a Rose-Tree, thus addressed it: "What a lovely flower is the Rose, a favorite alike with Gods and with men. I envy you your beauty and your perfume." The Rose replied, "I indeed, dear Amaranth, flourish but for a brief season! If no cruel hand pluck me from my stem, yet I must perish by an early doom. But thou art immortal and dost never fade, but bloomest for ever in renewed youth."[41]
    In John Milton's epic Paradise Lost it is given a more fitting neighbour:
    Immortal amarant, a flower which once
    In paradise, fast by the tree of life,
    Began to bloom; but soon for man's offence
    To heaven removed, where first it grew, there grows,
    And flowers aloft, shading the fount of life,
    And where the river of bliss through midst of heaven
    Rolls o'er elysian flowers her amber stream:
    With these that never fade the spirits elect
    Bind their resplendent locks. (III, 353)
    Samuel Taylor Coleridge, in Work Without Hope (1825), also refers to the herb, likely referencing Milton's earlier work. (ll 7-10 excerpted):
    Yet well I ken the banks where Amaranths blow,
    Have traced the fount whence streams of nectar flow.
    Bloom, O ye Amaranths! bloom for whom ye may,
    For me ye bloom not! Glide, rich streams, away!
    Percy Bysshe Shelley refers to the herb in his poem "Bereavement" (Lines 13-16 excerpted):
    Eternity points, in its amaranth bower
    Where no clouds of fate o'er the sweet prospect lour,
    Unspeakable pleasure, of goodness the dower,
    When woe fades away like the mist of the heath.
    In his dialogue "Aesop and Rhodopè", published in 1844, Walter Savage Landor wrote:
    There are no fields of amaranth on this side of the grave:
    there are no voices, O Rhodopè, that are not soon mute, however tuneful:
    there is no name, with whatever emphasis of passionate love repeated,
    of which the echo is not faint at last.
    Joachim du Bellay mentioned the herb in his "A Vow To Heavenly Venus," ca. 1500.
    We that with like hearts love, we lovers twain,
    New wedded in the village by thy fane,
    Lady of all chaste love, to thee it is
    We bring these amaranths, these white lilies,
    A sign, and sacrifice; may Love, we pray,
    Like amaranthine flowers, feel no decay;
    Like these cool lilies may our loves remain,
    Perfect and pure, and know not any stain;
    And be our hearts, from this thy holy hour,
    Bound each to each, like flower to wedded flower.
    In the fourth book[42]of Endymion, John Keats writes:
    The spirit culls
    Unfaded amaranth, when wild it strays
    Through the old garden-ground of boyish days.
    In ancient Greece, the amaranth (also called chrysanthemum and helichrysum) was sacred to Ephesian Artemis. It was supposed to have special healing properties, and, as a symbol of immortality, was used to decorate images of the gods and tombs. In legend, Amarynthus (a form of Amarantus) was a hunter of Artemis and king of Euboea; in a village of Amarynthus, of which he was the eponymous hero, there was a famous temple of Artemis Amarynthia or Amarysia (Strabo x. 448; Pausan. i. 31, p. 5). It was also widely used by the Chinese for its healing chemicals, curing illnesses such as infections, rashes, and migraines. The "Amarantos" is the name of a several-century-old popular Greek folk song:
    Look at the amaranth:
    on tall mountains it grows,
    on the very stones and rocks
    and places inaccessible.
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  4. shiloh za-rah

    shiloh za-rah Planetary Rebirth

    Allisiam posted January 15th, 2014

    Thuban Refreshments

    Via Jorgelito Lupus

    lol drama of the times, i did not realise this until i just now read the storyline.
    [1/14/2014 9:49:57 AM] Allisiam: http://www.gnosis.org/naghamm/actp.html
    [1/14/2014 9:50:06 AM] Allisiam:

    The Lord answered and said, "O Peter, it was necessary that you understand the parable that I told you! Do you not understand that my name, which you teach, surpasses all riches, and the wisdom of God surpasses gold, and silver and precious stone(s)?"

    He gave them the pouch of medicine and said, "Heal all the sick of the city who believe in my name." Peter was afraid to reply to him for the second time. He signaled to the one who was beside him, who was John: "You talk this time." John answered and said, "Lord, before you we are afraid to say many words. But it is you who asks us to practice this skill. We have not been taught to be physicians. How then will we know how to heal bodies as you have told us?"

    He answered them, "Rightly have you spoken, John, for I know that the physicians of this world heal what belongs to the world. The physicians of souls, however, heal the heart. Heal the bodies first, therefore, so that through the real powers of healing for their bodies, without medicine of the world, they may believe in you, that you have power to heal the illnesses of the heart also.

    [1/14/2014 9:50:32 AM] Allisiam: Yes and I did not forget that the kingdom is offered freely
    [1/14/2014 10:09:49 AM] Allisiam: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Styrax
    [1/14/2014 10:11:06 AM] Allisiam: Uses of resin

    Benzoin resin, a dried exudation from pierced bark, is currently produced from various Styrax species native to Sumatra, Java, and Thailand. Commonly traded are the resins of S. tonkinensis (Siam benzoin), S. benzoin (Sumatra benzoin), and S. benzoides. The name "benzoin" is probably derived from Arabic n ī(لبان جاوي, "Javan frankincense"); compare the obsolete terms "gum benjamin" and "benjoin". This incidentally shows that the Arabs were aware of the origin of these resins, and that by the late Middle Ages at latest international trade in them was probably of major importance.
    [1/14/2014 11:10:50 AM] Allisiam: Peter=Cephas=Rock=Foundation=Cornerstone , he and Jesus are the same.

    [1/14/2014 11:33:09 AM] Allisiam: only the living one can enter the gates
    [1/14/2014 11:37:24 AM] Allisiam: in order for Peter to enter he must remember
    [1/14/2014 12:01:42 PM] Allisiam: http://www.nasa.gov/vision/universe/starsgalaxies/chandra_sound_waves.html
    [1/14/2014 12:06:17 PM] Allisiam: bleh i don't have quicktime to download the animation
    [1/14/2014 12:06:25 PM] Allisiam: i hate apple
    [1/14/2014 12:07:29 PM] Allisiam: anyhow according to the acts of Peter, we have to heal the body first
    [1/14/2014 12:08:09 PM] Allisiam: so some of us must become the 'living one'
    [1/14/2014 12:08:22 PM] Allisiam: then we can heal the heart
    [1/14/2014 12:08:59 PM] Allisiam: Magum Opus
    [1/14/2014 12:11:32 PM] Allisiam: You know James thinks he can talk for the dogs lol
    [1/14/2014 12:11:54 PM] Allisiam: he'll be surprised
    [1/14/2014 12:12:46 PM] Allisiam: some crazy Alchemy alright lol

    [1/14/2014 9:16:22 PM] *** Allisiam sent 455px-Pope-peter_pprubens.jpg 455px-Pope-peter_pprubens.jpg ***
    [1/14/2014 9:16:59 PM] Allisiam:

    [1/14/2014 9:17:03 PM] Allisiam: lol
    [1/14/2014 9:17:21 PM] Allisiam: i did not see this before, there he is with the keys to Heaven
    [1/14/2014 10:10:37 PM] Shiloh: http://www.thuban.spruz.com/forums/?page=post&id=141CBFAC-9D11-4895-B0B2-065CCAAC2703&fid=C8003AFA-256F-490A-942F-15A004A56BC8&cachecommand=bypass&pageindex=5
    [1/14/2014 10:11:05 PM] Shiloh: The Carl Sagan post here describes this 'key of heaven' symbol Julienne
    [1/14/2014 10:11:38 PM] Shiloh: The bloodstone of Israel also refers to this
    [1/14/2014 10:13:45 PM] Shiloh: The mineral heliotrope, also known as bloodstone, is a form of CHALCEDONY (which is a cryptocrystalline mixture of quartz and its monoclinic polymorp morganite).

    The "classic" bloodstone is green chalcedony with red inclusions or iron oxide or RED JASPER.
    Sometimes the inclusions are yellow, in which case the mineral is given the name plasma.
    The red inclusions are supposed to resemble spots of BLOOD; hence the name "BLOODSTONE".
    The name "heliotrope" (from Greek ήλιος helios, Sun, τρέπειν trepein, to turn) derives from various ancient notions about the manner in which the mineral reflects light. These are described, e.g., by Pliny the Elder (Nat.Hist. 37.165).
    Heliotrope is the traditional BIRTHSTONE for March.
    {Birth of Jesus of Nazareth defined in March 20th to April 17th, 6BC and Crucifixion Date of March 28th, 31 AD.}



    [1/14/2014 10:13:56 PM] *** Shiloh sent 200px-quarz_-_heliotrop_(blutjaspis).jpg ***
    [1/14/2014 10:14:28 PM] Shiloh: http://www.thuban.spruz.com/forums/?page=post&id=000aa12d-ff4c-455c-b6d3-20c21f277a7b&fid=6389ff9c-6ef0-4740-b5bd-ebbb1225bfd7

    [1/14/2014 10:16:03 PM] Allisiam: i am having some weird issue
    [1/14/2014 10:16:42 PM] Shiloh: in the New Jerusalem code the order of the gemstones changes from that on the breastplate of Melchisedec and therefore the names differ from the New World post linked above
    [1/14/2014 10:16:54 PM] Allisiam: i tried to go back into the chat history with you i got as far as Jan 25th of last year and my computer froze up to all hell.
    [1/14/2014 10:17:22 PM] Shiloh: I cant access old chats at all
    [1/14/2014 10:18:24 PM] Allisiam: it takes like a few minutes for it to load
    [1/14/2014 10:18:33 PM] Allisiam: but they finally did
    [1/14/2014 10:18:48 PM] Allisiam: but i had to reboot with a control alt delete move
    [1/14/2014 10:19:01 PM] Allisiam: turning it off with the power button didn't even work
    [1/14/2014 10:19:11 PM] Allisiam: but this is a laptop so they are weird
    [1/14/2014 10:24:06 PM] Shiloh: 3 months is the farthest I can go back to
    [1/14/2014 10:24:20 PM] Shiloh: microsoft really stuffed skype
    [1/14/2014 10:25:12 PM] Allisiam: yes well DD kicked us out of the old hex that day
    [1/14/2014 10:25:38 PM] Allisiam: it was 424 days from March 25th 2014
    [1/14/2014 10:26:52 PM] Shiloh: You are focusing on this date now - good

    [1/14/2014 10:28:37 PM] Allisiam:

    [1/25/2013 11:33:26 PM] Ishtara Raven: Tony she can remove us from the old hex at will; i would not of put her in there
    [1/25/2013 11:33:59 PM] Wyzard97: Does not matter imo
    [1/25/2013 11:34:06 PM] Ishtara Raven: the other chat she has no control of
    [1/25/2013 11:34:28 PM] Ishtara Raven: well xeia wanted to save the old hex because she wants to be able to have access to the old chats
    [1/25/2013 11:34:50 PM] Wyzard97: I checked and I can remove can you?
    [1/25/2013 11:35:23 PM] Ishtara Raven: well my messages are not going through in here so i will log out and back in
    [1/25/2013 11:36:51 PM] Wyzard97: Ah I see now, Rok removed her and she could not read what we said
    [1/25/2013 11:36:55 PM] Wyzard97: Hmm
    [1/25/2013 11:37:29 PM] Ishtara Raven: no xeia signed in as rok and removed her
    [1/25/2013 11:38:29 PM] Wyzard97: skype plays up a lot
    [1/25/2013 11:38:52 PM] Ishtara Raven: can you see what i am saying, all my messages are circling?
    [1/25/2013 11:39:04 PM] Ishtara Raven: nothing is going through but i can read what you type
    [1/25/2013 11:39:20 PM] Ishtara Raven: i have tried to sign out and back in and its not fixing it
    [1/25/2013 11:41:57 PM] Ishtara Raven: well my skype is broke it seems
    [1/25/2013 11:47:58 PM] Ishtara Raven: tony did you log off?
    [1/25/2013 11:52:44 PM] Ishtara Raven: [Friday, January 25, 2013 11:34 PM] Shiloh:
    <<< I checked and I can remove can you?
    yes that chat is broken, anyone can remove now
    [1/25/2013 11:58:50 PM] Ishtara Raven: well it seems your having technical difficulty or have logged off because the other chats are working
    [1/26/2013 12:01:04 AM] Ishtara Raven: Tony? you back

    [1/14/2014 10:29:40 PM] Shiloh: Perhaps because i updated skype a few times
    [1/14/2014 10:30:39 PM] Allisiam: [Friday, August 16, 2013 5:36 PM] Allisiam:

    <<< i am having a bad day and i started bleeding a little today

    [1/14/2014 10:30:45 PM] Allisiam: [Thursday, September 26, 2013 11:53 PM] Allisiam:
    <<< well and today iam having a very very hard time coping with everything
    i am bleeding very heavy and i am freaking out about school and if this keeps up wtf i am going to do and what should i do

    [1/14/2014 10:31:05 PM] Allisiam: [Thursday, September 26, 2013 11:57 PM] Allisiam:
    <<< he knew i needed some good news, something; but i do not understand this bleeding and the progesterone is not doing anything
    the only thing i can think of is that it has to do with this configuration and the new ID

    [1/14/2014 10:31:21 PM] Allisiam: [Saturday, September 28, 2013 7:28 PM] Allisiam:
    <<< well i have been in the ER all day today and i am fine as it turns out thankfully
    i would not stop bleeding and had trouble breathing

    [1/14/2014 10:31:39 PM] Allisiam: [Saturday, September 28, 2013 7:44 PM] Allisiam:
    <<< the only thing i can be relieved about is that I am not anemic and i am not bleeding out....no surgery will be necessary today...no cancer...no abnormalities....other than my kidney of which he at first told me there were no cysts, but went back and looked at the report and tells me they are nothing to worry about.... sigh
    [1/14/2014 10:32:07 PM] Shiloh: yes check the timeline and you see it all starting in September
    [1/14/2014 10:33:37 PM] Allisiam: [Friday, October 4, 2013 4:14 PM] Allisiam:

    <<< she is still convinced i will stop bleeding or slow way down by monday
    my body may make a lair out of her and in which case if i do not slow down....well the next step is hospitalization
    i'll let you know

    [1/14/2014 10:33:55 PM] Allisiam: [Saturday, October 5, 2013 3:51 AM] Allisiam:
    <<< i cannot sleep and i am bleeding too much
    it woke me up. i took a shower and i feel a little better

    [1/14/2014 10:34:32 PM] Allisiam: i am trying to find when i stopped
    [1/14/2014 10:35:12 PM] Allisiam: [Monday, October 7, 2013 4:04 PM] Allisiam:

    <<< my bleeding has slowed down quite a bit

    [1/14/2014 10:40:08 PM] Allisiam: [10/7/2013 8:25:56 PM] Allisiam: test

    [10/7/2013 8:26:10 PM] Allisiam: she kicked me again
    [10/7/2013 8:26:13 PM] Shiloh: On hex
    [10/7/2013 8:26:21 PM] Allisiam: no now it sent
    [10/7/2013 8:26:25 PM] Allisiam: wtf is going on
    [10/7/2013 8:26:54 PM] Allisiam: how is it that i added you to that hex chat and then i get removed?
    [10/7/2013 8:26:56 PM] Allisiam: she removed me
    [10/7/2013 8:27:08 PM] Allisiam: then you added me back
    [10/7/2013 8:27:18 PM] Allisiam: so games, she still plays games i guess

    [1/14/2014 10:41:00 PM] Allisiam: [Monday, October 7, 2013 9:00 PM] Shiloh:
    <<< [Monday, October 7, 2013 9:00 PM] ...:
    View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9Y3m7fisOU

    Scriptures need to die.
    I killed scriptures.
    Just now!
    Can't you see this?

    [1/14/2014 10:41:46 PM] Allisiam: [10/7/2013 9:10:07 PM]
    Shiloh: But as a female one this is rather more potent

    [10/7/2013 9:10:40 PM] Shiloh: As the devil memeplex is malemindedness forced to go female
    [10/7/2013 9:11:33 PM] Shiloh: So remember this was Abba's choice as the uttermost extreme of himself as herself
    [10/7/2013 9:11:52 PM] Shiloh: Dont I wish, she really would leave for good?
    [10/7/2013 9:13:04 PM] Allisiam: god i know
    [10/7/2013 9:13:10 PM] Allisiam: this is just bizarre
    [1/14/2014 10:41:49 PM] Allisiam: snips lol
    [1/14/2014 10:43:04 PM] Allisiam: [Monday, October 7, 2013 10:03 PM] Allisiam:
    <<< humm weird
    i have been bleeding for 28 days now
    [1/14/2014 10:43:24 PM] Shiloh: [Tuesday, January 14, 2014 10:41 PM] Allisiam:
    <<< <<<
    View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9Y3m7fisOU

    Scriptures need to die.
    I killed scriptures.
    Just now!
    Can't you see this?

    Shiloh: I did not say this, she did
    [1/14/2014 10:43:33 PM] Allisiam: [10/7/2013 10:03:54 PM]

    Shiloh: Well your body was in hell for some time
    [10/7/2013 10:04:25 PM] Allisiam: yes i still feel very weak
    [10/7/2013 10:04:35 PM] Shiloh: Bloodloss
    [10/7/2013 10:05:02 PM] Allisiam: yes my hematocrit went down fast this time
    [10/7/2013 10:05:10 PM] Allisiam: i could feel it
    [10/7/2013 10:05:46 PM] Allisiam: its just very odd she comes back the first day that it lightens up
    [10/7/2013 10:06:04 PM] Allisiam: what is going on?
    [10/7/2013 10:06:24 PM] Shiloh: You mean DD?
    [10/7/2013 10:06:49 PM] Allisiam: yeah
    [10/7/2013 10:07:00 PM] Shiloh: Well I am clear on one thing
    [10/7/2013 10:07:15 PM] Shiloh: MILD is still using HER BODY for whatever purposes
    [10/7/2013 10:07:32 PM] Shiloh: Her mind is the abomination and it seems it will not change

    [1/14/2014 10:43:44 PM] Shiloh: 28 days from October 8th - count back
    [1/14/2014 10:44:18 PM] Shiloh: September 10th
    [1/14/2014 10:44:30 PM] Allisiam: [10/7/2013 10:11:13 PM]

    Allisiam: i am telling you...i thought the other day that god must have cored us with the devil
    [10/7/2013 10:11:20 PM] Allisiam: it fucking feels like that
    [10/7/2013 10:11:32 PM] Allisiam: emotionless pigs
    [10/7/2013 10:11:46 PM] Allisiam: non-feeling, careing
    [10/7/2013 10:11:51 PM] Shiloh: Well it is true in this 'density' anyhow
    [10/7/2013 10:12:02 PM] Shiloh: Both of them apparently
    [10/7/2013 10:12:18 PM] Shiloh: So what is this Rok-Xeia thing doing now?
    [10/7/2013 10:12:27 PM] Allisiam: i dont know
    [10/7/2013 10:12:28 PM] Shiloh: Is it a bridge of sorts?
    [10/7/2013 10:12:37 PM] Allisiam: they are supposed to meet this month
    [10/7/2013 10:12:38 PM] Shiloh: I dont even want to ponder it anymore
    [10/7/2013 10:12:39 PM] Allisiam: sometime
    [10/7/2013 10:12:44 PM] Allisiam: but they don't talk to me

    [1/14/2014 10:44:42 PM] Shiloh: Midweek of the 1st WOC
    [1/14/2014 10:45:18 PM] Allisiam: [Tuesday, January 14, 2014 10:43 PM] Shiloh:

    Allisiam<<< I did not say this, she did .>>>
    yes i know.
    [1/14/2014 10:45:40 PM] Shiloh: The Devil does not like scripture codes very much
    [1/14/2014 10:45:52 PM] Allisiam: but i actually bled 29 days i remember
    [1/14/2014 10:46:04 PM] Allisiam: so i bled light one more day
    [1/14/2014 10:46:17 PM] Shiloh: Whatever the endtimes started in the Isaiah on September 5th, 2013
    [1/14/2014 10:46:40 PM] Shiloh: They started in the 1260 on July 3rd 2012
    [1/14/2014 10:47:03 PM] Shiloh: Isaiah is a focus acceleration of the 1260
    [1/14/2014 10:48:42 PM] Shiloh: 1st WOC begins September 6th
    [1/14/2014 10:48:59 PM] Allisiam: dang i lost all my tabs, i had stuff open and the timeline and jeese
    [1/14/2014 10:49:02 PM] Shiloh: Your 'bleeding' started then but was in prep I guess
    [1/14/2014 10:49:24 PM] Allisiam: count backwards 29 days from oct 8th
    [1/14/2014 10:49:29 PM] Shiloh: 6+29=35 as October 5th, Carla's bd again
    [1/14/2014 10:49:30 PM] Allisiam: that is when i started
    [1/14/2014 10:50:09 PM] Shiloh: So you ended October 5th abouts
    [1/14/2014 10:50:26 PM] Allisiam: [Tuesday, May 14, 2013 6:14 PM] Allisiam:

    <<< I also started my period yesterday and I am emotional...
    yeah, this is an old one
    [1/14/2014 10:50:55 PM] Shiloh: October 5th + 7 = October 12th
    [1/14/2014 10:51:16 PM] Allisiam: [Sunday, September 8, 2013 7:33 AM] Allisiam:

    <<< i dreamed that Carla had some blood sugar problem and they took her to the hospital....they called by telephone and asked for me then i could hear people in the background scrambling and yelling to save her life and my heart stopped and i was asking them what is going on...in the dream i felt they were calling to tell me she was dying. It was awful, this is what woke me up, i was crying histerically.
    i woke up gasping for air and coughing

    [1/14/2014 10:51:22 PM] Shiloh: October 5th + 3½ = October 9th
    [1/14/2014 10:51:42 PM] Shiloh: Yes the 3½ either way
    [1/14/2014 10:52:39 PM] Allisiam: [Sunday, September 8, 2013 9:14 AM] Allisiam:

    <<< my womb is not working anymore either, i have stopped my menses now it seems, so this makes sense its being transformed

    [1/14/2014 10:52:58 PM Shiloh: All of this stuff bothering you now was simply the beginning of the end manifesting in your dreams and body
    [1/14/2014 10:57:37 PM] Shiloh: Remember the 3 years ago all this started?
    [1/14/2014 10:57:51 PM] Allisiam: [Sunday, October 13, 2013 8:11 PM] Shiloh:

    <<< It is because a loop of sorts finally 'escaped itself'
    Since October 12th there is a new path NEVER before trodden

    [1/14/2014 10:58:02 PM] Shiloh: I added the detailed dates as April 20th, 2011 to April 20th, 2014
    [1/14/2014 10:58:30 PM] Allisiam:

    [10/13/2013 8:12:24 PM] Allisiam: i also went through physical hell then when he was 3 months old
    [10/13/2013 8:12:27 PM] Allisiam: i almost died
    [10/13/2013 8:12:40 PM] Allisiam: they wanted to put me in the hospital because i could not sleep
    [10/13/2013 8:12:46 PM] Shiloh: The time is January 1996
    [10/13/2013 8:12:49 PM] Allisiam: i went over a month without sleep
    [10/13/2013 8:12:56 PM] Allisiam: yes this is the time
    [10/13/2013 8:13:01 PM] Shiloh: This is unbearable
    [10/13/2013 8:13:03 PM] Allisiam: and he stopped nursing me
    [10/13/2013 8:13:11 PM] Allisiam: and i cried like a baby
    [10/13/2013 8:13:16 PM] Shiloh: Ok see
    [10/13/2013 8:13:17 PM] Allisiam: i mourned it
    [10/13/2013 8:13:25 PM] Shiloh: I know this is the encompassing timeline
    [10/13/2013 8:13:37 PM] Shiloh: March 1995 to September 2014

    [1/14/2014 10:59:04 PM] Allisiam: yes
    [1/14/2014 10:59:04 PM] Shiloh: Yes the last plagues in forwards mode ran October 19th to October 25th to the cam of October 26th
    [1/14/2014 10:59:23 PM] Allisiam: i also found this:
    [1/14/2014 10:59:33 PM] Shiloh: So again the prep week or WOC
    [1/14/2014 11:00:05 PM] Shiloh: April 20th 2011 was crucifixion image
    [1/14/2014 11:00:17 PM] Shiloh: April 20th, 2014 will be Easter Sunday
    [1/14/2014 11:00:47 PM] Shiloh: DD joined April 19th, 2011 on the Last Supper day
    [1/14/2014 11:01:06 PM] Shiloh: So April 20th should fulfil this 'joining'
    [1/14/2014 11:01:16 PM] Shiloh: In a 'resurrection'
    [1/14/2014 11:01:50 PM] Allisiam:

    25 And a certain woman, which had an issue of blood twelve years,
    26 And had suffered many things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse,
    27 When she had heard of Jesus, came in the press behind, and touched his garment.
    28 For she said, If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole.
    29 And straightway the fountain of her blood was dried up; and she felt in her body that she was healed of that plague.
    30 And Jesus, immediately knowing in himself that virtue had gone out of him, turned him about in the press, and said, Who touched my clothes?
    [1/14/2014 11:01:53 PM] Shiloh: There are exactly 365+365+366 days between the anniversaries
    [1/14/2014 11:02:01 PM] Allisiam: http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Mark+5&version=KJV
    [1/14/2014 11:02:36 PM] Shiloh: Yes this might relate to this
    [1/14/2014 11:02:44 PM] Allisiam: yes i thought maybe
    [1/14/2014 11:03:14 PM] Shiloh: 12 years go to 2002
    [1/14/2014 11:03:58 PM] Allisiam:

    [1/14/2014 11:04:01 PM] Shiloh: If this is December 2004 as a boundary, then add 11 to 2015
    [1/14/2014 11:04:36 PM] Shiloh: So it could relate to Debbie's death and rebirth
    [1/14/2014 11:04:55 PM] Allisiam: [Tuesday, January 14, 2014 11:03 PM] Allisiam:

    <<< 37 And he suffered no man to follow him, save Peter, and James, and John the brother of James.

    [1/14/2014 11:05:25 PM] Shiloh: December 8th, 2004 + 11 = December 8th, 2015 and so 7 days before December 15th
    [1/14/2014 11:06:04 PM] Allisiam: this second part is another miracle but involves a 12 year code but this time it is a child
    [1/14/2014 11:07:40 PM] Shiloh:

    [1/14/2014 11:07:44 PM] Shiloh: This might help you
    [1/14/2014 11:11:12 PM] Allisiam: lol even the same passages
    [1/14/2014 11:11:18 PM] Allisiam: what is going on?
    [1/14/2014 11:12:00 PM] Shiloh: 12 is child 13=teenager
    [1/14/2014 11:12:29 PM] Shiloh: 12 years are required to 'grow up'
    [1/14/2014 11:12:35 PM] Allisiam: oh i see
    [1/14/2014 11:12:48 PM] Shiloh: 2004+12=2016
    [1/14/2014 11:13:09 PM] Shiloh: 2005-2014=10 years full
    [1/14/2014 11:13:27 PM] Shiloh: Add 2 boundary years in 2004 and 2015
    [1/14/2014 11:23:55 PM] Allisiam: Tony why is July 3rd 2012 the begining of the Daniel prophecy?
    [1/14/2014 11:25:37 PM] Shiloh: I explained this about 3 times by now
    [1/14/2014 11:26:00 PM] Shiloh: Look at the chart and see it warping from the original Easter 31AD
    [1/14/2014 11:27:27 PM] Shiloh: 430+21 days next to the title of the Cleansing
    [1/14/2014 11:28:03 PM] Shiloh: This is why you start the Isaiah prophecy with the 430=390+40 exodus time
    [1/14/2014 11:28:26 PM] Shiloh: The 390 also relating to Euphrates as the year+month+day+hour
    [1/14/2014 11:28:52 PM] Shiloh: 430 become 470 as 40+390+40
    [1/14/2014 11:29:04 PM] Shiloh: 40 years in the Sinai desert
    [1/14/2014 11:29:41 PM] Allisiam: [Saturday, March 16, 2013 6:48 PM] Shiloh:

    <<< So MI is the New Birth as a Death Rebirth
    Correlating the Julian offset of the equinox
    That'll do me
    Even the birth-death is speculated on by many sources
    But I researched and found confirmation for March 28th, 31 AD
    As the Passion Wednesday
    But the majority dont like this

    [1/14/2014 11:29:44 PM] Shiloh: In the code controversy of the 450 this also is 40+450=490=Daniel
    [1/14/2014 11:30:12 PM] Allisiam: this was before you had the fixed date
    [1/14/2014 11:30:42 PM] Allisiam: err maybe you did, you mentioned it was her death rebirth day
    [1/14/2014 11:30:56 PM] Shiloh: Yes as the midpoint mirror of March 24th, 1995 to December 8th, 2004 to August 25th, 2014
    [1/14/2014 11:31:21 PM] Shiloh: August 25th is rebirth mirrored in the death of March 24th
    [1/14/2014 11:31:49 PM] Shiloh: This was before I fixed the august date i think yes
    [1/14/2014 11:31:54 PM] Allisiam: yeah
    [1/14/2014 11:31:58 PM] Allisiam: it had to be
    [1/14/2014 11:31:59 PM] Shiloh: But I am not sure
    [1/14/2014 11:32:07 PM] Shiloh: 2013 went quick
    [1/14/2014 11:32:12 PM] Allisiam: tell me
    [1/14/2014 11:32:26 PM] Allisiam: it is like time is going freight train fast
    [1/14/2014 11:32:51 PM] Allisiam: the shortening of days
    [1/14/2014 11:33:14 PM] Shiloh: The upper part of the Sharona pic defines the 20 year period
    [1/14/2014 11:33:31 PM] Allisiam: yeah i have been looking at that
    [1/14/2014 11:33:33 PM] Shiloh: The lower part defines that focused into the 3½ years
    [1/14/2014 11:33:50 PM] Shiloh: The BC part defines the 60 year period
    [1/14/2014 11:34:00 PM] Shiloh: And the entire human history
    [1/14/2014 11:34:29 PM] Shiloh: Also the 40 years as 1975-2015
    [1/14/2014 11:34:35 PM] Allisiam: i wonder if Xeia has noticed how she fits into all of this now
    [1/14/2014 11:34:50 PM] Shiloh: Oh she fits magnificently
    [1/14/2014 11:35:02 PM] Shiloh: But they dont take those timelines serious
    [1/14/2014 11:35:18 PM] Shiloh: Especially since they feel nothing happened December 21st, 2012
    [1/14/2014 11:35:29 PM] Allisiam: true
    [1/14/2014 11:35:41 PM] Allisiam: but i did point her to it and asked her to study it
    [1/14/2014 11:36:19 PM] Shiloh: Xeia will 'fly away' for good now in June
    [1/14/2014 11:36:52 PM] Shiloh: I mean she will find 'new land'
    [1/14/2014 11:37:05 PM] Shiloh: June 11th-17th
    [1/14/2014 11:37:19 PM] Shiloh: From June 18th
    [1/14/2014 11:37:34 PM] Shiloh: 10 days after pentecost
    [1/14/2014 11:37:53 PM] Shiloh: 10 days before pentecost are May 29th and the 'Ascension'
    [1/14/2014 11:38:02 PM] Shiloh: So it is 10+10
    [1/14/2014 11:38:14 PM] Shiloh: May 29th to June 18th
    [1/14/2014 11:38:23 PM] Shiloh: 10+1+10
    [1/14/2014 11:38:40 PM] Allisiam: lol i forget my binary here
    [1/14/2014 11:39:11 PM] Shiloh: June 8th=Mirror Day for the Dove
    [1/14/2014 11:39:42 PM] Shiloh: The 5th day of the Raven
    [1/14/2014 11:41:24 PM] Allisiam: yes i see it
    [1/14/2014 11:41:56 PM] Shiloh: So the 10+1+10 for the Raven are May 20th to May 30th to June 9th
    [1/14/2014 11:42:54 PM] Shiloh: May 29th-30 = Ascension as the end of the 66 millennium days too
    [1/14/2014 11:43:25 PM] Shiloh: So Ascension day is the Mirror for the Raven
    [1/14/2014 11:43:44 PM] Shiloh: Pentecost day is the Mirror for the Dove 10 days apart
    [1/14/2014 11:44:27 PM] Shiloh: Babylon is 70 days and the extended millennium is 66 and so ends 3½-4 days before the captivity
    [1/14/2014 11:44:36 PM] Allisiam: i see
    [1/14/2014 11:45:17 PM] Shiloh: The actual millennium as the 1000 years is just March 25th
    [1/14/2014 11:45:47 PM] Allisiam: yes
    [1/14/2014 11:46:31 PM] Allisiam: and what is the 21 code again?
    [1/14/2014 11:46:31 PM] Shiloh: The mirrored shortened day millennium is February 20th - April 27th
    [1/14/2014 11:47:08 PM] Shiloh: 3 weeks of fasting doubled in two ancient kings of Persia and Grecia
    [1/14/2014 11:47:37 PM] Shiloh: Overseen by Gabriel and Michael as archcherubims or such
    [1/14/2014 11:47:56 PM] Allisiam: what does the fasting mean though
    [1/14/2014 11:48:04 PM] Allisiam: fasting from the world?
    [1/14/2014 11:48:18 PM] Shiloh: A lack of passion frustration sadness etc
    [1/14/2014 11:48:24 PM] Shiloh: Yes
    [1/14/2014 11:48:46 PM] Shiloh: There are many 21 cycles in the chart
    [1/14/2014 11:48:56 PM] Allisiam: yes i see them
    [1/14/2014 11:49:08 PM] Allisiam: i just could not remember what you said about the 21 specifically
    [1/14/2014 11:49:10 PM] Shiloh: Green colour
    [1/14/2014 11:49:23 PM] Shiloh: Daniel 10
    [1/14/2014 11:49:36 PM] Shiloh: After the 490
    [1/14/2014 11:49:44 PM] Shiloh: In Daniel 9
    [1/14/2014 11:50:49 PM] Allisiam: i don't know how you remember all this
    [1/14/2014 11:51:08 PM] Allisiam: i guess spending years and years
    [1/14/2014 11:51:40 PM] Allisiam: i feel dumb lol
    [1/14/2014 11:52:20 PM] Shiloh: The 21 become 1+20 and 20+1 and so link the end of the 490 in forwards mode and the beginning of the 490 in reverse mode
    [1/14/2014 11:52:32 PM] Shiloh: Why there are two
    [1/14/2014 11:52:39 PM] Allisiam: ok yes
    [1/14/2014 11:52:46 PM] Shiloh: Those are the major 21 cycles
    [1/14/2014 11:54:00 PM] Shiloh: There are also 21 cycles in between the 15 days of the hour and so defining mirror dates December 20th, 2013 and 28th of June 2014
    [1/14/2014 11:55:28 PM] Shiloh: 15+21+15 so intersect the Dove and the Raven
    [1/14/2014 11:56:13 PM] Shiloh: The second 15=7+7+1=Dove + Raven+1 day
    [1/14/2014 11:57:47 PM] Shiloh: The WOC = Dove Week forwards and is Raven Week in retro
    [1/14/2014 11:59:18 PM] Shiloh: Your 12 days are specific as the first 12 days of the 6th trumpet
    [1/14/2014 11:59:39 PM] Shiloh: October 23rd - November 3rd
    [1/14/2014 11:59:48 PM] Shiloh: To the abomination
    [12:00:08 AM] Shiloh: Also the last 12 days of the 6th trumpet retro of course
    [12:00:56 AM] Shiloh: August 15th to August 25th and so the Assumption day
    [12:01:22 AM] Shiloh: Perhaps this is why you are focusing on this 12 number atm
    [12:01:46 AM] Allisiam: lol i am not sure i am focusing
    [12:01:58 AM] Allisiam: it came up in my 'study'
    [12:02:15 AM] Shiloh: It is the 2+1+3+3+3=12 box
    [12:02:26 AM] Allisiam: i look at this chart and sometimes it makes sense and other times i get lost in it
    [12:02:48 AM] Shiloh: And the 3+3+3+1+2=12 Box
    [12:02:55 AM] Allisiam: ah ok
    [12:03:03 AM] Allisiam: in the darkish blue
    [12:03:11 AM] Shiloh: Yes the colours fade with all the edits, so I sometimes overwrite them to clarify again
    [12:03:55 AM] Shiloh: It is the 6th trumpet of Euphrates
    [12:04:04 AM] Allisiam: yes i see that
    [12:04:05 AM] Shiloh: Too much detail for you
    [12:04:42 AM] Shiloh: I called it Trumpet de Euphrates on the right side
    [12:04:50 AM] Allisiam: it defines the 153 fish days
    [12:05:00 AM] Allisiam: right?
    [12:05:16 AM] Allisiam: please say yes
    [12:05:18 AM] Allisiam: lol
    [12:05:19 AM] Shiloh: 391=201+153+40-3
    [12:05:34 AM] Shiloh: 201=Half lunar year
    [12:05:45 AM] Shiloh: 153=fishdays added to that
    [12:05:58 AM] Allisiam: it is the net basically
    [12:06:00 AM] Shiloh: 40=sSege or wilderness added to that
    [12:06:07 AM] Allisiam: if i am groking it
    [12:06:23 AM] Shiloh: 153 is doubled and mirrored in March 25th
    [12:06:34 AM] Shiloh: It is also halved as 76+1
    [12:06:41 AM] Allisiam: yes
    [12:06:47 AM] Shiloh: It must be a part of the 391
    [12:07:09 AM] Shiloh: It is ITSELF the shortening of days as 2300
    [12:07:27 AM] Shiloh: Jesus REDEFINED the 2300 in Daniel in John.21
    [12:07:57 AM] Shiloh: 2300/15=153+1/3
    [12:08:58 AM] Shiloh: So counting the 153 only once in long mode will NOT double it and so becomes ONLY the second 153 days FROM March 25th
    [12:09:31 AM] Shiloh: As 201=September 5th to March 25th you now have 201+153=354 days AS the Lunar year
    [12:09:44 AM] Allisiam: ok
    [12:10:05 AM] Shiloh: September 5th, 2013 to August 25th, 2014
    [12:10:52 AM] Shiloh: As this is short of the 391 however yo must add the next 'box' which is Ezekiel's Siege of Judah
    [12:11:05 AM] Shiloh: 354+40=394
    [12:11:50 AM] Shiloh: You subtract the halfweek as the 3½ + 3½ split of the WOC to fulfil the code
    [12:12:18 AM] Shiloh: The 'box' of 40 is also the last box of 40 see?
    [12:12:49 AM] Shiloh: The wilderness of Zion and therefore the 3½+3½ can be split in synchro with the 40 boxes
    [12:13:08 AM] Allisiam: yes i see
    [12:13:31 AM] Shiloh: Good
    [12:13:44 AM] Shiloh: It is intricate, but not hard
    [12:13:53 AM] Allisiam: i wish i could sit next to you and see it lol
    [12:14:23 AM] Shiloh: This would be little help
    [12:14:34 AM] Allisiam: why do you say that
    [12:14:46 AM] Shiloh: I would say the same thing
    [12:14:51 AM] Allisiam: lol
    [12:14:59 AM] Shiloh: You either can see it or not
    [12:15:10 AM] Shiloh: At least you try
    [12:15:16 AM] Allisiam: am i supposed to see it?
    [12:15:22 AM] Shiloh: I dont know
    [12:15:30 AM] Allisiam: i dont either, so i try
    [12:15:45 AM] Shiloh: Probably an overview and the focus of March 25th suffices
    [12:16:01 AM] Allisiam: i do see how the codes are what is rewriting the time
    [12:16:15 AM] Allisiam: or maybe i just know it
    [12:16:31 AM] Allisiam: each code is like a time loop
    [12:16:35 AM] Allisiam: right?
    [12:16:35 AM] Shiloh: Yes
    [12:16:43 AM] Allisiam: ok this is what i see
    [12:17:11 AM] Shiloh: It is at least the most thorough rewriting and decoding of those millennia old scriptures
    [12:17:20 AM] Allisiam: how else do you fit in 2000 years of history
    [12:17:22 AM] Shiloh: It is at best its resolution in toto
    [12:17:26 AM] Allisiam: in such a short span
    [12:17:48 AM] Shiloh: Oh I am sure of the shortening of days as the 15
    [12:17:55 AM] Shiloh: It is ubiquitous
    [12:17:58 AM] Allisiam: it is beautiful, i do appreciate how long it has taken you to get it to this point
    [12:18:04 AM] Allisiam: to live it to this point
    [12:18:11 AM] Shiloh: It is my work period
    [12:18:32 AM] Shiloh: I was given the weirdo mind to see it like this and this I must honor
    [12:18:41 AM] Shiloh: But with this chart it is all done
    [12:18:57 AM] Allisiam: well and it is mine too, i am not here for this old BS, i came for the same reason you did
    [12:19:15 AM] Shiloh: Logos has taken the reigns of it since November 3rd
    [12:19:25 AM] Allisiam: yes
    [12:19:30 AM] Allisiam: i feel that
    [12:19:36 AM] Shiloh: Abomination and the desolations
    [12:19:46 AM] Allisiam: i am blown away how the GOT is lining up with it too
    [12:19:52 AM] Shiloh: Xeia, Rok, DD, James and we are all desolate
    [12:20:01 AM] Shiloh: But we know and dont have to suffer it
    [12:20:18 AM] Allisiam: well we don't suffer like them in despair
    [12:20:23 AM] Shiloh: They refuse to listen and look and suffer
    [12:20:29 AM] Shiloh: No
    [12:20:40 AM] Allisiam: but then this is the faith
    [12:20:43 AM] Allisiam: we have
    [12:21:00 AM] Shiloh: Well your Allisiam is like my MI
    [12:21:02 AM] Allisiam: more like a knowing
    [12:21:05 AM] Shiloh: Sort of
    [12:21:09 AM] Allisiam: yes
    [12:21:09 AM] Shiloh: True
    [12:21:26 AM] Shiloh: But with me it substitutes for physical contact
    [12:21:44 AM] Shiloh: With you it supports mental contact
    [12:22:04 AM] Shiloh: Why I talk to you, I honor Allisiam in this more so then human Julienne
    [12:22:11 AM] Allisiam: i know
    [12:22:23 AM] Allisiam: you know who i am too
    [12:22:32 AM] Allisiam: in the 'bigger' picture
    [12:22:32 AM] Shiloh: I feel like a wave see, not as a human
    [12:22:46 AM] Shiloh: A sexgoddess lol
    [12:22:51 AM] Allisiam: i never really felt human lol
    [12:22:58 AM] Shiloh: JCCJ manifesto
    [12:23:16 AM] Allisiam: lol your sweet
    [12:23:31 AM] Shiloh: JCCJ need one thing and this is for other jigsaw puzzles to link to them on the tapestry
    [12:23:41 AM] Allisiam: yes
    [12:24:00 AM] Allisiam: like i found and remembered you
    [12:24:05 AM] Allisiam: well we were all called here
    [12:24:05 AM] Shiloh: JCCJ#0=fixed JCCJ#1and2 are the witnesses in THIS Story
    [12:24:26 AM] Allisiam: yes
    [12:24:36 AM] Shiloh: So JCCJ#1 must attach to JCCJ#0 and so expand the tapestry
    [12:24:45 AM] Shiloh: Likewise JCCJ#2
    [12:25:10 AM] Allisiam: how does it go again? add the tail to the new head....
    [12:25:19 AM] Shiloh: JCCJ#1 is #1 relative to itself as is JCCJ#2 relative to JCCJ#0
    [12:26:09 AM] Shiloh: Every brick in anyones mansion becomes numero uno in THAT mansion must have a cornerstone as the JCCJ#0 however
    [12:26:36 AM] Allisiam: yes
    [12:26:50 AM] Shiloh: So JCCJ#0 is cornerstone for all mansions possible but all other mansions fully built are built by JCCJ#? stones
    [12:28:00 AM] Allisiam: that is the E*=1 right?
    [12:28:14 AM] Shiloh: So the JamesRaven core has JCCJ#0 common with the RokXeia core but JamesRaven is say #1 in the RokXeia mansion and RokXeia is #1 in the RavenJames mansion etc
    [12:28:41 AM] Shiloh: No, you messing up science equations with a more general principle
    [12:28:59 AM] Allisiam: lol i am just trying to combine
    [12:29:20 AM] Shiloh: E*=1 is shorthand for the superbrane definitions
    [12:29:51 AM] Shiloh: Actual math equations
    [12:29:55 AM] Allisiam: yes i know there is a lot that plugs into it
    [12:30:42 AM] Allisiam: Tony tell me how that goes again, i can't find it, add the tail to the head thing?
    [12:30:43 AM] Shiloh: It is the JCCJ#0 which multiplies as itself in individuations in every mansion based upon it
    [12:31:23 AM] Shiloh: And it is this JCCJ#0 which will be cosmic physical fact from March 25th
    [12:31:58 AM] Allisiam: yes, March 25th is a day out of time
    [12:31:59 AM] Shiloh: Add the Tail to the Beginning and start the New Head with the Old Tail
    [12:32:07 AM] Allisiam: but which has been added to time
    [12:32:37 AM] Shiloh: 266561 so is the Ouroboros and the tail is 1 and the head is 2
    [12:33:34 AM] Shiloh: So you add 1 to 2 = 3 as the New Head, which is started by the Old Tail of 1
    [12:33:50 AM] Shiloh: So the New Serpent becomes 136656
    [12:34:07 AM] Shiloh: This is the mayan supernumber as a fractal Susan raves on about
    [12:34:14 AM] Shiloh: 1366560
    [12:34:19 AM] Allisiam: ok yes now i remember
    [12:34:36 AM] Shiloh: This can only be done 7 times
    [12:34:55 AM] Shiloh: To construct the 7 spacetime quanta counter googols
    [12:35:07 AM] Allisiam: and then what happens?
    [12:35:18 AM] Allisiam: it goes back to the main algorithm
    [12:35:35 AM] Shiloh: After going left and right the numbers become root reducible say as 4+7=11 as 2 NOT as a member of the decad 0-9
    [12:35:40 AM] Shiloh: Yes
    [12:35:50 AM] Shiloh: It supplements the old algorithm
    [12:36:05 AM] Shiloh: The old algorithm generates the master number 266561
    [12:36:11 AM] Allisiam: so it is like a program that repeats
    [12:36:15 AM] Shiloh: Not any of its 6 derivatives
    [12:36:19 AM] Shiloh: Yes
    [12:36:22 AM] Shiloh: Exactly
    [12:36:32 AM] Shiloh: It is a computer program
    [12:36:44 AM] Allisiam: lol
    [12:36:51 AM] Allisiam: shhhh all the nabs people will freak out
    [12:37:05 AM] Shiloh: But with parameters defined in that program to define its structure
    [12:37:18 AM] Shiloh: This structure however CREATES the Fibonacci series
    [12:37:41 AM] Allisiam: and the new algorithm
    [12:37:43 AM] Shiloh: One parameter is the number 12
    [12:38:08 AM] Allisiam: lol i can't spell worth a fuck
    [12:38:31 AM] Shiloh: Using this 12 parameter as a loop bound is sufficient to create the mathematics necessary to manifest a physical universe from energy concepts
    [12:39:33 AM] Shiloh: Here then Energy is NOT defined as kinetic energy of inertial particles say, as is used to define thermodynamic temperature from first principles, but it goes deeper
    [12:39:57 AM] Shiloh: It uses frequency not as a physical parameter but as Inversed Time
    [12:40:13 AM] Shiloh: So can be reduced to 'just a number' without any mass
    [12:40:24 AM] Allisiam: yes the metaphysical underpinnings. Ohhh reversed time , the dark light right?
    [12:40:34 AM] Shiloh: No
    [12:41:05 AM] Shiloh: Dark light is simply the precursor of the Higgs Boson as say a consciousness 'particle'
    [12:41:15 AM] Shiloh: We called it RMP
    [12:41:26 AM] Allisiam: what is the inverse of time then?
    [12:41:29 AM] Shiloh: IT is the dark energy they are looking for however
    [12:41:35 AM] Shiloh: Frequency
    [12:41:42 AM] Shiloh: Period T = Ti me
    [12:41:49 AM] Shiloh: 2
    [12:41:53 AM] Allisiam: resonance
    [12:42:05 AM] Shiloh: f=frequency or oscillation number of some parameter
    [12:42:40 AM] Shiloh: Resonance means things vibrate at the same wave energy
    [12:42:47 AM] Allisiam: the inverse of time is not linear
    [12:43:02 AM] Shiloh: You are messed up
    [12:43:09 AM] Shiloh: 1/f=T
    [12:43:11 AM] Allisiam: i am asking
    [12:43:37 AM] Shiloh: T is a physical parameter if some mechanical stuff is used to measure cycles
    [12:43:44 AM] Shiloh: f is a count of that
    [12:44:13 AM] Shiloh: BUT f can also be just a number as any frequency simply counts the number of oscillation per period
    [12:44:26 AM] Shiloh: This is the depth
    [12:44:53 AM] Allisiam: so no space, but a number definition non the less
    [12:44:57 AM] Shiloh: As only TIME as a physical parameter can be reduced in its inverse to just a number independent on any physical existences
    [12:45:01 AM] Allisiam: the waves
    [12:45:22 AM] Shiloh: I dont follow your reasonings
    [12:45:36 AM] Shiloh: You are mixing labels here
    [12:45:56 AM] Shiloh: Space itself CAN be defined as a quanta count
    [12:46:18 AM] Shiloh: And so be reduced in terms of frequency, namely the source energy E*
    [12:46:33 AM] Shiloh: Time then is like superfluous
    [12:46:44 AM] Shiloh: But still there AS the number
    [12:46:53 AM] Allisiam: but can be redefined
    [12:47:10 AM] Shiloh: Space is required for Abba to manifest as Baab
    [12:47:23 AM] Shiloh: Time becomes the linearity 'connector dimension'
    [12:47:55 AM] Shiloh: It is linear in lowerD but can become space as a 4th higherD in superbrane dimensions limited again by 12
    [12:48:28 AM] Shiloh: Why Einstein-Minkowski only works in 3 space dimensions + linear time dimension
    [12:48:50 AM] Shiloh: The + linear T becomes 4D from december 21st, 2012
    [12:49:44 AM] Shiloh: So we now have 5D spacetime but the 4th spacial D is superposed and so has created extra space but it is simply expanding the universe's volume
    [12:50:41 AM] Shiloh: However because it exists in physicality it CAN become filled with extra 'dark energy' and this is what is behind the ET-contact scenario becoming made manifest
    [12:52:03 AM] Shiloh: The 'dark energy' is simply the energy of the Big Bang which did not physicalise in matter but stayed around as potential energy also called vacuum and zero-point etc
    [12:52:22 AM] Shiloh: It is however CONSCIOUS of itself as it is SPACE defined
    [12:52:34 AM] Allisiam: the little serpent
    [12:52:37 AM] Shiloh: It is Abba energy WITHIN Baab's body
    [12:53:00 AM] Shiloh: The Little Serpent is the Zero-Point-E yes
    [12:53:43 AM] Shiloh: It solves the great science dilemma of the expected energy density of the universe
    [12:54:25 AM] Shiloh: Einstein says around 10^-27 but quantum physics predicts something like 10^92
    [12:54:43 AM] Allisiam: oh that is a lot of energy
    [12:54:51 AM] Shiloh: This is a factor or error of 120 magnitudes
    [12:55:15 AM] Allisiam: lol the age of man
    [12:55:26 AM] Shiloh: A mass based cosmos measured say in hydrogen will give you 10^-27 kg per cubic meter of space
    [12:55:40 AM] Shiloh: This is what can be measured or figured
    [12:56:54 AM] Shiloh: Quantum Mechanics is based on the Planck Mass and as density is Mass/Volume dividing the Planck Mass by the Planck Volume is something like 10^-8/10^-102=10^93
    [12:56:59 AM] Shiloh: Therefore this dilemma
    [12:57:27 AM] Shiloh: They have overlooked the consciousness part of the universe, thinking it is just matter based
    [12:57:48 AM] Shiloh: The Planck density is correct in string mathematical terms
    [12:57:55 AM] Allisiam: yes and the planck mass is extremely small
    [12:58:16 AM] Allisiam: so they did not have the planck definitions when Einstein was alive?
    [12:58:40 AM] Allisiam: who figured out plank length?
    [12:59:05 AM] Shiloh: But because the Abba source quantum is the 5th superstring class and so much bigger than the Planck length the actual quantisation of the cosmos is made up of Abba energy blocks the E*=Little Serpent and NOT the Planck quanta
    [12:59:31 AM] Shiloh: All this was around with Albert
    [12:59:38 AM] Shiloh: Stoney and Planck used it
    [1:00:22 AM] Shiloh: It was all defined in the 1920's with the birth of quantum mechanics
    [1:00:53 AM] Shiloh: I published details on this more than a few dozen times Raven
    [1:01:08 AM] Shiloh: It is not my fault people prefer Ucadia and Bonacci and other quacks
    [1:01:28 AM] Allisiam: i know dear
    [1:01:35 AM] Allisiam: i just forget things
    [1:01:55 AM] Allisiam: i get lost in the details sometimes and need reminders
    [1:02:00 AM] Shiloh: The actual density in Abba terms is so 10^64 Joules per cubicmeter
    [1:02:23 AM] Shiloh: This is the future ZPE and the vacuum the ETs would use for spacetime travel
    [1:02:38 AM] Allisiam: and they cannot detect this with human instruments
    [1:03:04 AM] Shiloh: This is a question of time
    [1:03:41 AM] Shiloh: The Gravitational wave detectors now built can resolve the 10^-22 meter wavelength of the Little Serpent
    [1:03:47 AM] Shiloh: Or close to it
    [1:04:16 AM] Shiloh: The maximum potential of the LHC is 14 TeV and this is just the wavelength of the RMP
    [1:04:36 AM] Shiloh: So the LHC can detect the consciousness quantum as dark energy yes
    [1:04:37 AM] Allisiam: yes they should be running it again this year or next
    [1:05:04 AM] Allisiam: they are remodling it for the higher TeV range
    [1:05:05 AM] Shiloh: Why are you asking all those questions?
    [1:05:18 AM] Allisiam: I don't know
    [1:05:46 AM] Allisiam: because i forget and it helps me to flesh things in again
    [1:05:57 AM] Allisiam: of the bigger picture
    [1:06:33 AM] Shiloh: Well share it on opscam then, as it contains a lot of general information
    [1:07:05 AM] Shiloh: It seems wasted here
    [1:07:10 AM] Allisiam: ok well i had planned to share things
    [1:07:29 AM] Allisiam: why does it seem wasted?
    [1:07:49 AM] Shiloh: It is as you said like a refreshing of older data
    [1:08:21 AM] Shiloh: Many who showed some interest in Thuban would or could appreciate this refreshing
    [1:08:35 AM] Shiloh: And you are picking my database
    [1:08:45 AM] Allisiam: lol
    [1:08:50 AM] Allisiam: true
    [1:08:57 AM] Allisiam: i am mining you for data
    [1:09:20 AM] Shiloh: Yes and I am feeling a little hot now and should rest
    [1:09:37 AM] Shiloh: We are amidst an unprecedented heatwave
    [1:09:40 AM] Allisiam: yes i am ready for bed myself
    [1:09:58 AM] Shiloh: So put this on opscam and I can edit
    [1:10:03 AM] Allisiam: again this year, yes it must be awful
    [1:10:24 AM] Allisiam: i will, what shall i title it?
    [1:10:36 AM] Shiloh: Thuban Refreshments
    [1:10:41 AM] Allisiam: lol
    [1:10:45 AM] Allisiam: ok
    [1:10:57 AM] Allisiam: like mints
    [1:11:02 AM] Shiloh: Yes not to be confiscated
    [1:11:02 AM] Allisiam: or candy
    [1:11:07 AM] Allisiam: hehe
    [1:11:40 AM] Allisiam: well i do plan to share some things but i was waiting a day or so
    [1:11:51 AM] Allisiam: trusting the Sophia
    [1:11:56 AM] Allisiam: on when
    [1:12:14 AM] Shiloh: Fb is useless and the data disappears quickly
    [1:12:34 AM] Shiloh: At least on Thuban it is in library form
    [1:12:36 AM] Allisiam: yes i know, i share there out of spite mostly
    [1:12:45 AM] Allisiam: and for a and b
    [1:12:56 AM] Shiloh: So my advice is to save on Thuban but link on fb
    [1:13:18 AM] Allisiam: but your autobiography i did link to my cosmic logos album
    [1:13:26 AM] Allisiam: i wanted to do that
    [1:13:28 AM] Shiloh: Yes your call
    [1:13:58 AM] Shiloh: But when you ask so many deep existential questions, it should not be sequestered just for your benefit
    [1:14:02 AM] Shiloh: This is all I say
    [1:14:18 AM] Allisiam: yes i know
    [1:14:33 AM] Shiloh: Though you take it to heart most others do not
    [1:14:58 AM] Allisiam: because i want to know
    [1:15:21 AM] Shiloh: Good so share the stuff on Thuban and I fix the edits
    [1:15:32 AM] Allisiam: yes dear
    [1:16:16 AM] Shiloh: The discourse to James had so much information in it about the cosmic birthrights and it was all wasted
    [1:17:49 AM] Allisiam: no it isn't
    [1:17:56 AM] Allisiam: i still have the history
    [1:18:17 AM] Allisiam: but i want to edit it before i post it
    [1:18:27 AM] Allisiam: and take out some of the personals
    [1:18:40 AM] Allisiam: or at least look it over carefully you know
    [1:19:11 AM] Allisiam: plus, i am still not sure about sharing right now
    [1:19:16 AM] Allisiam: anything
    [1:19:34 AM] Allisiam: this does not mean i won't
    [1:20:04 AM] Shiloh: So you are not going to put this on opscam?
    [1:20:10 AM] Shiloh: Well I must go and rest then; it has been a long day
    [1:20:10 AM] Allisiam: yes i am
    [1:20:17 AM] Allisiam: because you asked me
    [1:21:04 AM] Allisiam: no worries tony
    [1:21:13 AM] Shiloh: Ok then
    [1:22:36 AM] Shiloh: I am not worried but feel some of the information on the Logos should be preserved and you know that I perceive a 'Changing of the guard' from the male stewardship to the female stewardship as preparation for the JCCJ
    [1:23:54 AM] Shiloh: Iow shiloh must go into exile but shiloha does not

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    shiloh za-rah Planetary Rebirth

    SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Jan 15th

    hmmm---talk to me
    ether has 7 levels ;)
    - i've had a dream ;)

    HeavenHell and HellHeaven

    Behold, oh beloved Mother Earth, you shall no longer be in twain.
    Your children by father sky have gathered to end your enduring pain.
    To heal your body in matter, joined to the love in your mind.
    A new family you have nourished to become caring, gentle and kind.

    Can you hear the movement up high in the heavens above?
    New trumpets are sounding, sending peace on the wings of a dove.
    The angels of the dark have found their maidens of Light's delight;
    in harmony together, they are entwining each other so tight.

    What peace is this? As above, so below and a true Love!
    Knowingly agreeable the netherworld has become and so suave.
    Redeemed are the darkness and the light as the ancient prototype,
    for all loves to follow, when the seeded fruits are ripe.

    Oh come home to Eden, all you Lucifers~ sons of the stars.
    All you Adams find your Luciferas, your Eves, end all the wars.
    Where are you Mars? Venus~Aphrodite come forth, be seen!
    Let your passions be two, in mind and in body, be ever so keen.

    New worlds are born in the joining of two bodies in One.
    God and Goddess together, just as every moon must have a sun.
    Its the end of the mystery, the closing of a night so dark.
    The dogs of Sirius are barking and announcing a new journey to embark.

    "Be a piece of peace" to appease - now that is a classic Susan Lynne Schwenger aka "Serafina"

    And when the dragon slayers look into the mirrors of Susan Lynne Schwengeraka The eXchanger

    what do they see - they see dragons looking back at them !!!

    The Dragonslayers of the Realms!

    Those young evil Dragons of Thuban are here, those verocious beasts;
    in their caves they hide a lot and plan to don their many dire feasts.
    Then when a swiftfooted and armoured dragon slayer comes along;
    the poor fiends become frightened and forgetful whereto they belong.

    The swords and knives are drawn by the warriors of honour and renown;
    never before did such gallantry prevail in the kingdoms of all then known.
    Young dragons perished one by one not knowing what evil they had done;
    So all the dragons were no more but in folklore, their memory just gone.

    Then an old wise dragon mother awoke from her long and peaceful sleep;
    this cannot continue she said to her beau; where is my children's keep?
    And Maria's beau went forth to show the slayers the folly of their ways;
    with magic words and keys of deliverance he caused them many sighs.

    Would the slayers learn who the young dragons were before when old?
    Could the slayers see themselves in the ancient wisdom of oaks so bold?
    When the nightingale sung her song of love to the elves of the moon;
    and then as the foxes gathered about to ask the wise owl, how soon?

    How long will it be, before the humans awake to remember their past?
    Slayers of their own ancestors they are in many a zest to be so vast.
    A young dragon is nought but a slayer having returned from the grave.
    They are destroying themselves and their memories, the ones so brave.

    Maria's beau found some old souls who could remember the new past.
    Many others remained steadfast in their knowing better of an older path.
    And so it continued in the common playing grounds under the sunny sky;
    until the old wise dragon father of all joined the party to give it his try.



    Jan 15th

    "If your relationship or your work is empowered by a myth, then it will have extra energy and inspiration. But do you know what that myth is and what it is saying?" ~ The Tree of Life Oracle

    #31067 - March 24th, 2011 shiloh wrote:

    dqb. 16jan2014.

    astro17. astro18.
    This is the approach. Hopefully you can read the print. The 'New World' and related images then become like this:



    Mr Burrell Dawson was first to find written evidence at the INY-272 location concerning Lugh, a deity from Celtic religion. Described by Dr. Barry Fell and other sources as "The God of Light", it seemed reasonable that a solar observatory with a Celtic calendar scheme may have associations with this name. Burrell Dawson's work with the inscribed metate was the first hint that there may be more to this "God of Light" than the name suggests, indeed there is. Celtic mythology from Irish legend combined with records from continental sources attest to the wide spread veneration of this deity. He was revered throughout pre-Roman Celtic Europe.​
    Byanu, the Mother earth deity recognized by the Celts during the neolithic and copper ages was gradually replaced by the masculine sky god, Lugh. The devotion to the main Creator God remained unaltered and the mythology does not seem to indicate this change was anything other than business as usual. This alteration took place sometime during the late copper and continued through the early bronze age. Lugh, alias Hu, Lew, Lliu, Llew, (or any phonetic combination you can concoct that sounds like "LU"; silent consonants are allowed), was universally recognized as lawfather and keeper of knowledge.​
    Lugh evolved as a man/God capable of miracles, magic and healing. Chief among natural spirits, he is also credited with creating the world. Orders of druids tended his many shrines as sacred places and kept in memory the knowledge of the culture accumulated over millennia. Post-Constantine (after about 330 AD) Christian zealots eradicated the European shrines and related religious images as "works of the devil." The religion itself was misrepresented and its leadership, the druids (or popularly called dragons), were targeted and exterminated with ferocity.​
    The cleansing and conquest of the European continent took more than five hundred years. The religion survived for a while more in unconquered Ireland, but the arrival of Patrick was the beginning of the end, at least as far as Europe was concerned. All that remains are vague tales, myth and legend. The knowledge of Lugh was all but eliminated in Europe. Only fragments of mythology survived, but in the hands of the people responsible for the genocide. One part of an Irish tale of origin has Lugh apprenticed to a smith and tending a fire. This has specific implications that the smelting and forging of metals and all the necessary knowledge to accomplish this task was available at the time and that knowledge may have been available to the druid-priest-artist who pecked this image.​
    Anthropologists would have labeled this man a shaman, but his use of ogam, the representation of a Celtic (or any variant of Celtic People) deity, the occasion that ogam is found in accompanyment and other factors place the concept of Druid foremost. Lugh's nickname, "Lugh of the Long Arm" or "Lugh of the Long Arm and Hand", and an association with a sling or slingshot or spear, are parts of legend. I believe it is a representation of Lugh that is depicted as the Anthropomorphic figure. The details, when compared to known attributes, support this assessment. Lugh was a traveler, a master of all crafts, hand skills, sorcery, divinations, magic, healing, miracles, music and trade. as "lawfather" he set the rules that governed family life and Celtic society in both Ireland and on the Continent. Lugh was supposed to posses a magic spear, but this does not figure into many of the surviving stories, nor does a legacy of warfare. The mythology suggests Lugh to have been benevolent and peace-loving.​
    The Roman historians noted that his wayside shrines and holy places were many and that Lugh's images were often accompanied by a cock, a turtle and a ram. Here, at Inyo, it seems to be accompanied by a snake or serpent. This is a connection that is insufficiently explored. The figure in question has an elongated right arm and hand, deliberately configured by the artist. This is a match for Lugh's nickname. The left arm of the figure is what one might consider normal length. A small object appears to be looped over it at the mid point, perhaps an animal skin. The pointed head is a problem no authority of Celtic studies could address, their source of materials was subject to five hundred years worth of the hammers of Christian zealots. No image of Lugh survived in Christian lands. The pointed head may be related to the pointed hat of a sorcerer. In ancient times, sorcery was a profession of honor and required many years of study. The practitioners were the learned men of the time. Sorcerers were noted for studying the stars and movement of the heavens and apparently the sun as well.​
    An individual with the knowledge and skills necessary to create the solar event notations at INY-272 could have been categorized as a sorcerer, Caesar would have called him a druid. Lugh was noted for this skill and was often depicted with a sorcerers hat or petasus. Some thought must be given to the fact that the pointed head is also a geometric form. It is the vertex of an angle. The People who created the Inyo site were highly skilled in practical geometry. Solar observation and notation, as found at the same site with the figure, would have required a working knowlege of geometry to determine the times (by solar position) of the summer solstice, the cross quarters the equinox and the winter solstice. To further muddle the picture, the shape may represent one side of a pyramid. Whether stepped or smooth sided, pyramids are pointed skyward, the realm of the Sky Father. Another connection with a triangle shape and Lugh comes from Ireland. A curious feature of several Irish megalithic chambers was the inclusion of brilliantly white triangular stones in the construction. Occasionally these were diamond shaped, but the name the Irish archaeologists have assigned these artifacts is "Lug(h) Stones".​
    No reason was offered as to why. Yet another connection with the applied geometric form of a triangle had a dual source and usage. The Trinity has an ancient religious application to describe the relationship necessary with regard to the Earth Mother, the Sky Father and the Creator. These religious connections were made by the educated class, or priests of the ancient society. These same People were the astrononers and theorists of the era as well. All orbital and geological measurement requires firm and full knowledge of the workings of triangles and their geometric functions. The erect phallus is also a subject not covered in any reference to Lugh. Possibly this is due to Christian modesty and effective censoring. One can trace the name back to its Indo-European roots. Phonetically, Lugh is equal to lu. Records from the era are syllabic and the sound lu is accounted for. It means "manly, strong, or virile", prior and simultaneous to the name meaning "bright or shining". The erect phallus conveys the meaning of virility rather well. Irish mythology reports of a human birth mother for Lugh.​
    His father is a god, Lugh is the product of rape. Here the image is emerging (or born) from the sun. Any mythology that deals with this circumstance is not known. Inyo is a source yet to be fully explored. Coincidentally, in several of the Mediterranean syllabic writing systems of the time, the sound "LU" was spelled with a simple cross, "+". The early Roman alphabet letter for "T" was "+", but confusion arose and it was rotated to "x", after Christian times it reverted to "t". Also, the word "Light" in Lugh's title has a dual meaning. As "enlightened" may mean "full of wisdom", the "God of Light " may just as well mean the God of Wisdom. (See Light & Fire. )​

    Two other items on what I call the dedication panel can be connected with Lugh and his attributes. The first is the object consisting of what appears to be a series of pecked lines. This has been identified as a "medicine bag". Such fringed sacks have been found in archaeological context containing herbs (including Marijuana) and medicinal preparations. Here the advertisement may mean a place of healing or health. The second item is less clearly defined. The three balls may represent the three apples of immortality, icons present in several Celtic Religious texts. There are other items on this panel that have yet to be identified. It is my feeling that future identifications will only strengthen the ties to Lugh of the Long Arm and the religion it represents.​

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    A full understanding of The 12 Level Universe
    Seraf'ina & Tonyblue


    The Final Synthesis `
    - The Formulas of
    12 + 1 = 3 + 1/3 + 3 + 1/3 + 3 + 1/3 + 3 = 3 + 3 + 1/2 + 1/2 + 3 + 3 discovered & explained by Susan Lynne Schwenger (coming soon)

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    Allisiam posted January 16th, 2014

    Baseperfect Sex Chromosomes in the Entwinement of Dragons in Cosmic Waveforms


    [1/3/2014 12:44:11 AM] Shiloh: They lack the mental stability, we have
    [1/3/2014 12:44:40 AM] Shiloh: 2014 is hard work and preparations
    [1/3/2014 12:44:55 AM] Allisiam: well how do i reassure him that it will be ok?
    [1/3/2014 12:45:20 AM] Shiloh: Just be yourself but insist that you desire HIM to fuck another femme
    [1/3/2014 12:45:31 AM] Shiloh: And you want to see it
    [1/3/2014 12:45:36 AM] Allisiam: will my being calm about that be enough?
    [1/3/2014 12:45:46 AM] Shiloh: Place the experience on him
    [1/3/2014 12:45:52 AM] Allisiam: lol
    [1/3/2014 12:46:02 AM] Shiloh: I dont know but would say so
    [1/3/2014 12:46:23 AM] Shiloh: Say you want him to feel pleasure WITH another femme AND you
    [1/3/2014 12:46:38 AM] Shiloh: This will trigger the male logos of the JCCJ
    [1/3/2014 12:46:42 AM] Shiloh: And the CJ
    [1/3/2014 12:46:48 AM] Allisiam: i really did have it in my mind to have the Dove in bed with me and him just show up
    [1/3/2014 12:46:57 AM] Allisiam: i liked that idea lol
    [1/3/2014 12:47:21 AM] Shiloh: Yes sounds juicy
    [1/3/2014 12:47:41 AM] Allisiam: well and he likes her, is attracted to her and i thought this was mutual
    [1/3/2014 12:47:57 AM] Shiloh: I would love to see Joseph fuck my core too. THIS is the new energy
    [1/3/2014 12:48:25 AM] Shiloh: But it is too early for me in the physical but not in the mental
    [1/3/2014 12:48:29 AM] Shiloh: The reverse with you
    [1/3/2014 12:48:43 AM] Shiloh: Well you are like me here but your core is not quite there yet mentally
    [1/3/2014 12:48:57 AM] Shiloh: He can be 'guided' Into the energies, which after all are natural
    [1/3/2014 12:49:22 AM] Allisiam: well when we first met he offered to have a 3 some with me
    [1/3/2014 12:49:30 AM] Shiloh: Your core has no mental imagery about sex
    [1/3/2014 12:49:35 AM] Shiloh: This is his problem
    [1/3/2014 12:49:37 AM] Allisiam: but he offered this toothless drug addict to me
    [1/3/2014 12:49:41 AM] Allisiam: i was insulted
    [1/3/2014 12:49:50 AM] Shiloh: And you should have 'whored' imo
    [1/3/2014 12:50:00 AM] Shiloh: As HIS whore period
    [1/3/2014 12:50:01 AM] Allisiam: oh i wanted to do the cook with him
    [1/3/2014 12:50:07 AM] Shiloh: Better
    [1/3/2014 12:50:09 AM] Allisiam: but he was jealous
    [1/3/2014 12:50:33 AM] Allisiam: it would of been good for him
    [1/3/2014 12:50:53 AM] Allisiam: because he is more well- endowed then the cook and it would of shown him something
    [1/3/2014 12:50:56 AM] Shiloh: Good for you and the Cook and your core win win win
    [1/3/2014 12:51:13 AM] Allisiam: yes it would of been good for his self esteem
    [1/3/2014 12:51:24 AM] Shiloh: Yes choose a small hard quality cock
    [1/3/2014 12:51:52 AM] Shiloh: Put an ad in the paper, 5 inch quality cock wanted for dragonsex
    [1/3/2014 12:51:57 AM] Allisiam: lol
    [1/3/2014 12:52:03 AM] Allisiam: omg your funny
    [1/3/2014 12:52:11 AM] Allisiam: someone would answer around here you know
    [1/3/2014 12:52:18 AM] Shiloh: Sex is meant to be funny, even hilarious
    [1/3/2014 12:52:23 AM] Allisiam: i have wanted to take him to the poly center
    [1/3/2014 12:52:27 AM] Allisiam: and meet people
    [1/3/2014 12:52:31 AM] Shiloh: Good idea
    [1/3/2014 12:52:35 AM] Shiloh: Excellent idea
    [1/3/2014 12:52:55 AM] Shiloh: Tell him his brother asks him to go to the polycenter
    [1/3/2014 12:52:56 AM] Allisiam: well every time i bring it up though he balks and says, "what for?"
    [1/3/2014 12:53:00 AM] Allisiam: hahaha
    [1/3/2014 12:53:03 AM] Allisiam: sure
    [1/3/2014 12:53:07 AM] Shiloh: Just for a chat and to check out the chicks
    [1/3/2014 12:53:34 AM] Allisiam: you know what, when we are talking and he is here, he walks by and says "who are you talking to?" Do you know what I say?
    [1/3/2014 12:53:51 AM] Allisiam: I tell him, my other BF lol
    [1/3/2014 12:53:55 AM] Allisiam: he knows its you
    [1/3/2014 12:54:01 AM] Allisiam: and he laughs
    [1/3/2014 12:54:16 AM] Shiloh: Of course we trust each other
    [1/3/2014 12:54:30 AM] Shiloh: I mean it
    [1/3/2014 12:54:31 AM] Allisiam: and he is always giving me shit when i talk to someone on skype, jokingly of course, saying "you talking to your BF again"
    [1/3/2014 12:54:43 AM] Allisiam: and i say yeah, busted lol
    [1/3/2014 12:54:45 AM] Shiloh: Innuendo times are over
    [1/3/2014 12:54:53 AM] Allisiam: yes he trusts you
    [1/3/2014 12:55:03 AM] Shiloh: Action is appropriate and applications are fully on from March 25th
    [1/3/2014 12:55:04 AM] Allisiamt know you that well
    [1/3/2014 12:55:07 AM] Shiloh: Tell him that
    [1/3/2014 12:55:22 AM] Shiloh: I know him
    [1/3/2014 12:55:30 AM] Allisiam: i told him what you said about his smoking, to quit because it will help his ancient memories
    [1/3/2014 12:55:51 AM] Shiloh: Tell him he is having a superhot time with my 'cosmic wife'
    [1/3/2014 12:56:02 AM] Shiloh: And that I enjoy him immensely
    [1/3/2014 12:56:11 AM] Allisiam: lol
    [1/3/2014 12:56:28 AM] Shiloh: You might be surprised, how he interprets this
    [1/3/2014 12:56:48 AM] Shiloh: I get turned on imaging him fucking my core dear
    [1/3/2014 12:57:00 AM] Shiloh: So I know this is Logos
    [1/3/2014 12:57:11 AM] Allisiam: yeah i figured you did
    [1/3/2014 12:57:18 AM] Shiloh: I mean MILD here
    [1/3/2014 12:57:25 AM] Allisiam: of course
    [1/3/2014 12:57:46 AM] Shiloh: So you know what is happening when they fuck?
    [1/3/2014 12:58:03 AM] Shiloh: You and I fuck too in the 4some of the JCCJ
    [1/3/2014 12:58:07 AM] Allisiam: well we are fucking too
    [1/3/2014 12:58:09 AM] Shiloh: Imagine the energy
    [1/3/2014 12:58:22 AM] Shiloh: Now you are getting it
    [1/3/2014 12:58:38 AM] Shiloh: You ought to get it so THEY can get it
    [1/3/2014 12:58:50 AM] Shiloh: It is metaphysical law
    [1/3/2014 12:59:13 AM] Allisiam: yeah i told Joseph that
    [1/3/2014 12:59:32 AM] Shiloh: Remember the depth and reason and logic of that
    [1/3/2014 12:59:37 AM] Allisiam: a long time ago infact
    [1/3/2014 12:59:43 AM] Shiloh: Not fancy human sexgames
    [1/3/2014 12:59:53 AM] Allisiam: and he told me he knows he understands it
    [1/3/2014 1:00:04 AM] Allisiam: but then his human mind and thinking get in the way
    [1/3/2014 1:00:06 AM] Shiloh: To BE 2 in 1 means you are a cosmic hermaphrodite by Venus Lucifera and Vulcan Lucifer aka Aphrodite and Hermes by Abba with Baab
    [1/3/2014 1:00:20 AM] Allisiam: its like he understands me so lucidly at times and then it is like he has amnesia
    [1/3/2014 1:00:24 AM] Shiloh: So you can really not have sex if you are both ok?
    [1/3/2014 1:00:35 AM] Shiloh: Why the idiots think angels are sexless in some nirvana blessed blisshood
    [1/3/2014 1:01:00 AM] Allisiam: yes this is true
    [1/3/2014 1:01:08 AM] Shiloh: So as a cosmic androgyne and as a HeShe you are suppressing your femme for your cock
    [1/3/2014 1:01:36 AM] Shiloh: So Joseph you are missing your slit
    [1/3/2014 1:01:44 AM] Allisiam: lol i told him that too
    [1/3/2014 1:01:49 AM] Allisiam: and he shook his head
    [1/3/2014 1:01:58 AM] Allisiam: and told me he does NOT have a pussy
    [1/3/2014 1:02:04 AM] Shiloh: BUT as a cosmic core YOUR SLIT is Raven's Slit and what do you want for your Slit?
    [1/3/2014 1:02:14 AM] Shiloh: AS a femme fatale you want COCK
    [1/3/2014 1:02:15 AM] Allisiam: i said yes you do, and he said DON"T lol
    [1/3/2014 1:02:20 AM] Shiloh: Simple mathematics
    [1/3/2014 1:03:02 AM] Shiloh: This is the human mind being incompatible with dragon mind Raven
    [1/3/2014 1:03:20 AM] Shiloh: Yet as you know, the GOT says just that
    [1/3/2014 1:03:29 AM] Shiloh: The being BOTH
    [1/3/2014 1:03:46 AM] Shiloh: So Joseph you can’t understand what Jesus says?
    [1/3/2014 1:03:46 AM] Allisiam: yes the eye in place of an eye, foot in place of a foot ect
    [1/3/2014 1:04:11 AM] Shiloh: Joseph as a cosmic starhuman you are still male
    [1/3/2014 1:04:26 AM] Shiloh: But you have an inner female cock and an outer male cock
    [1/3/2014 1:04:38 AM] Shiloh: Guess what - they can be interchanged
    [1/3/2014 1:04:51 AM] Shiloh: This is the story of Adam's rib
    [1/3/2014 1:05:08 AM] Allisiam: yeah wish he was here right now
    [1/3/2014 1:05:40 AM] Shiloh: Now you know that God did make Adam a male and Eve a female in Adams INNER COCK taken out of his body to form Eve
    [1/3/2014 1:05:45 AM] Shiloh: Let him read this
    [1/3/2014 1:05:56 AM] Shiloh: Guess what Joseph?
    [1/3/2014 1:05:58 AM] Shiloh: You are Adam
    [1/3/2014 1:06:29 AM] Shiloh: So the thing which Adam lost, is to come back
    [1/3/2014 1:06:39 AM] Shiloh: As Eve's Cock
    [1/3/2014 1:06:55 AM] Shiloh: The females are not cunts, but they are cocks cosmically and naturally
    [1/3/2014 1:07:18 AM] Shiloh: They are the pricks, we are ourselves having lost our inner cocks to make the femmes
    [1/3/2014 1:07:29 AM] Shiloh: This was all in paradise and NOT on earth
    [1/3/2014 1:07:55 AM] Allisiam: great, now he will be calling me a prick lol
    [1/3/2014 1:08:08 AM] Shiloh: On Earth this is a different story now where females give birth to males and not vice versa in heaven when Adam gave birth to Eve - with God's help
    [1/3/2014 1:08:16 AM] Shiloh: You are
    [1/3/2014 1:08:33 AM] Shiloh: Now you understand why some females are lesbos
    [1/3/2014 1:08:54 AM] Shiloh: They consider themselves to have pricks mental but use silly dildos instead in their pretenses
    [1/3/2014 1:09:17 AM] Allisiam: ahh yes
    [1/3/2014 1:09:38 AM] Allisiam: but what about gay men, explain why they are that way?
    [1/3/2014 1:09:40 AM] Shiloh: You are a clever chick and can write a book on this cosmology now
    [1/3/2014 1:10:03 AM] Shiloh: Gay men are in the same dilemma as straight men
    [1/3/2014 1:10:27 AM] Shiloh: Both have outer pricks but have lost their inner pricks, aka their yonis
    [1/3/2014 1:11:20 AM] Shiloh: Gay men however REMEMBER their original state before Eve was created and so they consider themselves of still having the inner vulvas
    [1/3/2014 1:11:43 AM] Shiloh: So they want to fuck their own vulvas with their outer pricks
    [1/3/2014 1:12:18 AM] Shiloh: Straight men accept the existence of Eve and so seek to fuck their inner pricks as the slits of the Eves
    [1/3/2014 1:13:21 AM] Shiloh: Why straight men are attracted to Eves as a natural state AFTER the creation of Eve and gay men seek to fuck other Adams as a natural state BEFORE the creation of Eve
    [1/3/2014 1:13:50 AM] Shiloh: They are both natural in a way with the problem being the onesidedness of the sexual definitions
    [1/3/2014 1:14:24 AM] Shiloh: The cosmic androgyne has NO such problems at all as he has BOTH the inner and the outer, just as the GOT emphasizes in many places
    [1/3/2014 1:14:25 AM] Allisiam: the problem being there is no real yoni
    [1/3/2014 1:14:38 AM] Shiloh: But there is
    [1/3/2014 1:15:07 AM] Shiloh: The banishment of Adam and Eve into the duality of the physical world created the sexual distinction
    [1/3/2014 1:15:37 AM] Shiloh: This does not exist physically, but only as this story told - in heaven
    [1/3/2014 1:15:59 AM] Shiloh: WHY do people desire sex, body merger?
    [1/3/2014 1:16:33 AM] Shiloh: Because WHEN the outer cock is fully inside the Yoni, THEN the Yoni BECOMES the Inner cock previously lost
    [1/3/2014 1:17:00 AM] Shiloh: You get this now as you should after 3 years of Logos work?
    [1/3/2014 1:17:08 AM] Allisiam: yes
    [1/3/2014 1:17:15 AM] Shiloh: Gracias
    [1/3/2014 1:17:53 AM] Shiloh: In somewhat unpoetic language, this explains the mystery of the sexes in Eden James
    [1/3/2014 1:17:59 AM] Allisiam: i am having you explain for Joseph's benefit
    [1/3/2014 1:18:08 AM] Shiloh: I know
    [1/3/2014 1:18:25 AM] Allisiam: it is very hard for the human mind to see itself as One in Two
    [1/3/2014 1:18:35 AM] Shiloh: So iow (in other words), the present homosexuality is a natural abberration and misunderstanding
    [1/3/2014 1:18:53 AM] Shiloh: But it is temporary and also written in the sexual chromosomes
    [1/3/2014 1:19:05 AM] Shiloh: The femmes have 2 Xs and you have XY
    [1/3/2014 1:19:24 AM] Shiloh: The 2 X's are different in the femmes as some pioneering science is discovering
    [1/3/2014 1:20:08 AM] Shiloh: So you have 4 permutations for ANY embryo: X1Y + X2Y for boys and X1X + X2X for girls
    [1/3/2014 1:20:22 AM] Shiloh: Now guess what?
    [1/3/2014 1:20:36 AM] Shiloh: One of the X's of the mother is GAY
    [1/3/2014 1:20:42 AM] Shiloh: Say it is X1
    [1/3/2014 1:20:57 AM] Shiloh: Then the Boy X1Y will have gay tendencies
    [1/3/2014 1:21:18 AM] Shiloh: And the Girl X1X will have lesbian tendencies
    [1/3/2014 1:21:29 AM] Shiloh: See the simplicity AND harmony of nature?
    [1/3/2014 1:22:01 AM] Shiloh: In Dragonomy cores ALL 4 permutations are NATURALLY present so all sexual 'tendencies' become accomodated and satisfied
    [1/3/2014 1:22:11 AM] Allisiam: yes , and this is DNA memory right?
    [1/3/2014 1:22:22 AM] Shiloh: Homosexuality is absorbed in a cosmic androgyny
    [1/3/2014 1:22:24 AM] Shiloh: Yes
    [1/3/2014 1:22:48 AM] Allisiam: the gay chromosome remembers itself before creation and the straight one after?
    [1/3/2014 1:22:54 AM] Shiloh: JCCJ assume the 'missing' sexual chromosomatic permutations
    [1/3/2014 1:23:15 AM] Shiloh: It does not matter
    [1/3/2014 1:23:38 AM] Shiloh: All 4 permutations are the genetic library, say absorbed by the placenta
    [1/3/2014 1:24:12 AM] Shiloh: Then 'discarded' but nowadays understood to carry totipotents for stemcell research and like the umbilical cord and the menstrual blood and spermatozoic fluid
    [1/3/2014 1:24:15 AM] Allisiam: yes and this is why we die, because we have lost the true orginal template of our perfect androgony
    [1/3/2014 1:24:26 AM] Shiloh: Something like this yes
    [1/3/2014 1:24:38 AM] Shiloh: These are the telomerase depletions
    [1/3/2014 1:24:59 AM] Shiloh: JCCJ reconstitute this perfect androgyny
    [1/3/2014 1:25:22 AM] Shiloh: So the femme in you Jospeh is Eve and Lilith and Mary and Isis and Mary Magdalene
    [1/3/2014 1:25:39 AM] Shiloh: DIY (Do it Yourself) becomes NIY (Name it Yourself)
    [1/3/2014 1:26:13 AM] Shiloh: CJ carries the sexual cosmic matrix you would have, IF you were born a girl, either straight or gay
    [1/3/2014 1:26:40 AM] Shiloh: JC carries the sexual template of Allisiam, IF she would have born a boy
    [1/3/2014 1:27:09 AM] Shiloh: Again, Raven can 'prove' this stuff with the GOT
    [1/3/2014 1:27:23 AM] Shiloh: This is not human whimsicality Joseph
    [1/3/2014 1:27:38 AM] Shiloh: It derives from Logos sources and scriptures correctly decoded and not my education etc
    [1/3/2014 1:28:40 AM] Shiloh: Deep stuff here Raven, wouldn't you say?
    [1/3/2014 1:28:55 AM] Allisiam: yes it is
    [1/3/2014 1:29:16 AM] Allisiam: so deep that the human mind has trouble
    [1/3/2014 1:29:24 AM] Allisiam: understanding it
    [1/3/2014 1:29:26 AM] Shiloh: This is for Joseph
    [1/3/2014 1:29:40 AM] Allisiam: i think he can understand it
    [1/3/2014 1:29:42 AM] Shiloh: It should be shared but is too personal in this instance
    [1/3/2014 1:30:49 AM] Allisiam: thank you Tony for going over this and explaining it
    [1/3/2014 1:30:56 AM] Shiloh: But in this way is your own self IF you were born XX instead of XY made manifest in your core partner James
    [1/3/2014 1:31:01 AM] Allisiam: I will have Joseph read it when I can
    [1/3/2014 1:31:35 AM] Shiloh: I elaborated for Joseph Raven
    [1/3/2014 1:31:57 AM] Allisiam: yes and i hope he will appreciate it
    [1/3/2014 1:31:59 AM] Shiloh: So he can see what a 'core' is in the image of the JCCJ aka the '3 gods'
    [1/3/2014 1:32:20 AM] Shiloh: Buenas dear
    [1/3/2014 1:32:35 AM] Allisiam: Goodnight Tony
    [1/3/2014 1:32:41 AM] Allisiam: sweet dreams
    [1/3/2014 1:33:16 AM] Allisiam: (heart)(F)(heart)
    [1/3/2014 1:33:33 AM] Allisiam: he did finish the book stranger in a strange land
    [1/3/2014 1:33:36 AM] Allisiam: he liked it
    [6:50:45 PM-Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 --8UCT] Shiloh:

    [6:51:18 PM] Shiloh: The 21 days of yesterday allowed me to fine tune the red code
    [6:51:38 PM] Shiloh: Look at the red summations
    [6:51:48 PM] Shiloh: I added the pic to your post at the end
    [6:52:07 PM] Shiloh: It defines just what the Whore of Babylon is in the 'secret name of God'
    [6:53:15 PM] Shiloh: Yes and your snippets above relate to the anniversary of this year
    [6:53:49 PM] Shiloh: It was AFTER July 3rd, 2012 and so within the 430 exile period
    [6:54:20 PM] Shiloh: The red code now fine tunes those 430 days as being able to be cut from the 1260
    [6:55:03 PM] Shiloh: Rendering the October 2014 period as a focus and zooming mode for the endtimes prophecies
    [6:57:10 PM] Shiloh: In detail the 141 symmetry allows the GODGOD fake god real god opposition to undergo this cosmic sexchange
    [6:57:35 PM] Shiloh: 69=Whore see as 70-1
    [6:57:48 PM] Shiloh: 71=Jehovah=Babylon as 70+1
    [6:58:01 PM] Shiloh: This signifies the importance of the 'One Day'
    [6:58:44 PM] Shiloh: As 141=69+1+71 you can reform the 'alphanumerical equations' ergo the archetypes having evolved into memeplexes
    [6:59:20 PM] Shiloh: The New World is redefined by a New Concept of what 'God' is, as the Old God can now 'die'
    [6:59:33 PM] Shiloh: This will change the spacetime=spirit=mirror=91=RA=Adam=19=S matrix
    [7:00:19 PM] Shiloh: Of course the 'New God' is the science based one and so harmony and peace in the cosmic minds are rendered possible
    [7:00:45 PM] Shiloh: But all old religious concepts must reform or perish
    [7:01:02 PM] Shiloh: In light of the new definitions
    [7:03:39 PM] Shiloh: i also see that Xeia has blocked me. I dont blame her
    [9:18:24 PM] Allisiam: she blocked me too apparently
    [9:18:59 PM] Allisiam: [6:59 PM] Shiloh:
    <<< The New World is redefined by a New Concept of what 'God' is, as the Old God can now 'die'
    i don't like this
    [9:19:15 PM] Allisiam: the old is the seed for the new
    [9:19:36 PM] Allisiam: nothing 'dies' but yeah i get you
    [9:19:57 PM] Allisiam: we are dead to them
    [9:21:16 PM] Allisiam: i wonder when she blocked us
    [9:23:40 PM] Allisiam:

    [9:23:46 PM] Allisiam: i had a talk with Joseph today
    [9:23:57 PM] Allisiam: he shared this song with me
    [9:24:13 PM] Allisiam: as one that influenced him during his youth
    [9:24:24 PM] Allisiam: we talked about his visions
    [9:24:47 PM] Allisiam: and that just because the world didn’t accept them didn't mean they were not real and true
    [9:25:37 PM] Allisiam: i also talked to him again about the freedom thing
    [9:26:05 PM] Allisiam: i tried to talk to him a little bit about what you had said to him that he didn't read
    [9:26:28 PM] Allisiam: he seemed to understand me somewhat
    [9:26:34 PM] Allisiam: he didn't argue
    [9:27:08 PM] Allisiam: i saved all our convos going back to the 3rd
    [9:27:34 PM] Allisiam: i had to go through them to find your convo to him
    [9:27:43 PM] Allisiam: the silly find button wouldn't pull it up
    [9:39:16 PM] Allisiam: [6:52 PM] Shiloh:
    <<< It defines just what the Whore of Babylon is in the 'secret name of God'
    MI yes= AM I
    [9:39:33 PM] Allisiam: Silly Xeia
    [9:39:56 PM] Allisiam: she never researched this to find out that she is also Miriam
    [9:40:19 PM] Allisiam: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miriam
    [9:40:58 PM] Allisiam:
    True to her symbolism with water, after her death, God opened a spring of abundant water for the people, called Meribah. Unfortunately, this happened after the Israelites contended with God, also resulted in Moses and Aaron committing sin that prevented them from entering Canaan.(Numbers 20:7-13)
    The poetic couplet in Exodus 15 is considered by many to be one of the oldest parts of the Biblical account. Rashi’s commentary on this verse, based on the Mekhilta (Be-Shalah, ch. 10), states “Moses chanted a song for the men; he would chant for them and they would answer him. And Miriam chanted a song for the women.” In other words, the Song on the Sea was recited twice, for the men and the women in parallel. Moses chanted the song in its entirety for the men, who answered him in refrain, and Miriam repeated this procedure for the women.
    Miriam is a popular figure among some Jewish feminists. Some place a “Cup of Miriam,” filled with water, beside the customary “Cup of Elijah” (filled with wine) during the Passover Seder. The cup contains water in memory of Miriam's well, which according to a Midrash (see Ginzberg, Legends of the Jews 3, 50-54) accompanied the Israelites on their journey through the desert.
    Some Modern Orthodox[who?] Jews have revived a millennium-old custom of adding a piece of fish to the seder plate, with the lamb, egg and fish jointly symbolizing the three prophets referred to in Micah 6:4, and also alluding to the mythical beasts (the bird Ziz, the land beast Behemoth, and the sea-creature Leviathan) which, according to Midrash, are to be served at the Seudat Chiyat HaMatim, the feast for the righteous following the resurrection of the dead, which the Passover Seder (and the Cup of Elijah) allude to. The fish represents Leviathan as well as Miriam and is also a water symbol.[8]
    According to the Talmud, Miriam's well can be seen from Mount Carmel: "He who wants to see the well of Miriam should go up to the top of Mount Carmel and he will see the likes of a sieve in the sea; and that is the well of Miriam" (Shabbat 35a). [9]


    Jesus answered him, "Simon, I have something to tell you."
    He said, "Teacher, say on."
    "A certain lender had two debtors. The one owed five hundred denarii, and the other fifty. When they couldn't pay, he forgave them both. Which of them therefore will love him most?"
    Simon answered, "He, I suppose, to whom he forgave the most."
    He said to him, "You have judged correctly." Turning to the woman, he said to Simon, "Do you see this woman? I entered into your house, and you gave me no water for my feet, but she has wet my feet with her tears, and wiped them with the hair of her head. You gave me no kiss, but she, since the time I came in, has not ceased to kiss my feet. You didn't anoint my head with oil, but she has anointed my feet with ointment. Therefore I tell you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven, for she loved much. But to whom little is forgiven, the same loves little." He said to her, "Your sins are forgiven."


    [9:43:39 PM] Allisiam: Her Vesica, she loves to sing...Cancer mother, water element
    [9:44:41 PM] Allisiam: She still cannot see the IM is also the MI
    [9:46:19 PM] Allisiam: http://www.equinox-project.com/lughx.htm
    [9:46:32 PM] Allisiam: Susan reminded me of some things today
    [9:46:41 PM] Allisiam: The above is one of them
    [9:49:14 PM] Allisiam: I wonder if the full moon affected her
    [9:50:07 PM] Allisiam: [Tuesday, January 14, 2014 12:22 PM] Xeia:
    <<< Xeia has left
    [9:50:11 PM] Allisiam: hmmm
    [9:50:18 PM] Allisiam: this is from starplanet
    [9:52:42 PM] Allisiam: [12:21:09 AM]
    Shiloh: True
    [12:21:26 AM-Wednesday, January 14th, 2014 -8UCT] Shiloh: But with me it substitutes for physical contact
    [12:21:44 AM] Shiloh: With you it supports mental contact
    [12:22:04 AM] Shiloh: Why i talk to you, i honour Allisiam in this more so then human
    [12:22:11 AM] Allisiam: i know
    [12:22:23 AM] Allisiam: you know who i am too
    [12:22:32 AM] Allisiam: in the 'bigger' picture
    [12:22:32 AM] Shiloh: I feel like a wave see not as a human
    [12:22:46 AM] Shiloh: A sexgoddess lol
    [12:22:51 AM] Allisiam: i never really felt human lol
    [12:22:58 AM] Shiloh: JCCJ manifesto

    [9:55:50 PM] Allisiam: well i could not find 12:22 pm
    [9:55:57 PM] Allisiam: from our talk
    [9:59:08 PM] Allisiam: Samje=48 and this is also 84
    [10:03:55 PM] Allisiam:

    I feel something special about that in hit there
    It’s a hit, you play this and boom
    I have rhythm, I just … yeah, automatically, it was there
    … on top on that all on this one
    You’re from the inside looking out there
    On the outside
    Even though I’m right now, I’m inside the tube
    But I’m telling you Howard, it’s from the outside
    Outside looking inside, outside looking inside
    Outside looking inside, outside looking inside
    Outside looking inside, outside looking inside
    Outside looking inside, outside looking inside.

    [10:04:04 PM] Allisiam: The song is 57 seconds long
    [10:04:40 PM] Allisiam: bleh those are bad lyrics
    [10:06:36 PM] Allisiam: trying to find better lyrics
    [10:06:53 PM] Allisiam: some places show the song 56 secs and others say it is 57 seconds
    [10:07:01 PM] Allisiam: it is the final song on their album
    [10:08:41 PM] Allisiam: http://www.allmusic.com/album/outside-inside-mw0000193971
    [10:10:26 PM] Allisiam:

    [10:10:44 PM] Allisiam: this is the song from that Outside/Inside album that was the hit
    [10:12:43 PM] Allisiam: Joseph swears the song outside looking in was a longer version when he heard it
    [10:12:49 PM] Allisiam: but we could not find it
    [10:14:08 PM] Allisiam: so toss it in there along with the 5 foot Eagles in Alaska...there are your Hobbit eagles Tony...Joseph saw them.
    [10:16:43 PM] Allisiam: http://www.thetubes.com/disco/oi.htm
    [10:16:58 PM] Allisiam: well this is there official site and it is listing the song as 56 secs long
    [10:17:16 PM] Allisiam: who ever heard of a song only 56 seconds long? lol
    [10:18:26 PM] Allisiam: This was his other favorite song from that album
    [10:18:31 PM] Allisiam: Wild Women Of Wongo

    The Tubes
    From the foggy woggy banks
    of the Limpopo River,
    there come the sounds of
    Female ecstasy (I shiver),
    Wet and wanton, their cries
    caress by swollen ears, with building
    fears, of this forsaken land of years.
    Visions of furious fire-goddesses wielding
    Blunt spits; figments of erotic escapades
    with all branches of armed forces.
    Surrounding, abounding,
    they stoop to conquer with sighs and
    anxious whispers in a slow, steady rhythm.
    Wild Women of Wongo.
    How does their song go?
    Make a me want mo, (Wild Women!)
    No man can say no.
    Wild Women of Wongo.
    How does their song go?
    Like this...
    On the dank, steaming shores of Wongo;
    its black sand beaches so bongo.
    Patterned with leech-ridden creatures;
    bodies branded with cicatrix features
    that once screeched through the
    Heart of the Congo.
    Stacked and berserk
    they tower and flail all about.
    Wailing sounds in tongues only ancient
    insects would understand or figure out.
    Wild, willing, wenches; strutting and
    struggling, as they yank hanks of hair,
    rooting and rutting in heat,
    as the earth heaves beneath their feet.
    And so on and on the lores of Wongo go,
    throughout the sands of time.
    Singing their song of love, so rare,
    To only the chosen ones who dare.
    The course of events, time after time.
    The tradition remains the same.
    A bloodcurdling scream, one of pure
    ecstasy, rings out; then it came ---
    The ultimate sacrifice.
    Their wasp waisted figures twitch and twine,
    their sting is lethal, and I know I'm in for mine.
    How can I resist this onslaught of love;
    from over, from under, from behind and above.
    I wish I could be their Wongo King ---
    If only I knew the song to sing.

    Outside Inside
    Tubes World Tour 2001
    Extended Versions
    Wild Women Of Wongo
    [10:21:09 PM] Allisiam:

    lol apparently there is a movie
    [10:21:55 PM] Allisiam: Published on Sep 22, 2013
    The tribe of Wongo has beautiful women and brutish men. The tribe of Goona has handsome men and homely women. This comic fantasy is the story of the interactions between the two tribes. Shot in sunny Florida.
    [10:24:46 PM] Allisiam:

    here is the song
    [10:26:45 PM] Allisiam: and yes you should be laughing LOL
    [10:27:13 PM] Allisiam: this band appealed to the Aquarian rebel in Joseph
    [10:27:24 PM] Allisiam: maybe you can see why
    [10:28:48 PM] Allisiam: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wild_Women_of_Wongo
    a little more about the movie
    [10:48:30 PM] Shiloh: yes a sexy plot for 1958
    [10:48:54 PM] Allisiam: yes kind of funny synchro
    [10:49:29 PM] Allisiam: Tony, how many days from the 25th of March is today?
    [10:49:32 PM] Shiloh: The basic idea is good Mother Earth and Father Time
    [10:49:55 PM] Shiloh: But as normal the producers could not go deep enough with this archetype
    [10:50:11 PM] Shiloh: Just like Tolkien
    [10:50:13 PM] Allisiam: no it was silly their idea
    [10:50:25 PM] Shiloh: The dragon race does not have to be evil
    [10:50:35 PM] Allisiam: exactly
    [10:50:47 PM] Shiloh: But the basic plot is just as in the scriptures
    [10:51:08 PM] Shiloh: The One archangel plays the antigod
    [10:51:22 PM] Allisiam: have you seen this movie before? It came out in 58
    [10:51:25 PM] Shiloh: Noone has figured yet, that this is the masterplan
    [10:51:47 PM] Shiloh: And that the Sauron-Devil etc is none other than the creator himself in image
    [10:51:52 PM] Shiloh: No
    [10:52:13 PM] Shiloh: But as it is made in USA it will be tame in the moral standards
    [10:52:36 PM] Allisiam: lol filmed in Florida
    [10:52:40 PM] Shiloh: GODGOD = GODDOG as the sexchange of the masterplan
    [10:52:59 PM] Shiloh: Americans are progun and antisex
    [10:53:09 PM] Allisiam: yes but this was 1958
    [10:53:14 PM] Allisiam: different era
    [10:53:19 PM] Shiloh: I should watch it
    [10:53:31 PM] Shiloh: There is a similar one made in the uK
    [10:53:41 PM] Shiloh: Called: Carry On Up the Jungle
    [10:54:05 PM] Allisiam: hmm have not heard of it
    [10:54:18 PM] Shiloh: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carry_On_Up_the_Jungle
    [10:54:20 PM] Allisiam: you should watch the video of this song lol
    [10:55:56 PM] Allisiam: omg i should watch this one
    [10:56:02 PM] Allisiam: it sounds hilarious
    [10:56:14 PM] Shiloh: Yes
    [10:56:22 PM] Shiloh: I am torrenting the wongo one
    [10:57:30 PM] Allisiam: anyhow yeah i was going to do another post today
    [10:57:50 PM] Shiloh: Np, I'll edit whatever you share
    [10:57:51 PM] Allisiam: but my daughter came home and I didn't know about her concert till the last minute lol
    [10:58:13 PM] Shiloh: You see Susan straight away added to your post?
    [10:58:19 PM] Allisiam: yes
    [10:58:25 PM] Allisiam: always has to have the last word
    [10:58:38 PM] Shiloh: I edited her missing pic with the Full Moon appropriate
    [10:58:40 PM] Allisiam: but her post was good too
    [10:59:04 PM] Shiloh: So you can use that pic too
    [10:59:14 PM] Allisiam: Tony
    [10:59:27 PM] Allisiam: when will it be 60 days from the 25th?
    [10:59:39 PM] Shiloh: She copied stuff of Mary Ishtar from the Camelot war
    [10:59:57 PM] Shiloh: 25th January?
    [11:00:07 PM] Allisiam: of March
    [11:00:43 PM] Shiloh: 24+28=52 and so 8 days off January
    [11:01:15 PM] Shiloh: January 24th
    [11:02:11 PM] Allisiam: this Mirrors MIs birthday
    [11:02:20 PM] Allisiam: nice
    [11:02:57 PM] Shiloh: January 23rd = Day 10 of Babylon
    [11:03:21 PM] Shiloh: Day 70 = March 24th
    [11:03:40 PM] Shiloh: Day 11 forwards is day 60 backwards
    [11:04:32 PM] Allisiam: lol
    [11:04:38 PM] Allisiam: i just figured this out
    [11:06:23 PM] Shiloh: To March 25th it is forwards-backwards
    [11:06:43 PM] Shiloh: And FROM March 25th it is backwards-forwards
    [11:07:48 PM] Shiloh: The 2 hands in the GOT
    [11:07:51 PM] Allisiam: yes
    [11:07:56 PM] Allisiam: i see it now
    [11:09:24 PM] Shiloh: Why Jehovah male on the left becomes female on the right
    [11:10:29 PM] Shiloh: It is the death of the old god symbol as a male figure without consort
    [11:10:42 PM] Allisiam: This is when Peter turns rightside up
    [11:10:52 PM] Shiloh: Yes another symbol for this
    [11:11:14 PM] Allisiam: the mountain
    [11:11:39 PM] Shiloh: Cephas=Rock FOR the New Church
    [11:11:49 PM] Allisiam: what is going to happen to me? lol
    [11:12:17 PM] Shiloh: It is not the church but its foundation in the male-female harmonisation say here between Peter and MM as per GOT #114
    [11:12:38 PM] Shiloh: It helps if you stop taking this so personal
    [11:12:54 PM] Shiloh: You are simply a manifesto of the archetype like all femmes
    [11:13:01 PM] Allisiam: i know
    [11:13:09 PM] Shiloh: But you got the 'role' in this particular story or movie
    [11:13:26 PM] Allisiam: yes first run
    [11:13:46 PM] Allisiam: i am sure there will be sequels
    [11:14:04 PM] Shiloh: All femmes are Eve but most would not like to play Lilith too in a Old Eve-New Eve Double Role
    [11:14:56 PM] Shiloh: Likewise most femmes would not like to feel their maleness manifesting in their bodies
    [11:15:32 PM] Shiloh: Because of old homosex stereotypes
    [11:15:34 PM] Allisiam: no i imagine not, unless they are mentally prepared
    [11:15:40 PM] Shiloh: It is no longer straight or gay
    [11:16:19 PM] Allisiam: no, i see this
    [11:16:39 PM] Shiloh: This is dragonhood of desiring to be BOTH
    [11:16:41 PM] Allisiam: it fixes all that BS
    [11:16:53 PM] Shiloh: Yes
    [11:17:00 PM] Allisiam: it is our nature
    [11:17:17 PM] Shiloh: But to be BOTH you need serpent entwinement IN a BODY
    [11:17:30 PM] Shiloh: The infinity symbol circular from the linear; like the AURYN symbol in the Neverending Story

    [11:17:41 PM] Allisiam: yes
    [11:17:45 PM] Shiloh: Then you can be a wave and a body
    [11:18:10 PM] Shiloh: And this defines a dragon core not old human sexgames
    [11:18:55 PM] Shiloh: If so entwined you simply desire to share your waveform in its body essence as the loyalty is embodied naturally in the entwinement
    [11:19:16 PM] Shiloh: This so 'explains' the polysexual nature more technically
    [11:19:55 PM] Shiloh: The waves are more than a bodyform see and so cannot separate if they choose to keep their wavenature
    [11:20:04 PM] Allisiam: true
    [11:20:47 PM] Shiloh: The bodyforms couple to other bodyforms and this cannot be an eternal setup, as it is too limited in expressing the wavenature concealed
    [11:21:37 PM] Shiloh: But if the waveform KNOW themselves as being a unity, then all body coupling become just expanded experiences of the wave expression etc
    [11:22:02 PM] Shiloh: It is totally new in praxis to the human mind, but scientifically well defined and natural
    [11:22:39 PM] Shiloh: GOT again in the 'unbeknown to the human mind'
    [11:23:16 PM] Shiloh: Like an electron maleness does not choose to stay fixed to one nucleus female but is shared in valency
    [11:23:26 PM] Allisiam: yes exactly
    [11:23:36 PM] Shiloh: The atomic nucleus is nought but a Queen Bee
    [11:23:39 PM] Allisiam: it behaves 'naturally'
    [11:23:49 PM] Shiloh: Yes it seeks polarity couplings
    [11:24:23 PM] Shiloh: In the old world electrons are male and protons are female
    [11:24:51 PM] Allisiam: yes like protein bonds, they create the different shapes of the organisms and organs that comprise them
    [11:24:56 PM] Shiloh: In the new world they are doubled as neutronic electrons and neutronic protons carrying both charge polarities
    [11:25:18 PM] Allisiam: lol new shapes
    [11:25:22 PM] Shiloh: Do old humans like variety in their food and clothes and vacations?
    [11:25:25 PM] Allisiam: new geometry
    [11:25:36 PM] Allisiam: of course
    [11:25:42 PM] Shiloh: Not many would question this
    [11:26:20 PM] Shiloh: Yet silly devil minded humans think it proper and natural to keep the same sex partner for the most intimate coupling
    [11:26:35 PM] Shiloh: This is so unnatural, if you think deeply about it
    [11:27:15 PM] Shiloh: IF the core KNOWS it is faithful to ITSELF and no more 'cheating' is possible
    [11:27:38 PM] Shiloh: The wave nature's fidelity as the cosmic alchemy and the 'heavenly wedding' of Revelation.19 and why Jesus says, that the 'Children of the Resurrection' do not marry in the New World, but are 'as free' as angels (as angeldemons)
    [11:27:54 PM] Shiloh: Not the body fidelity as the devil's mind play
    [11:28:20 PM] Shiloh: It is upside down
    [11:28:31 PM] Shiloh: Like Peter or the Devil as GOD
    [11:28:34 PM] Allisiam: lol
    [11:28:45 PM] Shiloh: The Devil is the DOG of GOD iow
    [11:28:51 PM] Allisiam: yes
    [11:29:04 PM] Shiloh: THEN it is real as can be
    [11:29:35 PM] Shiloh: Until it shuns its malemindedness as primary, it remains a fake
    [11:30:04 PM] Shiloh: It won’t lose it, as both mind and body are doubled in the JCCJ
    [11:30:23 PM] Shiloh: But AdamEve is not the same as EveAdam
    [11:30:49 PM] Shiloh: But they are THE perfect match old humans search for all their sorry lives
    [11:31:10 PM] Allisiam: so true
    [11:31:20 PM] Allisiam: like their missing selves
    [11:31:44 PM] Shiloh: Yes, you can add this last description to the sexchromosome convo when you share it
    [11:32:05 PM] Allisiam: yes i will
    [11:32:05 PM] Shiloh: Yes, as it becomes their genetic library
    [11:32:39 PM] Shiloh: If the girl would have been a boy and vice versa
    [11:32:55 PM] Shiloh: Those are the perfect basepaired genomatic matches
    [11:33:20 PM] Shiloh: All rather scientifically reasonable and logical
    [11:33:40 PM] Shiloh: No spiritual mumbo jumbo or nabs speculations are required
    [11:36:29 PM] Allisiam: http://flightoftheraven.com/Raven_Dreams
    [12:02:18 AM] Allisiam: Tony what did you mean the Sagan post describes the two keys?
    [12:02:31 AM] Shiloh: I adjust the sizes so the pics look continuous
    [12:02:40 AM] Allisiam: just the cosmic gates he emphasises in those videos?
    [12:02:49 AM] Shiloh: The keys are very old archetype used by the RCC
    [12:03:08 AM] Allisiam: yes
    [12:03:13 AM] Shiloh: It is not Sagan, but the article with the keys mirroring the chart
    [12:03:24 AM] Allisiam: ok i figured
    [12:03:30 AM] Allisiam: you had me confused for a minute
    [12:03:44 AM] Allisiam: i was like wait... the keys are the timeline
    [12:03:44 AM] Shiloh: It is the post starting with the Sagan address
    [12:03:47 AM] Allisiam: and us
    [12:03:54 AM] Shiloh: Yes
    [12:04:02 AM] Shiloh: A left witness and a right witness
    [12:04:05 AM] Allisiam: yes
    [12:04:09 AM] Allisiam: wisdom and understanding
    [12:04:22 AM] Shiloh: Yes shehe and heshe
    [12:04:28 AM] Allisiam: right and left, two candlesticks, ect and many other things
    [12:04:41 AM] Shiloh: You got it here
    [12:05:08 AM] Allisiam: yes well i went back and i was re-reading things thinking people might get confused
    [12:05:15 AM] Allisiam: but its ok
    [12:05:19 AM] Shiloh: You care?
    [12:05:29 AM] Allisiam: i keep forgetting were not posting this for 'people'
    [12:05:38 AM] Shiloh: This is ET data for the Logos, not for human mind consumption actually
    [12:05:57 AM] Shiloh: Yes the dead alive ones all are aware of this
    [12:05:59 AM] Allisiam: right, TLTR anyhow
    [12:06:11 AM] Shiloh: Humans are irrelevant, except they actually search
    [12:06:28 AM] Shiloh: All are welcome, but very very few will enter
    [12:06:29 AM] Allisiam: true
    [12:06:38 AM] Shiloh: As it is written
    [12:06:50 AM] Shiloh: They all 'know better'
    [12:07:02 AM] Allisiam: indeed
    [12:07:21 AM] Shiloh: This story is just another story and of no more value than their own human mind creations
    [12:07:30 AM] Allisiam: LOL
    [12:07:32 AM] Allisiam: ok
    [12:07:56 AM] Shiloh: JCCJ terms it self-righteousness of the viper nest
    [12:08:23 AM] Shiloh: And it IS just another story and on equal par with any other
    [12:08:38 AM] Shiloh: But the judging of it does not belong to human mindedness
    [12:08:43 AM] Shiloh: This they don’t understand
    [12:09:09 AM] Shiloh: They don’t offer their stories to the Logos
    [12:09:30 AM] Allisiam: no they keep them hidden
    [12:09:33 AM] Shiloh: They look for acknowledgement for their stories by the standards of the world
    [12:09:45 AM] Allisiam: yes or hidden
    [12:09:50 AM] Allisiam: only shared among a few
    [12:09:59 AM] Shiloh: Who cares?
    [12:10:04 AM] Allisiam: like the so called 'illuminati'
    [12:10:09 AM] Shiloh: Let IT be!
    [1:16:36 AM] Allisiam: I am the dreamer

    [7:12:22 PM -Thursday, January 16th, 2014 +10UCT] Shiloh: This will piss DD off no end, if she sees it. Real Dreaming versus fakery
    [7:12:56 PM] Sirius 17: yes i see the synchro
    [7:13:05 PM] Shiloh: And yet her soul is pure in the cosmic sense, yet abominable in its human expression
    [7:13:41 PM] Shiloh: I feel her sadness or inner conflict
    [7:15:22 PM] Sirius 17: maybe it is Xeia you feel too
    [7:15:35 PM] Sirius 17: i feel sadness too
    [7:16:47 PM] Shiloh: Yes in both
    [7:16:53 PM] Shiloh: They feel abandonded
    [7:17:18 PM Shiloh: Full Moon in Cancer the Mother see?
    [7:17:31 PM] Shiloh: With Cap Sun
    [7:17:40 PM] Sirius 17: yes
    [7:17:42 PM] Shiloh: The typical Mother-Father agenda
    [7:17:55 PM] Sirius 17: anything on MOA, i have not looked
    [7:17:55 PM] Shiloh: Why I posted this pic


    [7:26:40 PM] *** Shiloh sent 16jan2014.jpg ***
    [7:27:50 PM] Sirius 17: lol
    [7:28:37 PM] Sirius 17: here you need an updated dragon pic

    [7:28:43 PM] *** Sirius 17 sent 1558479_660296884017043_170716533_n.jpg ***
    [7:28:49 PM] Sirius 17: this one is sexier
    [7:29:34 PM] Shiloh: Ah yes
    [7:29:56 PM] Shiloh: I'll add this on to it
    [7:30:05 PM] Sirius 17: yes
    [7:32:36 PM] Shiloh: http://www.thuban.spruz.com/forums/?page=post&fid=&lastp=1&id=141CBFAC-9D11-4895-B0B2-065CCAAC2703
    [7:33:52 PM] Sirius 17: LOL oh nice
    [7:33:57 PM] Shiloh: No smaug there
    [7:34:01 PM] Sirius 17: editing Susan's posts now, hahaha
    [7:34:18 PM] Sirius 17: excellent
    [7:34:25 PM] Shiloh: She asked me see below
    [7:34:40 PM] Shiloh: There was a pic on the Camelot thread which disappeared
    [7:34:54 PM] Shiloh: I subbed the moon one and now added this
    [7:35:31 PM] Sirius 17: yeah
    [7:35:37 PM] Sirius 17: Tony should i leave this out?
    [7:36:20 PM] Shiloh: It is relevant
    [7:36:21 PM] Sirius 17: i mean this part
    [7:36:29 PM] Shiloh: Just add the chart to the post
    [7:37:07 PM] Shiloh: Yes leave the songs out
    [7:37:28 PM] Sirius 17: oh the songs why?
    [7:38:20 PM] Shiloh: Oh they are fine too, but it seemed you found them personal from James
    [7:38:25 PM] Sirius 17: i mean the part above about Xeia
    [7:38:35 PM] Shiloh: No leave it in
    [7:38:44 PM] Shiloh: She wont read this anyway
    [7:38:51 PM] Sirius 17: well this is sort of a personal post
    [7:38:55 PM] Sirius 17: so i am leaving the songs in
    [7:38:58 PM] Sirius 17: and the names
    [7:39:05 PM] Sirius 17: i edited very litte
    [7:39:09 PM] Shiloh: Sure
    [7:39:10 PM] Sirius 17: little
    [7:39:19 PM] Shiloh: You know what I think of censorings
    [7:39:30 PM] Sirius 17: because, well i had one version trying to edit out the personal and it just didn't work
    [7:39:37 PM] Shiloh: If you dont want to be seen or be read, then don't post ANYTHING on the web
    [7:39:39 PM] Sirius 17: so i said fuck it
    [7:39:46 PM] Shiloh: Good
    [7:39:55 PM] Shiloh: Nothing to hide here
    [7:40:15 PM] Shiloh: Call a spade a spade and leave the prognosticating and embarrassing to others
    [7:40:37 PM] Shiloh: Only humans protect their 'privacies'
    [7:41:00 PM] Shiloh: We have had 26,000 years of hiding nature in closets
    [7:41:22 PM] Shiloh: Recall the GOT about hidden things
    [7:41:31 PM] Sirius 17: yes
    [7:41:38 PM] Shiloh: But start the post with the pics
    [7:41:39 PM] Sirius 17: and the being naked before god ect
    [7:41:44 PM] Sirius 17: disrobing
    [7:41:44 PM] Shiloh: Yes
    [7:41:45 PM] Sirius 17: ect
    [7:41:59 PM] Shiloh: Or I add them once the writ is there
    [7:42:04 PM] Sirius 17: well you add them in
    [7:42:11 PM] Shiloh: Yes
    [7:42:13 PM] Sirius 17: i need a title
    [7:42:23 PM] Sirius 17: Raven's Dreams
    [7:42:37 PM] Sirius 17: so yeah the dream pics are fine
    [7:42:52 PM] Shiloh: Natural Sexual Chromosomes of Dragons
    [7:43:30 PM] Shiloh: Anything 'sexual' will be read lol
    [7:44:00 PM] Shiloh: And stir controversy
    [7:44:03 PM] Sirius 17: also can you post this whole thing into Susan's post highlighted in Grey please
    [7:44:07 PM] Sirius 17: http://www.equinox-project.com/lughx.htm
    [7:44:12 PM] Shiloh: Ok
    [7:44:16 PM] Sirius 17: thx
    [7:44:37 PM] Shiloh: This link you want?
    [7:44:45 PM] Shiloh: I mean the writ
    [7:44:47 PM] Shiloh: Lugh?
    [7:46:01 PM] Shiloh: And what post of Susan's?
    [7:46:39 PM] Sirius 17: yes, the one you just posted the moons too
    [7:46:48 PM] Sirius 17: add it to the end there
    [7:46:53 PM] Shiloh: You want to reply as this?
    [7:47:01 PM] Sirius 17: no i want it as an edit
    [7:47:05 PM] Sirius 17: lol
    [7:47:12 PM] Sirius 17: she'll figure it out
    [7:47:16 PM] Shiloh: Ok
    [7:47:26 PM] Sirius 17: it is just an ADD on
    [7:47:35 PM] Sirius 17: not taking anything away
    [7:50:01 PM] Shiloh: Look
    [7:51:05 PM] Sirius 17: ok
    [7:51:13 PM] Sirius 17: i am almost done spell checking here
    [7:52:51 PM] Sirius 17: yes looks good and augments her post nicely
    [7:52:58 PM] Sirius 17: more revealing
    [7:53:01 PM] Sirius 17: see
    [7:55:23 PM] Shiloh: Sure all good
    [7:55:32 PM] Shiloh: All is data sharing
    [7:56:01 PM] Shiloh: So Lugh is like the Christ symbol of the + and x; this further undermines those obnoxious Logos deniers like the Zeitgeist mob
    [7:56:26 PM] Shiloh: Also dragons equal druids equals shamen is good
    [7:56:39 PM] Shiloh: Not the Nabs version either
    [7:57:39 PM] Sirius 17: yes i stumbled on this today
    [7:57:57 PM] Sirius 17: the point of Lugh in your darklight chart reminded me
    [7:58:06 PM] Shiloh: Middle Earth again
    [7:58:21 PM] Shiloh: I see
    [7:58:37 PM] Sirius 17: i liked the myth of the long arm god see
    [7:58:47 PM] Shiloh: West is Sirius btw
    [7:58:49 PM] Sirius 17: to whom is my arm revealed?
    [7:58:57 PM] Shiloh: Yes I saw this too in Isaiah's story
    [7:59:10 PM] Shiloh: East is Andromeda Felines
    [7:59:24 PM] Shiloh: West is Sirian Canines
    [7:59:27 PM] Sirius 17: yes
    [7:59:35 PM] Shiloh: North is Arcturian Pachyderms
    [7:59:45 PM] Shiloh: South is Pleiadean Cetaceans
    [7:59:56 PM] Shiloh: So Lugh is Sirian
    [8:00:17 PM] Sirius 17: yes, message from Sirius
    [8:00:21 PM] Shiloh: Beltane is Pleiadean
    [8:00:44 PM] Sirius 17: the sky was clear tonight
    [8:00:48 PM] Shiloh: Xmas is Andromedean
    [8:00:51 PM] Sirius 17: and i can see the full moon
    [8:01:00 PM] Sirius 17: i thought of Xeia
    [8:01:11 PM] Sirius 17: shining her light on me
    [8:01:15 PM] Shiloh: Halloween is Earthbound Arcturian
    [8:01:38 PM] Shiloh: All Souls and All Saints
    [8:01:51 PM] Shiloh: Time of the Dead
    [8:01:58 PM] Sirius 17: cosmic night yeah
    [8:02:33 PM] Sirius 17: i was with my daughter this time and she was the Easter bunny
    [8:02:41 PM] Sirius 17: for Halloween lol
    [8:02:56 PM] Sirius 17: her choice, i had nothing to do with it
    [8:03:21 PM] Sirius 17: Joseph took her to get a costume and she told me before she left she was going to pick out a devil costume
    [8:03:29 PM] Sirius 17: came back with the easter bunny
    [8:03:32 PM] Sirius 17: go figure lol
    [8:03:36 PM] Shiloh: Right
    [8:03:42 PM] Sirius 17: true story
    [8:03:56 PM] Shiloh: Just let them be creative
    [8:04:15 PM] Sirius 17: she asked me something strange again
    [8:04:20 PM] Sirius 17: tonight
    [8:05:06 PM] Sirius 17: she said: Mom what if everything you see around you is all you and not real? well that is how i see it
    [8:05:56 PM] Sirius 17: and i said that it was all real
    [8:05:57 PM] Shiloh: She is wise your daughter here ,as an old soul
    [8:06:12 PM] Sirius 17: yeah
    [8:06:20 PM] Sirius 17: then she kept telling me the moon was full
    [8:06:25 PM] Sirius 17: and i said i didn't think so
    [8:06:32 PM] Shiloh: It was
    [8:06:35 PM] Sirius 17: and she said YES it is mom
    [8:06:47 PM] Sirius 17: so i went and looked on my calander
    [8:06:53 PM] Sirius 17: guess who was right?
    [8:06:57 PM] Shiloh: Your daughter
    [8:06:59 PM] Sirius 17: i don't know it all
    [8:07:06 PM] Sirius 17: apparently lol
    [8:07:19 PM] Sirius 17: i was thinking it wasn't until the end of the month
    [8:07:28 PM] Sirius 17: but then i realized i had it confused with the new moon
    [8:07:42 PM] Shiloh: Full Moon was 20:54 pm January 15th your time
    [8:08:05 PM] Shiloh: Bob died January 15th, 1999
    [8:08:09 PM] Sirius 17: yeah so we were out around 8pm my time
    [8:08:21 PM] Sirius 17: oh he did
    [8:08:24 PM] Sirius 17: i had forgot
    [8:08:30 PM] Shiloh: MI's hubby of 50 years yes
    [8:08:57 PM] Shiloh: My oldest grandson from Richard, Xavier (recall the Academy in X-Men of the Mutants?) was born that day. Richard named him after X-Men
    [8:09:10 PM] Sirius 17: nice
    [8:09:13 PM] Shiloh: I think Asha's dad died that day too
    [8:09:17 PM] Sirius 17: continuation
    [8:09:22 PM] Shiloh: Or some birthday
    [8:09:33 PM] Sirius 17: her birthday is in october i thought
    [8:09:42 PM] Sirius 17: so maybe it is her dads death day
    [8:09:47 PM] Shiloh: Yes i am saying her father
    [8:10:06 PM] Shiloh: Either died or born
    [8:10:15 PM] Sirius 17: hmm i dont remember
    [8:10:27 PM] Shiloh: It is an important day for her
    [8:10:35 PM] Sirius 17: but i felt it was an important day
    [8:11:11 PM] Sirius 17: i am having ephiphanies all day
    [8:11:39 PM] Shiloh: January 18th will be Thuban's birthday 4th
    [8:11:57 PM] Shiloh: And the Algorithm's 29th
    [8:12:23 PM] Sirius 17: yes that is true
    [8:12:40 PM] Sirius 17: what year was it you got the Lgorithm?
    [8:12:45 PM] Shiloh: 1985
    [8:12:56 PM] Sirius 17: this was the year of Joseph's vision
    [8:12:56 PM] Shiloh: Just weeks before those visions
    [8:13:11 PM] Shiloh: I am not surprised
    [8:13:24 PM] Sirius 17: we were talking about it again today
    [8:13:38 PM] Shiloh: Late March of the Lamb with the dragon fire
    [8:14:16 PM] Shiloh: Passion Week of 31AD revisited in a 1954 year warp
    [8:14:38 PM] Shiloh: To the days actually as April 1st was the great consumption
    [8:14:55 PM] Shiloh: In 1985 which was the first Easter Sunday 31AD
    [8:16:01 PM] Sirius 17: great consumption?
    [8:16:30 PM] Sirius 17: I am the dreamer
    [8:16:42 PM] Shiloh: My human life was eaten by the ignorance of the old world or something like that
    [8:16:55 PM] Shiloh: I lost my teaching career, I studied for
    [8:17:37 PM] Sirius 17: yes i saw all the documentation
    [8:17:47 PM] Sirius 17: the things they said
    [8:17:50 PM] Sirius 17: such BS
    [8:17:50 PM] Shiloh: Guess I died as human but was reborn a dragon acolyte
    [8:17:59 PM] Sirius 17: definitely
    [8:18:04 PM] Sirius 17: no loss there
    [8:18:18 PM] Shiloh: See, I kept nothing 'private' or confidental
    [8:18:26 PM] Sirius 17: i know
    [8:18:54 PM] Shiloh: People like B Ryan considering me mentally deranged is fine by me. I know what I think of them and their 'assessments'
    [8:19:43 PM] Shiloh: I am not waiting for Nibirus and Annunaki ships to take over the old world either
    [8:20:14 PM] Shiloh: It will be a Dragon Eagle fleet lol - now this is just as crazy see?
    [8:20:19 PM] Sirius 17: sweety i need to go pick up Joseph from work
    [8:20:20 PM] Sirius 17: he is off
    [8:20:35 PM] Shiloh: You posted so I can edit?
    [8:20:40 PM] Sirius 17: i am trying to select this out of word and post it
    [8:20:56 PM] Shiloh: Yes just post something, so I can add the pics
    [8:20:59 PM] Sirius 17: it keeps stopping and word seems to not have a select all button
    [8:23:51 PM] Sirius 17: ok it is posted
    [8:24:12 PM] Sirius 17: i can add stuff when i get back, so go ahead and add the pics
    [8:24:21 PM] Sirius 17: and any links
    [8:24:26 PM] Sirius 17: if you would please
    [8:24:33 PM] Sirius 17: i will go get Joseph
    [8:24:38 PM] Shiloh: Ok np
    [8:24:54 PM] Sirius 17: if i left something out you want in, put it in
    [8:25:17 PM] Sirius 17: its just so long
    [8:25:34 PM] Sirius 17: so i tried to remove the personals that didn't fit the flow
    [8:42:30 PM] Shiloh: What did you leave out?
    [8:42:34 PM] Shiloh: Timemarkers?
    [8:42:44 PM] Shiloh: I am editing and have added the pics
    [8:51:08 PM] Sirius 17: um not much i dont know
    [8:52:48 PM] Shiloh: It seems ok as is
    [8:53:56 PM] Sirius 17: yes i just did minor edits like i said
    [8:54:11 PM] Sirius 17: the 'meat' is in there
    [9:18:11 PM] Sirius 17: James is reading the post
    [9:18:13 PM] Sirius 17: finally lol
    [9:20:04 PM] Shiloh: I have added some pic from the Neverending Story look
    [9:20:24 PM] Sirius 17: ok i hooked him up with it on his tablet

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    miii posted January 16th, 2014

    very busy tonight
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  7. shiloh za-rah

    shiloh za-rah Planetary Rebirth

    Allisiam posted January 16th, 2014

    The Apocalypse of Peter

    "For evil cannot produce good fruit. For the place from which each of them is produces that which is like itself; for not every soul is of the truth, nor of immortality. For every soul of these ages has death assigned to it in our view, because it is always a slave, since it is created for its desires and their eternal destruction, in which they are and from which they are. They love the creatures of the matter which came forth with them."

    "But the immortal souls are not like these, O Peter. But indeed, as long as the hour is not yet come, it (the immortal soul) shall resemble a mortal one. But it shall not reveal its nature, that it alone is the immortal one, and thinks about immortality, having faith, and desiring to renounce these things."

    "For people do not gather figs from thorns or from thorn trees, if they are wise, nor grapes from thistles. For, on the one hand, that which is always becoming is in that from which it is, being from what is not good, which becomes destruction for it and death. But that which comes to be in the Eternal One is in the One of the life and the immortality of the life which they resemble."

    "Therefore all that which exists not will dissolve into what exists not. For deaf and blind ones join only with their own kind."


    For those with ears to hear, you can listen here:

    no philosophy
    by Paul Sands

    I am no philosopher
    I am Paul from The Meadows
    pulled skinny poor from the shadows
    to put some fat on his bones

    so how did I end up here?
    what penalty did I accrue?

    taking the ten point deduction
    for conduct unbecoming
    I place my attention deficit on re-order
    that I don’t yet forget

    smothered in the scrim of this Hogarthian hood
    every chip toothed blue scriptured face
    proffers passage to a poisonous but
    tantalising hook

    to write the junk must I taste the junk?

    peddled or paddled for a sweeter flight
    this avenue never taken,
    hedonic ingress unwalked, unwanted
    yet still wondered
    could such deep surrender be so sweet
    to allow the most intimate of plunder?

    am I Dante?
    corralled around the streets
    of a society that shows no compromise
    amongst the dying embers of fallen enterprise

    eternal damnable gyres
    around a fucked shit pyre
    of concrete, glass and broken humanity
    with each uttered breath a cold cocktail of profanity

    the bouncing soles of the air I wear may ease me
    over the gummed archipelagos
    flag spij-speckle guaran islands
    slab secure and fast
    against the counselled wash
    an eternal fossilised chaw
    that resists the fiercest chemical blast

    lost in this sea I cannot be but shaken by

    the waxy man with his head of startled hemp
    and coterie of cracked carbon
    as he breaches the domestic brink

    turning a key, his
    shoulders hunched in
    protective shawl against
    the spittled spate
    he stares back through me
    for sightless miles insides out, front to rear,
    then scuffles, rattling, townwardly

    cannot resist the insecticidal compulsion
    of the green and white purgatory
    where the neatly stacked wash of fluorescence
    makes oven ready your heaven
    amid the threnodial thrum of
    a hundred syncopated Siemens

    following that shuffling cortege of the bussed in dead and dying
    I am dutiful, altar bound, avowed and accursed
    the host with the ghosts in this haunted mall

    lost and lonely within England’s mountain green
    it is no longer the god bothering needles and blunts
    that draw the crowds

    as flat screened pharmacological rapture,
    that trinity of distilled, medicated caffeination
    lead a once pious nation through a precocious dream

    maybe Allah yet sees here his
    Jerusalem and leads his children
    upon England’s land of crescent green

    The Tripartite Tractate
    The Logos was a cause of those who came into being and he continued all the more to be at a loss and he was astonished. Instead of perfection, he saw a defect; instead of unification, he saw division; instead of stability, he saw disturbances; instead of rests, tumults. Neither was it possible for him to make them cease from loving disturbance, nor was it possible for him to destroy it. He was completely powerless, once his totality and his exaltation abandoned him.
    Those who had come into being not knowing themselves both did not know the Pleromas from which they came forth and did not know the one who was the cause of their existence.
    The Logos, being in such unstable conditions, did not continue to bring forth anything like emanations, the things which are in the Pleroma, the glories which exist for the honor of the Father. Rather, he brought forth little weaklings, hindered) by the illnesses by which he too was hindered. It was the likeness of the disposition which was a unity, that which was the cause of the things which do not themselves exist from the first.
    Until the one who brought forth into the defect these things which were thus in need, until he judged those who came into being because of him contrary to reason - which is the judgment which became a condemnation - he struggled against them unto destruction, that is, the ones who struggled against the condemnation and whom the wrath pursues, while it (the wrath) accepts and redeems (them) from their (false) opinion and apostasy, since from it is the conversion which is also called "metanoia." The Logos turned to another opinion and another thought. Having turned away from evil, he turned toward the good things. Following the conversion came the thought of the things which exist and the prayer for the one who converted himself to the good.
    The one who is in the Pleroma was what he first prayed to and remembered; then (he remembered) his brothers individually and (yet) always with one another; then all of them together; but before all of them, the Father. The prayer of the agreement was a help for him in his own return and (in that of) the Totality, for a cause of his remembering those who have existed from the first was his being remembered. This is the thought which calls out from afar, bringing him back.
    All his prayer and remembering were numerous powers according to that limit. For there is nothing barren in his thought.
    The powers were good and were greater than those of the likeness. For those belonging to the likeness also belong to a nature of falsehood. From an illusion of similarity and a thought of arrogance has come about that which they became. And they originate from the thought which first knew them.
    To what do the former beings pertain? They are like forgetfulness and heavy sleep; being like those who dream troubled dreams, to whom sleep comes while they - those who dream - are oppressed. The others are like some creatures of light for him, looking for the rising of the sun, since it happened that they saw in him dreams which are truly sweet. It immediately put a stop to the emanations of the thought. They did not any longer have their substance and also they did not have honor any longer.
    Though he is not equal to those who pre-existed, if they were superior to the likenesses, it was he alone through whom they were more exalted than those, for they are not from a good intent.
    It was not from the sickness which came into being that they were produced, from which is the good intent, but (from) the one who sought after the pre-existent. Once he had prayed, he both raised himself to the good and sowed in them a pre-disposition to seek and pray to the glorious pre-existent one, and he sowed in them a thought about him and an idea, so that they should think that something greater than themselves exists prior to them, although they did not understand what it was. Begetting harmony and mutual love through that thought, they acted in unity and unanimity, since from unity and from unanimity they have received their very being.
    They were stronger than them in the lust for power, for they were more honored than the first ones, who had been raised above them. Those had not humbled themselves. They thought about themselves that they were beings originating from themselves alone and were without a source. As they brought forth at first according to their own birth, the two orders assaulted one another, fighting for command because of their manner of being. As a result, they were submerged in forces and natures in accord with the condition of mutual assault, having lust for power and all other things of this sort. It is from these that the vain love of glory draws all of them to the desire of the lust for power, while none of them has the exalted thought nor acknowledges it.
    The powers of this thought are prepared in the works of the pre-existent , those of which they are the representations. For the order of those of this sort had mutual harmony, but it fought against the order of those of the likeness, while the order of those of the likeness wages war against the representations and acts against it alone, because of its wrath. From this it [...] them [...] one another, many [...] necessity appointed them [...] and might prevail [...] was not a multitude, [...] and their envy and their [...] and their wrath and violence and desire and prevailing ignorance produce empty matters and powers of various sorts, mixed in great number with one another; while the mind of the Logos, who was a cause of their begetting, was open to a revelation of the hope which would come to him from above.


    The Sophia of Jesus Christ
    Mary said to him: "Lord, then how will we know that?"

    The perfect Savior said: "Come (you) from invisible things to the end of those that are visible, and the very emanation of Thought will reveal to you how faith in those things that are not visible was found in those that are visible, those that belong to Unbegotten Father. Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear!

    "The Lord of the Universe is not called 'Father', but 'Forefather', the beginning of those that will appear, but he (the Lord) is the beginningless Forefather. Seeing himself within himself in a mirror, he appeared resembling himself, but his likeness appeared as Divine Self-Father, and Confronter over the Confronted ones, First Existent Unbegotten Father. He is indeed of equal age the Light that is before him, but he is not equal to him in power.

    "And afterward was revealed a whole multitude of confronting, self-begotten ones, equal in age and power, being in glory (and) without number, whose race is called 'The Generation over Whom There Is No Kingdom' from the one in whom you yourselves have appeared from these men. And that whole multitude over which there is no kingdom is called 'Sons of Unbegotten Father, God, Savior, Son of God,' whose likeness is with you. Now he is the unknowable, who is full of ever-imperishable glory and ineffable joy. They all are at rest in him, ever rejoicing in ineffable joy in his unchanging glory and measureless jubilation; this was never heard or known among all the aeons and their worlds until now."


    [8:20:49 PM] Allisiam: the breech?
    [8:20:55 PM] Shiloh: Yes
    [8:21:23 PM] Shiloh: In many ways Zechariah is pointing the way to combine Daniel and Revelation
    [8:21:42 PM] Shiloh: Read Zech 11 and you'll see
    [8:21:42 PM] Allisiam: i see, yes it makes sense
    [8:22:07 PM] Shiloh: The 30 pieces in Zechariah is what Matthew refers to with 'Jeremy the prophet'
    [8:22:27 PM] Allisiam:

    [8:23:12 PM] Shiloh: Pretty good and fitting the timeline eh?
    [8:23:51 PM] Shiloh: I put those in a grey box for you after you posted it
    [8:24:22 PM] Allisiam: [8:22 PM] Allisiam:

    7 And I will feed the flock of slaughter, even you, O poor of the flock. And I took unto me two staves; the one I called Beauty, and the other I called Bands; and I fed the flock.
    8 Three shepherds also I cut off in one month; and my soul lothed them, and their soul also abhorred me.
    9 Then said I, I will not feed you: that that dieth, let it die; and that that is to be cut off, let it be cut off; and let the rest eat every one the flesh of another.

    [3:24:20 PM] Sirius 17: oh wow yeah
    [3:25:16 PM] Sirius 17: you added these?
    [3:25:36 PM] Shiloh: I can add the scripture codes
    [3:25:50 PM] Shiloh: I have not posted anything
    [3:26:03 PM] Sirius 17: oh yes your reply with the video
    [3:26:05 PM] Shiloh: Once it is on the thread I can add the grey box
    [3:26:17 PM] Sirius 17: the other 500 video
    [3:26:28 PM] Shiloh: I will add it as the epilogue
    [3:26:36 PM] Shiloh: You started with a video see
    [3:26:50 PM] Shiloh: Just post it and I can edit
    [3:26:50 PM] Sirius 17: yes fine, do what you feel
    [3:27:04 PM] Sirius 17: ok hang on
    [3:28:35 PM] Sirius 17: ok i am about to edit
    [3:31:44 PM] Sirius 17: ok i add the scripture
    [3:32:05 PM] Sirius 17: can you please add the video now and maybe put them in grey to highlight?
    [3:32:12 PM] Shiloh: Sure
    [3:32:48 PM] Shiloh: The perfect Savior said: "Come (you) from invisible things to the end of those that are visible, and the very emanation of Thought will reveal to you how faith in those things that are not visible was found in those that are visible, those that belong to Unbegotten Father. Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear!
    [3:32:55 PM] Shiloh: This is the Mild btw
    [3:33:17 PM] Shiloh: This is nicely supplemented by the GOT
    [3:33:27 PM] Sirius 17: yes i know
    [3:33:43 PM] Sirius 17: i did not wish to include the GOT
    [3:33:47 PM] Shiloh: This is an excellent post of yours
    [3:34:00 PM] Sirius 17: let them find the GOT without me
    [3:34:31 PM] Sirius 17: i pondered this sometime
    [3:34:45 PM] Sirius 17: and felt i should not include it
    [3:34:59 PM] Sirius 17: besides all those links are directly to the codex...should they wish to look
    [3:35:11 PM] Sirius 17: most won't
    [3:37:12 PM] Sirius 17: hah this is getting riviting
    [3:42:57 PM] Shiloh: What Acts is this?
    [3:43:02 PM] Shiloh: You did not specify
    [3:46:14 PM] Shiloh: The original is in Acts.9
    [3:46:31 PM] Sirius 17: 26
    [3:46:45 PM] Shiloh: thanks
    [3:51:00 PM] Sirius 17: tony
    [3:51:00 PM] Sirius 17: add this, please
    [3:51:02 PM] Sirius 17: http://imgur.com/R0QbdRA
    [3:57:23 PM] Sirius 17: thank you
    [3:58:19 PM] Shiloh: http://www.thuban.spruz.com/forums/?page=post&fid=&lastp=1&id=141CBFAC-9D11-4895-B0B2-065CCAAC2703
    [3:58:32 PM] Shiloh: This is a good ending for your post
    [3:58:49 PM] Sirius 17: yes i put a link on FB with it
    [3:58:57 PM] Sirius 17: to opscram
    [3:59:11 PM] Shiloh: You should. This is perhaps your best message ever
    [3:59:25 PM] Sirius 17: it is MILD's message
    [3:59:29 PM] Shiloh: Lots of inside info
    [3:59:38 PM] Sirius 17: those ones in that grave
    [3:59:43 PM] Sirius 17: their message
    [4:00:06 PM] Shiloh: Hmm we should add nil nisi bonum
    [4:00:16 PM] Sirius 17: yes
    [4:00:27 PM] Sirius 17: and your shadow poem


    "A most wondrous thing the Shadow is, a redeemer in all to succour;
    it can go where the light cannot abide, seemingly banished, it is not.
    For where the light is, the darkness flees, no longer present to endure;
    so to become illuminated is its destined journey and its troubled lot.

    But without the light, no Shadow can be cast, its such a splendid key;
    the dimensions reduce in space from three to two and all in just the one.
    Betwixt the light and the darkness it is and part of both for all to see;
    the Shadow of the body, does it not merge all in its rule under the sun?

    Whatsoever can cast a Shadow, must be a most wondrous thing to relay;
    as nature's very own offspring, the young ones grow towards their final goal.
    Enabled to bring peace to so many things appearing apart and so far away;
    the reconciliation for the suffering body with its spirit and its scattered soul."

    The Presence of the Mosaic implies the will of Unity=God=Starhumanity and NOT the will of Humanity=Man=Separation!


    In Syria (2013-2014), Sleeping between his parents.


    {Speak Nothing but Good of the Dead}

    Out in the graveyard;
    inscriptions, words and plaques, all withering away;
    like the flowers adorning them, so the dead do lay.
    Waiting and waiting for someone to remember them
    and not just in photo albums or on the special days.

    Memorials are built, meaningless constructions - lest we forget!
    They all are forgotten, given time enough to sigh, to pass away.
    The living are so busy preparing for their own demise, to die.
    Little do they know, the busy ones, that the dead are still alive.

    They watch over the living ones, they do, from a place so far;
    yet so near they are, but why would they watch the way they do?
    To understand the mystery is the noble thing to do - a gallant quest.
    They wish to be remembered, to join in soul and mind , the body's zest.

    A marriage betwixt the dimensions, a holy union in heaven with hell.
    But can the fearful thoughts of the living see, their love hearts tell?
    The living are like snowflakes, made of water, so unique one by one.
    But they melt away, to be fluid again - into the one great ocean, gone!

    The dead are all one in the great seas, waiting to crystallize again in two.
    To wake up to a new life again, as a snowflake-twin, asking: 'Love me too!'
    Eternal life awaits the living, could they only reply to the dead's request.
    But the alive ones linger and doubt, in vanity do they live their only quest.

    {Thus passes away the glory of the world}
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  8. shiloh za-rah

    shiloh za-rah Planetary Rebirth

    Allisiam - Posted Jan 17th
    Messages from the λίπος γαμημένο συγκρότημα
    {Lipos Gamimemo Sygkrotima}

    [1/16/2014 9:07:45 PM] Shiloh: I will put the shadow poem at the start somewhere as this ending is perfecto
    [1/16/2014 9:08:02 PM] Allisiam: it is
    [1/16/2014 9:14:02 PM] Allisiam: [Thursday, January 16, 2014 8:59 PM] Shiloh:
    <<< Lots of 'insider' info lol
    [1/16/2014 9:14:22 PM] Allisiam: yes they are on the inside
    [1/16/2014 9:14:30 PM] Allisiam: about to come out
    [1/16/2014 9:16:26 PM] Shiloh: You sound confident here
    [1/16/2014 9:17:43 PM] Allisiam: well this is how i feel and what they are 'saying'
    [1/16/2014 9:20:10 PM] Allisiam: Nicolas Guy Williams
    our souls may be older than the current universe and have lived in many variations of each universe. i feel that so deeply at the moment but can't explain why or how
    [1/16/2014 9:20:18 PM] Allisiam: hmmm
    [1/16/2014 9:20:28 PM] Allisiam: i wonder if he is reading us
    [1/16/2014 9:20:28 PM] Shiloh: BS
    [1/16/2014 9:20:47 PM] Shiloh: A current world perhaps, but not multiuniverses in parallel. Any multiverse is a phaseshift from its seedling protoverse
    [1/16/2014 9:21:00 PM] Shiloh: Many world nabs
    [1/16/2014 9:21:13 PM] Allisiam: yes he is twisting my dream
    [1/16/2014 9:21:22 PM] Allisiam: into his version
    [1/16/2014 9:21:36 PM] Allisiam: he has been doing this with his writing too at times
    [1/16/2014 9:21:46 PM] Shiloh: Yes he feels the 'New World matrix'
    [1/16/2014 9:21:56 PM] Allisiam: he does
    [1/16/2014 9:22:09 PM] Shiloh: The scientists are to blame for this many universe nonsense in the public perception
    [1/16/2014 9:22:16 PM] Shiloh: It is very nabsey
    [1/16/2014 9:22:22 PM] Shiloh: Look now done
    [1/16/2014 9:22:23 PM] Allisiam: it is complete bs
    [1/16/2014 9:22:46 PM] Shiloh: A way to eliminate intelligence nonhuman from the cosmos
    [1/16/2014 9:23:17 PM] Shiloh: No intelligent design required
    [1/16/2014 9:23:26 PM] Allisiam: right
    [1/16/2014 9:23:32 PM] Allisiam: Devils advocate
    [1/16/2014 9:23:33 PM] Shiloh: This is rather opposite as to what the Nag Hammadi texts say
    [1/16/2014 9:24:19 PM] Allisiam: yes it is very clear in these scrolls
    [1/16/2014 9:24:23 PM] Allisiam: well to me lol
    [1/16/2014 9:24:36 PM] Shiloh: To the ancients too
    [1/16/2014 9:24:48 PM] Allisiam: they are us
    [1/16/2014 9:24:54 PM] Shiloh: See the shadows poem?
    [1/16/2014 9:25:03 PM] Allisiam: yes i did , i like it
    [1/16/2014 9:25:14 PM] Shiloh: It is a masterful post this
    [1/16/2014 9:25:24 PM] Shiloh: You were inspired
    [1/16/2014 9:25:40 PM] Shiloh: Now rest for a while lol
    [1/16/2014 9:25:47 PM] Allisiam: haha
    [1/16/2014 9:25:53 PM] Allisiam: i wore you out i am sorry
    [1/16/2014 9:25:57 PM] Shiloh: They will freak out a little over this
    [1/16/2014 9:26:10 PM] Shiloh: I mean the forum
    [1/16/2014 9:26:16 PM] Allisiam: i have always loved that Shadow poem
    [1/16/2014 9:26:41 PM] Allisiam: my tears are drying
    [1/16/2014 9:43:27 PM] Allisiam: i can't listen to that peter paul and mary video
    [1/16/2014 9:43:44 PM] Allisiam: i love the song, but there is something deeply sad about it
    [1/16/2014 10:51:23 PM] Allisiam: http://sonjabenskinmesher.wordpress.com/2014/01/17/171-the-call/
    [1/16/2014 10:51:39 PM] Allisiam: the Logos is doing this with my poets
    [1/16/2014 10:52:27 PM] Allisiam: i am not talking to them , they are reading us
    [1/16/2014 10:52:34 PM] Allisiam: or something lol
    [1/16/2014 10:52:38 PM] Allisiam: is going on
    [1/16/2014 10:55:59 PM] Allisiam: https://www.facebook.com/notes/the-accidental-poet/fitz/618015908264193
    [1/16/2014 10:59:27 PM] Allisiam: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=441447112622297&set=gm.616014615130989&type=1&theater
    [1/16/2014 11:00:01 PM] Allisiam: Pat Selden
    a terrible loss
    all we have
    is each other
    and the god of small things

    in the silence
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    [1/16/2014 11:00:54 PM] Allisiam: Paul Sands
    Rant in progress, mind slipped harness

    A riddle of temporal instructions
    Could Walk me towards Wilde's gaol
    A man on each arm or
    Lear's pangs advise I hold the lens
    That destroys industrious ants but instead
    I have allowed imbecilic strangers to call on
    Disassociated maniacs,
    Linked through meanness, to
    Deluge the starving with the busy
    Etiquette of disastrous investigation
    They might fly kites overhead
    To read six million concerned yawns
    Yet because you feel you are owed a poem
    My education can only be borrowed
    And make the arguments born of a bullet
    More compelling than Neruda could know
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    [1/16/2014 11:01:29 PM] Allisiam: another one from Paul
    [1/16/2014 11:01:39 PM] Allisiam: who likes to play Saul for the masses
    [1/16/2014 11:02:09 PM] Allisiam: heart of gold lol
    [1/16/2014 11:02:22 PM] Allisiam: he led me to the Tripartite
    [1/16/2014 11:03:16 PM] Allisiam: Scott N. Loveall
    One Titan Afternoon

    This valley is key lime,
    swirls of cinnamon in the cliffs,
    paprika and black pepper
    on these pates of Titan’s soil.

    This is a land of ancient thoughts
    too far removed to even dream.

    This sky is a chaos of lights,
    exsanguine and sallow,
    until the blood comes around near thirty two mark 4,
    and the lakes bleed,
    scarlet clots smeared on silver lace,
    ‘neath a grinding saturnalia of light.

    Scott N. LoveallInnerSongs.com, 2014
    - something for Barbara
    [1/16/2014 11:05:02 PM] Allisiam:

    [1/16/2014 11:37:57 PM] Shiloh: [Thursday, January 16, 2014 11:13 PM] susan lynne schwenger:
    <<< xeia doesn't have anyone blocked
    what's Raven's problem? always making GREEN-nasty COMMENTS about others - she must have a FAT FUCKER complex
    Xeia has me blocked
    [1/16/2014 11:38:53 PM] Shiloh: But I wont reply to insults
    [1/16/2014 11:39:08 PM] Allisiam: she has me blocked too
    [1/16/2014 11:39:08 PM] Allisiam: omg Tony what is going on
    [1/16/2014 11:39:55 PM] Shiloh: Looks like Susan is getting nasty now. She did not like your posts
    [1/16/2014 11:40:13 PM] Allisiam: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ogdoad

    The Bowen knot (also known as the heraldic knot in symbolism) is not a true knot, but is rather a heraldic knot, sometimes used in heraldic designs. It is named after the Welshman James Bowen (who died in 1629)[2] and is also called true lover’s knot.[2] It consists of a rope in the form of a continuous loop laid out as an upright square shape with loops at each of the four corners. Since the rope is not actually knotted, it would in topological terms be considered an unknot.
    An angular Bowen knot is such a knot with no rounded sides, so that it appears to be made of five squares. A lozenge-shaped Bowen knot is called a bendwise Bowen knot or a Bowen cross. When used as a symbol (⌘), an ordinary Bowen knot is known as Saint John's Arms.
    The Dacre, Hungerford, Lacy, Shakespeare, and Tristram knots are all considered variations of the Bowen knot, and are sometimes blazoned as such.

    The Command key has a single purpose: allowing the user to enter keyboard shortcut commands to GUI applications. The Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines have always recommended that developers use the Command key (and not the Control or Option keys) for this purpose. A small set of shortcuts (such as cut and paste, open and save) are standard across nearly all applications, and many other shortcuts are standardized (Find, Show Fonts). If an application needs more shortcuts than can be obtained with the twenty-six letters of the Latin alphabet, double modifiers such as Command+Option are used.

    [1/16/2014 11:40:26 PM] Allisiam: i just went on this journey through wiki



    Juvenal quotes (showing 1-30 of 35)

    Quis custodiet”
    Juvenal, The Sixteen Satires
    tags: censorship
    “Never does Nature say one thing and Wisdom another.”
    Juvenal, The Sixteen Satires
    tags: nature
    Quis custodiet ”
    “Many commit the same crime with a very different result. One bears a cross for his crime; another a crown.”
    Juvenal, The Satires

    [1/16/2014 11:40:31 PM] Allisiam: all these connect

    Marcus holds his knowledge to be the product of a divine revelation of the body of the Anthropos:
    The infinitely exalted TetradI wish to show thee Aletheia (Truth) herself; for I have brought her down from the dwellings above, that thou mayestthat thou mayest also hear her speaking, and admire her wisdom. Behold, then, her head on high, Alpha and Omega; her neck, Beta and Psi; her shoulders with her hands, Gamma and Chi; her breast, Delta and Phi; her diaphragm, Epsilon and Upsilon; her back, Zeta and Tau; her belly, Eta and Sigma; her thighs, Theta and Rho; her knees, Iota and Pi; her legs, Kappa and Omicron; her ankles, Lambda and Xi; her feet, Mu and Nu. Such is the body of Truth, according to this magician, such the figure of the element, such the character of the letter. And he calls this element Anthropos (Man), and says that is the fountain of all speech, and the beginning of all sound, and the expression of all that is unspeakable, and the mouth of the silent Sige.
    I. 14, 1-3

    Even numbers are female, odd numbers male, by the union of the first of these, 2 and 3, was begotten the Episemon, or 6, the number of Salvation.
    In the account of his system given by Irenaeus (I. xiv.), copied by Hippolytus (Ref. vi. 45) and by Eplphauius (Haer. 34), τὸ ἐπίσημονὁ lettered name is τὸ etc., language perplexing to the old Latin translator, who renders the word by "insignis." A similar use of the word is found in Clement of Alexandria (Strom. vi. 16); but this cannot be called a quite independent illustration, for the coincidences are found to be such as to put it beyond doubt that Clement, in his account of the mysteries of the number 6, makes unacknowledged use of the same writings of Marcus as were employed by Irenaeus. Eusebius (Quaest. ad Marin. Mai, Nov. Pat. Bib. iv. 299), copied by Jerome or Pseudo-Jerome (Brev. in Psal. 77, vii. 198, ed. Vallars.), suggests, as a way of reconciling the difference between the evangelists as to whether the Lord suffered at the third or the sixth hour, that a transcriber's error may have arisen from the likeness of Gamma and the Episemon, i.e. apparently Γ and Ϝ.
    The source whence all modern writers have learned their use of the word episemon is Joseph Justus Scaliger's essay on the origin of the Ionic letters.[2] He there quotes as from Bede, de Indigitatione, a statement of an old grammarian, who, having mentioned that the Greeks denote numbers by letters, and for this purpose join to the letters of their alphabet three other characters, goes on as follows:—
    ς quae dicitur Episimon et est nota numeri VI.; secunda est G quae vocatur kophe et valet in numero XC.; ϡ quae dicitur enneacosia quia valent DCCCC.
    Here, as well as in the preceding passages, episemon is used with special reference to the character for six; but Scaliger turns into Greek the phrase "nota numeri VI." τὸ ἐπίσημον τοῦ and seems to have inferred that the marks for the numbers 90 and 900 had equal rights to the same title; and he also gives the name Episemon to each of the six Phoenician letters said not to have been received by the Ionianswas originally an episemon, and distinguishing between the episemon of the number 6 and the digamma or episemon of Vauand by others was ever called by any one before Scaliger by the combination However this may be, Scaliger has been followed by all who have written on the subject since his time.
    The true account of these three characters seems to be that though the Phoenicians themselves did not use the letters of their alphabet for purposes of numeration, the Greeks, who derived their alphabet from them, did so in the 5thin the sixth place, and that these letters then took their natural place in the system of numeration, which was afterwards made complete by the addition, at the end of the letters of the alphabet, of another character to denote 900, which from its shape was at a considerably later period called σανπῖ.[3] The character for six had not come to be identified with the abbreviation for in the time of Marcus, as known through Hippolytus. In calculating the numerical value of separately; and it is to be noted that he calls the former s Sigma, and the latter San. It is possible that Marcus expressly identified his episemon with the digamma, for though in Irenaeus, the reading is undoubtedly διπλοthe context gives probability to Dr. Hort's conjecture that Marcus wrote four, but the Digamma stands outside the alphabet, and therefore its number might properly be added to that of the letters.
    Theory of letters

    Sometimes Marcus counts the number of letters in a name, sometimes he reckons up the sum total, when to each letter is given its value in the Greek arithmetical notation: sometimes he uses a method which enables him to find still deeper mysteries.
    and write its name at full length, we get five letters; but we may write again the names of these at full length and get a number of letters more, and so on ad infinitum. If the mysteries contained in a single letter be thus infinite, what must be the immensity of those contained in the name of the Propator.
    Concerning this name he gives the following account:—When the first Father, who is above thought and without substance, willed the unspeakable to become spoken, and the invisible to become formed, He opened His mouth and emitted a Word like Himself, which being the form of the invisible, declared to Himself what He was. His name consisted of four syllables successively uttered, of four, four, ten, and twelve letters respectively.
    It might appear as if we were to understand as the first of these the word and this name of four syllables and thirty letters seems to a description of the system of thirty Aeons divided into two Tetrads, a Decad, and a Dodecad. Each letter is one of the Aeons, and contains within itself an infinity of mysteries. Each letter makes its own sound, it knows not the sound of the adjacent letter, nor of the whole, but the restitution of all things will take place when all the letters are brought to make the same sound, and then a harmony will result of which we have an image in that made when we all sound the Amen together.
    This comparison shows an interesting point of agreement in liturgical usage between the Gnostics of the 2nd century and the Roman church of the time of Jerome, whose well-known words are "ad similitudinem caelestis tonitrui Amen reboat." What is stated about the limited knowledge of each Aeon may be compared with what Hippolytus of Rome tells of the Docetae (viii. 10).
    [1/16/2014 11:40:36 PM] Allisiam: from the Ogdoad
    [1/16/2014 11:40:41 PM] Allisiam: through links
    [1/16/2014 11:40:51 PM] Allisiam: what in the hell are they trying to show me, i am flooded
    [1/16/2014 11:41:29 PM] Shiloh: I dont know but the femme logos is taking over - good
    [1/16/2014 11:42:15 PM] Allisiam: i have read everything
    [1/16/2014 11:42:30 PM] Shiloh: Just remember these are 21+49 Captivity days now
    [1/16/2014 11:42:39 PM] Shiloh: So expect the worst from humans
    [1/16/2014 11:42:47 PM] Allisiam: i see
    [1/16/2014 11:43:35 PM] Allisiam: i give them gnosis and they give me spittle
    [1/16/2014 11:43:48 PM] Shiloh: January 14th to February 3rd to March 24th
    [1/16/2014 11:43:58 PM] Shiloh: As prophecied
    [1/16/2014 11:44:09 PM] Allisiam: i don't know what is happening to me seriously
    [1/16/2014 11:44:18 PM] Shiloh: They will hate, persecute and kill you
    [1/16/2014 11:44:19 PM] Allisiam: but i know something is leading me
    [1/16/2014 11:44:28 PM] Allisiam: and it is not you
    [1/16/2014 11:44:30 PM] Allisiam: you have no idea
    [1/16/2014 11:44:43 PM] Allisiam: well your human mind does not know
    [1/16/2014 11:44:46 PM] Shiloh: Good
    [1/16/2014 11:45:02 PM] Allisiam: did you know this would happen to me?
    [1/16/2014 11:45:07 PM] Shiloh: I don’t feel the human interaction as you do
    [1/16/2014 11:45:14 PM] Allisiam: it was meant to happen to DD I thought?
    [1/16/2014 11:45:28 PM] Shiloh: I just feel her in some sadness now
    [1/16/2014 11:45:42 PM] Shiloh: MI is with a sisterhood
    [1/16/2014 11:45:56 PM] Shiloh: Lassie is with MI and Debbie
    [1/16/2014 11:46:03 PM] Allisiam: i can see the JCCJ in everything
    [1/16/2014 11:46:08 PM] Shiloh: But I don't feel this intensity like you do
    [1/16/2014 11:46:14 PM] Allisiam: it is like a beacon
    [1/16/2014 11:46:21 PM] Shiloh: The JCCJ is horny indeed
    [1/16/2014 11:46:26 PM] Shiloh: In a cosmic way
    [1/16/2014 11:46:33 PM] Shiloh: The waves want bodies iow
    [1/16/2014 11:46:47 PM] Allisiam: yes i gather
    [1/16/2014 11:46:53 PM] Shiloh: Because you are body centred you feel this
    [1/16/2014 11:47:19 PM] Shiloh: I am wave centred and only feel the importance of the chart to be as correct and detailed as possible
    [1/16/2014 11:47:22 PM] Allisiam: no this is insane Tony
    [1/16/2014 11:47:41 PM] Shiloh: Good I would have expected this, yes
    [1/16/2014 11:47:42 PM] Allisiam: it is like pure Sophia
    [1/16/2014 11:47:52 PM] Shiloh: Since day 75 it is witness time see?
    [1/16/2014 11:47:54 PM] Allisiam: being poured into me
    [1/16/2014 11:48:19 PM] Shiloh: January 9th = 75 Sharon was 73
    [1/16/2014 11:48:35 PM] Shiloh: All after Debbie's 32nd bd January 8th
    [1/16/2014 11:48:40 PM] Shiloh: Why you feel her
    [1/16/2014 11:48:49 PM] Shiloh: The testimony is cosmic since January 8th
    [1/16/2014 11:49:06 PM] Shiloh: No longer human cocreative as I said to Mel
    [1/16/2014 11:49:22 PM] Allisiam: no it is their story now
    [1/16/2014 11:49:26 PM] Shiloh: Yes
    [1/16/2014 11:49:28 PM] Allisiam: i am just along for the ride
    [1/16/2014 11:49:44 PM] Shiloh: Why your post is so fitting they wanted remembrance and refreshings
    [1/16/2014 11:50:09 PM] Allisiam: and Susan thinks i have a FAT FUCKER complex lol
    [1/16/2014 11:50:12 PM] Allisiam: she has no idea
    [1/16/2014 11:50:19 PM] Shiloh: Quarreling with Joseph also made you a rebel and outcast now from the human mindedness
    [1/16/2014 11:50:30 PM] Shiloh: She is annoyed
    [1/16/2014 11:50:38 PM] Shiloh: Don,t worry about it
    [1/16/2014 11:50:53 PM] Shiloh: You calling Logos and scripture does not fit with her nabs see
    [1/16/2014 11:50:56 PM] Allisiam: i am not worried , it is just bizarro
    [1/16/2014 11:51:10 PM] Shiloh: The nabs is being called out
    [1/16/2014 11:51:15 PM] Allisiam: yes it is burning
    [1/16/2014 11:51:15 PM] Shiloh: Read what I said to Mel
    [1/16/2014 11:51:36 PM] Allisiam: i did
    [1/16/2014 11:51:44 PM] Allisiam: what did i miss?
    [1/16/2014 11:52:18 PM] Shiloh: There, I detailed the fake truth versus Logos truth agenda
    [1/16/2014 11:52:27 PM] Allisiam: yes
    [1/16/2014 11:52:36 PM] Allisiam: i saw that
    [1/16/2014 11:52:50 PM] Shiloh: Those 70+1+70 days are the encapsulation of all timelines
    [1/16/2014 11:53:01 PM] Allisiam: from what I am being shown, it is out to reveal itself
    [1/16/2014 11:53:05 PM] Allisiam: bigtime
    [1/16/2014 11:53:24 PM] Shiloh: And so this encompasses the testimony in 75+1+75 days as the 10 prison days too
    [1/16/2014 11:53:37 PM] Allisiam: i am not in the ark anymore right?
    [1/16/2014 11:54:00 PM] Shiloh: Day 70 is January 14th
    [1/16/2014 11:54:03 PM] Shiloh: Nope
    [1/16/2014 11:54:14 PM] Allisiam: when did this end?
    [1/16/2014 11:54:22 PM] Allisiam: when did the raven fly?
    [1/16/2014 11:54:57 PM] Allisiam: on Debbies birthday?
    [1/16/2014 11:55:12 PM] Shiloh: January 8th was its 7th day after leaving
    [1/16/2014 11:55:45 PM] Shiloh: No 7th
    [1/16/2014 11:56:23 PM] Shiloh: But as this is retro, you can say that the week from January 7th to 13th is the mirror Raven week
    [1/16/2014 11:56:36 PM] Allisiam: well i think i am supposed to understand the timeline or something i don't yet
    [1/16/2014 11:56:45 PM] Allisiam: because it is my map
    [1/16/2014 11:56:52 PM] Shiloh: You are to live it
    [1/16/2014 11:57:03 PM] Shiloh: This does not require a detailed understanding of it
    [1/16/2014 11:57:09 PM] Allisiam: no i know
    [1/16/2014 11:57:13 PM] Allisiam: this is pure Logos leading me
    [1/16/2014 11:57:39 PM] Allisiam: it is beyond human understanding, i know that
    [1/16/2014 11:57:52 PM] Shiloh: The Raven leaves the Ark on 2 days: January 13th and June 4th
    [1/16/2014 11:58:29 PM] Shiloh: January 7th mirrors June 10th
    [1/16/2014 11:58:42 PM] Shiloh: January 8th mirrors June 9th
    [1/16/2014 11:59:00 PM] Allisiam: i see
    [1/16/2014 11:59:21 PM] Shiloh: January 17th will mirror May 31st
    [1/16/2014 11:59:25 PM] Shiloh: Today
    [1/16/2014 11:59:52 PM] Shiloh: Time contracts sort of the closer you come to March 25th
    [12:00:11 AM] Allisiam: this whole week seems to point to pentecost
    [12:00:15 AM] Shiloh: Mirror approach
    [12:00:18 AM] Allisiam: and the return of the Dove
    [12:00:21 AM] Shiloh: Look at this code
    [12:01:36 AM] Shiloh:

    [12:02:07 AM] Shiloh: The between the seas are the two Isaiah mirrors
    [12:02:37 AM] Allisiam: ok
    [12:02:50 AM] Shiloh: September 5th and August 25th and then also the 75 day mirror and the 70 day mirrors etc
    [12:03:07 AM] Shiloh: Read 33 this is what you are experiencing
    [12:03:07 AM] Allisiam: yes i see it is a time compression
    [12:03:22 AM] Shiloh: sword=words
    [12:03:30 AM] Shiloh: sea = mirror
    [12:03:33 AM] Allisiam: yes Peter showed me lol
    [12:04:02 AM] Shiloh: The placement of the abomination is 30 days after the 75th and so days -105 and 105
    [12:04:25 AM] Shiloh: This is rebirth to Abomination and Rebirth to Assumption
    [12:05:14 AM] Shiloh: July 9th and December 10th
    [12:05:21 AM] Allisiam: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baby_Doe_Tabor
    look at this i know i showed you this before
    [12:05:24 AM] Allisiam: she was a billionairess
    [12:05:24 AM] Allisiam: who owned a silver mine
    [12:06:10 AM] Allisiam: who froze to death on the floor of her cabin in the shape of a cross
    [12:06:40 AM] Allisiam:
    [12:06:59 AM] Allisiam: Tabor
    Mount Tabor is the traditional location. The earliest identification of the Mount of Transfiguration as Tabor is by Origen in the 3rd century. It is also mentioned by St. Cyril of Jerusalem and St. Jerome in the 4th century.The Church of the Transfiguration is located atop Mount Tabor.[1] It is later mentioned in the 5th century Transitus Beatae Mariae Virginis.
    Mount Tabor = 1,886' High. (Hebrew: הר ‎For more information on Mount Tabor: Mount Tabor

    [12:07:41 AM] Allisiam: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Hermon
    [12:07:50 AM] Shiloh: yes
    [12:08:49 AM] Allisiam: i don't know why they are showing me this
    [12:08:53 AM] Allisiam: something with the elevations
    [12:09:02 AM] Allisiam: they want me to notice the elevations
    [12:09:08 AM] Allisiam: of both mountains
    [12:10:18 AM] Shiloh: Follow your inspiration

    [12:10:44 AM] Allisiam: Meanwhile, Harvey's parents, expecting there to be a grandchild, had moved to Colorado to be with their son. Disappointed, they severed their ties with the two and moved to Idaho Springs, while Baby Doe followed Harvey to Denver, despite wishing for a divorce from him. In Denver, Harvey frequented saloons and brothels and after witnessing him with a prostitute, Baby Doe filed for divorce on the grounds of adultery. The divorce was quickly granted in March 1880, but for unknown reasons not officially recorded until April 1886. Baby Doe then moved to Leadville, Colorado, almost certainly invited there by Sandelowsky, who changed his name to Sands. Alone and without a husband, Baby Doe needed to find a means of financial support quickly. Jake Sandelowsky, who opened a store in Leadville and almost certainly wanted to marry her, offered her employment. Working at a clothing store, however, was a prospect Baby Doe found dull, boring, and too similar to the life she left behind in Oshkosh
    [12:10:48 AM] Shiloh: Whatever you share, I can edit and embellish once ready
    [12:10:55 AM] Allisiam: [12:10 AM] Allisiam:

    <<< The divorce was quickly granted in March 1880, but for unknown reasons not officially recorded until April 1886.
    [12:11:15 AM] Allisiam: Mount Tabor = 1,886' High. (Hebrew: הר ‎For more information on Mount Tabor: Mount Tabor
    [12:11:31 AM] Allisiam: what does she want me to know?
    [12:12:56 AM] Allisiam:
    Peter, who was one of the claimed eyewitnesses, with James and John, reflects on this in 2 Peter about Peter's own departure – exodus.
    [12:16:40 AM] Shiloh: Seems you are focusing on eye witness reports
    [12:17:09 AM] Allisiam: Ἰησοῦς
    Further, it is to be observed that in the Greek arithmetical notation eight letters are used to denote units, eight tens, and eight hundreds: total 888; but this is exactly the numerical value of the letters in the name Ἰησοῦςis identified with the περιστεράwhich descended on Jesus, the numerical value being in both cases 801.
    Other mysteries are found in the six letters of the name Ἰησοῦςsee Episemon, below), the eight letters of χρειστόςwhich again added to the four of Υίοςfour and thirty letters respectively. Either Hippolytus, or an early copyist of his, makes an attempt to solve the mystery of the unspoken names by writing at full length the letters of the name χρειστός, ῥώ, εἴ, ἰῶτα, σίγμα, οὐfour letters instead of thirty, so we must be content to remain in ignorance of what would seem to have been one of the most valuable secrets of this sect.

    [12:17:37 AM] Allisiam:
    Baby Doe met Horace Tabor in a restaurant in Leadville one evening in 1880. She told him her story, and that she had arrived in Leadville because of Jake Sandelowsky's generosity; Tabor gave her $5000 on the spot. Baby Doe then had a message, and $1000, delivered to Sandelowsky in which she declared that she would not marry him. Instead, Tabor moved her to the Clarendon Hotel, next to the opera house and Sandelowsky's store, Sands, Pelton & Company. Sandelowsky later moved to Aspen, where he opened another store, married, and built a turreted house.[13]
    Tabor Opera House, Denver, Col, from Robert N. Dennis collection of stereoscopic views
    Some months later, Tabor moved Baby Doe to the Windsor Hotel in Denver. A newly constructed turreted building, meant to look like Windsor castle, the hotel had extremely lavish decorations such as mirrors made of diamond dust. Tabor had a gold-leafed bath-tub in his suite. Guests were wealthy, well-known and well-connected.[14]

    [12:19:13 AM] Allisiam: 1880 somehow fits with this
    [12:19:18 AM] Allisiam: [12:17 AM] Allisiam:
    <<< Further, it is to be observed that in the Greek arithmetical notation eight letters are used to denote units, eight tens, and eight hundreds: total 888; but this is exactly the numerical value of the letters in the name Ἰησοῦςis identified with the περιστεράwhich descended on Jesus, the numerical value being in both cases 801.

    [12:20:08 AM] Shiloh: 800x15=12,000 as the measurement of the New Jerusalem
    [12:20:35 AM] Shiloh: ¼ of that is the 200 of John.21
    [12:21:02 AM] Shiloh: 3,000/15=200
    [12:21:54 AM] Shiloh: Recall ¼ of the old world is to be destroyed by the 4th horseman
    [12:22:00 AM] Allisiam: yes i have no idea why she wants me to know this, other than she spent her last years alive in a meditation about Jesus i think
    [12:22:16 AM] Allisiam: yes
    [12:22:31 AM] Shiloh: So you feel you are talking to this Doe woman?
    [12:22:57 AM] Allisiam: umm you could say that
    [12:23:20 AM] Allisiam: define 'talking'
    [12:23:20 AM] Shiloh: Ok this is like the MI sisterhood I mentioned see?
    [12:23:36 AM] Shiloh: The way I talk to MI yes
    [12:23:39 AM] Allisiam: i am being shown things
    [12:23:44 AM] Shiloh: Ok
    [12:23:47 AM] Allisiam: lead there
    [12:23:55 AM] Allisiam: shown connections
    [12:23:55 AM] Shiloh: Then honour it and make a message of it
    [12:24:20 AM] Shiloh: I can’t help you with the creativity. It seems to be your call here
    [12:24:34 AM] Shiloh: I help with the presentation
    [12:25:37 AM] Shiloh: January 18th tomorrow and you know this is a WOC after Sharon and an anniversary of Thuban and the algo etc
    [12:25:48 AM] Allisiam: yes
    [12:25:59 AM] Shiloh: Also a great bushfire right here in Canberra in 2003
    [12:26:17 AM] Shiloh: One year before Debbie and the Aceh tsunami
    [12:27:23 AM] Allisiam: oh really?
    [12:27:35 AM] Shiloh: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2003_Canberra_bushfires
    [12:27:58 AM] Shiloh: The Canberra bushfires22 January 2003. Almost 70% of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) pastures, forests (pine plantations) and nature parks were severely damaged, and most of the renowned Mount Stromlo Observatory was destroyed. After burning for a week around the edges of the ACT, the fires entered the suburbs of Canberra on 18 January 2003. Over the next ten hours, four people died and more than 500 homes were destroyed or severely damaged, requiring a significant relief and reconstruction effort.
    [12:28:34 AM] Shiloh: 11 anniversary
    [12:28:59 AM] Allisiam: oh wow
    [12:29:19 AM] Allisiam: that is a hell of a fire
    [12:29:26 AM] Allisiam: you were in this?
    [12:29:29 AM] Shiloh: Yes
    [12:29:37 AM] Allisiam: it must of been hard to breathe
    [12:29:45 AM] Shiloh: Not in Canberrra but the next town
    [12:29:58 AM] Shiloh: I saw the fire clouds and the red sky yes
    [12:31:22 AM] Allisiam: The data allowed them to conclude that the high levels of "destroyed" property (91%) indicated the high speed with which the fire had moved. It was also concluded that once the establishments had caught fire, there was little chance of their being put out. In addition, the study showed that it was not only the fire which caused damage, but also the fierce winds recorded on the day, which were strong enough to uproot some small trees. It is believed that with the aid of this information, better policies and regulations have been formulated, which may help to reduce the destruction by future bushfires in Canberra, as well as in other locales.
    [12:31:26 AM] Allisiam: 91% lol
    [12:32:50 AM] Shiloh: 2003-2014 are 12 years again as boundaries
    [12:32:52 AM] Allisiam: On July 13, 1884, she gave birth the first of two daughters, Elizabeth Bonduel Lily Tabor. Although the infant was christened in an extravagant and frilly outfit costing $15,000, Baby Doe was reportedly a good mother, staying at home with her daughter instead of accompanying Horace on his frequent trips to look after widespread business interests. The second daughter, Rose Mary Echo Silver Dollar Tabor, was born on December 17, 1889. Both girls were attractive and well-looked after and their mother doted on them. The second child was fondly called Silver, whom Baby Doe "defiantly nursed ... as she rode through the streets in Denver in one of her carriages."[19]
    [12:34:25 AM] Allisiam: From 1893 to 1898 the Tabors endured great poverty although some friends lent them money. To save him from poverty, some political friends arranged his appointment as postmaster of Denver in 1898. The family, at that time lived on his annual salary of $3700 per year, and took up residence in a plain room at the Windsor Hotel. Horace's health soon gave out, and 15 months after his appointment to the position, he died.[20]
    His funeral was well attended with perhaps as many as 10,000 there. On his deathbed he is said to have told Baby Doe, "hold on the Matchless mine … it will make millions again when silver comes back", although the story might not be true; by then they had mortgaged and/or lost the Matchless mine.[20] At the time of her husband's death, Baby Doe was still an attractive woman in her mid-forties.[21]

    [12:36:41 AM] Allisiam: The older daughter, Lily, left her mother to live with Baby Doe’s family in Wisconsin, and later, after her mother died, even denied that she was Baby Doe’s daughter.[23][24] Of the two daughters, the elder, Lily, born into wealth, seemed more affected by the fall into poverty. When in 1902, Baby Doe traveled with her daughters to Oshkosh to visit her relatives, Lily decided then to prolong her visit, to stay and provide care for her elderly grandmother. Later Lily moved to Chicago, where in 1908 she married her first cousin, and soon after gave birth to a Baby Doe's grandchild. In 1911, Baby Doe and Silver again visited relatives in Wisconsin, going on to visit Lily in Chicago. After the prolonged absence, Lily claimed she barely knew Silver Dollar.[25]
    [12:37:42 AM] Allisiam: After Lily's departure, Baby Doe and Silver Dollar had moved into a cabin on the site of the Matchless mine. The living quarters were basic and inadequate for Colorado winters: "All told, it was no larger than a medium sized room. Two windows had been cut into the flimsy weatherboards, but these had been nailed up".[22] The structure was a former tool shed located adjacent to the hoisthouse, described by a visitor in 1927 as "crowded with very primitive furniture, decorated with religious pictures, and stacked high in newspapers."[26] The cabin was isolated, located above Leadville in Little Strayhorse Gulch, with an unimpeded view of Mount Elbert and Mount Massive.[26]
    [12:38:24 AM] Allisiam: Silver Dollar also left Leadville, but not long after she turned to drink and was sexually precocious. Worried, Baby Doe was happy to send her away to Denver. There Silver Dollar wrote for the Denver Times, sending part of her earnings to her mother on a weekly basis. She then attempted to become a novelist, while at the same time gaining a bad reputation in Denver for her drunken antics. Perhaps to escape Colorado, she moved to Chicago where again she tried her hand at writing; eventually she became the mistress to a gangster after working as a dancer in Chicago under various names. In 1925, Silver Dollar was found scalded to death under suspicious circumstances in her Chicago boarding house, where she was living under the name "Ruth Norman".[23] For the rest of her life, Baby Doe refused to believe the woman found as Ruth Norman had been her daughter, claiming, "I did not see the body they said was my little girl."[24]
    Alone in the cabin outside Leadville, Baby Doe turned to religion. She considered her life of great wealth as a period of vanity, and created penances1918 Papa Tabor's Birthday I owe my room rent & am in need of food and only enough bread for tonight & breakfast .... my shoes and stockings only 1 pair are in rags."[28] An eyewitness described her in 1927 as dressed "in corduroy trousers, mining boots, and a torn soiled blouse .... [with] a blue bandana tied around her head", going on to say "her eyes were very far apart and a gorgeous blue".[26]
    She wandered the streets of Leadville, rags on her feet, wearing a cross, and came to be known as a madwoman. Some who had been acquainted with her earlier, thought she deserved to suffer for having broken up the marriage between Horace and Augusta, believing her to be the cause of his ruin.[28] At that time, Leadville itself had lost much of its boomtown population and was becoming a ghost-town. She often walked the empty streets at night, dressed in a mixture of women's and men's clothing, wearing trousers and mining boots. She protected the mine from strangers with a shot-gun, and of her Temple says, "she became a sad spectre of Baby Doe to old-timers; a spectacle to the young."[23]

    [12:40:39 AM] Allisiam: [12:38 AM] Allisiam:
    <<< Baby Doe lived like this for 35 years.
    [12:41:49 AM] Allisiam: Death
    In the winter of 1935, after an unusually severe snowstorm, some neighbors noticed that no smoke was coming out of the chimney at the Matchless mine cabin. Investigating, they found Baby Doe dead, her body frozen on the floor.[29][17] The Rocky Mountain News reported that a miner and friend, concerned at not seeing her for some days, broke into the cabin and found the body. The newspaper went on to compare her to another female Leadville resident, Molly Brown, and that for one last time Baby Doe made the front page of the papers. The interment had to be postponed because the ground in Leadville at that time of year was "still frozen five feet deep".[1] While a gravesite was being prepared in Leadvillewealthy Denverites raised money to have her body brought there. A funeral mass was held in Leadville, then her casket was sent by train to Denver.[24] She was apparently 81 years old at the time of her death.[1]
    Her remaining possessions were auctioned off to souvenir collectors for $700.[30] Baby Doe Tabor is buried with her husband in Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

    [12:43:11 AM] Allisiam: ok you ready for it
    [12:43:17 AM] Allisiam: http://www.mountolivetcemeteryslc.com/
    [12:43:36 AM] Allisiam: this is where my Grandmother and her Mother and Father are buried
    [12:44:43 AM] Allisiam: Reputation and legacy
    Baby Doe Tabor is a legend among the women of the mining West. She holds the reputation of being a great beauty, a home-wrecker, and in her later years, a mad woman. Temple writes that Baby Doe's legend, and her sins, grew quickly in retelling, as evidenced by an exaggerated description of her death in an early biography: "The formerly beautiful and glamorous Baby Doe Tabor ... was found dead on her cabin floor .... only partially clothed ....frozen into the shape of a cross". [31] She was rumored to be a gold digger and a poor mother. Scavengers searched for non-existent treasure after her death, but Temple says the real treasure was found in Baby Doe's writing, which has taken decades to archive, analyze and study, and only now is beginning to reveal the inner life of the woman.[31] Temple sees her as one in a long line of women who endured shunning and punishment for her beauty, for being disruptive to prevailing social norms. Moreover Temple speculates, Baby Doe's move to Leadville after Horace's death may have been calculated as a self-shunning from Denver society.[21]
    Baby Doe was portrayed in the Warner Brothers film Silver Dollar, which premiered in Denver in 1932. "Lily", the fictionalized character of Baby Doe, was portrayed by actress Bebe Daniels; Edward G. Robinson played Yates Martin, a fictionalized Horace Tabor.[32] Douglas Moore's opera The Ballad of Baby Doe premiered in Central City, Colorado, in 1956. In the New York premiere in 1958, Baby Doe was sung by Beverly Sills.[33] In the 1970s, a string of western-themed "Baby Doe's Matchless Mine" restaurants was established in a number of US cities. Almost all are now closed.[34]

    [12:46:13 AM] Allisiam: i don't know if somehow Baby Doe is connected to my Grandmother or what in the hell is going on
    [12:50:36 AM] Allisiam: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bebe_Daniels
    [12:52:49 AM] Shiloh: Well the sisterhood would include all souls not fully incarnate in forgetfulness
    [12:53:09 AM] Shiloh: And remember the 84%
    [12:55:02 AM] Shiloh: Baby=30=Eagle=Peace=Bread=Ark=Bible etc
    [12:55:24 AM] Allisiam: Yes of course i thought of that
    [12:55:51 AM] Shiloh: Grown femmes normally dont call themselves Baby
    [12:55:53 AM] Allisiam: this is not the only time that Baby Doe has come to me
    [12:56:29 AM] Allisiam: true
    [12:56:30 AM] Allisiam: lol
    [12:58:37 AM] Allisiam: this is seriously crazy stuff though, i am seeing synchros galore
    [12:59:27 AM] Allisiam: In 1919, she decided to move to greater dramatic roles and accepted a contract offering from Cecil B. DeMille, who gave her secondary roles in such films as Male and Female (1919), Why Change Your Wife? (1920), and The Affairs of Anatol (1921).
    [12:59:39 AM] Allisiam: this is stuff about the actress that played Baby Doe
    [12:59:52 AM] Allisiam: lol
    [12:59:54 AM] Shiloh: Yes Daniels
    [1:00:59 AM] Allisiam:
    Born Phyllis Virginia Daniels
    January 14, 1901
    Dallas, Texas, USA
    Died March 16, 1971 (aged 70)
    London, England, UK
    Other names Bebe Lyon
    Occupation Actress, dancer, singer, producer, writer
    Years active 1910-1960
    Spouse(s) Ben Lyon

    [1:01:13 AM] Allisiam: Look at her birthday and death day
    [1:03:22 AM] Allisiam: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Bebe_Daniels_from_Stars_of_the_Photoplay.jpg
    [1:03:27 AM] Allisiam: Look at those eyes
    [1:03:49 AM] Shiloh: 14Jan is Babylon 1
    [1:04:03 AM] Shiloh: So 70 days after this is March 24th
    [1:04:09 AM] Shiloh: As Babylon 70
    [1:04:46 AM] Shiloh: January 14th, 1901 + 70 = 14 January 1971
    [1:04:46 AM] Allisiam: exactly
    [1:05:05 AM] Shiloh: Synchro yes
    [1:05:09 AM] Shiloh: To the Ides of March
    [1:06:07 AM] Shiloh: Also the 5 months are Ides of March to August 15th - Assumption
    [1:06:17 AM] Allisiam: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wonderful_Wizard_of_Oz_%281910_film%29

    [1:06:24 AM] Allisiam: look at the silent movie

    [1:06:29 AM] Allisiam: click on it
    [1:06:32 AM] Allisiam: i hope you can see it
    [1:07:43 AM] Shiloh: No
    [1:08:40 AM] Shiloh: But Daniels can be written like the prophet's Daniel's
    [1:09:20 AM] Allisiam: http://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=File%3AThe_Wonderful_Wizard_of_Oz_%281910%29.ogv
    [1:09:23 AM] Allisiam: try the download
    [1:09:45 AM] Allisiam: yes i thought of this too
    [1:11:37 AM] Allisiam: did you know this about her?
    [1:12:12 AM] Allisiam: Also within the Land of Oz is the Emerald City
    [1:12:22 AM] Allisiam: Seattle is called the Emerald City
    [1:12:28 AM] Shiloh: Well you are in symbol fires
    [1:12:30 AM] Allisiam: Oz is a term used for Australia
    [1:12:37 AM] Shiloh: Yes
    [1:12:52 AM] Allisiam: i know and i need to go to bed
    [1:12:57 AM] Allisiam: i have a massive headache
    [1:13:12 AM] Shiloh: Not unrealistic
    [1:13:30 AM] Shiloh: yes post whatever and talk later
    [1:13:35 AM] Shiloh: Good night JuJu
    [1:13:53 AM] Shiloh: I am hot here and must rest too
    [1:14:05 AM] Allisiam: yes i will post in the morning
    [1:14:18 AM] Allisiam: i want to post our convo
    [1:14:28 AM] Shiloh: Sure
    [1:14:29 AM] Allisiam: and the whole Baby Doe Tabor
    [1:14:36 AM] Allisiam: and BeBe Daniels
    [1:14:38 AM] Shiloh: If you feel like it
    [1:14:50 AM] Shiloh: It is called Opscam so scrambled data lol
    [1:14:51 AM] Allisiam: her name reminded me of Ripper
    [1:14:57 AM] Shiloh: Yes
    [1:15:07 AM] Allisiam: i thought of him a lot today
    [1:15:12 AM] Shiloh: As said I feel the sisterhood is full on
    [1:15:23 AM] Allisiam: and the DOGGOD
    [1:15:28 AM] Shiloh: So whatever it is, it is calling you
    [1:15:43 AM] Allisiam: yes
    [1:16:07 AM] Allisiam: Ripper says hello btw
    [1:16:22 AM] Shiloh: Woof wuff
    [1:16:28 AM] Allisiam: i let him lick me today
    [1:16:37 AM] Shiloh: He is connected to some Sirian ET now
    [1:16:46 AM] Allisiam: yes he told me
    [1:16:55 AM] Shiloh: He did?
    [1:17:15 AM] Allisiam: *snicker*
    [1:17:17 AM] Shiloh: Where is the fleet?
    [1:17:29 AM] Shiloh: Sirius must be frst
    [1:17:37 AM] Allisiam: yes the troop cometh
    [1:17:43 AM] Allisiam: they have heard the call
    [1:17:46 AM] Shiloh: 4.8 lightyears
    [1:17:51 AM] Shiloh: Good
    [1:18:13 AM] Shiloh: 4.8x12/15=4 months
    [1:18:42 AM] Allisiam: Easter Eggs
    [1:18:44 AM] Shiloh: x2=8 months
    [1:18:54 AM] Shiloh: x3=1 year
    [1:19:26 AM] Shiloh: x4=16 months from December 2st, 2012 and so March 2014
    [1:20:07 AM] Shiloh: 5/15=1/3 and July/August 2014
    [1:20:48 AM] Shiloh: 6/15=2/5 and the end of the Isaiah Moons in November 2014
    [1:21:28 AM] Shiloh: I downloaded this 1910 movie now and can look at it
    [1:21:52 AM] Allisiam: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Dough_and_the_Cherub
    [1:22:02 AM] Allisiam: look Baum was from Seattle apparently
    [1:23:02 AM] Allisiam: The contest's second-place prize was won by a boy who read the story in the Seattle Times. His entry read, "The Cherub was a girl because if it had been a boy he would have eaten the ginger-bread man at once whether it agreed with him or not."[3]
    [1:23:06 AM] Allisiam: wait i am getting tired
    [1:24:46 AM] Allisiam:
    Born Lyman Frank Baum
    May 15, 1856
    Chittenango, New York, U.S.
    Died May 6, 1919 (aged 62)
    [1:25:04 AM] Shiloh: Baum = German = Tree
    [1:26:37 AM] Allisiam: Synopsis
    The set-up
    The story begins in the bakery of Jules and Leontine Grogrande, French immigrants to the United States. Their mysterious local customer, Ali Dubh, comes to the bakery one day with an urgent request. He is being pursued by three of his countrymen, because he possesses the Great Elixir — "the Essence of Vitality, the Water of Life." A mere drop of this liquid can endow a person with pronounced health, strength, and longevity. Ali Dubh pleads with Madame Grogrande to hide the golden vial of the Elixir for him; she is reluctant, but relents when the Arab also provides her with a silver vial that contains a cure for her rheumatism.
    In addition to being rheumatic, however, Leontine is also colorblind; she confuses the gold and silver bottles. She pours the Great Elixir into a bowl of water and bathes her sore limbs in it. Instantly the pain is gone, and she feels "as light and airy as a fairy...It occurred to her that she would like to dance; to run and shout, to caper about as she used to do as a girl." Since she is a sensible older woman, she goes to bed instead.
    Her husband Jules comes into the bakery at 3:00 AM; it is the Fourth of July, and he decides to bake a large gingerbread man to display in his store window. He mixes his dough — and uses the water in the bowl at hand. He forms a gingerbread figure the size of a "fourteen-year-old boy," but in the shape and appearance of a "typical French gentleman." Jules gives the figure glass eyes, white candies for teeth, and lozenges for his suitcoat buttons. He bakes the gingerbread man in his oven — and is astonished to find that the figure comes to life when done. The full dose of the Great Elixir has endowed John Dough the gingerbread man not only with life, but with intelligence and multilingual speech. Jules flees in panic; John Dough equips himself with the baker's top hat and a candy-cane cane, and sets out to see the world.
    Ali Dubh is outraged when he learns what has happened; but he also sees a solution for his problem. He simply needs to eat the gingerbread man to gain the benefits of the Elixir. With that realization, the Arab sets out in pursuit of John Dough.

    [1:27:27 AM] Allisiam: I see parallels
    [1:27:44 AM] Allisiam: hahaha
    [1:28:00 AM] Shiloh: Now I have headaches
    [1:28:11 AM] Allisiam: are you laughing yet?
    [1:28:17 AM] Allisiam: because it is insane
    [1:28:17 AM] Shiloh: That's enough for today
    [1:28:56 AM] Shiloh: My eyes are getting too old for reading so much computer screen
    [1:28:59 AM] Allisiam: yes go to bed
    [1:28:59 AM] Allisiam: i will too
    [1:28:59 AM] Allisiam: if they let me
    [1:29:24 AM] Shiloh: This 1910 movie is primitive lol
    [1:29:36 AM] Allisiam: i know, isn't it cool?
    [1:29:43 AM] Shiloh: But before sound even
    [1:30:07 AM] Allisiam: Tony...ABBABAAB are watching the movies
    [1:30:25 AM] Shiloh: Yes
    [1:32:33 AM] Allisiam: The adventures
    On the evening of the Fourth, John Dough accidentally hitches a ride on a large rocket launched during the festivities. The rocket carries him all the way to the Isle of Phreex; John falls from the sky onto a Fresh-Air Fiend, who was, naturally, sleeping outdoors. On Phreex, John encounters a cavalcade of odd beings; most importantly, he meets the cryptic figure of Chick the Cherub, "the first and only Original Incubator Baby." Though only six years old (or eight, depending on who is counting), Chick is a slang-talker, and psychopathically brave and even-tempered, an androgyne Button-Bright. Chick becomes John's friend, companion, and protector in a strange new world. The inhabitants of Phreex — "the Freaks of Phreex," as they are called — are a wildly diverse lot. Among the more memorable are: an animated Wooden Indian; a girl executioner who never gets to kill anybody and weeps over the fact; and a two-legged talking horse that bullies its rider. The Isle is also the home of crank inventors. One of them, the least cranky of the lot, has created a workable flying machine. Once Ali Dubh shows up on Phreex (he purchased a magic spell from a witch to track his quarry), John and Chick depart in the flying machine for parts unknown.
    Their first stop is a small island that contains the Palace of Romance. There, the heroes fall into a Sheherazade predicament: they need to keep telling stories to avoid being killed. They soon make their escape in the flying machine, which crashes onto another island of strange creatures. They meet Pittypat, a talking white rabbit, and Para Bruin, a big and bouncing rubber bear. The mifkets, who also inhabit the island, are malicious gnome-like beings who cause the protagonists major problems, even eating the fingers from John's left hand. Things look dire when Ali Dubh arrives and conspires with the mifkets.
    John sacrifices the rest of his hand to save the life of a pretty young girl trapped on the island, who is wasting away; his Elixir-rich gingerbread flesh saves her life. Pittypat the rabbit introduces the heroes to the King of the Fairy Beavers, who accepts them into his subterranean domain and resolves their difficulties with his magic. The girl is restored to her parents; John and Chick, joined by Para Bruin, are borne into the sky by friendly flamingoes. After a brief and unpleasant stop on Pirate Island, the flamingoes carry the three adventurers to their final destination. (Ali Dubh is left stranded on the mifket island; his witch-bought spell was good for two uses only.)
    The twin countries of Hiland and Loland occupy opposite halves of an island, separated by a high wall and a large and richly-furnished castle. The people of Hiland are tall and thin, and live in tall thin houses; those of Loland are short and stout, with dwellings to match. The king who ruled the two lands has died, and both peoples await the arrival of a prophesied, non-human replacement. John Dough fits the bill, and becomes the new King of Hiland and Loland. A local baker repairs the damage John has endured in his travels. Para Bruin becomes Chief Counselor, while Chick promotes himself (or herself) to Head Booleywag — "the one that rules the ruler." Together, the three manage very well for many years to come—but the annals of Hiland and Loland never state whether Chick, the Head Booleywag, is male or female.

    [1:32:41 AM] Allisiam: this is what we have to look forward to
    [1:36:42 AM] Allisiam: this was written in 1906
    [1:37:33 AM] Shiloh: Pre WW1
    [1:37:43 AM] Allisiam: see the comic in ABBA?
    [1:38:14 AM] Allisiam: it is hilariously similar
    [1:38:30 AM] Shiloh: Yes
    [1:39:05 AM] Allisiam: and my checkerboard floor
    [8:15:24 AM] Allisiam: you knew all along lol
    [8:16:15 AM] Allisiam: i know now what you mean that it is not personal
    [8:16:23 AM] Allisiam: lol
    [8:16:36 AM] Allisiam: it is Multiversal
    [8:16:43 AM] Allisiam: and beyond
    [8:17:02 AM] Allisiam: i barely slept
    [8:17:22 AM] Allisiam: i don't think i will need sleep much longer
    [8:17:59 AM] Allisiam: you woke up before me
    [8:18:56 AM] Allisiam: all our 'dreams' are about to come true
    [8:23:52 AM] Allisiam:

    [8:24:33 AM] Allisiam: LOL santa
    [8:25:51 AM] Allisiam: Our body is scattered, yes
    [8:27:47 AM] Allisiam: remember my vision of us around the throne
    [8:28:06 AM] Allisiam: lying there as 12 without breath
    [8:28:22 AM] Allisiam: but we were doubled and connected
    [8:28:38 AM] Allisiam: the 24
    [8:31:15 AM] Allisiam: i am having connection issues
    [8:33:59 AM] Allisiam:

    [8:49:23 AM] Allisiam: Heliotrope opens the gate yes
    [8:50:24 AM] Allisiam: it is the stone the builders rejected
    [8:50:47 AM] Allisiam: bloodline of ABBABAAB
    [8:51:42 AM] Allisiam: i keep loosing connection
    [8:54:59 AM] Allisiam: something is going on with my internet; anyhow i have just copy pasted our convo here and will post it
    [9:10:16 AM] Allisiam: and wait for you to wake up to help me
    [9:11:17 AM] Allisiam: lol that almost sounds ironic
    [9:12:09 AM] Allisiam: JT will have to hold onto his panties
    [9:12:51 AM] Allisiam: a little longer
    [9:31:16 AM] Allisiam: The second daughter, Rose Mary Echo Silver Dollar Tabor, was born on December 17, 1889.
    [9:31:19 AM] Allisiam: look at this
    [9:32:30 AM] Allisiam: 3 years after her Divorce and the same height of Mt Tabor
    [9:32:56 AM] Allisiam: that is an interesting name lol
    [9:33:21 AM] Allisiam: you know Jesus knows all the dead, right
    [9:33:27 AM] Allisiam: and the alive
    [9:39:19 AM] Allisiam: Other mysteries are found in the six letters of the name Ἰησοῦς (see Episemon, below), the eight letters of χρειστός, which again added to the four of Υίος make twelve.
    [9:39:25 AM] Allisiam: Other mysteries are found in the six letters of the name Jesus (see Episemon, below), the eight letters of chreistos, which again added to the four of Son make twelve.
    [9:41:17 AM] Allisiam: These, however, are only the spoken names known to ordinary Christians; the unspoken names of Jesus and Christ are of twenty-four and thirty letters respectively.
    [9:41:54 AM] Allisiam: [9:41 AM] Allisiam:
    <<< These, however, are only the spoken names known to ordinary Christians; the unspoken names of Jesus and Christ are of twenty-four and thirty letters respectively.
    [9:42:51 AM] Allisiam: Either Hippolytus, or an early copyist of his, makes an attempt to solve the mystery of the unspoken names by writing at full length the letters of the name χρειστός; χεῖ, ῥώ, εἴ, ἰῶτα, σίγμα, ταῦ, οὐ, σάν; but we have here only twenty-four letters instead of thirty, so we must be content to remain in ignorance of what would seem to have been one of the most valuable secrets of this sect.
    [9:46:29 AM] Allisiam: Either Hippolytus, or an early copyist of his, makes an attempt to solve the mystery of the unspoken names by writing at full length the letters of the name chreistos? Hey, Ro, hey, iota, sigma, tau, th as; but we have here only twenty-four letters instead of thirty, so we must be content to remain in ignorance of what would seem to have been one of the most valuable secrets of this sect.
    [9:50:22 AM] Allisiam: chreistos? Hey, Ro, hey, iota, sigma, tau, th, San
    [9:51:44 AM] Allisiam: Greek letters obviously
    [9:51:58 AM] Allisiam: lol my internet connection keeps coming and going
    [9:52:06 AM] Allisiam: so half of this is not sending
    [9:54:10 AM] Allisiam: Similarly, the Α and Ω is identified with the περιστερά which descended on Jesus, the numerical value being in both cases 801.
    [9:54:52 AM] Allisiam: περιστερά =Dove
    [9:55:28 AM] Allisiam: 8 0 1
    [9:56:11 AM] Allisiam: which is ......wait for it
    [9:56:22 AM] Allisiam: 108 1 0 8
    [9:57:02 AM] Allisiam:
    [9:57:23 AM] Allisiam: When the dove comes back she brings an olive leaf
    [9:57:30 AM] Allisiam: yes she does
    [9:58:11 AM] Allisiam: 108-7=101
    [9:58:52 AM] Allisiam: the Dove's number
    [9:59:08 AM] Allisiam: well old number
    [9:59:18 AM] Allisiam: the new one is 101+8
    [10:00:25 AM] Allisiam:

    [10:00:39 AM] Allisiam: Scattered
    [10:02:01 AM] Allisiam:

    [10:02:34 AM] Allisiam: 108+5

    [10:16:55 AM] Allisiam: IMMI=15+16=30+1
    [10:17:00 AM] Allisiam:

    [10:17:38 AM] Allisiam: 30+1=4=

    [10:20:14 AM] Allisiam: I am just reading the GOT Tonylove
    [10:20:43 AM] Allisiam: doing Ravenmath
    [10:21:23 AM] Allisiam: but I figured some things out
    [10:21:30 AM] Allisiam: you know
    News from the BAND
    [2:31:13 PM-Saturday, january 18th, 2014 +10UCT] Sirius 17: yes and thank you
    [2:31:29 PM] Shiloh: Yes fat fucking ensemble lol
    [2:31:35 PM] Sirius 17: band
    [2:31:38 PM] Shiloh: They wont get it
    [2:31:39 PM] Sirius 17: like it lol
    [2:31:44 PM] Sirius 17: i don't care
    [2:31:52 PM] Shiloh: Nice oldie songs
    [2:32:02 PM] Sirius 17: yes ABBA's choice
    [2:32:07 PM] Shiloh: I translated the Greek into Arabic for them
    [2:32:11 PM] Sirius 17: lol
    [2:32:16 PM] Sirius 17: i noticed
    [2:32:27 PM] Sirius 17: did you like the songs?
    [2:32:31 PM] Shiloh: Jive dancing for Susan
    [2:32:39 PM] Sirius 17: did you notice they are live near Susan's house
    [2:32:45 PM] Sirius 17: FREE
    [2:32:51 PM] Sirius 17: on monday
    [2:33:00 PM] Sirius 17: lol
    [2:33:25 PM] Shiloh: This is a band's name?
    [2:34:10 PM] Sirius 17: http://www.dailybulletin.com/arts-and-entertainment/20140116/show-band-plans-big-band-concert-monday

    [2:34:12 PM] Sirius 17: look
    [2:34:17 PM] Shiloh: I am musically rather unawares
    [2:35:02 PM] Shiloh: Ok I see
    [2:35:06 PM] Sirius 17: well i didn't make this up, this list came from this site because i got lead there
    [2:35:28 PM] Shiloh: yes I got it now
    [2:35:44 PM] Shiloh: Reminiscinings
    [2:35:56 PM] Shiloh: Seems to be on the mind of many humans now
    [2:36:34 PM] Sirius 17: anyhow i am sleepy but i can't sleep
    [2:36:39 PM] Sirius 17: too early
    [2:36:49 PM] Shiloh: We have the old Searchers from Liverpool here in Canberra
    [2:36:52 PM] Sirius 17: i have been up early too and i don't know how much sleep i got
    [2:37:14 PM] Shiloh: Well you seem on fire about something
    [2:37:24 PM] Sirius 17: i am just getting inundated
    [2:37:34 PM] Sirius 17: i can't keep up lol
    [2:37:45 PM] Shiloh: Must mean you are the left witness
    [2:38:03 PM] Shiloh: The evil thief becoming good as a femme
    [2:38:48 PM] Sirius 17: i am Allisiam, thats all i know
    [2:38:57 PM] Shiloh: ok then
    [2:39:54 PM] Shiloh: Where is John on the Da Vinci Last Supper paintings, left or right?
    [2:41:03 PM] Sirius 17: right?
    [2:41:06 PM] Sirius 17: i have no idea
    [2:42:12 PM] Shiloh: I think so
    [2:43:20 PM] Sirius 17: well he is the one next to Jesus on the right

    [2:43:33 PM] Shiloh: In Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper, the figure at Jesus' right arm does not possess an easily identified gender. He's not bald, or bearded, or anything we visually associate with "masculine". In fact, he looks feminine. Fine. We all can, and should, agree on this. The Burning Question seems to be: Is this figure a woman?

    [2:43:37 PM] Sirius 17: not my right but Jesus's
    [2:43:41 PM] Shiloh: Yes
    [2:43:50 PM] Shiloh: The femininity issue
    [2:43:57 PM] Sirius 17: yes
    [2:44:00 PM] Sirius 17: looks female
    [2:44:35 PM] Shiloh: So relative to the timeline then then the left part is actually Jesus' right
    [2:44:42 PM] Shiloh: If you look on
    [2:45:09 PM] Shiloh: This means that James must be to his left
    [2:45:21 PM] Shiloh: Remember the Zebedee question
    [2:45:51 PM] Shiloh: So then James is the thief after March 25th
    [2:45:55 PM] Sirius 17: yes the two brothers of Salome
    [2:46:08 PM] Shiloh: Salome is the mother
    [2:46:10 PM] Sirius 17: Boangers
    [2:46:19 PM] Sirius 17: yes
    [2:46:34 PM] Shiloh: Boanerges yes
    [2:46:37 PM] Shiloh: Thunder
    [2:47:35 PM] Sirius 17: i have still been crying off and on
    [2:47:47 PM] Sirius 17: laughing, crying lol
    [2:48:27 PM] Sirius 17: how is Adam?
    [2:48:44 PM] Sirius 17: is he home yet?
    [2:49:33 PM] Shiloh: Yes he came back by train late last night and is ok
    [2:49:53 PM] Shiloh: Some gnosis event?
    [2:50:03 PM] Shiloh: Your emotional state I mean
    [2:50:09 PM] Sirius 17: oh yes
    [2:50:18 PM] Sirius 17: i could not sleep
    [2:50:26 PM] Sirius 17: all this stuff came to me
    [2:50:31 PM] Shiloh: Yes something is going on
    [2:50:43 PM] Shiloh: It could be that Allisiam is manifesting
    [2:50:47 PM] Sirius 17: i was very overwhelmed this morning
    [2:51:00 PM] Sirius 17: i am calmer now
    [2:51:10 PM] Shiloh: The sisterhood see like the 7 sisters and other such archetypes, like the 3 Marys
    [2:51:21 PM] Sirius 17: i am shaking though lol
    [2:51:23 PM] Sirius 17: nerves
    [2:51:47 PM] Sirius 17: i know why you shake
    [2:51:58 PM] Sirius 17: it is intense
    [2:52:06 PM] Sirius 17: our bodies were not made for this
    [2:52:15 PM] Sirius 17: well the old ones
    [2:52:31 PM] Shiloh: Yes, but I have weak leg muscles
    [2:53:00 PM] Sirius 17: yes and i told you that a tens machine can help with that
    [2:53:11 PM] Sirius 17: muscle stim
    [2:53:51 PM] Sirius 17: what is going on in the world, i have not even looked at the news or anything
    [2:54:20 PM] Shiloh: The bushfires are pretty bad here
    [2:55:07 PM] Sirius 17: http://www.salon.com/2014/01/17/brace_yourself_the_polar_vortex_is_coming_back/
    [2:55:11 PM] Sirius 17: i just saw this on fb
    [2:55:11 PM] Shiloh: Geneva convention to bring peace to Syria
    [2:55:18 PM] Sirius 17: right
    [2:55:27 PM] Sirius 17: as if
    [2:55:31 PM] Shiloh: Exactly
    [2:55:55 PM] Shiloh: One must redefine their allah and other gods first for any of this to have a chance
    [2:55:56 PM] Sirius 17: there will be peace, but it will not come from any human acts
    [2:56:15 PM] Shiloh: Yes it will be enforced by superior presence
    [2:56:27 PM] Sirius 17: i had this vision of the bow in the cloud
    [2:56:35 PM] Sirius 17: as a huge ship
    [2:56:40 PM] Shiloh: Last 8 weeks
    [2:56:58 PM] Sirius 17: i am getting shown things like this
    [2:57:29 PM] Sirius 17: i honestly feel like we will see immortals
    [2:57:40 PM] Sirius 17: or we are them
    [2:57:47 PM] Shiloh: Good the last 56 days begin July 24th
    [2:58:17 PM] Sirius 17: tony what is the code for 47?
    [2:58:30 PM] Shiloh: The Rainbow Covenant should be in place September 18th and so 8 months from today
    [2:58:40 PM] Sirius 17: i have been shown so many things today i am lost in all the data lol
    [2:58:43 PM] Shiloh: Time
    [2:58:47 PM] Shiloh: Rock
    [2:59:05 PM] Shiloh: Isaiah=Malachi=John
    [2:59:18 PM] Sirius 17: really?
    [2:59:29 PM] Shiloh: Yes 47= all that and more
    [2:59:37 PM] Sirius 17: oh its nuts
    [2:59:51 PM] Shiloh: 74 backwards as all those Jesus=Messiah=Cross=Energy=Beauty=Gospel=English=London=Songs=Clouds=Lucifer=... codes
    [2:59:58 PM] Sirius 17: yes
    [3:00:06 PM] Sirius 17: omg what was i shown with 47 lol
    [3:00:11 PM] Sirius 17: gahhhh
    [3:00:16 PM] Shiloh: All the prophets
    [3:00:23 PM] Shiloh: And scribes as testimony keepers
    [3:00:39 PM] Sirius 17: 47 But Solomon built him an house.
    [3:00:42 PM] Sirius 17: oh this from acts 7
    [3:00:49 PM] Sirius 17: and i freaked out
    [3:01:02 PM] Shiloh: The rebuilding of this temple is all important
    [3:02:08 PM] Shiloh: It will complete April 15th mirrored in February 10th I think
    [3:02:28 PM] Sirius 17: i think i can follow the chart now
    [3:02:32 PM] Sirius 17: mostly
    [3:02:53 PM] Shiloh: 21 days after and before March 25th
    [3:03:07 PM] Shiloh: So March 4th not February
    [3:04:20 PM] Shiloh: But the 70=21+49=21+28+21
    [3:04:45 PM] Shiloh: February 10th is 21 days from March 4th
    [3:04:59 PM] Sirius 17:

    [3:05:47 PM] Sirius 17: this also is from acts 7
    [3:06:23 PM] Shiloh: Yes and I dont know how to connect this atm to the chart
    [3:06:44 PM] Shiloh: It is however the witness cloud of the 5th seal opening
    [3:07:17 PM] Shiloh: The patience of the saints etc
    [3:07:37 PM] Sirius 17: and the first Martyr, i was lead to Stephen a while back, i asked you remember
    [3:07:49 PM] Sirius 17:

    [3:08:04 PM] Sirius 17: this is the 400?
    [3:08:17 PM] Shiloh: Yes
    [3:08:23 PM] Shiloh: 200+1+200
    [3:08:47 PM] Shiloh: Also ¼ of the winepress of the 1600
    [3:09:55 PM] Sirius 17: 32=Cell=Life= GOT

    [3:10:01 PM] Shiloh: Actually this code Acts.7.6-7 should be in the chart
    [3:12:55 PM] Shiloh: You see here that the circumscision is a cutting off of the outer parts in time and not anything physical
    [3:13:03 PM] Shiloh: As the GOT says too
    [3:13:05 PM] Sirius 17:

    [3:13:09 PM] Sirius 17:

    [3:13:29 PM] Shiloh: Yes it is the 200+1+200 circumsciced from mthe 630+1+630
    [3:13:46 PM] Shiloh: 430 is the difference see - Egypt in Exodus
    [3:13:55 PM] Shiloh: Brilliant code this
    [3:14:06 PM] Sirius 17: yes
    [3:14:29 PM] Sirius 17: the waves are very clever
    [3:14:39 PM] Shiloh:

    [3:14:54 PM] Shiloh: See it is 400 in Acts but also 430 in Exodus

    [3:15:06 PM] Sirius 17: the 30 again
    [3:15:16 PM] Shiloh: Now the 'experts' squabble and some say the bible is in error
    [3:16:04 PM] Sirius 17: lol
    [3:16:08 PM] Sirius 17: nope
    [3:16:47 PM] Sirius 17: if you put on the breastplate, God will show you
    [3:17:10 PM] Sirius 17: of course not many takers for that at
    [3:17:14 PM] Sirius 17: the moment
    [3:19:00 PM] Sirius 17:

    [3:19:46 PM] Sirius 17: lol
    [3:20:10 PM] Sirius 17:
    [3:20:50 PM] Sirius 17: i figured out the meaning of 12
    [3:20:57 PM] Sirius 17: in some depth
    [3:21:10 PM] Shiloh: Yes?
    [3:21:21 PM] Shiloh: And what did you find?
    [3:21:51 PM] Shiloh: You can discern both historically and in the codes
    [3:21:59 PM] Sirius 17: yes
    [3:22:07 PM] Shiloh: So tell me
    [3:22:44 PM] Sirius 17: well it is the JCCJ
    [3:22:58 PM] Sirius 17: but also the deciple James
    [3:23:58 PM] Shiloh: Yes but the decoding refers historically to James 'the Lord's Brother' as the first 'bishop' of the Jerusalem church
    [3:24:22 PM] Sirius 17: yes same thing
    [3:24:27 PM] Shiloh: So you are correct then with the GOT 108
    [3:24:45 PM] Shiloh: But there is a deeper code verifying the GOT
    [3:24:59 PM] Shiloh: You need to figure who Jacob is
    [3:25:35 PM] Shiloh: Isaiah tells you
    [3:26:23 PM] Shiloh:
    [3:27:46 PM] Sirius 17: the forethought?
    [3:28:02 PM] Sirius 17: the father

    [3:29:08 PM] Shiloh:

    [3:29:29 PM] Shiloh: Jacob is Jesus 1st Coming in Uniqueness
    [3:29:55 PM] Shiloh: Israel is Jesus 2nd Coming as the 'Holy Ghost' and comforter in manyness
    [3:30:29 PM] Shiloh: So 'James the Righteous' is none but Jesus II in manyness ergo the GOT
    [3:30:35 PM] Shiloh: In RENAMINGS
    [3:30:37 PM] Sirius 17: ok well i did know then, i was thinking when he says the father and I are One
    [3:31:02 PM] Shiloh: The Abba in Rev.22 is as one with the Lamb
    [3:31:08 PM] Sirius 17: yes well this took on some personal significance for me as well, a comfort
    [3:31:19 PM] Shiloh: As 'James the One'
    [3:31:31 PM] Sirius 17: yes this is what i was thinking
    [3:32:01 PM] Shiloh: Yes and perhaps you see now that James 'plays' the James as the first jacob not yet as the Israel
    [3:32:15 PM] Sirius 17: yes as does DD
    [3:32:24 PM] Shiloh: Jacob = Supplanter (of Esau the brother like Cain and Abel)
    [3:32:33 PM] Shiloh: Israel = Prince with God
    [3:33:16 PM] Shiloh: James 'mind' will remain as seed for a MindBody
    [3:33:31 PM] Shiloh: DD's Body will remain as a seed for a BodyMind
    [3:33:33 PM] Sirius 17: yeah i realized this today
    [3:33:54 PM] Sirius 17: they are vessels
    [3:34:03 PM] Shiloh: They BOTH must undergo a sexchange op
    [3:34:09 PM] Sirius 17: indeed
    [3:34:10 PM] Shiloh: Yes
    [3:34:17 PM] Sirius 17: you said it
    [3:34:24 PM] Sirius 17: i realised that also today
    [3:34:52 PM] Shiloh: I have been mentioning this for 4 years now
    [3:34:59 PM] Sirius 17: i know
    [3:35:08 PM] Sirius 17: all things revealed in their own time
    [3:35:13 PM] Sirius 17: as they say
    [3:35:19 PM] Sirius 17: it 'dawned' on me
    [3:35:39 PM] Sirius 17: and the womb of wombs
    [3:35:59 PM] Sirius 17: why we must heal the body
    [3:36:03 PM] Shiloh: Yes the generations must inflect to eliminate the recycling
    [3:36:23 PM] Shiloh: Rejuvenation and rebirth is a cosmic necessity
    [3:36:29 PM] Sirius 17: yes
    [3:37:09 PM] Sirius 17: the circle of life is not a circle of death
    [3:37:30 PM] Shiloh: Death=38=Alpha
    [3:37:59 PM] Shiloh: But the Alpha is also the Omega=41=Life=32+I
    [3:38:03 PM] Sirius 17: yes new head
    [3:38:38 PM] Shiloh: Life+9=Death+3
    [3:38:54 PM] Sirius 17: did you like the knot pic, that is the command key glyph too
    [3:38:55 PM] Shiloh: Life+ABBA=Death
    [3:39:14 PM] Shiloh: So include Abba and you find eternal Life
    [3:39:58 PM] Shiloh: Life - ABBA = 32-6=26=GOD=DOG
    [3:40:22 PM] Shiloh: So this is the Old World Life WITH GOD becoming Death
    [3:40:39 PM] Sirius 17: lol
    [3:40:44 PM] Shiloh: GOD MUST have a namechange iow
    [3:40:45 PM] Sirius 17: that is deep
    [3:41:25 PM] Shiloh: Life=Cell=Eve=GOD+ABBA
    [3:41:45 PM] Shiloh: But people deny Abba as the Father and substitute with manmade Gods
    [3:41:57 PM] Sirius 17: well the Natives called him sometimes Grandfather
    [3:42:03 PM] Sirius 17: and Grandmother
    [3:42:19 PM] Shiloh: One must ADD=I=DAD ABBA to the old GOD and bingo
    [3:42:56 PM] Shiloh: Yes the Nag Hammadis attempt to show this with the forethought as Abba and the Afterthought as Baab
    [3:43:10 PM] Shiloh: But then they get trapped in the 'evilness of the flesh' etc
    [3:43:31 PM] Sirius 17: yes they got hooked on the aeons
    [3:43:37 PM] Sirius 17: airy stuff
    [3:44:07 PM] Shiloh: Yes a catch 22 trap of the human ego trying 'not to be' in the obnoxious nirvana nonexistence motto
    [3:44:38 PM] Shiloh: The point of the human ego is to become cosmic as God's Selfcentredness
    [3:44:48 PM] Shiloh: God as all in all etc
    [3:45:23 PM] Sirius 17: yes i felt this strong today and hence i was overwhelmed
    [3:45:23 PM] Shiloh: The pure notion of what allah is supposed to be etc WITHOUT human moralistic standards assigned to that purity
    [3:45:32 PM] Sirius 17: the waves were singing to me
    [3:46:17 PM] Shiloh: This is what Titus means and not some 'Do what thou wilt' thing of Crowley and co
    [3:46:33 PM] Sirius 17: yes too selfish
    [3:46:35 PM] Sirius 17: this
    [3:47:06 PM] Sirius 17: if you are always self absorbed you can't see anyone else
    [3:47:26 PM] Shiloh:
    [3:47:44 PM] Shiloh: Exactly
    [3:48:00 PM] Sirius 17: individuality is really lost in vanity
    [3:48:11 PM] Sirius 17: no one knows this
    [3:48:25 PM] Sirius 17: because the self celebration is not shared
    [3:48:31 PM] Shiloh: Yes
    [3:48:45 PM] Shiloh: Hmm add the last bits to your post
    [3:49:02 PM] Sirius 17: from where
    [3:50:37 PM] Shiloh: Hang on I do it
    [3:50:54 PM] Sirius 17: yes i am tired
    [3:53:14 PM] Sirius 17: Samje was bugging me to make a doctors appointment today to the heart specialist...I told him I have it covered
    [3:53:41 PM] Sirius 17: i suppose i will go to make him happy
    [3:54:25 PM] Sirius 17: i got nothing wordly done today lol
    [3:54:37 PM] Sirius 17: completely somewhere else
    [3:54:46 PM] Shiloh: Sure have a nice day I added to your post and will edit
    [3:55:07 PM] Shiloh: It explains the 400 code I added to the chart
    [3:55:17 PM] Shiloh: And some 'deeper' things
    [3:55:25 PM] Sirius 17: lol ok
    [3:55:45 PM] Sirius 17: you know the 108 discovery was instantaneous
    [3:55:58 PM] Sirius 17: i was shown that in the moment
    [3:56:21 PM] Shiloh: Doug likes your band
    [3:56:23 PM] Sirius 17: so as fast as they are, the blink of an eye thing just may be true
    [3:56:38 PM] Sirius 17: he would lol
    [3:56:51 PM] Sirius 17: and yes MI is with me
    [3:57:00 PM] Sirius 17: she told me to tell you so you won't worry
    [3:57:13 PM] Shiloh: I don't worry
    [3:57:27 PM] Shiloh: Who else is 'there'?
    [3:57:42 PM] Sirius 17: all of those that i swallowed
    [3:57:48 PM] Sirius 17: so all
    [3:57:50 PM] Sirius 17: LOL
    [3:57:52 PM] Shiloh: Good
    [3:58:04 PM] Sirius 17: the troop
    [3:58:16 PM] Sirius 17: someone had to swallow fire
    [3:58:20 PM] Sirius 17: you know
    [3:58:47 PM] Sirius 17: its what happens when you bite your own tail
    [4:00:01 PM] Sirius 17: Isaiah 44 (King James Version)
    [4:00:33 PM] Sirius 17: Jesurun lol
    [4:00:44 PM] Sirius 17: can it be anymore obvious
    [4:00:55 PM] Sirius 17: where is the running Jesus? hmmm
    [4:01:41 PM] Sirius 17:

    [4:05:29 PM] Sirius 17: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VT-SFgkVlno
    Andrew shared this song
    [4:09:15 PM] Shiloh: Yes excellent. This is Jacob becoming Israel and the hint I wanted to give you from Isaiah regarding who 'James the Lord Brothers Righteous' actually is
    [4:10:11 PM] Sirius 17: yes well i said to you that you woke up before me, so your head is less foggy
    [4:10:43 PM] Sirius 17: you helped me remember
    [4:10:56 PM] Shiloh: Well I looked for just this code, but blended it with the Hebrew ones
    [4:11:39 PM] Shiloh: 'he takes away the first to establish the second' is of course the NT version of just this Isaiah code in the OT
    [4:12:14 PM] Sirius 17: yeah i noticed the New International version takes the liberty of interpreting things
    [4:12:22 PM] Shiloh: As I searched for the taketh away wording hebrews came up, instead of Isaiah
    [4:12:54 PM] Sirius 17: speaking of versions
    [4:13:06 PM] Shiloh: But Paul is ok he says he speaks from his human mind at times and not from Logos, especially when it comes to sex and marriage lol
    [4:13:23 PM] Sirius 17: yes where was this again?
    [4:13:31 PM] Sirius 17: i am so tired and it was on my mind
    [4:14:04 PM] Shiloh: Where was what?
    [4:14:27 PM] Sirius 17: the passage where it says that the deciples are mortals yet
    [4:14:49 PM] Shiloh: Hmm Colossians I think and Ephesians
    [4:14:54 PM] Sirius 17: who wait to be redeemed or something like that
    [4:15:05 PM] Shiloh: The different kinds of flesh and bodies
    [4:15:24 PM] Shiloh: Use key words on bible gateway
    [4:15:26 PM] Sirius 17: yeah its up there somewhere in the chat
    [4:15:56 PM] Shiloh: Scan your post
    [4:16:05 PM] Shiloh: All codes are in navy blue
    [4:16:25 PM] Sirius 17: i think it was in yesterdays post yes
    Jorgelito - Posted 27 Minutes Ago
    Oooh what a library of good sounds you have!

    [4:17:57 PM] Sirius 17: wth
    [4:22:09 PM] Sirius 17: they are filled with so many words
    [4:22:40 PM] Sirius 17: have you noticed if this thread is getting read a lot more lately?
    [4:22:46 PM] Sirius 17: i was just curious

    [4:23:36 PM] Sirius 17: http://greatmuseums.org/images/proj_gallery_full/COLO_Baby_Doe_720x5401.jpg
    [4:23:47 PM] Sirius 17: stick this in someplace for baby doe tabor
    [4:24:10 PM] Sirius 17: that necklace she is wearing is called the Isabella
    [4:27:18 PM] Shiloh: ok
    [4:27:37 PM] Sirius 17: http://www.explore-old-west-colorado.com/baby-doe-tabor.html
    [4:27:42 PM] Sirius 17: this is a good link about her
    [4:28:12 PM] Sirius 17: Elizabeth soon received her nickname, "Baby". It isn't exactly known how, but it is rumored that as she walked down the streets of town, miners would comment that she was a "beautiful baby".
    [4:33:11 PM] Shiloh: Your fascination with Baby Doe could mean that there exists a generational cosmic lineage to your grandmother and so to you and that this bloodline was embodied in Miriam, sister of Lazarus and Martha and 'lover' of Jesus and MM
    [4:33:42 PM] Sirius 17: yes i can't get her out of my head
    [4:33:54 PM] Sirius 17: she looks a lot like me even
    [4:34:06 PM] Sirius 17: i don't know what it means
    [4:35:24 PM] Shiloh: 7 sisters of the Pleiades as a archetype relate to Atlas and Pleione as the generational ancestors and the 7 'devils' cast out of MM are of course 7 unifying principalities between the cherubims and the archons or the angels and the demons

    [4:35:32 PM] Sirius 17: but that necklace she is wearing? It reminds me of one that Sui had
    [4:35:39 PM] Sirius 17: the starburst
    [4:36:08 PM] Shiloh: It also looks similar to the amulet DD has in her early pics remember?
    [4:36:16 PM] Sirius 17: yes that too
    [4:36:23 PM] Shiloh: It is symbolic for the cosmic sisterhood
    [4:36:33 PM] Sirius 17: and she had two daughters
    [4:36:58 PM] Sirius 17: one named Lily and the other went by Silver Dollar
    [4:37:14 PM] Sirius 17: she named her second born after the mine
    [4:37:37 PM] Sirius 17: there is something there
    [4:38:37 PM] Sirius 17: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ballad_of_Baby_Doe
    [4:39:22 PM] Shiloh: Silver=Argentum=47
    [4:39:37 PM] Shiloh: Your 47 code in the periodic table of the elements
    [4:40:36 PM] Sirius 17: oh i guess it was Queen Isabella's neclace
    [4:40:45 PM] Sirius 17: or so the story goes
    [4:41:42 PM] Sirius 17: In the final scene, Horace asks to see the opera house he built so long ago, though he no longer owns it. On the stage, he hallucinates and sees people from his past. Augusta both taunts and pleads with him. He is told that his one daughter will decry the name Tabor and that his other will become a prostitute. Distraught, he collapses. Baby Doe enters. After he is convinced that she is not a hallucination, he tells her nothing will come between them and begs her to remember him. He dies in her arms and she finishes the opera with "Always Through the Changing."

    [4:42:18 PM] Sirius 17: yes uncanny synchros

    [4:43:28 PM] Sirius 17: On March 7, 1935, Baby Doe Tabor was found dead of a heart attack in her small shack at the famous Matchless Mine, just outside Leadville, Colorado. She had, for whatever reason, adopted the storage shack at the Matchless Mine as her living quarters since her husband's death in 1899, 35 years earlier. Contrary to popular belief, she did not "hold on to the Matchless as it will pay millions again," as some have incorrectly reported were Horace Tabor's deathbed words. The Matchless Mine had long since been lost to foreclosure and had failed to produce even with several new attempts on the part of the new owners. Baby Doe was living in the tiny cabin only due to the generosity of the current owners of the worthless mine.

    [4:43:35 PM] Sirius 17: ok read between the lines here
    [4:43:43 PM] Sirius 17: Matchless mine
    [4:44:01 PM] Sirius 17: in otherwords they named it that because there is no other mine that equals it
    [4:44:25 PM] Sirius 17: his dying wish is for her to hold onto a fruitless mine
    [4:45:17 PM] Sirius 17: oh wait it was lost to foreclosure
    [4:45:30 PM] Sirius 17: in actuality
    [4:46:27 PM] Shiloh: Copper 29=Cu & Silver 47=A(r)gentum & Gold 79=Au(rum) and element 111 all form the column 11 IB in the periodic table for 7 valency electrons
    [4:47:25 PM] Sirius 17: lol
    [4:49:44 PM] Shiloh: Group 11, numbered by IUPAC style, is a group of chemical element in the periodic table, consisting of copper (Cu), silver (Ag), and gold (Au). Roentgenium (Rg) belongs to this group of elements based on its theoretical electronic configuration, but it is a short-lived transactinide with a half-life of 26 seconds that has been observed only in laboratory conditions. Although at various times societies have used other metals in coinage including aluminium, lead, nickel, stainless steel, tin, and zinc, the name coinage metals is used to highlight the special physio-chemical properties that make this series of metals uniquely well suited for monetary purposes. These properties include ease of identification, resistance to tarnish, extreme difficulty in counterfeiting, durability, fungibility and a reliable store of value unmatched by any other metals known.
    All the elements of the group except roentgenium have been known since prehistoric times, as all of them occur in metallic form in nature and no extraction metallurgy has to be used to produce them.
    Like other groups, the members of this family show patterns in electron configuration, especially in the outermost shells, resulting in trends in chemical behavior, although roentgenium is probably an exception:
    No. of electrons/shell
    29 copper 2, 8, 18, 1
    47 silver 2, 8, 18, 18, 1
    79 gold 2, 8, 18, 32, 18, 1
    111 roentgenium 2, 8, 18, 32, 32, 17, 2
    All Group 11 elements are relatively inert, corrosion-resistant metals. Copper and gold are colored.
    These elements have low electrical resistivity so they are used for wiring. Copper is the cheapest and most widely used. Bond wires for integrated circuits are usually gold. Silver and silver plated copper wiring are found in some special applications.

    [4:51:02 PM] Shiloh: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Group_11_element
    [4:51:23 PM] Sirius 17: oh most of them have one electron in the outer shell
    [4:51:41 PM] Sirius 17: yes conductance
    [4:52:12 PM] Shiloh: Yes as I said 7 valency electrons means 1 is shared by this group to complete the 8 shells
    [4:53:14 PM] Shiloh: So they become so industrially valuable because of this reactivity of their single electron occupying the outermost shell in this group 11 1B
    [4:53:38 PM] Sirius 17: yes stablity
    [4:55:47 PM] Sirius 17: Like other groups, the members of this family show patterns in electron configuration, especially in the outermost shells, resulting in trends in chemical behavior, although roentgenium is probably an exception:
    [4:56:34 PM] Shiloh: Rg is a transuranian radioactive element
    [4:57:39 PM] Sirius 17: yes we learned about it in Radiology school
    [4:57:43 PM] Sirius 17: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roentgenium
    [4:57:57 PM] Shiloh: It so belongs in the higer dimensional omni-physics many Nabsers speculate about
    [4:58:55 PM] Sirius 17: yes it behaves very strange

    [5:00:59 PM] Sirius 17: Roentgenium has no stable or naturally-occurring isotopes. Several radioactive isotopes have been synthesized in the laboratory, either by fusion of the nuclei of lighter elements or as intermediate decay products of heavier elements. Seven different isotopes of roentgenium have been reported with atomic masses 272, 274, and 278–282, two of which, roentgenium-272 and roentgenium-274, have known but unconfirmed metastable states. All of these decay through alpha decay except roentgenium-281, which undergoes spontaneous fission.[14]

    [5:01:06 PM] Sirius 17: i like that, spontaneous fission
    [5:03:15 PM] Shiloh: It is this 4D Minkowski flat spacetime matrix which renders the radioactive elements as being calibrated to Lead at Plumbum Pb=82 and Bismuth at Bi=83, with the Bismuth Isotope the last stable and Bismuth 209 the 'last stable' element in the universe (it decays however with a half life of 1.9x1019 years)
    [5:04:22 PM] Shiloh: Primordial Bismuth 209 so represents a transition elementsd to the higher D's as is speculated upon by some ufo reserchers looking at supposed back engeneering technology and the metallic properties of 'wreckage remnants'
    [5:05:37 PM] Sirius 17: where did you find this?
    [5:05:50 PM] Sirius 17: or you researched it
    [5:06:01 PM] Shiloh: I just know and stuff I read over the years
    [5:06:30 PM] Sirius 17: yes i just asked if there might of been a link
    [5:06:41 PM] Shiloh: I have mentioned Bismuth 209 in my science writings a number of times in association with monatomics and the overall 'Stability of the Nucleus'
    [5:06:41 PM] Sirius 17: and there is...YOU lol
    [5:07:34 PM] Sirius 17: yes i recall reading about them someplace, but of course it is difficult for me to retain everything
    [5:08:05 PM] Shiloh: Google ufo materials in solid state or something and link it to Bismuth
    [5:08:11 PM] Shiloh: There are speculations
    [5:08:22 PM] Sirius 17: interesting
    [5:08:55 PM] Shiloh: As you know ALL radioactive decay results in a Lead at the end in the mother nuclei fission into daughters etc. They all end with Lead
    [5:09:30 PM] Shiloh: Read my Stability of the Nucleus posts and Monatomics etc
    [5:09:50 PM] Shiloh: The latter is this Orme stuff the Nabsers relate to Orgone and reich etc
    [5:10:13 PM] Sirius 17: yes and i forget why lead
    [5:10:22 PM] Sirius 17: i know it is malliable
    [5:10:29 PM] Sirius 17: soft
    [5:11:02 PM] Shiloh: Because of the electron clouds
    [5:11:55 PM] Sirius 17: the fusion strips down the electrons?
    [5:12:47 PM] Shiloh: Group IVA is 6=C Carbon & 14=Si Silicon & 32=Ge Germanium & 50=Sn Tin and 82=Pb Lead
    [5:13:22 PM] Shiloh: They all have 4 valency electrons and so 4 electrons in their outermost shells
    [5:13:42 PM] Sirius 17: yes and carbon is the backbone of life
    [5:13:49 PM] Shiloh: As is Silicon in cyberspace
    [5:14:09 PM] Sirius 17: yes true
    [5:14:25 PM] Sirius 17: graphite?
    [5:14:39 PM] Sirius 17: how many outer electrons?
    [5:16:18 PM] Shiloh: The valencies go 1 to the most easily giving the electron up and to 7 like the super reactives to catch a single electron like Fluorine 9=F and Chlorine 17=Cl and Bromine 35=Br and Iodine 53=I and Astatine 85=At and as Group VIIA
    [5:17:02 PM] Shiloh: Having 4-4 like Carbon or Silicone centres the periodic elements around those 1-4-7-8 valency configurations
    [5:17:34 PM] Sirius 17: yes creates stable molecules
    [5:17:34 PM] Shiloh: Then the Nobel Gases have the outer electron shell filled and so have 0 valency for their exceptional stability as Group VIIIA
    [5:18:16 PM] Sirius 17: yes like Argon, Neon, ect
    [5:19:53 PM] Shiloh: 2=He=Helium & 10=Ne=Neon & 18=Ar=Argon & 36=Kr=Krypton and 54=Xe=Xenon and 86=Rn=Radon
    [5:20:31 PM] Sirius 17: lol you have all these memorized i can see
    [5:20:58 PM] Shiloh: No, I have periodic tables, but this is detailed in a post I will link
    [5:21:12 PM] Sirius 17: sweety i need to go lay down
    [5:21:34 PM] Sirius 17: i will call it a night, my mind is in a sleepy fog now
    [5:22:17 PM] Shiloh: It is all too complicated and TLTR for the Nabsers though
    [5:22:26 PM] Sirius 17: yes
    [5:22:45 PM] Sirius 17: unfortunately
    [5:22:55 PM] Shiloh: Good night Raven
    [5:23:14 PM] Sirius 17: but, if they don't educate themselves on the sciences, the ones who do know it can abuse it
    or not share
    [5:23:43 PM] Sirius 17: good night dear
    [5:24:00 PM] Sirius 17: (F)(heart)(F)
    [5:24:21 PM] Sirius 17: so i found out i have some familarity to the letter F
    [5:24:33 PM] Sirius 17: FF
    [5:24:38 PM] Sirius 17: 66
    [5:24:40 PM] Sirius 17: lol
    [5:24:52 PM] Sirius 17: So Susan's labelings were not far off
    [5:26:10 PM] Sirius 17: there is some book out there on it
    [5:26:17 PM] Sirius 17: that no one reads
    [5:27:47 PM] Shiloh: No youtube BS and webside quackery is easier to digest
    [5:38:19 PM] Shiloh: http://www.gsjournal.net/old/science/bermanseder8.pdf
    [5:39:53 PM] Shiloh: This is a published paper and is accessible at this site
    [5:40:51 PM] Shiloh: "Monatomic Superconductivity in the Alchemy of the Stability of the Nucleus"

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    shenandoah - posted January 18th, 2014

    Allisiam - Posted 11 Hours Ago

    [5:17:34 PM] Shiloh: Then the Nobel gases have the outer electron shell filled and so have 0 valency for their exceptional stability as Group VIIIA
    [5:18:16 PM] Sirius 17: yes like Argon, Neon, ect
    [5:19:53 PM] Shiloh: 2=He=Helium & 10=Ne=Neon & 18=Ar=Argon & 36=Kr=Krypton and 54=Xe=Xenon and 86=Rn=Radon
    [5:20:31 PM] Sirius 17: lol you have all these memorized i can see
    [5:20:58 PM] Shiloh: No I have periodic tables, but this is detailed in a post I will link
    [5:21:12 PM] Sirius 17: sweety i need to go lay down
    [5:21:34 PM] Sirius 17: i will call it a night, my mind is in a sleepy fog now
    [5:22:17 PM] Shiloh: It is all too complicated and TLTR for the Nabsers though
    [5:22:26 PM] Sirius 17: yes
    [5:22:45 PM] Sirius 17: unfortunately
    [5:22:55 PM] Shiloh: Good night Raven
    [5:23:14 PM] Sirius 17: but, if they don't educate themselves on the sciences, the ones who do know it can abuse it
    [5:23:25 PM] Sirius 17: or not share
    [5:23:43 PM] Sirius 17: good night dear
    [5:24:00 PM] Sirius 17: (F)(heart)(F)
    [5:24:21 PM] Sirius 17: so i found out i have some familarity to the letter F
    [5:24:33 PM] Sirius 17: FF
    [5:24:38 PM] Sirius 17: 66
    [5:24:40 PM] Sirius 17: lol
    [5:24:52 PM] Sirius 17: So Susan's labelings were not far off
    [5:26:10 PM] Sirius 17: there is some book out there on it
    [5:26:17 PM] Sirius 17: that no one reads
    [5:27:47 PM] Shiloh: No youtube BS and webside quackery is easier to digest
    [5:38:19 PM] Shiloh: http://www.gsjournal.net/old/science/bermanseder8.pdf
    [5:39:53 PM] Shiloh: This is a published paper and is accessible at this site
    [5:40:51 PM] Shiloh: "Monatomic Superconductivity in the Alchemy of the Stability of the Nucleus"
    Sirius 17

    Monatomic Superconductivity in the Alchemy of the Stability of the Nucleus

    2. The Elementary Nucleon Stability in Unification Physics.
    3. The Natural Superconductivity of Monatomic Elements
    4. The Alchemy and the 'occult-suppressed' omniphysics in pre-2013 terrestrial standard models.
    5. The Letter of 'Cheryl DeLuca' addressing Orbitally-Rearranged-Monatomic Elements.

    1. Introduction

    This message shall provide an introduction into avenues for an omniphysics of the 21st century, following a 'lifting of the veils' (post 2012) from extensive research material undertaken in clandestine fashion by a 'shadow science' for a contemporary 'standard science' which is only partially published, even by and for the 'scientific establishment' itself.
    In this thread (and its links) will be found a number of formulations applicable in a most elementary sense to the fields of nanotechnology, cold fusion, room temperature superconductivity and the relationships between elementary electrocharges coupled to inertial mass and magnetocharges coupled to gravitational mass in basic quantum unification physics.

    When scientists analyse substances chemically, they often attempt to break up the substances into smaller and smaller pieces to study the properties of the substance.

    "Divide and subdivide a solid and the traits of its solidity fade away one by one, like the features of the Cheshire Cat, to be replaced by characteristics that are not those of liquids or gases. They belong instead to a new phase of matter, the micro-cluster. Micro-clusters consist of tiny aggregates comprising from two to several hundred atoms. They pose questions that lie at the heart of solid state physics and chemistry, and the related field of material science. How small must an aggregate of particles become before the character of the substance they once formed is lost? How might the atoms reconfigure if freed from the influence of the matter that surrounds them? If the substance is a metal, how small must this cluster of atoms be to avoid the characteristic sharing of free electrons that underlies conductivity?" -- Scientific American, December 1989; Michael A. Duncan, Dennis H. Rouvray, pp. 110-115

    center collision between two nuclei that fuse to form a rapidly spinning, elongated body. "The deformed nucleus can take the shape of an American football, a doorknob, or possibly even a banana depending on the collision energy in the nuclei. In a typically deformed nucleus the long axis exceeds the two short axis by about a factor of 1.3. âIt is in these superdeformed nuclei that curious goings on have taken place. The surprise: the spectra of some different superdeformedScientific American, October 1991; Philip Yam, p. 26

    {{{Normal nuclei are roughly spherical in shape, held in place by the overwhelming strong nuclear force, but the nuclei of monatomic elements with only partially filled outer orbitals in the nucleous become deformed when the lack of dipole-dipole interactions with surrounding nuclei causes the protons and neutrons in the partially filled orbitals to be excluded introducing a wobble in the nucleous.

    This deformity increases the particle distance thereby weakening the strong nuclear force (which falls off very rapidly) and allows the electromagnetic repulsion between the protons to begin to overshadow it. So the nuclei of these atoms are more unstable than normal nuclei. If the deformity exceeds a 2:1 ratio the nuclei is classified as superdeformed and can spontaneously fissionable (the naturally occurring, and therefore stable, monatomics probably do not have superdeformed nuclei).

    Not much is known about the circumstances which contribute to this spontaneous transmutation. About all that can be said at this early date is that spontaneous transmutation has been observed to exist. . It is no longer a matter of whether transmutation does or does not exist but under what circumstances such transmutation occurs.

    To understand the nature of monatomic elements, we must consider the nature of the metallic state in general. A bulk metal consists of a large number of metal atoms that share electrons. This communal sharing of electrons is what gives a bulk metal most of its chemical and electrical properties. However, when the metal atoms become separated from one another, and assume the form of a small micro-cluster or monatomic configuration, the ordinary chemical and electrical properties normally associated with that metal disappear.

    There is evidence that certain isolated metal atoms may assume what is referred to as a high-spin state. In the late 80's, nuclear physicists at a number of renowned laboratories around the world discovered that 12 transition group metals can be stimulated to assume a unique nuclear configuration, designated as a high-spin nucleus. The 12 metals are listed below in accordance with their columns in the periodic table.


    Unlike ordinary atomic nuclei, which display spherical symmetry, the nuclei of these specially prepared metals possess an elongated nucleus, resembling the shape of a football or a banana. In the technical literature such nuclei are called deformed or superdeformed nuclei.
    Excerpts from: www.crucible.org/monatomic_elements.htm}}}.

    2. The Elementary Nucleon Stability in Unification Physics

    Unbeknown to so called 'mainstream orthodox mensuration science'; the fundamental physics of the inner atom is structurally related to the much better understood physics of the outer atom.
    The latter is rigorously defined in electron configurations as the basis for all chemistry and its biological derivatives, say in biochemistry and radiation physics.
    Various models for the nucleus 'compete' in the forms of 'drop-models' and 'shell-models' in the attempt to find a theoretical foundation for the experimentally observed nucleons, which are themselves substructured in quarks, mesons and leptonic energy levels.

    The elementary physics of the outer atom is based on the interaction of electrons; in the valence sharing and the various types of bondings, which connect atoms to each other to form molecules and atomic conglomerations.

    Using the AUFBAU principle for electronic configurations in orbitals spdfg.. via quantisation 2(2n+1) for shells KLMNO...
    The n-counter is n=0,1,2,3...for the sequence: 2,6,10,14,18..for a shell filling of: 2,(6),8,(10),18,(14),32,(18),50,..

    This links to the Magic Numer Formula of the fivefolded symmetry in:
    0,2,6,14,28,50,82,126,184 and its mapping 0,2,(2),6,{8},14,(20),28, (42),50,(78),82,(stop command),126 as derived below.

    The filling of shells proceeds as:

    This yields the 'Noble Gases' (of column 18), renown for their filled outer shells and subsequently able to display exceptional relative stability.


    #101=Mendelevium=Md=Radon.5f12.7s2-------------maps Cesium/Alkalis/H
    #102=Nobelium=No=Radon.5f14.7s2------------------maps Barium/Alkalis
    #103=Lawrencium=Lr=Radon.5f14.6d1.7s2----------maps Lanth./Yttrium
    #104=Rutherfordium=Rf=Radon.5f14.6d2.7s2-------maps #72 Hafnium
    #105=Dubnium=Db=Radon.5f14.6d3.7s2-------------maps #73 Tantalum
    #106=Seaborgium=Sg=Radon.5f14.6d4.7s2----------maps #74 Tungsten
    #107=Bohrium=Bh=Radon.5f14.6d5.7s2---------------maps #75 Rhenium
    #108=Hassium=Hs=Radon.5f14.6d6.7s2---------------maps #76 Osmium
    #109=Meitnerium=Mt=Radon.5f14.6d7.7s2------------maps #77 Iridium
    #110=Darmstadtium=Ds==Radon.5f14.6d8.7s2-------maps #78 Platinum
    #111=Roentgenium=Rg=Radon.5f14.6d9.7s2----------maps #79 Gold
    #112=Ununbium=Uub=Radon.5f14.6d10.7s2-----------maps #80 Mercury
    #113=Ununtritium=Uut=Radon.5f14.6d10.7s2p1-------maps #81 Thallium
    #114=Ununquadium=Uuq=Radon.5f14.6d10.7s2p2----maps #82 as (Eka)Lead
    #115=Ununpentium=Uup=Radon.5f14.6d10.7s2p3-----maps #83 Bismuth
    #116=Ununhexium=Uuh=Radon.5f14.6d10.7s2p4------maps #84 Polonium
    #117=Ununseptium=Uus=Radon.5f14.6d10.7s2p5-----maps #85 Astatine
    #118=Ununoctium=Uuo=Radon.5f14.6d10.7s2p6------maps #86 as (Eka)Radon

    The generalised 'shape' for the universal topological deformation of a 'Hollow Sphere with an opening to infinity' and as a minmal surface (plane, catenoid and helicoid) can be utilized to model the shape of the 'holofractal' universe.
    This manifests as KleinBottle toroidal derivative of the BlackHole event horizon becoming 'wormholed' in the higher-D KleinBottle connection.
    A 'Turning Inside Out' of the spacial vortex geometry via the magnetic flux properties intrinsic to the unified field of quantumrelativity can so be indicated.

    Chemically, this would engage the properties of Helium-4, not only as the most stable Magic Element at N=2, but also its superfluid properties, having the lowest melting- and boiling points of all the elements.

    This inside-out deformation must engage unification physics with precise material parameters as given in the abstract definitions.
    Then it should become possible, to directly relate Helium-4 to element #118, most likely in attaining superfluid status at room temperatures in the application and manipulation of intersecting magnetioc fields and the supersymmetric nature of Maxwell's equations under agency of the MagnetoCharge and the Magnetic Monopoles as mass-equivalences from the superbrane dimensions.

    3. The Natural Superconductivity of Monatomic Elements

    Open any physics dictionary and look under MAGIC NUMBERS.
    You will find the following sequence of numbers:
    where the numbers relate to the number of protons or neutrons, making up the nucleus.

    This also relates to Bismuth at atomic number #83 in the following analysis.

    A general formula for the Magic Numbers of nucleonic arrangements in shells is given by the SEps-algorithm {Sequence of Energy primary sourcesink=Heterotic supermembrane EpsEss=HE(8x8) in M-space}.
    This can be derived from the M-Space Unification Polynomial:

    ax3+bx2+cx+d=0 and the Feynman-Path-Integral T(n)+2=0 sets the mapping of SEps onto Super-SEps as the relative primeness of the Experience-Factors in SEps superparitive to SEps* in extension.

    Subtracting polynomial f(x) from polynomial f(x+1) for the Feynman Identity n2+n+2=0 for {T(n)=n(n+1)} gives:
    3ax2+(3a+2b)x+(a+b+c)=0 and specifies a=1/3 and b=0 and c=5/3 as the coefficients for the unification polynomial.

    This directly gives the MAGIC NUMBER FORMULA:

    TMagicNumbers=N(N2+5)/3 for N=0,1,2,3,...,N

    Primary Series: 0,2,6,14,28,50,126,184,...
    Secondary Series: 0,2,(2),6,{8},14,(20),28,(42),50,(78),82,(Stop Command),126,...

    The secondary series uses the Fibonacci mechanism of the fivefolded supersymmetry to add successive terms to generate the NewState from the Experience added to the OldState.

    {This is how I discovered the Fibonacci Series on January 18th 1985; during a great hailstorm, wrecking parts of Brisbane, Australia. I thought I had discovered a NEW MATHEMATICAL SERIES, unaware at the time, that it had already been discovered by Leonardo de Pisa/Fibonacci in the Rennaissance}.

    As 50+82=132 > 126; the Magic Number for N=7; this Out-of-Order sets a natural limit on the nuclear stability in the generation of the periodic table of the atomic elements as consequence of fundamental principles in the specification of Lead at #82 and Bismuth-209 the last stable isotope at #83.

    The secondary series or the Lucas-Numbers; reflects the Fibonacci/Francom mechanism of always adding successive terms as the Experience-Factors in the 'Information-Gathering-Parameter'.

    The 2-branes of Helium-4 or Alpha-Particles so become topological surface mappings from M-space into C-space of 4D with added Calabi-Yau-manifolds in 6D as the 'collapsed/conifolded' superstring dimensions of 3-Torus transformations into the 3-Sphere of Riemann (Hypersphere); rootreduced as Moebian-KleinBottle-Manifold in 2D.

    This 'jargon' means that the quantum geometry of minimally connected surface topologies (there are only three ways for a plane to fold into a sphere with an opening to infinity, namely the Plane, the Catenoid (hourglass, two cones apex to apex) and the Helicoid), is then defined via the SEps-Identity:
    XY=X+Y=-1=i2=expcrystallisation of PLATONIC SOLIDS in the fivefolded symmetry across omnispace (Tetrahedron, Cube, Octagon, Dodecahedron, Icosahedron).

    Now science knows those as the IKEDA-SHAPES, relating to the exceptional stability of the Helium-Nucleus with N=2.

    In 1954 Fred Hoyle thought about the energylevels of hydrogen fusion in the sun.
    He predicted an excited state for Carbon at 7.6 MeV above groundstate and to the astonishment of the experimenters it was found.

    This is the basis for the Ikeda Shapes.
    Denote the basic building block for the nucleon stability as N=2,
    that is He-4; adding those in chains, we get:
    Be-8, C-12, O-16, Ne-20, Mg-24, Si-28.

    So Beryllium becomes part of Oxygen, Neon, Magnesium and Silicon in iterative nestings, separated by energylevels, all in MeV.

    According to Ikeda-Data (Ref.: NewScientist, May1,1999,p.37):
    Carbon level (7.16MeV); Oxygen (14,.44 & 7.16); Neon (19.17 & 11.89 & 4.73); Magnesium (28.48 & 21.21 & 14.05 & 13.93 & 9.31) and Silicon (38.46 & 31.19 & 24.03 & 23.91 & 19.29 & 16.75 & 9.98).

    Why does this work?
    Because the Neutrons bind the alpha particles in the inner atom together, just like the electrons do in the outer atom.

    So the alpha-particles join up in sausage/torus shapes to minimise their space and energies, described above in topological jargonautics.

    The origins for this enfoldment is the quark geometry, say as indicated in the Nobel Prize 1998 posting (found on the linked website).

    The Alpha-Particles quarkian geometry links up the individual 12 quarks about their common magnetoaxis in a precise order.

    u.d.u →d.

    So the large scale atomic stability becomes a direct derivative from the nucleon arrangements, which originates from the algorithmic encoding as given by the Magic Numbers and its mathematical/abstract foundation in the pentagonal symmetry of unification physics.

    This is illustrated in an Energy formulation based on a higher dimensional 'supercharge' becoming mapped into the lower dimensions and the Action Law of Action=Charge2, underpinning superconductivity in the natural current flow of magnetocharges as inertia equivalents and as indicated in the following.

    4. The Alchemy and the 'occult-suppressed' omniphysics in pre-2013 terrestrial standard models

    The physics of the monatomic elements is related to a fundamental supersymmetry between fermionic halfspin (Fermi-Maxwell) statistics and bosonic integralspin (Einstein-Bose) statistics.
    A number of Bose-Einstein Condensates or BECs have been reproduced in laboratories around the world, with pioneering work undertaken about a decade ago.
    Wolfgang Ketterle at MIT; May 18th, 1996 described condensates, surviving for more than 20 seconds as and containing so 5 million sodium atoms for dimensions of 8 and 150 microns in breath and length.
    Antonio Bianconi of La Sapienza University in Rome proposed 'Stripes' as superconducting wires separated by insulating materials and in the effort to increase the superconducting transition temperatures.
    Vic Emery of Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York and Steven Kivelson of UCLA believe 'Stripes' hold the key to 'High-Temperature-Superconductivity' (HTSC) and thought the introduction of charge carriers, say transition metals, could produce positively charged 'holes' as ferromagnetic bands in between antiferromagnetic 'isolators'.
    The 'Stripes' induce single holes to 'pair-up', trapping the single holes by the isolating boundaries.
    According to quantum mechanics, confined 'particles' tap Vaccum-Energy (ZPE aka VPE) and which increases for like quantum spin, that is the Bosonification of leptonic fermions.
    Opposite quantum spins decrease the energy levels for a 0-spin boson and the mechanism of Higgs-Template inertia induction allow the interaction of the supersymmetry in the equivalence principle of general relativity, coupled to the nature of the electropolic Coulomb charges and their magnetocharged string precursors from the M-Space.
    Within 'Stripes' large charge oscillations can build up and a team from MIT has used radio waves to excite the nuclei of copper atoms to show clear evidence of 'nearby charges' as proposed by Bianconi, Emery and Kivelson {vol82,p4300,PhysicalReviewL}.

    In the 1957 (Bardeen, Cooper and Schrieffer) BCS-Theory for 'ordinary' superconductivity; Cooper-Paired electrons behave like phonons as the exchange of vibrational quanta of energy between atomic lattices, attracting the passing electrons.
    This is known as S-Wave-Symmetry for the Cooper-pairings.
    The alignment of quantum spins of 'spin fluctuations' between passing electrons and spin-flip magnetised atoms is corollarily known as a D-Wave-Symmetry.
    The latter symmetry exhibits a 'clover-leaf' shape in comparison with the 'circle' shape of the S-Wave.
    Experiments by Donald Ginsberg (University of Illinois) revealed clear evidence of D-Wave symmetry in 1993 and many other researchers (Leggett, Pines, Van Harlingen) adopted this revised model for HTSC engaging 'exotic ceramics', such as Yttrium-Barium-Copper-Oxide (YBa2Cu3O7).
    Combining the S-Wave and D-Wave symmetries results in a crystallisation for a Flow of 'Natural Current'; where it is frequency, that 'flows' as aparameter and not inertial particles like electrons or positive holes (positrons).
    The equation for 'Normal Current' as I=dQ/dt=Change of Chargeflow/Time so reduces as differential equation from second order to first (for integral count N of Cooper-pairings):
    {Vo(t)=L.dI/dt+RI+Q/C=L.d2Q/dt2+R.dQ/dt+Q/C} → Vo(f)=2eNL.df/dt+2eNRf+2eN/C}.
    Mueller, Jahn and Teller proposed the Polaron of 'Electron Degeneracy' in the 1930's and defined as two electron eigenstates in the same identical minimum energy configuration.

    The electron polarises the atomic pattern as its environment of dynamic interaction.
    By distorting itself, the crystal lattice slightly alters the two quantum states of the polaron.
    As long as the electron energy is lowered more than the lattice energy is raised, the polaron manifests spontaneously and becomes enabled to 'freely' move about as a Quasiparticle within the 'Stripes' of the superconducting material.

    The Polaron of Jahn and Teller is identical to a 'Monatomically produced Photon' and couples in terms of a 'changing inertial mass' to a mass-equivalent current element, which can be labeled as a 'Magnetic Monopole' in selfduality.

    This Magnetic Monopole, manifesting as quasiparticle in the omniphysics of the superconductivity, is itself defined from the Quantum Big Bang Cosmogenesis, which emerged the parameter of inertial mass from its gravitational progenitor.
    {It is transformed from the Planck-String in T-duality to the Cosmic Ray spectra, encompassed in Edward Witten's IIA supersymmetry class coupling the 10D-superstrings to the 11D-supermembranes}.

    The phenomenon of electron degeneracy at the elementary level so renders the phonons or 'spin-flippers' of the D-Wave symmetry capable of binding polarons together and as verified by the BECs.
    Greater vibrational eigenenergy, tapped from the ZPE, then results in stronger Cooper bonding and LTSC manifests at higher temperatures.

    The concept of the 'optical computer' further illustrates the nature of the magnetocharges as a 'missing link' between the parameters of mass and electromagnetic radiation and between the null-state of the vacuum and the gravitational potential.
    Achim Wixforth from the University of Munich {vol78,p4099,PhysicalReviewL}, has 'caught' lightbeams in optoelectronics, converting the dynamics of electrons, which shunt between valence- and conduction bands in semiconductors via acoustic sound waves into optical memories of piezoelectric crystals.
    Distorting the electric environment in application of an alternating voltage to a piezoelectric material such as Lithium Niobate, creates a pressure wave along the crystalline surface, which then utilises the generated electric field to capture and store electrons.
    The electric field distorts the flat conduction and valence bands into sinusoidal waveforms, to 'peak' electrons and 'trough' positrons/holes in such a way, as to render this maximum separation in excess of the distance required for instant recombination.
    Only when the electric field is 'turned off' can the 'trapped light' of the electron-positron energy be released in the linearisation of the electrical environment.
    The electron-hole pairings, spawned say by infrared laserlight, so form an effective 'optical memory'.

    But in elementary terms, the electron-hole energy is 'magnetocharged' in the form of quasiparticles, say a polaron or a phonon or a monatomic photon.
    The fundamental formulations indicate, that mass as a parameter is NOT fundamental, but is a derivative from the string energy, causative of the Big Bang and the creation of the spacetime matrices themselves.

    What is however elementary is the string energy given in the Modular Duality of the Source-Sink Coupling of the 11-dimensional Witten Mother-Membrane.
    It is this Source-Sink manifesting as the Zero-Point-Vortex-Energy from the minimised Planck-String-Quasi-Singularity, which initially defines the extent of the universe as a Planck-Nugget aka the 'Primeval Atom' of Lemaitre.
    Because this initial energy configuration was a quantum eigenstate; the subsequent cosmoevolution of the universe had itself to become quantised in all parameters and including the parameter of mass.
    To expand, the universe, the size of a Planck-Nugget, so had to multiply quantitatively and as there was no primeval spacetime into which to expand into, the Planck-Nugget required dimensional extension from string to brane to volumar or from point to line to manifold to volume in a form of dimensional-holofractal nestings.

    The origin of the universe became mathematically structured in a selfmapping of a 'point' or Null-Dimension as itself, hitherto allowing the concept of the Infinity-Dimension to become prerequisite for the mathematical realisation of a physical non-zero and finitised complex of interwoven dimensionalities.
    Mathematically, this allowed a 'Point' to 'unknot' itself as a doublepoint and so define the primordial metric as a space of separation between two image points.

    Selfrelativity between the images now allowed the introduction of curved linespace from the rotational freedom of the straight linespace and the 'Complex Plane' could become a 'Complex Riemann Sphere' and introducing the 'twisting' potential for the manifolds of the 2-dimensional surfaces.
    In terms of the Planck-Nugget, two Planck-Nuggets could now adjoin and define a coupling between themselves, becoming the minimum stringenergy configuration as the ZPE=VPE.
    Many details of the cosmogenesis indicated in the above can be found on the linked website.
    But the manifestation of the ZPE as the minimum sourcesink energy of the Quantum Big Bang itself now and by necessity, crystallises all subsequent physical parameters, describing the physical universe, as emergent properties of this initialisation.

    Space became defined in a de Broglien 'MatterWave', which 'inflated' the Planck-Nugget as a superdimensional Witten-Membrane to a size of the so called Hubble-Horizon at 16.9 billion lightyears and as a corresponding 'quantum count' {which can be defined algorithmically, based on an underpinning pentagonal supersymmetry}.

    This Witten-Universe is 11-dimensional and so circumscribes a 10-dimensional superuniverse in mathematical rootreduction just as a manifold or 2-Sphere encompasses a as an 'Inner Space' (3-Ball) and an 'Outer Space' both in a dimension higher by one as its dividing boundary condition (your skin or the surface of the earth or the surface of the universe).

    Well known formulations encompass the quantum formulations for the eigenstates of energy and momentum of this Witten-Universe.
    The Laws of Stefan-Boltzmann, Planck and Einstein (in that order and linked to the initialising quantum geometry) gave a basis for the SI-units of temperature, time, displacement, mass, molarity, luminosity and charge to become subject to definition.

    In particular E=kT=hf=mc2 crystallized energy proportionalities for the parameters of entropy, frequency and mass.
    In terms of the Planck-Nugget, the primeval quantum definition became:

    Energy E=hf=mc2 ;

    E=hf iff m=0; with c=ff*=RHubbleHo
    E=mc2 iff f=fo=fmin with fo=1/f* under modular duality for f*=fmax.

    This definition associates every mass m with a quantum count of minimum frequencies fo (as m=Nfo=f(monopole masses as monopolic current Imin=2efo), and so QUANTISES all inertia in terms of the modular dual of the sourcefrequency f*, causative eigenstate of the Quantum Big Bang.

    The Eigenfrequency for Mass as a Sink-Frequency, modular dual to the Source-Frequency so becomes defined in the decomposition of the heterotic HE(8x8) supermembrane ESourceESink=E (manifesting).

    Source-String: ESource= hf*
    Sink-String: ESink = hfo

    With Witten-Coupling Constants:
    ESourceESink= h2 (as 'Squared' Energy parameter in Witten-Spacetime)
    and ESource/ESink= f*2=1/fo2 (as dimensionless entropy count)

    The definition for the stringed mass as a monopolic current so becomes:

    As Planck-String-Oscillation (PSO) for the generalised Action-Law is defined in:
    √(Alpha).LPlanck=e/c2PSO/with h/e2=constant (Quantum Hall Effect)
    as the Planck-Stoney-Unification in the Witten spacetime with:

    m=Nmmin=Nhfmin/c2 =NhImin/2ec2 = NhfminλPSO/e →e2c/e=[ec] (transformation)

    for a GUT Dirac-Monopole Eigenstate described as Monopolic Current Element efiλi :

    mmonopole=mm=hfm/c2=[ec]=2.7x1025 GeV (as c3)

    The quasiparticles in superconductivity, characterised in the Quantum-Hall-Effect {h/e2=f(Free Space Impedance Zo=√(μoo))}; Josephson Junctions {frequencies as f(2e/h)} and the Conductance-Quantum {Go=2e2/h} so become lower dimensional and inertialised manifestations for higher dimensional gravitational natural current elements, identical to lower-D masses by the Equivalence Principle and the interdimensional mapping transformations between Coulombic Electropoles 'e' and Monopolic Magnetopoles 'e*'.

    The encompassing identity for this mapping is:

    Coulomb ChargeQuantum: 'e' = c2PSO/LPlanck.c2.√(Alpha) ↔ Membrane ChargeQuantum: 'e*' =c2(2Re)=NCL.c2,

    and where NCL=Nucleon Confinement Limit as the 'Classical Electron Radius' as the quarkian magnetic asymptote, the 'size' of the weakons and the Higgs Boson and amost fundamentally as a function of the electromagnetic finestructure constant alpha and hence the physics of the subatomic Compton nucleus, the Bohr atom and the extended Rydberg atom.
    As {mec2=ke2/Re}

    for Re=hAlpha.Rcompton=Alpha2.Rbohr1=Alpha3/R∞}.

    The crucial transition from the superstring scenario in 11 dimensions and the Planck-length
    specifies the heterotic membrane class EsourceEsink in the 'Wormhole' or Weyl-Scale of the magnetocharge e*=1/E*=1/Esource and through its definition as Finestructure of Planck's Constant in: h=E*fo=foe*c=1/Unification Monopole Current.

    Planck's Constant so relates directly to the Classical Electron Radius and Alpha and to the Mass-Eigenfrequency in the Identity (using the modular identity foλo=1/c):

    showing that the inertial selfstate becomes 'absorbed' in the wormhole perimeter in a cancellation*/2Re)=180/1010=hc3 in conjunction with the 'unified' monopole unification mass [ec]~4.8x10-11 kg manifesting as the monopolic unification 'Rydberg' energy:
    E'=hc/L=hc3/Lc2PSO/Le)=(RPSOe)→1/e↔Identity E*e*=1.

    so represents the transformation or transduction potential between the transformed stringscalefrom the Weylian boundary of quantised spacetime and the manifestation of the nuclear interaction scale (~ 3 Fermi).

    The transition into biovital scales, especially those of DNA/RNA induction potentials occurs at the 'infrared atmospheric window' of 9 microns and a scale, which characterises the width of the BECs.
    The infrared unification λinfrared/hcc2 so occurs at that region of the electromagnetic spectrum, where atmospheric waterdroplets do not absorb the infrared wavelengths.

    An optical unification is found at 6000 angstroems of Orange Light and the UltraViolet Unification at 179.9 nanometers becomes the piezoelectric window for Mercury and the crystalline transducer of (fused) Quartz (Silicon Dioxide).

    5. The Letter from Cheryl DeLuca addressing Orbitally-Rearranged-Monatomic Elements

    Re: Update on the Pentagrammon Agenda

    I'm curious as to your thoughts on Monoatomic Gold and it's alleged use to make the consumer a 'radio' receiver for these 5th dimensional beings, which many point to repilitian beings or draconian beings known as the Enki. Consumption of the Ormus or white gold powder (patented by David Hudson) is suppose to activate the higher strands of the DNA. There are experiments going on where fasts and intense esoteric preparation takes place for three years, at the end of which, the Initiate is suppose to illuminate, becoming a being of light, with full bi-locality abilities. As of yet, the psychic abilities are minimial and no bi-location has occured. Also, there are warnings that the activations of the higher DNA strands are temporary, and the pain and disease relief attained by consumption actually backfires in the long run and the pain and disease worsens, while at the very same time the lower DNA strands are destroyed. They further this with a sinister plot by the Illuminati to prevent us from Ascending. What I'm trying to find are the studies that say this. Warnings and almost evangelistic waving off of the 'evil, satanic' white gold love to point to these studies and yet haven't produced a single one of them for us to scrutinize.

    Shamans who took the white gold powder reported of these controlling entities that would want them to do good deeds, but threaten them if they didn't agree to do them. They reported that they felt that these beings were trapped inside their dimension and needed others to take the gold in order to 'dial in' to their frequency, that they were invisible, non-audial and rendered powerless in any other dimension but their own. It reminded me of what is written below and so I am curious as to what you feel about white gold powder?



    Lightning struck Rio's Jesus Christ statue and broke off his fingers


    Rio de Janeiro, which has been getting lit up with lightning storms this week, just got hit with another one and this one hit the big guy: Rio's 125-foot tall Christ the Redeemer statue. A lightning bolt struck the Jesus Christ statue and broke off a few fingers on the statue's right hand.
    According to the National Institute of Space Research, more than 40,000 lightning flashes (!) hit the area during the three hour storm. And when you put a giant statue on top of a hill, well, that's bound to attract some lightning bolts. On average, Christ the Redeemer usually gets struck with lightning 3-5 times per year. Here's another angle:
    Image Credit: Getty, EFE

    Incredible photos show lightning strike Christ the Redeemer statute in Rio de Janeiro

    The strikes, which frequently hit the famous statute above the Brazilian city, chipped the right thumb of the figure. Erected in 1931, the statute frequently needs such repairs.)
    Friday, January 17, 2014, 7:54 PM

    brazil-weather-rain. [/COLOR]

    View of lightning that strikes the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Thursday.

    RIO DE JANEIRO — The iconic statue of Christ overlooking Rio de Janeiro has been damaged during a storm.
    Officials said Friday that the right thumb was chipped, apparently by a lightning strike Thursday night.



    The statute, sitting atop a hill above the city, is frequently struck by lightning during storms near Rio.

    The middle finger of the right hand had been chipped during a storm last month.

    The 125-foot (38 meter) Christ the Redeemer statue sits atop a steep mountain and is often hit by strikes.


    Renata Brito/AP

    A violent lightning and rain storm swept across Rio de Janeiro, flooding streets and knocking out power in some neighborhoods on Thursday.

    The statue underwent a $4 million renovation in 2010 to repair badly eroded parts of its face and hands.
    The Archdiocese of Rio manages the statue. Father Omar Raposo tells Globo Radio that repairs will soon be made.
    He says the church has a stock of the same stone originally used to build the statue, which was erected in 1931.

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/incredible-photos-show-lightning-strike-christ-redeemer-statute-rio-de-janeiro-article-1.1583494#ixzz2qjdaRcYP

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    shiloh za-rah Planetary Rebirth

    Olivia Brandis - posted January 18th, 2014

    {03Jul2012}---+430=|||(06Sep2014)---+179---04Mar2014---+21||March 25th, 2014||+21---15Apr2014---+179|||(11Oct2014)---+430={15Dec2015}
    430+200+1+200+430 = 630+1+630 = 1260+1


    In 2014, there are two solar eclipses, one annular and two total lunar eclipses as follows.​
    In 2015, there are two solar eclipses, one total and two lunar eclipses, one total as follows.​

    I am a Goddess from ancient times - returned! Ra Akbar de Queen Bayan Magdalene 43
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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