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    THEeXchanger wrote: 3 DAYS of DARKNESS -NABS or NOT ??? 26 SEP 2013

    The timing of the '3 days of darkness' will have interesting motives, regarding the 'end of the world' and the '2nd Coming of Jesus-Yeshuah' prophecies. The Nabs misinformation and abuse of 'older historical sources' by disinformation agencies remains prevalent in the manipulation of the global human groupmind by the cosmically applicable memeplex, sourcefed and created in the human mentality genomatic matrix.

    The Three Days of Darkness (spiritual-metaphysical as a reconfiguration of the aforementioned memeplex) according to the Thuban archives:

    Friday the 13th

    Morning falls in thickness
    Her heavy air, Grey
    Diamonds scintillating in
    The dawn sky
    Haze of centuries lay over
    The city like a blanket
    Fog of endings
    The silence pierced by
    Raven caw
    Black Beaked and carrion feasted
    Mother of all
    Dove winged she bleeds white
    The thirteenth tribe gathers
    We came to start a fire
    Do not pretend to know me
    Or from where I come
    Gather around our corpses
    And see what flesh the saints eat.
    Julienne Alvarez ® Sept., 13 2013=9/13/13

    How much rain?
    From the afternoon of Sept. 9 through midday on Sept. 13, 14.62 inches of rain fell in Boulder. Average September rainfall in Boulder is only 1.63 inches, according to Weather Channel meteorologist Jon Erdman, adding that Boulder picked up almost nine times its average September monthly rainfall in almost four days.


    The factual versus the New Age BS aka Nabs

    Shiloh, Saturday, September 16th, 2013


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    THE13thBRiDGE-SUSAN - Posted 2 Days Ago


    THE13thBRiDGE-SUSAN - Posted 2 Days Ago
    Padre Pio and the Three Days of Darkness


    “My child, you speculate much about the coming Warning. I have asked you many times not to speculate on dates, but I give you one indication that the time is ripe. When you see, when you hear, when you feel the revolution in Rome, when you see the Holy Father fleeing, seeking a refuge in another land, know that the time is ripe.”
    - Jesus, September 14, 1976

    Comment by shiloh:

    This part simply relates to The Italian-European papacy becoming 'transcontinental' and so is fulfilled by the 'Last Pope' of the Irish Saint Malachy, predicted in the 12th Century in the Argentinian papacy of Francis Bergoglio. The 'prophecies' so relate to the history of the Roman Vatican following the times of Malachy and Nostradamus of the 16th Century and stipulate a 1272 year cycle between 741 and 2013.

    This is also the decoding for the Nostradamus quatrain II.41

    Nostradamus - Quatrain: Century 2, Quatrain 41

    The great star will burn for seven days,
    The cloud will cause two suns to appear:
    The big mastiff will howl all night
    When the great pontiff will change country.

    No fanciful conspiracy theories or Nabs interpretations are required.


    Francis is first non-European pope in nearly 1,300 years

    By Josh Levs and Holly Yan, CNN
    March 14, 2013 -- Updated 1643 GMT (0043 HKT)


    The new pope is Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the former archbishop of Buenos Aires, who takes the name Pope Francis.
    The announcement came on Wednesday, March 13, the first full day of the cardinals' conclave in the Sistine Chapel.

    Then-Archbishop of Buenos Aires Bergoglio is seen in Vatican City in this undated photo. He's the first non-European pope in the modern era and the first South American pope.

    Pope John Paul II receives Cardinal Bergoglio, archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina, at the Vatican on February 21, 2001.

    • It was 741 when someone from outside Europe last led the Roman Catholic Church
    • That's when Pope Gregory III, born in Syria, ended his 10-year reign
    • That's just one of several unusual things about the new Pope Francis

    (CNN) -- Pope Francis is a first in many ways. He's the first Latin American pontiff; the first Jesuit; the first Francis -- and the first non-European in 1,272 years.
    The last time someone from outside Europe led the Roman Catholic Church was the year 741.
    That's when Pope Gregory III, born in Syria, ended his 10-year reign.
    Before him, there were popes from Bethlehem (St. Evaristus, from 97 to 105), Jerusalem (Pope Theodore I, from 642 to 649) and modern-day Libya (Saint Victor I, from 189 to 199).

    Meet Pope Francis

    And, of course, the church counts Peter, disciple of Jesus from the Holy Land, as the first pope.
    Several other Syrians have also served as pontiff.
    The majority of popes have been Italian.
    Over the centuries, the length of reign has varied widely.
    Pope Pius IX reigned the longest, more than 31 years, from 1846 to 1878.

    See the longest-reigning popes
    The record for shortest reign goes to Pope Urban VII, who served for 13 days in 1590.
    See the shortest-reigning popes

    Shiloh, September 21st, 2013
    7:01:12 AM= Saturday, September 28th, 2013 +10UCT]

    Zaina: VANCOUVER, BC – In an interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Kevin Annett, secretary of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, reviewed the terms of a Spiritual Reclamation pronounced on September 22, 2013 by traditional indigenous and clergy across from the Vatican that stated: "On August 4, 2013, the corporate entity calling itself the Church of Rome was lawfully disestablished and publicly declared to be a global criminal body, without standing or authority. Today, on Equinox Sunday, September 22, 2013, the same criminal entity has been spiritually disestablished, declared abomination, anathema and anti-Christ, and banished from the world.”


    Not only has the Christian world religion, 'hijacked' by the Vatican, become 'metaphysically' disempowered; so have ALL other global religions, including the 'movements' of the 'materialistic science religion' (not omni-science including the physical sciences and the metaphysical sciences) and the many subgroups and 'guru familiar sects', including alternative factions, like Nabs and Oabs.
    Also included is the likewise 'kidnapped' form of a true 'Love Movement' called ISLAM=LOVE=54=NAVIGA=SUN=GABRIEL associated with the true creator label of ALHLA=ONE=HALAL=34=AL-H=8-LA=13+ETERNITY MIRROR+13 as another NAME=AMEN=THE=33=MAGIC of the GODDOG=DOGGOD=26+26=13+13+ETERNITY MIRROR DOUBLED+13+13.

    A detailed descriptor of the 'False Islam' of the 'Fake Allah' demiurge and usurper creator deity can be researched here:

    The true Alhla is like the true YHWHY as a Pentagrammaton of the 'Holy unspeakable Name' of the I Am That Am I as a supersymmetric and selfreflective anagram of the asymmetric Tetragrammaton of YHWH in the Name of I Am That I Am, encoded in Exodus.3.14 and as parallel to the distorted Allah.
    There is no intrinsic esoteric association with the 'sacrificing' of living entities, either animal or human; which became an exoteric practice by misinterpretors of the source lexicons, which for example misread the 'transfer of the birthrights' between a lineage succession between Reuben Aries and Simeon Taurus and Zebulon Capricorn in the number of the 'birthing orders' of the Genesis code (Reuben's mandrakes and the 'blessings of the 12 star tribes' of Jacob and Moses and Jacob in Genesis.30&49 with Deuteronomy.33) in the Torah and the Old Testament. The transfer or 'sacrifice' of the Ram to the Calf or the Goat in the numerical order of 1=0+1 and 2=1+1 and 10=9+1=1+0=0+1 in the arithmetic of the defined oddness in the maleness and the assignment of femaleness in the evenness became exoterically interpreted and misunderstood in the slaughter of the 'life force' to 'please' the fake deities with 'pleasant odours' of the burning blood and flesh or similar human mind created ideas and memeplexes, then resulting in the astral manifestation of affiliated 'human mind' empowered thoughtforms as a consequence.

    It has nothing to do with 'ceremonial killing' of 'kosher food' and human minded manmade traditions derived from the pollution of ancient source encodings of historically associated nomenclature and linguistic utility, due to a misreading and misinterpretation of the encoding semantics. It also has nothing to do with 'hiding' and obscuring the image of Alhla as Al88lA as A(2+0+0+2)A aka Abba is wishing to see as his own Goddess-Self in the Mirror of the Creation of the physical Universe as Baab aka the Ba'b or Gate of the true Islamic HEAVEN=SUFI=55=BARBELO=SKY=SONG=CLOUD=SATAN=JUDAS=... in an alphanumeric gematria, subject to a bifurcated dualistic interpretation in allowing the choosing of the 'word play' as either 'good or evil' or of the 'spirit' being either of the light or the darkness and obscuring the underpinning esoteric nature of this selfsame dichotomy harmonised as a dyadic monad, already unified in the construction of the source coded definition of the lingual mechanics and its applied dynamics.

    Shiloh, September 28th, 2013​

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    Nabs Disinformation Agenda - Area 51 Disclosure - Kernel ET Agenda - Overview in Greater Agenda

    a51-3. a51-4.
    a51-12. a51-5.

    a51-1. a51-2.
    a51-6. a51-7.
    a51-8. a51-9.
    a51-10. area51-11.

    legb1. legb2. legb3. legb4. legb5. legb6.
    earthegg. a51-a. a51-b.

    [10:27:21 PM-July 21st, 2012 +10UCT] Ishtara Raven:
    Baba Jaga is the Wise Woman of Fire. Some Romani/Gypsy families portray her as a phuri dai, the words for grandmother or Wise Woman. She represents the element of Fire and harmonizes with the other three: the mortar symbolizing herbs (Earth), bird legs on the cabin represent Air, and the element of Water flows as a creek between the legs.

    Baba Yaga is sometimes shown as an antagonist, and sometimes as a source of guidance; there are stories in which she helps people with their quests, and stories in which she kidnaps children and threatens to eat them. Seeking out her aid is usually portrayed as a dangerous act. An emphasis is placed on the need for proper preparation and purity of spirit, as well as basic politeness. It is said she ages one year every time she is asked a question, which may explain her reluctance to help. This effect, however, can be reversed with a special blend of tea made with blue roses.

    [3:33:05 PM] Ishtara Raven: Name in other languages

    Baba Yaga is an archetypal character in the culture of many eastern European countries, and is known by different names across the region, including "Baba Roga" and "Baba Ruta" in Macedonian, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian; "Baba Cloanța" in Romanian; "Je'ibaba" in Slovak as well as Czech; "vasorrú (literally "iron-nosed") bába" in Hungarian; "Баба (literally "Grandma") Яга" in Bulgarian; and "Bobbe Yakhne" in Yiddish. In other languages she is known as: (play /ˈbɑːbə jəˈɡɑː/; Bosnian: Baba Jaga; Belarusian: Баба-Ягіня, Baba-Jahinia; Bulgarian: Баба Яга, Baba-Yaga ; Croatian: Baba Jaga; Czech: Je'ibaba; Latvian: Baba Jaga; Polish: Baba Jaga; Russian: Баба-Яга, Baba-Yaga; Serbian: Баба Рога, Baba Rоga; Slovene: Jaga baba; Ukrainian: Баба-яга, Baba-yaha).

    [10:33:36 PM] Ishtara Raven: did you know this about this fable?

    [10:33:44 PM] Ishtara Raven: Baba means grandmother lol
    [10:35:27 PM] Totanubis: Of course; Arachne
    [10:35:54 PM] Totanubis: Baab=Grandmother with Abba=Grandfather as the grand plan of creation to populate the omniverse in starry and galactic generations
    [10:37:55 PM] Totanubis: But it is all soo complicated and too long to read and whatever, better be a groupie and follower of conspiracies and evil reptoid agendas and New Age and Old Age BS


    The Council of Thuban de Ra Akbar de Bayan Queen - The Gateway to the Dawn!
    Disclosure from the Thuban Dragon ArkDen

    Shiloh, Sunday, September 29th, 2013​
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    SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Sep 29th
    liberator777ACTS says:

    Thank you Alan ,the BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst) takes orders from the CIA so yes you are right
    and most people also don`t know that Germany is not a soverign country,it doesn`t have a constitution
    but a grundgesetz(basic law)yet they have a Verfassungsgericht(High court,i.e to solve constitutional matters)
    very strange,it is just an occupied country,part of the roman-empire of German nation.
    Keep up the good work Alan,sadly in Germany you just don`t hear anything like this.GOD bless
    KaydenOffers says:
    The Jesuits ARE literally the Knights Templars.
    When the Ad Providam Papal bull destroyed the Templars in 1312, the templars in Aragon, Spain were allowed to continue.
    They were taken into the Order of Montessa. The Order of Montessa goes on to become the Jesuits.
    The Farnese and Borgia bloodlines created the Jesuits through Loyola, who was their puppet.
    These were the same families behind the order of Montessa. So essentially Jesuits = Knights Templars.
    afzpuppet says:
    The Knights Templars being members of the NOBILITY of Europe from Apulia, Aragon, England, France, Hungary, Poitiers, Portugal and Scotland.
    Led by their grand master in Jerusalem. The lethal papal bull of 1307, Pastoralis Praeeminentiae, destroyed templar power and seizure of all their lands by the Church.
    Did the Templar order survive or simply go underground???
    Did Robert the Bruce of Scotland protect the scottish templars and other fleeing templars fight against the English..

    "Beam Me Up"
    [9/28/2013 2:01:49 PM] The 13th Bridge: i thought The Templars were the good guys ?
    [9/28/2013 2:02:00 PM] The 13th Bridge: what is The Crusader's ?

    [9/28/2013 2:16:16 PM] The 13th Bridge:
    View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWYWLN7N-Xk

    [9/28/2013 2:16:31 PM] The 13th Bridge: Hadith & Qur'an PROOF the Vatican created Islam
    [9/28/2013 2:42:36 PM] The 13th Bridge: this is interesting -
    View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1lul2nEyIU

    [9/28/2013 2:42:53 PM] The 13th Bridge: The Islamic Connection to Rome Catholicism
    [9/28/2013 2:45:48 PM] The 13th Bridge: allah--he was the moon god, who married the sun goddess..
    together they produced 3 goddesses who were called the daughters of allah - these 3 goddess were called al-lat, al-uzza and manat'
    - allah is a pre-islamic name corresponding to the Babylonian Bl .
    "the truth is a hard swallow" - susan lynne schwenger
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    a511. a512.

    a510. a513.
    a514. a515.


    An Historical Extraposition of the World Logos across Metaphysical Philosophies and Global Religions defining a galactic synchronisation in 13,990 days from September 1975 to December 2013 in


    a Alpha Head=A*=|888|=Z=Omega Tail w

    Friday, September 12th, 1975 = JD#2,442,667.5=Day#0= Chicchan 13 Mol
    Saturday, September 27th, 1975 = JD#2,442,682.5=Day#15= 2 Ahau 8 Chen
    Monday, August 4th, 2008 = JD#2,454,682.5=Day#12,015= 3 Ahau 3Yaxkin
    Friday, December 21st, 2012 = JD#2,456,282.5=Day#13,615= Ahau 3 Kankin
    Tuesday, June 4th, 2013 = JD#2,456,447,5=Day#13,780= Chicchan 3 Zotz
    Monday, December 16th, 2013 = JD#2,456,642.5=Day#13,975= Ahau 18 Mac
    Tuesday, December 31st, 2013 = JD#2,456,657.5=Day#13,990= Kankin 2 Men
    Wednesday, January 1st, 2014 = JD#2,456,658.5=Day#13,991= Kankin 3 Zip


    This becomes further indicated by the precessional transit of the sun across the galactic equator.
    The Mayan master timeline spans five great cycles of longcounts; each longcount being comprised of 13 baktuns, each baktun encompassing 144,000 kin or days, and as 20 katuns of 7,200 kin each.
    It is the 65th and final baktun, which defines the 'birth of the starhuman' archetype to replace the older 'human' archetype initiated 5x13x144,000 kin or 9,360,000 days before the nexus date of December 21st, 2012.

    As the sun's angular diameter is about 0.53 degrees, 'ancient astronomers', like the Maya calculated the ending of their longcount in the last cycle of the winter-summer solstices as a function of the Mayan Precessional 'Great Platonic Year' of 25,626.81 kin (or civil Gregorian days).
    A precessional degree then becomes 9,360,000/360=26,000=71.1856.x365.2425 days and so in the Mayan kin count, 71.1856 civil years specify a 1-degree precession and the galactic synchronisation at the winter solstice will be 71.1856x0.53=37.728 civil years for the solar transit across the galactic centre. Since 37.728x365.25=13,780 'civil days' and 13,780=12,000+1,600+180; the solar transit of the galactic centre can be used by the World Logos to 'fulfil' the encoded timelines in various scrolls and 'books of prophecy' in a 'grand synchronisation' of the human history in the precessional cycle of 9,360,360 days or Mayan kin as stipulated.

    In conjunction with the 'Venusian Transit of the Solar Disc' {8 years apart in 243-year cycles (121.5+16+105.5=243) and manifesting June 7th, 2004 to June 5th, 2012 in the present Logos timeline http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transit_of_Venus}, the Maya obtained the longcount from the 'hermetic' tradition (of the Plumed Serpent Melchizedek) of Kukulkan (or Quetzalcoatl in the Aztec parallel) and this 'prophecy' relates directly to a scripturally encoded 'day count' of 12,000+1,600=13,600 days in a 'furlong' count of measuring the 'inside' and the 'outside' of the 'great city' {John.2.21;Revelation.11.1-2;14.20;21.16} as the 'Temple of God'.

    These 13,600 days from December 21st, 2012 will specify September 12th, 1975 as the beginning of the 37.728 civil year period of 13,780 days, so adding 180 days as the angular halving of 360 degrees of a circle in 180 days and as say the period between the two equinoxes in March and September or as the 180 Degrees between the two solstices of June and December, each 6 months apart in the assignment of the seasons.

    As the December 21st, 2012 date indicates the December Solstice; an additional 'Ancient Year' of 360 Days is added to this Solstice to define the Mayan Full Moon in Gemini for December 17th, 2013 and following a calibrated Mayan AHAU date on December 16th, 2013.[/color]

    Day*1300=Maya#5/260/65AHAU=18AHAU*=December 16th, 2013= End of Mayan Tzolkin Correlation
    Day*1301=Maya#6/1/1/66IMIX=19IMIX*=December 17th, 2013= 5th Full Moon in Gemini(+)

    Similarly a 360 Kin 360-Degree Year is added (in subtraction from a 0-Date defining the Start of Warpzone and as encoded as the 'Abomination of Desolation' in Matthew and Daniel) to the DayCount of September 12th, 1975 to specify the Ouroboros or the Galactic Serpent of the Mazzaroth of Job as the two parts of the Leviathan and the Behemoth.

    The HEAD or ALPHA of the Galactic Dragon is the SolarArrowed Unicorn of the SeaGoatian Dragonhorns as the Behemothian DNA-Strand of the FireEarth and the TAIL or OMEGA of the Galactic Dragon is the Hermetic FisherEagle of the Lunar Twins as the Leviathan DNA-Strand of the AirWater.
    Together they represent the 'Intertwined Serpent-Rod' of Moses of the Zodiac of Abraham; also known as the Caduceus of Thoth, the Egyptian Ibis God of Wisdom.

    The Timeline from 1975 to 2014

    Shiloh, September 30th, 2013​
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    SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Sep 29th

    History of Religions

    40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World

    If you’re a visual learner like myself, then you know maps, charts and infographics can really help bring data and information to life.

    Maps can make a point resonate with readers and this collection aims to do just that.

    Hopefully some of these maps will surprise you and you’ll learn something new.

    A few are important to know, some interpret and display data in a beautiful or creative way,

    and a few may even make you chuckle or shake your head.

    If you enjoy this collection of maps, the Sifter highly recommends the r/MapPorn sub reddit.

    You should also check out ChartsBin.com. There were also fantastic posts on Business Insider and Bored Panda

    earlier this year that are worth checking out. Enjoy!


    1. Where Google Street View is Available


    Map by Google

    2. Countries That Do Not Use the Metric System


    Map via Wikimedia Commons

    3. The Only 22 Countries in the World Britain Has Not Invaded (not shown: Sao Tome and Principe)


    Map by Stuart Laycock (via The Telegraph)

    4. Map of ‘Pangea’ with Current International Borders


    Map by eatrio.net via Reddit

    Pangea was a supercontinent that existed during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras,
    forming about 300 million years ago. It began to break apart around 200 million years ago.
    The single global ocean which surrounded Pangaea is accordingly named Panthalassa.

    5. McDonald’s Across the World


    Map by Business Management EU

    6. Paid Maternal Leave Around the World


    Map by The New York Times

    7. The Most Common Surnames in Europe by Country


    Map by Teepr on Reddit

    8. Worldwide Driving Orientation by Country


    Map by ChartsBin.com

    9. Map of Time Zones in Antarctica


    Map by Phoenix B 1of3

    10. Global Internet Usage Based on Time of Day


    Map by Carna Botnet via Reddit

    11. The World’s Busiest Air Routes in 2012


    Map by Vizual Statistix

    12. Visualizing Global Population Density


    Map by valeriepieris on Reddit

    13. Flag Map of the World


    Map by andrewfahmy on Reddit

    14. Map of Alcohol Consumption Around the World


    Map by World Health Organization

    15. Map of Alcoholic Drink Popularity by Country


    Map by World Health Organization

    16. Map of Rivers in the Contiguous United States


    Map by Nelson Minar

    17. US Map of the Highest Paid Public Employees by State


    Map by Deadspin.com

    18. World Map of Earthquakes Since 1898


    Map by John M Nelson

    19. Map of Where 29,000 Rubber Duckies Made Landfall After Falling off a Cargo Ship in the Middle of the Pacific Ocean


    Map via prometheus08 on Reddit

    20. Map of Countries with the Most Violations of Bribery


    Map by James Mintz Group

    21. World Map of Vegetation on Earth


    Map by NASA/NOAA

    22. Average Age of First Sexual Intercourse by Country


    Map by ChartsBin.com

    23. If the World’s Population Lived in One City


    24. The Number of Researchers per Million Inhabitants
    Around the World


    Map by ChartsBin.com

    25. Worldwide Map of Oil Import And Export Flows


    Map by BP via Business Insider

    26. The 7000 Rivers that Feed into the Mississippi River


    Map via Gradeskee on Reddit

    27. World Map of the Different Writing Systems


    Map by Maximilian Dörrbecker (Chumwa) on Wikimedia Commons

    28. Worldwide Annual Coffee Consumption Per Capita


    Map by ChartsBin.com

    29. The Economic Center of Gravity Since 1 AD


    Map by McKinsey&Company

    30. The World Divided Into 7 Regions,
    Each with a Population of 1 Billion


    Map by delugetheory on Reddit

    31. Earth’s Population by Latitude and Longitude


    Photograph by mrgeng on Reddit

    32. Map of Contiguous United States
    Overlaid on the Moon


    Map by boredboarder8 on Reddit

    33. Frequency of Lightning Strikes Throughout the World


    Map by Citynoise on Wikimedia Commons

    34. Overall Water Risk Around the World


    35. The Most Dangerous Areas in the World
    To Ship Due to Pirates


    Map by Control Risks

    36. Area Codes in Which Ludacris Claims to Have H*es
    (song reference)


    Map via asonjones on Reddit

    37. Where 2% of Australia’s Population Lives


    38. The Longest Straight Line You Can Sail on Earth
    (Pakistan to Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia – 20000 miles)


    39. Map of Europe Showing Literal
    Chinese Translations for Country Names


    Map by haohaoreport.com

    40. Reversed Map with Southern Hemisphere at Top of Map (because position of North is arbitrary)


    Map via nnm.me

    World Map Tattoo with Countries Visited Coloured


    Posted by: Susan Lynne Schwenger aka The eXchanger
    f The Macha (9,360,000 days) & Pacha (360 days) Grand Cycle which ends December 16th, 2013 at sunset - and, The Start of The Pacha iNTi (9,360,000 Days) Grand Cycle of December 17th, 2013 at sunrise. Susan Lynne Schwenger was the first person to identify The Grand Cycle change in 1984, as The Last Full Moon in 2013- 17 DEC 2013, in alignment with The Six (6) Season Calendar aka The Ancient Year aka The Calendar Round aka The Thirteen(13) Moon Calendar aka The Six (6) Event Calendar aka The Eight (8) Event Calendar. The Aztec, Mayan, Maori, Aboriginal, First Nations, Metis & Native American Tribes also have cycles of 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 13, 18, 20, 52, 60, 180, 260, 360, 360+5, 360+1+5, 23,400, 26,000, 26,001, 52,000, 52,002, 144,000, 180,000, 1,872,000 & 9,360,000 Days, along with yearly Cycles. She was also the first to align The Celtic Calendar, The Metonic Calendar, The Ancient Egyptian Calendar, The Chinese 60-year Calendar Cycle, and, an assortment of other chinese calendars etc., The Bermanseder Bible Codes & The Bermanseder Pyramid Formula (which closes the 12 pointed star) can also be aligned to these calendars: http://www.thuban.spruz.com/forums/?page=post&id=0265D780-C9C1-46C1-80A1-A15795198653&pageindex=83 THE MAIN CODE of THE DRESDEN CODEX THROUGH THE MAYAN SUPER NUMBER 1366560 has been cracked by Tony Bermanseder & Susan Lynne Schwenger -- which mathematically proves we live in a 12 level universe http://www.thuban.spruz.com/forums/?page=post&id=716B3150-CCF7-487D-8EBA-D2AEB16801A0&fid=F3D0C39E-7270-4160-80DE-61A397C1A988
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    Posted Oct 23rd

    Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
    Tuesday, October 22nd at 11:10 pm PDT
    Wednesday, October 23rd at 6:10 am UT

    Posted Tuesday, October 22, 2013
    [​IMG]Overnight, here in Pacific time, the Sun shifted signs, leaving the harmony-loving, cardinal air sign of Libra for Scorpio's deep fixed water. Our central star will be traveling through this sign of intense emotion until November 21st, and will join Saturn, Mercury, and the North Node of the Moon, all traversing this sign of transformative power.
    This year's Scorpio season will require careful navigation through a Mercury retrograde cycle in this Pluto-ruled sign, another exact Uranus-Pluto square alignment which falls precisely Scorpio's own solar festival, Samhain or All Hallows, and two days before a New Moon and solar eclipse in Scorpio. Samhain (pronounced sow-in), which in turn falls just two days before a New Moon and solar eclipse. Samhain marks the midpoint between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere and is one of four "cross-quarter" days, along with Beltane, Lughnassa and Imbolc.
    Between Scylla and Charybdis

    With so many compelling astrological events happening concurrently over this next solar month, we may find ourselves confronted with difficult dilemmas, choosing between Scylla and Charybdis — in other words, stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea.
    Scylla and Charybdis were mythical sea monsters described in Homer's epic poem The Odyssey who plagued sailors in the Strait of Messina, between Sicily and the Italian mainland. [​IMG] On the Italian side was Scylla, a treacherous rocky shoal (described metaphorically as a six-headed sea monster), while off the Sicilian coast lurked Charybdis that caused the waters to swirl and seethe into a deadly whirlpool. Together they formed an inescapable gauntlet causing sailors to choose between a rock and a hard place. As Homer described it, the hero Odysseus had to choose between the two while passing through the strait during his famous extended adventure on the Mediterranean. Odysseus opted to pass closer to Scylla and risk losing some of his crew rather than imperil his entire ship in Charybdis' treacherous whirlpool. The painting shown here by the 18th century Swiss painter Johann Heinrich Füssli depicts Odysseus facing this watery dilemma.
    So here we navigating through our own "Strait of Messina" in which several challenging events will try to wrap their tentacles around us simultaneously, and all happening during this dark, Pluto-ruled Scorpio season. It's a good time to examine what Scorpio represents.
    Pluto-Ruled Scorpio: Mistress of the Shadowy Depths

    Scorpio symbolizes the process of death and rebirth, rules the time of year, here in the Northern Hemisphere, when the wheel is turning toward the darkest days of winter. [​IMG]The leaves are falling, the days are shorter, and the nights are long. It is a time for rest, winter's long slow preparation for a new growing season come spring. All around us are the undeniable signs that life is beating a fast retreat. Hades has burst forth from the Underworld, standing strong in his dark chariot with his smoldering good looks. He's found his love, Persephone, and they are off to their winter timeshare. Mother Demeter will have to wait until spring to see her daughter again.
    Contrary to the way in which this myth is told, I don't see Persephone as a "kidnap victim" — and reading the myth this way I think muddles the deeper meaning of her story. Rather, I suspect Persephone went willingly, and perhaps the truth of this old tale was lost in translation long ago. The time was ripe for Persephone to shed her old life; and it was her mother, the Goddess Demeter, who couldn't let go, and suffered for it, not Persephone. Persephone's story may be a distorted fragment of an older myth, one of a dark female agricultural figure of death and rebirth. Persephone has to sacrifice her protected life with mother because she has outgrown it. It's time to move on. She releases her past and steps into the unknown future. And for her courage, Persephone is transformed from maid into the Queen of Darkness, co-ruler of the Underworld, certainly not a victim, slave or mere wife.
    This is an important distinction because Persephone is such a potent Scorpionic symbol of regenerative power. The painting shown above, by the French artist Charles-Joseph Natoire, depicts Persephone as the empowered, enthroned Queen of the Underworld sitting quite contentedly next to Hades as his equal. She is wise, powerful, and in the painting is giving Psyche l'elixir de beauté. Psyche had been sent by a jealous Venus to the Underworld on what Venus had hoped would be a "wild goose chase" that would end in Psyche's death. But that's another story....
    [​IMG]According to the Roman poet Ovid, in his Metamorphoses, it was the nymph Arethusa who first reported to Demeter that Persephone was in the Underworld. Until then, she had been searching the world without pause for her missing daughter. Spring failed to arrive each year and famine had spread throughout the world. Ovid wrote that while traveling in her stream below the earth, Arethusa saw Persephone sitting on her throne as the queen of Hades. On hearing this, Demeter immediately got in her chariot and flew to Mt. Olympus to demand that Zeus return her daughter:
    "... That she has been stolen, I will bear, if only he will bring her back; for your daughter does not deserve to have a robber for a husband."

    To which Zeus replied:
    "... If only we are willing to give right names to things, this is no harm that has been done, but only love ... But if you so greatly desire to separate them, Persephone shall return to heaven, but on one condition only: if in the lower-world no food has as yet touched her lips. For so have the Moerae decreed."

    But it was too late, for Persephone had already eaten those pomegranate seeds, and because of this she had to stay in the Underworld. Yet Hades generously relinquished Persephone for part of the year — even when he did not have to — for as the Fates decreed, she was stuck there forever. In the Homer's Hymn to Demeter, there is an interesting passage where Hades speaks to Persephone, and from this we get a pretty good picture that Persephone was no powerless victim, but indeed a revered Queen:
    "... And while you are here, you shall rule all that lives and moves and shall have the greatest rights among the deathless gods: those who defraud you and do not appease your power with offerings, reverently performing rites and paying fit gifts, shall be punished for evermore."

    The myth of Persephone's abduction and return is allegorical and illuminates her role as the personification of the renewal of life each spring, life that springs from the seeds of the earth and withdraws back again after the autumn harvest with the seeds for next spring. Persephone was a vegetation goddess, and along with her mother were the central figures of the Eleusinian mysteries that predated the Olympian pantheon.
    And so the Scorpio cycle symbolizes this same "descent" — the time when we are called to do the same, or rather symbolically the same: to face what is rotting in our lives, what is dead and dying and let it go, release it. The Scorpio cycle works much like a composter with the discarded, stale contents of our lives. Under cover of winter, what we release is transformed into gold: rich black earth for the seeds of spring. It's the necessary counterpart to vernal gestation, this Scorpionic creation of a fertile ground that supports new life. Persephone goes to the Underworld for six months of the year, embracing her darkness, but she reemerges, transformed and renewed as the May Queen, the Goddess of Spring, every year.
    Scorpio cycles aren't limited to intense, life-or-death issues though. It can be a time to just simply take out the proverbial trash: deal with the clutter and stale air that has been accumulating in your life. Every gardener knows that in order to harvest more fruit, you have to prune your trees every winter. Releasing can be as simple as no longer returning the phone call of someone who — if you are "Scorpishly" honest about it — detracts rather than contributes to your life. It can mean facing where you play the victim and thus lose your power in certain relationships, and stopping that nonsense once and for all; or owning up to the fact that you are sometimes sneaky and manipulative rather than direct, clear and honest. It can be delivering a long overdue message of love, or telling someone who has hurt you the painful truth. It can even be something fun like gathering up all the drab, unhappy clothes in your closet, along with that chipped mug, and carting it all off to the Goodwill. It can be having the courage to start therapy in order to face some deep wounds from the past that still haunt you.

    All you can learn is what your own inward life is and try to stay loyal to that. We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come.
    — Joseph Campbell

    [​IMG]Scorpio is the only sign to have three symbols — scorpion, eagle, and phoenix — a trinity of transformation. The phoenix is the mythical bird of Arabia, lost in the fire, yet arose from the ashes shiny and new, an ancient alchemical symbol of rebirth. The flames are purification, the burning of the dross — which can be an awful ordeal, exactly like burning in the fires of Hell. What we give up, though, is the cost of our transformation, and what makes it hard is the degree to which you or someone else in your life — like Persephone's mother — is holding on and cannot let go. We sacrifice to make room for greater things, but it requires sometimes a powerful act of courage and a willingness to step into the unknown.
    And this, for me, is the meaning and inspiration of Persephone's story and the Scorpio cycle. After all, the planetary co-ruler of Scorpio, along with courageous Mars, is Pluto, God of the Underworld — or Hades as he was called by the Greeks.
    The Scorpio archetype closely correlates with the Tarot card, Death, shown here from the Rider-Waite deck. On the card we see Death depicted as a skeleton in armor riding a white horse. [​IMG]Death has already trampled a king and approaches a child, young woman, and a bishop begging to be spared — but no one is immune to Death no matter how powerful, pious or young. On Death's banner is the five-petaled white rose, which according to occultist Eden Gray is a symbol for the life-force and Mars, Scorpio's traditional ruler. The rose also carries the meaning of purity and heavenly passion: transmutation and spiritual perfection, it is an ancient symbol for spiritual joy. While most of us today equate the rose with love, it carries all of these meanings. The rose is also an emblem of secrecy. This is where the Latin term sub rosa, literally "under the rose," arose. When secret societies met in medieval times, this flower was hung from the ceiling to remind members that what was being discussed was to be held in strict confidence, it was knowledge for initiates only.
    The river in the background of the card flows out to the sea, representing the transmuting nature of life: water evaporates into vapor, condenses into clouds, which then rains down as water once more. Matter is never lost, it only changes its form. In turn, Death is the closing of one door so another can open, putting the past behind us to embrace the new day. In the distance on the Eastern horizon, the Sun is rising. Death symbolizes the renewal that comes from release, its larger meaning. An ending yes, but also a new beginning.
    Scorpio Keywords: Magnetic, Powerful, Deep, Intense, Penetrating, Obsessive
    Famous Scorpios (in no particular order): Pablo Picasso, Joni Mitchell, K. D. Lang, Kurt Vonnegut, Sojourner Truth, Theodore Roosevelt, Aaron Copland, Anne Tyler, Albert Camus, Carl Sagan, Charles de Gaulle, Charles Manson, Claude Monet, Condoleezza Rice, Bill Gates, Bjork, Dick Clark, Dylan Thomas, Ezra Pound, Ethan Hawke, Evelyn Waugh, Gerard Butler, Grace Kelly, Goldie Hawn, Howard Dean, Indira Ghandi, John Adams, John Cleese, John Keats, Johnny Mercer, Jonas Salk, Leonardo Dicaprio, Margaret Atwood, Marianne Moore, Marie Curie, Martin Scorsese, Marlene Dietrich, Owen Wilson, Peter Jackson, Richard Burton, Roy Rogers, Sally Field, Scarlett Johansson, Ted Turner, Vivien Leigh, Will Rogers
    Gemstones: Topaz, Malachite, Apache Tear, Boji Stone, Emerald, Garnet, Herkimer Diamond, Obsidian, Rhodochrosite, Ruby
    Colors: dark red and black
    The Serenity Prayer is, I think, particularly helpful at this Scorpio time of year, especially this year with the North Node of the Moon, Saturn, Mercury and now the Sun all traveling through this sign of deep transformative power.
    But letting go of what no longer works in our lives and what we have outgrown can be a supremely difficult and scary task. Fixed, Pluto- and Mars-ruled Scorpio does not give up until it has exhausted its search for the deeper truth and sometimes that search can border on unhealthy obsession. Keeping a detached perspective can be difficult, especially now, and this simple prayer is a helpful reminder of the importance of knowing that place "where angels fear to tread" and those times in life when it is a much wiser to let it go, and release it to a higher power:
    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. The courage to change the things I can. And the wisdom to know the difference.
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    5 Ways To Pleasure Yourself.

    Via Rebecca Lammersenon Jun 25, 2013
    Rob Boehle via Pinterest
    I’ve now written 40 articles for elephant journal.

    Every one of my pieces is a window into my life, into the darkness, the lightness—the life I have lived.
    I’ve spoken of my disorders, molestation, sex, relationships and divorce. Some may perceive my articles as ‘airing dirty laundry.’ I believe I share my life openly, transparently without shame, in order to help others know they are not alone in their thoughts, feelings or actions. Knowing we are not alone is the catalyst for growth, healing and transformation.
    On the eve before my 34th birthday, I’m spending time reflecting on my life and the past year. My goal for the year to come is to continue shedding all the thoughts and conditioned beliefs that continue to hold me back.
    I write this piece not only for myself, but for my daughters and all women.
    My birthday wish is a wish for all of us; to stop hiding, stop feeling ashamed, and stop being embarrassed for who we are and what we want.
    I give us all permission to explore our desires and our fantasies. I give us permission to claim what is our birthright—pleasure.

    I do not want my daughters to own an ounce of guilt for expressing their sexuality, no matter how it manifests itself. I hope they freely explore their bodies, own their bodies, live in their bodies, enjoy their bodies and embrace all realms of giving and receiving pleasure.
    I don’t want them to suffer like I have. It has taken almost 34 years for me to accept who dwells in me—a lioness who I have tamed and locked away for so long, because she scared me. I felt like a closet slut for years, until I recognized I’m no slut—I am an explosively passionate woman with a wild imagination and voracious desire for happiness and pleasure.
    In my 34th year of life, I will release her completely because she deserves to live and breathe in the open, free of judgment—my judgment. She tries to ooze from my mind, my body and my heart every day and I can no longer contain her.
    From adolecence to adulthood, I thought it was wrong to love sex as much as I did. I shunned my radiant imaginative desires and resisted pleasure completely. I thought it selfish, almost narcissistic to seek pleasure and attain a blissful state.
    I searched in the wrong places—outside myself, in a sexual encounter with someone I didn’t know very well or in validation from people around me. I didn’t think I deserved to feel good. I was afraid of intimacy with myself, of allowing my needs to be acknowledged and fulfilled.
    I hid within my sexual experiences instead of participating in. I withheld pleasure from myself, from my life. I felt guilty for masturbating or fulfilling my fantasies.

    As I mature, I recognize the most important part of life, the gift of life is our ability to feel pleasure, to know pleasure.
    God built me with the character I have, the thoughts, the desires, the body and the spirit I am meant to have in this life. I don’t need to cover up or be anyone else. Instead of trying to change, be something else–something more holy or more pure, I am meant to thrive and function as myself.
    I give myself and all of us permission to stop avoiding who we are and give in to what gives us pleasure regardless of what society deems acceptable or unacceptable.
    This year has gifted me–I didn’t know making love with myself had the power to usher me into a nest of self acceptance. It has transformed my ability to trust and be intimate with another person, to receive pleasure–which I never had before.
    I didn’t know that the simple act of giving myself permission to feel good would change my life.
    Here is my gift of permission for you:

    1. Tease Yourself, Seduce Yourself—Get Naked Under Your Clothes.

    I don’t wear underwear, unless (for sanitary reasons) I wear a short skirt which is a rare occurrence. I have a dresser drawer full of Hanky Pankys in a rainbow of colors that sit unharnessed to my pelvis. Why? Because it’s sexy to not wear them. I love being exposed. I am ready for pleasure at any moment. I enjoy teasing myself, seducing myself all day long.
    At night, I wear a sheer slip to bed. The tingling sensation of the fabric on my skin gives me goosebumps. I love the way my nipples break through the veil of cloth. I stand in front of the mirror and I appreciate (not judge) the beauty of my body through the cloud of cotton. I separate from myself, admiring the person who stands before me yearning to be discovered, uncovered and explored.
    I sleep naked—a lot. I recommend spending time every day naked. It’s a little uncomfortable at first. We are used to being naked between clothing changes, showering or having sex. What about just being naked? Enjoying the freedom of no restraints.
    The first thing my daughters do when they walk in at the end of the day is strip down to nothing. They run around, do somersaults, dance. They are more comfortable naked than dressed.
    When we are naked, we can’t hide—being vulnerable is vital to becoming comfortable with ourselves. Only when we are comfortable with ourselves can we be comfortable with another.
    2. Act Like An Animal, Once in Awhile.

    Animals are naked in every way; they don’t have manners, they don’t have clothes. They eat without utensils. They get dirty. They mate when they need to and want to, no matter who is watching.
    Try being an animal once in a while.
    Eat with your hands, eat foods that explode with juice allow them to coat your body and don’t rub it away. Get messy.
    Allow yourself to go primal. If you have a partner, grab them and devour them as you did your food and if you are alone, devour yourself; in the middle of the living room, with the shades open, let the light in and please yourself.
    3. Give In To Your Dark Side.

    Give in to your desires. Your secret fantasies. Give in to your dark side. Who cares what “people” say is appropriate. If you desire it, explore it.
    I enjoy watching pornography (well-executed pornography, that is).
    I get turned on by watching and listening to people pleasuring each other.
    I become fully invested in the experience. I pay attention to my mind and body as they respond to the stimulation. I melt into it, and before long I find myself caressing my own body as if it were another craving me, wanting me. My flaws no longer exist, I am perfect, I am all pleasure. It is ok, more than ok to love pleasure, and watching others giving and receiving it.
    4. Do it in Front of a Mirror.

    I used to avoid the act of masturbation. I would listen to the urge, do it and be done. I avoided what it looked like, what I looked like and how it felt. Now, I make as much of an effort to embrace the experience during my self pleasure as I do when making love with a partner.
    I use toys or just my hands, depending on my mood.
    I think it is important to build a partnership with my vagina. I know her, I know how she responds, what she looks like—I am connected with her.
    I get down on the floor, in front of the mirror, and I look into myself. I watch as my face changes as I become aroused and how my body reacts in climax. It is nourishing to watch myself receive pleasure.
    My advice is to make masturbation a sacred practice. Practice getting turned on by, you. Grab your breasts, rake your hands down your stomach. Make love with yourself because until we can make love with ourselves, be comfortable alone, we can’t be comfortable with anyone else.
    5. Write It and Read It.

    Write your fantasies, write your experiences, keep typing, don’t stop, don’t think about it. Just write and then, read what you write. Read it out loud.
    Our spirit lives in our words. She exposes herself within the punctuation. There is no right or wrong. If you like bondage, give into it—it is how your spirit wishes to express herself.
    Just as we are all unique, different, so are our desires. We all have something we fight against, that we stuff down because we think it is wrong to want what we want. It is not.
    Give in to yourself. Allow yourself to feel the pleasure you crave.
    Pleasure brings us as close to our spirit as we will ever be.
    Look at the children of the world– they are pleasure seekers, pleasure dwellers and they are the happiest, purest beings on the planet. They do what feels good and right for themselves. They don’t care if it is socially acceptable–they listen to their hearts and their needs.
    As we age to adulthood, sexual pleasure is and can be the most profound way to connect with ourselves. Pleasuring ourselves first, understanding our needs and wants must happen before we can receive pleasure from or give pleasure to another.
    Once we connect and accept our desires, we accept who we are as we are.

    By Rebecca Lammersen
    Rebecca Lammersen is the founder of Yogalution, a donation based yoga studio in Scottsdale, AZ. I love being alive. I love being a mother. I love teaching yoga. I love to write. I love to know. I love to not know. I love to learn. I love to listen. I love to read. I love to travel. I love to dance. I love to help. I love to serve. That pretty much sums me up. Check out Rebecca's website and her articles at The Huffington Post. Subscribe to Rebecca's feed and never miss a post!
    shiloh hidden-09. Ra Akbar de Queen Bayan 43 Magdalene One 34

    I Am the Darkness of the Purple Dawn and the Light of the Moon Turquoise!


    Bluey Dracs
    The Presence of the Mosaic implies the will of Unity=God=Starhumanity and not the will of Humanity=Man=Separation!
    I Am One in Many and Many in One!

    Decoder Michael = 54+51=105=15=6=123=ABC=ABBA=BAAB=33=E3=8=3E=ME=WE
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    SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGEakaTHEeXchanger - Posted 6 Hours Ago

    Dec. 16th, 2013 (13 Ahau)

    Katun- 144,000 days

    At the end of the 13 Ahau Katun

    Hunab-ku= Galactic Center

    The prophecy of Chilam Balam, the singer, of Cabal-chen, 4 Mani. (below)

    On 13 Ahau the katun will end
    in the time of the Itzá, in the time of /

    Tancah , lord. There is the sign of Hunab-ku 6 on high. The raised wooden standard shall come. It shall be displayed to the world, that the world may be enlightened, lord. There has been a beginning of strife, there has been a beginning of rivalry, when the priestly man shall come to bring the sign in time to come, lord. A quarter of a league, a league he comes. You see the mut 9-bird surmounting the raised wooden standard. A new day shall dawn in the north, in the west.

    Itzamná Kauil shall rise. Our lord comes, Itzá. Our elder brother comes, men of Tantun. Receive your guests, the bearded men, the men of the east, the bearers of the sign of God, lord. Good indeed is the word of God that comes to us. The day of our regeneration comes. You do not fear the world, Lord, you are the only God who created us. It is sufficient, then, that the word of God is good, lord. the guardian of our souls. He who receives him, who has truly believed, he will go to heaven with him. Nevertheless the beginning were the two-day men.
    Let us exalt his sign on high, let us exalt it The First Tree of the World is restored; it is displayed to the world. This is the sign of Hunab-ku on high. Worship it, Itzá. You shall worship today his sign on high. You shall worship it furthermore with true good will, and you shall worship the true God today, lord. You shall be converted to the word of Hunab-ku, lord; it came from heaven. Oh it is he who speaks to you! Be admonished indeed, Itzá. They will correct their ways who receive him in their hearts in another katun, lord.
    Believe in my word itself, I am Chilam Balam, and I have interpreted the entire message of the true God the world; it is heard in every part of the world, lord, the word of God, the Lord of heaven and earth. Very good indeed is his word in heaven, lord.
    He is ruler over us; he is the true God over our souls. /

    But those to whom is brought, lord: thrice weighed down is their strength, the younger brothers native to the land. Their hearts are submerged . Their hearts are dead in their carnal sins. They are frequent backsliders, the principal ones who spread , Nacxit Xuchit in the carnal sin of his companions, the two-day rulers. crookedly on their thrones; crookedly in carnal sin. Two-day men they call them. For two days their seats, their cups, their hats. They are the unrestrained lewd ones of the day, the unrestrained lewd ones of the night, the rogues of the world. They twist their necks, they wink their eyes, they slaver at the mouth, at the rulers of the land, lord. Behold, when they come, there is no truth in the words of the foreigners to the land. They tell very solemn and mysterious things, the sons of the men of Seven-deserted-buildings, the offspring of the women of Seven-deserted-buildings, lord.

    Who will be the prophet, who will be the priest who shall interpret truly the word of the book?

    [link to sacred-texts.com]

    Shiloh - Posted 18 Minutes Ago

    Nostradamus: Century X, Quatrain 96

    Religion du nom des mers vaincra,
    Contre la secte fils Adaluncatif,
    Secte obstinee deploree craindra,
    Des deux blessex par Aleph & Aleph

    The Religion of the name of the seas will overcome,
    Against the sect of the son of Adaluncatif,
    The obstinate lamented sect will fear
    The two wounded by Aleph & Aleph.

    PACIFICAP=48+16=64=ISRAEL=PETER=PACIFICA+P=P+ACIFICA+P=32+32=LIFECELL de Pacifica OmniScience La Paz of the Pacific de A&A=A&A*=A&Z=Alpha&Omega of the Witnesses for the LogosTwin JCCJ

    1.Revelation 1:8
    I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.

    2.Revelation 1:11
    Saying, I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last: and, What thou seest, write in a book, and send it unto the seven churches which are in Asia; unto Ephesus, and unto Smyrna, and unto Pergamos, and unto Thyatira, and unto Sardis, and unto Philadelphia, and unto Laodicea.

    3.Revelation 21:6
    And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.

    4.Revelation 22:13
    I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.




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    Cathy Pagano The Cosmic Story Newsletters‎ > ‎
    The Cosmic Story: Taurus Full Moon 2013​

    The Cosmic Story: Taurus Full Moon, November 17, 2013

    We’ve just come through ascorpionic tsunami of energies, with turning the Wheel of the Year at Samhain/Halloween, the two eclipses, the 4th Pluto/Uranus square, Mercury’s retrograde of Scorpio finally ending, Jupiter going retrograde in Cancer and Neptune and Chiron turning to direct motion in Pisces. Now that the wave has gone through, you might find yourself wishing for a moment of quiet, of peace, of safety.
    Well, a Taurus Moon is a cure for Scorpio’s death rattles. So let go of the worries and frustrations and let yourself sink into your body so you can refresh your soul.

    A Full Moon reflects back the light of the Sun. Scorpio’s Sun has been through the ringer. On November 6th, the Sun joined Saturn, bringing our conscious will into play regarding our feelings about intimacy, betrayal, power, sex and shared resources. Mercury turned direct on November 10th, bringing our conscious intellect to the matter at hand—the naming and transformation of our feeling life. It is a call for radical Truth. What have you learned about yourself during this retrograde? Have you been able to retrieve a part of your Shadow that wants to live again? Have you let go of personal wounds that need to die? If you’ve left behind your old story concerning your secret sorrows, now is the time to stop and rest before you begin your new story. There’s plenty of time to get to work on it.
    Now is a time to rest. That’s what all our late year celebrations are for. Our harvest is in, we’ve let the old die with the year and now we wait for the new light to be born at Winter Solstice. It is a time to rest and celebrate the fact that we made it through another year!

    While Scorpio releases the old into death and transforms what has been dark into light, Taurus welcomes in the blossoms of the new life of Spring. So in the depths of outer darkness, a Taurus Full Moon can remind us of the pleasures of life. Taurus is an earth sign, concerned with our physical body and Nature. Taurus’ ruler Venus loves beauty and pleasure in appropriate amounts, generates self-worth when we develop our talents and helps us decide what will make us happy so we ask for what we really want.

    Venus has just connected with Uranus and Pluto on November 14-15, bringing lasting feminine values to our ongoing revolution of consciousness. Venus challenges Uranus to include the Wisdom of Love in his revolution while she brings a bit of beauty and love to the Lord of the Dead. Even Pluto needs to know he’s loved! If we had no death in the world, there would be no room for birth. Venus can connect us to our own deaths as part of our ongoing life! Venus is now in the sign of Capricorn. When Venus visits Capricorn, we discover if our social system is taking care of our heart needs. And on a personal level, Venus in Capricorn connects us to how well our inner ‘rules’ are serving our lives. The Goddess of Love and Wisdom reminds us that this time, our revolution must be at the service of Love and Peace.

    This Taurus Full Moon occurs on Sunday November 17, 2013 at 7:16am PST/ 10:16am EST/ 3:16pm GMT.

    The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 26* Scorpio is: American Indians making camp after moving into a new territory. This image implies the ability to adjust swiftly to new situations by tuning into what is required. Living in harmony with nature gives us the ability to ‘know’ what to do next. Being intuitively at home everywhere means that you’re at home with yourself. So get in tune with the season and relax! Learn to sense your inner center, the calm within you.

    The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 26* Taurus is: A Spanish gallant serenades his Beloved. This Moon image suggests that it’s time to pay attention to the Heart. For a man, a woman symbolizes his soul. For a woman, a man symbolizes her protection and self-actualization.
    It is time to sing to your soul and ask for Love.
    As you can see, it is time to rest on your harvest and tune in within. See what’s incubating inside you. What do you want? What is your heart’s desire? I’m not talking about money and power, but about life and hope. This is a great time to work on your new story. If you have planets at 26* Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, this full Moon will light up those energies and connect you to your new story.

    Schaefer-Miles Fine Art

    A Garden Beyond Paradise

    Everything you see has its roots
    in the unseen world.
    The forms may change,
    yet the essence remains the same.

    Every wondrous sight will vanish,
    every sweet word will fade.
    But do not be disheartened,
    The Source they come from is eternal—
    growing, branching out,
    giving new life and new joy.

    Why do you weep?—
    That Source is within you,
    and this whole world
    is springing up from it.

    The Source is full,
    its waters are ever-flowing;
    Do not grieve,
    drink your fill!
    Don't think it will ever run dry—
    This is the endless Ocean!

    From the moment you came into this world,
    a ladder was placed in front of you
    that you might transcend it.

    From earth, you became plant,
    from plant you became animal.
    Afterwards you became a human being,
    endowed with knowledge, intellect and faith.

    Behold the body, born of dust—
    how perfect it has become!

    Why should you fear its end?
    When were you ever made less by dying?

    When you pass beyond this human form,
    no doubt you will become an angel
    and soar through the heavens!

    But don't stop there.
    Even heavenly bodies grow old.

    Pass again from the heavenly realm
    and plunge into the ocean of Consciousness.
    Let the drop of water that is you
    become a hundred mighty seas.

    But do not think that the drop alone
    becomes the Ocean—
    the Ocean, too, becomes the drop!

    Jelaluddin Rumi, "A Garden Beyond Paradise",
    A Garden Beyond Paradise: The Mystical Poetry of Rumi
    (translated by Jonathan Star), Bantam Books, NY, 1992, pp. 148-149

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    shiloh za-rah Planetary Rebirth

    SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Nov 18th

    William Henry says:


    We have been told to watch the skies for signs.

    I’m watching the heavens with anticipation of the message COMET ISON carries for humanity.

    The comet is rapidly growing in brightness and will be visible to the naked eye around Thanksgiving
    when it slingshots around the sun, suddenly emerges, and puts on a spectacular show until Christmas.

    Some believe ISON potentially will be “the comet of the century”. Others believe it could fizzle or get lost in the glow of the sun and moon.

    Kabbalists, taking note of its messianic trajectory, are linking it the Star of Jacob prophecy that heralds a messianic era and a new age of SION.

    I’m following the Islamic observers who link ISON and the Mahdi, the Islamic Messiah.

    A sign before the return of the Mahdi:

    “a star will appear in the East giving out as much light as the moon.”

    As readers of my book “The Judgment Day Device” know, the Mahdi is symbolized by the Ark of the Covenant.
    So is Jesus, who Islamic says Islamic prophecy, is the Mahdi's assistant.
    We will know them because they will recover and reveal the real Ark of the Covenant.

    Far from being a simple golden box now hidden in Ethiopia, the Ark is a cosmic consciousness device.
    Revealed at Judgment Day, it is part of a kit of ‘ascension tools’ known as the Throne of God.

    Is our world ready for the appearance of a Messianic Star and the return of the Ark of the Covenant/Judgment Day Device?

    For more on the recovery of the Ark of the Covenant read The Judgment Day Device:

    Jerry Vano says:

    The zodiac circle has 4 ark corners the ark from Leo to Taurus is the covenant Ark of Noah and from Taurus to Aquarius is the covenant Ark of Moses
    and from Aquarius on is the everlasting covenant Ark of Jesus the Christ.
    Is it kind of strange that comet Ison has 2 rays as in Father glow ray fire me as I glow ray fire them.
    Two rays 2 suns, could this be the a sign?
    William could this be the meaning behind the words you spoke when you said glorify meant Glow ray fire?
    Is comet Ison the sign that the 2 covenants of Noah and Moses are over and it is time for the ever lasting covenant to began.
    Three covenants three religions Jews Muslims Christians all searching for the ARK are they hidden in our comics time clock of the Zodiac ?
    Think about it.

    miii - Posted Nov 24th

    When one will trace the roots of humorous jest,
    we always find it was watered by truth


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    SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Nov 30th


    shenandoah - posted Dec 13th, 2013
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    Day of Reconciliation

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Day of Reconciliation is a public holiday in South Africa held annually on 16 December. The holiday came into effect in 1994 after the end of apartheid, with the intention of fostering reconciliation and national unity.[1] The day is also the de facto start of the South African summer holiday period being the first of four public holidays to fall in a sixteen-day period at the height of summer.[2] (The other days are Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day).
    Before 1994, 16 December was commemorated as the Day of the Vow,[1] also known as Day of the Covenant or Dingaan's Day. The Day of the Vow was a religious holiday commemorating the Voortrekker victory over the Zulus at the Battle of Blood River in 1838, and is still celebrated by some Boers.
    On the other side of the political spectrum, 16 December is also the anniversary of the 1961 founding of Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation), the armed wing of the African National Congress.


    Shawnee 75

    Shenandoah - Posted Jan 2nd
    Shiloh - Posted Sep 2nd

    Ariel Sharon and Nostradamus

    [12:45:36 AM-Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013 +10UCT] Emeth 141: this might fill in some gaps

    [12:45:47 AM] Sirius 17: yes i have been thinking about this
    [12:46:09 AM] Emeth 141: The waveforms want to interact now with bodies. This is what i feel
    [12:46:13 AM] Sirius 17: and this morning wondering when she would be set free on the world at last
    [12:46:23 AM] Emeth 141: She is free
    [12:46:34 AM] Emeth 141: But this is like a wave with two ends
    [12:46:40 AM] Sirius 17: oh i hope so, this is what the world needs
    [12:46:51 AM] Sirius 17: not more war and genocide
    [12:46:57 AM] Emeth 141: The old witch whore and the young virile body whore at the other end; both as the cosmic sexgoddess and 'mother of all living'
    [12:47:11 AM] Emeth 141: In the middle is the body - something like that
    [12:47:27 AM] Emeth 141: Its a generation thing
    [12:47:43 AM] Emeth 141: But now MI is coming through much stronger; before it was Debbie
    [12:47:55 AM] Emeth 141: So this might relate to your libido
    [12:48:11 AM] Emeth 141: The young is body centred, but the old is mind centred
    [12:48:25 AM] Sirius 17: yes i know the 4th generation is being built or constructed, my body is like going through some kind of process on its behalf i feel
    [12:48:40 AM] Emeth 141: So you feel better in the body means that the MI part generation is active
    [12:48:46 AM] Emeth 141: Yes
    [12:48:58 AM] Sirius 17: yes i almost feel that i can heal this diabetes
    [12:49:05 AM] Emeth 141: of course
    [12:49:09 AM] Sirius 17: but i cannot go back to my old ways of eating ever
    [12:49:17 AM] Emeth 141: The principles are part of new laws cosmic
    [12:49:30 AM] Emeth 141: There is transformation
    [12:49:47 AM] Emeth 141: September 13th is the next nexus date
    [12:50:00 AM] Emeth 141: Friday week
    [12:50:05 AM] Sirius 17: my lungs are still clearing of junk too
    [12:50:15 AM] Sirius 17: but i am slowly feeling better day by day
    [12:50:17 AM] Emeth 141: After this the equinox and then the time to this Ison comet
    [12:50:37 AM] Emeth 141: No details though now
    [12:50:48 AM] Emeth 141: The timeline is all Logos now
    [12:51:01 AM] Sirius 17: oh i think we have the details but it is written in our bodies now
    [12:51:04 AM] Sirius 17: and in the world
    [12:51:11 AM] Sirius 17: we should see major changes
    [12:51:12 AM] Emeth 141: Yes, I would agree
    [12:51:22 AM] Sirius 17: this is what i am feeling
    [12:51:42 AM] Sirius 17: the Logos is speaking more directly now in the physical
    [12:51:43 AM] Emeth 141: Why for some strange reason, I still feel compelled to share some info I come across
    [12:52:29 AM] Emeth 141: I resurrected and edited the old Pyramid message of 'Future Shadows of the Now'
    [12:52:30 AM] Sirius 17: i mean look at Obama, its is unprecedented for him to get congressional approval to attack Syria, this means something i feel
    [12:52:41 AM] Emeth 141: He has trapped himself
    [12:52:50 AM] Sirius 17: but its good
    [12:53:08 AM] Sirius 17: this allows people to be heard and puts the breaks on
    [12:53:09 AM] Emeth 141: They have to do something or are politically compromised too much now
    [12:53:33 AM] Emeth 141: Yes cosmic spanners in the works now, as the political systems selfdestruct
    [12:53:38 AM] Sirius 17: hopefully whatever they do will help not hinder things
    [12:54:03 AM] Sirius 17: either way i just see it as i dont feel ABBA wishes more death
    [12:54:07 AM] Emeth 141: It is beyond human interference patterns and plans now
    [12:54:13 AM] Sirius 17: its just gotten so horrible now
    [12:54:29 AM] Emeth 141: Yes, August 21st was a cosmic statement
    [12:54:52 AM] Emeth 141: Seeing people die on TV and youtube
    [12:55:01 AM] Sirius 17: that was the attack on Damascus with the nerve agent right?
    [12:55:04 AM] Emeth 141: yes
    [12:55:11 AM] Sirius 17: yes unbelievable
    [12:55:15 AM] Sirius 17: i lost it
    [12:55:47 AM] Sirius 17: i saw that man screaming and even though he was screaming in arabic i could feel his pain asking why, why the children
    [12:55:58 AM] Emeth 141: Did you see my Nosey quotes to fix the timelines?
    [12:56:12 AM] Emeth 141: 20 years of the moon?
    [12:56:21 AM] Emeth 141: It is real fulfilment they cant see
    [12:56:42 AM] Emeth 141: Linked to the metonic cycles on which many ancient calendars are based upon

    [12:57:35 AM] *** Emeth 141 sent SharonaMILD.jpg ***

    [12:57:37 AM] Sirius 17: umm i think so
    [12:57:50 AM] Emeth 141: it was the final edit on this
    [12:57:52 AM] Sirius 17: this
    [12:57:56 AM] Sirius 17: yes i saw it
    [12:58:07 AM] Emeth 141: Look at the bottom and the red comment on the side
    [12:58:24 AM] Emeth 141: So this fulfils Nosey quatrains
    [12:58:34 AM] Emeth 141: About the 7000 years of creation
    [12:58:46 AM] Emeth 141: I did not emphasise this
    [12:59:11 AM] Emeth 141: Nosey is pleased this is decoded now
    [12:59:14 AM] Sirius 17: yes i saw this
    [12:59:26 AM] Emeth 141: So you see the 20 years?
    [12:59:29 AM] Sirius 17: the games of the slaughter is the syrian genocide
    [12:59:38 AM] Emeth 141: 1995-2014
    [12:59:41 AM] Emeth 141: yes
    [12:59:46 AM] Sirius 17: yes
    [1:00:09 AM] Emeth 141: All mirrord by Debbie with MI starting it and 2014 ending it
    [1:00:14 AM] Sirius 17: and your Rose video, that was Rose's favorite song btw
    [1:00:25 AM] Emeth 141: Matthew 24 as the 'Abomination of Desolation'
    [1:00:42 AM] Emeth 141: Yes Rose of Sharon is Solomon's code
    [1:01:09 AM] Emeth 141: Ariel Sharon is the Israeli premier linking to this in his coma since 2006
    [1:01:39 AM] Sirius 17: so you think something might happen with him soon?
    [1:01:45 AM] Emeth 141: He dies signifies the end of the Israeli hijack of history imo
    [1:01:54 AM] Emeth 141: I dont know
    [1:02:08 AM] Emeth 141: But I take this prophecy about him serious
    [1:02:22 AM] Sirius 17: yes i saw the video on it
    [1:02:37 AM] Emeth 141: Yes and coming from an old rabbi is significant
    [1:03:17 AM] Emeth 141: he had nothing to gain, only loss in saying that Jesus IS the Hebrew Moshia
    [1:03:37 AM] Sirius 17: lol nope, big deal to say for a high level rabbi
    [1:04:08 AM] Emeth 141: Yes, it is like the pope denying Jesus as the founder of the RC church
    [1:04:15 AM] Emeth 141: Unthinkable
    [1:04:22 AM] Sirius 17: it is
    [1:04:36 AM] Sirius 17: it was amazing this man's testimony
    [1:04:46 AM] Sirius 17: he had a vision obviously
    [1:04:59 AM] Emeth 141: I cant see this as some made up propaganda or antiprop
    [1:05:12 AM] Sirius 17: no i don't think so either
    [1:05:15 AM] Emeth 141: There is no motive whatsoever
    [1:05:30 AM] Sirius 17: i saw it as the Logos speaking a message to the Jews
    [1:05:43 AM] Emeth 141: yes
    [1:05:47 AM] Sirius 17: saying you forgot me once, not again
    [1:06:08 AM] Sirius 17: or denied me once but not this time
    [1:06:38 AM] Emeth 141: So I am waiting for Sharon's passing to signify something physically, no more though
    [1:07:14 AM] Emeth 141: The waves are here, watching being present and sharing the emotional turmoils
    [1:07:17 AM] Sirius 17: yes it is a marker for those with eyes to see definately
    [1:07:31 AM] Emeth 141: It simply will add another gear when this is fulfilled
    [1:07:40 AM] Emeth 141: It is like Mandela though
    [1:07:52 AM] Sirius 17: yes
    [1:08:01 AM] Emeth 141: Mandela was in hospital for 3 month, everyone expecting him to pass
    [1:08:10 AM] Emeth 141: Now he has gone back home
    [1:08:14 AM] Sirius 17: i know, pretty unbelievable he went home
    [1:08:27 AM] Emeth 141: So this is linked somehow too
    [1:08:46 AM] Sirius 17: i hope so, i like Mandela
    [1:08:50 AM] Emeth 141: Human emotionality
    [1:09:08 AM] Emeth 141: About those old political warriors
    [1:09:28 AM] Sirius 17: yes
    [1:09:40 AM] Sirius 17: afk a min Tony, bio
    [1:09:43 AM] Emeth 141: The waveforms feed on this, as we know
    [1:14:07 AM] Sirius 17: yes i was thinking about this when i woke up, how they were feeding now
    [1:14:37 AM] Sirius 17: then i got horny and thought they must be ravenous lol
    [1:20:31 AM] Emeth 141: Hmm, yes I would concur
    [1:21:07 AM] Sirius 17: lol Tony you have a connection to so many souls in the past
    [1:21:19 AM] Sirius 17: Bohme
    [1:21:28 AM] Sirius 17: where did you find this little gem
    [1:22:01 AM] Emeth 141: From one of my yahoo sites, no from Charlotte actually
    [1:22:29 AM] Emeth 141: The other stuff on the mythological physics was from yahoo
    [1:22:50 AM] Emeth 141: I linked Charlotte on her facebook forum
    [1:23:16 AM] Sirius 17: yes her connection to us is another strange thing
    [1:23:31 AM] Emeth 141: Yes the Böhme post is excellent
    [1:23:50 AM] Emeth 141: It shows the birth of the protestantism as a quasi gnosis
    [1:23:53 AM] Sirius 17: yes i am reading it
    [1:23:58 AM] Sirius 17: i see that, i had no idea
    [1:24:13 AM] Sirius 17: no wonder there was such upheaval in Ireland
    [1:24:28 AM] Sirius 17: between the protestants and catholics
    [1:24:42 AM] Emeth 141: It is primitive, but this Böhme guy was 'inspired' with the appropriate archetypes and symbols in his 'vision
    [1:25:53 AM] Sirius 17: yes i see that
    [1:26:30 AM] Sirius 17: did you watch this video?
    [1:27:47 AM] Emeth 141: Part of it. It is a nice research and thorough in its context
    [1:28:12 AM] Emeth 141: I will add this to scrambleweb
    [1:28:48 AM] Sirius 17: add our talk?
    [1:29:02 AM] Emeth 141: The latter part only
    [1:29:17 AM] Sirius 17: ok yes, leave out the personal stuff
    [1:29:23 AM] Sirius 17: its irrelevant
    [1:29:38 AM] Sirius 17: what i ate for dinner ect lol
    [1:29:42 AM] Emeth 141: Lol, I always consider relevance I think
    [1:29:55 AM] Sirius 17: i know, i trust you dear
    [1:30:07 AM] Sirius 17: you know i am really beyond giving a shit anymore lol
    [1:30:12 AM] Sirius 17: about what people think
    [1:30:23 AM] Emeth 141: 12:45 marker
    [1:30:46 AM] Emeth 141: I am past even interacting much now
    [1:30:59 AM] Emeth 141: I put the data there and leave it at that
    [1:31:10 AM] Emeth 141: To each and all their own
    [1:32:35 AM] Sirius 17: i know
    [1:32:55 AM] Sirius 17: i grow tired of this old world too
    [1:33:11 AM] Emeth 141: Thuban has returned to from whence it came. I am sure you know this.
    [1:33:19 AM] Sirius 17: yes


    Former Israeli leader Ariel Sharon's condition worsens, hospital says

    By Mike Schwartz and Greg Botelho, CNN
    January 2, 2014 -- Updated 0004 GMT (0804 HKT)

    Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon opens a cabinet meeting October 9, 2005, three months before he suffered a stroke.


    • The ex-prime minister's condition worsened "in the last few days," a hospital official says
    • Reports: Sharon's life in danger due to kidney problems, sources say
    • Sharon, a decorated war vet before being elected, has been in a coma since 2006
    • Affiliate: His family was set to visit Saturday on the 8th anniversary of hospitalization

    ]Jerusalem (CNN) -- The health of Ariel Sharon -- a highly decorated if controversial Israeli military figure whose time as prime minister was ground to a halt by an incapacitating stroke -- has taken a turn for the worse, a hospital spokeswoman said Wednesday.[/B]
    The 85-year-old's life is in danger as he battles serious kidney problems, Israeli media -- including state radio -- reported, citing "sources."
    Sharon's medical condition has worsened "in the last few days," according to Sheba Medical Center spokeswoman Amir Maron.
    Sharon has been in a coma since January 2006, when he suffered a major stroke that led doctors to put him under anesthesia and on a respirator. His family planned to meet at the Israeli hospital Saturday to mark the eighth anniversary of his hospitalization, reported Israel's Channel 10 TV, a CNN affiliate.
    Born in 1928 in Kfar Malal -- a community that would later become part of Israel -- Sharon began working with the Haganah, a militant group advocating for Israel's independence, after graduating from high school in 1945.
    After a year of studies at Hebrew University, he began his rise through the Israeli military ranks in 1953, including helping establish an elite commando unit and various promotions up to the army's major general. He held this rank during 1967's Six-Day War, which ended with Israel notably, if controversially, expanding its territory.
    Sharon went on to play major roles in subsequent Israeli military conflicts as well, including as head of the Army's Armored Reserve Division during the 1973 Yom Kippur War.
    He then began segueing into government, including stints as Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin's military adviser, agriculture minister and defense minister from August 1981 to February 1983.
    His actions in this last post led many in the Arab world to label him the "Butcher of Beirut." Sharon orchestrated Israel's invasion of Lebanon, an effort aimed at Palestine Liberation Organization fighters that also left hundreds of Lebanese civilians dead.
    An official Israeli inquiry found Sharon indirectly responsible for the September 1982 killings of as many as 2,000 Palestinians at the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps outside of Beirut, Lebanon.
    The report -- which led to Sharon's prompt resignation -- determined the then-defense minister did nothing to stop Christian militiamen allied with Israel from entering the camps, despite fears they might seek to avenge the killing of their leader the previous day.
    Sharon did not stay out of the spotlight for long, with his adviser Ranaan Gissin saying "he felt betrayed by his government." He sued Time for a magazine article implying that he had foreknowledge and a greater role in this massacre, with a jury later finding the U.S.-based publisher guilty of defamation but not of malice.
    Sharon went on to hold a several other Cabinet posts from 1984 to 2001, when he won a special election to become prime minister.
    By then, as head of the Likud party, Sharon was considered a hawk. And early on, he took the offensive by sending tanks and troops into Palestinian territory and ordering the assassination of militant leaders.
    But Sharon also took steps toward peace, such as agreeing with PLO leader Yasser Arafat on a timeline to halt Israeli-Palestinian violence and resume peace talks -- only to have this effort undermined by his own party, which backed a resolution to never allow the creation of a Palestinian state.
    Sharon later participated in talks with regional and world powers to discuss a "road map" for Middle East peace.
    Immediately after he fell ill in early 2006, his power was transferred to Vice Premier Ehud Olmert. Surgeons removed 20 inches of his intestine the following month and, that April, Israel's Cabinet formally ended his run as prime minister after declaring him permanently incapacitated.
    The former prime minister's health has fluctuated during the time he has been in the coma. In January 2013, doctors said testing on Sharon indicated some brain activity when he was shown photos of his home and heard his son's voice.
    Sharon brain results not proof he'll wake up

    Ex-Israeli Prime Minister Sharon's condition worsens: reports

    Wednesday Jan 01, 2014 | Reuters

    Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon gives a televised address to the nation from Jerusalem.
    Credit: Reuters Photographer / Reuters/Reuters
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]

    JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, comatose since a 2006 stroke, has deteriorated to a "life threatening" condition after suffering kidney malfunction, Israel Radio reported on Wednesday.
    Officials at the hospital near Tel Aviv where Sharon, 85, has been treated, did not answer their telephones. A Health Ministry spokeswoman declined to comment.
    The ex-general and right-wing leader was known for executing a dramatic political about face with a 2005 Gaza pullout that turned Israeli politics on its head when he quit his party and created a centrist faction that ruled Israel for several years.
    The radio, echoing reports by other Israeli media outlets, said Sharon's condition had worsened in the past several days and that his life was in danger due to kidney failure.
    The Haaretz newspaper's Web site quoting an unnamed source said that Sharon could die in "a matter of days" if his condition continued to decline. Israel's Channel 2 television said Sharon's sons were at his bed side.
    (Writing by Allyn Fisher-Ilan; editing by Ralph Boulton)


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