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    Lycanthropy raxnae

    Lycanthropy, is the Only Way to Describe this Madness,
    First comes the Depression, Dragging You Down,
    The Current is Overbearing, Swirling Whirlpool of Sorrow,
    Have a Hole Where Heart Should Be, All Because of Love Sick Loneliness.

    Then comes the Breaking Point, the Panic Attacks,
    Voices Trapped in Your Head, Make You Think You're Schizophrenic,
    Popping Pills to Try to Find Equilibrium, Laying Down with White Noise to Drown Out the Madness,
    Hope You Return to Feeling Normal, But One Day You Break.

    Next is the Mania, Activate the Mind Times One Thousand,
    Racing Thoughts, Are They Mine or Another's?
    If You Lose Yourself even for a Moment, You May Very Well Become a Beast,
    The Body Degrades, Pushing Its Limits.

    Even if You Come Back Down, The Downward Spiral of Depression is There to Greet You with Cold Arms,
    Sometimes You Go so Low, You Become Self Destructive,
    Suicidal Depression and Mania, Howling at the Moon,
    For It Controls You, As with the Tides.

    Always Dancing with the Devil, Only Evil Angels Will Guard You,
    The Full Moon is too Much to Bare, Driving the Nail,
    This is What an Illness like Schizoaffective is like, You Get the Best of Both Worlds,
    Plunging Drops, Rocket Blasting Off Highs.

    One Fucked Up Roller-coaster, Empty Inside,
    From the Past that is Fucked, Try to Recover,
    Won't Give Up, Won't Give In,
    Even if I Become a Monster, I Will Stay Sane.

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