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Discussion in 'Technical Problems' started by Jorgelito, Jun 15, 2014.

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    TonyB, This is an old topic, but I'm still wrestling with posting images on Xenforo the way I want. Maybe you can help. When I copy images form Susan's Forum in Cosmosdawn (by hovering over the image & then copying) I get exactly the image on Xenforo as is on her Cosmosdawn -- whatever that may be.

    However, when I do that on Jorgelito's Forum, I usually end up with a super large photo. The only opitons are full size or very small. Neither is adequate. It looks ugly. It's not a big problem right now because I figure eventually the solution will emerge & I can go back and fix.


    Images from an internet aricle reproduced exactly on Jorgelito Xenforo. :)

    I tried tranfering photos from both Breadcrumbs & Jorgelio' Forum. Poor results. :(

    Images from Susan's Cosmosdawn reproduced exactly to Jorgelitos Xenforo.:)

    In summary, I can copy successfully from the internet or from the eXchanger but not from Jorgleito :(

    I might try copying my stuff to eXchanger then copying that to Xenforo!!! No, that did not work.:(


    A work-around to control the size of an image from Jorgelito in Thuban going into Xenforo --
    Move the image to Pages first, adjust the size in Pages, then COPY that image while in Pages. Then Paste to Xenforo.
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    I am addressing an issue with the browsers, which could affect the users using IE.

    If you look at this thread here; with say FF or Chrome you see the pictures just fine; but with IE you see a thumbnail.
    I checked the sizes and it seems that Firefox and Chrome auto adjust some sizing, even if corrupted in some way, whilst IE doesn't.

    It says pixel size: 636x30 and this is obviously the corruption. I am bringing this to your attention, as this would relate to your encoding and could bring up this issue in the browser interpretations of your addon encoding. And this could become an issue on your discussion board.


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