Hour Glass of Doom and Salvation

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    Hourglass of Doom and Salvation

    Hourglass of Doom and Salvation
    ...by raxnae

    Placed in the Void,
    Where Reaper goes to Sleep,
    Is a Curious Trinket,
    An Hourglass that Controls Growth and Entropy, Life and Death.

    Logos Tested Vessel,
    Trying to Hit the Ragnarok Button,
    With Face of Feminine Deceit,
    Celtic Gods Rise and Fall.

    Loki Thrown Against the Universe,
    As Heimdall's Blade Cuts Off Loki's Head,
    All Reflections in the Hourglass of the Self,
    Even Odin's Sight cannot Penetrate.

    Send All Your Inquisitors,
    Lock Me Within My Dreams,
    Pour through My Memories,
    You'll Never Find it.

    Placed Perfectly on its Side,
    Marking the Beginning of Balance,
    Only Needing a Catalyst to Freeze it in Place,
    And Wake Sleeping Humanity to Higher Dimensional Reality.

    Many Such "Nukes" Lie Within the Metaphysical Self,
    Many are Launched in this Universal War of Ideology,
    Provoke the Sum of All Things,
    Sealed in the Logos Cosmological Envelope.

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