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    Help me remember abundance

    1_girl_holding_kitten. 2_cousins_at_carls.

    Help me remember what makes for the love of a child for a cat, gratitude for being alive and makes our wishes come true.

    Text from THE STARFLEET MESSAGES gives a clue . . .

    This universe is a universe of abundance. Not all universes are abundant. By "abundance," we mean the frequencies that make possible the creation of an infinite number of environments in which a soul may evolve, abundance allows for infinite possibilities. Any limitations are created by you.

    I think the frequency that creates abundance is simply the free flow of energy. This allows all energies and angels to participate. Thus we become a body not of one -- but of a countless number (which helps us find a parking spot too!).

    This view, though not mainstream, gives a better idea of the dimension and scope of the beautiful multidimensional body we have . . .


    This awesome view of our body is also portrayed by goddess Nuit.


    This seems to be (though I'm not sure) our body of light and energy we share and share with others in this sector of the universe . . .


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    Abundance Field Test
    whatever forms of validation necessary to see what this is


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    The road of abundance is a path that recognizes our unbounded nature through a body that we have but may not be manifest; it is comprised of many souls, many beings, many frequencies where energy flows free depicted by goddess Nuit . . .

    Dreaming It

    By dreaming this body we will have, we create it. And acting so, we acknowledge and respond to That Which We Are -- the root of our being -- with the power and force of a decree.


    So what is this thing going to look like? A most interesting questions indeed. But instead we do the next indicated step . . .

    Doing Things We Like

    We act in ways that point to the body we want. We point because laying it out like a blueprint does not work for the infinite. These are things we might "point" to . . .


    Having Fun

    The fun part of any kind of unity consciousness is when everyone knows who they are. Everything falls into place after that.

    A Most Extraordinary Experience It Would Be

    Knowing who we are and the forces, frequencies and all manner of beings that share of themselves with us could make for a most extraordinary experience. It would certainly be life in the present tense.
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    Creating Source in the World
    creating the light of our cosmic body


    There is only one source of energies -- Source.

    So when we create anything -- even just being -- we are bringing Source into the world. What we create, with many others, is a universal body shared by all.

    Walking Through Energies


    When we walk through energies, we really don’t change at all. We just experience different things.


    To experience different things, every life-form (crying babies included) has a body of a specific frequency and matter that resonates to and co-creates with the fabric of the universal body of all living things.
    Since we are beings of God light and of power, we choose our frequencies -- by altering the body we inhabit. Here are some examples of what we do and why . . .

    Getting to know body
    and being master


    Getting to know Spirit
    and those always in our heart

    Penny Ann Weinstein Mar 18, 1943 - Jun 29, 2011

    Getting to know Source
    by being open no matter what

    Night on Bald Mountain, Fantasia


    Some things we do have nothing to do with realizing anything. We are familiar with this: responding to a love that comes from the inside out -- immediate, now, automatic -- from center -- outside any notion of good or bad.


    We are of light and we give light. Every particle of matter and every quantum of energy is light. We are light givers. As is the sun, moon and all the stars. So it is we, everyone and every part, create a cosmic body and field of light.
    The view that all things emanate light is not a new one. This is how the impressionists painted . . .

    San Gorgio Maggiore at dusk, Claude Monet

    Vue du canal Saint-Martin, Alfred Sisley

    Forest, Paul Cezanne

    It's a way of seeing light stream from every part like stars in goddess Nuit . . .

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    Being Alive
    Why is it my soul is filled with light, my heart goes pitter patter and I’m caught in a rapture of just being alive when I remember any part, any fragment, any morsel of the real thing? When the flow of life is at max -- even if for a fraction of a second.

    It drives much of what I do. It feels physical, tangible and undeniable. I know ways, like many of us, to encourage this experience, but still I don’t know what it is, or why it is.

    I don’t see our purpose to evolve. We are completely perfect already. Evolution is not necessary. But we do love the experience of being alive. It must be a minimum requirement for humans because If we don’t get it, we're searching for it.

    It feels like we’re learning new stuff (and so evolving) but we are in fact remembering. The feeling is exactly the same. It could be something like the weather; it has no meaning; it just is. Whatever it is, help me remember what that is . . .

    A: Being-Alive is Source Light that fills body and soul with being and being alive. This is a keeper.

    Q: Help me remember how to create this light to make this cosmic body.

    A: Doesn't sound too technical, but I think we just ask. To realize it in the body, personality needs to respond in some way to get things started. With each response, body learns (remembers) more fully and in detail how to create this light in itself. We have to create everything we want. No one can do it for us. This is so we can be the free, autonomous beings we are.

    So this is what I want to remember . . .

    A multi-being cosmic body in which we share of ourselves -- including sun, moon and stars -- a space tangible and real -- a body of the heart -- through which we experience our root, our source, our being. It includes all that we know and love and then some.

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    a space between notes where everything comes through -- making the music we hear, beauty we see, love we feel

    “It was like a day in paradise sandwiched between two days of hell. But I'll take it. . . .” A day in paradise

    This is a look at our body, a vessel, a community and the groups that live in this community . . .

    Getting to know our cohabitants

    When we act and choose to do this or that, we participate in a body (which we then are co-creating) that resonates in frequency of our endeavor and will reflect who we are at that moment.

    We may merge into another body. We may only observe. We may do both. When we merge (resonate) with another particularly interesting (like reading a book that calls to us), we may access a power and a wisdom we did not know before (we found the right book).

    Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. They specialize in various kinds of light. They can help us to experience something, to remember something or to create something.

    We can know all manner of those forms within us through the heart. They take the forms of feelings, beings, and forces. They are inhabitants of the body -- just like us.

    Types of Bodies










    upload_2015-1-19_11-50-31. holiday at Folsom Lake CA, 1960

    Self Portrait

    The body is multi-dimensional and constantly changing. It consists of many things. It’s like an ongoing self protrait.


    It’s a collection of connections. We don’t really create them; they already exist. We just remember them.

    Connections determine who we are

    - A collection of rocks, pebbles and shells glued togehter by my niece 40 years ago reminds that she is an angel.
    - A gambler’s shirt with dice painted on from my 84 year old brother-in-law who decided to give up gambling.
    - A walking stick from my sister (in heaven some place) that takes me to her whenever I touch it.
    - A Saint Christophers medal given to me by a friend reminds of how things were.

    This is a connection made by two souls separated by 50,000 years . . .

    The light connection

    When we make a connection it lights things up. It could be remembering something, creating something or experiencing something. When when we connect, we connect with Source; so we connect with light itself. These things touch whatever that is . . .





    Open for business


    Storytellers deal in connections . . .

    May we have good stories. Here is one story . . .

    Body is a multidimensional, multi-being and multi-world space through which life, being and being alive flow.
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    Vacation Time

    My massage therapist said there's a place we can go to anytime we want to for a mini-vacation.


    The place is in between the words we say. It is there she imagines going swinging. She especially likes to practice it when saying "I AM" getting some good swing time in between the "I" and the "AM."

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