HMR 3 - Help me remember the highest interest of the galaxy

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    What is the highest interest of the galaxy?

    Arquilian Galaxy

    The highest interest of the galaxy is something that is -- not something to be, to create or become. Help me remember what that is. Think of the answer as a feeling and figure out what it means later.

    When I look at the moon and the stars at night, I see a beauty that fills the sky and fills me with love. But it is something these eyes cannot see, these hands cannot touch. Something like this . . .

    I like this part . . .

    Close your eyes start a journey through a strange, new world
    Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before
    Close your eyes and let music set you free
    Only there can you now belong to me

    The wonderful music points to a special love -- love itself -- the core of everything including galaxies -- that's why it's so elusive and why we can't see it directly.
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    The Highest Interest of the Galaxy


    This would be something that shapes everything in the galaxy.

    It’s being alive, I think. It’s not really a Divine Purpose. It’s simply a description of Itself (before any subsequent self image is created, the same with us). And this in turn shapes everything else. Just like with us. The image we have of ourselves determines how our life unfolds. The same with Galaxy.

    Being alive is a marriage of body and spirit. It feels wonderful. We all know it. It is not something we do (although certain actions may trigger it); rather, it is something we already are (but may not be manifesting) that we bring into being. Many call it being in the moment.

    It’s a responding (rhythm) to life freely (flow) consciously (clarity) from spirit within us through our body (thinking, feeling, saying, doing). It is not something of the spirit, not something of body; it’s what happens when they get together. It feels like an adventure where you never know where you’ll end up.

    The highest interest of the galaxy is to be alive. How it's done is secondary. Being alive so strong I can feel it in my bones; it's being the love and the being we are.
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    On Second Thought . . .

    Maybe the highest interest of the Galaxy is to dream a dream remembered. It might be just to be alive. Whatever it is, it might be something like this . . .

    We have to let the soul dance it, breathe it, be it, fill it . . . It's a memory of the soul that it fills itself into and defines who we are. Our highest interest, therefore, (and galaxies too) is to follow this force and these energies deep within that serve as a our North Star.
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    Shapes of Quintessence
    Healing patterns for being alive

    Medieval concept of the cosmos

    There are forces and energies I know deep within us that define our quintessence which soul fills itself into. Help me remember what these things are.

    Working Definition of Quintessence

Quintessence is the ultimate pattern, matter and animating force of our existence -- a thread (a unique signature) we see sometimes repeating itself in our life (usually when we die!). It has many shapes that include what we think, feel, say, intend and do.
However, we are not this pattern; we make the patterns. We are not moved by forces; we are the force. We are not the dreams; we make the dreams.

    Help me remember quintessence and patterns for being alive.
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    Rhythms of the Soul
    the pieces of our heart

    These rhythms are the defining, healing frequencies shared by all living things (people and galaxies both) and is the quintessence of who we are in the world made manifest. In other words, it's our signature and reflects who we are.


    When we express this rhythm, we express That Which We Are.

    Frequency of the River
    This is the frequency of being the river.

    Tree Frequency
    When we express this rhythm, we make way for the Spirit to enter our heart.

    Frequency of Abundance
    It may not be having things. Meanwhile I use this . . .

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