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    helping us discover the pieces of our heart

    It is only in the future that anxiety, fear and stress reside, and it is only in the past that regret, grief and guilt reside. — Zentrepreneur by John J. Murphy

    Time is an energy we step into it seems. It puts a stamp of opposition (good & bad, before & after etc.) on what we see; and so separates things from their unity. This duality helps us see things, see ourselves, in a very close up, sometimes, intense way.

    Linear Time


    This is the time congruent with law and cause and effect and is co-created by us. It assists us in seeing how one thing affects another.

    Non-Linear Time


    This is the time that responds to every frequency, every energy in the universe and is co-created by us. It helps us see things in a larger perspective.

    Simultaneous Time


    This is not really time but outside of time. We are familiar with it. It’s when everything pours out (converges) at the same time, all fitting together.

    One way to get there is to create an intention that automatically pairs up TIME with OUTSIDE OF TIME. When we do this, we create a new pathway. We activate it by practicing going in and out of time (sounds crazy I know ) until the path is clear and the thread is strong.

    The signature of in time feels like we’re being separated — in some way — separated from who we really are — outside our center — not authentic somehow. The signature of outside time feels like we're a vehicle for the love in new ways, being waters being clear and calm.


    For me, it is remembering touching the wooden gate at my sister’s place when I went to visit her everyday a few months before she died. This memory helps me make everything clear for her, for me, for all those I love and for love itself.


    When we are outside of time, we still know time, but it's just an energy. When we remember -- remember our God Self -- we have the freedom to move through time in any way we wish (the Upstairs Dept. is adding this).


    And when we move through time in this way, we see more clearly and love more directly because a veil has been lifted. And so it is we are empowered to co-create a new realm inside and out.


    At a crossroads we find ourselves . . .


    What we find are pieces of our heart.
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    Jorgelito ¡Olé!

    Our Story

    Our story, the story we tell and play out, is our most powerful tool for creating. It is a strong force because when we create ourselves, we create with the force and power of That Which We Are. For me it is making whole the pieces of my heart.

    The content of our story is determined by the energy form we assume. We may co-create this through a "soul contract" we have wiith ourselves (with the help of special people and the universe).

    The energy form we assume allows us to experience life in a specific way -- at an appointed time. It may feel like destiny when somehow everything manages to come together at once -- magically almost -- like meeting that special person.

    To some, it may feel like giving birth to That Which We Are, everything aligned in a most beautiful way.


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