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    Help me remember one way
    for every frequency, every season, every moment, every angel of every color


    It is a way -- a way true for all seasons -- that already exists in our heart - but not always in the world -- a way that our multi-dimensional body needs to know so it can be faithful every moment to what is true.
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    The Way
    what we do and what we are

    Rhythm: Moving With The Waters

    NASA Ocean Visualizaton

    The body -- every body -- is alive and throbs to the rhythm of the resident soul -- be it human, Earth or galaxy. When we move with the waters, we move to that rhythm. Many call this being in the moment because it invokes clarity (light) in what we see and experience. The rhythm itself we cannot see, but we can experience it.

    We know this rhythm when we bend with the wind, move to the ebb and flow of the sea, let the sun soak us with warmth and wellbeing and allow the land and the trees to fill us with love.

    This is the Rainbow Bridge or the Pipeline of the Heart. It is a space within us that feels like absolute light (the seeing forever feeling) where every part of us is connected and loved. We are that light. Ii is something we can remember before ever happening because it already resides in our heart.


    This is a flow diagram of Light Beings (that’s us) . . .


    It feels something like coming out of a chute. Or a huge wave just passing through our existence . . .


    Flow, light and rhythm are approximations of actualities we experience but cannot see directly. It seems to be a bundled package. Love is the ticket (which the heart knows well), but the mind seems more comfortable with the more tangible.

    This comes close to what we do and what we are. There’s a clear feeling (light), flow (the rain) and rhythm (letting it happen). Something inside me says YES YES YES . . .

    It helps remind me my home is not in the world but in my heart. It is enough to remember. Any kind of remembering. I leave the details to God. It is enough to live -- the why, how, who, where -- I don't care.
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    Body Asks for Help

    It asks what I want it to listen to. This . . .

    or this . . .


    There is only one voice. Listen to that.

    It gets easier when we know our home is not in all that stuff going around us. It's easier because it's easier to love and see the beauty around when not so entangled -- entangled in the world, people and especially ourselves. So we can hear things we could not hear before, see things we could not see before . . .

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    Divine Unity
    this fits the bill; it works for all occasions & makes life a blessing

    This is when we see and feel as an “angel.” Angel is is not being “good”; in fact, it’s not being “good” or “bad”. It’s being wonderful.

    When we embody this frequency, this way of thinking and feeling, there is no room for fear or worry. It is clear everything we think, feel and do is “good” and exactly as it should be.

    It is unity because we embrace all the life we experience inside us — all the the pieces of our heart — and so also the world outside us.


    It is divine because we reflect our true nature — in God, of God, and being God Self. It is a frequency that affirms That Which We Are.

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