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    knob control

    Seems we move in modes or channels. When we do one thing, we do them all all, For example, when we see something for the first time, we begin to see it everywhere. In art, philosophy, poetry, conversation, etc. Same with love. When we're in a loving mood, it knows no bounds. In other words, there are things we don't actually do; rather, we step into them.
    Here are some examples.

    Scary Channel

    Love Channel

    Gratitude Channel

    Light Channel

    Whole Channel

    I wonder what we get when we turn this knob?


    When I take care of something that hurts (e.g. my foot), everything begins to heal (e.g. low energy). When I take care of business (daily life), everything in my life works out (organizing Thanksgiving at my house). It's knob dynamics. When we do one instance, we invite the whole.

    This means if we want to create something, all we have to do initially is get close. For example, a photo, a sound that resonates with something we dont know what, a memory that evokes the feeling but maybe not exactly -- are all that we need to get the ball rolling.


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