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    Its been a long while!
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    Im happy to be here and back among friends whom have been fellow scholars and great influences on my life; and, family, i think about you all often =)

    Ive been writing some material these days on my blog :

    Its a compilation of all my learnings, i write on many topics, such as egyptology, esoterics, economics, spiritual topics, physics of the universe, videos and commentary i put on things, and more.
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    This is something i have been refining and forging for years and years in the making, you probably recognize a lot of this information from The Ides of 2017 in the thread.



    It is my suspicion that the zero point field, and higher spheres beyond biosphere and noosphere density will allow for an extra degree of freedom in physics, the graduation of the platonic solids. As you move further from our local star cluster, the densities change, and higher density beings exist in such which cannot exist in our timespace as we know it...

    I claim no "end of the world" scenario, but, i do indeed ponder what will happen at the end of the grand mayan age cycle wheel we are hitting next in 2020 which is outside of the 2012 wheel
    Perhaps you know more on a "changing of physics" or "degree of freedom now accessible in a vacuum", so, i wanted to submit that as a question.

    The following is something i compiled, with all information, this is how i understand it



    This above, is an understanding of the fractal universe. This depicts the density and dimensions as they go down from our omniverse into our universe, down to the mass collective consciousness of Gaia.

    According to our decoded physics, dimensions and density change the further one gets from Earth, The Milky Way and our local galactic cluster. The membrane of the 3rd density encapsulates our senses, but there is also an encapsulation of our universe limited to 10 String dimensions mirrored but not separated by 12 Brane dimensions. Giving a more advanced structure.

    The requirement for such a system is to form a containment for the consciousness which we pull on, the holographic data of the universe; the singularity of human consciousness found at the "center of Gaia". Which is in a time space encapsulation by a timeless boundary of the omniphysical construct.

    The Mobius Tesseract Hypercube

    Looks like, the below..

    It graduates from the platonic solids as we traverse further away from the Sol system into our local star clusters and onwards.
    Until a Superspacial Self Reflection Mirrors back from the Universal Data.

    Take what you know applies to we reside within the Sol System of a 1D to 3D Tetrahedron, but, as we progress further into our local star quadrant, it becomes of 4D Hexahedron space.
    Then, further, 7D Octahedron, 9D Dodecahedron, 11D Icosahedron progression within the dimensional structure of platonic solids until Tesseract Hypercube makes a Mobius Strip effect back from "infinity" to "origin".

    The Posspace and Negspace keeps the sea of Branes of 11D within a structure, for physics not limited to initial effect of universal Brane theory initial conditions.
    Thus, multidimensional universes exist.

    A fourth special dimension will open up to occupy already existing 4D spacetime. This can be called 5D hyperphysics and as it relates to the 12D membrane cosmology, it will allow the existing quantum dynamics to access a new degree of freedom. This means that the 'dark energy' will become usable, say in the vacuum/zero point energy so many clever inventors are already envisaging in a incomplete science of the 4D spacetime matrix. This of course will then allow the plasma energy of that timespace to 'materialise' from their boundary energy state into the hyperspace of the then 'invaded' Old World.

    The Planck parameters apply to the 12D cosmology but graduate in terms of energy bifurcation.

    There are hyper-electric and hyper-magnetic parts, which enable the Planck law regarding light and the Einstein law regarding matter to hybridise.

    Presently this hybridization is restricted to the subatomic realm of fermion-boson interaction between quarks and leptons and their anti-particles.

    With the infusion of the superstring space, the restriction of the quantum mechanics to the atomic scales will become magnified and the micro-quantisation can use quantum entanglement to render it macro-quantisation.

    What does that mean for us? Well, we are growing into a supervolumatric and supergeometric collapse of the outer rim from nullspace, causing for a wave of new physics added to our density. From the Gaian singularity, we are giving rise through the lower density. When they meet, and as the waves crash from higher D to lower D, we will come to know the 4th density and all that entails.

    Indeed, from the Higher Perspective, the Linear Vector of Time which we Experience each day in Reality, is one of the Moment in the Now. It is Interpretation of Observation which leads to this Higher Perspective. That is why the Interpretation of Symbology allows our Imaginatory Mind to Bridge the Gap between Physical Reality and Spiritual Reality.

    If we imagine the 3rd Density Physical Material Realm and The 4th Density Realm of Immaterial as Two Sides of a Coin. The Passage from One Side to the Other Side without Lifting a Finger, one must overcome the Time and Space Duality.

    The Imaginatory 6th Sense Mind allows for a Mental Transition through Thought Interpretation of the 5 Sense Reality with the Higher Dimensional Senses. As such it is the Singularity of the Consciousness of the Now that is Experienced by the Individual.

    This can be seen in the concept of The Klien Bottle.


    Here, a Non-Intersection is added in the Path to the Goal, by eliminating Time and Space Linearity by Standing in the Gap/Intersection and allowing the Traversal to Pass Through You, Your Imaginationatory Mind. As long as every Interpretation of the Physical Environment is Accepted in Context to the current Moment, experience through All 6 Sense without Fear or Expectation, the Loop is Closed.

    The unfortunate truth is a large number of Humans still follow the 3rd Density mindset. They Observe the “Carrot” as Obtainable and Expect to reach it one day. Without taking the necessary steps to Reach it, we can Dream of Achievement without ever Reaching It.

    Perhaps, the 21st December 2012 Expectation, was an Overloading of the Quantum Physical Perspective of what is Found in the 3rd Density Now, which caused us to remain a mundane and consistent Reality. The Entropy Expansion of Expectation of those who live their every day lives, without knowing of Alternatives.

    However, the December 2012 Ahau date adds 1 Tun=360 Kin to that to give you December 16th, 2013 and then another 7×360 Kin gives you November 9th, 2020. December 7th then finetunes the Mayan Chronos in 28 days to complete the circle in 1+7+28=36.

    Adding 7 Tun with 1 Uinal (to synchronise the addition of the 1 Tun from December 21st, 2012 to December 16th, 2013 at the end of the time count) and 7 Kin or 7×360+20+7 = 2520+20+7 = 2547 Days to the Mayan end date of 13 Ahau 18 Mac then calibrates the overall Precessional Summation of Grand Rounds in a Projected/Predicted Synchronisation of this “Grand Mayan Age”.

    The overall “Times of Great Transformation” aka “End Times” of the Universal Metamorphosis encompass a Decade, say a 10-12 year period as one third of a 36-40 year period to mirror the agenda of 2000 years ago. This was from 7BC to 34AD in the modern reckoning of time.

    It also and most significantly relates to the ‘Great Platonic Change of the Ages’, say from the ‘Age of Pisces’ to the ‘Age of Aquarius’, which associates the angular size of the Sun of 0.53 degrees across the Galactic Center as measured at the December Solstice.

    This ‘Transitional Precession’ of 9,360,000 days or Mayan Kin as 25,626.8 “Civil Years” begins in 1980 and Ends in 2017/2018 and correlates the Mayan Daycount Calendar as a rather Precise Cosmic Chronos or “Measure of Time”.

    Now, because this 38 Year Precessional period, say, can be said to have ended on January 19th-21st; 2017 as a projected beginning of the ‘Age of Aquarius’ and coinciding with certain political transformation upon planet Earth; as well as a time warped period from 7BC to 6BC to 31AD to 34AD.

    This is the Adjustment of the 2012 Timeline to the 2020 Timeline; can be seen in a different calculus in the ancient code charts of The Elders of Thuban. The Charts Align With All the Prophecies (we can find) in the Bible and related Ancient Texts.

    The Elders of Thuban Document the Expected Cycle Looping, things Expected to come to Pass Again, and things which are Happening in the Now. This isn’t a Linear Trajectory… As Observation and Free Will Manifest Reality, but given the “tools” at our disposal, we Predict rather than Fantasize.

    – Elder Dragon Fates De Whynot
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    Hi fates!

    Your discourse here is well presented as a change in the universal matrix of consciousness, which experienced its reset nexus on the December 21st, 2012 date. The present time frame is comparable to that of a newborn infant, having reached an age of 7 years on December 21st, 2019.

    So the expectation of great political and environmental changes from 7 years ago should be seen and analyzed within a context of the development and evolution of a universal child discovering or rediscovering its place in the world.
    One can consider the Mayan end date to describe the opening of ancient time capsules; prepared and set in place by the ancestors of the present time cycle and a cycle described by the Maya and other cultural settings of antiquity, such as the Egyptians and the Mesopotamians of the 'fertile crescents'.

    The universe is multidimensional in 4 worlds of time and 3 worlds of space without time. The 4 worlds of time are 3-dimensional and are nested within a linear enfoldment of physicality of degrees of freedom in line-3D space rotation-twistor space vibration-quantum space and omni-12D space.
    But only the 3D-space in the 4 world scenario is experienced by the universal observer, say the cosmic human upon planet earth. Here, the time dimension can be defined as a connector-dimension joining the 4 worlds to each other, say as dimensions 1, 4, 7 and 10 with 13=1 in a higher dimensional closure of the linear universal matrix of existence.

    The 3 world scenario has no time dimension in that the linear universal matrix can be experienced as 3 worlds, each connecting to the other not in the 4-dimensional 'flat' Euclidean spacetime metric of Minkowski-Einstein, but in a 3-tiered 4-space dimensional metric of hyperspace.

    This relates to your post, invoking the hypercube or tesseract and the Klein bottle.

    In practical terms and with respect to the 'time capsules' opened or triggered 7 years ago; this implies, that what was 3-dimensional space until December 21st, 2012 has obtained a new spacetime-consciousness potential and a status allowing space to be added to space instead of time as the light path x=ct from that 'zero point'.
    The old space perception has become magnified and extended not in the 'blowing up' or growing of the 'bubble planet' and 'bubble universe', but in allowing the existing space to contain more space and energy as a hyperspace and as mathematically and topologically represented by the Möbius Dragon and the Klein Bottle Dragon.

    In poetic terms, the old universe has been reborn as a 'lightened cosmos' with new avenues available to the new starhuman now approaching its 7th birthday.

    As you can discern in the diagrams below, the greater time keeping of the ancients engages a 'day for a year' principle and relates to many misunderstandings regarding 'daily sacrifices' in medieval temples and cultural abuse in religious political organisations.

    In particular January 19th, 2013 crystallizes as the focus where 27,283 days or 74.7 years become superimposed onto the last Mayan precessional cycle of 26,000 Cycle-Degree years as 27,283 years and as the Great year of Plato's geometry of perfect forms.

    In the chart below, you can see that a minimum of 9.5 years is required for a light path bubble initiated on December 21st, 2012 to allow physicalized communication contact with the nearest star system located in the Centauri constellation.
    Again, this validates your approach to a change in the dimensional universal spacetime matrix and indicates the present evolutionary status quo of an old world human civilization gradually growing and graduating into its new modus operandi as a starhuman new world universal race.​

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    Thank you Tony, and, your reply is highly enlightening!

    In understanding this, the 9.5 end date from December 21st 2012 is not the same as the Grand Mayan Age end date given of December 7th 2020?
    Is it a 9 year offset reflection, because, 9 years prior to now would be October 2010; and 9 years prior to December 2020 would be Dec 2011?
    That would point to Dec 2012 being Dec 2021 by a 9 year count of time?

    I just need to separate the timelines in my understanding.

    Very intersting on the changing universal physics, how it relates to worlds with time and without, and the timecapule explanation; this all makes a lot of sense!

    The idea of informational self reflection from ancient times, would be the time of the end of the previous wheel of the Mayan Calendar, which would coorilate with the actions and agenda of 25,626 years prior; what happened at that time? what mental transformational reflection from that cycle should we expect?

    Events from a biblical unfoldment are cyclial timelooped as i understand it, then, the reconnection of that last cycle of the Mayan Calendar may coorilate with something. This reminds me of the Egyptian and Mesopatainian history you mentioned, may, coorilate with the "Pyramid Wars" or some older historical event during that time, Golden Age(?) perhaps happened then.

    It would be in the same calculus of 7BC to 34AD of Jesus to the modern day timewarp. But, instead, universial data from an "Mayan Calendar" age cycle prior.

    It makes me ponder if some data, in mental archetypal construction, is coming in relfection to the human consciousness at that time?

    I understand your explanation on the physics of the physical change occurring, the superspacial collapse is narrowing in range to the earth if i interprete this correctly. Thus, we are beginning to see changes of the degree of freedom, such as in a vaccum, occurring outside our sol system and headed intwards.

    The universal tesseract data would create a feedback loop, spurring evolution and change in starhuman consciousness.

    There may be gaps and questions in my understanding, mainly over why 9 years relates to the above questions; but, since we last spoke, i have done focused and in depth analysis of your chart to lay the groundwork for higher knowledge on the topic. That same chart, ive read countless times over the years, learning new perspective and hinting at new areas of research.
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    Hi fates!

    The 9 ET (should be 7 from 2012) years are simply an indicator for a deeper agenda of reconfiguration, actually of the entire universe and its subsets in regards to a 'pathway of galactic communication'.
    Before you can drive a 'earth bound' vehicle from place to place, you must construct a road. This becomes the light path of communication potential in a 3D base of physical realism. It does not mean, that light speed restricts intergalactic communication, as say a star system on located at the other end of the galaxy, say 20,000 light years away would then require a 40,000 year time frame to communicate.

    Its the archetype, as you correctly have intuited. So 7 years ago was a rebirth of the cosmos as a baby cosmos now slowly 'growing up' within an older cosmos or universe, learning from it, using its resources and library etc.
    This is what universal civilization infers, then fractalized in star systems and planetary universal civilizations.

    Because of universal consciousness, personified in the World Logos as Universal Intelligence per se, any locus in the universe connects to any other locus as a focus point of communication. As this is arbitrary, a human civilization on a planet Earth can self-identify as such a locus defined mathematically in the geometry of the ellipsoid.

    Then cosmic communication becomes enabled to proceed using the elliptical geometry not just in defined elliptical orbits of planets within star systems, but as extended form where the focused planet communicates with any other planet-star ystem-galaxy in using the perimeter of the multidimensional boundary, albeit as a 11-D Mirror (Susskind's holographic universe and Bekenstein-Maldacena cosmology say).

    The reason of to the why now, is that this old human civilization has technologically reached the critical point of either self-destruction or galactic graduation.

    So the deeper timelines are a parallel evolvement between the self-annihilating part and the graduating part of this civilization.
    Agenda 21 and agenda 30 so are intrinsically relevant as one half of the scenario, the other part being the 'hidden agenda' of the universal logistics, such as our 'Thuban elders' and many similar 'self-defined' parts of the old human genus, sort of 'tuned into' this 'change of the ages'.

    If you have time read my latest published paper on the Ancient Universal Calendar, (click on it below) as this explains the synchronicities and highly definitive associations with the aforesaid universal intelligence or World Logos known as Ophiuchus Serpent Tamer to the ancients and of course as 'Word of God' or Jesus in the last of the 13 Maya baktuns of 13x144,000=1,872,000 days as so 5125 years, defining the recent history say Egypt to now.

    The focus is to divide the precessional 26,000 years into both 12 and 13 parts. 9,360,000:12=780,000 and 9,360,000:13=720,000. So the last star sign of Pisces (as the symbol of Christianity) of 780,000 days or 2135 years is shortened by 60,000 days as the 13th starsign of redemption-deliverance.
    As the 12th star sign begins in 129 BC and ends in 2012 and is shortened to 1971 years from 26 AD (the life of Jesus from 6BC to 32AD = galactic synchronisation of 36 years from 1980-1998-2016 ) to 2012, the 60,000 days of the 12th starsign become 720,000 added days of the 13th starsign.
    Those astronomical considerations then become the codes in the New Testament etc, as 12 tribes as 12 months as 12 apostles and modernised in King Arthur's round table, then the globalist agendas of the ruling classes - Elysium- Hunger Games etc etc.

    Overall, the timelines decoded irrevokably point to the next four years to complete the 'prophecies' and predictions within the overall time lines. One critical date is December 12th, 2020 and so just a month following the next presidential USA political election. Look closely at the charts attached and blow them up to see the dates.
    I know it is all obscure to the many, but it suffices to mirror the dates especially at the right end of the timelines. When the times are more appropriate whoever is 'meant to understand' will understand. I will attach other charts (under edit) just for you. It will take me another year to complete them and like you I am 'under auspices' and so not in full control of how all this will physicalize.
    I have completed the overall timeframe, but have not published it yet as there is so much interwoven information contained. The charts are indicators.

    euphratescode. 53Temple. JosephMirror. LogosMirror . Noah'sFlood. JosephMirror.

    Finally, your focus for self-development and the greater 'plans' should be the next 5 years to 2025, as all my works point to the actual 'times of the reformation' to begin in focus from December 2020 for a duration of 4- 5 years from thereon.

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